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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 11, 2004

George Filer:
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Life Once Existed On Mars

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. The European Space Agency Shows Blue River Like Valleys, Australian Scientists Claim There Was Life on Mars, New York - A Bright Globe Observed, Pennsylvania - Red, Green and Amber Lights In The Sky, Georgia - Something Rattled Our Windows, North Carolina - Bright Disc Shaped Object, Illinois - Strange Craft Hovers Chicago Midway Airport, Louisiana - Flying Triangle, Texas - Aurora Seen, New Mexico - Abductions Continue, Arizona - Refractive Sphere, Nevada - Disc Photographed, California - UFOs spotted, Chile - Forty Percent See UFOs, UK/England - Flying Triangle Disappears, India - A UFO With Bright Light, Australia - Three Weeks of Bright Lights. Review of "Behind the Flying Saucers" 1949.

I'm at the UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada having a wonderful time, but finding it very difficult to send out these files. I had dinner last night with many of the speakers who all agree UFOs are here. I sat next to Leah Haley who has told her story of personal abductions by aliens, and told me about her new book "Unlocking Alien Closets." Haktan Akdogan told us about recent UFO sightings in Turkey and his UFO museum. Professor James McCanney told us about space ships that ride rivers of electro-magnetic energy through space.

Life once existed on Mars, Australian scientists

Australian scientists believe they have found evidence that life once existed on Mars. They have found that microscopic fossils of primitive bacteria-like organisms in a Mars meteorite match characteristics of bacteria found in mud in Queensland. The research is published today in the Journal of Microscopy. One of the scientists, Dr. Tony Taylor, from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization, says he expects his work will spark intense debate.

"The fossils that we have in the meteorite are the original material - the only difference is that you need a very high-powered electron microscope to image them, to see them, and basically whenever we find these fossils here on Earth, no one ever questions they were made by bacteria," he said. "The only difference is that it was in a meteorite from Mars." Dr. Taylor says he has found enough evidence of life on Mars to warrant a manned mission to the red planet, and that more samples must now be collected from Mars for further investigation.

"We've now got enough evidence to warrant a sample retrieval mission and I believe it's going to be a matter of developing the technology to get authentic pieces of Mars back here on Earth, where we can subject them to the really high-tech high resolution instruments that you can't possibly put on Mars," he said.

New York - A Bright Globe Observed

DEER PARK -- Driving west bound on Long Island Expressway on January 21, 2004, at 5:10 PM, the witness noticed a small reddish globe glowing between the horizon and Venus around 60,000 feet up. It was a clear sky no clouds, the sun was going down and the sky was turning colors. This globe would shine brightly, and streak across (not very far) the sky making a contrail and then stop. The globe that was glowing red to orange would disappear. The contrail that it made would dissipate incredibly fast. Then it appeared again, slightly over from where it disappeared. It made a glow, drew a contrail and disappeared after two minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Pennsylvania - Red, Green and Amber Lights In The Sky

REAMSTOWN - The witness had just awakened at 3:05 AM, on January 24, 2004, and looked out the window and noticed strange lights in a row in the western sky. The witness stated, " It was clear and dark that morning, but I didn't have my glasses on. I could see the lights all in a row; it looked like a plane in the dark. It sat there for a moment then started to move. I heard no sound. There were red, green and amber lights. As it moved away like a plane would, I saw an airplane fly close by to the lights. This plane continued over my home. I did hear the second plane. I wish I had had my glasses on. Thanks to Peter Davenport

North Carolina - Bright Disc Shaped Object

GREENSBORO - A couple was out on their deck watching how the jet stream was affecting the speed and direction of airplanes in the sky on January 24, 2004, at 3:30 PM. They were watching one plane flying east and one plane flying west and remarking how much the speed was affected. They saw an extremely bright disc shaped object in the sky over the PTI airport at a high altitude. The only thing to compare it to was how Venus has appeared recently in the night sky. The witness states, "My girlfriend thought it must be a star and I remarked that it could possibly be Venus. As we watched, the object appeared to be getting closer. At the time there were at least six airplanes visible in the sky and each one was leaving a vapor trail behind it.

This object was leaving no trail and appeared to be coming straight down vertically and not horizontally like the airplanes. The object suddenly seemed to shift direction and begin to move straight up into the sky. It was getting smaller, but was still incredibly bright. A small cloud passed in front of the object, but the object was still clearly visible through the cloud, when suddenly it just blinked out. When the cloud passed, nothing was there anymore, leaving us at a loss for what it could have been. The cloud was small, and there was no way it could have gone in any direction but straight up, without us seeing where it went. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Georgia - Something Rattled Our Windows

NORCROSS - The witness reports, "My husband and I were sitting in our living room when we heard a helicopter flying very low, on January 24, 2004, at 9:30 PM, so we jumped up to see if there was a search light, maybe it was a police helicopter." Then we saw what looked a lot like a bright star moving rather quickly across the sky, but it's motions were mechanical, not like a shooting star since there was no tail, and it did not aim down, but the chopper seemed to be following it. We ran out to the front and barely saw the chopper in the distance. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Illinois - Strange Craft Hovers Chicago Midway Airport

CHICAGO -- Three witnesses saw something in the sky on January 24, 2004, at about 7:30 PM in the Midway Airport Area over Narragansett Avenue. - It was on a cold Saturday evening. One of the witnesses saw a strange looking craft, just hovering over to the southwest, near the moon and a bright star. He said, "The strange craft was way bigger than a huge jet plane, and it had three enormous lights blinking in alternate patterns." It had hovered in the same spot for about five minutes without moving anywhere, but as soon as another person walked up to ask a quick question, the strange looking craft just vanished into thin air. Thanks to Peter Davenport

DOWNERS GROVE -- On Thursday, January 22, 2004, at 5:30 PM, the witness was standing on his deck and observed a glowing white light, moving ENE at approximately 15,000 feet altitude. The size of the light was estimated as the size of a pencil eraser held at arm's length. The light was similar to those I have seen in the past. The witness lives underneath a major air corridor directly south of O'Hare and directly west of Midway airports in suburban Chicago. Southbound aircraft departing O'Hare were operating in the area at 5000-7500 feet, and westbound aircraft departing Midway were also in the area, flying over the O'Hare traffic.

The object was above both flight paths, and flew high over an MD-80 aircraft departing O'Hare. The object didn't have any red and green running lights, or white anti-collision strobes, or landing lights normally seen on aircraft in this area. It entered my vision from above and decelerated and stopped moving, about two miles downrange of my position. Then, the object blinked out, and after a second, rapidly reappeared as a star-like object and accelerated upward at an angle resembling a curve ball thrown by a baseball pitcher, only upwards. The witness states, "I have seen this type of object in the Chicago area, several times in the past two years. It decelerates, hovers and accelerates at an angle with amazing speed. It was ABSOLUTELY NOT an aircraft, as I am quite familiar with aircraft, having worked as an airline executive." Thanks to Peter Davenport

Louisiana - Flying Triangle

DERIDDER -- On January 21, 2004, 7:50 PM, three witnesses spotted something weird, and their dog started barking. The witness noticed a flying triangle with red lights on the points and white lights in the middle in the western sky over Deridder. It was hovering and the air force planes were flying around it. I called my dad and told him to look at it. l just wanted to ask people what is going on? Thanks to Peter Davenport

Texas - Aurora

Last night I believe I witnessed the super secret Aurora aircraft or similar "V" shaped aircraft fly over my house at a very low altitude. The arrangement of the lights, sound of the engine and the contrails were like no other aircraft I have ever observed. Even my 9 year old could hear the difference from other jets. He came flying out of the house thinking it was a UFO. I live just outside San Antonio, Texas and it was a perfectly clear moonlit night. I understand the aircraft could have 3 possible power plants (power plants unknown) and the information I obtained from my observations last night could narrow that down, or point to another type of propulsion if it was the Aurora. It had very strange contrails. I know the information I have would be useful to someone interested in "Aurora project/black aircraft" especially the contrails observed afterwards.
Thanks to Steven

New Mexico - Abductions Continue

ROSWELL - Judie writes, "We retired this summer, and have our twin grandsons, we are raising, here for their senior year." With in weeks I was working at the museum. I just love it. You would not believe where the people come from and how far they travel to get information on UFO's. EXCEPT the President of the U.S. ignored us. We were prepared with cameras, but if he stopped, it would be acknowledging they do exist, I guess. I still have no idea why I am here, but I guess when they are ready for me to know, I will. I am commenting on the gal who said it runs in families... My grandmother recently contacted a friend who is a physic. She called me at almost 10 at night to talk. One thing she said was that one of my twins is 6th generation of abductee's. That is correct. At 3 or 4 years he was doing alien writings. I asked the aliens to stop till he was at least a teenager. One night we were out of town and he got very agitated, grabbed a piece of paper and wrote about danger on the way home. YES -- A gunman pulled up behind us on the way home, as Josh wanted to do a potty call.

The abductions continue, the latest being 3 days ago.
Thanks to Judie

Nevada - Disc Photographed

LAS VEGAS - The witness writes, "We took photos of New York, New York Hotel at 8:30 AM, on January 21, 2004, and upon developing the photos, a disc shaped object appeared in picture. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Arizona - Refractive mirror like Sphere observed

SAINT JOHNS - The witness was burning some wood debris near his home, 15 miles NE of town at about 9 AM on January 30, 2004. The witness states, "I saw, about 100 yards away, a perfect sphere about 5 or 6 foot across, hovering 75 yards off the ground, and it was moving very slow." It appeared to be observing from a distance. I walked towards the sphere and it changed direction and as I compensated, it changed direction again. Here is the important point. I don't think; I was supposed to see the sphere because it was almost cloaked with the background. The closest I could come to describing this, was that it refracted the light almost as if you were looking at a mirror ball in water. When it became obvious that I could see it in contrast to the sky by walking directly at it, the craft made several slow evasive moves, and then dropped away and down towards the ground and a bush. Then I could not distinguish it, because there was no contrast to the ground and bush. I was unable to discern it at this point and lost my view of it. This event lasted about five minutes. Thanks to Jeff Rense and Peter Davenport

California - Humming, Bright Green Mass Of Light

SAN DIEGO --My friend saw a green cigar shaped light on a cloudy night, January 24, 2004, at 7:40 PM. She called me and our other friend outside. We all watched it for 5 minutes as it disappeared and reappeared a couple of times, remaining at the same spot. The green light was incredibly bright and of a color very phosphoric. It did not have any source, or a tail. It was just like a mass of green light in the sky. It was quite high, probably as far as Venus. We weren't able to see it again, as it got cloudier. Thanks to Peter Davenport

DESERT HOT SPRINGS -- The roaring repeating humming noise was eerie. In 58 years, I have never heard such a low heartbeat sound EVER. The witness states, " I was in our home office on January 21, 2004, at 6:50 PM, and the sliding door was open, when I heard a low humming, pulsating like a heartbeat, from outdoors. Hum, hum, and hum like it was alive. It was like an underground motor. I went outdoors and it stopped. We overlook Palm Springs, CA about 1500 feet above the valley floor with desert hills behind us. It was dark. I went to the east side of house and heard a chopper, but did not see that either. Then north of the house, with my husband, we both saw a solid red light faster than an airplane, cross the sky from east to west. I called my neighbor and she said she heard it. The vibration shook her refrigerator shelves down. In 30 years, she has never heard or felt anything like it. I sensed the helicopter was chasing it.

SAN FRANCISCO - A small unidentifiable aircraft, at low elevation, with two to three different colored lights (red/white), was observed on January 26, 2004, 11:03 PM. It was flying at very low speed, without FAA registration id, located from my vantage point in my apartment at 1960 Fulton Street. It flew at a SW-NE direction at an altitude of about 600 feet. I lost visual aircraft contact level with Gillson Hall on USF campus. It had an odd lower trajectory over a crowded metropolitan area - morphed from single engine aircraft to irregular lighting pattern. At a certain point this aircraft was very identifiable to me as a small single engine Cessna-type aircraft. However, it flew in a rather odd trajectory with the only identifiable features being an alternating red and white flashing light. I have spent some time gathering info to report to the FAA. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Chile - Mayor of San José de Maipo states: 40% OF LOCALS HAVE SEEN UFOS IN THE CORDILLERA

In January alone over 10 UFO sightings have been reported. No one knows why they appear, but the fact is that strange lights cross the area regularly, to the extent that residents of Cajón del Maipo consider it a normal occurrence.

SANTIAGO, JANUARY 28 - So frequent are the sightings of phenomena over the skies of Cajon del Maipo that local residents consider it part of their daily routine. Oscar Farias lives in the Las Vertientes sector and both he and his wife Maritza Valero have repeatedly seen UFOs in the Pre-Cordillera.

"We've seen truly surprising spheres and flying saucers. Only two weeks ago, with my cousin and around 8 am, we saw a silver saucer in the El Alto del Canelo sector, moving at average speed and losing itself in the west." Patricia Aros, 37, works for a service corporation and claims having seen strange lights in the higher reaches of Cajón del Maipo on a regular basis: "Its common to see large and small lights moving over this area. I no longer fear them. We aren't alone in this immense universe and if these otherworldly beings wanted to harm us they would've done so already. I think we should be mentally prepared for what is going to happen in the future. Who knows if tomorrow human civilization will definitely establish contact with beings from other worlds?"

So recurrent is the phenomenon that even San José de Maipo's current mayor, Miguel Marquez Olivares, witnessed a "film worthy" close encounter when he was literally assaulted by a UFO.

"On that occasion I was in the Del Ingenio sector driving my pickup truck with my family and group of friends when we suddenly saw an oval shape vehicle issuing multi-hued lights of great intensity as it hovered over the hills. Suddenly, in a matter of seconds, the strange object took off and hovered above us, killing my truck's engine. It lit up a radius of four kilometers with an intense white light, which could be seen as far off as the town of San Gabriel. The experience was truly intense even though it lasted no more than a minute, because from one moment to another the light shut itself off and the phenomenon vanished."

According to the functionary, "40% of the locals have seen UFOs over the Andean Cordilelra, or rather, have had experiences involving strange-looking lights and craft. Even the drovers discuss their furtive encounters with scintillating luminous phenomena that frighten the cattle and horses alike." Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). For the translation.

UK/England - Flying Triangle Disappears

LONDON -- On January 24, 2004, at 2 PM, a married couple saw three red lights in a triangle shape flying over. As it got closer, it flew lower and my wife and I both saw it, so we drove to see if there was anything there. When we got there, there was nothing to see. But it was very real! This happened in London England (Hackney). Thanks to Peter Davenport

Germany - A Flash Of Light That Lit The Entire Sky

BABENHAUSEN -- Standing in formation, 84 soldiers all witnessed a flash in the sky on January 22, 2004, at 6:25 AM. The sky was clear and NO lightning was present, although it could have just been an electrical disturbance in the atmosphere, but I'm not really certain. The ENTIRE sky lit up. Usually when lightning bolts strike, you can see a path, but this was NOT a lightning bolt. The flash appeared for two seconds and vanished. All the soldiers in formation just looked at each other and scratched their heads. Although the area is in the flight path of aircraft landing at Frankfurt International Airport, there were NO aircraft in the area at the time of the flash. Thanks to Peter Davenport

India - A UFO With Bright Light

BILASPUR -- It was the day when I attended my friend's birthday party on January 21, 2004, at 8:15 PM, and I was going to my home with my friend. I left my friend at his house, I looked in the sky and saw between the trees a triangular shape ship with bright brown light. I saw it for only 5 seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Australia - Three Weeks of Bright Color Changing Spheres

CARNARVON GORGE - The witness has seen spheres flying low over the gorge for three weeks and was able to film some activity with their handy cam on January 25, 2004, at 7:30 PM. The object flew slowly west until dispersing over the mountains. There was no engine noise when the object was hovering. The observer continued to drive, and half an hour later saw a similar object moving up on the left side, again stopped to film, and this vehicle /object started to move away. The observer returned home 2-3hrs later and saw a bright light in the sky changing color, and got video footage of it changing colors. The next night he saw more than one spread out across sky. He has been witnessing this for three weeks now with little change. Sometimes they move around, some stay in same spot. He caught one last night giving off all colors from the down side of craft, then the light pulled in and changed to the up side of the craft. He has tried to film stars on the camcorder, but it won't pick them up. When directed at these objects it picks them up. One light is just to the right of Orion. Thanks to Peter Davenport

"Behind The Flying Saucers" Review

Chris Evans who authored "Alien Conspiracy: Unraveling the UFO/Alien Mystery" stated in the MUFON UFO Journal Oct 2003, that the famous Dr. Gee in Frank Scully's book "Behind The Flying Saucers" was actually the eminent magnetic scientist Dr. Walter Russel (1871-1963) and much in this book is true.

I had always felt this was a basically factual book because Scully had met with the first hand witness to at least two UFO crashes. The book discussed that three flying saucers were found on this continent and a fourth on the Sahara Desert. Scully and Dr. Gee (Russel) were driving to Phoenix early in the summer of 1949, and heard a radio news report of a flying saucer and Scully asked Dr. Russel about them. "Too bad we weren't associated before," he said. "I could have worked you into the project of the first one we were called in to examine." It landed down near Aztec, New Mexico. I got a call and flew down from Denver in three hours. Snip. He started, to tell the details of two saucers the research magnetic scientist had personally seen, examined, checked on, and researched. Dr. Gee might show us some of the things that had been taken off one flying saucer - some small disks of a metal unknown to this earth, a tiny radio which operated under principles quite unknown to our engineers, a strange cloth, some gears and other small things which he could carry with him, and which he had taken off one of the ships for research, after he found members of the Air Force picking off pieces just for souvenirs.

Showing no feeling whatever that he was airing confidences which might be violated, he answers all sorts of question concerning the possible origin of the flying saucers and how they might have got to this earth from another planet, and, more important to his mind, how they could have got back to where they came from. The smallest detail, which a woman might bring up, about the interior of the cabin of the flying saucer, matters of water, food, clothing, were quietly explained just a s one might describe the furniture of his own home. His knowledge of magnetic energy was as far ahead of us as, say, the knowledge of atomic-energy scientist mush have been to the average person, snip. It means more because the geophysicist said he had checked over two of the saucers and believed they were driven, not by fuel, jet, turbojet, or even athodyds, but by magnetic power and that due to certain metals not found on the this earth but found on the saucers, he suspected the space ships were from another planet. In fact he ridiculed the idea of anything getting even as far as the moon on jet propulsion or anything like it.

Before he left he promised us he would show us small parts of one of the saucers on his next trip from Phoenix. A radio had him particularly baffled. It had no tubes, no aerials, and no wires. He guessed the cabin must have been its antenna. He was trying to rig up a substitute antenna. He could hear a high singsong note 15 minutes past the hour. However, the dial was so micro metrically keyed it was difficult to stay on the wave. He was thinking of setting up something like a block-and-fall, which permits a clumsy hand to lift a heavy object. Anyway he'd take it along. Wasn't much bigger than a king-sized cigarette package. He said he regretted the ship was dismantled this way but the Army seems to breed souvenir hunting as it does rank. When he saw what was happening he grabbed a few things himself, not to put in his trophy cabinet but to use for research. (Snip) In time we saw all those things - all except the jacket. We examined the radio, their gears, and the film. Then began the reign of error. Air Force closed Project Saucer and went underground. All were told to forget what they knew; "Hallucinations" became a routine answer. "Psycho " became the veiled threat. Everybody shut up but the people. " Behind The Flying Saucers" Pages 38 to 41.

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