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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 2, 2004

George Filer:
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This week we cover Venus Transit of the Sun, NASA - Discovers Likely Youngest Planet, Mars - More Evidence of Life, Inter-dimensional Crafts Exposed, South Carolina - Blue light, Florida - Strange Object Caught On Film, Illinois - White Circular Object, Michigan - Rectangular Object, Colorado - Flying Triangle, California - UFO's Video Taped, Oregon - Sphere Cluster Release's Object's, Canada - Green Lights, Brazilian UFO Magazine Reaches Edition # 100, Argentina: Cattle Mutilations, UK - Cylinder-Shaped UFO Seen, Spain - UFOs Photographed and Australia - More UFO Photos

Memorial Day - Support the Troops

Every war has hateful qualities. The US and much of the world is involved in a terrible war on terrorism. In every war the citizens must sacrifice in order to win. I fought in Vietnam where some of my friends and more than 58,000 US military were killed. We have already lost a couple thousand in the World Trade Center, and over 800 US military in Iraq. I feel the strategy to take the war to the terrorists is working reasonably well, most of the terrorists have gone to Iraq to kill Americans and our troops have the ability to defend themselves. We are even uncovering buried Iraqi aircraft and attempting to rebuild a nation. I have spent many months in the Middle East and the average person there has no understanding of life in the rest of the world. This is the main reason for the terrorist attacks, lack of understanding and tolerance of other ideas. I admit, we also have very little understanding of the terrorist world and even why they are out to destroy us.

Until we are educated about each others beliefs and needs and obtain tolerance for each other many more will die. So far the US has been spared more disasters here because our troops are in harms way and have a base of operation in the Middle East. War is a strange preoccupation of mankind, countries we fought against in World War II are now our allies. The thousands who died at D-Day and who are dying now in Iraq and Afghanistan deserve our support and prayers. Perhaps war brings respect and understanding between peoples and just maybe we will learn to live together in peace? Hopefully a new Iraqi government will help create a stable country. So I ask you as we celebrate Memorial Day to pray for and support our troops.

Venus Transit of the Sun

Michael Lawrence Morton Archaeocryptographer writes, "At the "Beginning-of-Ingress" of the VENUS-Transit on the 8th of June, 2004, there will be displayed a RATIO between the *exactly-encoded* sky-locations, of Planet VENUS and of The SUN .. which will reflect the relative_Lengths_of the EDGE and of the MARS FACE .. of a Regular TETRAHEDRON (a solid figure with four triangular surfaces) Thanks to Michael Lawrence Morton .

NASA - Discovers Likely Youngest Planet

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered probably the youngest planet ever found - a celestial body that at a million years old or less is a cosmic toddler. The telescope also has shown that developing stars called protostars, are as common as insects and that the planetary construction zones around infant stars have considerable ice that could produce future oceans. Spitzer's infrared array camera was built by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. The infrared telescope has been orbiting near our sun found an object 420 light-years away in the constellation Taurus, that is on the edge of a Planet-forming dusty disk that encircles a million-year-old star. Scientists believe our Earth is 4.5-billion years old so this star is very young in comparison.

A sharply defined hole in the middle of the disk suggests that a forming planet created the opening. Spitzer has surveyed five very young stars in the constellation Taurus, and found organic materials in space, but this is the first time they were seen unmistakably in the dust making up planet-forming discs. NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has detected the raw ingredients for planets and ultimately life in these icy dust particles that contain organic materials. These planetary construction zones, or dusty planet-forming discs, which circle infant stars suggest these materials may contain life forming building blocks. Icy dust particles coated with water, methanol and carbon dioxide, may help explain the origin of icy planetoids like comets that travel throughout space. Scientists believe these comets may have endowed Earth with some of its water and many of its biogenic, life-enabling materials. These are building blocks of what might end up as a solar system like our own. As for the proliferation of developing stars. Spitzer revealed more than 300 star formations in one region in the constellation Centaurus, 13,700 light-years away. Thanks to NASA

Editor's Note: Large amounts of organic matter float through space potentially bringing life to all newly formed planets. There appears to be a natural Johnny Appleseed spreading life throughout the universe. This program could include DNA or various plants, animals and even intelligent life. The DNA of all life forms are very similar and could be spread by a creator or ancient intelligent life form know as God. When advanced civilizations travel to near by planets they also carry micro-organisms and could deliberately carry Noah like animals. Our Mars Rovers could easily have carried life to Mars from Earth. Conversely, Martian life appears to have developed millions of years ago and as the planet deteriorated, life may have been brought here.

The sudden appearance of homo sapiens (humans) in South Africa, Asia, and Australia infers the aerial transportation of our species in earliest times. The ancient pyramids, sphinx, humanoid faces, headdress, and similar architectural designs on both Mars and Earth indicate similar origins.

JPL image shows hand like object below + with three fingers one inch below center.

Image near Bonneville Crater shot by Mars Rover Spirit.

In a billion years of so our own sun will start to fail, and eventually destroy Earth so our civilization may decide to move to Mars that will be relatively safe for a while. It would make sense for our civilization to move to another safer planet or solar system when the sun becomes unstable. The recent heavy tornado activity in the Midwest seems tied to storms on the sun. Watch for continued 'extreme weather' over the next few days as sunspot region 621 is just rotating into position from the eastern limb. It may host possible M-Class activity. It will be in position for Earth directed activity within the next 24 hours. Space ship Earth is not as safe as we might hope.

Mars - More Evidence of Life

There are some various mysterious anomalies on Mars. Some Mars craters show frost streaks running across the top of a crater indicating that frost or ice crystals are outgassing from inside the craters. Many craters show water streaks coming from a few feet below the crater rim. Satellite images have frequently detected fog or moving frost patterns. This fog which probably includes ice or water vapor is spread out inside the crater and often is seen depositing water into the surrounding area. Frequently, patches of green indicating some type of plant life occur in the area matching the frost outgassing . As the frost melts in 65 degree temperatures it is quite likely lichen or plant growth occurs. Water coming from within the crater is being instantly frozen as it hits Martian ambient air temperatures. However, the ice may include salt or anti-freeze like solutions to allow it to quickly melt.

The Rovers on Mars have encountered soil that appears to be wet when disturbed that indicates large amounts of water lie just beneath the surface. Dr. Gilbert V. Levin is convinced his experiments aboard the 1976, Viking mission to Mars found life. The labeled released experiments found living micro-organisms in the soil.

Interdimensional Crafts Exposed

Alexander Zikas Director of Investigations, MUFON Virginia has published and article in the May 2004 of "Alternative Perceptions Magazine" issue #79, entitled: "Interdimensional Crafts Exposed?" Attached are the two most important photographs that are not lowered in pixel density. You may want to use these in the Filer Files as they give better resolution than the Alternative Perceptions posting. Use as my name and post as the site to me (I have an email tab there).

One of the most interesting observations of Alexander Zikas' research has been the photographic evidence of interdimensional crafts. These objects are invisible to the naked eye, but seem to share the same 3- dimensional space in our reality, when they are captured on photographs. He speculates on the anatomy of these objects, where they originate, their properties, their occupants, their effects on the human mind, and skeptical observations on the evidence. He has named these UGOs (U-shaped Grated-body Objects) due to the U-shaped rim on one side and the grate pattern of lines that extend from it.

Unaware of the significance, Zikas' colleagues provided him copies of their photographs that he was able to recognize as exhibiting similar characteristics. The close-up photograph is courtesy of Bill Bean.

The other photograph is provided by Beverly Blake. Blake's photograph was taken along a highway in Laughlin, Nevada. Notice that in both photographs, an occupant can be faintly seen at contact

South Carolina - Blue light

PICKENS -- This is the description my 9 year old son gave me of the object he saw on May 30, 2004, at about 8:00 PM. He was looking out the window and noticed a bright neon blue light about two to three times the size of the largest and brightness star in the sky. From about the top of the horizon the object streaked down. It appeared to be some distance away. He said that the object was moving faster than any planes he had ever seen in the sky, but didn't move so fast to leave a tail or tracer. He is unsure if the object blinked on and off or if it appeared that way because he was seeing it from behind some tree limbs. After a few seconds the object disappeared behind a mountain across from us. I would have been skeptical to file a report for him except I feel he is familiar with the night sky, stars and the appearance of aircraft in the area. We enjoy the sky and stars and watch them on a regular basis. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Florida - Strange Object Caught On Film

KEY WEST -- The witness accidentally captured in a photo with family members a strange object that appears to be a UFO. The witness states, "My husband, my sister-in-law, and myself were on a four day cruise in the Caribbean. On the evening of December. 19, 2002, we were getting ready to depart Key West, and were on the uppermost deck of the ship watching the sunset to our west. The time was between 5:30 and 5:45 p.m. The sun sets very quickly, so I was intently watching the sun go down thru the view finder of a simple Kodak 35 mm disposable camera. Music was playing but not loudly. There was no noise coming from overhead and no motion to take our attention away from getting the sunset on film. I took only two shots, just a few seconds apart.

I had the film developed at a local Wolfe Camera Shop. I looked at the photos before I left and when I saw the object in the sunset photo, I asked their representative if there was a scratch on the negative or any trash on it. He looked at the negative closely with a magnifying eye piece and said no there wasn't. He thought, like I did, it was a very curious photo and even jokingly said that "you may have captured a UFO without even knowing it." The object is gone in the photo taken almost immediately after the first one.
I mailed the negative to the Kodak Picture Center @ 901 Ctr Pk Dr, Charlotte, NC it enlarged to an 8" X 10". The enlargement definitely showed it to be a solid object.

We put a magnifying device right over the two ends of the object and when you shine a pin light flashlight into the part provided for that, the end toward the sun is a reddish yellow, reflecting the sun I believe. The end away from the sun is definitely green. Also, there are distant ridges to the parts that slant downward to the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Illinois - White Circular Object

CHICAGO -- I was sitting on my back porch around 1:30 p.m., on June 1, 2004, and I noticed an object floating by in the sky, it moved slowly and then it hovered for about 2 minutes. It was round and white, and it was small in size. It stood still and then started moving upwards and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

OTTAWA -- Over the past couple of months, I have noticed an object in the sky. It doesn't appear every night but every couple of days around 10-11 PM, and will hover moving away and coming closer for a couple of hours. It's location varies, sometimes it is to the west and other times it is to the north. It appears to be a saucer shape about a mile or so above the ground. It has flashing bright white lights. Each time it appears a helicopter flies nearby it in the sky flashing blue and red lights. It seems to be intentionally mimicking the red and blue lights of the helicopter. It has never gotten close enough for me to take pictures. E-mail report.

Michigan - Rectangular Object

BRIGHTON - Doug Parrish saw a slightly curved surface of a huge brushed aluminum rectangular object on Thursday evening, May 26, 2004, at 6:50 p.m. He states, "I had just left the Best Buy and was heading west towards Howell, on I-96, when I looked up and it looked like it was floating gently in the sky several miles away from me, but it was the width of my thumbnail at arm's length - making it 1000 to 1500 feet long ." It was on a slight decline with its forward leading edge pointing slightly downward. It was not a plane because there were no wings nor was there a tail, just a very large slightly convex curved rectangular surface. It was like a paper towel tube made out of aluminum, cut it end to end down one side, then opened it up and tried to make it lie flat. It was glittering in the sun's light but I could make out its strange, non-aeronautical shape. It very closely resembled another craft of similar dimensions that I saw a few years ago in England.

It remained in sight for a couple of seconds. Then trees alongside the highway were in the way for 20 or 30 seconds. When I once again cleared the trees, the object had disappeared, probably into a cloud. The object was headed towards one of the clouds ahead of it. Thanks to Doug Parrish, Howell,

Colorado - Flying Triangle

DENVER - On May 10, 2004, at about 3:35 AM, the witness had a pretty amazing sighting. He had gone out in the back yard for a smoke and scanned the sky and noticed three stars moving in a triangular formation, two lights leading with the third trailing them. The formation came in from the south-east. As if that wasn't enough, as the trio passed directly overhead, a fourth "appeared", joined the trio, and seemed to drop in altitude (perhaps because it definitely grew much larger and brighter than the other three). The fourth came in from the east, then changed course and speed to match the trio; the fourth partner sped off ahead of the trio to the northeast. The trio followed slowly, taking about 3 minutes to cross the sky and disappear. I say "trio" rather than "HUGE black triangle" because the stars only seemed to dim and blur as the triangular formation crossed them, rather than completely blocking stars as I expect an intervening triangular vehicle would. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

California - UFO's Video Taped

Sonora -- Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research obtained some video tape footage from a witness who shot a jet airliner and "something" else which moved around the sky rather quickly. When I ran the tape back and slowed the footage down, one can see "clearly" the jet airliner and an "object". The object appears from behind the jet airliner at a short distance away and travels up and down in the sky passing on the opposite side of the jet's contrail. This object covers a large area in the sky in such a short period of time. Matter of fact the object then appears to sit stationary.. I am not exactly sure how long the object stays in sight as I have to watch this again but the witness catches the object for a good length of

NORTH HIGHLANDS - Jeff Challender reports, "On the 12th of May 2004, my wife and her friend were out on the front lawn as my 17 year old son got off the school bus. A helicopter flew overhead and when they looked up an unusual object was also seen that was much higher and further away. My wife called me out and it looked like silvery mylar helium balloons. I asked my wife to bring me our camcorder so that I might capture the event on tape. I turned on the camcorder, and aimed in the direction of the object. When I found it in the viewfinder, I zoomed in to 500x, the maximum this camcorder is capable of and the object was bright, and flashing on and off. It was moving east, while the wind was SSW, 10 - 15 mph. As the object proceeded east, it became obvious that it would soon pass behind a tree in a neighbor's yard. The tree limbs offered a point of reference to gauge speed and direction with greater accuracy.

The stationary tree showed that the object was not only tacking across the wind, but "skipping" side to side, and apparently, up and down as well. I am reminded of Kenneth Arnold's 1947 description of his UFO sighting. He stated that the objects he saw behaved like a "saucer skipping on water". This object behaved in much the same manner, although it never presented any appearance of a saucer shape. Throughout the event, it was a flashing light of varying brightness. In addition, the flashing was uneven. After two minutes of recording, the object disappeared behind a tree, and did not return. We cannot identify it. The witnesses were myself age 51, my wife Janet age 47, her friend Sharon Springs age 45, and my son Max age 17. We are all willing to swear before almighty God that this statement is a true and accurate account of what we observed with our own eyes. Thanks to Jeff Challender

Oregon - Sphere Cluster Release's Object's.

Sherwood - The witness, a pilot, spotted an object overhead at 1:45 PM, that looked like a balloon flying at 5-10,000 feet on May 8, 2004. He states, "I brought out my 8x42 binoculars and saw a sphere cluster or about 5 sphere's with a cord hanging down and a small object at the bottom in a clear sky. I then used my 18x50 Image stabilized binoculars and noticed the cord and attached object had separated and was falling away. The sphere's were about 5-10' diameter. Moving with upper level wind -west to east at about 10 knots? The spheres were not rotating or tumbling like balloon's would. They were an off-white color and the sighting lasted about ten minutes duration. I noticed three smaller spheres near but moving away from the cluster. No planes or confirmed balloons were in the area. Two minutes later I noticed three more small object's closer to the cluster and moving away at a slightly faster speed. After moving some distance away from the cluster, the smaller objects disappeared. The larger objects were the size of a golf ball compared to a pea. Then, focusing on the cluster, I saw three more small objects being released by the cluster and this was repeated two more times. I had similar sightings in Lake Oswego, Oregon that were much closer. NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness via telephone, and he sounded to us to be quite credible. PD

Canada - Green Lights

Trail, BC -- On an overcast evening the witness poured himself a cup of coffee and went outside on May 20, 2004, at 10:15 p.m. and saw a dimly lit green light just below the cloud cover. He rubbed his eyes and ran into the house to get his glasses and saw the same green light in the northeast and another one slowly following two to three kilometers behind the first. The two green lights were moving very slow and even though the lights were not extremely bright the witness said he was still able to see the texture of the clouds as the green objects lit up the clouds as they flew along. He noticed that when the objects passed over his head, he could hear his short wave radio acting up. Once the lights moved from his general area the radio seemed to be fine.

The witness said he was able to view the lights for a couple of minutes and the lights traveled on a straight line not making any unusual maneuvers. There was no sound heard. Others saw the sighting and contacted the Trail RCMP over the sightings that had taken place on May 19, 2004. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

NIAGARA FALLS - A photographer took a series of digital images of the falls and in one is a saucer shaped UFO. The subsequent shots are taken just a few seconds apart and rule out balloons, aircraft or blimps. Thanks to Ufocasebook See:

Brazilian UFO Magazine Reaches Edition # 100

This month the Brazilian UFO Magazine will publish its one- hundredth edition. It is the longest living newsstand UFO magazine in the world, that was founded in 1985, and is edited by A. J. Gevaerd. It examines some great cases this month.

VARGINHA CASE. Revelations about the crash and retrieval of a UFO and at least two of its occupants in Varginha, Brazil on January 26, 1996.

JACQUES VALLEE INTERVIEW-- what can researchers expect of the phenomena.

INCREASING ACTION. New and astounding cases of UFO observations and abduction in 2004, in Brazil, indicate greater UFO activity this year.

MEXICO EXCLUSIVE: In-depth and complete coverage of the 11 UFOs footage in Mexico with transcripts of the pilots' conversation.

LANDING TRACES. New info about old cases makes UFO researchers turn their attention to revolutionary theories about UFO activity in Brazil.

AMAZON CASES. A survey of contacts involving the Chupa-Chupa including attacks of victims on river islands and small communities. Check out

Argentina - Cattle Mutilations

SUCO - On Sunday, May, 30, 2004, the Circulo Ovnilógico Riocuartense received a phone call from a rural establishment 55 km distant from the town in southern Rio Cuarto, in which Mr. Senen Gregorat explained that in late March of this year a cattle mutilation case had taken place on his property. From Gregorat's own investigations, it turns out that the alleged mutilation was the work of "pranksters" who killed the animal by introducing a wet bag into its mouth to suffocate it.

Later that day, Mr. Gregorat reported that he had just found a two year old "Pampa" breed cow, weighing some 280 kilograms, dead and mutilated. From Gregorat's own observations, relayed via cell phone, he said that the right eye and ear wre missing along with part of the udder and anus, and that it's "leg hair" appeared to have been singed by a considerable source of heat. The animal did not shown any signs of having died violently. When asked if its hooves were dirty, he replied that they were not and that he could not tell if it kicked while dying, since any marks on the ground would have been erased by the trampling of other cattle in the lot.

In his phone call, the cattleman noted that to judge from what he could see and understand, the animal would have been "hoisted and subsequently deposited on the lot's floor without any violence," since there were no signs of fractures or bruises on the animal's body, nor traces of soil on its hide."

Gregorat added that a few nights ago (Thursday) while he and other people were at a highway toll gate in Suco, they witnessed the presence of an object in the sky that looked like a very bright star, but moments later they confirmed the "the supposed star was moving from east until it passed right over us."

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU.

Spain - UFOs Photographed

MALAGA -- Thousands of citizens were attending a procession of the passion of Christ on April 7, 2004 at 1630 hours for an Easter celebration. The procession issues from the parish of DIvina Pastora in the Capuchinos neighborhood where a photographer took a series of photos. Rainor claims that after transferring the images to a computer and having inspected them one by one, he realized that the camera had picked up a photo of a UFO that was taken over the river and the Trinidad district. The evidence was recorded on photo No. 212 out of total of 260 taken that afternoon. A SONY Cybershot Model P-31 (2 megapixels) was employed. There was a clear sky in good weather.

BARCELONA --On Sunday, May 9, 2004, Ms. N.M. saw an unidentified flying object in the skies over Barcelona while in the company of two of her children. N.M., a criminologist and businesswoman, was driving along the Casteldefels to Barcelona highway at around midnight when both she and her children witnessed (to the left of the road, that is, toward the interior, since the beach is on the left) an unidentified flying object of considerable size, described as a rhomboid with one of its vertexes broken off or truncated, or rather folded in, having a shiny orange color. The sighting occurred on the stretch of road between Gava and Viladecans and the witness contacted Mundo Misterioso Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU.

UK - Cylinder-Shaped UFO seen

NELSON, LANCASHIRE -- On Saturday, May 22, 2004, at 3 p.m., Bill and Margo Wells and their two grandchildren were having a picnic on the shore of the Walverden Reservoir, when they spotted something unusual in the sky approaching from the west. "There were four people seeing this," Bill reported, "Two adults and two children. We were having a picnic when our eldest grandchild said, 'Look at that stick in the sky!'" "And this is just what it looked like--a black line in the sky, like a stick. It was stationary, not moving except to turn slightly or go slower. The 'stick' was a diagonal line going from left to right that was about one inch (2.5 centimeters) long in the sky.

We continued to watch it for about 20 to 30 minutes, and then it turned to the east, or went shorter and vanished." The object's "height was deceptive because it was a lot bigger than a plane would be at the same distance." Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 9, #22 6/2/04 Editor: Joseph Trainor,

Australia - More UFO Photos

ADELAIDE --Kathy writes she saw and photographed a UFO that was flying by her home less than a mile away. She states, "The only thing that I could see was that the underside seemed curved and very smooth; the other part of the craft seemed bathed in bright yellow/orange glow with a brilliant white light that seemed to move from the top of the craft to the center." I have had the shots enlarged, they look stunning. All that day I felt odd as if I had much anticipation. My son kept asking me what was wrong, I said 'nothing ' It was as if I was waiting for someone. Never felt like that previously with other sightings.

By the way, en route from LA to Sydney , returning from one of the Laughlin seminars, I managed to see a craft paint on the radar scope when I was in the Qantas flight deck with the pilots [prior 911]. They saw the craft also. They told me they see them often. Cheers from Kathy in Australia.


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