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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 28, 2004

George Filer:
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Life in Space

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists. SETI Institute – Claims Life in Space, Mar's – Lakes With Water, Mars – Green Vegetation, Saturn - Cassini-Huygens Picks Up Strange Light, New York – Car Stalls, Pennsylvania – Sphere, Ohio – Flying Triangle, Illinois - Circle With Lights, Georgia - Multiple Lights Changing Color, Tennessee – Image of UFO Near Jet, Nebraska – UFO in Crop Duster Photos, Oklahoma – Gold UFO Photographed, Arizona – Orbs, California – Changing Shiny Object Photo, Washington – Intense UFO Activity, Argentina: UFO Filmed , England – UFOs Chased, Poland - Military Will Shoot UFOs Update, and Turkey - Police Film UFO. David Twichell writes, "Anomalies Found in Roswell Metal."

SETI Institute – Claims Life in Space

Exclusive from New Scientist -- If intelligent life exists elsewhere in our galaxy, advances in computer processing power and radio telescope technology will ensure we detect their transmissions within two decades. That is the bold prediction from a leading light at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute in Mountain View, California. Seth Shostak, the SETI Institute's senior astronomer, based his prediction on accepted assumptions about the likelihood of alien civilizations existing, combined with projected increases in computing power. Shostak, whose calculations will be published in a forthcoming edition of the space science journal Acta Astronautica, first estimated the number of alien civilizations in our galaxy that might currently be broadcasting radio signals.

For this he used a formula created in 1961 by astronomer Frank Drake which factors in aspects such the number of stars with planets, how many of those planets might be expected to have life, and so on. Shostak came up with an estimate of between 10,000 and one million radio transmitters in the galaxy. To find them will involve observing and inspecting radio emissions from most of the galaxy's 100 billion stars. Within a generation, radio emissions from enough stars will be observed and analyzed to find the first alien civilization, Shostak estimates. But because they will probably be between 200 and 1000 light years away, sending a radio message back will take centuries. Thanks to Skywatch:

Editor's Note: Assuming Shostak is correct then it is logical to assume some of these intelligent civilizations would most likely visit planet Earth, that is now believed to be roughly in the center of the known universe. Radio signals are the rough equivalent to Indian smoke signals. Intelligent alien life appears to use advanced communication technology, spending our time looking for the equivalent of smoke signals will not likely be fruitful. Peter Davenport has proposed a method for finding intelligent life that uses FM radio signals to locate the UFOs. Most scientists have virtually no knowledge of the UFO field and are unaware of frequent radar evidence, reports by pilots, astronauts and cosmonauts.

Mars – Lakes With Liquid Water

Rick Berry writes, This JPL image is of water on Mars, not just a little puddle or pond, but of an Immense Lake. It looks to be in the order of tens of thousands of acres of water, nestled in a Mountain Canyon. You can even see the Snowmelt coming down from the cliffs and reflections on the water. The difference from the surrounding terrain is undisputable. The surrounding area is pockmarked with craters as is most of the planet while the area of water I am speaking of, not only is a Glass-like surface but actually fills in and overflows into the craters along the edges of the Lake. I have NO doubt of it and there should be no doubt in anyone else's mind either. It looks no different than anything you would find here on Earth in a Mountain region. PS. I have had this for a long time, it is a compilation of two pictures. I have the MOC numbers MOC-42203g
MOC-42203h Thanks to Rick Berry

Mars – Green Vegetation

Norman Breydan writes, "Look at this fantastic European Space Agency (ESA) image of the Valles Marineris and It makes you wonder with amazement how the reporters and scientists could miss it.

Green is by far the most valuable proof for life on Mars next to the images of vegetation and structures. Photosynthesis is a key and amazing process that performs transmutation of the sun's energy. Photosynthesis means life. There is a great amount of life on Mars, high concentrations of liquid water and an incredible amount of technology and knowledge waiting for us. New data indicates the temperatures in the summer at the surface on Mars are well above freezing. Thanks to Norman Breydan in Boston and ESA.

Saturn - Cassini-Huygens Mission Picks Up Strange Lights

R. David Anderson writes, "I have sent you a series of e-mails that show an unusual object above Saturn. I have come across the same thing again in earlier images from the Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn and Titan. These were received by JPL on July 19, 2004. These two pictures were taken one after the other as indicated by the numerical order.

Image 7211 JPL shows Saturn and a strange light that may represent a space craft moving at high speed. On Image 7212, taken a short time later the object is not there. So in a matter of a minute this light disappears or moves out of the photo. Thanks to R. David Anderson Puppysonny1

Editor's Note: Strange lights and objects are often seen moving across JPL images. They usually claim they are caused by transmission errors.

New York – Car Stalls

Upstate Weirdness – Two friends were driving in the mountains in upstate New York on July 22, 2004, around 2 AM. They pulled the car off the highway in a heavily wooded area to take a break. They got out of their car, but left the head lights on because it was very dark. They heard a strange humming sound, which was not a typical humming sound. As the humming got louder, the cars head lights started dimming and went off. They started freaking out at this point. They jumped back in the car an attempted to start it. The car wouldn't start; they wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as they could. They were somewhat frantic. After about ten minutes the car's light suddenly went back on and they were able to start the car. The observer states, "That's when we noticed this lemon shaped light in the sky that just sort of drifted for a minute and the strange noise stopped, and I have no idea what it was, but I'm never going up state again!" Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Pennsylvania – Sphere

TITUSVILLE – The witness was at his niece's birthday party on July 18, 2004, when he noticed a silver ball just above the tree line about 200 yards away. It was polished looking silver like a mirror and it started moving slowly left at 1 PM. The ball shifted from silver to a reddish color in a perfectly timed sequence. It flew back to the right, stopped, and drifted downward behind the trees. He states, "Everyone around me passed it off as a Mylar balloon, but I had a different feeling about it." Fifteen minutes later I noticed it again in the same place above the tree line moving slowly left with the red and silver shifts, and back to the right again. This time instead of going behind the trees it moved up at the same slow speed until it was too small to find with my eye against the bright blue sky. It was very strange. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Ohio – Flying Triangle

LEWISBURG – On July 17, 2004, three friends were traveling west on I-70 not far from Dayton at 3 AM, when they spotted an illuminated triangular shaped object about a mile high. The whole ship was lit up in a light blue/white glow like a plane in town for Wright Patterson Air Force Base Air Show. They drove towards the light, and as they got closer they could see the craft was not a perfect triangle. The witness states, "The nose was narrower, then it contoured out in a definite triangular shape with two lights on the outer wings that blinked in sync about one per second." The front of the craft put off a decently bright glow, but was not a beam of light. The craft was bigger then the Stealth Bomber, but not by too much. It was very flat in appearance and was only 10 to 15 feet thick. I've seen the stealth up close, and I can definitely say it was not one because it was not jagged in the rear. The flying triangle was 500 feet in altitude and hovering. We could now, also, see the front underneath part that was a narrow and long opening, rectangular, and lit up so you could see red pipes or bars of some sort that were red in color. It put off a red hue with the white light around it. The traffic slowed down to 40 mph and we drove directly underneath as it hovered over the median of the highway. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

FOSTORIA – George Ritter video taped a similar flying triangle later in the day.

Illinois - Circle With Lights

LOVES PARK – The witness's hobby is looking for satellites. Around 1 AM, on July 20, 2004, he observed a circle shaped object glide across the sky moving west to east. The circle shaped object was dark in color, with lights all the way around the bottom. Satellites have no lights, but sometimes reflect the sun. There was absolutely no sound. The object was rotating counter-clockwise several hundred feet above the ground with lights and moving eastward. The sighting lasted about 20 seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Georgia -- Multiple Lights Changing Color

LAGRANGE -- While outside looking at the bats flying around near the outside lights we started looking at what we thought was a flashing star on July 20, 2004. The hovering red flash caught our eyes and curiosity. It was not a plane because it seemed to be still. Then the lights kept changing color from red, to blue, to white and green. They flashed like police lights. Then, it seemed to slowly move to the right, stop, move up, stop, and then left. The light was too high up to make out a shape, but it seemed like a straight line when the colors were flashing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Tennessee – Image of UFO near Jet

HEISKELL -- Kim Shaffer, MUFON State Director writes, "Here is a good sighting that took place today, July 26th at 20:13 hours. The object, an obvious discoid shape, kept a relative distance to the aircraft as both traveled across the sky. The witness managed to get only one image.

The witness stated, "It was obvious from my perception that the UFO was as high as the aircraft or even higher and I saw a second, smaller object in the shot, but it is not visible in the image." MUFON has complete details on this sighting. Thanks to: Kim Shaffer, MUFON TN State Director (eastern)

We had some significant sightings tonight, two clips of which are now on the website: There were a series of eight of these glowing objects between 9:00 and 11:00 PM.

Nebraska – UFO in Crop Duster Photos

DONIPHAN -- On July 20, 2004, at 7:30 PM, a crop dusting plane was forced to make an emergency landing on the highway, when it ran out of fuel. A fuel truck was summoned and it was refueled in short order. At 8 PM, the plane took off and began to circle. I took numerous photos and when later viewed an object appeared in the photos that I had taken when the plane was in the southeast sky. The sun was at my back. One object was seen in photo. I was with two other neighbors and we had not seen the object. I think we were just concentrating and excited about the crop dusters near miss with catastrophe. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Oklahoma – Gold UFO Photographed

WILLOW -- Jim Hickman asked me to send you this story. I was driving north on US-283 near Willow, OK early this morning and saw a strange object hovering to the west. I slowed down and managed to take a picture, but since the car was still moving it turned out a little blurred. By the time I came to a full stop it had vanished. I lost the instruction book for my Olympus C-1 1, 3 Mpix Camera, so I don't know how to check the date. The camera is about two years old, and I've never set the date since I've owned it. By the time I got my vehicle to a full stop on the side of the road, the object was gone. Thanks to Jim Hickman and Skywatch International

Arizona – Orbs

CHANDLER – A UFO investigator, his son and a friend saw 6 to 7 orange orbs and near the South Mountain area on July 20, 2004, at 7:45 PM. Two orange orbs suddenly appeared in the southern sky around 7 PM, and we started shooting them with a video camera. We watched them for about 3 to 5 minutes before they burned out. A few minutes later two flew in real close together on the east side of South Mountain. Then, two more orbs flew in from the west of South Mountain. A total or four were video taped for about fifteen minutes until they disappeared. We video taped for four nights, and the local news will be doing a story on what we taped. The lights are neat and I'm sure in time there will be more.

WEST PHOENIX – The observers were driving their 18 wheeler truck west on I-10 at about 20 miles west of Phoenix on July 20, 2004, when they noticed two bright glowing lights to the southwest and just east of the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant at 10:15 PM. The lights were very bright in the sky along the foot hills that run south of the freeway. The lights were a bright orange, similar to a street light. The two balls of light were side by side when they just slowly faded away. They reappeared further to the west, but this time the lights were on top of each other for about five minutes. The driver pulled off the freeway so that he could view them through his binoculars, but all he could make out was the bright lights, and no formation. The driver states, "What was kind of rare was to see some jets flying close to the lights in a circling motion." Then all of a sudden the lights slowly dimmed out but, I could still see and hear the jets flying around. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

California – Changing Shiny Object Photo

SAN JOSE -- It was around noon and the witness was traveling north on Saratoga Avenue on July 17, 2004, when he saw a bright shiny object. There were several aircraft flying above San Jose along with the shiny UFO that was moving very slowly at first giving the impression that it may be hovering. The object suddenly moved rapidly and then slowed to a stand still. The witness got out of his car to observe as the shiny object flew slowly southeast. The witness was wearing sunglasses, and described the object, "It was like three bright shiny balloons or spheres connected together that seemed to change shape and reflect the sun's light or emit a bright white light." It took the shape of a triangle and then changed to form a cylinder shape. Two minutes passed and the object quickly ascended going east. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington – Intense UFO Activity

MT. ADAMS – Cliff Mickelson reports, "This is just a short note to advise you that UFO activity here in the eastern shadow of Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier, is approaching levels never before observed , even for this historically active area." Sightings of UFOs over the last couple years has been consistently high, but, there has been a recent spike in such sightings, that is perplexing! The tempo of activity has markedly increased from just a few months ago. We are fortunate to be in an area with little light pollution and clear night skies. The objects start coming at dusk and the activity continues all night long at low altitudes. In the last few nights, several of these "low flyers" have passed nearly directly overhead and flying northeast towards Yakima. Many other residents must be seeing them. I invite anyone who may wish to observe or record these phenomena to feel free to contact me and I will provide directions to this locale. Thanks to Cliff Mickelson Tampico, WA.

SEATTLE -- Between 3 and 4 AM, on July 23, 2004, the witnesses were northwest of Seattle and saw a bright white light in the sky. The light was much larger than any planet and moved slowly to the southeast and then moved vertically. Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Research

Argentina: UFO Filmed

COMODORO RIVADAVIA -- A resident of Comodoro Rivadavia filmed an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Cerro Chenque, Friday morning July 16, 2004. Marcelo Soto claimed the object apparently rested on that mountain and he was able to record it from his home. The film shows a phenomenon that is very similar to the one seen in recent days over Buenos Aires. Marcelo Soto states, "The image captured is unedited, and from the center of the luminous sphere, which changes colors, it can be seen how other lights emerge from within." "The object approached and receded and lights came out of the center of the circle toward the side. That's when I got scared," he added.

Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology

England – UFOs Chased

ILFORD, ESSEX -- Lisa Sable called from London to tell me that while in school as an eleven year old in 1980, she and her class of twenty mates saw a huge craft hovering above a football pitch of about fifteen acres next to their school. The huge craft was also seen by their professor, a Rabbi. After ten minutes of watching and disruption of the class they moved to another room. Thanks to Lisa Sable

NEUROLOGIST NEEDED --Karin Holloway, a Close Encounter Analyst writes, "I am a CE-IV analyst (Investigator, therapist, counselor) in England and I have a client who needs some special attention. BUFORA does not have consultants. My client experienced his body being taken apart and put together again using what he was told was a nerve putty. He believes it is still in him and that it could help those with neurological problems. Is there an anatomist or a neurologist who would be interested in taking a look? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Karin Hoppe Holloway, CHT, CEA

Secret Papers Tell How RAF Hunted Aliens

THE OBSERVER -- Paul Harris reports, "They have been the subject of derision for claiming aliens have visited Earth from outer space, but believers in the existence of UFOs were this weekend excitedly poring over newly released military documents that show how fighter aircraft were scrambled to intercept strange shapes in Britain's skies. The secret papers obtained from the US military give an insight into an astonishing chain of events sparked by UFO sightings over East Anglia in 1956. After receiving numerous calls reporting bright lights darting across the sky, fighters from RAF Lakenheath spent more than seven hours trying to shoot down the objects, which were picked up on army radar screens.

The classified documents were secured under the US Freedom of Information Act by Dave Clarke, an author researching the subject. One US Air Force intelligence report described how '12 to 15' objects were picked up on radar screens on 13 August 1956. They were tracked for more than 50 miles. One object was logged traveling at 4,000 mph. 'Operators making these radar sightings are of the opinion that malfunctions of equipment did not cause these radar sightings,' the document said. The radar logs describe white lights darting across the skies. At times, the objects traveled in formation and performed sharp turns. One document describes how an object was tracked by radar for 26 miles, before it hovered for five minutes then flew away again.

A cable was sent from US Air Force Headquarters in Washington warning of the 'considerable interest and concern' at the sightings and demanding an immediate inquiry. The cable asked if they were linked to a similar scare reported by a British radar station on the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea a week later. snip Copyright Guardian Newspapers Limited.

Editor's Note: London Control directed my aircraft to chase a UFO over England while I was serving in the US Air Force in 1962.

Polish Military - Ordered to Shootdown UFOs (Update)

According to the Polish newspaper Fakt military personnel have the command to shoot down UFOs. A Fakt journalist stated that Captain Adam Krysiewica of Naval Sources confirmed this position taken by the Polish military. The newspaper also stated that the military keeps a close watch on the Polish skies.

Polish UFO enthusiasts are writing a letter to the military requesting that they reconsider this "shoot first, and then ask questions later" attitude.

USTKA -- Dariusz Helle photographed a UFO over the Baltic Sea coastal city a few days after the Fakt article. The UFO was a slowly moving object on the night sky . There is a large Army base nearby with lots of radars. Apparently, the threat did not deter the visitors. Thanks to Tomek Wierszalowicz (UFORA) and Fakt News

Turkey - UFO Filmed by Police

MERSIN -- Deputy Police Chief Mehmet Baydogan reported that police officers captured a UFO on video on Tuesday, July 20, 2004. The police had received calls about a sighting near the Free Zone and officers from the Bureau of Investigation and Identification arrived at the scene and filmed at 4 AM. The officers reported the UFO was mostly crimson colored with tones of yellow and green. It was round/circular and it was constantly moving and radiating light. After the daybreak, the object ascended and vanished. The police had never before experienced an event of this nature.

AYDÝN -- Yuksel Sekerci, 38 years old pharmacist claims to have seen a UFO in the sky that he captured with his video camera on Monday, July 19, 2004. The video shows moving bright lights. Sekerci said, "I woke up at 4.30 AM and saw a traveling object in the sky with shining lights, which looked much different from a star. I grabbed my camera immediately and started filming it. After zooming on the object I noticed its UFO-like shape and it was probably a UFO that gave me the chills.”

The case is under the investigation of SIRIUS UFO Space Sciences Research Center in Istanbul. Thanks to Sirius,

Anomalies Found in Roswell Metal

David E. Twichell writes, "In 1996, Linda Moulton Howe, UFO investigator and author, submitted a piece of metal to biophysicist W. C. Levengood, of Grass Lake, Michigan, for analysis. The metallic fragment is alleged to have come from the debris field of the famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash of 1947.

“From Electron Microscope and EDS (Electron Dispersive Spectroscopy) studies it was shown that the metal was composed of contiguous layers of pure bismuth (Bi) and layers of magnesium (Mg) containing between 2-3 percent zinc (Zn). The Electron Microscope images disclosed that Bi layers are in the range of 1-4 microns thick and the Mg layers 100-200 microns in thickness. When examined in cross section, it was apparent that the layers were not smooth and straight but rather contained micro-undulations. *

“One of the visits during Linda's Odyssey was at the Carnegie Institute, Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, where she arranged for an Ion Microprobe – Isotope analysis of the Bi/Mg sample. In the final report by Dr. Erik Hauri, there are two findings, which stand out as being highly anomalous.

1 The Bi/Mg sample gave a rate of emission of Mg (+) ions, which was over 60 times the rate from the pure Mg metal standard.

2 In the Bi layer the isotope ratio of mass, 208/206, was 2.72. It was pointed out that this ratio is consistent with the known isotope composition of lead (Pb).

“The presence of lead in the Bi layer was suggested as being due to some type of contamination. This, however, can be eliminated as cause of this unusual isotopic ratio in Bi, the reason being, no Pb was detected in the EDS studies. This ion probe work indicates unusual molecular structures in both the Bi and Mg layers. Therefore, it can be concluded that the make-up of this material is far from the ‘standard' compositions.”

Further studies by Levengood noted a chemical reaction in the sample when subjecting it to a “Charge Density Pulse” test (CDP). The method employed was via a patented device developed by himself and Dr. John L. Gedye for the purpose of detecting very subtle, self-organized groups of “charge density pulses” which are within all living systems. “Further evidence of a possible chemical reaction became apparent when a very active bubble formation was noted within about three minutes after introducing a 90 mg. Bi/Mg sample into the water. If indeed a chemical reaction is taking place we have another very anomalous situation. The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics lists Bi, Mg and Zn as being insoluble (non-reactive) in water.

“Repeated trials of placing the Bi/Mg samples in water consistently disclosed the presence of bubble emission within a very short time after submerging in water. It was surprising to find that bubble emission continued for days. Since the bubbles are an indication that a chemical reaction is taking place, it would be expected that reaction products would be present in the base water. If Mg is being oxidized, a milky precipitate of MgO particles should be formed (a very common industrial compound). Instead, the water in which the reaction took place remained as clear and free of particles as in the initial state.”

Levengood tested the metal fragment for the presence of hydrogen by putting a sample in a flask with a weak solution of acetic acid. Immediately the fragment began to bubble as in water. The top of the flask was covered with a double layer of saran wrap. After twenty minutes, the covering was removed and a flame was introduced to the mouth of the flask. The result was a very loud, active explosion inside the flask and at the opening, indicating the presence of a high concentrate of hydrogen. This result was repeated in subsequent tests and filmed by his associate, Ms. Marilyn Ruben.

(*) “If a sample of the Bi/Mg metal is left in the weak acetic acid until the bubbling stops (usually within a couple of hours) it would be expected that reaction products would be found in the acid solution. It was astounding to find that the liquid was still as clear as when first placed in the flask and the only other visible material was very thin, black, spongy flakes from the Bi inter-layers. This experimental sequence was repeated a number of times and in every case the results were the same. The fact that very fine Bi particles remained in the solution clearly indicates that this element acted as a catalyst in the reaction process.

“By comparing the mass of the Bi flakes left in the solution with the total mass of the Bi/Mg particle, it was determined from a number of repeat experiments that between 94% and 96% of the total mass of the original sample was still unaccounted for.”

The question, as to the origin of this strange metallic fragment, remains. Many fragments, allegedly found at the Roswell crash site in 1947, have reportedly slipped through the cracks of the Army/Air force's tight security grid. Could this particular fragment be one of them? W.C. Levengood observed in his thesis on the metal; “the high, active output of the hydrogen gas in these reactions, bring to mind obvious applications for use as hydrogen fuel cells. A rapid and complete reaction takes place without leaving behind reaction products which can interfere with the reaction and poison the system.”

Could the fragment in question be from an advanced hydrogen propulsion system? Was it indeed recovered from the debris field of a downed exotic craft from elsewhere in the cosmos? In seeking the answers, even more questions have been posed. One fact that, to date, is not in question is that the unusual properties of this alloy remains a mystery to Levengood, as well as many other top-notch scientists who have examined it. An alloy comprised of different elements is not found in nature. It is forged by intelligent beings. After many years of testing, science is unable to determine the basis for this particular alloy's composition . . . let alone duplicate it!

Copywrite 2004, David E. Twichell.

(*) Excerpt from “Anomalous Energy Transformations in a Bi/Mg Layered Metal.” A copyrighted scientific publication by W.C. Levengood.


1. W.C. Levengood & John L. Gedye, Evidence for Charge Density Pulses Associated With Bioelectric Fields in Living Organisms, Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, Vol. 8, pp 33-54 (1998).

2. W.C. Levengood & John L. Gedye, Method and Apparatus for Detecting, Recording and Analyzing Spontaneously Generated Transient Electric Charge Pulses in Living Organisms, U.S. Patent No. 6,347,238, Feb. 12, 2002.

3. W.C. Levengood & John L. Gedye, Mechanisms Related to Charge Density Pulse Formation in Living Systems, (in Press) 2003).

4. Linda Moulton Howe. Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II, pp 11 – 22.

5. Marilyn Ruben.


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