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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 19, 2004

George Filer:
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More Evidence for Life on Mars

"It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. Insensibly, one begins to twist the facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. It biases the judgment." -Sherlock Holmes-

This weeks files discuss: Increased Solar Brightness and Warming, the Martian Meteorite EETA 79001 Indicates Life, Mars – Bunny Appears to Move, Possible Bunker Found on Mars, Oil Crisis Looming. Sightings include New York - Triangular Shaped Lights, New Jersey – Four See UFO, Pennsylvania - Light, Maryland - Large Flying Triangle, Florida – Flying Triangle Craft Disappears, IIlinois - Flying Triangle, Missouri - UFO Sighted By Two, Colorado - Stars Move in Perfect Formation, Oregon - Sphere Cluster Release's Smaller Objects, California – More UFOs Videotaped, Canada – Seven Fast Objects, Mexico's DoD Releases UFO Video and Evidence, Panama -Bright light in the Sky, and in Thailand - Hundreds of Floating Stars

Increased Solar Brightness and Warming

The Sun may have increased in brightness over the last couple of decades as summarized in the following press release: Since the late 1970s, the amount of solar radiation the Sun emits during times of quiet sunspot activity has increased by nearly .05 percent per decade, according to the study. “This trend is important because, if sustained over many decades, it could cause significant climate change,” said Willson, a researcher affiliated with NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and the Earth Institute at Columbia University. “Historical records of solar activity indicate that solar radiation has been increasing since the late 19th century,” says Willson. “If a trend comparable to the one found in this study persisted during the 20th century it would have provided a significant component of the global warming.

Editor: The warming trend on the Earth appears to be caused by the gradual warming of the sun.

Mars - Once Had Life

This meteorite, which originally weighed nearly 8 kilograms, provided the first strong proof that meteorites could come from Mars. EETA 79001 is an achondrite meteorite, a basalt lava rock nearly indistinguishable from many Earth rocks. This picture shows a sawn face of this fine-grained gray rock (the vertical stripes are saw marks). The black patches in the rock are melted rock — glass — formed when a large meteorite hit Mars near the rock. This meteorite impact probably threw EETA 79001 off Mars and on its way to Antarctica on Earth. The black glass contains traces of martian atmosphere gases. On August 7, 1996, President Clinton and NASA announced to the world evidence of fossil bacteria and organic material had been found on ALH 84001, a meteorite discovered in Antarctica that was believed to have come originally from Mars.

Martian Meteorite EETA 79001

Another meteorite found in Antarctica, EETA 79001 also indicates life existed on Mars in relatively recent history. The achondrite meteorite thought to be only 175 million years old was blasted off Mars 600,000 years ago, indicating that life existed on Mars in the relatively recent past. The black patches in the rock are melted rock — glass — formed when a large meteorite hit Mars near the rock and the impact probably threw EETA 79001 off Mars and sent it on its way to Antarctica. The black glass contains traces of martian atmosphere gases.

This picture shows a sawn face of this fine-grained gray rock (the vertical stripes are saw marks). Rocks as young as the SNC meteorites had to have formed on a geologically active planet, and the most likely planet was Mars. The Mariner 9 and Viking Orbiter images had shown that Mars has enormous volcanos, up to 3 times as tall as Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Mars – Bunny Appears to Move

Last week we carried a story and photo of a small white cotton object that was imaged by the Mars Rover. Gary Gene Ford a graduate student in Mechanical and Aerodynamical Engineering writes, "Lift and drag - both important in convecting light weight objects - are related by (Attitude dependent) Drag and Lift Coefficients, Cd and Cl, respectively, which multiply (1/2)(Rho)(speed)^2, and then times exposed area A.

Now Rho is Air MASS DENSITY, which in the absence of micro and nano particle dusts in the air (it occurs once in a while but NOT often) of MARS, is extremely LOW, something like Earth Air at 120,000 feet elevation - the Molecular Weight of Mars Air is HIGHER than the 29 of Earth, due to Mars Air's 95% constitution as Carbon Dioxide, with molecular weight 44, thus slightly compensating for the approximately 1% or less Pressure at Surface of Mars Air, compared to 1 bar of Earth Air at Sea Level), giving a LOW LOW value at "low speed" for the fluid factor (1/2)rho.v^2. To lift an Object, the fluid factor must be larger than the Weight of the Object divided by its external surface Area. in fact typically CONSIDERABLY LARGER than its Weight per its unit exposed surface area.

This only obtains for very 'fluffy objects' (Air viscosity also helps, as with Dandelion 'Puff' seeds), or else with objects of very small size. Anything NOT very 'fluffy', of low mass density hence weight density, and of small size IS UNLIKELY TO BE BLOWN ANYWHERE in the Extant Super low Mass Density Martian Air! THUS, the Rabbit must either be (1) Self Moving, (2) Moved by something Self Moving (a stream of brine flowing downhill would be a possibility), or (3) Fluffy and caught in a massive, dust air mass density enhanced, high speed, Martian DUST STORM! Thanks to Gary Gene Ford, Gary

Mars - Possible Bunker Found?

Sam Veazey writes, "I have been researching the images from the Spirit Rover and have discovered a group of objects that are truely remarkable." There is what appears to be a large bunker with what may be an observatory rising from a domed roof. There is also what might be a transportation device that is located just above and to the left of the bunker. At the right end of the structure is what could be the entrance in the shape of an archway. Thanks to Sam Veazey in White Plains, Georgia.

Thanks to JPL for this photo that can be found at:

Editor's Note: Sam Veazey has found a concrete rectangle appearing object just below the crest of the hill that is not normally found in nature. Other similar objects with symbols and faces have been found. We ask for comments from photographic experts. That bunker like object looks very different from most of the other rocks, so I suggest we drill a hole in it. What possible reasons could NASA have for spending millions going to Mars without carrying a couple pounds of equipment to test for life?

Oil Crisis Looming Will Dwarf 1973

CBS MarketWatch columnist Paul By Paul Erdman writes, "As the price of crude oil keeps rising toward $40 a barrel and beyond, it has become increasingly clear that the world is heading toward a major oil crisis -- in terms of both price and supply -- that will dwarf that of 1973. There can be no doubt that the fall of the House of Saud would thrust the entire Western world into an energy crisis of unprecedented proportions. For many of us who have been observers of global energy trends for what now amounts to decades, this has become not a matter of "if" but rather one of "when." We are facing a convergence of three forces that will have a potentially explosive effect on the market for crude oil. They are:

1. A growing geopolitical crisis in the Middle East, which is now threatening to spread beyond Iraq to Saudi Arabia, the world's largest producer and exporter of crude oil.

2. A surge in global demand for energy and particularly crude oil and its derivatives, fueled by the recovery of both the American and Japanese economies and the unprecedented growth of China, which has just replaced Japan as the world's second largest consumer of crude oil.

3. A structural deterioration of the world's oil supply. What is involved here is nothing short of an imminent peaking out of production of crude oil on a global basis -- known by energy industry insiders as "Hubbert's Peak" -- which would turn a cyclical supply/demand crisis into a structural energy crisis of unprecedented proportions. (snip)

Editor's Note: This data has been available to the government for years and is part of the reason for the invasion of Iraq. The impending shortage of oil may stop the flow of food to your local grocery store. World economics are at a critical point.

New York - Triangular Shaped Lights

ROME -- Three witnesses saw lights in the shape of a flying triangle traveling at a constant speed high in the night sky on May 9, 2004, at 10:45 PM. The lights were white and did not waver in position nor did they blink as they traveled due south in a very clear sky. It was a very large object that was witnessed by two professionals and one student. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Jersey – Four See UFO

FREEHOLD -- There was four observers on the porch just enjoying the night on May 10, 2004, at 10:40 PM., when the boyfriend saw it first and jokingly said "Look a UFO!" The observer states, "We all looked up and realized, oh my God what else could it be because we saw an orange circle and it wasn't moving steadily, it was kind of wobbling like a Frisbee that you threw." But the object stayed in the air much longer than that, and instead of coming down like a Frisbee would it simply vanished into the clouds. About two minutes later the second one appeared. This one seemed to be flying sideways and it to disappeared within seconds. What else could it have been? Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Pennsylvania - Light

GIBSONIA -- While viewing Venus on May 8, 2004, at 11:30 PM, off to the left and higher, there appeared at first to be a shooting star. It was a very bright white light with no tail. It started in an arc coming down in a 45 degree angle, and then began to zigzag. The object stopped in the trees for at least 20 seconds so the witness went to get his camera but upon returning it was gone. The event lasted about two minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Maryland - Large Flying Triangle

KNOXVILLE – The observers saw a large flying triangle of three star-like lights moving noiselessly, slowly, and smoothly east across the sky on May 8, 2004, at 11:40 PM. The object moved in an arc across the sky of about 50 degrees, with each light quickly fading individually as it passed a certain star near Mars. The object occluded stars when it passed over them, but later when we looked for further occlusion none was observed. Our assumption was that we saw a formation of planes. We are on Dulles Airport flight path and are use to seeing these aircraft and this was not Dulles traffic. The time and rural location would have made any sound audible. There was none. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Carolina – Man Reports UFO Sighting

ROWAN - Jessie Burchette of the Salisbury Post reports, "They're not sure whether it had a red tail, but Arnold and Lena Crook have spent the last three nights watching a dancing unidentified flying object. "It's a good ways up there, way high up in the sky and a long distance off," said Crook, a former Granite Quarry alderman. The far off encounter started Monday night when he went outside his home at 305 N. Oak St. to smoke a cigarette. Looking to the southeast, he saw a light that "kind of danced around." He called to his wife to come out and take a look at "a dancing star." "She said it was an airplane," said Arnold. "It's not an airplane, just wait and watch it jump around," he assured her. "It" did a circle, and a square and just kept kind of dancing. She was quickly convinced "it" wasn't an airplane. Tuesday night, Lena joined Arnold to check the sky, and there "it" was, just jumping around. Wednesday night, they were back out and "it" had grown or had friends. "Last night it was several lights, kind of like a big old box," said Arnold. Lena kept pointing out a red tail, but Arnold disagreed. "I didn't see a tail," he said. They hadn't thought much about it, or told anyone until Thursday. (snip) Thanks to the Salisbury Post

Florida – Flying Triangle Craft Disappears!

FT .LAUDERDALE BEACH – At 3:35 PM, while on Pompano Beach we watched a black triangle shaped object moving at high altitude on May 8, 2004. We first thought it was a large military aircraft, but the closer it came it was apparent that it was huge in size and dwarfed commercial airliners flying into Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Airports. We could see the contrail over the Atlantic Ocean that was huge circles. The craft approaching land went into a partial cloud cover, but you could see through the cloud. We watched to see it come out of the cloud, but it simply disappeared. We waited and looked around in other directions but it was gone. Strangely the contrail stopped short of land and the craft was just gone and the normally busy flight path was empty of aircraft for at least a hour. The contrail stayed for 30 to 45 minutes. It was bigger than 10-15 commercial jets set side by side. They would not have covered it, It was flying at an estimated 35000 feet. I don't know, what it was or why vanished. There was no sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

IIlinois - Flying Triangle

RUSHVILLE – A couple went to a friends house to relax around their camp fire on May 16, 2004, and noticed four falling stars within about an hours time. Driving home they traveled a country road and stopped about 2 AM, and noticed a light moving very slowly across the sky. The witness states, "I pointed at the lights and asked my girlfiend if she saw them? and she said "What that triangle?" That's when I saw the third light following behind forming a triangle. It looked like 3 stars moving about five miles per hour but they stayed exactly the same distance apart. We couldn't see the craft, but the stars couldn't been seen within the area of the lights, so it was more like watching a black triangular void with a star at each point slowly moving across the sky. The craft was completely silent and looked like it was about 100' above the trees. We watched the lights for about 10 minutes, until they were obstructed by the trees. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Missouri - UFO Sighted By Two

ST. JOSEPH -- St. Joseph News-Press reports. "After witnessing an unidentified flying object in the early hours of May 4, Ivana Calhoun, a carrier for the St. Joseph News-Press, painted the scene. ‘I'm positive I saw it but what it was, I don't know,' she said. A couple of rural St. Joseph News-Press carriers 100 miles apart see the same UFO! Ivana Calhoun and David Stafford both claimed they did see something strange zip past their windshields one morning this month. That Mrs. Calhoun, who was delivering papers in rural McFall, Mo., saw the same object Mr. Stafford saw while traveling through Grayson Mo., makes it even stranger. “I've never seen nothing like it, and I've seen plenty of shooting stars. I'm out there every night. I know what they look like,” Mrs. Calhoun said. Mr. Stafford said he's driven the same road a million times and never seen anything like it, either. Not for several months, at least. “About nine months ago,” he said, “I saw one on the side of me, like following me.” For Mrs. Calhoun, Tuesday morning, May 4, didn't seem out of the ordinary. After delivering a paper on her route, she saw about 50 feet away and 50 feet up a fluorescent orange sphere the size of a basketball zip across her windshield.

The orb flew in a straight line and didn't make a sound, she said. In less than three seconds, it was gone.” It so happened that Mrs. Calhoun was on her cell phone talking to Mr. Stafford at the time. He was just leaving Grayson, Mo., when he saw the same “Day-Glo” orange object about 30 feet away. “We described it to each other, and it was the exact same thing,” Mr. Stafford said. “I thought it was a falling star, but it was going parallel to the ground. And both of their watches read 3:45 a.m. Mrs. Calhoun made a detailed report with the National UFO Reporting Center. She was a guest on the “John Rense Program,” a nightly radio show about UFOs. Mrs. Calhoun and Mr. Stafford both said the UFO hasn't kept them from their paper routes. They both were back at it the next morning. “That customer hasn't missed a paper,” Mrs. Calhoun said. “But (the customer) has no idea I'm scared of his yard.” Thanks to Mike Frizzell

Colorado - Stars Move in Perfect Formation

LITTLETON -- While looking up at the stars, two friends both noticed at about the some time that a few stars appeared to be moving, then faded from view at 11:15 PM, on May 8, 2004. They pointed them out to the third person and they watched as the stars continued to move in a large triangle formation. The formation was much larger than any plane could have been, even if it was flying at a low altitude. The formation was half the area of the inside of the Little Dipper, which is where we first spotted it. The object continued to move at a fairly good clip, at one point obstructing the view of another stationary star, until it faded from view. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Oregon - Sphere Release's Smaller Objects

SHERWOOD – A pilot spotted an object overhead that looked like a balloon at 5-10,000 feet in a clear sky with only a few scattered cumulus clouds on May 8, 2004, at 1:45 PM. The witness brought out his 8x42 binoculars and saw a sphere cluster of about 5 spheres with a cord hanging down and a small object at the bottom. He thought this could still be balloons so he got his 18x50 image stabilized binoculars and noticed the cord and the attached object had separated and was falling away. The sphere's were about 5 to 10 feet in diameter. They were moving with the upper level wind west to east at about 10 knots. The spheres were not rotating or tumbling like balloons would and were an off-white color. At about ten minutes duration, I noticed three smaller sized spheres near but moving away from the cluster. No planes or confirmed balloons were in the area. Two minutes later, I noticed three smaller objects' closer to the cluster and moving away at a slightly faster speed. After some distance away from cluster, the smaller objects disappeared. Size difference between cluster and small object's would be like: pea to a golf ball. Then, focusing on the cluster, I actually saw three smaller object's being released by the cluster and this was repeated two more times.

LAKE OSWEGO -- As a long time sky watcher and up close daytime UFO witness, I believe this is not a balloon event and not ordinary. No photos or video taken.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness via telephone, and he sounds to us to be quite credible. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Colorado – Flying Triangle Sighting

DENVER -- This morning, at about 3:35 AM, the witness went out in the back yard for a smoke on May 10, 2004, and saw a pretty amazing sighting. He noticed a star moving, then another near it. After checking to make sure it wasn't illusory movement, he noticed a third. He states, "Basically, it was a triangular formation, two lights leading with the third trailing them." The formation came in from the south-east and as the trio passed directly overhead, a fourth "appeared", joined the trio, and seemed to drop in altitude (perhaps because it definitely grew much larger and brighter than the other three). The fourth came in from the east, then changed course and speed to match the trio; the fourth partner sped off ahead of the trio to the north-east. The trio followed slowly, taking about 3 minutes to cross the sky and disappear. By the way, I say "trio" rather than "HUGE black triangle" because the stars only seemed to dim and blur as the triangular formation crossed them, rather than completely blocking stars as I expect an intervening triangular vehicle would. Anyway, I was amazed and felt fortunate. "Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

California – UFOs Videotaped

MODESTO -- R. David Anderson writes, "I have had a busy week taking several pictures of UFOs. These were moving above my house at about 1, 000 ft or lower depending on how large they are in size. Today ( Sat ) after taking pictures of a UFO which was hovering in the East ( in windy conditions! ) a big plane was circling our house. I looked at it in binoculars and it had U.S.A.F. emblems on the wings.

Thanks to R. David Anderson

SACRAMENTO – A white UFO was observed by Jeff Challender and his family moving against the wind. The object Candy apple red UFO with a fin at end with a yellow flange with a red Saturn like UFO. There was a strobe on leading edge of craft on May 3, 2004. The object was seen at 9:15 AM near the American River. Thanks to Jeff Challender

Canada – Seven Fast Objects

EDMONTON -- On May 10, 2004, at 12:45 AM, the witness was looking northeast out a large picture window when he saw a meteor shower in the northwest sky. However, the way the lights were traveling made him quickly realize they were not meteors. I went out my front door and watched as they moved like birds flying south. There were seven objects moving at about the same speed but changing places. The creepiest part of the whole experience was that they didn't seem too far off and they where completely silent. I am involved with jet car racing and know that to attain a speed like what I witnessed would have to involve some sort of afterburning jet engine that would create and incredible amount of noise at that altitude and speed. They appeared to fly from Fort Saskatchewan towards the Camrose area. I was a bit 'creeped' out about the sighting. Thanks to Brian Vike

Panama - Bright light in the Sky

RIO HATO -- The eight witnesses were at a World War II US military installation, 108 kilometers west of Panama City on the Pacific coastline on May 9, 2004, at 1 AM. The group of eight neighbors observed unusual light activity inland to the north of their location at the Costa Blanca Golf and Resort. First, we observed three different circular steadily bright white lighted objects shoot across the sky five to ten minutes apart. Five minutes later they observed a narrow line of bright white light moving parallel. As the line was continuing to move, suddenly a bright white oval appeared for one to three seconds, and then changed back into a single narrow bright white light. We observed the sequence of light pattern twice and then they completely disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Mexico's DoD Releases UFO Evidence

MEXICO CITY -- On May 11, 2004, an international press conference was held to announce the findings of a joint official and private effort to investigate a UFO sighting. The Department of Defense collaborated with a top Mexican UFO researcher, Jaime Maussan, in the release of information concerning the appearance of eleven UFO's near a Mexican Air Force Merlin C26/A flight that was on a drug surveillance mission on March 5, 2004, about 5 PM, about an hour before sunset. Using infrared cameras and radar tracking, the eight-man crew of the flight was able to monitor the UFOs, which at one point formed a circle around the flight.

General Clemente Vega Garcia, the Secretary of Defense released the tracking data to Maussan in an amazing gesture showing a willingness to work with private investigators. This is one of few times a government has been willing to share evidence showing UFOs are real. The data was released on May 9, 2004 by Maussan on his popular television program 'Great Mysteries of the Third Millennium' and was shown all over the world. Maussan was initially contacted on April 20, by the Department of Defense and had a meeting the next day. The Secretary of Defense also provided the evidence to international media outlets in an unprecedented new approach to dealing with the UFO phenomenon by a major world government.

Major Magdaleno Castañon, Command pilotcan be heard in the video: "Put on your seatbelts" "Don't scare me." The UFOs came within two miles and should have been seen visually since it was still daylight but were clearly seen on infrared cameras that register heat.

"I wouldn't know how to identify it...but they must be completely real," said Lt. Mario Adrian Vazquez, operator of the infrared equipment, who insisted that tampering with said images was impossible. Eleven targets were not detected on the RADAR screen, while sixteen objects were picked up on the FLIR. Three targets were detected by the RADAR, but the other ones on our left side never appeared on the RADAR. Gradually, the UFOs seem to surround the aircraft in what appeared as intelligent manuevers.

Jaime Maussan called upon Mexican scientists to research the UFO phenomenon in order to render an opinion and "not dismiss videos a priori that show the existence of intelligence of unknown origin" and that "astronomers or other scientist quit their prejudiced notions and cease deriding those who have studied the phenomenon and know that there is intelligent life present [from other worlds] as fools, madmen, dreamers or mystics."

Mexican astronomer Jose de la Herr=E1n provided his scientific arguments regarding the impossibility that [the lights] could be alien spacecraft, as has been speculated. He claims that they could have been meteorite fragments. He explained that when a meteor crashes into the Earth's atmosphere, it shatters into many pieces which appear as though they were static and aligned with one another as they give off an intense glow. "And of course, people who do not know such phenomena occur interpret them in many ways upon seeing them. For example, they can say they were alien spaceships by virtue of having seen them."

Rafael Navarro of the Plasma Chemistry and Planetary Study Laboratory of the UNAM Institute of Nuclear Science, added that these are undoubtedly unidentified spherical objects shown by the Air Force, but under no circumstances do they show the visit of alien spacecraft. The space scientist told "Cronica" that it is almost certainly "space junk" resulting from hundreds of satellites burning up upon reentry into earth's atmosphere after finishing their service cycle. The Mexican scientist cautioned that UFO reports may increase, since humanity is launching an increasing number of satellites that will burn up as they are attracted by Earth's gravity. Navarro regretted that these speculative news items should exert such a hold on the public's imagination as opposed to serious efforts conducted in Mexico and elsewhere in the world to detect the presence of extraterrestrial life. – Thanks to Translation (c) 2004 Scott Corrales Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

Editor's Note: It's important to note that the Mexican Secretary of Defense conducted a complete investigation with their own team shortly after the March 5, 2004 incident and also with the help of scientists and experts selected as government advisors. The investigation was conducted confidentially and followed every procedure required and were inconclusive. It was not until April 20, 2004, when General Clemente Vega, Secretary of Defense decided, with his staff, to contact Jaime Maussan as an advisor to aid in the investigation to conduct an independent study and analysis of the C26A data. All the facilities were given to Jaime as well as authorization to access the files and interrogate the crew. The conclusions are clear, they were UFOs – solid objects of unknown origin - flying in airspace along with the Merlin C26A. The Secretary of Defense accepted the Maussan research team's conclusions as an unexplained event.

Editor's Note: Based on the limited information available it seems unlikely that either plasmas, or space debris would surround and remain near the aircraft for a significant period of time. The fact that the objects were picked up on both infrared and radar would indicate they were generating heat and were relatively solid objects. Although, heavy rain can be picked up on radar, the edges are almost always fuzzy in appearance. The objects had relatively sharp edges indicating a fairly solid object flying at 11,000 feet much higher than Earth lights and similar phenomenon. These were clearly unidentified flying objects UFOs that were not observed in the visual spectrum. Their maneuvers seemed to indicate intelligence. This does not infer they were alien spaceships. However, if they were advanced military aircraft they have capabilities far in advance of known technology.

Up to recently, few UFO sightings have been acknowledged by governments although significant 1999 COMETA Report was released by former top French military officials. The COMETA report can be seen at the Skywatch International website.

The Mexican Department of Defense effort in collaborating with Maussan helps legitimate research into the UFO phenomenon and perhaps will encourage other countries to follow suit. The US is becoming increasingly isolated in its strict non-disclosure policy. If major world governments begin disclosing information concerning contemporary UFO sightings, then it may be predicted that the non-disclosure policy in place for over 50 years may soon come to an end. With our findings of intelligent life at least in the past on Mars, the political implications of an extraterrestrial presence could dominate global politics.

Thailand - Hundreds of Floating Stars

Bangkok – A couple lives in a high rise apartment building on the 17th floor in the middle of the city so they have a spectacular view. On May 7, 2004, at 11:48 PM, they were watching TV when the husband told his wife, "There were sparks in the sky." They saw there was something peculiar. At first there was only a few of these red lights or these red star like objects. There was a tall building blocking a part of my panoramic view of the sky, so it looked like these objects were coming from behind that building. And then it kept on coming, lots and lots of it... I'd say hundreds or more, lots of them!

And they floated upwards toward the sky slowly, dispersing themselves as they moved, distancing themselves from each other. There was no sound and we were just watching it in awe. I have never seen anything like it. I'm a UFO skeptic and also a backyard astronomer. I'd like to call this a natural phenomenon, but nothing fits the description. Whatever it is that I saw I highly doubt that its a meteor shower, because it doesn't come from a point in the sky. Rather it comes from just above the horizon and floated upwards, traveling from west to north of the night sky before it disappeared slowly. It wasn't fireworks either, there was no noise at all. I'm pretty sure other people must have seen it, because it happened in the center of Bangkok. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


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