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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 22, 2004

George Filer:
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Anomalies in Space

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space as reported each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and my hypothesis is that the over a hundred UFO reports each week represent factual UFO sightings in our skies. This week an enormous sea was found on Mars, Millions of Blueberries, along with new anomalies that appear to be structures. UFOs were seen over Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Illinois, Colorado, Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Argentina, UK, and Australia. Strange illuminated objects above Saturn.

Mars - Large Sea Near NASA Rover Landing Site

Spacecraft observations of the landing area for one of NASA's two Mars rovers now indicate there likely was an enormous sea or lake covering the region in the past, according to a new University of Colorado at Boulder study. Research Associate Brian Hynek of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics said data from the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey spacecraft now show that the region surrounding the Opportunity rover's landing site probably had a body of water at least 330,000 square kilometers, or 127,000 square miles. That would make the ancient sea larger in surface area than all the Great Lakes combined, or comparable to Europe's Baltic Sea. NASA has also confirmed multiple lines of water vapor and methane on Mars indicating that the chance for life is much greater.

Thanks to: Gary Gene Ford - http/

Mars - Evidence of Geysers and Flowing Water

Sir Charles W. Shults III reports, "While data from Opportunity, Sol 183 has been slow in arriving, enough has finally arrived to create a very good image of a typical Martian geyser or periodic spring." While most data arrives within a few sols of acquisition, this is now past Sol 200 (21-Aug-2004 on Earth as of this writing) and some images are just being released.

The only image data there is to work with is from L2, L5, and R1. This is a left infrared image, a left green, and a right violet. Altogether, this is not much, but I have been able to assemble the following false color image and stereo view from those three frames. Note that these are false color and are not implied to be realistic. They are the best that can be done with the data that exists, and are merely an approximation. The top left of the stone slab shows a deep depressed slot outlining the stone. The sand around it is extremely clean and all debris is missing from the area. This is one of the signs of sand that has been washed and then vacuum dried.

The water emerged, sluiced through the sand, some ran back down into the slot, and the thin air vacuum dried the sand. By contrast, to the upper right we can see where the spherules have gone. They have washed over to the other side of the slab. Notice how concentrated they are.

In this magnified view, we see the slot (which is more like a periodic spring than a geyser fumarole) and the results of water flow. Notice how the sand is "cleaned" and has no spherules or small particles. All the small particles have been washed over to the upper right area of the image. The spherules have also been sorted by water flow and are much more dense in the right of the image, just above the rock slab edge.

Now look at the slab itself- there are patches washed clean most likely by the splattering of water. See how patchy the sand is on top of the rock slab? And also take note of the absence of spherules in those areas. Some agent has aggressively washed specific portions of the rock slab clean. Finally, notice the rippled character of the sand inside the slot itself. This is caused by the movement of water.

Mars - Blueberries

Both Mars Rover's are taking images of millions of blueberry like objects every where they go. The above website claims these are fossilized invertebrate sea urchins. The website claims "Examination of the rock and material around Eagle Crater and Endurance Crater shows other, far more advanced life forms as well, including trilobites, squids, eurypterids, crinoids, and other ancient species." Both Mars Rover's are taking images of millions of blueberry like objects every where they go. The above website claims these are fossilized invertebrate sea urchins. The website claims "Examination of the rock and material around Eagle Crater and Endurance Crater shows other, far more advanced life forms as well, including trilobites, squids, eurypterids, crinoids, and other ancient species."

Dr. AK Johnstone writes, "After scanning the website, I offer the following comments. In my opinion, Mars "Blueberries" are not fossilized invertebrate sea urchins. The smallest known "adult form" echinoderm (any species) (sea urchins are classified as echinoderms), is one half inch in diameter. That is twelve times the size of a "blueberry".

Embryonic urchins are free swimming larva dissimilar in appearance to the sedentary "adult form."

Stromatolites are layered, mineralized, filamentous or globular archaebacteria that grew on the floor of an ancient sea in the Precambrian Era, about 3.5 billion years ago. Some were iron depositing in their biochemistry. Cyanobacteria followed and evolved about 2.5 billion years ago, with a different biochemistry, creating an oxygen atmosphere. They too formed stromatolite fossils in shallow seas. These bacteria were non-nucleated, single celled Prokaryotes that were dominant in the Precambrian before a 20% oxygen atmosphere existed. Cyanobacteria created the environment necessary for multicellular organisms to exist.

I remain convinced that the Mars "Blueberries" are fossilized Cyanobacteria (also known as blue green algae) in an inclusion layer of mineralized sediment that can be sectioned and observed. Thanks to Dr. Annamarie Johnson

NASA - Claims Blueberries Are Hermatite

Leonard David says, "NASA scientists surmise the blueberries are concretions of material dissolved in the water that soaked through the rocks of an outcrop near the rover. Over time that material built up into the round, gray objects dubbed blueberries, some of which remained embedded in the rock while others weathered out and onto the Martian floor. The Rover Opportunity ultimately examined a group of blueberries that had weathered out of its sedimentary prison and collected in an area called the "Berry Bowl." The grouping allowed the rover a large enough sample area to use its iron-sniffing Mössbauer spectrometer, as well as its miniature thermal emission and alpha particle X-ray spectrometers. By studying a berry-rich area in the "Berry Bowl" as a whole, then a berry-free patch nearby, scientists were able to filter out sedimentary material until they were left with a strong hematite reading from the "blueberries."

Editor's Note: We have three respected scientists who identify the Blueberries on Mars differently. Fossilized Cyanobacteria, fossilized sea urchins or a type of mineral deposit.

Mars - Structural Anomalies

Norman Breyden writes, "In this area of the Mars Global Surveyor image of what appears to be a Martian City there are at least two structures of interest." On the far right there is a darker band area where the first structure is found. Located near the center of the dark band is what appears to be a suspension bridge. The arch supports on both sides over the dark depression can be seen. There is also what looks like a strut structure beyond the right arch wall crossing over the road or track that seems to cross the bridge.

If you follow the road line extending from over the bridge down toward the left bottom corner of the image there appears to be another structure. The out line of this structure is somewhat square and the vertical nature appears to be somewhat pyramidal. The front is triangular and is facing forward parallel to the bottom of the image. In the center of the front face on the bottom edge, if you look carefully you can see what looks to be a rectangular entrance and path leading away curving to the right. On the left corner of triangular face there is another entrance that is larger, and more square in shape. Thanks to Norman Breyden Link to NASA image: Link to Specification Page:

Connecticut - Maneuvering Lights

DURHAM - The witness works third shift and goes outside at night on breaks and with others who work there. They often see strange flying objects and discuss them since it breaks up the night shift. Two people were outside taking their breaks around 1 AM, when they saw a maneuvering light, they called several others outside to watch. It was very bright and dropping down with a red glow at the top. It moved to the left and right, sideways but mostly down and away behind the tree line. It was like looking at the sun it was that bright. It didn't have a shape as much as a glow all around it. We all agreed that it was not an airplane. At first we thought a plane might be exploding, but there was no noise and it wasn't falling from the sky as much as moving around and descending. We watched it until it left our view. A short time later, another similar light, but not as bright flew around like the first and disappeared. None of us had ever seen anything like this and we were all joking about aliens. Thanks to Zxdragonflyzx

TORRINGTON - On September 7, 2004, the 50 year old, Quality Assurance Technician saw a very peculiar object 30 degrees above the southeast horizon at 8:30 PM. The amateur astronomer thought it was a very bright 1st magnitude star, but realized it was out of place. This would be in the constellation Capricorn which does not have any bright stars at all. I could see the Great Square of Pegasus to my left, Altair much higher, and Sagittarius low in the sky to my right. This star looked large, about the size of a BB held at arm's length. Then it moved very quickly toward the south and decreased in brightness and faded from view. It also seemed to change from white to bluish, and then slightly green. It appeared to be illuminated from within. At the last before it faded from view, it was very dimly lit and looked like a crystal ball. It looked transparent, like a globe or sphere. From the time it moved quickly till it faded out could have only been a second or two. This quick movement covered 10 degrees of sky and was five times faster than jet airliners. I ran into the house and grabbed a pair of binoculars I keep on a bookcase by the front door for stargazing. I was back out in seconds and searched the area hoping to spot the object but it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Pennsylvania - Rounded Triangle

MOUNT COBB -- On September 10, 2004, about 10:10 PM, the witness saw a bright moving object in the crystal-clear sky and called to his Mother and his two sons to view the light. It was moving near the Big Dipper, and was changing colors, from green to red to dark orange to white as though it was spinning. As we looked at it through binoculars we were able to see the colors clearly. On the top of the object above the rotating colors was a very bright white light. The object was hovering, then it moved to the left and then to the right. It hovered there for a few minutes, then it started to move northwest and climbed higher in the sky. The main color of the object was yellow. The witness reports, "My older son told me it was a rounded triangle shape and we all saw the same thing." A military aircraft was flying northwest, while the object flew southeast. The strange object was much brighter, much bigger, and much higher than the military planes. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Florida - Disappearing Object

BOCA RATON -- The gray object was moving slowly from the east to the west on September 9, 2004, with erratic spurts of speed. The object kept disappearing and appearing in the partly cloudy sky, but it had a distinctive glow or metallic reflection from the sun at 3 PM. It was flying at an altitude lower than planes usually fly. The movement was erratic, at first moving forward like a plane, but then it would reappear further down very fast. The last four minutes of the sighting it was hovering or moving ever so slightly around the clouds. It was orb like and had an intense glow. The light was about two miles away, and 10,000 feet high, and made no sound. It was a silvery color with and intense reflection or internal glow. There were other planes flying in the sky but was similar to this object. The witness states, "We took six minutes of video of it on a Sony digital handicam." Thanks to: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Illinois - Abduction

CARLYLE LAKE, KEYSPORT -- Paul Lawson writes, "I found the article in Filer's Files #38 on Earthling Shape Shifters interesting, since I learned in 1999, that I had been abducted most of my life." During hypnosis of an October 28, 1999, abduction I was out boating on Carlyle Lake. I remembered the flight from the lake to the craft and getting a good view of our town from the air, and going through the floor of the UFO. The boat gradually moved over me and went through the bottom of the craft before I did. I did not get a good look of the UFO as I was concentrating on my boat and other possessions as we were brought through the floor. The next thing I recalled is standing inside the craft and seeing an examination table which was on a pedestal that almost reached the edge of the table. It was molded into the floor. There was some kind of structure over the table that looked like a light or some instruments. The room was rounded and I was guided to the table by a small gray. I remember getting up on the table as if I had done it before. At that moment, I discovered that my clothes were gone. Shortly there after a larger gray came up and put his face into mine and I felt he was sucking the memory out of me. I was okay afterward and left alone. I then tried to get to my clothes, but wound up back on the table. After I received some kind of examination, I again went to my clothes and the small grays helped me get them on.

The next thing I remember is sitting in the boat and a ramp with a rounded front that opens up. The grays pushed me and the boat out some 750 feet above the northern portion of Carlyle Lake. I did not stay in the boat, but floated out.

Afterwards, I just forgot the whole thing except the position change which was about one quarter of a mile and I was going in another direction. I have been able to determine that there were two abductions and one failed abduction before during the same year and have recalled parts of others with and without hypnosis. Two of the abductions and a failed abduction were recorded on a GPS and saved. Thanks to Paul Lawson

Colorado - Numerous Objects

DENVER --About 4:30 PM, on September 17, 2004, the witness needed a break from the computer and went outside and noticed a contrail to the west that was about six inches long at arm's length. It was high and I couldn't really make out the plane, as the sun was nearby. All of the sudden the contrail went "poof" and disappeared. The white plane then flew overhead and had a military look about it. The witness noticed something round and shiny approaching closely from the north at fairly low altitude. This ball seemed to turning over and over, I am not sure if it was a ball or a disk. As it rolled around it would flash light from the western sun. It passed directly over head and then one at a time two more appeared. The three balls appeared to be playing with each other, changing directions many times. I was entertained for about five minutes as they flew and were just rolling about. That is why I am not sure of the exact shape. But it was delightful to watch. Thanks to: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Utah - Zion National Park UFO

This is the BEST legitimate UFO picture I have ever seen. You can clearly make out that this is a saucer. My friend, Dale, who took this picture told me that he didn't even think it was anything other than a bird until he enlarged the picture but it is really something else. Thanks to Jon Barton Shields and Skywatch-International Web

California - Flying Triangle

MUFON LOS ANGELES reports - On September 10, 2004, many witnesses saw a UFO, but we were unable to get a video. Luckily it came back September 11th, 2004, and they obtained a very detailed video of the UFO. They report, "We even saw what appeared to be US Military jets surrounding a bright orange glowing object, that seemed to turn into a triangle with various blinking lights." As it was traveling east we could tell the smaller crafts were jets because of the enormous speed they used to catch up to the craft. Everything we could possibly catch and see with the camera is recorded from the top of a neighbor's roof. This all happened over the downtown Los Angeles skyline where the object didn't leave for 30 minutes to an hour before those smaller crafts got there. There were many people who witnessed the event.

Oregon - Disc Brilliant Strobing Lights

LINTON -- On two evenings, the September 3rd and 5th, 2004, about 10 PM, my partner was outside and called to me to come out and take a look in the sky. The witness reports, "We used 10 X 50 binoculars to see brilliant strobing lights hovering in the sky. It was a clear night and I framed it in my sight line with the telephone wires and a tree, and it hovered within that space for around half an hour. We were looking across the Willamette River, and saw it hover and shift position, tilting from horizontal to a vertical position, then rotating slowly enough to see the underside, then flatten out to horizontal again. We distinctly saw four colors of lights -- red, white, green and blue, but not all at the same time. They flashed and rotated around the edges. I wondered at the time if this was one of "ours," some advanced technology being tested out here. There were airliners taking off from Portland Airport, and they must have seen this object. On the second sighting, our two friends joined us outside to see it as well. Thanks to: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Washington - Long Narrow Triangle

SPOKANE -- I was leaving my home by car with my son Two witnesses were headed west at 7 PM, on September 7, 2004, as the sun was setting when they noticed an object very bright above the horizon about half the size of the moon. It looked like a jet with a very short contrail heading north at an odd angle toward the ground. The Mother and her son kept watching the hovering object. It was brighter and more colorful than the few clouds lit by the sunset. We watched it for about eight minutes until it was out of sight behind some trees. I wish I had pulled over to observe it at the time. When I saw the story on this morning titled "Portland Oregon Bright Strobing Object Video " I realized it was the same object we saw! Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

Canada - UFOs and Abductions

ELGIN, NEW BRUNSWICK - On September 8, 2004, the witness was looking out his large 2nd story bedroom window when he saw several very slow moving mainly red and an occasional white flashing light on some indiscernibly shaped object. It moved silently along flying just above the tree tops of the mountain for two minutes and then disappeared on the other side of the mountain. It reappeared and flew over the tree line again and repeated the pattern of flight for maybe five minutes. Flying northwest it disappeared over mountain. The lights were flashing in a way that the witness thought it was a rescue mission, but in four minutes it only flew over about one-third of the mountain. Later I saw what I knew to be airplanes flying in a similar direction, but much higher, I could hear them and the lights didn't look anything like what I had just witnessed earlier. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

BELLEVILLE, Ontario -- On August 24, 2004, at around 2:45 AM, a father and son were watching the late movie when they saw a huge plane landing in the field in back of their house and behind some woods. The craft was huge and had blue, red, green, and yellow flashing lights. They state, "We were dumb founded wondering why such a large plane would be landing back there unless it was in trouble." The witness states, "We ran upstairs to get a better view over the trees and saw the craft rise up real quick and just kind of hover, then bam it shot off to the north and was gone." Fifteen minutes later, a big bright white light appeared further off in the distance and stayed there for a while. Then it started moving to the left and right, then it shot up a ways, sat there, and then bam it too was gone. During the time the large craft was in our sight our satellite television kept screwing up, the picture going all frazzled. When the bright white light appeared our Satellite TV went out again. Thanks to Brian Vike

PRAIRIE, ALBERTA - The witness reports, "On September 5, 2004, at 11:30 PM, my husband and I were sitting on our roof star gazing when I spotted a star moving west." It traveled across the sky and entered a cloud formation and then in seconds came out where it entered after reversing direction and traveled east. The whole event lasted about five minutes. We could only explain it as being a UFO.

A couple of nights later, we had some friends visiting us and were telling them about our experience. They had been camping just outside Dawson Creek when they too had seen a similar event at around the same time.

I really do believe we have seen alien spacecraft, especially since my daughter has started talking about strangers visiting her in her room. She is turning 4 in October, but is very perceptive and has always intrigued me with her abilities to "know and see" things that she shouldn't. I wonder if she is in fact being visited by aliens. A year ago I had a vivid dream and saw a saucer hovering over my neighbor's house and ran for my kids to hide them because I felt we were in danger. About a week later, my daughter came to me and looked deep into my eyes...and said" Mom, you didn't hide in the right place and they found you....I was under the table and they didn't see me." She walked away leaving me shocked and scared. I followed her and asked her questions about what she was talking about and she wouldn't tell me anything else.

My daughter has strange marks on her body and unexplained bruising that often appears on her arms and legs in oblong finger print shapes. Also...very recently...she woke up with sore genitals. I believe her. She has developed various allergies in the past eight months...but never stays allergic to the same thing. I have had all these things checked by a doctor and no answers. I am a very concerned parent because she often has bad dreams about bad guys and bad animals. I have a feeling that there is more to all this then I've been told. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

Argentina - Forest Destroyed by the Mysterious "Fireballs"

USHUAIA, TIERRA DEL FUEGO -- The strange object that fell from the sky a few days ago behind the mountain range of the Martial Glacier, and which was seen by at least a dozen residents of the city of Ushuaia, caused damage to at least 150 square meters of forested area within the National Park, but no visible marks were found on the ground following the impact. Mysterious "fireballs" sheared pastures were found in another area. The most curious detail, which was made known September 18, 2004, yesterday, is that the damage was caused in the upper part of the trees -- some eight meters above the ground -- and that no prints were found on the ground that could serve as evidence for the collision of some strange object. This appeared in a report broadcast by the "Botella al Mar" news portal based on an expedition conducted by two individuals to the alleged "fireball" impact site.

The report mentions Fernando Garcia and Roberto Ceballos, who were in a forested area located behind the Le Martial Glacier and who took photos of the damage inflicted upon some forty uprooted trees, some of them broken in half and others exploded, all of them lying on the ground in a south-north direction." It should be noted that a group of policemen took photos at the site. The pasture areas appear as though having been cut by a lawnmower, and that the imprint of a long trail was left behind, as if an object had been dragged along several meters. Thanks for translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Christian Quintero, Planeta UFO.

UK - Disc

TREHAFOD, SOUTH WALES --When Alison Moore looked into the night sky she wondered if it was a bird, a plane, or even a space ship hovering above her home. The 26-year-old was amazed when she saw what appeared to be a bright disc floating above her house and grabbed her video camera and began filming the "alien ship" in the sky. But astronomers say the mystery object was probably Venus. The object caught Ms.Moore's attention during the night. "I thought it was a shooting star at first because it was so bright," she said.

"But when it didn't disappear, I thought it might have been a satellite so I grabbed my video camera for a closer look because I didn't have binoculars and I knew I could zoom in with the camera. "It was pretty amazing but I couldn't really see how good it was until the next day when I replayed the tapes. "I could not believe my eyes when I looked at them again. "It was really strange, the object kept zipping across the screen and the color changes were absolutely amazing. "I've never believed in things like flying saucers before but after seeing this I've changed my mind." Alison showed the tapes to her uncle, Alfie Passey. "I have always thought that these reports of a flying saucer were bull," he said. "I thought that these things that people had seen was most likely to be a satellite. "But after seeing the tapes of what Alison had seen, I am absolutely convinced that it was a flying saucer." Thanks to BBC.

MIDDLESBROUGH - Eric writes, "I thought you might be interested to hear about a multiple UFO sighting witnessed by myself and my girlfriend on Thursday 16th Sept between 6:30 - 6: 50 PM." Upon looking upwards I almost immediately spotted an unusual object passing almost directly overhead and flying due north. It appeared to be a shiny silverish cylinder, rounded at each end, and with a narrower black 'waistband' about 35-40% along its length. It had no apparent wings and no sound that I was aware of. I'd say it's speed was about 75% of that which you might expect to see a small Cessna-type aircraft flying. It was about the size of a centimeter at arm's length when it was directly overhead and I'd guess, less than 3000 feet high.

I shouted for my girlfriend to grab the video camera, but by the time I'd got it set up the object it had disappeared. However within a few minutes I spotted another apparently identical object, slightly to the south of my position, flying at a path at right angles to the first. This time I managed to grab a few minutes of video footage. This second object left a faint contrail.

Thanks to Skywatch-International, Click Below to become a member:

Australia - Light Hovers

BRISBANE -- On Saturday night September 11, 2004, at about 6:30 PM, the witness was walking his dogs at a high elevation with 270 degree views. He saw an especially bright star, wondering what planet it was. As I was looking, what seemed to be another, smaller star, the same size and brightness as most of the others, started moving fast in a straight line. It looked just like a moving (not shooting) star. I was looking due north, and it appeared to be moving toward the east - toward the Pacific Ocean. It was too high and too fast to be a plane. I have worked at airports for 16 years and traveled a lot so I know what I'm talking about. After about 3 seconds the object abruptly stopped, stayed still momentarily, split into two, and disappeared. I have not seen anything like it since. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

The Saturn Mothership?

R. David Anderson writes, "The Cassini Satellite is imaging a brightly illuminated object or objects that seem to be orbiting Saturn." It is changing altitude and its angular position above the horizon of Saturn." The objects give the impression that they are controlled. Something would have to propel this object in order to implement a course change of this magnitude, so we may be looking at a controlled spacecraft near Saturn? All that I know is - it's not one of ours...Thanks to R. David Anderson

Jerry writes, "The Cassini object was explained by Author Riley Martin a contactee on a Coast to Coast program." Riley claims this is a huge mother ship that gets everything it needs to sustain itself by staying within the rings of Saturn. Riley Martin claims in his book "The Coming of Tan" that he has had interactions with an alien race called the Biaviians. Martin alleges he visited the craft on several occasions. Martin's story began in Northeastern Arkansas in 1953 when, according to him, he saw lights in the sky above the St. Francis River and witnessed two beings descending from a spaceship. The aliens, called Tan and Nela, brought Martin aboard their craft and took him to a mothership orbiting near Saturn. Martin described the mothership as 40 km (28 mi) across with domed gardens and powered by "hydrogen-fed fusion cores."

Martin alleges to have been taught many things while on the mothership. On one occasion he asked Tan about the existence of other life in the Milky Way Galaxy. Tan replied, "If you should visit a new living sphere each day for the duration of your gestation you would not even begin to tax the number, neither would I. Since Tan's race can extend their existence for thousands of years, Martin concluded that our galaxy must be filled with countless living planets.


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