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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 7, 2004

George Filer:
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There is Life in Space

Mars Green And Blue Areas Indicate Life, Mars Has a New Pyramid, Bunny and Maybe a Lizard, New York – Disc Spins By, New Jersey – UFO's & Abduction, Pennsylvania – Brilliant Rectangle Shaped UFO, Virginia – A Metallic Oval Object, Florida – Three moving lights, Ohio – Bright Lights, Nebraska – Pilot Sees UFO, Montana – Two Saucers, California – UFO Photographed, Canada – Two Round Discs, UK/England – Dark Shape, and Turkey – Governor Deputy Video Tapes UFO. NASA's Zone of Exclusion.

Mars – Green and Blue Areas Indicate Life

Dr.Serguei M. Pershin, Ph.D., an Investigator for the NASA Mars Polar Lander LIDAR experiment, claims he has discovered organic pigments on Mars relating to ancient photosynthetic organisms. These discoveries of organic pigments on Mars indicate that life is present, or at least was present at one time on the planet. During the Hesperian period of lakes and rivers on Mars, there would have been sufficient energy input from solar radiation to support life with the characteristics of the cyanobacteria that dominate many terrestrial and aquatic habitats on Earth such as Antarctica. Other new green and blue images from the European Space Command point to life now on Mars or in the past. Recent Hubble images show the planet turning green in the southern hemisphere as the South Pole melts. For more than a hundred years astronomers have reported the greening of the planet each spring.

Bonneville Crater, Bunny, and Lizard

When a meteorite slams into the ground and creates a crater, it throws surface debris out to the sides called ejecta, revealing the older, mostly buried material. In the case of Bonneville crater this explosion apparently hit a temple or settlement throwing carved stone, and rock into the air from the ancient settlement nick named Gavesak. It was hoped the ancient rock within the crater would show scientists how the area formed. Instead the Filer Research Institute has found the remnants of an ancient alien settlement. This discovery essentially changes history of the universe, and we now have strong evidence that intelligent life once existed on Mars.

I suspect JPL also saw the evidence of Gavesak, when it started to enter the ejecta field from Bonneville crater on January 24, and suddenly communication with the ‘Spirit' Rover stopped for about a week. Bonneville crater is a small crater several hundred meters across and relatively young and is situated within the two billion year old and much larger Gusev crater. Gusev contained a succession of lakes, had channel flooding and even a river once ran through it.

Gusev, as with all large impact craters, would have made deep fractures in the ground that allowed heat to reach the surface and might have led to hydrothermal activity. Thus, we have many reasons Gavesak was an ideal site for an ancient Martian settlement. Viking 7 rovers located algae and water vapor and even a letter B. It now appears the laboratory tests also found primitive life as Dr. Levin insists. Any civilization requires some type of food and algae would not be enough to support intelligent life. Observation is the key to discovery in science and we may have found a structure such as this four sided pyramid.

The presence of possible alien artifacts on Mars is one of the most provocative enigmas ever confronted by science. Hundreds of aerial images have shown faces, pyramids, animals and even possible cities. It has been easy for JPL up to now to refute these claims from hundreds of miles above Mars. Low resolution images, camera angle, communications glitches could cause some of the enigmas. Certain shapes such as triangles do not occur in planetary surface geology. Yet we are collecting examples of triangles and pyramids not normally found in nature. Our findings disrupt numerous scientific theroies about Mars and will not be easily accepted in the scientific world.

One of our expert photographers has located a lizard like animal sunning on top of a rock? This backs up a previous similar fossil like finding of a similar animal. Notice the white object that is apparently round and one inch below on the left.

Thanks to JPL. Rocks are normally round not rectangular shape.

Many civilizations erect statues to their leaders and gods. We know that nature can make various symbols and faces by accident, but we have now located dozens of possibilities.

Once again we have indications of artificiality. A second bunny like object has been found. Note that there is a track of disturbed ground behind it. Wind on Mars is very marginal, so most likely the object moved under its own power. We are happy to present our findings to any university or interested group. As suggested by many readers, stones have cracks in them, sunlight can create images and the like. However, in almost every case JPL has multiple images of our findings. We encourage unbiased inquiry but it is my opinion backed by some excellent scientists who have encouraged me that they also see a complete ecosystem on Mars.

It now appears that Mars had a civilization and perhaps still has although it would have to have gone underground or moved.

This brings up the possibility that we are Martians, or they are hiding on Planet Earth or aboard some large orbiting space ships. I freely admit these ideas are rather amazing, but with reasonable certainty that life on Mars exists we now know that at least two planets in our solar system has life. Astronomers have found over a hundred solar systems, and believe that at least half have earth like planets. Therefore, there is likely several hundred civilizations in our area of universe. Our sun is relatively young, and most likely these civilizations are much older than our own, and many may have the capability for visiting us. We regularly receive 400 UFO reports per month. To escape from the gravity of Mars to reach Earth is relatively simple and could have been accomplished by reaching a speed of about 10,000 mph.

There are billions of stars much older than the Sun in our galaxy; and therefore many other planet's civilizations including Mars were likely millions or at least hundreds of thousands of years ahead of us. The typical alien intelligence would be orders of magnitude more intelligent than us. Apes don't know much about our human civilization and we know little about the intelligent species visiting earth. London Control asked my crew to investigate a huge UFO over England, I was able to pick it up on my aircraft radar so I have first hand knowledge that other intelligent species exist in our universe.

I receive a steady stream of emails from respected scientists who see evidence of a Mars eco-system.

Mars was colonized before earth as Carl Sagan told us in his book, "Intelligent Life in the Universe." Mars was once humid and had abundant water and oxygen to support life. The Sumerians tell us they were taught civilization by Oannes and other aliens from space. The Soviet scientist Alexander Kazantsev insists that highly advanced creatures from Mars have visited Earth many times until the present day.

New York – Disc Spins By

CANANDAIGUA – A couple was talking in their driveway on March 27, 2004, at 6:30 PM, and a disc shaped spinning object caught their eye. The disc was moving very fast and then shot straight up in the sky. It made a "zing" sound. The disc was in sight for a few seconds and then disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

New Jersey – UFO and Abduction Investigation

NEW BRUNSWICK -- A noiseless, rotating cluster of shiny metal- like objects was seen floating at a slow steady pace over a chapel on Rutgers University. The witness noticed an object rising in the distance from the direction of the river and Route 18 on March 26, 2004, at 6:15 PM. It had an irregular shape, like a plastic bag floating in a significant breeze. As the object kept rising, it moved closer to the witness at a slow pace. He states, "I watched it until it was directly overhead, and flying about twice as high as the church steeple." It seemed to be a cluster of metal objects which were very shiny and appeared to have shapes like large flat letters (N? S?)

It looked like a cluster of mixed metal chairs or picture frames about ten feet in diameter rotating as it flew south. As it passed overhead it made no noise. By the time I rounded the church, it was very far in the distance beyond the library. I pointed it out to a student and we watched together as it continued to rise and move farther south, rotating all the while. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Mullica Hill - Investigator: Evelyn Galson, reports she has more data concerning a possible abductee, Ann Francis. About five years ago when Ann was outside near her swimming pool one night, she saw an object flying above her. It was an oblong oval and it was huge. She could see that the stars were being blocked by the hovering unidentified object that was dark underneath. Fourteen years ago on Route 322 in Williamstown, N.J. Ann saw a silver ship with a dome shaped top. It had landed in a field across from an Asphalt Plant.

One day Ann was having an argument with her husband and she was getting very upset, in frustration she threw up her arms and when she did the TV blew up. Ann has found bruises on her arms after an abduction and sometimes there were bruises on her hips towards the back. One day Ann woke up and her arm and face on the right side were red, as if she was out in the sun too long. Seventeen years ago, Ann remembers being on a space ship and saw children around the ages of 12 or 13 years. She said they looked part human and part alien. Their eyes were slightly too big, they were pale and gaunt faced with high cheek bones. She believes they are hybrids. Ann said that in five generations of her family, there was only one child born to a family and it was a boy.

Interesting, her step-father was present during the famous Carteret, N.J. sighting and most other members of her family have seen UFOs. One month after her daughter was born. Ann remembers seeing lights moving in the woods behind her house in the evenings. In conclusion, Ann was taught how to control her heart rate and how to put herself into a relaxed state of mind, in order to remember more of her experiences. As she remembers more of her experiences and relates them to me, I will put them in my next report. Thanks to: Investigator: Evelyn Galson

Pennsylvania - Brilliant Rectangle UFO

LANCASTER – The witness reports seeing a rectangle shaped light on March 28, 2004, at 11:10: PM, that was bright but "fuzzy." It appeared in the west, came closer and then shot straight up vertically until out of sight. It all happened in about 8 seconds, and it really moved fast. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Virginia -- A Metallic Oval Object

PORTSMOUTH -- There was one craft, that looked like a metallic oval shaped balloon with a cone shape on the underside on March 28, 2004, at 4:45 PM. , It moved across the sky in a smooth rapid speed and then suddenly stopped and hovered. At that point we moved behind a building for 15 seconds and by the time we got on the other side it was gone. The sky was open for miles in many directions but it disappeared. There was an airline jet in the background coming in for a landing at ORF and a bird in closer, so it couldn't have been that high in the air. It was very visible and looked exactly like the #44 photo at: ( Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Georgia – Flying Triangle Investigation

DULUTH -- David Brown SSD Field Investigator reports he interviewed a lady who had seen a large flying triangle glide by on January 7, 2004, at 7:30 PM. While returning home she noticed an extremely bright white light originating in the northwest directly under the bright moon. As the object approached the witness saw that the craft was not a conventional aircraft as it glided by the driver's side of the vehicle. The object was a huge triangular object the size of one to one and a half football fields in length. (450 feet). The sighting lasted about five minutes and when she returned home she called the Gwinnett and Duluth Georgia Police Departments. She also contacted the Channel 11 local news and MUFON. The object was flying at 130 feet just above the tree tops and moving at 40 mph. The speed was determined as the object kept pace with her vehicle and she had looked at her speedometer that was reading 40 mph.

The large wing was sharp gray/silver and had four extremely large, white protruding lights similar to fluorescent tubes surrounded by what appeared as suction cups. She followed the object and noticed it began to ascend to the northeast and banked sharply back to the northwest and she could see the underside more clearly. Her radio was playing and the craft did not effect electrical parts of the vehicle or her radio. Dobbins Air Reserve Base is 25 miles to the northwest. Dobbins Information Offices were contacted but they provided no information. There are no known military craft that match this description although experimental lighter than air craft may perform as described by the witness. The craft is labeled as an unknown.

Editor's Note: I wish to thank Tom Sheets GAMUFON State Director and David Brown SSD for their excellent work.

Florida – Three Moving Lights

NAPLES -- Sitting on the beach on March 28, 2004, at 10:50 PM, a couple saw a bright light flash on the horizon as if it was signaling a light up north towards Sanibel Island. The northern light glowed bright enough to see a reflection in the water and then all of the sudden it slowly split into three glowing objects. One went right and one went left leaving the original duller light in the same place. The light on the right went faster and flew out of sight. The one on the left stopped and returned to the original light and made it glow. At that moment the one on the horizon blinked again. The north light disappeared leaving a dark spot. After four minutes the light on the horizon blinked again and the light to the north reappeared. It glowed so bright this time that we compared it to the full moon because the reflection on the water. The light then split into three objects again and formed a triangle. The northern light moved across the sky slowly then darted out of sight. At that point we left the beach and told my friend's parents. UFOcenter

BRADENTON -- On March 26, 2004, at 7:50 PM, while trying to find the five planet alignment near the moon, a father and his 13 year old son noticed two saucers rapidly heading east towards them over the Palma Sola Bay. The almond-shaped saucers appeared to be racing one another, side by side, but sometimes crossed each others paths. They were quite large, without lights or sound and grayish in color and had a haze surrounding them.. When they were positioned just under the moon, they turned sharply and headed south. It looked like they briefly slowed down over the baseball park lights and then headed southbound. When they were side by side, they were in identical formation.

Once or twice when they crossed in front of each other, but quickly went side by side again. We watched them head south bound until we could not see them any longer from our balcony. The sky was quite clear, 72 degree temperature with a light breeze coming off of the bay. There were some distant planes flying but none moved as fast. They were much larger than a plane at 40 thousand feet and flew as low as 20 thousand feet. They darted up and down and horizontally directly in front of us for less than a minute and then darted over towards the baseball park and seemed to almost stop for thirty seconds. Then, they sharply flew north, then took a serious turn and headed south very quickly. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Ohio - Bright Lights

CHESAPEAKE – A couple saw a line of hovering lights in the sky on March 28, 2004, at 9:30 PM. They live near a landing strip, so it is not unusual to see planes around. They stated, "This did not look like a plane, my girlfriend had been watching the object and said that the lights on the object changed formation." I did not catch that, but I did see the three lights aligned in a straight line. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Nebraska – Pilot Sees UFO

OMAHA – This report is from an air traffic controller for Minneapolis Center, that reported on March 25, 2004, at 1900 hours the pilot of an air carrier that was under my control reported two flights of two aircraft. There were no other aircraft in the vicinity at the time. He said they were 15 miles in front of him at 35,000 feet traveling away from him in a westerly direction. The UFO's stayed out in front of his aircraft for fifteen minutes until the pilot said that the UFO's were so far out in front of him that he could hardly see them anymore. After being relieved of my duties I reported to my supervisor who put me in contact with the Military Air Defense. The person at the other end of the phone said that they saw no objects in the area of this aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport

((NUFORC Note: The FAA Air Traffic Controller, and his supervisor confirmed that no radar returns were visible! PD))

Montana – Two Saucers

PLAINS -- On March 27 6:23 PM, the witness reports that he and Jumbo saw two oval shaped and brightly lit saucers flying south overhead. They were large metallic disks with lights flying above our heads. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

California – UFO Photographed

MODESTO – R. David Anderson writes, "I am continuing to see UFO's at my place of residence and I got a couple of pictures yesterday that are similar to the ones I took last weekend. Something flashed in my eyes as I was looking between two trees where I have taken photos earlier. It was an intense flash of light that left a strong after image on my eye. I have never before encountered anything like this. I shot one around 4 PM, with my new 4.3 digital camera. I saw the UFO to the north flying at about 30 mph and it was probably about 250 feet high. I picked up the camera and began to take pictures, following its movement as it went from the northern sky to the eastern sky in about 45 seconds.

Thanks to R. David Anderson.

Canada --Two Round Discs

CALGARY – On March 28, 2004, at 5:10 PM, the witness looking into the sky at the Confederation driving range was watching a ball when he saw the first object moving across the sky at a high rate of speed. He pointed it out to two friends and they all tracked it. As they watched it move across the sky - they noticed a second one in front of it. They were moving at such an incredible rate of speed that they simply vanished into the distance. The witness states, "The two objects were circular in shape and had a silver metallic color to them." Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC Research

UK/England - Dark Shape

HARWICH, ESSEX – The witness was driving home from the shops and his girl friend said, "Look" as she is pointed to an object not to far away. It was March 29, 2004, at 11:15: PM, when they got a glimpse of dark bubbly shaped craft. It looked like it had different round pods or parts, and was just showing through the low clouds. My girl friend got a really good look and she was freaked out, because she doesn't believe in UFO's. When we stopped the car it had gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Turkey – Governor Deputy Videos UFO

Adana -- Milliyet Newspaper reports that Caner Yildiz, the Governor Deputy of Adana, had seen a luminous object in the sky on April 1, 2004, at 9:04 PM. He states, "First I thought it was a bright star that I had never seen before, so I started to record it on my camera for about 20 minutes." "It was moving very fast, sometimes zigzagging; becoming bigger and smaller," he said. "The bottom part was dark, and the upper part was white with sharp projecting points which resembled honeycombs. It would disappear when observed with the naked eye then would appear again. On the camera, it would look as small as a pin top then in 2-3 seconds it would grow as big as an orange. It looked like a flying saucer". Chairman Haktan Akdogan and the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center has concluded this was a UFO". The footage will be studied at Cukurova University. Thanks to Esen Sekerkarar MUFON Representative for Turkey

Zone Of Exclusion

Jeff Challender – Director Project P.R.O.V.E. writes, "There is a place on the far side of the world, which NASA refers to as the "Z.O.E.", or Zone Of Exclusion. This is an area in which NASA claims there is no communication with spacecraft. This despite the presence of a US Space Command Base on the Island of Diego Garcia, and a Tracking Data and Relay Satellite (TDRS-3) in a Geosynchronous orbit high above.

The so called Zone of Exclusion using evidence from NASA itself, is a myth. The previous lack of communication facilities there was rectified as early as March 1994. Over the last two years, I have noticed that during at least one Shuttle flight in June 2002, and on two separate occasions involving the International Space Station in February 2004, NASA has established zones of exclusion in unusual locales. During the flight of STS-111, in June 2002, one of these inexplicable zones was declared by a NASA television commentator to be just a few hundred miles due east of the New Jersey seashore where it was in range of Wallops Island, Cape Canaveral, and the Bahamas Tracking Station.

The stated reason for this was that Endeavour was "Out of Range" of the NASA communications network. No hardware malfunction or antenna shadowing, but OUT OF RANGE! To this writer, that seems to be impossible! During the flight of STS-92 in October 2000, the television equipment aboard failed some seven hours into the flight. What little television was made available to the public on that mission was relayed in part from Wallops Island. Now, let us fast forward to 2004. The date was the 19th of February, and the ISS crew was preparing for bed. As is often done to fill these times when the crew is unavailable for live TV, a videotape of the previous day's activities was being run. The time was approximately 10:28 AM CST, when the commentator announced that the station had gone "OUT OF RANGE" of the NASA communications network. In almost the same breath, he also informed us that ISS was orbiting at about 240 statute miles over EASTERN CANADA. Here are the exact words of the NASA commentator.

"At this hour, as the International Space Station flies at about two hundred and forty miles over uh Eastern Canada, the station is outside of the range of communication with uh the flight control teams, and uh, but is expected to uh move back into communications uh shortly." As one can see, this is not an ambiguous statement. The announcer is very clear that this is not an issue with malfunctioning equipment, or "dish shadowing." He clearly states that ISS is "Out Of Range". The region, which includes the east coast, and upper mid-western states of the US, is replete with ground facilities. There is also the Atlantic TDRS in easy reach from this location. Why did NASA pass this falsehood on to the viewing public? Finally, there was one more recent case of the same sort of inexcusable lie. During the ISS space walk of 26 February 2004, ISS was flying over the ground station based in Hawaii when the announcer stated that, ISS had passed "Out Of Range" of the communications network! How can this be? The Hawaiian station is capable of handling any form of ISS signal, be it radio, telemetry, or TV.


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