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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 12, 2005

George Filer:
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Minature UFOs

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space as reported each week. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists and my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO sighting in our skies and even in our homes.


Mars Global Surveyor spots Pine Trees on Mars. UFOs were seen over Alabama, California, Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. Sightings were also reported in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chili, Mexico, and Iran. New Extasolar Planet Found and Mars has Green Vegetation.

New Extasolar Planet Found

" has reports that a Hubble Space Telescope photo confirms with a very high degree of confidence that a picture taken by the European Space Observatory shows an extrasolar planet. The ESO and Hubble images represent the first and second times that planets outside our solar system have been directly detected. The planet is about five times as massive as Jupiter and orbits a brown dwarf." Thanks to

Mars – Images Show Green Vegetation

Norman Bryden writes, "Here is an example of an image and data from Mars by the European Space Agency showing a blue river, green valley and large scale geometrical structured land forms. This appears to be strong evidence of liquid water and possible green vegetation on Mars. Thanks to the European Space Agency Mars Express satelite image of Valles Marineris in bloom and Norman Bryden.

Alabama - Strange Object Caught On Film

CREOLA -- My wife and I were headed south on I-65 bridge when I decided to stop and take a photo of the span. I’ve included the photo below. I have a 3.2 mp digital camera with a 10x optical zoom. Photo sizes are 2048x1536.I was coming home from work on the afternoon of December 27, 2004, down I-65 at around 6 PM, when an object in the sky caught my eye. I quickly grabbed my camera from the back seat and managed to get one shot of a disk shaped object before it disappeared. The sky that day was clear without a single cloud. I can't say what it was or what it appeared to be. Its forward speed was slow, if any. One-second it was there....the next it was gone. After taking this photo, I returned to my car and proceeded down the bridge. I spotted the object that did not appear as normal air traffic as it did not move much if any. I pointed the object out to my wife, zoomed in, acquired focus and snapped a shot off. After lowering the camera and looking back to where it was.... it was no more...gone...vanished. Total sighting time was no more than 30 seconds.

California – Man Shoots UFO

ANZA -- Jack writes, In 1956 my parents bought a small piece of desert property near California. At the time the area was a real hot spot for UFO’s. I did a lot of hunting for rabbits and other varmints while we owned the property. I was going along a river bed looking for something to shoot with my .22 auto rifle when I heard a noise. Looking in the direction of the sound, I saw a disk in the Manzanita brush just hovering about a foot off the ground. It scarred the hell out of me at first and I shot at it with my 22 rifle... (probably not the thing to do). There was no effect and I fell on my butt trying to get back away from it. When I fell I was only three feet from the disk; so, I know what I was looking at. I saw no aliens and within a few seconds it rose up to about twenty feet and shot away at tremendous speed. It was only about 8 feet across and 3.5 feet high, kind of small. It was the color of those Ruger guns that they call target gray. I did not see any insignia on the craft. I took off back to the cabin and told my parents what had happened. The only reason that they believed my story, I was shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. Later my step father and I went back to the spot and found some small prints about 4 inches in length, and a Manzanita branch that was burned on one end. I never went back to that spot again and did not report it to anybody else, I did not want to sound like some of the locals that reported men from Mars. I was 13 at the time and remember it like it was yesterday. It did convince me that UFO's were real Thanks to Jack in Reno, Nevada.

CHINO -- On New Years Eve, several friends, my family members and I saw a weird red light moving slowly in the sky a little after midnight. When I saw the light it wasn't moving in a straight line but was curving around a little. I thought it might be a VERY high helicopter, but it seemed to be too big and red to be a helicopter at that height moving the way it was. Then it suddenly disappeared. About 30 seconds later it appeared again in a different location (but in the same general part of the sky), and continued moving in a seemingly random pattern. My brother described it as "a ball of fire in the sky."

My brother said his girlfriend was at work at Subway Sandwiches Monday and on her break she was in the parking lot and 3 or 4 people were looking and pointing up in the sky at a weird red light.

LOS ANGELES -- On December 19, 2004, in the middle of the day I was looking at the moon through a Meade 90 mm Telescope when I saw what I can describe only as a bright red laser light coming out of the dark side of the moon, I followed it for about 30 seconds and then it just started bouncing all over the place and I lost it. I swung the telescope back around to the moon just in time to catch 2 asteroids passing between the earth and the satellites. I found a link to the Asteroids but nothing on the light. Thanks to Brian Vike

SAN FRANCISCO -- On January 1, 2005, at AM, two witnesses spotted seven umbrella shaped objects above buildings on top of Telegraph Hill and Lombard Street. They came from the West and moved along the top of the buildings in the sky. The sky was dark and light at the same time. The clouds seemed dark black with white surrounding them and were moving in large clusters, scattered throughout the sky. The 7 objects were moving in a cluster with several more above the rest. Sort of like a flock of birds, all moving at the exact same speed. They did not increase or decrease their speed as they moved from the West to the East. It couldn't have been more than 15 seconds and then they were gone. Thanks to Brian Vike

Florida – Disk

MIAMI -- The incident occurred between 8:51 and 8:53 PM on Friday, January 7, 2005, and was observed by a Doctor who is a retired clinical psychologist and amateur astronomer, while the second witness is a teacher with a degree in education. They were observing the comet Machholz, through his telescope. The object moved from East to West at a very high rate of speed, covering about 90 degrees of arc in about ten seconds, when it was lost in the sky glow of the city to our west. Its speed was constant but it clearly and distinctly changed directions (perhaps 30 degrees) two different times. There was absolutely no sound associated with the object.

There were no aircraft in the vicinity at the time. The object’s angular size was very small, subtending only about 3 minutes of arc. It was clearly NOT an astronomical object since the amateur astronomer and accustomed to looking at meteors, comets, nebulae, galaxies. The teacher described it as having a "color" of dull orange-red. It was only modestly luminous, similar to perhaps a 3-4th magnitude star, but was clearly larger than a point-source like a star. It had a definite shape like a circle with a line through it (perhaps a saucer shape). It moved at a right angle to the "line" through the dot. The Dr. was not certain whether it emitted a dim light of its own or merely reflected light from the city below, but it was clearly NOT as bright as some of the brightest stars. The observers **strongly agree that it was not a conventional aircraft, a meteor, or any natural phenomenon. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Hampshire – UFO Video

Paul Spera writes, "On December 17th my girlfriend and I where sky watching through our glass sliding doors." We had several sightings over the weekend and were just getting restless when I noticed a large cluster of lights flying over our back yard. It was traveling southwest and was at an altitude of approximately 1000 to 2000 feet. I had filmed the same object the night before but this time it was closer.

It appeared to have one large light surrounded by smaller lights which were all bright white forming the shape of a ramp. It had no strobes and was completely silent. I had my camera so I went on the deck and taped the object as it slowly flew between the gap of trees in my back yard. It continued west and can clearly be seen flying behind the trees in the video. Frame by frame analysis shows that the lights independently changed from white to several different colors quite rapidly. More images can be seen at my website. Paul Spera, New Hampshire UFO Hunter Website

New Jersey – Man Charged Shining Laser at Pilots

By Alan Levin, USA TODAY -- A New Jersey man was charged Tuesday under federal antiterrorism laws with shining a laser beam at a charter jet flying over his home, temporarily distracting the pilots. David Banach, 38, is the first person charged in a rash of recent incidents in which lasers were aimed at aircraft around the country. Justice Department officials said they do not suspect terrorism in any of the cases, but said Banach's arrest shows how seriously they take the matter. "We need to send a clear message to the public that there is no harmless mischief when it comes to airplanes," said Christopher Christie, the U.S. attorney for New Jersey.

Banach made an initial appearance in court Tuesday and was released on $100,000 bond. He was charged with interfering with a flight crew under the USA Patriot Act. He also was charged with lying to federal officers. The charges carry a maximum jail sentence of 25 years. Unrelated incidents of laser beams hitting planes have been reported in Medford, Ore.; Colorado Springs; Cleveland; Houston and Washington.

New Jersey – Miniature UFO

MOUNT HOLLY – Jane reports, “I was sleeping next to my husband and awakened about 3 AM on December 11, 2004, seeing two red basketball size lights floating in the corner of the bedroom. I watched their movement as they generally floated or hovered in the corner. A third red plasma like disk entered the room and flew towards the bed and hovered over my husband. The red ball with red lights shining down stayed over him for about a minute and then flew outside through the wall. The disk was about one foot in diameter.

On January 6, 2005, two red plasma like basketballs again appeared about 2 AM, and Jane was wide awake. Then a miniature disk shaped UFO appeared from the left wall and slowly flew across the room to above my husband's head. The disk hovered and eventually flew through the wall. The disk was gray and white and appeared to have windows around its center and a second set circling the bottom of the craft. It was two feet in diameter and one foot high and was perfect in detail. Once the craft left the other red balls departed with it. My husband's health remains good except for a cold. Thanks to Jane for her drawings.

Editor's Note: We have many similar reports of miniature UFOs. Some reports indicate the UFOs an ability to enlarge and miniaturize when needed.

Indiana - Flashing UFO

BLOOMINGTON – In early January, 2004, between 2 and 4 AM, John Tosti, Ted Roberts, Alice Evans and I, were coming home from a sky watch at a location that had a huge sighting a couple days before. John and I noticed a flashing object north of our location over a wildlife reserve. We told Ted to stop the van, and we went to turn on our cameras and the object winked out. We waited and nothing, we turned the cameras off, started the van and it came back on in the same spot. This occurred a few times. John broke out a spotlight and flashed it with the light 3 times. The object flashed back 3 times then stopped, John repeated this in different numbers of flashes, the object repeated the same number back each time all the while hovering and moving around slowly side to side and up and down. I began taping when the object started flashing back. This was all interesting, but the most interesting thing that tweaked my love for this sighting was that John decided to flash the light in a sequence, Morris code if you like... short bursts and then long bursts of flashes, the object answered by repeating the exact same sequence of flashes. This lasted for about 10-15 minutes. Our thoughts were that this object wanted us to follow it, and from previous exp. we thought better of the idea. Thanks to Brian Vike

Ohio – Bird and UFO Video

FOSTORIA – George Ritter almost daily shoots video with his RCA VHS video camera when weather permits. Several readers have suggested he is actually shooting birds or insects that are moving at high speed. The camera has excellent high speed automatic focus. The close up image of a Robin compared with the distant UFO shows examples of the instantaneous focus capability.

Birds and insects are usually portrayed in thirty or so frames of the video, while a UFO moving at thousands of miles an hour is in only one or two frames. US military aircraft can also reach speeds of thousands of miles an hour and close up would appear as a blur.

Thanks to George Ritter. Notice the similar blurred image in the Argentina article below.

Oregon – Flashing Lights Sparks Fall From Cigar

PORTLAND – The witness saw the flashing blue and yellow lights at 9:30 PM, on January 03, 2005, in the ESE sky over Portland. I do not have a telescope, but it was definitely moving very slowly which makes me think it is not an airplane and it looks to be too high to be a helicopter.

DALLAS – On January 5, 2005, four witnesses saw an object was shooting sparks from the bottom as it hovered and moved one way then the other at 7 PM. The first witness saw a bright light that would beam up to the sky and sparks and balls of light that was coming from the bottom of the craft! This WAS NO SHOOTING STAR! This was a UFO! It was moving south then just shot away fast. It was amazing! Witness 2: saw an orange sphere/cigar standing up then sideways... going back and forth very bright ! Shooting sparks from the bottom, then about 15 minutes later helicopters! This is something VERY UNUSUAL! Witness 3: stated, “I saw lights one above the other...cigar shaped for two or three minutes of watching this bright object moving.” Witness 4: saw shooting sparks that where falling to the ground. Big object but totally silent. Then there where helicopters flying around looking for something. We tried to video tape it but couldn’t get it! It was amazing. We are all working people and NOT CRAZY we saw a UFO! Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Texas - Saucer

DALLAS -- My 12 year old daughter and I were walking west bound on Linden Lane in North Dallas area about 11:53 to 11:55 PM on January 8, 2005, and we saw a sudden bright white light in the sky. We looked was circular but not flat like a "flying saucer, almost slightly oval in shape. It made a sound like part of it was twirling, it had some goldish lights, some looked slightly tinted with red, but most were appeared to almost have tailights or lights in the back of it...the sky was cloudless and very dark making visibility very seemed to pass into the earths atmosphere and then disappear, perhaps leaving the earth's atmosphere. It was visible for about 4 -5 seconds heading north northwest. I could probably draw an illustration of what we saw, it was that clear and visible. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington -- Multi Colored Object, Splits

BELLEVUE -- Around 6:45 PM, on January 10, 2005, a licensed commercial pilot and his wife were outside on their porch looking into the western sky towards Seattle and noticed an unusual light moving in a southeast direction at a very slow speed. The pilot states, “I could see with my naked eye, several different colors flashing, that did not appear to be moving at a steady rate of speed. and suddenly it split into three different and distinct lights. I called for my wife to bring out the binoculars and by the time I got them adjusted, the three lights became only one, with the same blinking. We watched this 'thing' for the next 15 or so minutes, me looking through the binoculars and my wife with only her eyes, it suddenly split into two distinct lights, one white light shooting straight into the atmosphere, the other white light shooting in a northerly direction. The rate of speed could not be calculated, but it was only a matter of maybe a couple of seconds before the objects were both out of sight. No noise was heard, and they were flying above 18,000 feet. . I've been flying since 1975, hold a commercial license with single engine, multi engine, seaplane, and CFI-II ratings. I know what we observed was not any known aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Canada - Triangular Shaped Objects

MONTREAL, QUEBEC -- It was quite early in the morning of Sunday, January 2, 2005, at about 2:30 AM, when my girlfriend and I were looking out our downtown window and noticed an extremely bright flickering light in the sky. The sky was slightly overcast and no other lights were visible. The object was lighting up the clouds and moved closer to us, which is when I got my binoculars. After focusing my binoculars the object looked triangular shaped with red lights surrounding it on the bottom. After remaining relatively stationary for some time, it began to move horizontally and vertically so quickly. I couldn't keep the binoculars steady because I started shaking. It appeared to emit a colored beam for the bottom of the triangle. It stayed in the sky for about and hour or so, then eventually traveled. Thanks to Brian Vike

GROUSE MOUNTAIN, VANCOUVER -- Last night was again cold and clear, so I aimed my camera over Grouse Mountain. The video tape runs for 113 minutes and right off the bat, something large and leaving a white streak passed through the view finder heading east to west that only took up about two frames and appeared to be right over the mountain. I say it must have been large as the width of the streak would have covered the entire ski run. It was as fast as a bolt of lighting and I counted 25 of those flashes of light on the tape. One was the size of Venus and lasted several seconds and appeared to be flickering. I zoomed in and looked at it one frame at a time and found the object was an oval shaped white thing in one frame, and the next frame there would be two of them side by side and then back to one and so on. This would make it appear really bright on every second frame, which made it appear to flicker when speeded up. I also saw on the same tape, two satellites passand a commercial jet.

VANCOUVER, B.C. – On January 5, 2005 at 12 PM, the witness noticed a triangular cloud slowly moving "against" the wind, headed slowly SE and maintaining it's original shape. I live close to the Ocean so most of our winds are from the West, especially where I am situated. While riding the bus I also began to notice a rectangular shaped cloud with a square shape visible inside it, with a long, long white line loosely attached to it. Within the two clouds, you could definitely see the sharp line of something that was within the white mist. I watched these items move slowly, without changing direction or shape for two hours. I have never seen a cloud or clouds period, move against the wind, in this direction it would have taken quite a bit of power to do so, but then they were moving almost slow enough to fall. I'm certain somebody else within the city has noticed this. I have been observing quite a few aerial anomalies from where I live up high in the Southern part of Vancouver city, only ten minutes from the airport. I fully know the flight times and routes. These were not planes, they were for all intents and purpose cloud covers for something that did not want to be seen on a clear day. These two sightings remind me of the big "jellyfish" cloud but triangular and rectangular. My sighting lasted an hour and 43 minutes.

HOUSTON, B.C. – Brian Vike talked to a witness who is located just south of the town, saw an extremely bright light, at 5:45 AM, on January 6, 2005. She went out to start their truck and saw a stationary low light over the tree-line just over the top of a local neighbor's field. It was cloudy and snowing. It disappeared and seconds later reappeared looking brighter than before. Eventually, the object started to move towards the west where the witness finally lost sight of it after ten minutes. There was no sound. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director Phone 250 845 2189

TORONTO – The witness spotted three yellow lights in a triangle formation on January 10, 2005, about a 1000 feet from the ground, it looked to be just passing over the skyscrapers. At first glance I thought it was just one plane, but one of the lights took off in another direction and disappeared into the sky. The remaining two staying in there formation and continued flying across the sky. I just couldn't believe the speed of the craft that took off from formation, it seemed unreal, but it was amazing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Argentina – UFO Photos

La Arena (newspaper) reports, “On December 18, 2004 at 15:45 hrs, a rural contractor managed to photograph a strange flying object in a field near Santa Rosa. Roberto Maggio was taking snapshots of the various machines working on tasks related to harvesting without ever being aware of the UFOs presence. The object was not seen by other persons working in the area either. At night, upon downloading the digital photos from his camera to the PC, he was startled to detect an object that showed a blurry outline. On top and bottom, however, the object was somehow sharper, presenting a darker central area. Maggio was also able to detect a small, blurry dot in an earlier photo which was supposedly the same object, but appearing with a better perspective in the next shot.

The witness claims not having noticed insects or any other objects which could have led to misinterpretation moving in front of his lens, prior to taking the photographs. Note similarity to Ohio images. Thanks to La Arena 01.08.05 Translation (c) 2004. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Oscar Chavez

Australia - Disc Shaped Craft and Burns on Body

URANIA, S.A. -- One night in April 1975 a friend of mine called me and asked if I wanted to go spotlighting for foxes, I said yes and traveled to his farm 10 miles south of Maitland and arrived there about 21:00. After going inside and chatting for a while with my friend Brad, his Mum Pam and another friend Michael, I said that I was going outside to get things ready to go spotlighting. As I walked out the back door (facing east) I noticed what I initially thought was a large shooting star coming down from the east and to the south east but, the shooting star stopped dead at about 20 degrees above the horizon and began traveling across the sky towards the east and flashing blue red and white lights at 9:15 p.m. I yelled to the others to "Come Out Here NOW! Look At This!"

They came running out and we all stood in the back yard watching as the UFO traversed the horizon. I got my rifle out of my car and began watching it through the telescopic sight and was amazed to see it was about 40 meters across and about 20 meters high. It was disc shaped with windows around the edge of the disc and a flashing dome on top. It had a polished aluminum top, and it looked so close that I had to move the scope to see all of it. Brad went to get his binoculars while Pam, Michael and I took turns watching through the rifle scope. After about 5 minutes Brad came back, he had been watching it through the binoculars and I could see from the porch light that he was as white as a ghost. The UFO was now around 1000 meters away and traveling towards us. I got scared and was going to have a shot at it, but was told off by Pam, so I lowered the rifle, as I did the UFO started to retreat and slowly move off to the north towards Maitland. We kept watching as it became just a red flashing light until it was over the eastern side of Maitland where it hovered. Four other little red lights seemed to enter the (Mother ship) UFO and then the UFO took of in a slight arc to the east into the sky and disappeared in less that a second. We were on a dirt road parallel to the bitumen road so the craft would have been only about maybe 50 feet off the ground and pacing us, we were doing about 30 mph. Pam, Brad's Mom, said "Oh I've seen them before they'll be back!" Thanks to Brian Vike and AUFORN (Australian UFO Network)

COFFS HARBOUR -- On December 31, 2004, eight to ten flying Deep Orange glowing lights were observed by four witnesses at the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display. After the fireworks began at 9:20 PM, I noticed a bright, deep orange light about 45 degrees in the sky to the right of a car . It was slightly larger than a normal star. After a few minutes I noticed that it was rising very slowly, I could see this using telephone wires as a point of reference. As it got higher in the sky it began pulsing on and off in time with each fireworks explosion. That's when we all got out of the car to watch it. Every time a firework lit up the sky the light would dim right out...then slowly brighten back up. All this time it was moving across the sky and getting closer to the fireworks area. That's when we could see a faint shape attached to the light. It was too far away to see but we could all make it out. The shape was about three times the size of the light. It seemed to pass directly over the fireworks area and head out towards the sea. After 15 minutes the fireworks display sent up it's last few starburst rockets. As they went off, we saw multiple orange lights maybe 8-10 all flash together. This was not part of the fireworks explosion as these lights went on and off multiple times in exactly the same position of the sky where the first object was headed. My whole family can't stop talking about whatever it was....I think they enjoyed the UFO more than the Fireworks. Thanks to Brian Vike

Iran -- Increased UFO Activity Noted

"The flights of unidentified objects and phenomena in the skies over the country have increased in the recent weeks," according to a news report in Iran. Iranian observers are not vexed by the possibility of extraterrestrial invasion, but by the more proximate threat of aerial reconnaissance and intelligence collection by foreign adversaries. See "An increase in the number of unidentified flying objects in the country's sky," from the daily newspaper E'temad, December 25, 2004, (translated by the CIA's Foreign Broadcast Information Service):

Mexico: UFOs Photographed

Guanajuato -- Inexplicata-the Journal of Hispanic Ufology-reports that on December 23, 2004, Messrs. Eduardo Ortega and Salvador Ortega videotaped small structures crossing the solar disk at high speed and in different directions at 1 PM.

Upon examining the recorded images in slow-motion and frame by frame, the following images (attached) were seen. Consideration was given to the possibility that these may be the oft-mentioned "rods," without dismissing any other type of known event.

The very same phenomenon was reported to the "Ojos De La Ciudad" UFO Group that same week by Mrs. Vicky Mendez, a well-known photographer of UFOs. Thanks to the Journal of Hispanic Ufology.

HERMOSILLO, Sonora Luis Gonzalez reports, “More than half of a hill located on the Hermosillo coast apparently "vanished." The event was classified by Sonoran scientists as "strange and surprising" According to a series of images taken by EL IMPARCIAL which were classified as "historically significant," a hill belonging to the Sierra de Cirios range near Puerto Libertad ceased to exist in a matter of hours. At 08:54 minutes on January 10, 2005, a reporter and photographer from this newsroom saw what they took to be a UFO as they drove along Route 36 North along the coastline. After this sighting there occurred a strange phenomenon in which rocky formations changed composition (sic). At 14:08 hours, as shown by photographs taken from the site, a considerable part of the hill had disappeared. Thanks to Translation (c) 2004. by Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez. INEXPLICATA The Journal of Hispanic Ufology January 11, 2005

Philippines – Mystical Orbs

DAKIT -- Michael Harman writes, “I am an American living in the Philippines. I moved here last April and married a local girl. I live in a city called Dakit which is part of the larger city of Bogo located on the island of Cebu, the northern part of that island is on the ocean. I recently built a house here and have been getting lots of pictures of what looks like orbs in my photos of the house. In one picture at the Christmas party on my property, the entire photo is covered with what looks like orbs, each one is different and the patterns do not repeat from photo to photo. I have ruled out reflections and dirt on the lenses. I am taking these with an Olympus C-750 Digital camera, so no spots on the film. Go to my web site and view the orbs at:

Editor' Note: Most of the orb photos seem to be associated with dust or electrical energy from vehicles such as cars or planes. Some of this can be tested by deliberately manufacturing dust and taking similar photos. If you have very little dust or electrical generating equipment, then there may be another cause since the camera can pick up things we do not see. Ghosts and other anomalies may also produce these orbs. There are many strange things going on!

"Life on Mars" UFOs over Mars

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