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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 26, 2004

George Filer:
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UFO Upsurge Coming as Canada Sightings Increase

The following stories are covered in these files: Lord Hill-Norton, Disclosure Witness Dies 1915-2004 New York – Photo of Orange Headlights, Florida – Egg, Ohio – Large Disk, Wisconsin – Bright Green Fireball, Missouri – Swinging Star, Utah – Saucer UFO Filmed, Arizona - Lights, California - Bright Sphere UFO's Filmed, Canada – Intense UFO Sightings, Puerto Rico – UFO Comes Out of the Sea, Cuba – UFO Lands, UFO Crashes In Venezuela?, United Kingdom – Cylinder Filmed, Moon – Bright Flash, and Mexican Air Force FLIR Sees UFO Investigation.

Lord Hill-Norton, Disclosure Witness Dies

Lord Hill-Norton was a five star admiral and the former head of the British Ministry of Defense who stated, "that there is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space from other civilizations that it behooves those to find out who they are, where they come from, and what they want. They should be the subject of regress scientific investigation, and not the subject of brought dishing by tabloid newspapers." Lord Hill-Norton and other high ranking general's have told us that they were never officially briefed on the subject of UFO's.

Nick Pope writes, "I m sorry to have to report that Lord Hill-Norton died on Sunday, May 18, 2004, aged 89. Admiral of the Fleet The Lord Hill-Norton G.C.B. was a former Chief of the Defence Staff and Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, who in his later years became greatly interested in the UFO phenomenon. His long and distinguished naval career included active service on Arctic convoy duty during the Second World War, command of a destroyer during the Suez Crisis, and a later posting in command of the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.

His interest in UFOs came after his retirement, and he wrote forewords to a number of Timothy Good's books, including Above Top Secret and Unearthly Disclosure. He was particularly interested in the Rendlesham Forest incident, and worked with Georgina Bruni on this. He asked her to draft some questions which he subsequently tabled in Parliament, trying to elicit an official response to what he felt were a number of important defense and national security issues raised by the events. He was passionate about the Royal Navy, UFOs and a wide range of other subjects. When I called on him last summer, I found him as lively as ever. He had taken an interest in a UFO sighting involving military witnesses on HMS Manchester and had asked me to update him. He told me that despite the frustrations, he intended to remain involved in ufology for as long as he was able. Lord Hill-Norton appeared in several UFO documentaries and was often highly critical of the Ministry of Defence's policy on the UFO phenomenon. He will be sadly missed. Best Wishes, Nick Pope.

Editor's Note - Lord Hill Norton was a great man of courage who immensely helped the field of Ufology. I'm always saddened when a fellow Disclosure Project witness dies.

Mars Structure Taken in distance by Rover Opportunity

Rover Oppotunity image thanks to JPL and the
This may be some part of the Rover capsule, but numerous unexplained objects are being found on Mars

New York – Photo of Orange Headlights

PINE BUSH -- Vinny Polise writes, "Recently my partner and I traveled to some of the infamous roads of the lower Hudson Valley looking for an unusual UFO activity. The weather has started to become warmer, so sky watchers get ready! On the night of April 29, 2004, we were on our usual run taking photos and anticipating something would happen but we did not notice anything! The whole night my friend took photos right above the tree line hoping to catch something on film and he did! When I received the pictures back from the store I scanned through them all and they all seemed completely blank. With a more careful look, to my surprise I found a photo with two orange headlights. Upon enlarging and bringing out the depth along with its color, I found a possible flying triangle craft that wasn't seen with our eyes while filming.

I have posted this photo along with its enlargement on the website. There are hundreds of photos of strange objects over Pine Bush and click the “Updated photos” link and your there. The UFO Meetings are still being held every first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM. If you need directions or have any questions please contact Vinny Polise

Florida - Egg

WINTER SPRINGS -- Partly cloudy and sunny afternoon during the FCATs in beginning of March 7, 2004, Seminole County that were being given and I had taken two of my high autistic students outside for a little breather. I am at this point about 15 miles northwest from Orlando International Airport. I am fairly new to FL and was looking east at the large birds that fly around the area and planes going overhead. I would imagine planes are at a height where it would be about 5-10 minutes before they arc and land at OIA. I had just seen a plane fly by and not 2 minutes later I saw a silver egg shaped craft cruising at the same altitude as the plane that had just passed, (I thought at first it was another plane). There was no noise, no wings and no trail behind it. It was going slower than the plane previously, about 15 sec of viewing time. Smaller part of the egg was flying in front. Didn't notice it until I could see the side and then the back of it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Ohio – Large Disk

Fostoria - George Ritter captured this video of a disc 25 miles from Lake Erie on May 12, 2004, similar to one reported below.

Lake Erie - Mary reports, "I'm very interested to know if anyone reported seeing a large disk last October in NE Ohio, about 8:45 PM." It was pretty dark by the time this sighting was over. I saw white lights flying east to west towards Cuyahoga County Airport at about the right height and speed for an airplane. Instead of going down towards the airport, it suddenly veered up and arced around to the north and sped up. I was on the freeway (271N) and the lights passed out of my view behind trees. The freeway arcs around, and I could then see the lights making a very wide arc NW to N towards Lake Erie. I merged onto 90W and lost sight of the lights again until I got past the Bishop Road exit.

Then I saw the lights swoop extremely fast from the north to a complete stop over Euclid Avenue. a couple of blocks east of the freeway. It beamed a very strong white beam of light down on a house. The beam fanned out to light up most of the house. The bottom of object was only slightly higher than my eye level on the freeway overpass. The reflected light from the beam lit up the front and the edges of the craft which was a very large silver disk. Its width seemed to be the size of a city block. It's height was about a fifth of its width. There was some sort of bumps or protrusions on the bottom of it. It turned off its beam aimed at the house and I couldn't see it any more. I pulled off at the Euclid Avenue exit but couldn't see the thing any more when I looked up. E-mail Report

Wisconsin – Bright Green Fireball

MILWAUKEE – Two witnesses heading east on I94, about 20 miles from Milwaukee, sighted a bright green fireball. It was probably a meteorite, but I've never heard of one like this. It descended moving from the south to north, leaving a green fireball trail behind descending to the north for about 15 seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Missouri – Swinging Star

ST. LOUIS – The witness was staying at the Radissson Hotel on 4th Street directly across from the Arch and went out on the balcony to look and noticed a star-like light that appeared to be swinging like a lantern. The observer states, "I then focused on this light and to my surprise it moved closer and continued it's swinging motion in the sky. it then moved off to the west at a preposterous speed." It was nothing like an aircraft that I have ever seen. simply fantastic. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Utah – Saucer UFO Filmed

PROVO CANYON -- ABC 4: NEWS reports, "To the naked eye, Tommy Woodard's digital photograph appears to be nothing more than a pretty picture of trees in Provo Canyon. But zoom in, he says, and the purple glow of a saucer hovering at an angle above the tree line starts to take shape. Woodard, 22, a photo librarian with the Utah Film Commission, took the photo that he believes represents an unidentified flying object. He was in the canyon Tuesday shooting still pictures for a possible film location, and began taking pictures for himself on his way out. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary in his photograph. But later, after noticing a black speck in the frame, he zoomed in and "the closer I got, the more impressed I got by it," he said Thursday.

"I was kind of skeptical but it's pretty obvious when you zoom in," said the self-described "sci-fi" fan, whose friends and colleagues are similarly impressed. Woodard said he's a "believer" because the recent photograph is not his first encounter with mysterious flying objects. Once, playing baseball at the age of 10, he saw three blurry gray spheres rotating in the sky. Within a moment, they were gone.

Thanks to ABC 4

Woodard contacted officials at Hill Air Force Base to ask if any planes were flying in the canyon area Tuesday but hasn't heard back yet. "They kind of laughed, you know," he said. Hill Air Force Base spokeswoman Lt. Caroline Wellman told The Associated Press on Thursday she is awaiting response from the 388th Fighter Wing whether any of their F-16 jets were above Provo Canyon Tuesday. Another skeptical reaction to the digital photograph came from a representative of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle -- he said thought the sphere looked like a bird. "A bird?" asked Woodard in disbelief. "Come on -- I don't know how he could think it's a bird!" Woodard discounted the theory that the image could be nothing more than a speck of dust on his film.

Arizona - Lights

ENTERTRPRISE -- A few months ago I reported seeing lights that I could not explain behind The White Tanks Mountains west of Phoenix. I never expected to see anything like that again, but last night on May 6, 2004, myself and three others were riding our quads behind the mountains in the of the dry Hysampia River bottom. We were riding and having a ball about 10:00 PM, we were headed west back toward the trucks and drove over a little hill and Dennis the lead guy stopped and was waving his arms for us to stop. We all stopped and saw two sets of lights just ahead of us over the wash above some corrals. I told them to turn off their lights and motors. The lights were several thousand feet up. They were here again and had the same color lights as the ones we saw before. We drove with our lights off real slow while the other guys waited not wanting to come. We had gone maybe a 1/4 mile when the flying lights switched off. I could see a faint outline of something that looked black in kind of a wedge shape perhaps two. All of a sudden the lights came back on and this time the ground was lit up under them. We watched this for several minutes then heard the guys quads start up behind us. Dennis said he didn't want to be another "Fire In The Sky" abduction guy. So we headed back to the trucks... we never saw the lights again. Thanks to Peter Davenport

California - Bright Sphere UFO's Filmed

CHASWORTH -- On Friday, May 14th 2004, at 4:20 PM ,a courier I've known for about a year was heading east on the 118 Freeway just before the 405 South observed a bright light that came out of the sky on the south side of the Freeway. He said, "It was as bright as the sun and the sphere like object came down and stopped just below the tree lines in the distance." He said, "It hovered and slowly descended. He looked left and right of the eastbound traffic and no one else seemed to notice it. It was strange. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

MODESTO – R. David Anderson writes, "This is a view of the UFO sighting I had during the May 5th weekend." The UFO was moving slowly from the east and changed directions twice, turning on a dime. The UFO looks a little like a dumbbell used by body builders. Thanks to R. David Anderson

Canada – Intense UFO Sightings

NORTH VANCOUVER – The observers report seeing mysterious lights every night that it's clear and so far have found about a dozen that I can see from my window. I get a lot a glare from the city lights and they are about the brightest lights in the sky. I've been seeing lights appear and disappear over Seymour Mountain nearly every night so May 16, 2004, I aimed my camera over there. I saw a large yellow streak of what looked like fire with drips coming off the bottom of the flames. It was sort of like throwing burning gasoline. It appeared just above the summit and disappeared above the bottom of the ski run. The time was 21:30 still quite a bit of light in the sky. 21:52 - the camera picked up a white light moving east just over Seymour, I assumed it was a small plane. Using binoculars and camera I was unable to see any fuselage behind the light even though it was still fairly light.

The camera picked up what appeared to be a similar light approaching Seymour Mountain and the light stopped just above the summit. I zoomed in with the camera and it looked like those other mysterious lights. The object began moving slowly eastward for an hour. At 02:00 – I came across what looked like three stars in a perfect triangle all equal in size and brightness that looked like luminous slowly pulsing pearls which looked very pretty.

TRAIL, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- It appears that I have another major case which is still coming together. On May 19th, 2004, a prominent member of the community was driving home alone on Highway 3B going south and noticed that a bright light was shining through the passenger window at 9:52 p.m.. He states, "I looked out the window to the sky and saw an amazing huge "craft" in the shape of a V hovering very low. There were no vehicles directly behind me so I drove very slowly. There were three lights on each "wing" of the V rotating rapidly in circles and creating bright white lights. There was also a very bright light on the "nose" of this huge craft. Trail had a very bad storm that evening and one half of the town was without power. Another witness saw a funnel cloud and when it disappeared she saw a strange craft. Things even got stranger, when the weather turned for the worse at the Golf Club the folks who were playing the rounds were whistled into the Club House and there they watched the clock moving backwards. Other flying objects were witnessed that evening also.

SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO – Two witnesses on May 15, 2004, looking south over Lake Ontario, saw moving lights confined to a fairly small area at about cloud level. My guess is the lights were moving about perhaps a few miles off our shoreline, and would likely have been high enough and far enough over the lake to also have been visible from the US side of the lake. It had been an overcast day and the sky at this time was clearing. It wasn't the nearly dark enough yet to observe any stars. At first I saw one small pink-red light at cloud level traveling parallel to the ground and in a straight line moving from east to west at about the same rate as I'd expect to see planes travel. This light flashed on and off with a regular rhythm like an aircraft and was about the same size as an aircraft light seen at such a distance. It traveled west for five seconds and disappeared. Suddenly from the very same place in the sky another light appeared. moving and looking similar and then it disappeared. This behavior of a flashing light appearing, traveling for a few seconds across the sky and then disappearing repeated eight times. It glowed a reddish pink color and without blinking as it moved. The behavior of the light changed and was now east and towards the end of the sighting there was more than one light. Just as one vanished another appeared. The direction of flight changed to a sweeping arc. There seemed to be a distinct repetitive pattern to the flight of the light(s). As one light moved from east to west, arcing at the end of its flight, another light mirrored that pattern by flying west to east and then arced upwards at the end. Our impression was that the lights were chasing each other, as in a dogfight. Planes are not capable of doing this.

ST-PHILIPPE, QUEBEC -- Two witnesses on May 3, 2004, noticed their cat was reacting to a slight vibration that made them notice a flying triangle near the observer's house. The triangle was very dark in color and silent. Then the garage door started to open and shut on its own. The wife reports, "I fell asleep in our bed but my husband found me later on the sofa in the living room half dressed, and I felt drained of my energy, really weak and disoriented, and the patio door was open." My husband had a really difficult time getting out of bed because he was also disoriented. He doesn't remember anything except that something prevented him from getting up.

"I have a vague recollection of getting up, being guided by something, then I felt like I was in some strange dream." Three hours passed by between getting out of bed and waking up on the sofa. The day after, still tired and taking a shower, I noticed something on my arm. When I was a child I had a triangular mark that had disappeared since then. Now it was back again and it looked like 3 dark stains and my arm was itching. My husband felt weak the following days. Like me, he felt like he was under observation, spied on. Then the sensation went away. I don't know what happened that night but nothing felt normal. I had the same experience when I was 5 and living in Texas. It happened a second time when I was 15. Now I am 29 and it happened again. I don't know what it is but it's not of this world. Translated from French into English.

WINNIPEG -- This is a description of seven events over a period of an hour and each event lasted approximately three seconds and they were 5 - 10 minutes apart on May 16, 2004. Two observers were on their deck with a clear sky and all formation sightings flew from the south to north horizons very, very fast in only three seconds. The second event was the most spectacular. There was no sound from any of the events:

1. There were 7 to 8 red lights flying very, very fast in a V-formation clouded in a mist.
2. Two groups of white lights traveling north. First group ~ 9 lights; second group ~ 6 lights. Much lower than first sighting and much larger. Lights went from formation to dancing around each other before dispersing in different directions in the north.
3. A formation of 5 orange- white lights forming a "V."
4. Formation of 3 lights, red in color.
5. Formation of 4 lights, white in color.
6. Formation of 4 lights, white in color.
7. Formation of 5 lights, white in color.

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Cuba - Flying Disc Lands

HAVANA -- In the surroundings of Expocuba, a fairground located in the capital city municipality of Boyeros, several persons witnessed the presence of a UFO on May 18, 2004, according to the Juventud Rebelde newspaper. Residents saw the descent of an UFO on Saturday, May 8, around 10 AM. A small oval-shaped vessel, silver-colored and with a metallic tail, landed in an open field encircled by trees on the El Pedregal farm, located near Expocuba southeast of Havana. Raul Beltran, 17 states, "I was tidying the shelves when a bright light came through the window that was like a glowing ball with a tail in its lower section." I showed it to my mother quickly and ran outside to see where it would fall and watched at the site until the UFO took off once more. "It lifted off rather perpendicularly and then left through the palm trees." It didn't make any noise nor issue any smoke. The only thing I'm sure of is its size: more or less the size of a pickup truck tire. "When my son showed it to me, I thought it was a kite or a parachutist, since skydivers drop over Expocuba every so often! After, as it came down, I realized that it could be nothing of the sort, since it was smaller and glowed a lot. It looked like a mirror," said Odalis, Raul Beltran's mother.

Remigio Sanchez, who works as a warehouseman claims having seen a light in the sky almost at the same time as the other spectators. "It was a powerful glow in the sky, but it was far away so I thought it was a flare. Raul's mom -- told me that a device had landed nearby." According to witnesses the grass and small plants at the site where the UFO landed are somewhat burned, although it is true that the current drought at the site is causing similar things to happen at other nearby locations. It has not been possible to scientifically confirm the presence of any UFO anywhere in the world. According to Oscar Alvarez Pomares, a specialist in the Science Office of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment: "People want to believe that other beings exist in the universe, although I am not saying that what the protagonists of this episode saw was untrue." Thanks to Prensa Latina May 19, 2004

Puerto Rico – UFO Comes Out of the Sea

CABO ROJO - - Late at night on May 5, 2004, Mr. Aguirre, a fisherman reported seeing "strange lights" entering and leaving the sea and the cliffs near the famous Cabo Rojo light house in the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico. It is well known that UFO skywatches have taken place in the area and some of them have yielded positive results. Our survey of the site disclosed that the waters near one of the cliffs showed evidence of what could be termed remains of spiritual or witchcraft "trabajos" (artifacts). The height of another cliff gave us pause, perhaps as well as its magnetism. What is worth pointing out here is that many people claim having had unusual experiences in the vicinity of the lighthouse, giving rise to the belief that this area has intense paranormal activity. It must be made clear that the light house's beam has been confused with other surrounding lights, which makes the study of something taking place in the region even more interesting. One of the strange lights reported in recent days over the lighthouse, was far above the range of the light issued from the lighthourse. The object presented signs of movement and deformation. Photos credit Prof. Reinaldo Rios Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to José Martinez Echevarría (Project Argus)

UFO Crashes in Venzuela?

INEXPLICATA The Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports that an unidentified flying object crashed last Saturday, May 15, 2004 northwest of the Raul Leoni Hydroelectric Station, also known as the Guri Dam, located on the Caroni River some 100 kilometers from the mouth of the Orinoco River at Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar. The accident was witnessed by workers from Guri Dam in the early hours Saturday. Stringent security measures were taken immediately by active members of the National Guard, who proceeded to cordon off the area. The presence of U.S. personnel was also observed, a common feature in all crashes involving UFOs. Thanks to Proyecto Orion

United Kingdom – Cylinder Filmed

BRIGHTON -- UFO buzzed my back garden by Brendan Montague. A UFO captured on film hovering above Brighton is the latest in a spate of mysterious sightings across the world. Theatre technician Ben Losh spotted the strange cylindrical object hanging in the air above his home and rushed to grab his video camera. He managed to snatch footage of the large grey object as it drifted towards the golf course near Hollingbury. It is the second UFO sighting in Brighton in two months - a glowing globe was spotted near Shoreham airport last month. Ben was alone in his back garden, having a break from decorating, when he saw the object. The 32-year-old lives in Woodbourne Avenue with his wife Vanessa and two-year-old son Lucas. He filmed the sighting as evidence to show his skeptical wife. Ben said: "There was a long cylindrical object just hanging in the sky.

"I was watching it for about ten to 15 minutes as it appeared to float away and come back. "It looked like a huge floating cigar and was a couple of hundred feet up. "It didn't do any quick turns or have flashing lights and there were no green men but it was certainly unidentified. "My wife came home and I was quite excited - this is the first time I have ever seen a UFO. "I'm a great fan of science fiction but I do have my feet firmly on the ground. "I have always wanted to see a UFO but never thought I would. "I am sure this is something we can explain but I hope not." Vanessa, 32, who works for American Express in Brighton, said: "Ben has never claimed to have seen a UFO before and he's not a crackpot. "I don't know if it was a UFO but I have seen the video and it does look a bit odd."

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defence said: "We do not investigate UFOs so I am not aware of what Mr Losh could have seen. "We used to investigate UFOs many years ago in the interests of national security and never found anything that could not be explained." The sighting comes weeks after alien enthusiast Brian Barnes spotted a UFO from his Bevendean home. The 62-year-old filmed the object as it hung in the sky above Shoreham airport and reported the incident to the police and coastguards. Ben's claims come as increasing numbers of UFO sightings are reported across the world. Video footage recorded by the Mexican air force showing 11 shining objects picked up by radar was released on Tuesday last week. A number of sightings were reported in the Iranian capital Tehran during the last few days of April. State television broadcast video images of a sparkling white disc and other UFOs have been reported in cities to the north. Ben, who has been joking with friends about his experience, said: "The fact there have been so many sightings around the world makes me look slightly less mad." Thanks to the Skywatch International Inc. website!

Moon – Bright Flash

CRATER POSIDONUS-- On May 1, 2004, the observer who lives in Bremerton Washington states, "We observed a bright white flash on the moon in the upper/mid Mare Serenitatis region, west of Crater Posidonus about 7:24 PM Pacific Standard time." The light was perceived as larger than Venus appears. It was a quick flash like white, intense lightning. I'm not sure how to report degrees of arc, but if the face we see is 90, and we start from the east then the flash occurred about 225 arc seconds to the west. This was observed by the naked eye, with clear skies between us and the moon. Thanks to Francis Ridge Coordinator, The Lunascan Project

Mexican Air Force Sees UFO on FLIR

Kim Shaffer writes, "In all the conjecture and debunking attempts concerning the Mexican foreward looking infra red "FLIR" that tracked UFO's on March 5 over Campachee. "FLIR" is a piece of equipment with a lens aperture which collects thermal images. The "FL" in FLIR. It simply means what it says," forward looking". Everything on this Earth, unless it is frozen at absolute zero degrees, has an "IR" or thermal signature. The higher the thermal signature( the hotter the object) the brighter the thermal image seen on the IR device or in this case, seen on film. Humans cannot see infrared , as it is beyond our range of vision.

The debunkers claim the objects as weather balloons. Helium is what makes weather balloons rise. Helium is not hot. The objects, IF they were weather balloons, would be invisible to the "FLIR" device, being the same temperature as the rest of the sky.

One scientist claimed the objects were gas pockets. Gaseous anomalies may well occur in space where there is nothing acting on the "gas".. Gas would simply dissipate and not form objects that appear as solid in our turbulent atmosphere. Again, gas clouds do not give off a thermal signature which these objects did. If these anomalies were "gas" and were obviously hot, why were they not rising as hot gas would do?? They never rose above 11,000 feet.

Another scientist claimed it was ball lightning.

I remember an incident which happened at Fort Stewart Georgia when I participated in "war games" and was using an infrared night vision device. I was looking thru the device at an approaching armored assault, when a lightning strike hit miles away. I was blinded in that eye for maybe an hour and thought I had ruined my eye. This is what lightning will do to a IR" or a FLIR device. This lighting heat or thermal energy would be tens of thousands of degrees would completely "wash out" the image on such a device. The sighting lasted for over fifteen minutes, ball lightning is usually measured in seconds.

Lastly, we are discussing a calibrated piece of optical equipment. The FLIR was designed to "see" aircraft engine thermal energy in the hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit. Why can we not see to it that the designers and manufacturers of this device are given the video which , when analyzed, will give them real "thermal values" from the image. Only they would have this information and no one is asking for it.

This is the best evidence to have been given to us in some time so why don't we take advantage of it and follow through, contact FLIR and ask for a thermal analysis of the clip. Kim A.Shaffer , State Director, MUFON TN (EAST)


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