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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 20, 2004

George Filer:
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Flying Cylinders

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space as reported each week. Many people claim it is impossible for aliens to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFO reports each week many represent factual UFO sightings in our skies. Jupiter - Cylinder UFO and amazing artifacts on Mars.

UFOs were seen over Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Colorado, California, Washington, Canada, Mexico, UK, Poland, and Kuwait. Betty Hill dies at 85.

Saturn --Cylinder Image Captured by Cassini Huygens Satellite

N00022583.jpg was taken on October 18, 2004 and received on Earth October 19, 2004. The camera was pointing toward SATURN at approximately 3,842,595 kilometers away, and the image was taken using the UV1 and CL2 filters. This image has not been validated or calibrated. A validated/calibrated image will be archived with the NASA Planetary Data System in 2005. Full-Res: N00022583.jpg Photo was rotated 90 degrees. Thanks to JPL.

Intelligent life on Mars.

We are not certain that this life is still functioning, but we are finding artifacts almost daily that were left at some point in time by intelligent life forms. A 1960 Brookings Institute report entiled "Proposed Studies on the Implication of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs" urges NASA to seek to control any evidence of extraterrestrial life for reasons of public security, because societies have disintegrated when they had to associate with previously unfamiliar societies espousing different ideas and a way of life. NASA was formed in 1958, in the height of the Cold War, when advances in space were used to protect the United States. NASA is responsible to the government rather than to the people. No laws compel it to share information openly with the public. The revealing of previous civilizations on Mars will likely be handled very slowly.

NASA and President Clinton announced in August of 1996, the possibility of microfossils had been found in meteorite ALH84001 organisms on a rock 600,000 years old from Mars. This is relatively recent and would be a good chance for life to continue. Recently, evidence of water on the Planet has been confirmed. Scientists believe where there is water there is life.

Our research appears to have found evidence of:We have found a series of pyramids, faces, paper thin rock, and writing similar to those found on Earth in Egypt and Mexico. These connections indicate some sort of communication between the two planets. We can speculate that astronauts visited Mars some 4000 years ago or their data was carried here either by Martians or other space travelers. The similarities of design and structure seem much too complicated to be by chance.

Wonderful Wopmay

This three-dimensional view from the navigation camera on NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows an unusual, lumpy rock informally named "Wopmay" on the lower slopes of "Endurance Crater." Opportunity took the frames that make up this image on the rover's 250th martian day, or sol, on Oct. 6, 2004. Later, Opportunity investigated the rock with instruments on its robotic arm.

The rock's informal name refers to Wilfrid Reid "Wop" May, a Canadian bush pilot. Scientists believe that the lumps in Wopmay, like traits of "Escher" and other rocks dotting the bottom of Endurance Crater, may be related to cracking and alteration processes, possibly caused by exposure to water. The area between intersecting sets of cracks appears to have eroded in a way that shaped the lumpy appearance. Wopmay measures approximately 1 meter (3.3 feet) across.

Note: At the top right portion of the rock there appears to be several faces both large and small. The chin of a face rests on the X. Image thanks to JPL.

Mars - Paper Thin Rock?

Kevin McCartney writes, "I have an image for your Mars section. I have seen all the so-called artifacts from the rovers posted on yours and other sites. I'm not necessarily convinced by what I have seen, but I was doing some of my own investigation of the images on the NASA Rovers site. I happened across this one and it peaked my interest. First, I don't know that I have seen a thin flat rock that is perfectly rectangular like this one. So as I zoomed in, it appeared to have two (2) rows of writing or text across the bottom of the object. Stranger, it appears the writing is in a cursive font and written in familiar language. Obviously this one has been there for a while as it is buried in dirt, so NASA can't say it was a tag from the Spirit rover. Unfortunately like the others, the image resolution is too low to get a good look when you zoom in! But, maybe you could give me your thoughts. Thanks, I really enjoy your site... keep up the good work Original photo number: P145583524EFF3500P2552L7M1.jpg Thanks to Kevin McCartney, Stow, Ohio

Massachusetts - Strobing Lights

THREE RIVERS -- The witness was sitting outside talking to a lady friend on September 26, 2004, at 8:30 PM, when he noticed a star like object hanging very low in the sky. It sat above the trees strobing, pulsing and shifting from blue to green, to red to white to orange. It appeared to be rotating, so he waited 15 minutes and determined it was moving. The witness went next door and got his friend Mike to witness the object. He's a skeptic so the first thing out of his mouth was "That's an airplane." The witness told him how long he had been watching, and his friend agreed, "That's not an airplane!" It was at that point that another witness became involved. We watched this thing as it moved, pulse shifted in color, and looked at times like it was splitting itself apart in separate lights. It then dropped behind the trees as two possible fighter jets moved in on its position. Then it took off leaving a trail of white light in its passing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

New York - Light

MIDDLE ISLAND - The observer saw a bright light in the sky on September 26, 2004, at 10:15 PM that was moving like an airplane. The light was not blinking and it was moving in a straight line across the night sky from the west to east. The observer didn't hear any engine noises and there were no clouds in the sky. He states, "When it got into the center of the clear sky, it suddenly disappeared and was completely gone from my view. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

BATAVIA - The observer was exiting the NewYork Thruway and observed for several seconds a tear dropped shaped fireball/craft enveloped in what looked like butane-colored light/flame. It was a butane colored craft/fireball descending from SE to SW across sky on September 26, 2004, at 8:05 PM. It left no trail and descended from above to beneath the cloud deck. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

New Jersey -- Sphere

HIGHWAY 287 -- A friend called me while on the road to tell me about bright lights in the sky that hovered, then disappeared rapidly. On September 23, 2004, at 8:50 PM. He said, "He saw stationary multicolored blinking lights in the sky for a few seconds, then they moved off at a great speed, leaving a tracer." Since my friend has about ZERO imagination, I believe he saw something strange. P.S. He called me because of my flight experience and military background. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Pennsylvania - Three Lights

PHILADELPHIA --On September 26, 2004, at 10:15 PM the couple had just finished dinner at the Moshulu Restaurant that is located on board a sailing ship in the Delaware River and went up to the upper deck to sit. I was looking over the edge of the boat, and my friend asked me, "What is that?" We spotted three lights, flying in a triangle shape, and thought it could be an airplane coming into the nearby Philly airport. The lights were south of where we were. Other planes were also flying that night. It became apparent that it wasn't a single plane when the two lights at the bottom of the formation seemed to weave, move around, and perhaps changes positions. The upper light may have also moved, but the bottom two were definitely moving. The formation was moving west. We continued to watch, as they seemed to move either further away, or became lost in clouds. We could see that the upper light was a bright white, the bottom two were dimmer or smaller, and of a different hew. It looked different from any of the planes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

STRATTANVILLE -- The witness opened the door to let in the dog and noticed a bright orange light hanging in the sky to the west on September 24, 2004, at 8:19 PM. It was really bright. He watched it for about ten minutes and the light disappeared but came back into sight with four flashing strobe lights that flew slowly to the east, then up and out of sight. It was a clear dark night. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Florida - Diamond

BRANDON - A married couple were enjoying their spa when they saw object(s) flying in tight formation on September 27, 2004, at 6:30 PM. The lights were on the underside of an odd shaped craft. They had just spent three rough days when Hurricane Jeanne came through their area on Sunday. They are familiar with seeing all sizes of airplanes, satellites, the ISS and occasionally a shooting star. The witness reports, "My husband pointed out either several smaller objects flying in a tight formation or one big object with sharp edges silhouetted with multiple lights on the underside, all in a tight but sort of flexible pattern. It was flying at about the speed that most big airliners would be flying, but at lower altitude. It was flying west from Orlando toward the Gulf of Mexico. The object changed more to the southwest, but stayed in a tight formation, which is why without our eyeglasses, we are not certain if it was one large object or several smaller ones. It almost looked like how geese fly but these had lights on them. Our first thought was that it might be something like like the Flying Angel's small fighter jets flying in a nighttime formation up very high. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Tennessee - Flying Triangle

MURFREESBORO - A Delta shaped object was seen flying toward Nashville on September 27, 2004, at 11 PM. The witnesses heard the dogs barking so they went outside to investigate. They saw two lights turning in formation. At first, they thought these lights were landing lights, but one light made a slight motion separate from the second. The lights moved northwest and appeared to merge. Then, they noted the craft was Delta shaped with about six headlights on the underside of the Delta. A low roar or possible sound was heard as the craft flew northwest out of view. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Wisconsin - Light

THORP - The observers are a married couple in their late 50's who report seeing three to four huge circles of light in the western sky, but bright as the moon on September 29, 2004, at 8:20 PM. There were three moon size lights in a horizontal row along WSW horizon that was visible for only seconds. They appeared again seconds later and disappeared again. They seemed five or so miles away and their color was off-white and the shape of each light was circular. When the lights reappeared they both saw them. The witnesses claimed, "We have never seen anything like it before!" Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Texas - Maneuvering Sphere

MEMPHIS - The witness was traveling from Childress to Memphis when he saw a small bright circle in the western sky above the setting sun on September 22, 2004 at 7 PM. It was very bright like a star. It just hung there for a few minutes. Then it disappeared. Soon it reappeared with a short tail like it was a jet beginning to leave a contrail; however, it was very short and then disappeared. Then I saw another one and the same thing happened. A long light bloomed into a long streak. He states, "I saw the shiny sphere before it started doing maneuvers." Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Idaho - UFO

MARSING -- We saw a UFO in the clear autumn night traveling across the sky in a SE direction toward an Air Force Base. The craft was see at around 10:10 PM, near Homedale, Idaho on September 22, 2004. My son saw it first because he has seen them before around the Jordan Valley, Oregon area and reported it on this site earlier this year.

The night sky was clear and no other aircraft was seen. It was moving in a southeast direction at a low altitude but at some distance away. It had flashing lights in sequence but they couldn't distinguish the shape. Once my son and husband and hired hand arrived home here in Marsing, they called me outside to witness it. When it lit up again it was still headed southeast towards Mountain Home Air Force Base and that was the last time we saw it It was incredible to see such a site. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Arizona - Flying Triangle

PHOENIX - The witnesses state, "We were driving on 60 West in downtown Phoenix to our hotel room on September 28, 2004, at 8:15 PM, when my fiancé and I saw a HUGE triangle object hovering near the Phoenix Airport." The object had about 25-50 red LED style lights fading on and off slowly. On each tip of the triangle, there was a white light. There was no noise, it was silent. It appeared to be hovering or moving at a real slow pace. There were two airplanes flying around the craft appearing to inspect the huge UFO. The planes looked like ants compared to the huge craft. As we drove along the highway, we lost sight of it near Dunlap Avenue. Traffic on the highway appeared to take notice too as we slowed down to 55 mph. A police car was next to us observing the UFO with us. We had our digital camera with us and were able to take photos and video of the UFO. Because it was night, the photos and video are blurry, but you can clearly make out the object's shape with the red lights hovering over Phoenix, AZ. Unreal.

((NUFORC Note: We have looked at the photos, and although they are ambiguous, they do look to be somewhat interesting. Strangely, NUFORC has received no other report about the alleged event. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

40 MI S. OF PHOENIX -- (Six bright lights .)

On September 23, 2004, at 9:30 PM six bright, golden lights similar to the "Phoenix lights" of 1997, danced across the desert sky were seen separate and perfectly angled from one another. Two of the lights were vertical to one another and appeared to be separated by at least a thousand feet. The other 4 lights, if connected, would have made a perfect square. I could not tell the distance at all. It was a clear night over the desert.

The lights could have been five miles away, or 30 miles. The lights then disappeared, sometimes two at a time, sometimes one. Then, they would immediately appear maybe a mile to the west of where they had just been seconds before. Again perfectly spaced from one another. At one point, one of the lights vanished and immediately like a strobe effect, they moved across the sky for maybe half a mile, then vanished. The lights would appear for about 5 seconds, then vanish for 10 minutes, then show again. I have been an airline pilot for over a decade and have never seen anything like this. There were no beacons, no navigation lights. These things did not appear to be helicopters for they moved to smoothly through the sky with no vibration on the lights, and much too quickly.

Could it have been military? Possible. But, an aircraft we are not privy to know about. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

California -- Cylinder UFO

MODESTO -- R. David Anderson writes, "This ufo has been getting closer. Those utility wires run almost at the border of the property line of my back yard. Between shots the UFO completly fades from view for a few minutes, then it suddenly reappears in another location a little more to the west each time. Those power lines are directly west of my yard, whereas the sequoia tree in the first picture is to the southwest ( in my neighbor's yard ) So the UFO would appear suddenly as a very bright object, ( brighter than Venus ) staying at this intensity for about 10 seconds, and then suddenly "lift upwards" and fade out in one motion. This is how this UFO always appears and leaves. It just fades out and is gone." Thanks to R. David Anderson

Washington - Sphere Over Base

BREMERTON NAVAL BASE -- OK, I'm giving this report for my friend who called me as he was watching this event through a monocular On September 21, 2004, at 8:40 PM. I will give you his email address also but for some reason he hasn't reported this as of yet. I'm urging him to and I'm sure he will, but for now here is the information I have.

He lives in view of the Bremerton shipyard approximately a mile north from the water. He told me tonight that this was the third time he has seen this in the last couple of months. What was described to me was two balls of light, one bigger than the other, both hovering over the water and changing colors rapidly from blue to red to green to white then staying white and pulsating, then going back to rapidly changing colors. One would move slowly to the left and then come back. The other stayed there, hovering and moving to the left then right then holding position. The bigger one finally moved off to the left then vanished instantly, the smaller one stayed there until finally moving off and getting smaller, then gone. I was on the phone with him while he was describing this to me. The first time he called me after seeing these same objects was a couple months ago and I can get the details of that sighting, also. On both previous sightings he ran into the house to get his binoculars or monocular and when he returned to the deck they were gone. Tonight, he had the monocular with him and watched the whole time. I could tell he was quite impressed with what he was seeing and kept saying "God, what is that, I don't know but it's not helicopters or military planes, I'll tell you that much." Then, they were gone and our conversation basically ended a minute or so later. I told him I would send a link to your website and also report the incident myself. He agreed on September 27, 2004, at 7:40 PM. So, since I have actually sent a picture of something in to you before, I decided to report this first, and then let you pursue an email conversation with him if you wish. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

SNOQUALMIE PASS/BLEWETT PASS --The wife and I were returning from mushroom hunting in the Blewitt Pass/Snoqualmie pass area on Saturday afternoon on September 27, 2004, about 7:45 PM. We stopped by a river to fish around 7pm, and I decided to rest a bit, and have a smoke break and watch my wife fish the river. The sun was going down over the mountains, and the sky was clear. There were some faint stars becoming visible and I looked up towards the northeast, over a mountain and saw an unusual looking 'star'. I say 'unusual' because it wasn't a 'whitish' color but more of a whitish/bluish color, about half the size of the North Star.

I watched this object for a minute, and then realized it was moving very slowly, appearing to be coming towards us. It was difficult to estimate the distance or altitude of the 'star', but I would guess it to be at around 7500 AGL, and I can't even guess at the distance. I am a commercial pilot and have been flying for close to 30 years, so I know what aircraft and other types of objects look like. Anyway, about two minutes later, the object got brighter, again with a bluish tint, and it appeared to be coming toward us. There was no noise, and at this time, I yelled to my wife to come look at this object. She came over, and quickly ran to our SUV to get my binoculars. I stood watching the object while she was looking through the binoculars, saying..."Oh my God!!"...

I got a look through the binoculars and could make out what looked to be a perfectly round, translucent 'orb', with lights around the outer 'edge', if there is such a thing, on a round object. About this time, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing straight out, and I got this very uncomfortable feeling of being 'watched'. I was probably mumbling something while watching this thing for another minute, and then, suddenly, it shot straight up and disappeared.

It was one of most unusual objects my wife or I have ever witnessed. There was no noise from the craft, and where we were fishing, there was no sound at all. We could not even hear the sound of the river, since the water was so low, it was dead silent. I would estimate that we watched it for about 4 to 5 minutes total. The sky was clear at the time and no other aircraft were flying in the area. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Canada -Teardrop

GLECHIEN - Three identical bright white objects with contrails were seen reentering the atmosphere on September 27, 2004, at 7:30 PM. The couple grabbed binoculars, and the objects appeared to be extremely high up and moving fast in a shallow descent towards earth with two contrails coming from the rear at 45-degree angles. Then, two more identical objects appeared at an equal distance apart. All were traveling in the same direction from north to the west towards the sun. They resembled ballistic missiles reentering the atmosphere, or what I would imagine ballistic missiles entering the atmosphere would look like. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

BRADLEY CREEK, BC -- On September 27, 2004, at 1 PM, a white round object quickly moved, stopped and hovered overhead changing direction, then disappeared. My father witnessed a round white object approaching quickly from the west to the east. Brought to my brother's and my attention, we watched it slow, stop and basically do an erratic change of direction, resembling say a square, directly overhead. We watched that for about 30 seconds, when I went for my binoculars and when I came back it was gone. My brother and father said it just vanished. Total time viewed was 2 minutes, maybe slightly longer.

FORT ST. JOHN, BC -- While washing dishes in the evening October 1, 2004, the witness was looking out the window at 5:30 PM. It was a pleasant evening with only a couple of clouds backlit by the evening sun. There were two jet trails crossing from the northeast to the southwest from two jets that had passed earlier. This is a regular route for them. I noticed a worm shaped object slowly traveling from southeast to the northwest. It was as brilliant as a welding arc and was traveling in a straight line. I called my husband to come and see this thing. He did and said it looked like a torpedo. It had no wings and was narrower at both ends. There were "sparkles" at the back end of it. We watched it until it passed behind a cloud and we waited for it to emerge following what we believed would be its trajectory, but it never emerged. The whole incident lasted about three minutes.

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Home

Mexico: UFO Flotilla Over Port

VERACRUZ -- Planeta UFO reports that Ricardo Antonio López Morales, describes the sighting of a UFO flotilla around 11:30 a.m. on October 19, 2004, with a duration of 45 minutes. They were semi-spherical shining objects that changed color.

A police squad car and a commercial airliner were also present on the site. He claims that cellular phones were affected and animals reacted to the passing of the strange objects.. The following are fragments of the e-mail sent by Mr. Morales to UFO researcher Ana Luisa Cid:

"I was checking my e-mail accounts when I suddenly heard all of the dogs in my neighborhood barking (including my own). First I thought it was some kids who, as always, were taunting the dogs, but then I noticed my neighbors going outside to see what was going on. I saw how one of them stared at the sky and began to say, jokingly: "Look, a flight ducks!" to which I replied: "Those aren't ducks, it's a fleet of UFOs."

"After some 10 minutes of watching the phenomenon, a police squad car came around during its normal watch, stopped, and its occupants got out of the unit to see what was happening. They witnessed the phenomenon and began transmitting over their radio to request backup. At the same time, I took out my cell phone to call a friend who's a helicopter pilot and who also believes in UFOs and also works for the police aviation unit so that he would take a spin around the area for a look. To my surprise, my cell phone didn't work (and I had just charged the battery). I kept trying and the text: LOW BAT or NO SIGNAL AVAILABLE kept appearing. The same happened to the squad car--its radio wouldn't work."

"They were 23 semi-spherical objects, silver-colored, flying in a nearly tight formation. The lead object changed color and the others would do the same. When they changed color, the objects changed formation to form a soccer-goal type formation.

"The objects shifted from green to red and began spinning faster (just looking at them made me feel sick). After spinning for a minute, they broke formation and vanished into the air, but left us a little reminder of their presence: an odor of burnt leather or something that was truly unbearable. After that moment, the police were able to call their base to request assistance; I phoned my friend but couldn't get a signal My cell phone no longer works like it did before; it can be inferred that the magnetic field from the objects affected it -- aside from having "stolen" my credit, they short-circuited it, since it turns on by itself after being shut off.

The squad car number was 087 Central Sector. When I spoke to the police station to make a report, I was told that no squad car with that number had been on the scene and that no report had been filed over the sighting (a code of silence?)" Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

UK/England - Cross Shape

KENT - The witness saw two objects rise up into the sky on September 29, 2004, at 5:45 PM, and after a short while one moved away while the other stayed in the same place. He called to his family and they got out the binoculars and they watched as one turned on to its side. This craft was a cross shape and it started to rise slowly. The other one stayed upright and it was a saucer shape with a quite high dome and what appeared to be legs. We continued to watch and it moved to the side rising up and disappeared with the two objects moving together and then apart. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

DUNSTABLE -- On September 24, 2004, at midnight as we were walking home I noticed an object that appeared to be flying sideways . I carried on walking and thought nothing more of it. I then noticed a humming noise behind me. I turned and saw the teardrop shaped object about 15 meters above me. I began to run; the next thing I saw was a smaller teardrop object drop out of the craft. I ran into my house and hid. During the nights that followed I still could see the object, I told my friend but she does not believe me. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Poland - Six bright sphere lights seen above Warsaw

WARSAW -- On September 27, 2004, at 7:40 PM, I went to the balcony to smoke a cigarette and as always I looked into the skies. About 19:40 (CET) I saw six bright, orange lights moving across the sky with a huge speed. It is hard to say what was the altitude of these objects. They were moving from east to south. The objects were seen for about five to six seconds and they just flew into space. Some people on the street shouted: "Did you see that?" So they must have spotted the lights, too. The craft did not fly in any kind of formation; there was no sound or other unusual activity. There were some aircraft in the vicinity, so they may have observed the lights, too. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

Kuwait - Light

KUWAIT CITY -- On September 27, 2004, at 7:40 PM, the witness noticed a red small light northeast of the city that flew and then came back brighter. It wasn't moving then it suddenly turned off. The witness waited for two minutes, but that is all he saw. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,


One of the great ladies of Ufology passed away October 17, 2004, at the age of 85. Betty struggled with cancer for the past year. I once had a wonderful dinner and conversation with Betty who was vivacious and full of wonderful stories. She showed me many of the photos she had obtained through the years of UFOs. The legendary 1961 abduction event of Betty and her late-husband Barney Hill is what Betty is best known for, but she had many other exciting stories. She was a spirited and special person who I will greatly miss.

The Greater UFO/ET Congress of 2004

Will be held November 6 and 7th 2004, 11:00 am to 3:00 pm Saturday and Sunday at the The Days Inn, Route 206 & NJTP Exit #7 North Bordentown NJ, 609-298-6100 For more information visit www. or phone Pat Marcattillio (609) -631-8955 or Tom Benson (609)-883-6926 after 6:00 PM.


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