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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 30, 2005

George Filer:
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Sightings Triple

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO sighting. I personally chased one over England as directed by London Control.

Mars – Evidence of vegetation, water, and farmlands in ESA images of Hale Crater. Images show rectangular patterns.

UFOs were seen over Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas. Sightings were also reported in Canada, Figi Islands, Panama, and Turkey.


I talked to Peter Davenport earlier this week, and Peter was being swamped by 1,400 sighting reports since the Peter Jennings broadcast of "UFO's: Seeing is Believing!" . He would like to express his gratitude to all those individuals who have submitted reports over the last month, in response to the ABC program. The National UFO Reporting Center traditionally receives between 250 and 500 reports per month, but the number has tripled this month.

Peter was excited about a report of a December 1925 sighting he had just received from Illinois. It was submitted in handwritten form, and the report included a note from the witness's daughter.


Enclosed is my Dad’s written report of his 1925 sighting. (I have the original.) I have not edited it in any way. Nor did I discuss it with him to tell him what to put in it. This is his unadulterated version, in other words.

He still won’t agree to be interviewed by anyone, and wants to remain anonymous. So, if you have questions, I guess I’m your source. You can ask me, and I’ll ask him. Sorry, that’ll have to do.

This occurred in HENRY COUNTY, ILLINOIS. It might help your understanding that, as Dad has previously told me, he was standing on a ditch bank that was higher than the field the “craft” went across when it left. It seemed to be low over the field and had to go up to clear the hill and neighbor’s barn that was on the hill on the other side of the field. In other words, it didn’t streak across the sky. The barn it cleared when it left was on the neighbor’s farm, not the barn where Dad was. He previously mentioned an “odd” sound of a low hum, or buzz.


The event that I describe herein happened in 1925, between Christmas and New Years (Christmas vacation). Three people were present, Uncle (name #1 deleted), Uncle (name #2 deleted), and me. Uncle (#2) was in the cow section of the barn, and Uncle (#1) was in the horse barn. (We were later than usual with the duties of doing the farm chores.)

Uncle (#1) suggested that I take a bucket that was nearby and to go to the corn crib for corn for the horses. I exited the barn and started for the corn crib. The corn crib was at a lower elevation than the barn, so as I started to descend to that level, I stopped to admire the scenery because it was such a “picture-postcard” winter scene…about 15 degrees F, fresh snowfall, clear sky, wind was calm, so I stopped to look around. The stars were beginning to come out. In viewing the stars, looking to my left, I noticed two stars, brighter than the others. This caught my attention, so I studied them a little.

It occurred that one of them was moving away from the other. As I watched this going on, all of a sudden, an object is above me, and the whole area becomes as light as day. I looked up and looked all around. I could see the neighbor’s building as clear as day.

The object above me…the source of the light…this was not like a searchlight, more like daylight, so I could look up at this object, just a short distance above me. However, all I could see was a dark (not black) space about 10-feet in diameter, enveloped in sort of an aura atmosphere.

It remained there for a short time. The light dimmed, then it glided over the field at about the same level that it was above me, about 25 feet in the air. It went directly toward the buildings on ranch #2. It had to ascend in order to clear the cow barn (a huge barn), and sailed off to the northwest, and it faded from view.

I returned with the corn. Uncle (#1) and Uncle (#2) were emerging from the barn. Someone said, “What was that?” Also, someone said, “We will read about it in the newspaper when we return home.”

When we got home, Grandpa ((name deleted)), who always read the paper thoroughly, said he saw nothing in the paper of such an occurrence, so that was the end of the event.

Place—((name deleted)) Ranch, about six miles north of Atkinson. No longer in existence, as such. Building #6 ((shown on hand-drawn map)) has been completely demolished. It was in a remote area, about ½ mile from public road.

Uncle (#1) remark was, “Something happened…somewhat bigger object, about as big as a car. Neighbors at least one mile away. I was not frightened. I think the object was either tinted glass, of some kind of fabric. Horses were called “oat sniffers,” but draft horses were fed several cups of corn with the oats, plus timothy hay. Also, this corn was selected with care. So, the best corn was called “horse corn.” No telephone; no newspapers; no electricity; no radio. snip ((END HANDWRITTEN REPORT))

Peter states, “Given that there probably are MANY people alive today who witnessed UFO's prior to 1947, we would like to encourage anyone who witnessed such an event, or who knows a friend or family member who witnessed such an event, to submit the report of the incident. It is helpful if the witness uses the Online Report Form on our website, but we will gladly accept such reports in any format that is convenient for the witness! Thank you!! Approximately 1,400 new reports, and other interesting material, will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience! Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director,

Mars Case for Live Surface Vegetation

European Space Agency Image:

Norman Bryden writes, “I have discovered and processed the following images. In the following sections of images there is evidence of live surface vegetation on Mars.” I have brightened up a few of the images to help see the colors and detail. I have studied thousands of Mars images and it is my opinion that there is vegetation, and probable higher forms of life on Mars. Generally vegetation needs some water and now what appears to be lakes and streams are being found.Thanks to Norman Bryden

Link to ESA Image:

Mars – Endurance Crater Hieroglyphics

Lea writes, “I saw your great email on the letters in the endurance crater and just have to respond as its so fascinating.” My present work centers around the transcription of the ancient Egyptian pyramid text at Saqqare using the already partially transcribed text, based on my findings that it is a science text revolving around many disciplines, primarily mathematics. Although my work at this point has not included its alphabet, but instead its terminology that I combine with that of genetics and the basic nine numbers themselves in relation to ancient world calendars using the phonetician alphabet that appear to be the same as those seen at the endurance crater, as well as that of the parent of the Egyptian language.

Therefore, its translation is as follows. "7.320" that is as a date close to that of the mythological dating of the Saqqara text that is 78.000 that should drop a zero correctly to be 7.800 BC. but keep in mind its only one opinion, although my own changes with the evidence. At this time, hopefully, there are perhaps many now working on the text. This is the right sight transcription.

Lea writes, " Its left sight transcription reads "1,020" that is also a BC date that corresponds to ours of the same time period." The difference between the two, 6,300 must have important significance. Perhaps these figures are not dates but instead distances of the terrain involved such as size? Keep in mind if you treat them as such that they must be converted to cubics that are both 12 and 52.

Do hope this helps in your quest, best of luck, and if I find anything new I will send it accordingly, L&L, Lea.

Editor’s Note: I have visited ancient sites all over the world and it has became apparent to me that there is a legacy of visitors and a Lost Civilization. The pyramids in Egypt and Mexico would be difficult to reproduce today because of the weight and size of the large stones. The Great Pyramid Texts of Ancient Egypt are also the legacy of a Lost Civilization, who had a surprising interest in the heavens. Many areas of ancient tombs are guarded by soldiers and the public is not allowed to enter. The public would be amazed at the data being kept hidden regarding ancient civilizations and modern UFOs.

I ask my readers to keep an open mind and look for the evidence. I visited the pyramids with a Greek Egyptologist who felt the evidence suppored the existence of an Advanced Lost Civilization. The 'figurative potsherds' of an Advanced Lost Civilization are scattered all over Egypt, Mexico, Peru and India! The pyramids themselves indicate an advanced society once existed; our engineers admit it would be very difficult to reproduce the pyramids even today.

Science often makes decisions based on observation. I do not pretend to be a scientist, however, I have excellent observations skills based on the analysis of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of photographs. In Vietnam the Air Force presented me with a Bronze Star medal for some of my work as an Intelligence officer. It is my belief based on analysis of thousands of photographs that Mars once had life. It is true that many of the structures have been damaged or eroded. I have flown hundreds of hours over the Middle East and many of the structures on Mars appear similar to ancient forts, pyramids, and various ancient cities. I have explored the pyramids in Egypt and in the Americas. It is my belief that similar structures exist on Mars, indicating that life once existed there.

Seven Scientific Articles Pointing Towards Life on Mars:

1. Scientists have discovered that microbial life once existed on Mars as evidenced by a Mars meteor that has impacted Earth

2. Scientists have discovered that Mars once had saltwater oceans

3. Mars scientists have discovered both methane and ammonia in the current atmosphere. Science demonstrates that such gases can only result from current life or from recent volcanic activity but their are no active volcanoes on Mars.

4. Ice Packs on Mars Suggest Present Life Possible based on European Space scientists:

5. In February 2005, NASA researchers claimed that they had evidence of present life on Mars: This was later discounted.

6. About 25 percent of 250 Mars science experts now believe there could be life on Mars today:

7. NASA Lost Evidence of Life on Mars for 25 Years

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) By Kevin Krolicki writes, “Did NASA discover evidence of life on Mars and then misplace it for almost 25 years?” A University of Southern California scientist argues that is just what happened and that once-lost data collected by the 1975 Viking probes suggest the existence of Martian microbes. The significance of that finding was overlooked -- along with the data itself -- after NASA concluded that its experiments showed only signs of chemical activity on the surface of the "Red Planet," said Joseph Miller, a USC neurobiologist. But a careful reexamination of a fragment of the recovered NASA record showed a surprising pattern: gas released by the Martian soil and tracked by Viking followed the same kind of rhythms followed by all Earth-bound organisms from humans to fruit flies in a cycle akin to feeding and respiration by colonies of microbes. “I think, basically, that it's bugs," said Miller, a neurobiologist and an expert in the study of the circadian rhythms that regulate biological activity.

Two Viking spacecraft were launched in 1975 and both sent probes to the surface to conduct experiments to look for evidence of life. In one of those tests, a robotic arm on the probes scooped up soil samples, which were dropped into a dish along with a shot of a radioactive carbohydrate solution. Scientists reasoned that any organisms in the Martian soil would consume the nutrients and release radioactive carbon as a gas, something the probe was equipped to measure, said Miller. Viking found clear evidence that the Martian soil generated gas over the nine-week experiment, but scientists concluded that was the product of reactive chemical "superperoxides" in the soil, not evidence of life, Miller said. “NASA lost track of results, that closed the book on the Viking experiments until Miller, asked the agency to go back over the record of the experiment in 1999.

Mars Desert Ranches(?)

Dr. Bruce Maccabee writes, " They better have a good explanation for this one." See for the story behind the attached photos I processed.

Thanks to Bruce Maccabee PhD and Joseph P. Skipper. Mars Express

Editor’s Note: Images of Hale Crater from the European Space Agency show evidence of organized square patterns on Mars indicating ranch or farming like growth and structures similar to what is seen from the air over the Central and Western United States. Generally it indicates a pattern of planting and irrigation. Nature does not arrange itself in rectangular patterns.

Hale Crater is within the Argyre Planitia Crater Basin 46 degrees South and 324 degrees East

Arizona - Video of Disk

PHOENIX -- Victoria Liljenquist writes, “On February 3, 2005, I was pulling out of my driveway when I saw a brilliant light radiating off a UFO which was hovering just over the roof of my Condo.” It was visible only for a moment and disappeared. I needed to complete my errand, but upon returning home around 5 PM, I quickly grabbed my Hi-8 Sony Camera 72X Digital Zoom.

Again, the UFO (Saucer) appeared over my roof and amazingly, I was able to capture the same UFO, fifteen minutes after my earlier sighting. They hang around long enough for me to run in to get the camera. After filming for 5 minutes, I came inside to examine my footage. I also captured two other orbs. Thanks to Victoria Liljenquist

Florida – Sphere and Opaque Object

KISSIMMEE -- It was about 10:30 AM, and I was at my job at the Radisson Resort Parkway on the 8th floor of the hotel and was looking out when I noticed a fast moving spherical metallic object that was streaking by on February 20, 2005. It was moving quickly at first, and then slowed down. It was pretty big and couldn't distinguish it from any other aircraft I've seen before. It was not a balloon; it did not fly erratically like balloons do. It flew in a vertical, controlled speed, and at the same altitude for three minutes. It never floated higher as balloons do. Weird!!! How does one make a round metal ball fly? Thanks to Peter Davenport

CLEARWATER – Agnes reports that on March 12, 2005, around 9:30 PM, she saw two very large off-white circular lights, gliding rather slowly overhead. The lights rotated around one another in a figure 8, about four times, and then faded out completely. Their height was about 1500 feet, and they made no sound. Later, at 10 PM, a large orange/amber light, with a diffuse border and an irregular shape that changed constantly like fire was seen. It was moving in the same direction, at the same height, and with the same speed as the two lights half an hour before it. It also faded out and disappeared. Again, there was no sound. E-mail report from Agnes.

Indiana - Green UFO Caught On Film

BLOOMINGTON – On March 19, 2005, from 2 to 3 AM, a green UFO was caught on film by Mark. The witness was talking to John and Rudy on the phone when he saw a flash outside. Mark states, “I grabbed the camera and went outside and was going to come back inside when the neighbor’s dog started barking at the trees behind his owner’s house.” I went to the end of my porch and saw a green object in the trees, that is when I started filming. The object sat there, didn't move at first, then began to move ever so slightly, then faded out. It came back on and looked as if it was multiplying and then vanished. I am including some stills I grabbed and the clip. Thank you to Mark for the footage and photos. Video footage and photos are © 2005 Mark Evans Video clip Bloomington, Indiana Green UFO Caught On Film - Video 977 kbs ---

Two nights later on March 21, 2005, about 9 PM, Mark was with his son standing on his porch when his son grabbed his arm and asked him “What was that by the trees?” An object was hovering in the trees. I just looked at it, then it moved up and I had to change positions to see it. Anyhow, at this time I knew it wasn't a ground light, so I began taping. When I did, it stopped moving, then my son noticed a second object, I looked for it, but it was so dim I decide to capture the brighter one. When I went back to the first one, I noticed it moved up some more and had to adjust where I stood again. Thanks to Brian Vike

Georgia – UFO and Godly Light Show

LAGRANGE -- The witness reports, “I saw this object travel a little to the south of my house. I don't think that it was very high up, maybe only about 500 feet. At first it was headed west, but then it suddenly turned toward the south. This is when I took about three pictures of it. It went southward for about 20 seconds and then it turned its course back toward the west. I have color enhanced this picture, and it clearly shows that the UFO has two luminous spherical sections that are connected by a cylindrical section. This object went over my location in complete silence. The day was sunny and calm.

LAGRANGE -- John Thompson writes, “About an hour ago, I was driving to work. As I approached Highway 219, about ten miles north of LaGrange, and looking east, I saw a magnificent set of light shafts shinning to the ground from holes in dark cloud cover. I've seen photos of this before and even partials of this effect but never like what I saw this morning. It was like three pure beams of white light shining at equal angles to the ground out of same size holes cut through this large mass of dark clouds. A staggering contrast of light and shadow and it happened on Good Friday. Never before have I seen anything like this with such brilliance. I take this as a sign of God. I see nothing else to explain what I saw on a Good Friday. The odds are staggering to see it only once and have it happen on Good Friday. Most special. Hope all of y'all had a great Easter. Thanks to John Thompson

Minnesota -- Delta Shaped Craft

BIG ROUND LAKE – The witness, a 50 year old man, reports he was one of thirteen witnesses sitting around a campfire on the beach at 10:30 PM talking and watching for satellites on Labor Day weekend, in September 2003. I heard what sounded like a high-flying airliner coming from the southwest. My older brother suddenly stood up and said in a very concerned voice, "Mike, what the heck is that?" I looked up and saw a huge, black delta-shape coming right over the trees, directly over our heads. It was three inches wide at arm’s length and sported five very large and very bright red lights that were constantly on, and spaced evenly across the leading edge. It had none of the 'normal' marking lights of a 'regular' aircraft. We're not used to seeing aircraft in this area, especially after dark and never this low to the ground.

It passed between us and at least two stars were completely covered, I know the craft had solid structure and was flying much too slow for any airplane. I've seen the B-2 bomber and this was similar in shape, but a B-2 would have fallen out of the sky at such a slow speed. Directly overhead, it made a very sharp 90 degree turn toward the east that would not have been possible by any aircraft I know of, except for a helicopter. It did not bank in the turn, just smoothly went through a 90 degree turn. I've never seen anything like it. It then began to rapidly pick up speed as it moved out across the lake and headed directly east, toward Duluth.

Suddenly, from across the lake, came two fighter jets. My nephew who was stationed in Germany years ago, stated, “The jets were using afterburners.” They obviously had been scrambled to chase this thing down. We saw a total of 26 military aircraft that night. The Air National Guard in Duluth and Minot Air Force Base were contacted and they were told there were no exercises that night. The Duluth News Tribune also received calls from over fifty people of similar sighting and ran an article detailing what had happened. Thanks to Brian Vike

Minnesota - Floating Object and Shapes

CENTRAL MN - A very strong, loud thunder and lightning storm was making its way though Central Minnesota at 7 PM, on July 31, 2004, but it was still light outside. The photo’s I took appear as if it is late night. I was standing out on my front patio watching the storm get nearer when literally it seemed in the blink of an eye an Orb with a radius of about 3 to 4 feet with a glow to it was floating in my front yard for about ½ hour. It happened so sudden but felt like hours had passed. I can account for some of the time but not all of the time. I also felt as if I were floating (vertically) like walking on air when I was taking the pictures. No matter what I did to get true lighting, the energy of what was there seemed to drive it out of the picture. I was a bit stunned to see this Orb so close and so radiant, yet silent without motion.

I ran indoors to get my Sony Digi-Cam and asked my wife to come look at the Orb. I used up the remaining disk space taking images. You can see the approach and then the very direct picture is what I can only say the only “Real Entity” photo I have ever seen. To the left is a street lamp and the orb is on the right side. The Being is next to the Street Lamp. The day after this event I was mowing my lawn and I noticed there were many, many frogs all over my lawn and some salamanders too which is extremely odd. My daughter who is 4 years of age began saying the “Red-Man” is here and he beats his drum. The Redman moves very quickly and has long skinny arms that make him move faster. Our 14 year-old says she too saw Someone (a female type figure) often. I can only think the oddities of recent contribute to whatever it is that visits on occasion. We have experienced one particular area of three in our yard where very plush green 1.5 foot circles exist (the freeze and snow have not affected them) and an almost (Tron) looking thing/being that zips through them every now and again. Photos are © 2005

New Mexico – Solid Dark Object

LAS CRUCES -- On Tuesday, March 8, 2005, at 6:55 a.m., eyewitness Jim Blackburn reported, "This morning I stepped out into an almost-dawn about five minutes before 7 o'clock all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a good night's sleep, facing a cloudless sky and bright early sunlight." "I was wearing my prescription sunglasses, which give me 20\40 distance vision. I was facing a bit north of west, when my eye was distracted by movement in the sky."

"What I saw was a solid object, dark brown, but with a darker ridge on the exterior but definitely not with a smooth surface such as a balloon, moving from right to left, i.e. approximately north to south at a low altitude. It moved smoothly, and I could not associate any sound with its movement--no jet engine sound, no whirring propellers or even flapping wings. It did not seem to be rotating. There were two or three brief flashes of light which I supposed to be (the reflection of) bright sun off glass or some polished surface. I watched as it moved away fairly rapidly--out of my (unaided) sight in less than 60 seconds, I surmise."

"Having nothing in the sky by which to judge the object's size, my guesses are 8 to 15 feet (2.4 to 4.5 meters) in diameter. For distance, I would guess 1,000 feet (300 meters) for horizontal distance and 1,000 feet (300 meters) in elevation."

New York – Object Without Wings

SCHENECTADY -- James Bouck Jr, NYMUFON, State Director reports that on March 9, 2005, a man witnessed an object in the sky that was flying in a straight line course traveling in a northwest direction. Watching the object very carefully, he noticed that the object had no wings. He was able by observation to eliminate the possibility of a balloon or plane. He estimated the object to be about 5,000 feet in elevation. He observed the object for about 30 seconds. It was approximately the size of a small pea held at arm’s length. When the object was lost behind clouds, he looked back at the direction it came from and observed another object exactly like the first one traveling in the exact same course. There were no engine sounds from either object. Both objects were tubular in shape and silvery in color. Thanks to James Bouck Jr. NYMUFON, State Director, 518-356-6367

Ohio - Two Disks Above Snow

FOSTORIA - George Ritter recently video taped two obects above snow covered farm.

Thanks to George Ritter

Texas – Video

KAUFMAN COUNTY-- I'm Larry from Texas and I thought I'd send you a video grab of an object I caught sometime around June or July, 2004. The reason I'm sending it is I've been fascinated with how George Ritter catches his UFOs, so I tried it a few times. I checked the segment of film frame-by-frame and almost missed it. I could hardly beleive something could be moving that fast. It may be a bug or camera glitch or maybe a craft of some sort, I don't know. Anyways, your website is very informative and I enjoy it very much and I visit it often, Thanks to Larry

Canadian - Pilot Baffled Over Craft

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- In the past I aimed my old camera towards the southwest from the home where we were living on 90th Avenue in Surrey. We had a large vacant field across the street so we could see quite a bit of sky. I do recall taping something which looked like a flying car coming up Nordel Way, flying just over the Hydro Lines. It made an abrupt turn about Scott Rd. and went north and out of my camera range. We had a commercial pilot staying with us and he said it was not any kind of plane or chopper that he was familiar with. I used to see lights on the tape which appeared to be street lights in the vicinity of White Rock but when the tape was viewed at high speed, you could see the lights slowly drift off to the west. Our pilot friend used to fly out of Boundary Bay and he had no idea what those light were and neither did I. Thanks to

SIMCOE, Ontario --On March 8, 2005 at 9:00 PM for the second time this month we saw unusual lights. Three witnesses called my daughter (name removed) the first time, she called me last night! I showed my boyfriend (name removed), he didn't know what it could be. They first appeared as a bright star, I was taking the puppy outside, when I looked up and saw two planes slowly making their way from east to west across the clear night sky. To the southeast there was a large star that glowed brightly, then turned red on the right side then green, yellow and then split into four horizontal lights. It would glow brighter, fade away then re-appear in a triangular fashion. My daughter saw the same lights 10 kilometers from my place. After about an hour they disappeared, just like last week. Any idea what these are?

Thanks to Brian Vike

FIJI Islands - Video of Object

Kathy writes, “En route back to Australia via Fiji, from a Nevada conference this week, I noticed an object manifest itself infront of the pre dawn clouds in Nadi, Fiji . This was NOT an aircraft, as I made particular notice of the trajectory of the incoming and out going planes, which were the other side of the building to the rear. Duration of sighting, 10 minutes. The object remained motionless.”

Thanks to Kathy....Australia.

Panama – UFO Photographed

PANAMA BAY The FOTOCAT mail box has received two photographs (of three) taken in Panama City (Panama) on December 19, 2004 with a Canon Digital G5 camera, at 5 pm by Juan Carlos Vergara and wife, from a 4th floor near Panama Bay. The object was first sighted flying toward the witness place and it came as near as 350 metres, according to the photographer, a video-producer by profession. The sighting lasted some three minutes, during which the object first remained hovering and motionless, but it flew away rapidly by the time the photos were taken, by moving along a curve to disappear in a straight line then. Zoom was used in taking the photos because the object was already far away. It had the shape of a helmet or cask with its superior portion rolling, it was like 4 thin layers or sheets and it was reflecting the Sun rays. The object was about the size of a 4-door Landcruiser. No sound was heard. The witness reports he and his wife had another UFO sighting 3 weeks before.
Comments from readers will be appreciated. Any local researcher who is willing to develop a personal inquiry is welcome to contact FOTOCAT, to be supplied with personal information on witness.

Thanks to Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos.

Turkey – UFO and Alien Being

ANTALYA, Turkey - Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center reports, “While scientists and UFO researchers arguing about the existence of "extraterrestrial life," at Antalya, 45 people claimed they saw a UFO.” The Santral district inhabitants claimed that they witnessed UFOs landing on the backyard of the Fatma P'r'lt' Primary School and saw an alien being getting out of the unusual craft. In the principal's office, crying, Murat Esici (age 11), one of the witnesses who had a very close observation says, "He was emitting red rays from his eyes . His hands and feet were iron. He had a very big head and he was 1.80 meters long." Its said that he temporarily lost his voice immediately after his sighting. Students Zeynep C'p'nar and Nalan D'nmez also claimed they saw an unusual craft and an alien beside it. "His eyes and hands were red and a red light was emitting from his eyes."

President Haktan Akdogan is flying to the area and will attempt to talk with the 45 people who saw the UFO and the alien being . After the bulletins which were broadcast on the national television channels' prime time news and national news papers such as Milliyet, Aksam, and Posta, our president Haktan Akdogan made a phone conversation with Antalya Governor Ertugrul Dokuzoglu and decided to go to the area to investigate the incident more closely. Thanks to

North Carolina - UFO Images

This photo, one of many in my ongoing collection, shows one of the aerial objects that operate cloaked over my home area in central North Carolina. It was taken near midnight on April 9th, 2004. Several objects of different designs conduct what appear to be annual operations. Residents in the area are aware of unconventional aerial objects due to occsional visual sightings. However, they are invisible in most cases and are usually engulfed in some type of energy field that obscures their hulls from imaging. The energy fields seem to be in a state of flux changing constantly from very strong to very weak. But a few local colleagues and I have found that shooting them with flashes from digital cameras allows at least a "near-infrared" image to be captured by the typical digital camera. This reveals to the aerial visitors what we are doing--but they seem to not mind and might even want us to detect them on our limited scale. Seen here is one of the objects "emerging" from its energy field. The photo had to be enlarged and digitally enhanced to bring out maximum details.

Several of my photos show that at least several of these aerial objects appear to be metallic. Also, there are many small "companion" lights that are associated with the larger vessels. These lights come down close to us at times and could very well be probes. They are also invisible to the human eye. The aerial operations have resumed for this year, and we are expecting to get even more dramatic photos which will be available through Filers Files only. I wish to offer a special thanks to the website. The weekly Filers Files updates have been a very helpful resource for us independant investigators in North Carolina so we are making dozens of our images available. You can get them free with a subscribtion to Filer's Files. Thanks to Alan Caviness

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