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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 23, 2005

George Filer:
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Record Sightings in Canada & Mexico

Science will benefit by collecting the daily evidence of UFO sightings recorded by cameras around the world, to discard the fact of hundreds of sightings each week because they are extraordinary is not scientific. George Filer

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO sighting.

China Clipper Followed By UFO in 1938.

UFOs were seen over California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Sightings were also reported in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom.

Creature in Idaho Raises Prospects for Life on Mars, and Peter Jennings Explores ABCs of UFOs on Thursday February 24 at 8 PM Eastern.

The China Clipper (Boeing 314) and an UFO.

Jeff Challender has found possibly the earliest color photo of a UFO. Recently, while watching a historical documentary on Speedvision about the development of the great flying boats of the past, Jeff noticed an anomalous object following one of the early model Boeing 314s as it flew over the ocean. This was extremely rare COLOR footage of the plane, and it would necessarily have been filmed in 1938 or 1939, after the 314s maiden flight in June 1938, but before the outbreak of war in Europe in September 1939. We can narrow this time frame down, because after the beginning of war, these "China Clippers" as they were called, were repainted with a giant American flag on the nose. This was to denote them as Neutrals in the European war zone, and hopefully prevent them from coming under attack. (

Jeff writes: The time frame for this film clip makes it absolutely the EARLIEST UFO video I've ever come across! This incident even predates the famous Foo Fighters reported by all sides in the Second World War! (Article HERE on Foo Fighters & a flight of Boeing B-17s. ) It was very lucky I was watching carefully. The clip used in the documentary only lasts THREE SECONDS! The anomalous object was very bright, and appears to be trailing the big plane, skimming above the clouds as it flew along. More on this available here;

California – Sphere Emits Rainbow of Colors

FORT SMITH – The witness reports he saw a strange thing in the early morning sky on February 5, 2005, at 5:10 AM. It looked like a comet moving southeast over Fort Chaffee headed southeast. At first I thought it was a flare or the moon shinning through a hole in the clouds. It had a light on the head of it and a tail that looked just like a comet. It finally just faded away and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

LAGUNA NIGUEL - There is a star like object in the sky towards southeast, almost over head February 1, 2005, at 9:10PM. It moves slightly to left and right about every 20 or 30 seconds. No other stars move around, only this one. It looks like a normal star, but moves around. No other star around it does that. Thanks to Peter Davenport

SAN JOSE -- I was leaving work and I heard a roar of an airplane on February 4, 2005, at 9:45PM. The Company I work for is located near San Jose Minneta International Airport. I looked up and noticed a sphere shaped object glistening in the sunlight. It was probably at 2,000 - 3,000 feet hovering motionless. It began emitting a rainbow of colors, very intense and bright and it definitely had a pattern to it. I waved my arms, convinced that whatever was occupying this unknown object had intelligent life forms aboard it. It then began to move westward and then took off at amazing speed. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

SONORA --Between storm systems over California on February 22, 2005, the clouds cleared out for a beautiful and bright evening. At 9:09 PM, after hours of watching the sky, I was about to call it a night and go inside. I looked up to see an object to my northeast, heading south.

No FAA mandated red or green lights were to be seen. This object appeared brightly lit and moved slowly, without any sound whatsoever. To see the video clips of the triangles, please visit

District of Columbia – Enhancement of Photo

Gordon DeSpain writes, “I pulled the Webcam picture into my computer, opened it in Paintshop Pro, and, cropped it and converted it to a BMP File, to prevent destruction of data during enhancement. Then, I resized it to 300% (3X), applied a Median Filter (raised the strength to 6), and, applied an edge enhancing "Dilute." This resulted in an amazingly clear picture of something that appears to be rectangular, or, possibly a slightly blunt, wedge shape, with kickup on the rear, and, something attached that looks like a raised, oversize gutter (like one along the edge of a roof). And, it seems to be trailing some type of wake, or, possibly a shadow caused by a light source outside the pictures boundary. Whatever it may be, I defy anyone to call it a balloon, or, a temperature inversion.

Again, whatever it is, it's a hard, physical object, unlike anything we may have in the air today. Since I can't possibly identify it as natural, a misidentified celestial object, or, misidentified aircraft, I'd have to call this a real, "Category 10" UFO...unlike any other real UFO I've seen. Gordon DeSpain

Photo thanks to, Skywatch International and National Park Service Webcam.

Creature in Idaho Raises Prospects for Life on Mars

By Robert Roy Britt Senior Science Writer Space.Com reports, “They eat hydrogen, breathe carbon dioxide, and belch methane. And they form the root of an ecosystem unlike any previously known on Earth. Meet the methanogen, a tiny organism living in complete darkness 660 feet (200 meters) underneath the surface of Idaho. Researchers report in the Jan. 17 issue of the Journal Nature the discovery of a community of various organisms dominated and supported by these methanogens, creatures they say could represent just the sort of life to look for when turning over rocks on Mars. The work, along with another report this week of life found in extreme conditions in Antarctica, adds to mounting evidence for life's tenacity and creativity, fueling increased speculation about the prospects for life on other worlds.

Extreme diet -- Unlike other organisms at the bottom of the food chain, methanogens need little of the traditional sustenance that biologists associate with life. They get by without oxygen and no help from sunlight, said the U.S. Geological Survey's Francis H. Chapelle, who led the study along with Derek Lovley of the University of Massachusetts. Methanogens simply feed off hydrogen in the rocks around an underground hot spring. No one knew if life could live in such conditions. So the Idaho site was chosen for its lack of organic matter, stuff that is originally produced by sunlight-powered organisms and is known to support other subsurface ecosystems. "This kind of microbial community has never been found on Earth," Chapelle told, adding that it "may be representative of the kinds of life that initially evolved on the early Earth, and which may presently occur on Mars or Europa." Snip Thanks to

Editor’s Note: Dr. Gilbert Levin's Labeled Release Life Detectors signaled positive for life repeatedly in 1976, from the Mars Viking Landers 1 & 2, but for some reason NASA scientists decided to ignore the truth. Many scientists are now contacting me claiming Levin was right. “There is life on Mars!

Illinois - Low flying UFO with Lights Flashing

HOMER GLEN --There was a low flying craft this evening flying through our subdivision on January 31, 2005, at 6:20 PM. It appeared to make no sound and it flew very slowly. There were lights on this UFO. It was flying from south to north and it continued to fly at a low height until it was out of sight. It did not look like any normal aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Iowa - Fireball Craft Observed for 10 Minutes

CEDAR FALLS - The witness reports, “The craft I saw was a fireball type and I saw it for about ten minutes northwest of Cedar Falls and then it shot due west at about 200 mph at about 8500 feet in altitude on February 2, 2005, at 1:23 PM.” It also left a trail or contrail. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Louisiana - Circle

NEW IBERIA – The observers on February 4, 2005, at 9:45PM, saw a big, round, colorful UFO that just stopped in one spot a few feet in the air, and then it took off, and it was no where in sight. They state, “It was about 40-50 feet wide, with white, green, and red big bright lights all around it.” It was about 10-15 feet from the ground and hovering in one place. Finally, it started to move forward and we got scared, so we took off and turned right back around to see if it was still there, which didn't take us more than 30 seconds to get back to where it was, and it was no where in sight! We looked all around, and we looked in the sky and it was really no where around.” The next day, we looked in the same spot where we saw it at and we found what looked like eyeballs and reddish finger looking things. We have pictures of the things we have found. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Massachusetts - MUFON Investigation

Margaret Smith reports, Whatever it was that appeared in the cold skies over Billerica on Dec. 12, at least one observer was concerned enough to seek answers.

That's according to Mark Petty, an investigator with the Massachusetts Mutual UFO Network, which said he is heading up a team to look into the reported sighting.

The volunteer-run network is part of a nationwide mutual UFO network, whose chapter members track reports of all manner of peculiar lights and objects seen hovering or cruising through the heavens.

Petty did say that someone reported a similar sighting that same night, several miles away, on a southern stretch of Interstate 495 in the Worcester County vicinity.

He hopes others who may have witnessed something unusual will come forward in an effort to help the investigation and will e-mail him at or visit the Web site, .

Billerica police said they did not receive any reports of an unusual sighting in the sky Dec. 12, but said from time to time, they, like all police departments, do get calls from concerned residents of a strange light or sound. Usually, it's easy to figure out what the person is seeing.

UFO network chapters are volunteer-driven, and members come from many walks of life, from astronomers to factory workers, Petty said. The network trains and certifies volunteers who wish to investigate UFO reports, teaching them skills that include interviewing witnesses and looking at data on celestial activity. The Massachusetts network has more than 120 members.

In a written statement, Greg Berghorn, the state director of the Massachusetts network, said he sent a team of four investigators, led by Petty, to conduct interviews and survey the area of the reported sighting.

Minnesota - Oval Performs Aerial Feats

HASTINGS -- I am a Field Investigator Trainee with MUFON reporting here a sighting my sister had on the evening of January 28, 2005 at 9:45 PM,. My sister was driving south on Highway 61 in Hastings, en route to Winona when she spotted a bright, oval shaped white light southeast of her position. There were scattered clouds and the moon was fully visible. This object appeared at the 3-4 o'clock position relative to the moon and my sister assumed that it was the light of an oncoming plane that she was seeing until it began to perform some very remarkable movements. From its stationary position it rapidly descended vertically to near the horizon level and hovered. It seemed either to be wobbling or to be flashing lights. The object then reversed direction to head directly upwards 1/3 the distance it had initially descended then stopped again. After a second or two the object shot off with incredible speed to the northeast before disappearing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Montana - Falling Star Explodes Into Green Sparks

GREAT FALLS -- On January 25, 2005 at 6:25 p.m. I was driving north on Interstate 15 approximately 14 miles north of Great Falls when I saw a "falling star" ahead of me through the windshield. The object fell approximately at a 35-40 degree angle for about 2 seconds then exploded/fragmented and the sparks or fragments were of a green color. It reminded me of exploding fireworks. The location in the night sky was to the N.E. of the place where the sunset. As I drove north it was in the top left part of my windshield. I am guessing that what I saw was a fragmenting meteorite that hit the earth’s atmosphere. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Nebraska - Oval Shaped Object Picks Up a Cow.

Wood River -- While getting ready to leave my parent’s house, around midnight, five of my friends and I were sitting on the porch of an old Victorian house on January 31, 2005, on 11th Street and the object was hovering above a corn field several miles to the west. The object stayed in the sky moving from side to side for about ten minutes then after watching it appeared to be gone. In this ten minute time period the oval shaped object let out a few bursts of light like it was glowing and shone a blinding bright light down to the ground and started lifting up objects. We aren’t sure what the object was but it most likely, with the size and shape of an Angus cow. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New York - Boomerang Moving Steady and Quietly

COMMACK – The observer went outside to his backyard to watch the night sky on January 31, 2005, at 7:30 PM, and spied a dark boomerang shaped object pass overhead well below airline traffic. These were approximately six round shaped objects of the same size on the bottom side (possibly could have been lights) unlit. They could have been slightly illuminated. It moved at a steady, quiet speed traveling from east to west. As I watched, it passed over my house and it seemed to disappear in the night sky. There were no visible lights to follow its movement. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

BEACON – On February 2, 2005, at 7 PM, the observer reports, “As I stepped outside to the front of my house, I saw what I thought was the radio tower on Beacon Mountain, but it started to move slightly.” I thought it might be a helicopter as a plane was heading toward this object. It flew quite a distance above the plane as the plane headed toward its direction. It then stayed above hovering. I tried to look through binoculars on a steady point and this object just kept on moving around and I am unable to get a clear look, this is going on as I type this note. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Carolina – Frequent Sightings

HIGH POINT --Alan Caviness writes, "For years, residents in an undisclosed area just west of High Point, North Carolina have experienced strange occurrences of the seemingly "paranormal" variety." The experiences vary widely and involve many different kinds of paranormal topics normally studied by investigators. After 3 years of field studies and monitoring, I have determined and confirmed many times over that the overall phenomenon is real and does indeed encompass many aspects of the paranormal world. The colleagues I work with also agree without reservation. Here is a typical photo:

Oklahoma - Light

TULSA -- About 7:15 PM, a very large bright blue green light moved slowly northwest across the sky on February 2, 2005, The very large object then retraced its flight to the northeast very fast and disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Texas - Triangular Lights Video Taped

KAUFMAN COUNTY – Mr. Lawalk writes, Thought I'd send you some grabs off a taping I did at about 7PM, on February 9, 2005. I noticed these two red lights going east at not too fast a clip. Looked like two horizontal lights side by side at first with no noticeable flashing lights and no sound. As I zoomed in on it, it shows to have three lights in a triangle shape. I got about thirty seconds or more of it before it went behind my house. The lights were moving east at a couple hundred miles per hour in a horizontal straight path.Watch toward about the middle of the clip,(about 14 seconds in to it), and it passes a star so you can see it's moving.

Utah – A Small Light

RIVERDALE – The observer was outside getting ready to take a drive up to the mountains, when he happened to look up, just in time to watch a light briefly streak across the sky on February 4, 2005, at 7:54 PM... At first I thought that it may have been a meteor, but then I realized that it didn’t have a trail behind it. Usually, this is the case. The light was moving WNW to SSE at about 40 degrees above the horizon. Could have been a meteor, but there was no trail! Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Virginia - Saw Circular Figure with Moving Lights

CENTREVILLE --When I saw this aircraft it looks like a circle and had lights that kept moving around in a counterclockwise direction on February 4, 2005, at 4 AM. The lights were blue and green. It was amazing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington - Nighttime UFO sighting in east

PUYALLUP, Pierce County – On January 31, 2005, at 10:45 PM, three observers were on our roof having a cigarette when they saw fireworks in the sky to the southeast. My roommate told me some objects were flying just underneath the plane he was pointing at. The object was orange in color and was moving very slowly toward the north. It had no blinking lights but just a steady orange glow and seemed to be fairly high up and far away. We saw a light fall directly down from the object.

It was smaller than the large light but the same color and was falling straight down for about seven or eight seconds and then would disappear. My first thought was that it could be an airplane breaking up, but the larger light continued to move slowly then eventually looked like it stopped from our viewpoint. As it was stopped, we saw the same balls of light fall from it four more times, each one disappearing after about five to ten seconds. The larger object then began to move higher and dropped a light that fell straight downward until it disappeared. We watched as the large orange light continued east and got smaller until it vanished about 50 degrees up in the horizon. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Argentina – UFO Imprints

MAR DEL PLATA -- Carlos A. Lurched, a distinguished Argentinean UFO researcher and long-time collaborator of INEXPLICATA, has sent data from Carlos Ferguson, Coordinator of the RAO - Argentinean Ufology Networ who reports, “Imprints were found after a UFO appeared in the early hours of February 8, 2005, causing at least a pair of prints at Sierra de los Padres. Furthermore, we have already received word on ten new prints in the Route 88 area. Mr. Romelio Tapia saw a luminous white sphere (the most reported in these cases). When the UFO took off, marks were left behind that usually have a similar diameter.

Similar cases have already taken place in Mar del Plata and elsewhere: For example: 20 August 1965: Outskirts of Mar del Plata = Burn mark. 2) 14 June 1968: El Boqueron = Burn Mark. 3) July/ August 1968: Parque Camet = Re-greening mark. 4) 2 March1973: Golf Club MDP = 30 charring marks and residue in the form of grayish dust. 5) 6 January 1985: Mundialista Area = circle measuring 4.20 meters with grayish dust. 6) 26 February 1987: SMATA campground = Circular and semi-circular dehydration marks. 7) 3 March 1987: As above. 8) October1988: Santa Clara del Mar = One 5 meter diameter burn mark. 9) March 1989: En Playa Dorada = One 14 meter diam. dehydration mark. 10) October 1989: Santa Clara del Mar = One 4.70 meter diam. dehydration mark. 11) February 1990: Caisamar = 1 print measuring 5 m. /diam. with greyish dust. 12) February1990: Sierra de los Padres = 2 circles, one measuring 4m and another 2 m, containing a sort of grayish dust and fungi. 13) February 1990: Port = 2 circles (One measuring 5 meters/diameter and smaller one) of grayish dust 14) 8 February de 2005: Sierra de los Padres. 15) 8 February 2005: Parque Palermo.

Generally speaking, some scorching, dehydration and a fine grayish dust have been found in these prints. The residues are usually found among some very small fungi. Some are already saying that if fungi are found in the Sierra de los Padres case, the case would be invalidated. Nothing could be further from the truth. These microscopic fungi are generated by something that activates them externally, adding to this the temperature present in the area (high humidity). But this would not invalidate at all the report on the presence of a UFO, which - as we know - possesses electromagnetic energy that could have well been the source of these prints. SNIP. Thanks for Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU of UFO activity in this region. Inexplicata The Journal of Hispanic Ufology February 14, 2005

Canada -Object Moves Quickly

SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY, BURNABY B. C. -- The wind was blowing pretty good so I set my camera to time exposure and aimed it over towards Simon Fraser University on February 14, 2005, at 6 PM. After the sun had gone down I set it to night shot and slowly panned eastward across the mountain tops. The sky was quite clear and just over Heritage Mountain I noticed what appeared to be two bright stars sitting side by side just over the ridge of the mountain. I don’t usually see many stars in that location so I stopped and started to zoom in on them. I planned to just leave the camera aimed at that spot and see if anything turned up.

But I had just started to zoom when the star on the left or west side, took off at a high speed in an easterly direction. It moved so fast it was just a streak of light on my viewfinder. Because my camera was still on time exposure I didn’t managed to catch it. But later when I played the tape back I found an usual white oval shaped object with a white V shaped tail, the white oval object itself was not unusual but I’ve never seen one with a tail. My camera was running at one second exposure every thirty seconds and the object was only showing for the one second. Thanks to Brian Vike

Canada – Record Number of UFO Sightings

WINNIPEG -- The London Free Press reports: “There were no little green men to be seen but there were plenty of strange occurrences in the night sky last year. A national survey by Ufology Research of Manitoba shows a record 882 UFO sightings were recorded in Canada in 2004 -- an average of more than two a day and up 31 per cent from the previous year. Included in the reports of unidentified flying objects were disc-shaped crafts, spectacular fireballs and a large black triangular object moving through the sky. Chris Rutkowski, research co-ordinator for the UFO tracking group, said the results show that people still have a fascination with what's going on above. "People are curious about the universe," Rutkowski said yesterday. "People continue to report observing unusual objects in the sky and some of these objects do not have simple or obvious explanations." Rutkowski said he's not exactly sure what caused the increase, although sightings have been growing steadily. For a while that could be attributed to popular TV shows such as the X-Files or significant events such as the millennium, he said, but now it might simply be due to more UFO reporting sites on the Internet.

Ontario led with 254 sightings, British Columbia was second with 247 and Manitoba was third with 112. Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Quebec all had a record number of sightings. Figures show that more than 5,000 UFO sightings have been officially reported in Canada since 1989. Witnesses include pilots, police and individuals with good observation capabilities, Rutkowski said. About 15 per cent of all UFO reports remain a mystery. Even when only the most high-quality cases are considered, seven per cent still weren't explained. Copyright © The London Free Press. Thanks to Skywatch-International Web Site

Chile - UFO Fleet Photos

HORNOPIREN -- Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports eyewitnesses photographed a fleet of UFOs flying over Cerro Hornopirén for over 60 seconds at 3 PM on February 21, 2005.. Walter Jara and his cousin Luis Aguilar saw a UFO for over a minute that flew over the summit before his startled eyes, and a few seconds later, he gathered his wits and managed to take a digital photo of the object.

Jara said that at the moment of the photograph he was not aware of the numerous flying objects that flew over the perimeter vertically. But after keeping the UFO in sight for 60 seconds, his perception and that of his cousin were changed. The flying saucers were not visible in plain sight. However, when he zoomed the camera lens, he was able to see them clearly. It was a moment of wonder and amazement, said Jara. "The day was clear and cloudless. The object oscillated vertically in the sky. I don't think it was a bird because they move differently."

He added that the UFO was grey in color and oval-shaped.

Thanks to Scott Corrales, IHU Translation (c) 2005.

Cyprus - Light Moving In Different Directions

LIMASSO --We have been watching near the star Orion we think when we saw a bright light appear for only one second at a time on January 26, 2005 at 11 PM, then it appeared again, I have timed it and it appears every three minutes. I know that the stars move from left to right but this light is moving from right to left and moving up at an angle it then moved at a different angle three minutes later to what it was moving in. We don’t know what it is, I have tried to film it but my camcorder isn’t good enough to pick it up. Can someone help and maybe look at it as well. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Mexico – UFOs Over Volcano

MOUNT POPO – Jerry Pippin reports, "UFO activity in and around the vicinity of Mt. Popocatepetl, North America's most active volcano which is located just outside of México City continues." On February 4th and 5th 2005, we recorded two such events. We were astonished, to say the least, after re-viewing our recording from the 4th, when the technician who was at the controls turned the camera's attention toward a glowing object that was fixed in the daytime sky and began to zoom in on what can only be described, at this time, as an Unidentified Flying Object. On February 14, another UFO was recorded. Jerry Pippin has a great website with numerous photos.

Many thanks to Jerry Pippin 'Spyman'

MEXICO CITY -- An important sighting was recorded by professional cameramen from Televisa in Mexico City on January 9, 2005, as a UFO flew over the Plaza Mexico bullring between 5:45 and 6:00 pm. On that same day, Mexican researcher Pedro Avila Rubio obtained impressive video evidence of apparently the very same unidentified flying object at an altitude of 4000 meters over the municipality of Tlalnepantla in the state of Mexico at 3:45 p.m. Thanks to Pedro Avila Rubio.

Puerto Rico - Sighting on Mountain

SIERRA BERMEJA -- Professor Reinaldo Rios reports that on February 18, 2005, at about the 6:30 p.m he was on Highway 303 between Lajas and Red Cabo Rojo when he noticed the presence of a luminous object suddenly moving west. The object moved quickly and was about 7 to 8 meters of a shining clear color that sounded like a washing machine. The sighting was at dusk. He could clearly see it was a well-known object. He shot some photographs. Thanks to Prof. Reinaldo Rios and Skywatch-International Web Site

Jennings Explores ABCs of UFOs

The Washington Post reports, Peter Jennings, anchor of ABC's "World News Tonight." Jennings, whose new two-hour special tackles the subject of UFOs, admits he and his production team began the project with doubts and a dose of curiosity.

"We have a lot of skeptics - I am very skeptical - but we seriously investigated something a lot of people are serious about," he said. "And when we come to the end, this is wonderfully interesting. "More than 80 million Americans believe intelligent beings from somewhere else have come here," he said. "Forty million believe they have seen UFOs, so this is of deep interest to people."

Produced for ABC News by Jennings's production company, which also has delved into the JFK assassination conspiracy theories, the program examines the UFO phenomenon from an early milestone: a 1947 sighting by a man named Kenneth Arnold.

Segments include visits to the Center for UFO Studies outside Chicago, where files bulge with reports of sightings, and to a radio talk show on "UFOlogy." That show's host, Art Bell, cites among his 18 million weekly listeners "the most informed UFOlogists, the best scientists and some of the craziest people you'll ever meet." snip

"There was one scientist assigned to it for its entire existence," Jennings said of J. Allen Hynek. "He started off dismissive and became a believer. Then he spent the rest of his life trying to get people to believe him."

Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs - Seeing Is Believing Thursday Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. on ABC Thanks to:

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