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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 23, 2005

George Filer:
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Canadian Sightings Increase

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO sighting. I personally chased one over England as directed by London Control.

Mars – Possible Reservoir found in Endurance Crater including hieroglyphics. Two new planets discovered.

UFOs were seen over California, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wyoming. Sightings were also reported in Brazil, Canada, and South Korea.

Mars – Endurance Crater Has Hieroglyphics

There are numerous petroglyphs on Mars that seem to depict writing or symbols. This is a JPL image taken by the Opportunity Rover of Burns Cliff inside Endurance Crater.

Note the T, P, Y, I, A, I, and V like symbols below.

I'm looking for anyone with expertise of ancient writing and hieroglyphics.

Mars - Is Endurance Crater a Reservoir?

Harold Carver writes, “While looking at images that Rover Opportunity was taking of 'Endurance Crater,' I noticed similar features that one could easily say were artificially made. A comparison of the edge of Endurance Crater is very similar to man made spill-ways as can be seen with the Mars image on the left and Earth image on the right.

The angles are too precise to be a freak of nature and are suggestive of a purpose. The entire structure of Endurance Crater lacks the profile of a crater, yet everything about it suggests that it was built to hold a body of water. This water flowed out of the ground and into the "reservoir". The entire walls and floor of Endurance image on the left seem to be made of fitted slabs of rock neatly put together as shown. A similar structure on Earth is shown below right.

A meteor strike would simply destroy everything it made contact with. Along the walls of Endurance are what look like openings for the water to flow like an Earth spill-way.

Another feature that bothered me for months was the make up of the so-called "sedimentary" or "layered" rocks. A close study of the rocks reveals a pattern of lines criss crossing the "layers." And then there were what looked to me like scraped rocks with lines. After some research, I discovered that the lines were similar to the lines left on concrete slabs after they are brushed smooth. Small grains form the lines on both images from Mars and Earth.

I have also noticed material that looks similar to "plaster" at both rover sites. Image "2" is a side by side comparison of the Mars material and plaster made on Earth. Some of the leading technology into building compounds is in "fibrous" cement, concrete, and plaster. All of which is much stronger and crack resistant. Also, I am looking into areas of "metal spray plaster" that contains fiber to see if such comparisons can be made with Mars Rover images.

The close-up image below shows the clarity of the "groves" and the grains. The lines could not have been naturally formed from standing water levels that changed over time. I know this because the lines intersect and are uneven.

My theory is that whoever made "Endurance" used it as a water reservoir. I believe it was made with stone and "concrete-like" blocks and covered with a hardened fibrous plaster. The evidence speaks for itself. Thanks to Harold Carver.

Editor's Note: Endurance may have been a natural crater that was modified using cement and artificial structures to catch underground sources of water.

California - Bight Blue Fireball

Modesto – The witness and I were driving home at 3:10 PM, on a country road and as he drove over some railroad tracks a bright blue fireball came from his left and jetted in front of his windshield and flew up into the sky on February 23, 2005. He states, “As I was driving to get on the freeway this object stayed in front of me and almost seemed to be watching me.” When I got on the freeway heading north I then saw three objects as in a formation. They were very high in the sky and I then thought maybe I was seeing stars. I watched them for thirty minutes and it was a very strange experience.

Modesto – On March 21, 2005, I saw this object travel a little to the south of my house. I don't think that it was very high up, maybe only about 500 feet. At first it was headed west, but then it suddenly turned toward the south. This is when I took about three pictures of it. It flew south about 20 seconds and then it turned its course back toward the west. I have color enhanced this picture, and it clearly shows that the UFO has two luminous spherical sections that are connected by a cylindrical section. This object went over my location in complete silence. The day was sunny and calm.

District of Columbia – UFO photographed

Will Allen writes,” These images were taken July 4, 2002, from the US Capital.

This is 12 days earlier from my encounter at the US Capitol. There are different technologies in the air, obviously not from Earth!

This is P-51 Restricted Airspace and nothing should be in the air, anywhere near or around any Government buildings or Monuments. Because this is restricted airspace, an image like this should not exist, yet it does. These are not just ‘lights in the sky,’ lens flares, or any other conclusive assessment made by the "experts" on UFO's. Thanks to

Florida - Unusual Object Filmed From My Boat.

FLORIDA KEYS – The witness reports, “My wife, some friends, and I were pleasure boating about a mile from shore while the sun was setting on March 6, 2005. I started taking pictures of everyone on the boat, not being quite so sure whether or not I was getting enough light because, I had an older digital camera which has auto focus. I was looking at the beautiful sunset, and adjusting my camera. As sun was going down it "flickered" or got slightly brighter. I took photos and saw a tail in the sky that I thought was probably a jet flying at a high altitude but it just stayed stationary. So, I took another picture of it.

I wasn't able to tell much about the exact shape of the object that "flickered." At the time, it looked like it had a side or two that were actually "edges." I showed my wife how the cloud was changing, but not moving, and that it looked like it had an edge, but she refuses to accept anything other than clouds.

I also wanted to make sure it wasn't my camera playing tricks on me, so I sat on the edge of the boat, and took another shot at the strange "edged" cloud, except this time, I turned the camera sideways. This way, I was sure to get it both angles. What amazed me was one of the pictures shows it turn to 3 sides, and then another showing an almost "squared off" appearance with even 4 sides!

When I got home and downloaded all of the shots, I was blown away by what I had found. Earlier in the afternoon before I even saw any of this stuff, I decided to get some shots of the sun, clouds, water, etc. Another big the left side of the picture, I could clearly make out an outline of an object that was in the same color as the clouds, but was clearly shaped with edges of "cloud" color/cover.

TAVARES -- The witness reports seeing a cylindrical shaped object on February 23, 2005, that appeared below a small cloud formation at 7 PM. There were several bright white and red lights. The object seemed to move toward my direction and then it suddenly vanished. This happened four times. I then asked my coworker to come and watch and he came out and witnessed the last episode. I waited to see if it would happen again but it did not. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Illinois - Circular/Disk Shaped Craft

NORTH of CHICAGO -- three witnesses were driving on a clear day when they saw a shiny UFO like polished stainless steel at 4 PM, in early August of 1950. Two friends and I were traveling by car, on our way back to Chicago from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The circular disk shaped UFO was seen through the car windshield and maintained about the same altitude as we watched it for five minutes. It moved slowly toward the top left corner of the windshield and suddenly accelerated and then it was gone. It moved faster than anything we possessed as winged aircraft at the time. Thanks to Brian Vike

Indiana - Unknown Object Caught On Film

BLOOMINGTON --This is Mark, I'm Breaking in the new digital camera and here's something I caught around 9 PM, on Friday Night, March 18, 2005. The sky conditions were cloudy and I first thought it was a plane, but I realized it wasn't moving and was just hovering in a gap between the clouds.

I also grabbed a few stills and enhanced them, sorry the camera was shaky. I gave up after twenty minutes. Thanks to Mark for the pictures © 2005 Mark Evans. Indiana Unknown Object Caught On Film

Missouri - Fast Moving Unknown

KANSAS CITY -- It was Sunday, March 13, 2005, about 2:55 PM, and the day was as clear as I've seen for a long time, and the usual jet traffic was seen with short contrails marking the sky. I was out hitting golf balls and was wearing an expensive pair of sunglasses, so there isn't a lot of distortion or darkening, just clear resolution.

I looked at the sky just noticing the clarity of the day and a reflection caught my attention. It was 3/4 the way from the southern horizon; therefore it covered 3/4 of the sky much faster than any commercial jet takes. It was out of sight in 20-30 seconds. There was no trail, jet noise, or sonic boom, and no contrail. Even though it was flying in a straight line, the reflection affect made it look almost like a wobble.

The Sunday before this, I had the same experience. I looked up at just the right moment to catch the reflection. The pictures on are exactly what I saw. It was silent, fast, and undetectable unless I had looked up at just the right time. It was heading south without a sound or contrail. I saw other jets in the sky and the speed of this thing was ridiculous. Thanks to Brian Vike

New Jersey - Cylinder

HOWELL – The witness was driving north and crossed West Farms Road, near the Manasquan Reservoir, on February 24, 2005, at 7 PM,, when a slow moving series of red lights that appeared to be part of the same craft and flew in tight configuration) moved slowly south. No noise could be heard. The craft passed by and then disappeared as fast as it appeared flying at about 900 feet altitude. I watch the skies in this area quite a bit, and I know the flight patterns in the area for both commercial and small private planes. I can assure you, this was not your typical flight pattern, nor light configuration of any plane. There was a series of three non blinking red lights moving in a north to south direction making no noise, that disappeared after two to three minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New York – Huge Egg Shaped Craft

HICKSVILLE, LONG ISLAND -- I was driving home from work in a snow storm when all of a sudden a saw this egg shaped oval hovering over Duffy Avenue horse farm on February 20, 2005, at 2:15 AM. It had very bright lights that went around the egg. There were many lights that seemed to be split in half shining all different directions from this huge craft. It was about the size of a baseball stadium and made no noise at all. The witness said, “My car radio went crazy when I got close to the farm and changed channels on its own very fast.” I wish I had a camera or video since it was only a couple hundred feet away. This has been my third experience seeing a craft of this nature over a span of thirty years. I’m 44 years old, a father of three, and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. There is nothing in our Earth that can compare to this object. It moved much faster in any direction than anything I have ever seen. The lights were much brighter than the brightest florescent light I have ever seen and it changes it self from a stadium looking craft to almost like a big metallic battle ship with different heights and levels. I hope one day to see it again. It’s weird because basically Duffy Ave is a busy road but no vehicles were out last night. Duration: 12 minutes Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

GLEN COVE – The witness reports seeing a blue light suspended in the sky, while looking through binoculars at 11:20 PM, on February 17, 2005. He states, “The light was very distant but not too small, without binoculars it look very steady, but once I looked at it through them the craft looked like it was moving around.” I kept on trying to focus, but it wouldn't look steady, other than if you look at it through the naked eye. I actually saw an airplane plain fly right underneath ‘the blue light.’ The lights on the plane were flashing and looked normal, but the ‘blue light’ right above the airplane was steady and much larger. I took some photos and looked away for a few seconds and before I knew it was no longer there. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Ohio – Video of UFO

FOSTORIA – George Ritter continues to send video of fast moving UFOs flying near his home in the countryside. The average object appears to be at least 25 feet diameter based on similar measurements of a corn crib on a nearby farm. The objects appear to be moving in the RCA VHS video camera faster than a speeding bullet. Thanks to George Ritter.

Pennsylvania - Triangle Craft That Split

CLARKS SUMMIT -- My daughter and I were in our driveway 7 PM on February 1, 2005, and through the trees in our backyard saw bright white lights (no noise). We stopped and looked and it looked like a triangle, very large with three distinct points and it hovered over the trees for a second, then, the three points seemed to break off and fly close together, extremely fast. We were getting in the car anyway and decided to follow them as best as we could. We noticed them only for a couple of minutes and then lost sight of them. This was the strangest thing I have ever seen! Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Virginia -- Large Triangular UFOs Seen Twice

CAPITAL BELTWAY -- On Wednesday, February 23, 2005, eyewitnesses Cathy and Tom were driving south when they saw something strange in the night sky. The couple reported, "As we approached Langley on Interstate I-495, we noticed two distinct triangular bright lights ahead. We passed directly underneath the completely stationary large object and saw four triangular lights. Two were directly opposite each other, and further down the object there were two more but set well off from each other. At one end of the object, there was a small red light, and on the other end a very small blue-green light." It was maybe 1,000 to 1,500 feet up. The object was dark. A very large object and it seemed very long." Thanks to Brian Vike Director

Wyoming - Bright Object Observed

CASPER -- The witness writes, "I was laid back on a park bench on February 23, 2005, at 2 PM, when I noticed a jet to my left and a bright point of light near the jet. I stood up and watched the object, and began taking photos. The object moved north to south in a slight arc, maintaining it's brightness throughout, from about a ten o'clock position to about a two o'clock position. When I juxtaposed the object with the point of a tree branch, I noticed that it wobbled slightly and had a slightly meandering course.

About a minute into the sighting I brought the object to the attention of a passerby who watched it with me for a few seconds, commented that we needed binoculars, and then proceeded up the pathway. Later upon his return I offered to exchange contact info with him that he may corroborate this sighting and he refused. His opinion was that it was a Mylar weather balloon. I turned away to notify two passersby of the object, about two seconds, looked back and it was gone.

I took ten photos of the object and some contain a second faint object that I did not see at the location of the sighting. When I zoom in on the object with my photo editing program I can see dark areas around the object that change from photo to photo.

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Texas - Black Triangular Object

HOUSTON --I was going home from work on March 17, 2005 at 7 PM and noticed what seemed to be an unusual amount of aircraft and/or helicopters which had the blinking lights that you always see. It wasn't yet dark but was getting close to being dark. It was difficult to determine due to the distance from my vehicle as to whether I was seeing planes, helicopters or both. Then, all of a sudden I saw a black triangular object not too far away from one of the planes or helicopters at Westheimer and Highway 6-S. It did not have any lights and it was very strange to see an object of this shape traveling across the sky. It had a slight wobble to it as it flew consistently in the direction of my car. It seemed to fly in the clouds, but the clouds were spaced enough that you could see the object and its shape quite well. It was hard to determine the size of the object but I would say that it was definitely much larger than a jet aircraft. I had the sense that it was intentionally trying to hide its existence within the clouds. Once it went past my car, I turned my car around and drove into a nearby parking lot so that I could continue to watch the object.

By the time I found a place to park I could no longer see the object. As I got back into my car to go home, I noticed the planes and or helicopters in the sky with blinking lights seemed to be circling the area. I then called the Harris County Sheriff's Dept. I reported what I saw. I was told that they were conducting life flight landings in the area with helicopters. I told them that what I saw was absolutely not a helicopter nor a plane.

It was definitely a craft in the shape of triangle. It sure seems coincidental that at the same time I observed this triangular object that they would be conducting life flight landings. Thanks to Brian Vike

KAUFMAN COUNTY -- On March 12, 2005, around 8:30 PM, I noticed several blinking lights in the western sky and was trying to get some of them on film. I managed to get some but all of a sudden this bright white light came on and appeared to be coming my way. Before I could get ready for it to come by, it blinked back off. It appears to be moving quite fast back toward the west. I had nearly forgotten about this one till I was getting the other clip for you.

I think the 12th was the same night I was watching a high flying jet heading to the northwest. Usually I would be taping it for a while, but this time I was just watching. There was a fairly bright star nearly due north it was about to pass, when this star started really brightening up like turning up a dimmer switch. After the jet past, it dimmed back down to regular starlight. Of course I taped the star, but am not sure if I got any of it dimming back down or not. When I run across it, if I did catch the dimming, I'll send it to you. I really don't think it was a star, but it never moved from that spot as long as I watched it. Anyway, here's the clip and some grabs of this one. Thanks to Brian Vike Director, and © Lawwalk 2005

Virginia - Colored Objects Return To The Area

SPOTSYLVANIA – The witness writes, “I observed the same unidentified flying objects again that I reported in January and February. On March 15, 2005, at 7:45 PM, at a distance of 5-9 miles just above the northwest horizon there were six objects hovering for 15 to 20 minutes that are round, with an orange, red, and yellow glow. I used a digital camera with a 6 x zoom 4.9 mega pixels. My 14 year old daughter also witnessed the event. These objects continue to come back in this area on a regular monthly basis. These are definitely not planes as they are too close together and hover for an extended period. They should be visible to anybody facing toward me in the eastern sky, I am 7 miles west of Interstate 95. I was facing northwest toward Culpeper,Virginia when the sighting occurred These are not planes or helicopters. They make no noise and whenever they seem to appear here there is heavy air traffic overhead?

Eastern US - Unusual Grass Circles and UFOs

Last month during a thaw I noticed dark green rings in my alfalfa field. I made a mental note to investigate but it snowed again after and since. When the snow melts I'm going to take a picture of what I have. My alfalfa field was mowed short in the Fall as I do every year when we bail the hay up. The distinct rings were noticed after the Fall freeze when the alfalfa stubble turns brown. My estimate is the ring is about 15-20 feet in diameter with a ring thickness of four feet. The center of the ring was undisturbed normal brown color like the rest of the field. I have never applied any chemicals or fertilizer on this field. Because of my agent orange exposure I cannot tolerate chemicals, not even room deodorizers. I'm now looking forward to Spring even more now. Similar rings were reported in Argentina Strange Circles On Grass Runway located at:

We have seen columns of orange shafts of light emanating from the woods near the house and coincidentally near the area of the circle. The beams pointed straight up (or down) but nothing else was seen overhead at the time. Did I tell you about the day before Thanksgiving 4 years ago when we were pulling up to the house from shopping and a silver ball about 3 feet in diameter was about 3 feet above the center of our house above the roof?

When we came in the house it smelled like ozone, or arcing electrical wires etc. The smell was strong and even though we didn't see anyone in the house we felt like we were not alone as it felt like we were being watched. The heavy feeling of having our space violated bothered us. The ball stayed in sight as it moved off the house as we watched from the driveway. As it sped up it seemed to "fade" as it must have been changing dimensions or whatever. It was still in full view as it moved off, the image of the ball went from solid to nothing or invisible. If you recall I sent you a picture of my wife sitting on the corral fence and a UFO was off in the distance. I think there is much activity here all the time.

On July 4, 2002, we had a disc swoop across the path of our car perpendicular to the road, crossing from our left to our right. It was really low, at eye level and it had lights of orange, red, green on the outer edge of it. It didn't disturb the operating of the car nor did we feel any wind from it's passing. It was only about 20 feet ahead of us as it zipped in front of the car. Thanks to Brian Vike

Canada - Green UFO Photographed and Triangle

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Jon Kelly writes, “This green UFO was photographed facing North over downtown at 9:34 PM, on March 14, 2005.” It did arrive early for St. Patrick's Day and dressed in an appropriate color I might add. In the original frame the signs on the buildings are clearly detailed, indicating that the object was at some altitude above the ground and not close to the lens as people might suspect. In the camera's macro mode (used in taking this photograph), the auto-focus system will shorten the focal distance when something is up close to the lens, resulting in a blurred and unfocussed background against which the well-focused foreground object appears. This effect does not occur in the UFO photograph. Readers can compare the UFO image with many other images that do show this effect in the photo gallery on my website,

Camera: Panasonic Lumix FZ20 Shutter: 1/30 sec Aperture: 2.8 Exposure: +1 ISO Speed: 200 Flash: Auto Red-Eye Mode: Macro

Thanks to Jon Kelly is (C) 2005 All Rights Reserved and Brian Vike, Director

TERRACE, B.C. -- Last night March, 17, 2005, there were two lights floating in the air darting around, almost as if playing with each other. After just hovering for five minutes they darted around for another two minutes. When they got closer we could see their triangular shapes. They were glowing a whitish color, but they gave off a few blue and red flashes. After they stopped darting around, they stayed stationary for almost an entire minute before darting across the sky. They traveled at an incredible rate of speed and disappeared. I am starting to think Terrace is a real UFO hot spot. This summer I am going be out every starry night till I get some video footage. Thanks to Brian Vike

PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO – On March 14, 2005, the witness took his dog out and noticed a red and white light low in the west moving towards the east. The light just seemed to stop. At exactly 10:05 PM, a large moving slow triangular object passed slowly overhead making a slow southeasterly turn flying at 1500 to 2000 feet overhead. The craft had a light on each corner that could easily have been mistaken for stars, but they moved together across the sky and all other lights-stars remained stationary. It just disappeared out of sight behind the horizon and buildings. Thanks to Brian Vike

CALEDON, ONTARIO -- Last night I was going to my office at 10 PM, on March 15, 2005, and noticed a bright object through the window, that was changing colors, red, blue, green. It was a very starry night and the object was in the west moving in a small circle. I got my camera out and started taking pictures, It was strange because each time the flash went off it appeared to be coming towards my direction, it almost seemed as though it could see me from as far away as it was. I went in to try and down load the pictures but for some reason they were all black! It stayed there for around 35 minutes and when I went to see it at 10:55 PM, and it was gone. Thanks to Brian Vike

TORONTO, ONTARIO – The witness reports, “I saw a craft zooming by that looked like just a blur on March 19, 2005, at 9 PM, with four lights. Two of them were odd blinking lights. The craft was heading south towards United States over Lake Ontario. It was flying extremely low and really quiet. At first I thought it was some kind of bomber or something. But it slowed down, then took off completely. It didn't make any noise and that's what scared me. I've been hearing reports on news stations in America that lots of people are seeing something similar so I have decided to report this." Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Home - Phone 250 845 2189

WHITBY/OSHAWA ONTARIO writes: "I have witnessed dozens of sightings, mostly daylights in both towns." What caught my attention is your recent report in Oshawa by Agnes Sroczynski who reports “Between 3 and 5 AM, a large vertical row of three lights was observed on February 13, 2005, flying quickly over, and then hovered for a few minutes before going into the clouds.” About three hours later, a similar object that ties in exactly to my report was observed.

Whitby township is 70 kms east of Toronto in Southern Ontario, near Lake Ontario and "between" two nuclear power plants[ that are located west [Pickering] and east Bownamville. Thanks to Paul

Between TEXADA ISLAND and Vancouver Island, B.C. – The photographer took pictures I took a few days ago, at about 10 AM, on March 15, 2005. I was trying to take pictures of chemtrails and noticed an airplane heading north between Texada Island and Vancouver Island, and it suddenly pointed its nose upward and increased speed. Managed to snap this one photo. Doesn't look like a UFO to me, but it was moving up and decreasing in size rapidly. No sound was heard at all and no con trail. Looks like a new model? Shaped like a hairpin?

Brazil - Great Yellow Light Like Fireball

EMBU – The witness reports he was driving to his friend's house on February 21, 2005, at 8:35 PM, when he stopped his car because he saw a large light behind the trees in an elevation of the terrain. He saw the light for five seconds and wanted to follow, but his friend was waiting for him.

Russia – Built flying Saucer

A unique ’flying saucer’ developed by Russian inventors in the late 1970s. is aging at an aviation plant in Central Russia. The engineers joined a fuselage and wings into one thick “wing”, before trimming and rounding its edges. The saucer can lift more than half its weight, and its inner volume is 8-10 times bigger than the saloon of the plane it was made from.

The aircraft can take off from any surface with the help of an air cushion. In 1988 it started test flights in Nizhny Novgorod, but was moved to Saratov after an accident. U.S. aviation constructors visited Nizhny Novgorod and attempted to make their own saucer, but failed because of a defect in the Soviet model. Specialists at the Saratov plant quoted by the Moskovsky Komsomolets Newspaper complained about the indifference of the Russian authorities towards the “saucer” project. Thanks to Moskovsky Komsomolets News

South Korea – Light

DAEJON -- I took a picture of a night scene, and I found a UFO on one of my pictures. I just wanted to take some night pictures and had a few shots at that night from my apartment on February 20, 2005, at 11:30 PM. Then, I found this picture which has a strange lightening flight thing in the dark sky. The shutter speed was 2 seconds. If you crop the flight part and put 'auto level' on it, you would find flashes from the flight. What the heck is that?

Glow of Two Alien Planets Detected

By Robert Roy Britt, Senior science writer Space Com reports, “The glow of planets outside our solar system have been spotted in the first direct detections of light emitted by alien worlds. The two planets were detected in infrared light, an emission of heat that is not visible to the human eye. There are no conventional photographs, but astronomers are ecstatic nonetheless. The gas giant worlds, each around a different star, were discovered previously by noting the gravitational wobbles they induce in their host stars -- an indirect method. Both are roughly Jupiter-sized and hot, orbiting very close to their stars. Each completes a "year" in less than four days. snip. thanks to

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