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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 4, 2004

George Filer:
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Discs Return

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists. Perseids – May Cause Damage, Mars – Petroglyphs and Writing, New Jersey – Disc, West Virginia – Sphere, Georgia – Sphere, Alabama - Egg Filmed, Florida – Three Discs in Hanger, Wisconsin – Cigars,Mississippi – Tubular Shining UFO, Indiana – UFO on ABC Sports Show, Illinois - Bright Flashing and Pulsating Light, Texas Orbs, Arizona - Round Orange Orb, California – Disc, Oregon - V Formation of Lights, Washington - Spheres, Canada – Discs and a Flying Triangle, UK/England - Triangle of Three Orange Lights, Malaysia - Star Shape Moving Object, Solomon Islands – UFOs, and New Zealand – Egg Shaped Craft.

Perseids – May Cause Damage

On August 11, 2004, at about 21h UT, the one revolution dust trail of the Perseids parent comet Swift-Tuttle is calculated to pass within 0.0013 AU from the Earth's orbit. We should have mainly visually dim meteors and shooting stars. The Earth may pass through the dense core of the Perseid meteoroid stream. Observation should be good throughout the night. There is a possibility that larger meteoroids will brake through the atmosphere.

Mars – Petroglyphs

During my recent speaking engagement we visited an Hopi Indian Store in Arizona, where it was explained the Hopi's came from another planet. Their ancient petroglyphs depict a triangular shaped craft with an apparent propulsion system. Aliens or Hopi Indians can be seen inside the ship, and making a landing near other Hopi Indians.

Eduardo Vieira de Lucena of Paraiba, Brazil writes, "I think there is a creature beside the black rock on these photos. The Rover Opportunity photos on Sol 87 and Sol 88 show a creature with strange legs or tentacles and a possible face. - links:

Note: There are also heirglyphics or writing on many of the rocks and possibly a face on the dark rocks.

There are similar petroglyphs on Mars that seem to depict writing or symbols. Note T, P, Y, I, A, I, and V like symbols below. This is a JPL image taken by the Opportunity Rover of Burns Cliff inside Endurance Crater. I'm looking for anyone with expertise of ancient writing.

Engineer Norman M. Bryden has studied Mars Images for twenty years and has an excellent knowledge of the planet and the technology behind the images. He believes that there are extraterrestrial structures and vegetation on Mars. This image has vegetation and a stream. New data indicates the surface of Mars in the summer reaches temperatures as high as 97 degrees. Image thanks to JPL and Norman M. Bryden.

New Jersey – Large Disc

SURF CITY – I was notified personally concerning this sighting from a professional who has long denied the possible existence of UFOs. She was talking with a group of friends at 1 AM in a gazebo overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, on August 1, 2004. She looked out over the ocean and to the left of the full moon and noticed a large disc shaped object with three rings of lights one above the other running parallel to each other. Each row of lights had about twenty lights similar to a commercial aircraft surrounding what seemed to be a disc. The craft was flying to the north of her location towards the Barnegat Lighthouse. The disc wobbled as it descended on a maneuvering course towards the lighthouse. Many similar UFO reports have accumulated through the years and a book was written concerning these sightings. The craft appeared quite large and had multiple parallel lights similar to a three decked ship. The sighting is notable by this witness since she has always strongly ridiculed the concept of UFOs in the past.

West Virginia - Sphere

WHEELING -- It was sunny day and the observer was walking down town, when he happened to look up at the sky on July 21, 2004, at 6:15 PM. There were two spherical objects just gliding (floating) side by side. They would slow down and speed up. And when one would get too far away from the other, it would stop until the other one would catch up. It seemed like they were attached together by a string. I know they were pretty small because at that time a low flying jet passed by and they were about as big as its cockpit. This lasted a good while. But then I lost them in the clouds. Perhaps they weather balloons or something else? Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Wisconsin - Cigar

LACROSSE – The witnesses saw a cigar shaped object flying so slow they thought it was going to stall. The cigar was high up but they could tell it was tubular, without wings and no tail. The object was moving northwest to southeast. After about a minute it passed by a jet flying east to west at a higher elevation. The jet made a complete turn and flew in the same direction as the "blimp" and seemed like he was chasing it. So they got their binoculars. The witness states, "Sure enough this three lighted thing with the lights rotating flew over our heads at about 1000 feet heading northwest to southeast. I used to fly airplanes, and this whole thing was really weird so I called up my Mom who was driving home and was located between Lacrosse and Sparta. She, also, saw a craft that got her attention because it seemed to have no wings. Thanks to Scott and Peter Davenport Director

Alabama - Egg Filmed

SOUTH ALABAMA -- Yesterday morning (July 26, 2004) the witness went outside to get uniforms from his car and noticed a ball of light in the sky at 5:20 AM. After getting his uniform he noticed the odd hovering light and also realized there was not a single star visible in the overcast sky. He grabbed his camera and tripod, stepped out on the deck and took three shots of the object, and then went back inside to get ready for work. When he left for work at 6:30 AM, the object was gone. Later he downloaded the pictures and found an unidentified object in the images. The full size pictures are 2048 x 1536. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Georgia – Sphere

ATLANTA – The witness reports, "This sighting was similar to my encounter a few days ago, only that each craft moved in completely different directions. The first one was a star-like looking object with a one second interval flash very similar to the fourth craft I saw a few days ago. It moved fairly slow from south to north. The second one was identical without a flash and moved from west to east. The third was identical in appearance, except it moved freely wherever it wanted. It started from the south and strayed towards the northwest zigzagging a few times. This time my girlfriend was with me as opposed to my last encounter. She witnessed two of the three craft. I'm sure it's still continuing because I saw three within ten minutes at 9:50 PM on July 23, 2004." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Florida – Three Discs in Hanger

U. S. AIR FORCE BASE (UNIDENTIFIED) The Air Force witness claims that he met an airman in North Dakota when he was based there in 1970, who told him that his uncle who owned a drill company in Florida was asked by USAF to come to the base with the best drills he had. He was taken to a hanger on one of the airbases, and there were three saucer like craft inside. He was asked to drill into one of them and he tried with his best equipment. He said, "He drilled in one spot for about 15 minutes, and there was no sign of any marks where the drill had been working. No heat or color change no nothing. I never saw the airman again. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Editor's Note: Numerous similar stories were told to me while I was on active duty in the Air Force, whenever I would ask about UFOs. I met several maintenance personnel who claimed they were given pieces of metal with hieroglyphics on them from alleged alien craft to drill or cut. Even though the metal was very light and bendable, it was virtually indestructible.

Indiana - Changing

LOGANSPORT -- At first the witnesses thought it was a bright star, but then it got bigger and brighter, disappeared and then a yellowish color at 9 PM on July 23, 2004. The object lit up like a banana shaped star, then got brighter and bigger. Then all the sudden disappeared and just as fast, a banana shape light appeared then quickly disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Indiana –UFO on ABC Sports Show -- On Saturday morning, July 17, 2004, around 8:45-9:15 (Indiana time) my brother and I were watching the British Open live on TV. They where doing a close up interview with Mark Calavecchia the 1989 open champion. Mark is sitting on the right hand side of the screen with white blue sky and some cloud cover to his right. At the end of the interview you see a bright white orb (UFO) fly horizontally from behind Mark going from right to left and then arc up thru the clouds and out of the picture. What is amazing about this is the speed at which this object is moving. It was moving so fast that my brother did not see it until I replayed it and showed him the object. I feel vary strongly that ABC video taped a UFO live on TV. Thanks to Brian Vike

Illinois - Bright Flashing and Pulsating Light

CHICAGO -- Around 1 AM, on July 25, 2004, the observer was sitting on his back porch and noticed a thick cloud with a pulsating and flashing light coming from it. He continued to watch and knew it wasn't lightening or a star or anything normal. There was no sound. He kept looking and saw eight to nine objects in perfect alignment with one another circling the main light that was pulsating from the thick cloud. These smaller objects flew into the lighted area and disappeared. After three minutes the cloud wasn't there either! Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Mississippi – Tubular Shining UFO

PICAYUNE – On July 27, 2004, at about 7:55 PM, the witness noticed the moon directly in front of him at sunset, even though the sky was still light from the setting sun. He was walking directly toward the moon, when two objects caught his attention. One was larger, oblong, or tubular, and shining silvery, moving high up, in an even line smoothly and swiftly going in a southwest direction. The other which seemed similarly shaped, was a little higher or appeared smaller, was criss-crossing going in the opposite direction. Two more women came out to the parking lot, and one lady said, "Do you see that?" "It's a UFO." I agreed. As we watched the larger one going southwest glowed a bright silvery color as it neared the sunset reflection and shortly afterwards disappeared. The three of us saw and came to the same conclusion that these were not airplanes. The larger of the two had to be pretty large since it was visible for at least seven minutes, and we had no trouble seeing it as it moved from us. When the sunset reflected off it, we were assured that would not happen on an airplane at that height. It appeared to reflect the sunset, while the rest of the sky was blue/grey and the western sky was colored. New Orleans is southwest of where the larger one appeared headed. This was my first sighting of this type of object. The lady said it was hers too. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director

Texas - Orbs

DALLAS, -- The witness was sitting on my front porch about 2:30 PM, on July 20, 2004, when two orbs flew over his house coming from the north going south. The witness quickly grabbed his camera and shot some video. He states, "I didn't hear anything as they passed, and the top part of the frame is the eave of the house, sorry about the dirt specks on the lens: Thanks to Brian Vike, Director

Arizona - Round Orange Orb

SCOTTSDALE -- On his way home on July 20, 2004, the witness saw a round orange orb in the sky that remained stationary for two minutes before fading out at 9:52 PM. This was witnessed at 105th Street and McDowell Mountain Ranch Road toward the southwest sky. There was other airplanes in the sky, but none were around the object. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

California - Disc

HANFORD -- Three roommates observed a red tint spinning dome shaped object hovering in the sky at 2 AM, on July 22, 2004. The disc had a white pulsating light emanating from it and made no sound. It was spinning rapidly, yet it wasn't moving much. After about ten minutes it slowly began moving away from us. During this time we noticed aircraft scrambling from the Lemoore Naval Base towards the object. Within the next ten minutes we lost sight of it. The total duration of the sighting was twenty minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

PALM SPRINGS – The witness saw a flashing colored orb in the eastern sky over the San Jacinto Mountains on July 19, 2004. The witness awoke to use the restroom around 2:30 AM, and was taken aback by a large white "light" that was literally illuminating the bathroom. The light was very close to the eastern mountain top and was exceptionally bright. The witness awakened her husband who agreed that it was too large and bright to be a star. The following evening at around 9:30 PM, they saw an orb that was flashing blue, green and red. They observed it closer with a pair of binoculars and it appeared to be pulsating. They went to bed and got up at midnight and again at 2:30 AM, the orb was still there flashing. At 4:30 AM the bright light was there again in the same spot, and there were more colored flashing orbs around the sky. They have been watching the sky every night since. On Thursday, July 23, 2004, the witness states, "I was driving down Highway 111 around 8:30 PM, it was dusk and I saw this bright light in the western sky over the Santa Rosa Mountain range, it appeared to be moving slowly downward towards the mountain until it disappeared behind the mountain range. I looked around the sky and with my binoculars; I could see several flashing orbs, all with green, red and blue lights. Every evening since July 19th I have awakened at different times during the night to see if the light is in the eastern sky, it has never appeared before 12:30 AM and is always still visible until the sun rises. As I watch the light it slowly drifts upward. Interestingly enough, the light in the western sky that drifts in and down appears to be the same light that settles over the mountain in the eastern sky to only drift back up until out of sight. I awoke at 12:38 AM and looked out towards the eastern sky over the San Jacinto Mountains and I saw a circular shaped orb that had red, green, and blue lights. It was the same orb that I have seen in the sky higher up only this time it was low almost sitting on the mountain. I watched it for about 15 seconds and then it just disappeared. As I kept my eyes glued to the sky, the orb reappeared, flashing and hovering and then dipped below the mountain range. I awoke at 4:30 AM again to find the bright white light hovering in the same position that I saw the circular orb. The orbs continue to flash about the sky around this area." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

SONORA -- Mark A. Olson, D.M. reports, "I wish I knew why these glowing objects have been flying over Sonora for the past month and it seems these sightings have been growing more numerous. Take a look at the clips and tell me what you think. Tonight, July 26, 2004, at 1:17 PM, I had feelings of elation, excitement and a sense of anticipation. I doubt that these sightings are going to stop anytime soon.

Thanks to Mark A. Olson, D.M.,

Oregon - V Formation of Lights

PORTLAND – The observer was burning small tree limbs when he saw a V formation of nine objects flying north slowly on 19 or 20 of July 2004, at 3:45 AM. The objects were behind a sheer cloud with aura's around them. There seemed to be a slight fog around the nine discs which made the orange a lighter color with a white aura around them. The observer states, "The V formation sailed through the sky slowly over the house moving north taking up a good part of the sky. Since there was a mist around them I could not make out anything in detail. It was beautiful and I was in awe. There was no noise whatsoever. The lights did not flash and the discs stayed in formation of the 'V'". I live ten miles from an airbase but there were no aircraft flying in the area. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Washington - Spheres

KIRKLAND -- This is day two my wife and I saw the same spherical object moving in the sky at about 60,000 feet altitude on July 20, 2004, at 7:30 PM. Yesterday, they saw three objects. After three or four minutes, they saw the original silver sphere moving west like the previous day. He called his wife to come out and she also saw the sphere. They got out binoculars to see it better and magnified it was silver and a sphere. It was probably a little smaller than a jet flying at about 40,000 feet. This time we didn't see any other objects like we did yesterday flying around it. Then it blinked out and was gone. There was no high cloud cover this time like there was the day before. He states, "I think the odds of seeing this thing twice in two days is really strange. The objects from the day before moved in odd directions around it and changed direction and speed. This main sphere kept the same course during both sightings." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

MT ADAMS -- On July 27, 2004, 12:26 PM, from out of the west up over the mountains, there rose a narrow ghostly beam of white light! Steady and unmoving as it crossed the heavens, I could look directly up overhead and peer into it at the point where it crossed above me. Onward to the east the beam continued, until lost to line of sight. For fifteen or twenty minuets the beam remained focused in a tight narrow band over head. It did not move, nor did it waver in the least. I can only compare it to a gigantic spotlight, this beam was many hundred times larger in diameter. Despite it's stunning size, it was tightly focused for the entire time it remained visible. It did not appear like any Northern lights I have seen or heard about? There was a decent display of northern lights a few hours later.

I have never seen northern lights that maintained such integrity of form for that long of time and crossed the sky from such a Westerly direction. There were no other lights in the sky at the time of this occurrence. This was more as if God's flashlight had been laid across the sky. This was a narrow, and tight band of light that did not diffuse as normal light would do. Something odd that can be added to a list of new and never before seen phenomena that are occurring on nearly a daily basis recently. Friends, there is something, "going down!" .....Something is happening in the heavens

LAKE SUPERIOR - Wyn sent an e-mail to Cliff Mickelson! Last night we watched a 'northern lights' show except they were not off the northern horizon as usual-they were directly overhead, and extending slightly eastward. No color, but bright white, lasting fifteen minutes. In the midst of it, (about 10 minutes in), what appeared to be a 'shooting star with a tail', traversed eastward. Previous to this, but long after sundown, the horizon to the South, west and north of us had a slight purplish hue and the moon was pinkish yellow (moon is still hard to look at-it seems to continually shimmer). We live on the west end of Lake Superior, MN to give you an idea of location for this phenomenon CliffMickelson.

Canada – Discs and a Flying Triangle

SOUTHWEST EDMONTON, ALBERTA – On July 28, 2004, a security guard was at work on shift at about 1:30 AM, walking outside the building and saw an odd disc object in the west sky with violent flashing red and yellow lights. It hovered in the same spot for about ten minutes. Then it would start to move violently left to right up and down and diagonally like it was shaking. This continued on for about another 30 minutes. The guard went back inside and completed some work and went back out for another look. The guard states, "Now I saw eight discs stretched across the sky doing the exact same thing." I started to get a bit curious and I went to the front of the building for a look. I saw two more but these were a lot closer and lower than the other ones. One started to get really close and was about 5 to 10 km away and roughly 100 feet in the air. It was moving west and getting lower and lower. It went behind a small hill and it looked like it could of landed. At this point I was a bit nervous and notified the police. By the time they arrived the sky was getting light and you couldn't see much. Thanks to Brian Vike

QUEBEC -- The person reports, "Something happened again during the night of July 2, 2004. I must confess that I am getting really tired of this and scared. Mostly I don't understand what's happening. I am sending you two pictures that I took with my digital camera. Zoom on the lower part and you'll see a triangle almost identical to the mark I find on my arm from time to time. The other picture shows two unidentified objects, greenish in color and facing each other. I took these pictures around 4 o'clock in the morning. I was mesmerized by the sky on that night, at that time. I was glued to the window without knowing exactly why. I fell asleep suddenly in the living room after taking the pictures. And again I felt something abnormal happened to me. Brian Vike writes, "This person has had ongoing close encounters on previous occasions." Thanks to Brian Vike,

REDCLIFF, ALBERTA – Two brothers were sitting out on the deck of their Dad's old farmhouse drinking iced tea on July 8, 2004, when they saw a white beam of light extending downwards into the trees. After about six or seven seconds, the beam seemed to angle and the nose of a blackish triangular thing became visible. Then a thin row of pale lights outlined the bottom of the craft. It seemed to rotate once, so another point was facing our direction and took off in a blink of an eye over us and the house. We raced to the front yard to see if we could still see it, but it was gone. It made little to no noise and left a misty trail. My brother, who has insisted we are "not alone" has had four encounters now....this is the first time I've ever believed him. This is the first time I've ever imagined something like this was possible. It actually drove us apart, and there was a time where we hadn't spoken for over a year. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

UK/England - Triangle of Three Orange Lights

LONDON -- Looking north from Chelsea in Central London on July 29, 2004, at 7:04 PM, the witness reports, "I saw a strange looking bright light as I went to close a window and it was hanging in the air in line with the 30 Street Mary Axe building in the city." I am familiar with the daily and nightly flow of helicopters and planes in this area, and this light did not look like any normal air traffic. I have lived in the same place for over 15 years, and I know the sky here. This light was motionless and oddly colored, without strobes. I grabbed my telescope and at full magnification, it appeared to have three lobes in an equilateral triangle configuration, each one being an orange color. The three lights dimmed to nothing. The whole event lasted five minutes for me.

He adds, "From where I was observing, it was ten degrees above the horizon. As for its size, all that I can say is that I distinctly saw three lobes at maximum magnification, which is 60X on a Bauch & Lomb Discoverer Zoom Telescope." The sky had broken cloud cover, and there were no stars visible to me at the time. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

KNEBWORTH -- English crop circle has UFO in the background.

Photo by Steve Alexander - There appears to be two disc shaped objects in the photos. UFOS are frequently seen near crop circles. Meteroite dust is often located within the crop circle and within UFO landing sites indicating a strong relationship of the two phenomena.


Malaysia - Star Shape Moving Object

KUALA LUMPUR – The witness reports seeing a blinking star shaped object moving at high speed in a straight line. After five seconds it was blocked from view by heavy clouds at 8:28 PM, on July 24, 2004. The object resemble a star, but it was not a meteorite. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Solomon Islands – UFOs

In the June-July issue of NEXUS Magazine, Sri Ramon Jun Quitales II wrote a `Letter to the Editor' about, "could anyone provide information of the UFO activity on Makira Island." Other people living on Solomon Islands have reported heavy UFO activity and sighting unusually large people wearing grey uniforms. The UFOs are flat string-ray type craft with large round lights on the bottom. They reportedly dive in and out of the water over known deep areas of lagoons. Thanks to Skywatch International

New Zealand – Egg Shaped Craft

In the afternoon of July 21, 2004, the observer was looking up in the sky and saw a disc shaped craft flying over. Later that night at 1130 PM, he was looking through a telescope and saw a bright cream colored light. He and his friend looked out and saw a hovering disc shaped craft with rock like projectiles on the outside surface. They saw a Neon blue beam shine into their paddock. They ran out into the paddock. He states, "Then the rocks started falling, so we ran back to the house and then there was a big flash then that's all I remember about that night. The next morning, I went out to check up on the calves and there were slaughtered heifers scattered on the ground." The craft made a sound like a chainsaw cutting through a log. and it gave a magnetic effect on all metals in a 100 meter vicinity including our barbed wire fence. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


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