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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 14, 2004

George Filer:
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Everything Has Changed

Life on Mars Changes Everything - Mars Rock With 'O A O' Letters, Evolution in Crisis, Mars - More Writing on Ejecta, Asteroids Could Destroy Earth, New Jersey - Orbs, Pennsylvania - White Diamond, Florida - Oval, Virginia - Image of Diamond UFO, Michigan - Funnel, Ohio - Flying Rectangles, Indiana -Saucer, Illinois - Flying Triangle, Tennessee - Florescent Disc, Arizona - Reddish Light, Nevada - Giant Flying Caterpillar, California - Blue Object, Washington - Fireball and Smoke, Canada - Heavy UFO Activity, Malaysia - Disc, Philippines - Disk, and Australia - Oval UFO's Down Under.

The Detection of Life on Mars Could Change Everything. There are serious flaws in the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang theory. What we think we know now is in trouble because, we have ignored the reality of life on Mars, Unidentified Flying Objects in our skies, and life in space. Watching and video taping UFO's indicates that they probably use other dimensions and our universe is much larger than just what we can see. Also, now that we have the virtual certainty that intelligent life once lived on Mars, life likely exists through out the universe and new theories should be considered.

My new Theory of Tranplantetation simply states that life moves or is transported from one planet to another. This may be accomplished by transportation aboard meteorites, space dust or even space ships. Noah's arc may be the story of animals and alien intelligence brought to earth. Meteorite impacts and extinction's may not be accidental. It is my opinion that because of the complexity of life, there must be a creator and designer. Additionally, there is energy in space that can be used for the benefit of mankind.

Rock With 'A O A' Written On It.

A professional photographer, BC, has sent me an image of a "croc" rock that appears to have an "A" an "O" and another "A" on them when seen from a distance by the Nav cam. On closer examination there are numerous darker numbers and symbols going on there, too. I searched and found a closer image from the better Pan cam and the rock doesn't even look like the same one in many respects. The Nav cam shows a rather smooth sided with rounded features rock and the Pan cam shows a rock with cupped out sharp fragmented features. There are no larger letters apparent here as in the "E" rock which showed letters plainly. However, after scaling up and looking closer I see darker letters and numbers again. So I think that I can conclude that NASA is using some kind of "Watermark" program on their images. If you look under the filter drop down menu in Photoshop at the bottom you will see Digimarc listed.

Image thanks to JPL.

It is one kind of program that will place hidden numbers and letters into images for identification. It does this by matching the background and distorting the letters and numbers and fitting them around pixels shapes or natural features in the image. They are nearly invisible and are used for copyrighting. We are scaling these up enough to see the watermarks. Now I don't think the "E" rock is in that category as the letters were too big. But this watermark may be enough to make us think that there are unknown symbols and distorted letters on the rocks. The only other conclusion would be that NASA is changing the rocks in the clasps by Photoshopping out the letters. It could be done. I put together a full color of the Croc rock and the color was as wacky as it gets with the scene all pink and the tops of the rocks pure blue. I don't believe that for a minute. The above rock can be found on Spirit Sol 75/76 Pan cam and Nav cam.

Evolution in Crisis

The new evidence of intelligent life on Mars creates a situation where everything we know suddenly comes into question. Martian civilization is communicating with us through the remarkable structures, symbols and sculptors it has left behind. We now have grounds for our belief, of clear visible conspicuous evidence that Mars in the past had life similar to our own. Science has yet to explain how, why, when and where life began. Theory of Evolution is the basis for biology and states all species of plants and animals developed from earlier forms by hereditary transmissions of slight variations or mutations in successive generations. Evolution states, our ancestors began in the primordial soup billions of years ago and we gradually evolved or mutated into human form. This requires thousands if not millions of gradual progressions and mutations to develop from one cell life forms to eventually develop into humans.

When I took college biology they were still looking for the missing links and progressive steps but not one verified the thousands of missing links that have been found. In 1859, Charles Darwin developed his theory and declared that we descended from the apes, yet in 150 years the missing link has not been found. Species change, and various types of cats or dogs have been bred from comparatively tiny ones to huge ones, but they still remain within their species. With similar life believed to exist on Mars, a new world of biology is opening up to us with the knowledge that similar life exists on Mars and likely traveled from one planet to another either by asteroids or space ship. We have located images of large cats, deer, bison, scorpion, lizard, and snake like organisms on Mars. Additionally, dozens of faces that include the young and old, male and female.

Even at the molecular level we have a highly ordered hierarchic system. Each class at the molecular level is unique, isolated and unlinked by intermediates.

On Mars, we have found intelligent life with the ability to make symbols, create statues, dam rivers and build structures. This was not done by chance but by design. The Martian engineers and sculptors were not there by accident, they had a creator/designer/or maker of some type as do we. The creation of homo-sapiens and Martians exhibits vast complexity and we must therefore conclude our creation was the result of intelligent activity. The concept of change caused by accidental mutations over millions of years does not explain the complexity of all higher forms of animal life.

Perhaps we have to look to the wisdom of the ancients to explain the real truth of the heredity and descent of man. The Egyptian Book of the Dead, and India's Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Bible, and Sumerian writing all indicate Earth was visited by extraterrestrials. Mars was repeatedly pelted with meteorites, the ejecta kept piling up leaving a blanket of debris and the Martians likely came to realization their planet was doomed. They had to go underground or move to another planet. The closest and easiest to reach would be Earth.

Perhaps, it is time for biologists to turn to the wisdom of others to explain the origin of man. In February, I visited the Hopi Indian Store next to the Grand Canyon and was told Hopi legends tell us that a planet Mukluk between Mars and Jupiter was devastated and survivors from neighboring Mars had to abandon the Red Planet and emigrate to Earth probably bringing plants and animals. It is time to realize that you and I were not the result of evolution, but are here by design and are the creations of our creator that bought the spark of life to Earth.

Perhaps, the most intelligent Greek who ever lived reverently supported the concept of alien life. Plato, like the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hindus, Japanese, and many American Indian tribes all believe in a golden age when Earth was ruled by the gods and superhuman beings from space. The Japanese Mikado claims space people visited Japan. Many Chinese believe in space visits and thousands of years ago the Chinese isolated hormones and by acupuncture wrought cures. The building of the Great Pyramid in the exact center of the world's land mass infers an aerial survey more than 3000 years ago.

The New English Bible states "When mankind began to increase and to spread all over the earth and daughters of men were born to them, the sons of gods saw that the daughters of men were beautiful so they took to themselves such women as they chose." Genesis 6-1&2.

Evolutionists tell us that someday they will find the missing links. I suggest that life came from space. Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramsinghe "In Evolution From Space" provide and estimate of the chance of life originating, assuming functional proteins to have a probability of 10 -20.12. They feel that panspermia the seeding of life from space is much more likely than evolution. Tons of material comes from space each day and settles on earth. We get over 400 UFO reports a month in the United States from concerned citizens. It's time to realize our Earth has been visited by intelligent life for thousands, if not millions, of years.

Mars - More Writing on Ejecta

Kim Shaffer a life long sculptor who has worked all his life with stone writes, "Here is a large piece of ejecta photographed by the Spirit rover which I have enhanced and found quite interesting. It also raises more questions than it answers. Note a remarkable feature on the right central portion of this stone. It appears as a letter "T" and appears in raised relief. There can only be three possible explanations for this feature. One being that it is an extremely bizarre inclusion, two, it is a fossil, or three, it was carved there by some type of intelligence. To the central portion of this same stone, when enhanced, clearly there is a "crown" shape with forms above appearing as 'W O 1 F' perhaps wolf. While this is also remarkable and appears as a raised relief, it possibly could be another fossil, light aberration or in fact could be "as seen." I question a few things as far as JPL is concerned. These folks are seeing these anomalies just as we are, yet they have yet to take a second or close-up picture of any of them. Are they hiding something from us? Are they presenting these "anomalies" to fuel the conspiracy mill? As far as I am concerned, I have not been convinced that an intelligence may have actually carved these things but I am certainly convinced that the whole story has yet to be told. Thanks to MUFON's Kim Shaffer

Asteroids Could Destroy Earth

Astronomers claim there are asteroids out there, that could smack into the Earth and wipe out human civilization, but they are well on their way to finding every asteroid that poses a threat. Experts told the Senate subcommittee on Science, Technology and Space that they are on schedule to finding everything bigger than 1 kilometer in diameter that might hit the Earth and destroy a city... "Since 1998, more than 700 objects have been discovered, and is over 70 percent complete.

NASA's Lindley Johnson told the hearing. There have been a few scares. Last September, scientists spotted asteroid "2003 QQ47" and first measurements suggested it could hit the Earth on March 21, 2014, with an explosion the size of 20 million atomic bombs. But the forecast was revised: It won't hit, after all. A small asteroid is believed to have leveled 400 square miles of Siberian forest in 1908. "Although the probability of the Earth being hit by a large object in this century is low, a defense against such an occurrence would be to use The Space Shuttle's main engines for 20 years to deflect a 1 kilometer object away from a projected collision, Using a nuclear bomb might make matters worse because the pieces of the blown-up asteroid would stay in the same orbit and eventually come back together again. The next task will be to find smaller objects that could do considerable damage. Thanks to Bruce

New Jersey - Orbs

SOUTH PLAINFIELD - The 32 year old witness was passing over the Driscoll Bridge on the Garden State Parkway on April 5, 2004, at 11:45 PM when he spotted a sphere type orange ball of light. The object banked left and proceeded to accelerate upwards into some high level clouds and then out of site rather quickly. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Pennsylvania - White Diamond

ERIE - On April 7, 2004 from 9:30 to 11:00 PM, the witness saw in the northwest sky an extremely bright white light like a diamond would sparkle. At times it also seemed to shift, for a second or so, to a slight reddish color and then back to white. It was at least ten times that of the biggest star in the sky. There seamed to be small dot shaped, orangish - reddish in color, "balls, disks" in the surrounding area of the light. They numbered perhaps eight or ten. They were perfectly round with no extending light beyond the actual shape.

Then, I saw two of the white balls move away at a fairly fast speed. The one followed the other in exact formation space and distance from the other. They continued moving away changing to orange and finally disappeared. At one point approximately 30 minutes after I first saw the light it dropped lower in the sky, just a little, the reason I noticed this was because it was now just slightly below the tree line. By 11 PM, it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Virginia - Image of Diamond UFO

FRANKLIN COUNTY -- Don sent me an image of a diamond shaped UFO over the countryside taken towards the Appalachian Mountains on April 8, 2004. In late afternoon, about 5:45 PM, there was a gorgeous double rainbow after a rainstorm near the Blue Ridge Parkway twenty miles south of Roanoke. Don took five images of the rainbow in several minutes and one contained the UFO. Neither he nor his friend saw the UFO. Thanks to Don.

Florida - Oval

LAKELAND -- My parents called and told me they saw a UFO on April 4, 2004, at about 1 PM. My Dad said it hovered for about 45 seconds and then it was gone. He said the object was like a cigar with the ends rounded. He said right after that a jet flew over their car. Both my parents told the same story. I have to believe its true coming from them. UFOcenter

BRANDON - The witness was heading for home on April 3, 2004, at 6:45 PM, in her truck and noticed the moon had just risen. The sun was not yet touching the horizon when I saw what I first thought was Venus. However, this was NOT Venus because it was very pure white, oval shaped object about 1/2 the size of a full moon. It looked to be over the Gulf of Mexico. It seemed very high in the sky and did not move, it just glowed. At this point I pulled over on the side of the road so I could watch it uninterrupted. As the sun lowered, the object went from an oval to more of a triangle with softened corners. As the last of the sun went below the horizon, the object faded away right before my eyes. Could it be the reflection of something? Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Michigan - Funnel

TROY -- The object at times looked like funnel shaped cloud on April 5, 2004, at 7 PM, It was very fuzzy and sounded almost like a hurricane was coming. I have lived here for less then a year and so many of these things have happened. This is the first time I have seen what I have heard. I saw these objects at least a dozen times. I watched for at least 10 minutes and they periodically came back into view. They were very high up and as high as planes usually fly, the one's with the smoke following them. I think these were UFO's. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

OHIO - Flying Rectangles

FOSTORIA-- Susan Holderman writes, "I had the most exciting moment of my life today while driving home from Tiffin on Route 18, coming out of Bascom on my way to Fostoria at 3:40 PM. I was entering the small town and could see the highway and sky ahead of me where the town ends. Coming from the left, were two huge identical planes one behind the other. They were huge, long, thin rectangular shapes with no windows, or markings to be seen with a square "rudder" shaped appendage standing up from the back of them. They were descending very smoothly, noiselessly toward an open field on the right.

I was thinking, "where in the world were they landing?" From the middle of the town, they filled up the space where I could see the sky at the end of town. This is the first time I have actually seen anything so detailed, so close, and so big and in the daytime yet! When I got to the edge of town and could see the open field, there was absolutely nothing there at all, in the sky or in the field, no where! They just disappeared! These were so huge that they could have been seen for a mile at least and did not appear to be going fast, actually just gliding along on a descent! I know the other people on the road with me saw them too. I kept watching the guy behind me as we left the town and his head was turning all over the place like mine, trying to figure out where they went. He talked on his cell phone all the way to Fostoria. Some of George Ritter's photos look similar to what I saw. What a RUSH! I am so excited! Thanks to Susan Holderman.

Fostoria, Ohio- Photo by George Ritter near area if sighting

Indiana -Saucer With Six Lights

ROCHESTER - The witness spotted a saucer like shape that had six lights at 10 PM, on April 8, 2004. The lights were big and looked like stadium lights. There were three lights in a row then a six foot gap and three more lights. The lights were on for l5-20 seconds then off for another l5-20 seconds, and back on. The craft was still in the same place. As the lights were going off for the second time, the craft started slowing moving northeast. Then, the lights went out and the craft was gone. The craft hovered over the tree tops and was not on the ground. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Illinois - Flying Triangle

CHAMPAIGN -- Early on April 4, 2004, a couple went to look at the stars and around 1 AM, a group of lights came from the southwest and passed directly over them going northeast. There were about eight lights arranged into a sort of triangular shape, although it may have been more of an X. It was hard to tell exactly because the lights were spinning around. Whatever, it was moving pretty fast because it only took about six seconds to cross the sky. In this time, it made at least three rotations tumbling across the sky in a straight line. They were moving as if they were part of the same object. It was difficult to estimate size and altitude, but it was about 10 degrees across the length of your fist at arm's length. They were both pretty jumpy and left. Other friends of ours saw something odd and it seems we saw the same thing. They saw it from the side, from the 11th floor of their building; and said it was really low in the sky. They thought it was probably about 75-100 feet in length. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Tennessee - Florescent Disc

JOHNSON COUNTY -- MUFON's Kim Shaffer writes, On April 3, 2004, I received a call from a gentleman who was very excited about an object he and another witness saw at 17:30 hours a "florescent light bulb" high in the sky. There were aircraft in the vicinity leaving condensation trails, well below the observed object that was stationary and holding horizontally, it's very high position. As the planes passed, the object turned slowly vertically and ascended higher into the sky and out of sight. The witnesses were adamant that this was a solid object. I contacted the local FAA office and inquired as to where there had been any pilot reported anomalous objects but received no conformation.

KNOXVILLE -- Kim Shaffer, received a call from another truck driver who witnessed a metallic disc on I-40 just east of Knoxville on the afternoon of April 8, 2004. Witness reported that the disc paced his truck and was quite large, (relative size was that of a silver dollar) reflective and seemed to rock side to side as it moved in a straight path. Witness stated that the object moved behind some trees and he anticipated seeing it again when he and the object passed the trees, but when he got past the trees the disc did not reappear. Thanks to Kim Shafer MUFONTN State Director

Arizona - Reddish Light

BULLHEAD CITY, and LAUGHLIN, NV - A couple were driving home on April 9, 2004, at 8:05 PM, when they noticed a fairly bright light on an object directly in front of them to the north. What appeared to be the wing of the craft was illuminated by the bright singular light of the object as if in a hard bank. So the "wing" was straight up and down and was not hiding the large singular light, nor was it affecting the intensity of the light. At this time, my wife called her mother and had her look from her location which was only a few blocks away north of our position. She attempted to get her video camera set up, but was unable to do so during the short time span. It was no more than five miles away and made no sound. There was no wind, yet the object looked as if it were drifting in a large circle hung from a cable from high above. It appeared to keep the same altitude as it drifted east and west pivoting in circles.

It would slow as it reached the edge of its circular pivot. This was no flare and there was no smoke and it didn't do a good job illuminating the ground. It was like a hot air balloon dangling a light below it. The single light was much brighter and ten times larger than Venus, the evening star, which was present just to the west. The light was a dim reddish color that tended to flicker slightly. When the object disappeared, the light simply went out as if you flipped a switch. I can't explain the cable or the "wing" structure above the light. I'm a trained observer, and work security for the Federal Government. I've never seen a "UFO" before. This object was seen by many others and Laughlin Airport is five miles away but it was not an aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Nevada - Giant Flying Caterpillar

LAS VEGAS - A giant dark brown caterpillar-like object wiggled its way across the sky on April 4, 2004, at 3:45 PM. The high floating caterpillar floated slowly northwest writhing its body at a rather high altitude. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

California - Low Flying Blue Object

FAIR OAKS -- The witness was driving back to work at noon with his fiancé on April 9, 2004. Near the Sunrise Bridge over the American River, the witness noticed a low flying light blue airplane almost like the sky that he thought was going to crash because it was flying so low. Suddenly it was gone. We looked in the sky all over for it but it disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Washington - Fireball and Smoke

VASHON ISLAND - The witness noticed a huge meteor heading west, away from his home on April 7, 2004, at 7:45 PM. It had the standard looking orange flame surrounding a red/black core. I called my Mom out to watch with me. Within five minutes the object had dulled to a soft glow. The sunset is about 8:15 here now but the object was still highly visible. The light then completely extinguished and the object turned more northerly, toward the Olympic Mountains. As it fell, dark black smoke trailed behind it. It wasn't falling quickly, like a shooting star, but as a "regular" plane would fly. This was not a plane as it turned in more of a direct shift. The news didn't report anything about the flame or smoke. SEA-TAC airport is across the bay. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Canada - Heavy UFO Activity

BIBLE HILL, NOVA SCOTIA -- The following sighting was reported to Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The witness a 24 years old, and 3rd year science student noticed two objects at a high altitude, almost parallel, one lagging slightly behind the other traveling in a northern direction at 12:35 AM, on April 11, 2004. They were moving very fast and were very faint, much less so than the stars. They were much larger than an airplane and not blinking. The lagging object sped up to reach the other and then, as if playing a game, cris crossed a number of times. This happened really quickly and then they faded out of sight.

NEW WESTMINSTER, BC - On April 4, 2004, at midnight the witness spotted two cigar shaped UFOs that flew horizontally traveling north with bright red fireball heads and long bright yellow tails. The two objects flew parallel to each other at fairly low level at a steady pace staying beside each other for two seconds before they disappeared! There was no sputter, fading or smoking - they just disappeared! I've never seen anything like this before in my life.

SURREY, BC - On April 7, 2004, at 9:45 PM, the witness, a pilot, saw three lights rapidly approaching from the west in a triangle formation, at '12 o'clock low.' The object between the lights was solid and triangular and when the object banked north, the angular relationship between the lights was consistent with the banking of an aircraft. However, this was no ordinary aircraft. It moved completely silently and covered half the horizon that is from Surrey to the North Shore Mountains in about four seconds. I am guessing the altitude at 2000 - 3000 feet, and the brightness of the lights of the object relative to the brightness of passing aircraft lights at within 7000 feet. I felt it could not be man-made. The flight path of the object was directly over the approach path to YVR.

VERNON, BC -- On April 8, 2004, at around 11 PM, in the western sky, a gold object with red underneath, left a short bright yellow gold trail and slowed down before the horizon. Time was about 3 seconds. A shooting star leaves long trails, and a meteor increases speed before impact, or burns out leaving smoky trails. This sighting had neither one of these behaviors. It was something different. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Malaysia - Disc

KUALA LUMPUR - The witness reports, "I poked my head through my 5th floor window April 08, 2004, about 7 PM, to invite my friend who lives upstairs to eat dinner with me. Suddenly I noticed a black eagle like object which was hovering close by. It was a black disc-shaped UFO. It floated at the same attitude going forward. I pointed it out to my friend and he thought it was the so-called UFO too. We looked carefully at it as it slowly hovered, just like helicopters. I estimated it to be about 100 meters from the ground and about the size of a car. It made no sound. The disc flew in a very unique way, it flew like something injured, because it sloped 45 degree to the left then right then left again as it traveled along. If it was flown by humans, they would easily be affected by nausea in such aircraft. I noticed a red light flashing at the back of the craft. The atmosphere near it was a little lighter than normal, maybe due to shimmering. It disappeared in the distance. Thanks to Brian Vike CANADA HBCC

Philippines - Disk

VICTORIAS CITY-- The witness spotted a disk type object with a very bright light and a low sound on April 7, 2004, at 9 PM. We heard a sound like many people talking. The color of the light of that object changed to blue, red, violet, and orange. After fifteen minutes it departed. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter

Australia - Oval UFO's

COOMA - The witness was sitting on the front porch of his home with some friends drinking argile on April 7, 2004, at 11:44 PM. Suddenly we saw a flash of light, then a series of flashing lights for about twenty seconds. They spotted eight oval shaped objects with white and blue flashing lights. They hovered in the distance for another minute and then flew across the sky like ravenous demons, leaving a red haze trail of smoke behind. As they flew by, over my home, our lights turned off and our cars would not start and our radios were buzzing for about five minutes after they were out of the vicinity. Being frightened by what we saw, we called the police. They thought we were pranksters, so we then decided to flee our homes and traveled to Sydney, to stay in a populated area with our families where we knew it would be safe. Thanks to Peter Davenport UFOcenter


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