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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 16, 2005

George Filer:
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Sightings Increase After Holidays

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO sighting.

Mars – Possible fossil found and another pyramid found infers life.

UFOs were seen over Arizona, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin. Sightings were also reported in Australia, Belize, Canada, Chile, France, Iran, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Mars - Possible Fossil Found

Nick Balaskas writes, “Remember back in August 7, 1996 when President Clinton was forced to make the startling and unexpected disclosure that, after many years of analysis of a rock found in Antarctica believed to have originated Mars, we had finally found evidence of past life on Mars? Thanks to the highly successful Mars Landers Opportunity and Spirit, they have found other much more compelling evidence (eg. rotini fossils and lichen) of past - and present - life on actual Mars rocks.

If we also include some other very puzzling and still not easily explained pictures of what look like macro-organisms on Mars that have been imaged by the U.S. and European spacecrafts still orbiting this Earth like planet, I would not be surprised to hear President Bush soon make an official announcement of "bushes" or other such life on Mars. For researchers like George Filer, Mac Tonnies and many other UFO UpDates listers, this disclosure would not have come soon enough. Opportunity's Microscopic Imager found this intriguing object, looking more like Rotini pasta. Its odd shape has stirred up Mars researchers, both inside and outside of the NASA Mars Rover Exploration team. This object appears to be related to biology and likely represents life beyond Earth./has prompted a variety of views. Thanks to Nick Balaskas

Mars – Pyramids Are Not Natural Formations

Mountains rarely if ever are formed in the shaped of pyramids. However, on Mars many pyramids are apparent in the JPL/NASA photos indicating that they were built or formed in this shape. Various pyramids on Earth such as those in Egypt and Mexico are clearly built by intelligence. NASA/JP: photo thanks to Mac Tonnies.

It is logical to assume that the pyramids on Mars were also built or formed by intelligence. Another triangular shape to the right also seems to be a topographic feature. These features look very similar to Earth satellite photos of Middle East ruins.

Arizona - Pyramid Lights

MESA – The observer was coming home from work when he saw a bright red light in the sky on February 2, 2005, at 12:50 AM. He kept following south on Ellsworth Highway and a bright blue light appeared right next to it going the same direction. He pulled over to the side of the road and noticed the blue light disappeared and then another red light appeared in front of the other red light. He states, “In my personal opinion I witnessed one of the triangle UFO's. I didn't see the shape of the craft but these lights were moving slow and didn't resemble any type of plane or helicopter. At 01:05 AM, the two red lights continued southeast. I felt this was not a normal airliner or helicopter cruising through the night sky. They were way too bright and moving much slower than a normal plane. THEY LOOKED LIKE POLICE LIGHTS IN THE SKY!" Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

California – Huge Triangle and Donut

LOS ANGELES – The witness reports, “I was driving with my son, who is 12 years old in North Hollywood about 5 PM on January 29, 2005, when my child said,” Mom, look up, UFO!" "When I looked up, I saw an object moving in the sky straight above us that was size of a helicopter and the same height, but it was a strange shape. It was round with a hole in the middle like a donut, or disk with a hole. It was black and you could see sky through the hole. It looked like nothing else I ever seen before. I parked my car so we could see better. It was flying from North Hollywood towards West Hollywood. The movement was unusual, just like it was spinning or wobbling. The edges were going slightly up and down, like it was maneuvering in the air with it’s own body and you could see it clearly. We watched for four minutes until it became a black dot."

BERKELEY -- I was in the shower and I looked out the window on February 2, 2005, at 7:30 AM, and saw an orange oval, it was fairly high in the sky. Once I saw it, it just hovered over a park and a few seconds later it started to fly off extremely fast.

PENN VALLEY -- At 6:15 PM the power went out at the observer’s house that is located in the foothills around a lake. About 7 PM, he went outside and the wind was gusting to 60 mph+ when he saw an almost rectangular extremely large craft. It was slightly more narrow in the front. It was about half a football field or 150 feet long. A small box (6"x6") at arm’s length wouldn’t have covered the entire craft. It had four circular dim ambers/yellow lights on each corner of the craft that appeared to emit some sort of haze that had an amber color. It moved very slowly. Taking several seconds to come into complete view as it passed directly over my house. One look at it and I knew it wasn’t normal. There were no wings, no blinking aircraft lights, and it was absolutely quiet.

I ran inside and got my girlfriend who became really frightened nearly in tears saying "oh my God oh my God, what is that thing?" The winds were very intense. The craft continued on its easterly course until it passed over the horizon. The bottom wasn’t completely flat and had several ridges running from front to back. About five minutes later, to the northeast a very large dome shaped, deep blue flash went off. The flash was very odd. It appeared to explode then implode. The explosion expanded in a dome fashion and lit up the entire sky. About 20 minutes later the wind was back to being ABSOLUTELY DEAD CALM. We are located not too far from Beale AFB. The paper said the cause of the power outage was that two - 60kv wires hit each other causing the blackout. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Connecticut - Two Sets of Blinking and Disk

NEW HARTFORD -- I have seen a blinking light in the sky during many nights. I have pointed it out to many of my friends and they all saw it too on February 2, 2005, at 8 PM. They blink rapidly red, white, and blue. Just recently I was able to see the lights very well with binoculars and was able to see it a little clearer. Thanks to Peter Davenport

WEST HAVEN - Seven friends were playing out side when they saw a UFO on February 7, 2005, at midnight. The disk shaped thing was red and yellow and flew really slow like it was watching us. It then flew up and did a flip and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

District of Columbia - Webcam Photographs UFO

A webcam that sends images of the U.S. Capitol area over the Web reportedly photographed an UFO at about 3:15 AM on February 10, 2005. The webcam is reportedly operated by the National Park Service and is located bordering the northern end of Arlington National Cemetery and faces east. The image shows an apparently large, flat, metallic-appearing object with the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and U.S. Capitol building in the background. A researcher with reported that he spotted the image on the webcam feed and posted the images on their site. Thanks to, Skywatch International and National Park Service

Florida - Shiny Sphere

TALLAHASSEE – The witness noticed a flying jet way up leaving a vapor trail at 7:30 AM, and maybe a 1,000 feet above it was a round perfect sphere, silver, and very shiny. The reason it caught my eye was because it was leaving no vapor trail at all, and it wasn't flying formation with the jet , except it would move side to side a little. Then, all of a sudden it disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Georgia – Massive Lights

Ellersli -- Carolyn Linn/Cab reports, my family drove home on February 12, 2002, when they noticed a beam of light through the trees. He states, “I pulled my truck down the road and was amazed when the beam disappeared.” Still watching, it came back, but this time with flashing lights of blue, white, and red. I turned the truck lights off and stopped. It was moving...toward us so, we drove south onto Highway 85 to follow it, then onto County Line Road and a back road. Driving north we came to the power lines and saw a large white light just above the treetops. The white light transformed into blinking lights of red, blue, white around this MASSIVE piece of equipment. This object made absolutely no sound and slowly moved right in front of us. I quickly turned the truck to keep up with it and suddenly it was gone. We notified the sheriff and local TV station but there were no other reports. It was truly amazing, there is no reasonable explanation for this sighting. It was much too large, too low, and no sound. We saw this thing up close, very close. Thanks to Carolyn Linn/Cab

Illinois - Bight Fireballs in the sky

NAPERVILLE – The witness stated, " I'm a 22 year old male, active sky watcher and I was admiring the strange, glittery really fine powder snow that was falling at a steady rate on January 27, 2005, at 4:15 PM. Looking up I saw a UFO, literally in the shape of a U that was 90% invisible with a distinct outline of the craft. It had three opaque whitish spots at the rear lights? It traveled fairly slow and it approached the moon. The light of the moon revealed the entire craft. The clouds were a dark purple hue above the craft. It was bigger than the full moon. The glow of the moon amplified the image of the craft and actually revealed its outline further to about 80% visible. It was about three inches from the moon and it took about 10 seconds for it to pass the moon, at which point I could no longer see it. Thanks to Peter Davenport

NEWTON -- My children and I were on our way home, when we saw two large fireballs, that moved crisscross from each other, then disappeared on February 4, 2005, at 7:30 AM. We pulled over at the rest area and watched the lights in the sky that seemed to dance. Another fireball appeared and we got in the car and follows towards Olney. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Jersey – Fireball 5-10 Minutes

BROOKLYN – The witness reports, “I'm a 16 year old high school student and I was witness to a sighting, that appeared on ABC News, on February 2, 2005, at 2:30 PM. I looked out my window and saw what looked like vertical lines in the grayish-blue clouds with lines that were almost gold. Then one by one more rips appeared. One was headed towards the Verazanno Bridge. There were two orbs near the bridge and one of the "lines" went from vertical to horizontal, and became fireballs, almost like jets. The jet-trail disappeared, almost like a comet. The one by the bridge slowly moved, and the two spheres disappeared, and that one line kind of just drifted, but eventually it went out of my line of sight, due to a tree, and that was it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Indiana - UFO Hovers and Melts Frozen Pond

COLUMBIA CITY -- This was an evening of ice fishing I will never forget! Coming over the trees was an elongated triangular shaped "thing." It was hovering over the east end of the small farm pond I was fishing on January 31, 2005, at 10 PM. It moved over the frozen water and lowered slowly. It sat motionless without a sound for a minute or two. As it rose silently, "steam" rose from the lake. The object slipped quietly past the trees and floated out of sight (my line of sight was obscured by trees). We used our cell phone and called the local sheriff, but there was no answer, as our cell phones had both gone dead. This was strange. Also, our battery operated fish locator (Vexilar) was also affected, we believe. The area of the pond where the object hovered was melted into about two inches. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Editor's Note: Almost every year a report is received of UFOs melting ice or breaking through the ice.

Ohio - Formation of Five Disks

ADAMSVILLE -- Five shiny identical objects that at first resembled airplanes with short trails were observed on February 2, 2005, at 5:40 PM. They spread across the horizon moving very slow towards a large purple cloud. The objects were spotted while driving and it took a while to realize how slow the objects were moving along Route 93 coming from Otsego towards Adamsville. The witness pulled over to take pictures, and they observed five clearly visible objects along with a possible sixth. They watched for another ten to fifteen minutes. We examined photos this evening and saw a very odd crazy looking sphere in front of sun that we did not notice by eye. Those photos were taken approx. 25 miles north and about an hour before. We thought it was a blemish in photo, but examination of two photos taken at a 45 degree angle from one another show symmetrical sphere and the reflection of it is visible in the water. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

FOSTORIA -- George Ritter sends a VHS image of a UFO over frozen pond earlier this winter.

Pennsylvania - Triangle

CLARKS SUMMIT -- On February 1, 2005, at 7 PM, my daughter and I looked through the trees in our backyard and we saw bright white lights that looked like a triangle, with three distinct points. The object hovered over the trees for a second and then the three points seemed to break off and fly close together, extremely fast. We were getting in the car anyway and decided to follow them as best as we could. We noticed them only for a couple of minutes and then lost sight of them. This was the strangest thing I have ever seen! A craft that split up into three speeding crafts with white lights and little or no sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

MIDDLETOWN -- I was looking up, to the sky in the middle of the night looking at the stars on February 6, 2005, at 1:08 AM. As I looked up I saw an airplane flying from my left to the right. Just then I saw two orange lights moving in a circular motion glided from my right to my left. It lasted about 10 to 15 seconds. The lights were dim and then the lights faded away. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Rhode Island – Light

SCITUATE -- I have seen this light in the night sky since the summer of 2004. I see this light in the southeastern sky after dark on a very regular basis, and saw it again on February 2, 2005, at 8:30 PM. The light at first glance looks like any other star but if you fixate your eye to the other stars in the area, this one twinkles more AND it has motion up down and left right. The color is like a police car light bar red/white/blue at great distance. I do not think it is a planet, air craft or satellite. I do see aircraft in the sky occasionally when I see this object. It would seem that the object could be off the coast over the Atlantic Ocean. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Tennessee - Trucker Reports Hovering Triangle

MORRISTOWN -- MUFON reports, a tractor-trailer driver called to report that he was driving north on Interstate 81 at approx. 21:00 hours on January 26, 2005, when he saw three bright reddish lights ahead of him in the sky. He drove for several minutes noting that the object appeared to be hovering as it drew closer. He arrived at a point where he could safely pull off the interstate and did so, exited his truck and watched the strange object. He described the object as a dark triangular object, backlit by the bright nearly full moon with three large reddish orange lights affixed to each point. The object was hovering at some 45 degrees to his position and was the relative size of a golfball at arm's length. He described the object as slowly rotating but making no other discernible movements. After several more minutes, the object simply disappeared. The witness is an Air Force veteran, therefore a trained witness and quite adamant that this was no conventional aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Texas – Video of Strange Green Light

KAUFMAN COUNTY -- The observer took a video of green dancing lights on February 10, 2005, at about 7:30 PM. He states, “I was looking straight up when I saw this light moving due north and jumped out of my truck, turned the camcorder on but could see nothing, and thought the thing was broke. When I figured the dust caps were still on, I took them off and started taping. As I zoomed in on it, I saw it was green, first one of these I've seen. The clouds were still coming in from the west, but it was still kind of clear in that part of the sky. Lots of green things have seen here lately. I am glad I got this one." Brilliant Green Light Filmed - Footage 1.45 mbs Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Utah - Light

RIVERDALE -- Not much to describe. I was outside, getting ready to take a drive up to the mountains, when I happened to look up, just in time to watch a light briefly streak across the sky on February 4, 2005, at 7:54 AM. At first I thought that it may have been a meteor, but then I realized that it didn't have a trail behind it. Usually, this is the case. But, there was no trail, or anything else! The light was moving WNW to SSE at about 40 degrees above the horizon. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

WASHINGTON - Disk and Triangle

ISSAQUAH --As I was driving north on February 7, 2005, at 6 PM., I saw four crafts with red and white lights hovering over Lake Sammamish. For a long time they did not move at all. I thought they must be helicopters but I have never seen helicopters with lights like that. There were about three red lights in a row and a white light that flashed. I cannot account for them other than to think they were UFOs.

YELM -- My boyfriend Nathan and I were driving on Yelm Highway about 7 PM, on January 30, 2005, and the road is surrounded by forest. One side of the road is part of Fort Lewis when all of sudden we saw this aircraft hovering above the trees right beside the highway. The aircraft was triangular and had two square lights at the bottom and there was no cockpit in sight. It was thick and it had a light at every corner. We were driving by it slowly but another car was following too close and we almost got in an accident. We manage to recover and just drive away. The oddest thing was that it hovered and there was no sound. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Wisconsin – UFO Images

GREEN BAY – The observer was out taking a few sunset photos and noticed a bright spot within several photos. I looked down at the screen of my camera to make sure I was getting the image, when I looked up the object was gone. This all took about ten to fifteen seconds.

Thanks to David and Skywatch International.

Australia – Videos

ATHERTON TABLELANDS -- Brian Vike reports on February 12, 2004, that Australian gentleman wrote that he and his partner have been witnessing and filming numerous objects in the night skies. Some are orbs, saucers, triangular craft and unusual lights. He has taken a stack of photos and a great deal of footage and I will be reporting on what the fellow sends along to me.

The Atherton Tablelands in north Queensland are 3,500 feet above sea level, tropical, with sunny days /clear nights. They are up the road from Tully a well know hotspot for UFO sightings. Thanks to Brian Vike

Belize - Saw UFO During Cruise

CARIBBEAN --On January 25, 2005, about ten at night the observers noticed bright lights that were very strange above their ship on a cruise. While sitting out on our balcony I notice an intense light flashing red green and white. I thought it was an airplane, but the light never got any closer or further away. We notice that the lights were extremely bright. As we kept watching it started darting around real fast and goes back to the same spot. My partner went to bed I kept watching it, it seem to be shooting or launching something from it. There would be a streak of light shoot in to space. I have short film footage of the object

Canada – Three Lights

OSHAWA, ONTARIO - Agnes Sroczynski reports “Between 3 and 5 AM, a large vertical row of three lights was observed on February 13, 2005, flying quickly over, and then hovered for a few minutes before going into the clouds.” The object had a large vertical row of three lights. The bottom light was brightest and whitest, very large and flashing rapidly and somewhat erratically.

Middle light was closer to bottom light, about a fourth it's size, dimmer, and not flashing. Top light was a third the size of the bottom light, dimmer still, dark red, and flashing slowly and steadily. There was no sound.

The object glided across the sky quickly in one direction, changed directions a few times, then hovered for a few minutes before going into the clouds. In the clouds, which were misty, wispy and transparent, it had a disc-shaped halo, lighting up the mist enough to see the droplets in the air, and was much larger than any commercial aircraft. It disappeared for a few minutes, flashed the red light again once, and was gone.

About an hour later it reappeared much lower in the sky, drifting downwards, and disappearing over Lake Ontario. My friend and I were driving West on Regional Rd 22. The lights also moved from being lined up vertically to horizontally a few times, and the largest light dipped well below the others even when it was lined up horizontally. My friend noticed that the radio was distorted for a few minutes as it drifted over the lake, and the intersection we were at was stuck at an all-way stop except for one pedestrian light that was stuck on go, [I didn't associate this with the object, but my friend totally did] until the object disappeared [maybe four minutes]. We both felt a distinct "tingling" and "hair-raising" sensation at our chest and crown, too! The object was moving west, then changing directions, then hovering, then down straight over or into the lake.Estimated height and speed of approach and departure: 3000 feet? then 1000 feet?

Moving very fast, again I can't be sure of how fast, then drifting down very slowly in almost totally straight down, but with a slight arc Thanks to Agnes Sroczynski

CHILE – Cylinder Shaped Craft

NOGALES – I saw a cylinder shaped object crossing the sky when I was swimming in my pool. It was flying really fast and it left a trail behind.

Iran – UFO Sightings are Likely US Drones

Apparently the US has been flying unmanned drones over Iran to look for evidence of nuclear weapons programs and to probe air defenses according the Washington Post. Iranian officials say Iran has decided not to engage the pilotless aircraft rather than tip off its air defense capabilities. Iranians who live along the Caspian Sea and on the Iraq border have reported sightings of red flashes in the sky, streaks of green and blue and low flying lights.

South Africa - Five Objects In a Straight Line

JOHANNESBURG -- Multiple witnesses report seeing five bright white lights in a straight line moving very slow from west to east at 9:07 PM. Photos were taken with a Nokia 5140 cell phone but the clearest one was a corrupt picture or format. At the same time my nephew and his girlfriend phoned me and told me that they were seeing these amazing five bright "green" lights and that people were actually pulling of the road looking and trying to take photos. I told him to try to video record as well from his phone "6600" and bring it to me as I cannot open my photos. He assured me they were green and he was taking as much as he could. I took three pictures in which you can see lights, but there were only four lights in the pictures.

France - Triangular UFOs Seen

PARIS – On Feburary 9, 2005, a huge triangular object was observed by French observer Mathieu Cozanet at 9:50 PM, moving slowly through the night sky at almost rooftop altitude. The witness was in a small public park at the corner of Rue d'Alesia and Rue Vercingeton in the 1st Arrondissment when he looked up to see a huge triangular craft, just visible against the night sky disappearing over the roofs of buildings. Mr. Cozanet's made this drawing of what he witnessed. To read Mr. Cozanet's description of the recent Paris sighting and see his recreations, go to

UK/Ireland – Three Strong Lights

CASHEL – My friends are in a band and we were driving back from a gig and stopped the van just before 6 AM, north of the town of Cashel near Thurles, on February 5, 2005. They looked up to see three large bright lights, too bright and low to be stars. The lights were independent and lined up on top of each other with the top light slightly off to one side. Suddenly, fighter planes began approaching the lights from three different directions and at this point the middle light began to flash very quickly blinking on/off. All three lights simply faded out by the time the planes had reached the point in the sky where they were located.


NOTTINGHAM -- On February 2, 2005, at 11:40 AM, the observer was outside having a cigarette and looked up to see a triangular black object move across the sky very fast and I couldn’t stop staring, then, it went vertically upwards and vanished.

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