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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 16, 2005

George Filer:
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Midair Collision with UFO

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO sighting. I personally chased one over England as directed by London Control.

NASA employee saw UFO during Apollo 15 mission and ham radio operators support the sighting.

UFOs were seen over California, Airborne over Carolinas, District of Columbia, Idaho, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington. Sightings were also reported in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

NASA Fireman Saw UFO during Apollo 15 Mission

Eileen Nesbitt - UFO Casebook, Investigator writes, “Below is an excerpt from the retired NASA fireman who was taking a smoke break with another fireman while seated in an unoccupied viewing room at the Manned Spacecraft Center August 6, 1971, during Apollo 15 mission.”

"We entered the viewing room at the end of our patrol, and as was our want, sat at the back of the room to enjoy a pipe. We both smoked a pipe, and the viewing room allowed smokers. We had been there for no longer than fifteen minutes, it may have been longer, but I doubt it, when the stage left door opened and in walked several, at least five of the upper echelon administrators of Johnson Space Center. Uh, it actually wasn't called Johnson Space Center at that time; rather the name was Manned Spacecraft Center. Anyway, I do know that one of the people was definitely Chrome Dome, as we were irreverently known to call Dr. Gilruth."

“ Jim and I then paid close attention to what was on the screen. There was an object above the spot where the Astronauts were supposed to be in Hadley's Rille, just hovering. I am totally positive as to it being an object; it was round, it had a shiny side with a shadow side, with the shadow side matching the shadows on the moon, and though all the video shots coming from the moon looked black and white, they could actually have been in color. The harsh lighting was probably responsible for the illusion of black and white.”

Please go to: for the entire story, and information on multitudes of UFO pictures in a crypto room at NASA. Thanks to Eileen Nesbitt UFO Casebook, Investigator

Editor’s Note: There have been many similar stories from NASA astronauts including radio intercepts. During Apollo 15 David Scott, Alfred Worden, James Irwin; visited the Appenine Mountains of the Moon, from July 26 to Aug. 7, 1971.

Hundreds of Ham radio operators picked up this conversation about discovering strange ‘tracks’ on the Moon.”

Astronaut David Scott: “Arrowhead really runs east to west”.
Mission Control: Roger, we copy.
Astronaut Irwin: “Tracks here as we go down slope.”
Mission Control: Just follow the tracks, huh?
Astronaut Irwin: Right we're (garble). We know that's a fairly good run. We're bearing 320, hitting range for 413 ... I can't get over those lineations, that layering on Mt. Hadley.

Astronaut Scott: I can't either. That's really spectacular.
Astronaut Irwin: They sure look beautiful.
Astronaut Scott: Talk about organization!

Astronaut Irwin: That's the most *organized structure I've ever seen*!
Astronaut Scott: It's (garble) so uniform in width.
Astronaut Irwin: Nothing we've seen before this has shown such uniform thickness from the top of the tracks to the bottom.

We can speculate that a code was in effect. Could the astronauts been describing a UFO called ‘tracks or lineations’? Perhaps the beautiful structure with uniform width and thickness describe a UFO that landed and left tracks on the ground? Several astronauts have mentioned many areas on the Moon appear to be mined and UFOs were seen.

California – Craft Breaks Apart and Reconstitutes

LAKESIDE -- John Hayes at UFOINFO reports a witness had an amazing sighting of a bright orange egg-shaped craft that separated into three parts, then came back together again on March 6, 2005 at 2:35 AM. A group of firemen on one of their trucks also saw the craft. The witness contacted the media and police departments looking for anyone else who may have witnessed this event Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research Home

SONORA -- Mark A. Olson, D.M. writes, “At 6:28 PM on March 9, 2005, a huge glowing object appeared directly overhead, traveling to the Northeast very slowly. The object passed behind the trees about 100 yards or so away from my back balcony. It was an awesome sighting (still shot below). The video clip is posted at . It's a rather large clip at 22Mb, but it is definitely worth seeing! Thanks to Mark A. Olson, D.M.

Carolina’s – Witness Spots Two UFOs during Flight

FLORIDA TO PENNSYLVANIA –Agnes reports, “On March 13, 2005, around 1 PM, I was looking out the window of a commercial aircraft and spotted a small black shiny triangular metallic craft emerge out of a large thick cloud. After a few seconds of traveling very quickly south it totally vanished into thin air. There was no sound. We were flying at 30,000 feet.

A half hour later I saw what looked like a regular white commercial flight going south, but I saw lots of planes pass us and this thing was moving extremely fast in comparison. It left; quickly disappearing in the jet stream, then suddenly began angling downwards as if to descend for landing. The witness states, “Then it angled straight down, nose pointed to the Earth and jet stream shooting straight up in the air, and did a total flip around to face the other way! Then the thing turned from a plane into a very long thin line of yellowish light that stayed in one place for about a minute. It then faded and disappeared, too! Thanks to Agnes’ E-mail report.

US Capitol – UFO Over Restricted Airspace

District of Columbia. -- Will Allen writes,” These images were taken July 16, 2002, from the US Capital.

This is P-51 Restricted Airspace and nothing should be in the air, anywhere near or around any Government buildings or Monuments. Because this is restricted airspace, an image like this should not exist, yet it does. These are not just ‘lights in the sky,’ lens flares, or any other conclusive assessment made by the "experts" on UFO's. Lead object consisted of 4 orbs, two green and two modulating amber, red, green. I question those that say to me that what I saw and photographed were of Earthly origin.”

Close up of green lights above building taken from Lower US Senate Park: This is Restricted Airspace P-51 (No Fly Zone) Thanks to Will Allen for his report.

Florida – Multiple UFO Reports

ROYAL PALM BEACH -- We saw a silver spinning football shaped object going across the sky on February 23, 2005, at 6 PM. I thought it was a large Mylar football balloon at first, but it was moving horizontally and spinning in a clockwise direction. My daughter saw a light flashing on it, but it looked to me like the sun reflecting as it spun pretty quickly. It was silver in color and flew across the sky and then up. Strangely about 20 minutes later there were two helicopters in sight out the same window. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

AUBURNDALE – The witness was driving west on SR/CR 92 and saw jets in the sky with contrails contrasting with the bright golden/pink remaining skylight from the sunset on March 3, 2005, about 6:45 PM. He states, “As I watched some jets, a closer and brighter object tumbled in place approximately 1000 feet up.” I say tumbled because the object appeared pear shaped only if you took a knife and cut the very top of the pair off giving it a flat top. The bottom half of the object was an extremely bright reddish orange glow that I only saw on its bottom end as it tumbled.

I pulled the car over and watched it almost disappear except for a faint visual of the object in its position until its wider brighter part rotated into view. It was stationary in the sky as it tumbled. The body of the object appeared very dark and if I held a dime up an arm’s length it would just have barely covered the object. It vanished with a single flashbulb effect and absolutely NO sound the entire time. Thanks to Brian Vike

CLEARWATER – The witness reports that on Saturday, March 12, 2005, around 9:30 PM, he saw two very large off-white circular lights, gliding rather slowly overhead. The lights rotated around one another in a figure 8, about four times, and then faded out completely into the perfectly clear night. Their height was about 1500 feet, and they made no sound. Later about 10 PM, a large orange/amber light, with a diffuse border and an irregular shape that changed constantly like fire was seen. It was moving in the same direction, at the same height, and with the same speed as the two lights half an hour before it. It also faded out and disappeared. Again, there was no sound. E-mail report

Idaho - Long Orange Bent String Shaped Object

RUPERT – On March 11, 2005, at 7:40 PM, two witnesses spotted a long string like object with an orange glow. My neighbor asked as he looked to the northern sky, "Whoa what's that?" I then looked in that direction and saw what appeared to be a long bent string shaped object flying relatively high, it had an orange glow about it. The object traveled in front of numerous stars showing that it did have some width to it and it then traveled just in front of the Big Dipper constellation then just faded into nothing. We stood there in awe for a while, and then went home. We both again were out looking in the sky tonight waiting to see it again to no avail. Thanks to Brian Vike

Missouri – Web cam Images Analyzed

ST.LOUIS – MUFON analyst Dr. Donald Burleson writes: “I tried some further image processing on the UFOs taken by the webcam over the city. Attached is an enhancement I did of the lower-left of the two St. Louis objects, which clearly is disk-shaped. The upper-right object shows up as essentially a disk too but seems to be a bit too blurred to come out as clear as the first object. The objects have an enhancement which, if crude, does show that the object, like its companion, appears to be disk-shaped. – Thanks to Dr. Don Burleson Also see last weeks Filer’s Files #11.

New Jersey – Disk

WOODBRIGE – Reverend Barna reports his son took pictures of a UFO circling the area.

New Mexico – Roswell Crash

We have not heard much about the crash of a UFO generally referred to as Roswell. Don Burleson directed me to his article at that speculates that the UFO crashed 12 to 21 miles from the debris site near Corona, NM. In my explorations of the area it seemed that the UFO debris field was laid out in a NW to SE pattern indicating the craft was heading in one of these two directions. I visited Corona and talked to some of the old timers who remembered the crash in 1947, and told me there was Army trucks all over Corona. I asked where were they headed? They stated, "Some were heading NW and some SE." The debris field is SE of Corona. I tried to investigate NW of town and the area was fenced off and belonged to the government. When I attempted to get onto the fenced land, I was stopped by two men in a truck, who told me I was trespassing, that I could not proceed. See Roswell Trajectory Feasibility:

Ohio – Midair Collision with UFO

COLUMBUS -- On a clear blue 83 degree summer Sunday, July, 1985, at about 3 PM, I was flying my camouflaged Grumman Yankee TR-2 (N1650R) from Detroit to Columbus. While under Port Columbus International airport civilian radar approach control at 15 miles out and descending through 8,000 feet I was given permission to vector 30 degrees right to investigate what appeared to be a 2nd sun (sphere UFO) about 2/3 the size of a football field parked on the back side of a large cumulous cloud at about 4,000 feet and 5 miles NNW of the airport.

There was nothing on radar anywhere near that location. Approaching the UFO at 4,000 feet level and 200 yards, it never lost its brilliance - just like staring into the sun only now hundreds of times larger than the real sun still clearly visible above.

At this point I was completely overwhelmed with curiosity as this enormous sphere was still not showing on radar only 5 miles away and that same radar had never lost contact with my aircraft. As U. S. Navy trained in radar I knew that this was just not possible. Anything that huge that could create or reflect light that bright and was that close to the radar should have 'blipped' like the Graf Zeppelin blimp with a full metal jacket, and yet, I was still on radar even though this sphere was now directly between me and the radar - just NOT possible! This means that the sphere did not absorb or reflect the radar pulses - it was totally transparent to them. This alone should give us a clue as to what the UFO's physical composition was NOT. Given that I'm no more or less brave than any other pilot would have been in this situation, I did have one major 'courage' advantage over most - I was wearing a parachute. So, with burning curiosity and squinting through sun glasses, I started a slow left turn into the UFO for a closer look. It was at this point that I became truly apprehensive (scared out of my wits to be honest) of what I was about to do.

Half way through the turn all that bright light from the UFO instantly switched off revealing a huge medium grey sphere made up of millions of clearly visible perfectly flawless identical pentagon shaped translucent/opaque crystals about 6 inches long with pointed ends and all spaced identically about 1 foot apart and NOT moving. Once I saw that the UFO was NOT solid, I made the decision (with parachute) to penetrate it with my left wing in an attempt to knock as many crystals off as possible hoping to later find on the ground for analysis. In a hard right turn the outer third of my left wing sliced through the UFO's crystals with the sound of an intense hale storm on a tin roof. The hundreds of contacted crystals broke cleanly over the leading edge of my wing (strange but no fragments) and I could clearly see that the severed surfaces were of a light smooth frosty texture. At this time I could see approximately 40 to 50 feet deep into the crystals (UFO) where it became totally dense and black with nothing but the crystals.

I also noticed that those crystals my wing did NOT contact were NOT effected by the turbulence of my wing - they never moved or even quavered - another observation that was "not possible". The illustration of the crystals below is exactly what I saw on that day. The sound and the drag created by my wings collision with the crystals was consistent with the solid weight of ice (or the like) and caused my aircraft to cartwheel which caused a 60 degree CCW roll. I remember this because I became instantly concerned about gyro damage and then just as instantly realized how insignificant that was considering what had just happened. As for investigations, this was on a Sunday and GATO was closed. The only evidence would be any recordings where radar approach states that they see nothing on radar (no evidence) and all the paint and fiberglass missing from the leading edge of my outer port wing (still no evidence).

I examined thoroughly looking for fragments of the UFO's crystals imbedded in the wing but found nothing. I didn't think until much later that there might have been microscopic evidence in the fiberglass. I've been kicking myself for that ever since then. The good news is that the wing was repaired and repainted so it is possible that microscopic fragments still exist imbedded underneath the new paint. I recently checked the "N" number and the plane is still flying and in California. I'm seriously thinking about buying it back for this reason. Name withheld. Thanks to InventorGrissom

Pennsylvania – Cylinder Low Over City

PHILADELPHIA – John Schuessler MUFON Director has obtained the following report: I contacted Michael Greene who lives in New Jersey. He and his eleven year old son were driving down Spruce Street after hockey practice when a very silvery cylinder shaped object caught my eye. It was a beautiful bright sunny Saturday morning at 10:30 PM, on March 5, 2005, so there's no mistaking exactly what I saw.

Mike is a teacher and coach and states, “It was moving slowly horizontally through the sky and was a very brilliant silver/metallic color. The sun was reflecting off it making it really, really shiny. I watched it for a good 15 to 20 seconds. I had to concentrate on the road. I told my son to look at it. He watched it longer than me. He told me that it was flying slowly and then it flew away fast. It was the height that a helicopter would fly in the sky only a few thousand feet up." This is his second sighting; he saw one near the Ben Franklin Bridge that was flying vertically. Thanks to MUFON

QUAKERTOWN/ZION HILL -- On February 24, 2005, a couple woke up to sounds of helicopters so they looked out to see them, but they were black and very hard to see. They saw two or three black helicopters, at a time, just circling the area. The witness stated, my husband who works until 1 AM, saw them all over the place. The few times we have seen them in the day, they were all black with some sort of tanks on the sides of them, looking very odd. In the morning we see what seem to be rainbows in the clouds. Small clouds full of a spectrum of color like a rainbow. Willow Grove Navy base is 25 miles east of here, but these aircraft are going west and not coming from that direction. We see these weird lights in the sky a lot even in the day time. My son and I saw a huge triangular shaped aircraft when we lived in Philadelphia, in 1994

Texas -- Excellent Video and Photos - UFO

KAUFMAN COUNTY – The witness used his camcorder at 10 PM, on March 12, 2005, and noticed some jets and small airplanes. I started to get back in the pickup when I saw a weird colored glowing light toward the west coming at me. I started taping it and noticed it had another dim light behind the bright one. It headed toward the northeast.. As I was zooming in on it I noticed it had another dim light on the leading corner that made a perfect triangle.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Lawwalk.

It was moving about 100 mph or similar to a small plane.

There was no noise at all coming from it. I want to say it was about 15000 feet up, but if it was a triangle, it could have been high up, but lower than the jets. Thanks to Brian Vike and © Lawwalk 2005

Virginia - Disk Spotted for Five minutes

CHESTERFIELD -- The witness was watching the sky, and saw a green light zigzag around the sky on February 23, 2005, for five minutes. The object made a slight Humming noise. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Washington – Fire Ball and Power Outages

SEATTLE --By Athima Chansanchai, Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter. "Washington residents who looked up at the sky Saturday night saw a great ball of fire ignite the sky. When they went back inside their homes, some of them found only darkness -- and no power. Seattle utilities officials said it was just a coincidence. "The power outages that affected the Queen Anne and Magnolia areas had nothing to do with any other phenomena," Sharon Bennett, spokeswoman for Seattle City Light, said yesterday. Also, unrelated to the fireball was the small earthquake that struck the Olympia area Saturday night, experts said. Scientists said observers saw a fireball -- a large meteor -- streak through the sky across the western half of the Pacific Northwest shortly before 8 p.m. Saturday. The Federal Aviation Administration's regional office in Renton and local television stations reported calls from people from southern Oregon to Seattle. The object zoomed over the Pacific Ocean, traveling from south to north, and likely disintegrated before any fragments fell into the Pacific. Adding to the post-meteor buzz was another coincidence that lit up phone lines across the Northwest: A coal plant in Montana tripped off a power line at about the same time, causing lights in Seattle to flicker. As for the larger outage, Bennett said a cable from a Broad Street substation failed, causing electricity to go out on street lights, the Ballard Bridge and in Queen Anne, Magnolia, Westlake and 15th Avenue West. The outage lasted from about 8:10 to 9:30 p.m. and affected 3,000 customers. Meanwhile, a 3.3-magnitude quake occurred about 15 miles north of Olympia before 8 p.m. Saturday, seismologists said. Some Olympia residents suspected a connection to the fireball. Thanks to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Canada - Large Black Disk Shaped Object

COQUITLAM, B.C -- I was still awake this morning watching as it started to get light on March 13, 2005, and it was really clear with no pollution to be seen. Now, this happened so fast I'm not even sure if I saw it. I was looking towards Port Mann Bridge, when I saw a large black disk shaped object rise above the ridge just a little to the west of the bridge. It rose to about 1500 feet and then fell like a leaf with a drift towards the east and then back towards the west and down below the ridge. It was over 100 feet in diameter as it was much larger than the houses built on the south slope and it must have been a mile or so farther north, probably right over Coquitlam. I photographed one over the same spot in January 2004, where a valley cuts into the side of Burke Mountain at that point and they could easily slip into there and be behind the mountain in seconds. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

CATHARINES, ONTARIO – These ice circles were seen in January, 2005, but were not reported until February 26, 2005. Circular spots along with other more random shapes in ice and snow covered Welland Canal. While quite possibly simply areas where the ice has melted, the near-perfect circular shapes of many of them is interesting, including the sharply-defined edges. These were found just before the canal was drained.

Ice Circular Phenomena -- There are also other types of "circular phenomena" which may or may not be related to the crop formations. The ice rings and circles are a now much-debated phenomenon themselves; most found in Canada and elsewhere in recent years have been on small ponds and lakes. Like crop circles, most have appeared overnight, although there are various theories as to how these may be natural in origin, involving underwater vents or currents affecting the surface ice, in particular those rings with diffused edges or "splash patterns." In some cases though, the rings have been almost perfect circles, cleanly incised into the ice with smooth, sharp edges, such as at Delta, Ontario in 2000. Most of these have been on thin surface ice, too thin for a person to have walked on. There are currently eleven known reports in Canada since the 1970s. Thanks to the Canadian Crop Circles Research Network:

CALABOGIE, ONTARIO -- My son woke up and thought he saw an airplane on March 8, 2005, at 11 PM. It moved really fast so he came out and told my husband and I so we looked out his window and saw a flashing light that would move backwards, then go back to its original place. We see planes all the time in the sky, but their lights are not as bright and they move slowly. So when we saw this, we knew it was not a regular plane. We kept watching it do nothing, but saw the flashing lights which were red and a bluish green. What amazed me is it would all of sudden move really fast and then slow down again, then a minute later it would move really fast and then do nothing. I called my brother who lives about 40 km away and he also saw the object.

My brother got his gun scope out and looked through it and said it looked cylinder shaped, narrow in the middle and that's where the red light was. He also saw a bluish green aura around it. I was glad he got to see it through his scope because we knew then it was not a plane. We talked together on the phone during this time and we saw the object for about an hour until it eventually went out of our sight because of the trees. Thanks to Brian Vike

Argentina -Climber Videos Huge UFO

MONTE NEVADO – INEXPLICATA - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology has sent the photo of a saucer-shaped object of tremendous size that was photographed by mountain climber Guillermo Martin. The photo was taken in November 2004, at Las Pailas, an inhabited location halfway up to the summit at an elevation of 3,500 meters of Nevado de Cachi, one of the greatest challenges for South American climbers. Thanks to Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

Brazil - Terrifying Cases of Light Rays Attacks

Brazilian UFO Magazine claims foreign rays of light that wound and kill are being emitted by UFOs against human beings. These rays of light after hitting a person later may lead to their death. These are some of the more baffling aspects of the UFO phenomenon that are being reported from Brazil. There is also damage to vegetation and electric installations, as well as to animals and people.

There is fear among the populace and the Brazilian Air Force is investigating. Considering that the simple presence of one of these ships can affect us direct and seriously. A series of registered cases has all that if deliberately relate to an openly hostile attitude by means of the use of light or rays. Thanks to

Japan - Scans Skies For Alien Life

Mizusawa Astrogeodynamics Observatory --Two Japanese observatories have started a probe to find signs of extraterrestrial life using radio and optical telescopes, in Japan's first government-backed search for aliens. "I don't think it would be any wonder if life like us exists somewhere else as space is vast," Mitsumi Fujishita, radioastronomy professor at Kyushu Tokai University, said. The five-day search is being done jointly at the Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory, and the state-run Mizusawa Astrogeodynamics Observatory in northern Japan. The Mizusawa observatory is using a radio telescope with a diameter of 10 metres to try to find radio waves. Rhe Nishi-Harima observatory, with a two-metre reflector telescope, aims to detect light. They will focus on the area near the Hydra constellation where a US researcher detected radio waves in 1988. snip Japan is drafting an ambitious space program, with a goal of a manned station on the moon by 2025, after successfully sending a satellite into space last Saturday. - AFP

Mexico – Large Blue Light

ACAPULCO -- Deb Dryden Knoll reports that on February 23, 2004, we were sitting on our deck in Acapulco and saw a very large blue light surrounded by orange cross the sky. Do you know what it was? I have been trying to find something on the web, but I find nothing. I also watched the news in Mexico and there was no report of anything. Thanks to Deb e-mail report..

United Kingdom - Photos of UFO

DORCHESTER, DORSET – On November, 14, 2004, in the country side a large rounded edged flying object was photographed. The object looks like it had two wings. It performed at high speed over the countryside. Thanks to

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