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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 28, 2004

George Filer:
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"Proof of ET on Mars E Rock"

Summary: Filer's Research Institute and Filer's Files is proud to announce the finding of evidence for extra-terrestrial intelligent life on Mars.

As MUFON's Eastern Regional Director this announcement is not made lightly and is based on a series of images from NASA/JPL Mars orbiters and rovers images. In recent weeks we have been closely monitoring the new rover's images. Professional photographer BC, Brad Small, Mike Fink, Norm Bryden, George Ritter, geologist John Thompson, and my webmaster Chuck Warren, have made excellent contributions to our research. We wish to show you some of the latest findings. The image below shows possible vegetation called 'blue berries' that seem to be growing as imaged by the "Opportunity" Mars Rover.

I noticed two other photos from the Spirit Rover that showed a strange rock that looked like a crab. The crab rock appeared to grow claws as shown in Filer's Files #9. Several experts sent objections stating that the apparent anomaly claw was caused by a change in camera angle between two cameras.

However, these images interested experts from around the country and helped point the way to more discoveries. It is my opinion that has been confirmed by several others, that there are alien symbols on the Martian rock nicknamed the "E Rock." On the left upper corner is a symbol that appears to be similar to our capital letter E. The top of the E may be closed like a P. A second symbol similar to our letter G is also apparent. A possible face also appears to be carved in the right portion of the rock. The combination of anomalous features seems to rule out natural geologic markings. The symbols are most similar to Greek or old English writing. The E was also used as a Roman numeral for 250 and was a borrowing from the Phoenician. These anomalies are shown on both right and left cameras eliminating camera angle as a possible cause. The symbol G was used as a Roman numeral for 400, and the seventh letter in the English alphabet from the Latin.

We can make the assumption that based on the evidence, that intelligent alien life once existed on Mars that the aliens looked humanoid and used symbols for writing similar to our own. The rock appears to have been chisled in the rock to form these symbols. This rock may have been carried to this position in the Gusev Crater by a possible flood or catastrophic meteor hit. Our team in the past has found structural shapes, possible vegetation, a network of glassy tubes, artistic imagery and sculpted faces - all that infer activity by a former civilization.

I would caution that these are initial findings and the images have been enhanced to bring out detail. However, they can be seen on multiple JPL images.

As I often say, "Don't believe me, believe your own eyes,"

Does anyone else see what seems apparent to us? Your confirmation will help indicate that life exists or once existed on Mars. I doubt these anomalies are caused by camera angle, or communication tricks. This rock is strong evidence for extraterrestrial life.

Brad, one of our experts states, "The microscopic pictures of the sandy soil at the Opportunity site, in which I see what, appear to be remarkably organic-looking, even familiar looking carbonaceous materials." There are many of these white-ish fragments and shapes all over the place. They look like bits of coral like you'd find on many beaches in any scoop of sand or they could be diatoms (or their skeletal remains)... The round ones all have little holes in them- ONE single hole in each round white shape. Have you ever seen a sea urchin's skeleton? They're bigger, but almost identical."

Myself and the others see evidence of life on Mars. We are on the verge of great discoveries and request your input and help.

Rock symbol - E? Rock top -G? Face?

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