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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 19, 2004

George Filer:
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UFOs Seen in Space

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists. Two UFOs Seen During ISS Spacewalk, Mars - Cathedral, New York - Giant Flying Wing, New Jersey- Neon-Blue Disk, Pennsylvania - Disk, North Carolina - Formation, Florida - Flying Triangle, Tennessee - Pulsating light, Michigan - Beam of Light, Missouri - Fifty Mechanical Devices, New Mexico -- Silver Sphere, California - Disk and Diamond, Washington - Flying Triangle, Canada - Circle Inside "Smoke Ring" Cloud, UK/Scotland - Rectangular Shaped Object, UK/England - Glowing Object, Crop Circles Flourish In UK, Canada and Poland, Russian Scientists Alien 'Discovery' Excites, Australia - Three Ovals, and Wreckage of a Saucer and Small Bodies at Wright Paterson Air Force Base.

Two UFOs Seen During ISS Spacewalk

An EVA (spacewalk) was carried out from ISS (International Space Station) in the wee hours of 3 August 2004 for the purpose of changing out experiments, and modifying the docking facilities on the aft end of the Zvezda Service Module. This was the third EVA for the Expedition 9 crew. The spacewalk lasted some 4½ hours, but only 12 minutes and 24 seconds of this were of the space crew at work. During this short downlink, two UFOs were seen, one traveling at a 45 degree angle in relation to the ISS, and another almost two minutes later moving horizontally to the station. Just a few moments later, the live feed was cut off, and never restored. Two still frames depicting the UFOs can be seen here. For a more exhaustive report on this EVA, use this link.

    More on the mission here.

First UFO Still frame #1

Second UFO Still frame #3

Thanks to © 2004 Jeff Challender - Director Project P.R.O.V.E.

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Mars - Cathedral

Norman Bryden writes, "Here is a better image for you to look at. If you look closely and follow each line, you can see many structures and buildings. There also seems to be an overpass structure to the far left, indicated by the dark straight band. Follow the road like structure, from the intersection and move to the top center and a cathedral like structure with white domes is apparent.

Thanks to Norman Bryden.


New York - Giant Flying Wing

HUDSON RIVER -- Architect Laurence Owen called to report that he and his wife and had seen a giant flying wing craft hovering above the Hudson River on August 12, 2004. The architect, his wife and a friend were riding in a cab driving down the West River Drive looking towards New Jersey near the former World Trade Center at 8:45 PM, when they noticed several commercial aircraft heading towards the New York Airports flying at several thousand feet altitude. A huge V shaped craft was just hovering above the Hudson River as the aircraft flew by. The V-shaped craft was at least twice as big as the commercial aircraft and had six or eight lights on its rear perimeter inside the V. There were also two lights on the front of the large object. Laurence held his arm up and the thumb on his outstretched hand covered the huge craft. The craft was hovering near the World Trade Center Site, but over the water. They saw the craft for two minutes until it went behind a building and disappeared. Phone interview.


Marian Yancey, Field Investigator writes, "On Saturday evening, August 7, 2004, we were at a party and saw a neighbor let go of three or four balloons that we saw gaining altitude at 7:45 PM." They were silver-like those metallic balloons. But, then I saw three yellow lights in formation moving through the clouds. Well, the clouds broke up there was no body to the "plane"-- just the lights right there in the daylight sky (it was still light out). I thought of balloons tied together but these lights did not bob like balloon and the angle was wrong for the sun to reflect on them to cause them to glow.

It was in a patch of sky above a house on 115th Street right off Lefferts Boulevard. The lights were high in the sky, and glowed a golden yellow color and resembled the lights one would see on an airplane except they were the wrong color. They even had a similar type of relationship to one another -- one at the leading edge and two behind and slightly outward on either side of the leading light. Thanks to Marian Yancey, Arkansas Field Investigator

[Comment from Marian Yancey: The posting reads as though the experience was mine, but it was not. The report came to me from a fifty-something-year-old female resident of Queens whose occupation at that time was Editor. Her name was withheld at her request.]

New Jersey- Neon-Blue Disk

CAPE MAY - On August 3, 2004, a married couple was sitting on the beach while on vacation at the southern tip of New Jersey when they saw a neon-blue disk with many lights on the bottom. The wife reports, "My husband and I were talking when I caught sight of a neon-blue disk at 10:30 PM, which looked like a child's sand sifter with thousands of holes which were illuminated with white light. It passed by extremely fast and disappeared behind what could have been a cloud, but there were none out that evening. The sky was clear and full of stars. The craft was relative to the size of a full moon. I did not hear any sound with seeing the object. About ten minutes later, I saw a shooting star and in comparison, this did not even come close. It was definitely too fast to be an airplane and the neon-blue/lights as well as fact that it disappeared made me frightened at first, but then curious so I sat there for another half an hour hoping to see something else. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

SOUTH PLAINFIELD - A small black cone was spotted floating over a shopping center at 11 PM on July 29, 2004. The small black cone with point down was suspended in the air. The object was positioned a couple hundred feet in the air over Middlesex Mall. The cone was small and featureless, without lights, etc, and was probably too small to hold a human sized passenger. On the bottom of the cone was a small mass which tapered downward. The cone was absolutely still and made no sounds. I could see a small aircraft in the distance beyond the cone which was turning toward the cone in my line of sight. By the time the observer turned around in traffic the cone had disappeared entirely. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Pennsylvania - Disk

ALLENTOWN - The witnesses were at Dorney Park on July 29, 2004; and at 4 PM, took photos of a helicopter flying by with their digital camera. Later, when we looked at the photo there was a disc like object next to the helicopter. The witness claims, "Prior to taking the picture even while taken it I saw nothing except the copter, but it is in the picture." After viewing the picture of the helicopter, we saw a disc shaped object next to the copter. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Carolina - Formation

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH - Three to four objects were seen moving around each other for over an hour over the beach on August 1, 2004 at 3:30 AM. There were three objects and sometimes a fourth object joins them. There were dancing lights in basically a triangle pattern. They move and pulse dimming and/or moving to and away. One was white, one bluish-white which is the smallest shifted to red at times, one bright yellow (the largest) shifting to soft yellow-white and fades to more blue but the full moon affects its color changes as if it is reflecting moonlight. This one has a specific shape to it like a five pointed star. A fourth one shows up every now and then appears like a tiny red dot that darts forward and away. The triangle pattern seems to rotate around itself mainly clockwise. At 4:50 AM, they are in more of a line pattern and nearly 90 degrees overhead. There were thunderheads overhead sprinkles of rain the whole time. The formation of them changes and rotates and has been going on the whole hour and a half at this point. These are bright enough to often show through the thunderheads. At 4:58 AM, they flew back to 60 degrees up. Lights are still here but I am heading back since I am starting to get really rained on. Objects still darting and shifting brightness. Objects seem to be unaffected by the weather. I am a Christian and having trouble explaining what I am looking at. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Florida - Flying Triangle

VERO BEACH -- A bright white sphere of light 45 degrees from horizon changing into three smaller lights when closer to the ground was observed on July 29, 2004. The light was too large and close to be a star at 8:30 PM. The light hovered above and returned to the bridge in the opposite direction. Twenty minutes later I saw a similar bright white light moving and then dim. After ten minutes I heard a noise from behind, and saw a boomerang shaped triangle shadowed by three circular lights. Turning around we witnessed a swarm of these objects flying very close to the ground. They were too large to be flying so close together. The swarm of these objects was what was in the farther distance 10 minutes prior to the incident.

Ohio - Dark Disk

Fostoria --George Ritter has captured multiple images have been taken over this area that may indicate and underground base. Below is the image of a dark disc over a nearby farm heading towards Lake Eire and Ontario, Canada on August 6, 2004.

BRAMPTON, Ontario, Canada - A round object changing shape and speed made an S turn - rapidly accelerated out of sight on August 6, 2004, at 8:20 PM

Round object was visible through light cloud cover approaching at high speed. It's trajectory was directly behind a large commercial aircraft that had caught my attention. As it passed above me, where the sky was clear, craft rapidly de-cellerated at the same time changing shape (2 curved points appeared at opposite sides of craft during de-celleration). The craft made an S turn starting with a turn right, then left, then right again. As it made this last right turn, it rapidly accelerated out of sight travelling west. The craft itself was lit up and the light emitted remained constant even as the shape and speed were changing.Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Michigan - Beam of Light

Don Ware writes, "Between 10 and 11 PM on 16 July 04 while looking for Long-eared Owls in Upper Michigan I observed a bright distinct beam of light high to the north aligned with a 170 degree vector. It appeared to drift to the east, but it was imbedded in a faint veil of the aurora borealis. A report in your recent files reminded me of this observation.

Thanks to Don Ware,,

Tennessee - Pulsating light

BAXTER -- MUFON State Director, Kim Shaffer received a call that a married couple had witnessed a strange object at about 8:30 PM, on August 9, 2004. They were sitting on their deck enjoying the twilight when to their due south, they saw a star like object rising from the horizon. This object was very bright, several times brighter than Venus at its greatest magnitude. The witnesses are familiar with astronomical objects. As the object rose to about 45 degrees, it pulsated very brightly then held position for about ten minutes when it suddenly took off westward at very high speed and disappeared. I find this sighting interesting because these witnesses are intelligent, educated people who have never seen any such object previously. Thanks to Kim Shaffer MUFON TN State Director

Missouri - Fifty Mechanical Devices in Sky.

JOPLIN - A 37 year old Engineering Technician with a consulting engineering firm with degrees in CADD and Management and in an MBA program reports, "During my daughter's 14th birthday party on July 31, 2004, my wife (36), kids (14, 9, 5), mother (73) and friends were outside when my wife came in to ask me to go out and tell her what something was." My 9 year old son had spotted some white spots in the sky at 6:15 PM. When I first saw the spots, they were very small and I only saw two or three. They looked to be at a very high altitude. As I scanned the sky, I saw at least 50 of the spots overhead. I ran in to get some binoculars and then observed them. They appeared to have white mushrooms on the top and bottom, connected by a dark cylinder and the mushrooms were spinning. They were not in a recognizable formation, but seemed to be equidistance from each other, randomly scattered. As they moved from east to west, they were obscured by some very high, wispy clouds. After all were no longer visible, there was one larger (or at lower altitude) device that seemed to move away, then it too disappeared from sight. The local police had no reports of this and the local news station is investigating. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Mexico -- Silver Sphere

ALBUQUERQUE -- At 2 PM, on August 3, 2004, a couple and their friend were driving east of Albuquerque on Highway 40, when they witnessed a shiny silver sphere fly over a mountain top at a high rate of speed. The observer states, "It then came to a complete stop, hovered a few seconds and then seemed to float away from our position into a cloud partially concealing itself." It then reappeared on the other side of the cloud to our left, hovered, then disappeared from sight. At the time of the sighting we were driving in our vehicle and captured the entire incident on a digital camcorder. Played back in slow motion, aircraft, weather balloons and stars can be ruled out. It was early afternoon, a few clouds and blue skies. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Mexico - Governor rekindles Roswell

Ten years after the U.S. Air Force closed its books on the claim that a UFO crashed in Roswell, N.M., in 1947, a top Democratic Party figure wants to reopen the investigation into the cosmic legend. Despite denials by federal officials, many UFO buffs cherish the notion that in early summer of 1947, a flying saucer crashed in rural Roswell, scattering alien bodies and saucer debris across the terrain. Now Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who chaired the recent Democratic convention in Boston, says in his foreword to a new book that "the mystery surrounding this crash has never been adequately explained -- not by independent investigators, and not by the U.S. government. ... There are as many theories as there are official explanations. "Clearly, it would help everyone if the U.S. government disclosed everything it knows," says Richardson, who served as Energy secretary under President Bill Clinton. "The American people can handle the truth -- no matter how bizarre or mundane. ... With full disclosure and our best scientific investigation, we should be able to find out what happened on that fateful day in July 1947." The passage appears in a paperback titled "The Roswell Dig Diaries," published in collaboration with TV's SciFi Channel by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. The "dig" of the title refers to an archaeological dig at the supposed crash site. Snip

California - Disk and Diamond

MOJAVE - The witness reports a bright light from the west came close within a few feet then shot into hyper speed to the north at 2:30 AM, on July 27, 2004. He states, "I was in my backyard when I saw, a diamond shaped dark/faintly lighted object coming out of the sky towards me." When I noticed the craft it was on the side of the brick wall where I was standing. When it came within five feet of me it started to slow down. I thought it could maybe be someone playing with a flashlight on a bicycle, but when I looked over the brick wall, I saw only the light and nothing else that could be causing the strange glowing object. Then, it took off quickly in a northern direction. Fifteen to twenty minutes later, I went into a hypnotic trance and my memory became impaired for about 6 to 7 hours.

PALM SPRINGS - The observer saw a bright object in the western sky over the San Jacinto Mts. shoot a colored orb from its body at 5:00 AM, on July 28, 2004.The object has been observed for the past several days. It only appears sometime between 3:00 and 5:00 AM. At this time I also observed two colored orbs that pulsated green, red, and blue. They were very visible through my binoculars and they appeared to be circular or saucer shape. I lowered my binoculars and watched the sky, from the bright light orb shot a colored orb. I woke up my husband, who used the binoculars and saw the colored orbs as well. Three more orbs approached (smaller than the two already in sight) and lined up vertically between the two larger colored orbs. As I watched, the large white orb slowly ascended higher into the sky as well as the colored orbs. I know they are ascending slowly because the mountains are my scale, they appear initially just over the mountain and as the hour goes by, they slowly ascend upwards until they disappear into the sky. I think that what I am witnessing is very unusual and warrants further investigation. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington - Flying Triangle

SEATTLE -- On July 30, 2004, four yellow-orange lights in a triangular form were observed flying southwest at 10:50 PM. They made no noise. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Canada - Circle Inside "Smoke Ring" Cloud

SASKATOON - The witness was outside working with his notebook computer as thunderclouds started building on July 30, 2004. He states, "I leaned back at 12:30 PM and looked straight up into the sky and directly overhead, there was a smoke ring, about the size of my thumbnail held at arm's length. It was perfectly circular and appeared to be swirling inward on itself. In the center of the smoke ring was a gray dot or small circle. At first, the dot was almost as large as the area inside the smoke ring, about the size of a fingernail at arm's length. Over the next several seconds, the gray dot appeared to get smaller, and then disappeared. The smoke ring remained, but gradually dissipated. Thanks to Brian Vike

PORT COLBORNE -- On August 1, 2004, the witness who has twenty years of investigative/security background, and served as a military policeman reports a strange cigar shaped object with rectangular wings moving slowly at low altitude at 5:45 PM. The wings were longer than the body of craft (individually longer) and the wings were wider than the width of the craft. It looked much like a satellite with the traditional solar panel. The body of the craft was white with the center appearing darker. Wings also appeared white but difficult to judge because it was reflecting the sun's light as it flew northwest. It flew slower than a Beech craft-type but faster than a blimp. Thanks to Brian Vike

Mexico --Another UFO Reported

PROGRESO. Members of the Centro de Anãlisis de Fenãmenos Espaciales (Space Phenomena Analysis Center) have pointed out that cases involving people who claim having seen unidentified flying objects are fairly common in the Yucatan Peninsula, but they are never widely known due to a lack of diffusion. Cindy Martãnez Sãnchez, a partner with this statewide organization, reports that the phenomenon was seen two nights ago not only over Ticul, but also over Progreso.

Many residents of the Vicente Guerrero neighborhood were witnesses to a mysterious cloud with a light that appeared and vanished in the southern reaches of the port, she says. The sighting lasted some five hours. Thanks to. Scott Corrales, Translation (c) 2004

Brazil - UFO on Phone Camera

SAO PAULO -- The Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports, "On Tuesday, August 3, 2004, "three men were driving on the Anhanguera Highway" in Brazil's state of Sao Paulo "when they saw something unusual over a field. They stopped the car, and two of the men jumped over the fence to get a little closer." "One of them had a modern cell phone with him, and he took a photo of a strange, cylinder-like, silver object hovering a few meters above the ground." Under the object, which remained hovering for 30 minutes and emitted a sound that sounded like 'several engines working together, some dust could be seen lifting into the air." "The witnesses do not want to be identified." (Revista UFO for August 2004. Thanks To UFO ROUNDUP Vol 9, # 33 August 18, 2004 Editor: Joseph Trainor

UK/Scotland - Rectangular Shaped Object

GLASGOW - The witness claims an extremely frightening experience as he walked in Paisley with his dog near the Glasgow airport on July 27, 2004, when he saw an object flash for about a minute along the sky, This was an extremely large, completely silent rectangular object with its corners cut round like a playing card at 9:10 PM. It was white with very bright white patches which seemed to move across it's surface as if torch beams were being aimed onto it. It flew about 20 feet to the west, then another twenty and then it was gone. It wasn't a constant motion, it was like blinking. I'm usually a rational person and have never believed in anything like alien life, but after thinking about this for a couple of hours I can't put any explanation to it. It was so close to me and so large. Tonight I'm not going to sleep, too scared. I know this thing wasn't anything man made, the material it was made of looked like skin, its still vivid in my minds eye. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

UK/England - Glowing Object

BRISTOL - The family was having a barbecue in the back garden on a lovely warm evening with a very clear sky and sat down to eat a burger and looked up to see something unusual overhead on July 31, 2004. It was a glowing object quite high in the sky and moving slowly in an easterly direction. It had the shape of a coke can that was standing on end and glowed very brightly. I then pointed it out to the rest of my family, who then all just gazed into the sky at this strange object, while I darted into the house to get my camcorder. Upon returning only to find the film had run out and had to run back in for another. I fed it into the camera and recorded about forty-three seconds of this object going into the distance, and can clearly see the shape and the glow of this object. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Russian astronaut saw UFO in spaceship porthole

Pravda reports, "Astronaut says he does not believe other astronauts when they say they have never seen anything unusual in space Soviet astronaut, USSR Hero Vladimir Kovalenok spent 217 days of his life living in space. The astronaut does not exclude the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. "When I was working at the Salyut orbital station, I saw something strange in a porthole one day. The object was the size of a finger. I was surprised to see it was an orbiting object," Kovalenko said at the press conference in Moscow on Friday. [Unable to display image] The astronaut added he called his partner Viktor Savinykh to take a look at the unidentified object in space. "It was hard to determine the size and the speed of an object in space. That is why I can not say exactly, which size it actually was. Savinykh prepared to take a picture of it, but the UFO suddenly exploded. Only clouds of smoke were left. The object split into two interconnected pieces. It was reminiscent of a dumb-bell. I reported about it to the Mission Control immediately," the astronaut said. Vladimir Kovalenok said they had not managed to photograph the object, Interfax reports. "The Soviet press headlined the event widely. Soviet newspapers and magazines published a lot of articles and messages about it, but they were mostly critical articles. Journalists excluded the existence of the extraterrestrial reason," Kovalenok was quoted as saying. The astronaut said nobody knows, what happened that day, when he saw the strange object in space. "It was probably a UFO, but it was definitely not mysticism - two people watched it at the same time," said he. When on Earth, Kovalenok learned specialists had registered considerable radiation emission the day the astronaut saw the object. "I do not believe it when astronauts say they have never seen anything extraordinary in space," concluded Kovalenok.

Russian Scientists Alien 'Discovery' Excites

"Russian scientists claim to have discovered the wreck of an alien device at the site of an unexplained explosion in Siberia almost 100 years ago, the Interfax news agency has reported. The scientists, who belong to the Tunguska space phenomenon public state fund, said they found the remains of an extra-terrestrial device that allegedly crashed near the Tunguska River in Siberia in 1908. They also claim to have discovered a 50 kilogram rock which they have sent to the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk for analysis. The blast in Tunguska, a desolate part of Siberia, remains one of the 20th century's biggest scientific mysteries.

On June 30, 1908, what is widely believed to be a meteorite exploded a few kilometers above the Tunguska River, in a blast that was felt hundreds of kilometers away and devastated more than 2,000 square kilometers of Siberian forest.

But the exact nature of the body that exploded and its origin remain a mystery which has spurred countless theories and controversies.

--AFP The head of the expedition Yuri Lavbin told MosNews on Tuesday that the researchers had traced the possible trajectory of the space object, but this time they counted that it ran from west to east, unlike the member's previous missions who thought that the object had flown east to west.
The new approach allowed the expedition members to find a buried object covered with trees.

The object appeared to be a large block made with metal. The researchers chipped a piece of the object and will now test its composition. In his further comment to MosNews, Lavbin noted that according to his calculations, the mass of the space object that collided with the Earth in 1908 amounted to almost 1 billion tons and the blast on impact must have destroyed the humanity. The fact that it did not happen testifies to the theory that the Tunguska event was an explosion of an artificial object at an altitude of about 10 kilometers. "I am fully confident and I can make an official statement that we were saved by some forces of a superior civilization," the scientist said. "They exploded this enormous meteorite that headed towards us with enormous speed," he said. Now this great object that caused the meteorite to explode is found at last. We will continue our research, he said. Snip

Editor's Note: Many scientists have questioned this report and alleged findings. We will try to keep you up to date on what happened at Tungusta.

Australia - Three Ovals and Ball of Fire

SYDNEY -- On August 1, 2004, at 12:30 PM, the witness saw three strange black craft in the sky, flying at 300 kilometers per hour. There were two small ones and one big one. The biggest moved upward but did not turn at an angle. They were flying at a steady rate to the southeast, so the witness drove up the road for a better look but when he got there they were gone

SYDNEY -- A 60 year old professional male had been out to dinner with some friends and was driving home at around 1 AM, he noticed an orange/reddish ball of fire at about 15 degrees above the horizon and about 2000 feet away. He states, "It was coming towards my direction, but at a parallel line and was then joined by a second ball of similar size and shape." At first I thought it was the afterburners of a low flying military aircraft, but there were no other lights and I stopped my car and got out to obtain an uninterrupted look. The lights moved from right to left and in a northerly direction. They stopped and hung in the sky for about two minutes and then moved upwards and to the left or right. The one on the left then moved to a higher altitude approximately 1-2 mile high and then moved away at such a great speed that it was clear that nothing we (ordinary mortals) know of as being made by us. "I immediately made a call to the Sunday Telegraph Newspaper and reported the incident. They were defiantly not fire balls or swamp gas, they were objects being controlled by some sort of intelligence," he stated.

Wreckage of a Saucer and Small Bodies

WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE - An Air Force Policeman writes, "In 1968, while I was fulfilling my Air Force duty as an Air Policeman at the time I met two Air Force Policeman who had been newly transferred from Wright Patterson AFB, to Hickam Air Force Base." When I asked these new guys why they had been reassigned?" I was shocked to hear their answers. According to both of these persons, they had been guards outside a top secret aircraft hanger, and instructed never to enter inside. Yet one night they both decided to enter and check it out, inside they found themselves staring at the wreckage of a saucer type of craft, and some small bodies lay side by side. A Government civilian contractor entered the hanger after them. Shortly thereafter they were reduced in rank, and transferred to Hickam Air Force Base. The story stayed with me, and I believe it to this day. When they told me the story, I think they were still in shock from their experience. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Saturn's rings

R David Anderson writes, The image shows an anomaly above Saturn taken by the cassini-huygens satelite N00008393.jpg was taken on July 30, 2004. The camera was pointing toward SATURN at approximately 7,526,909 kilometers away, and the image was taken using the CL1 and UV3 filters. This image has not been validated or calibrated. A validated/calibrated image will be archived with the NASA Planetary Data System in 2005. These objects are moving at a high rate of speed estimated at 100,000 mph causing the blur.


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