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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 13, 2005

George Filer:
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Two UFOs Filmed in Ohio

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world and in space. Many people claim it is impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO sighting

Articles this week include: Bring in ET for a Million Dollar Prize,:Soviet Cosmonaut Saw UFOs in Space, Geo-Magnetic Storm Now Underway, Mars – Did Lightning Carve the Planets? and Did a Congressman William D. Delahunt Find Data Confirming the Roswell Crash?

UFOs were seen over Arizona, California, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. Sightings were also reported in Canada, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Israel, Iraq and UFO crashes in Peru..

President Eisenhower's Farewell Address

"In the counsels of Government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military Industrial Complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together." January 1961.

Million $ Prize - To Bring in ET

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA -- Wayne R. Goldman writes, "To bolster official disclosure of extraterrestrials after the ABC News documentary "The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing," hosted by Peter Jennings on Feb. 25. is offering a $1 million dollar prize to the first person who can bring in a qualified extraterrestrial being in for a home loan. Furthermore, will guarantee that the extraterrestrial will receive a home loan up to $1 million dollars.

Wayne R. Goldman said, "We believe the existence of extraterrestrials is real and we want to do whatever we can to promote government disclosure. If someone can actually bring in an extraterrestrial to us, and we sign them up for a home loan, they will win the $1 million dollars prize. The prize is real and we will stand behind it.” is a highly successful mortgage company located in Huntington Beach; CA. and has been in business for 11 years. Snip Thanks to call (866) 386-LEND (5363)

Soviet Cosmonaut Saw UFOs in Space

Soviet astronaut, USSR Hero Vladimir Kovalenok spent 217 days of his life living in space. The astronaut does not exclude the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. "When I was working at the Salyut orbital station, I saw something strange in a porthole one day. The object was the size of a finger. I was surprised to see it was an orbiting object," Kovalenko said at the press conference in Moscow.

The astronaut added he called his partner Viktor Savinykh to take a look at the unidentified object in space. "It was hard to determine the size and the speed of an object in space. That is why I can not say exactly, which size it actually was. Savinykh prepared to take a picture of it, but the UFO suddenly exploded. Only clouds of smoke were left. The object split into two interconnected pieces. It was reminiscent of a dumb-bell. I reported about it to the Mission Control immediately," the astronaut said. "The Soviet press headlined the event widely. Soviet newspapers and magazines published a lot of articles and messages about it, but they were mostly critical articles. Journalists excluded the existence of the extraterrestrial reason," Kovalenok was quoted as saying. The astronaut said nobody knows, what happened that day, when he saw the strange object in space. "It was probably a UFO, but it was definitely not mysticism - two people watched it at the same time," said he. When on Earth, Kovalenok learned specialists had registered considerable radiation emission the day the astronaut saw the object. "I do not believe it when astronauts say they have never seen anything extraordinary in space," concluded Kovalenok. Thanks to Pravda – 16/08/04

Mars – Did Lightning Carve the Planets?

David Talbott writes, “The fires of an intellectual revolution have been lit. Though unannounced, this shift in thought and perception will change our ideas about the natural world, about objects in space, and about the human past.” Here, in brief, is an electrical interpretation. An interdisciplinary investigation of data concerning Mars suggests that in the past the entire planet was subjected to interplanetary-scale plasma discharge events. Vast regions were excavated to depths measured in miles. Some of the material was accelerated electrically into space; some was em placed back on the surface to form the ubiquitous but unexpected layering whose origins are now debated by planetary scientists.

Great thunderbolt changed the surface of Mars. Shown above is the Valles Marineris that still defies every conventional attempt to explain it since it is four times deeper than the Grand Canyon, and stretches for almost 3,000 miles. From an electric viewpoint of the cosmos, it is the scar of a cosmic thunderbolt.

Diffuse discharges baked the surfaces of implanted layers, as in a plasma oven, giving rise to hardened strata exposed in the walls of canyons. Arc discharges burned and blasted craters into the surface. Lightning many times more energetic than that of thunderstorms we know today ripped across the Martian landscape. Many of the blast channels it left are mistaken for flood or lava erosion, a perception that can be easily corrected through attention to detail. But in the floors of many of these channels appear glassified ridges, or "fulgurites", as in the Gorgonum Region. On a smaller scale, the lightning's transverse coronal filaments, always perpendicular to the direction of the primary discharge, formed and fused these characteristic ripples in the regolith of the Arrhenius Region. In some channels, multiple lightning strikes have cut terraces, each with its faint fulgurite ridges.

The existence of these mysterious ridges is a crucial prediction of the Electric Universe. In the electric view, therefore, both the domed craters and the accompanying trenches of the Arrhenius Region are the result of cosmic lightning strikes. Where an electric arc "stuck" birefly to a point on the surface before being extinguished, it produced domed craters, as in Dr. Ransom's experiments. Dr. Ransom has informed us that in his experiments, if a lower energy arc was extinguished before a complete spherule was formed, the result was a dome. The fully rounded spherules were the result of higher-energy discharges. From the Electric universe viewpoint, the domed craters and the "wormy" channels simply reflect two common electrical discharge effects on a surface. We expect to find them in close association. And we can confidently predict that more extensive laboratory experimentation will confirm the association in every important detail.

Editor's Note:: Credit must also be given to Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott

Photo Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Arizona - Sighting by Victoria Liljenquist

NORTH SCOTTSDALE – On April 9, 2005, at 9:30 PM, Victoria Liljenquist and 13 other witnesses traveled to a location for an encounter where Victoria had previously been guided to take the group from clairaudient transmissions she often receives regarding UFO encounters. She reports, “We arrived at 9 PM, and within thirty minutes, all of us first witnessed a series of smaller orbs appearing just at the horizon line of small foothills. Then, we began calling forth the ships! Suddenly, around the mountain appeared a very large amber orb...moving smoothly, rapidly, and silently. It was flying about the altitude of a small plane or lower.” The large amber orb began traveling along the hillside to our right (east), then it would dart behind a foothill, then again appeared traveling along more foothills, heading north but was still not far from us....the orb literally made a turn and began traveling back towards us (it had traveled in a circle all the way around where our group was standing).

The flight pattern displayed very much the same shape as the "OM Symbol". The orb moved closer and lowered as it passed by us, now appearing as two large orbs clustered together. The Film footage is magnificent and will be on my web site soon.

California – Multiple Lights

SONORA - I went out tonight at 8:20 PM, because I wanted to observe an iridium satellite flare. I saw one last month and took a picture of it. I have been attempting to dismiss iridium flares as the possible cause of my string of pearls UFO pictures. I really don't think that the string of pearls are iridium flares, and the more I study these satellite flares I find that this is not at all similar to the string of pearls pictures that I took last summer.

I watched but did not see anything at 8:25 PM, when it was supposed to occur in the northwest sky. Then, about 8:30, I saw a bright flash to the south so I quickly turned and watched the sky there. About 30 seconds later, I saw the flash again, a little more to the south and west of the initial flash. This is a rapid flash. I have seen these before, but they could appear anywhere in the sky. I have seen these things flash up to six or seven times, each time in a different location and each flash about 30 seconds apart. I can't imagine what type of aerial phenomena this represents. During the summer months you might see these things after sunset to around 9:30 PM where I live. I am going to attempt to get a picture of this elusive object. To have success, I have to anticipate where the next flash will occur, and determine the time interval between flashes. See Thanks to Puppysonny1

California - Different Multiple Objects

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES – The witness wrote, “I can't believe what I'm seeing; on Saturday April 2, 2005, at 11:00 AM, a black geometrical orb flew above Hollywood, it sat there in a trail for a few minutes.” On Sunday a black ink spot morphed into other shapes. White orbs on Monday and nothing less than star wars today! Multiple black and white orbs and crafts, multiple luminous crafts and lasers, spirals and other phenomenon that I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around. Several witnesses to today's action as I brought the telescope to work with me so I could confirm I'm not going bonkers. Four people went holy crap! Call someone with a telescope in LA and tell them to point it above Hollywood and get some more confirmation .Thanks to Brian Vike, Director

HBCC UFO Research Note: Brian Vike writes, “I have stacks of sighting reports that have come in to me over the telephone so I've started taking some reports and place them to an audio file so folks can listen into the actual report. Of course as always, the reports have been cut down or edited so all of the eyewitness’s personal information has been removed.

Indiana - Another Nighttime Shot of UFO

BLOOMINGTON -- On April 3, 2005, John and his wife and children left the birthday party we had for our son. They decided to go for a little drive out by the farm at 2 to 3 AM. They were followed by a silver SUV after they passed an old stone quarry. The SUV stayed right behind them flashing their bright lights on and off. Susan slowed and the SUV slowed, she sped up they did as well.

They decided to head for home, and the SUV stopped following them. That was around 10 PM, when we got home John told me, we decided to hop in the Van and head out to the area. We drove past the quarry and noticed nothing from the front part of the farm, but once we moved to the back, I saw a light in the distance on the horizon. It was a long disk shaped object. I taped it and you can see what I caught. I had the hardest time getting it on normal film. I had to use ‘nightshot,’ and I thought maybe I was out of focus, which you will see, I played with the focus and only got a blurry image. It moved to the right some, then just hovered, then after a few minutes of taping, it disappeared. Close up of object taken by Mark Evans.

New York - Disc Buzzes Witnesses Vehicle

LOWMAN -- I was taking my daughter to catch her ride to work at 8:45 PM, on March 27, 2001, when she saw the craft approaching from the southwest heading across our car. She screamed, “Stop the car Dad, it’s a UFO!" No sooner than she got those words out, the car sputtered to a stop along the dark country road. I leaned over and looked out the passenger’s side window and there it was not more than 100 feet above us. It was disc shaped, the top was a slightly curved (dome like), and the bottom was even less curved almost flat. It was grayish in color, metallic looking, and with no seams and looked like it was all one piece. There were three softly lit orange orbs on the bottom spaced out in a triangle shape.

As it was going over us I got out of car and could feel something like a strong static pulling on me. Funny thing is it looked as if it was tipped up on its side with the top moving ahead. It was only moving at a very slow pace, maybe 5 mph. This was close enough that if a dinner plate was held at arm’s length the craft would have been larger. My daughter and I heard a low drone like thumping sound. After all this it proceeded across the farm field and up the side of a hill and stopped over a revolutionary war monument. At that time it changed to a white light that grew in intensity until very bright, then all at once poof, it was gone. It just vanished. If it left, instead of vanished, it must have flown at a very high rate of speed directly away from us as it was gone in less than 100th of a second or the light simply went out. The car started right up and we drove to where my daughters ride was already waiting. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director

Ohio – Two Video Frames of Two UFOs

Fostoria - On March 30, 2005, George Ritter caught two video frames of the same two UFOs moving south. One UFO is behind the tree about 300 yards away. In the succeeding video frames the UFOs moved about 85 feet between the two succeeding shots on his VHS RCA camera. The camera was set to take one hundred eighty frames per second. Speed of the UFOs is estimated at almost 2000 mph. The farm crib is 265 yards away. The two objects move to the right (south) in the second video frame below.

Thanks to George Ritter

Tennessee – UFO Photographed

KINGSPORT -- MUFON's State Director Kim Shaffer, received this report of a very strange object which made repetitive motions across the early morning sky on March 26, 2005.. The witness appears quite adamant that the object was not a terrestrial craft or astronomical phenomenon. From his description, the sighting is quite bizarre. A follow-up investigation will be forthcoming and I will post the findings here.

Thanks to Kim Shaffer MUFON TN SD

Texas - Lights in the Sky Change Direction

SAN ANTONIO – The witness was watering the dogs on April 2, 2005, at 7:57 PM, and looked over at the Oak tree to see how the leaves were beginning to bud out. As I looked up at the top of the tree I noticed a star moving. I thought I wonder if that is a satellite. I followed the moving star heading towards the cup end of the big dipper from the west, when I saw more movement. To the east, a star moving faster was heading in a collision coarse with the other east-moving star. It was like watching jets fly grids after 9-11. Just as they were about to crash the one moving west disappeared and the east star changed course and moved more north. Thanks to Brian Vike

Did a Congressman Find Data Confirming Roswell Crash?

Brian Vike, Director, HBCC UFO Research on March 23, 2005 has released a letter that was written to a Mr. Robert F. Brown, a fellow who explained to me that he was persistent in his pursuit of information through different government agencies on a sighting event, which he witnessed in late 1949 or early 1950 when he was 11 or 12 years old. Robert wrote letters to his Congressman, Mr. William D. Delahunt of Massachusetts in hopes that he would have the means to help retrieve alleged documents that may be floating around in an archive about Robert's sighting. In the years Mr. Brown has been tracking down the information he is looking for, he has been communicating with Congressman Delahunt's office, the FBI and Department of Justice. Brian says, “I would like to point out in the letter posted with this report has one sentence which I found to be of greatest interest:”

"Thank you for your letter about UFOs and the July 1947 incident that happened in Roswell, New Mexico. After looking into this matter, I have found that the debris from that is still being analyzed and is not open to the public at this time."

I like so many others were under the impression that there was officially no UFO crash at Roswell in 1947, according to the government/military. The doors were closed on this sometime ago and some varying ideas were thrown out to us all on what the military said took place. So, when I read the letter from the office of Congressman, Mr. William D. Delahunt, I see it as reading: "Someone has looked into the alleged Roswell event and possibly found information on the actual crashed craft. Very strange, if you ask me. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Israel – Low Flying Disk

ASHDOD -- On the 5th April 2005, at 9:17 PM, the witness was taking out trash when he noticed a red bright light. He stated, I tried ignoring it, but after a minute it started moving slowly, as it moved it got to my eye range. As I saw it, it was the shape of a disc, 100 feet off-ground, it flashed with blue orange and red bright lights. It was very round and the size of a small building. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director

Jamaica – UFOs Photographed

This photo was taken April 4, 2005 on our vacation to Jamaica. The energies are seen here above the Caribbean Sea. --Alex Cermak Thanks to Skywatch-International Web Site

Editor's Note: The UFOs in the photo may be caused by an error in processing.

Mexico - Strange Lights

SIERRA DE GUADALUPE RANGE -- March 13, 2005, was quite active as regards the observation of strange lights. At around 11:30 p.m., my husband, mother, son Ivan and I were in the car after having gone to dinner at an establishment in the state of Mexico, driving along Mario Colin Avenue in a south-north direction. We were attracted by a very bright light that appeared to levitate over the terrain belonging to a hill of the Sierra de Guadeloupe range. Since this is a place I customarily drive through, I am aware of the permanent lights that are those of the town. Just as I was getting ready to turn on my camcorder, we were able to see how a smaller light emerged from this enormous source of light. It remained attached to the larger one. Thanks to

Peru – Crashed Craft Recovery

Marine Corp Lance Corporal John Weygandt, who was trained as an air defense gunner on the surface to air Alpha Stinger missile, is part of the Disclosure Project. Weygandt was sent to Peru in March 1997, to provide perimeter security for a radar installation that he was told tracked drug traffic aircraft in Peru and Bolivia. About midnight, while I was on guard duty, Sergeant Allen and Sergeant Atkinson told me, an aircraft crashed and they need us to go and secure the crash site.

Early that morning we drove six Hummers to a position close to the crash site just when it started to get light. We walked towards the crash site and a huge gash in the land where something had crashed. Everything was burned and it was like something had almost cut warm butter with a knife. It was like something on fire or had some kind of energy like a laser had cut it. It was really strange. Anyway, I was in the front with Sergeant Allen and Sergeant Atkinson. And we were ten or twenty meters ahead of everyone else. We were the first ones to see this thing. It had gone up the hill and then off in the side of the ravine and ridge. This is about a 200-foot ridge, at least solid rock. It was buried in the side of a cliff. A huge craft was buried at a 45-degree angle in the side of the cliff there at the ridge. It was straight up and down.

The craft was dripping a greenish-purple syrup-like liquid. The liquid was everywhere and fluctuated like it was alive and changing. The craft was humming like a bass guitar and had a slowly turning light. Most of the craft seemed buried into the cliff but vents, like a fish gill were on the back. The liquid got on my clothes and ate holes in them and burned off some the hair on my arms. There were three holes in the ship that may have been hatches that were not flush with the main body of the craft. . There was another hatch the same width and diameter of the top hatch and it was kind of crooked to the side and it was half open. I didn’t see any lights or anything coming out of it but I felt this… presence. It is real strange. I think the creatures calmed me. It was weird and I think they were trying to communicate with me, like, I guess, telepathically. The Corporal estimated the craft was ten meters in width and about 20 meters in length and shaped like something between an egg and a teardrop. The skin of the craft had bumps and notches and appendages on it that were kind of an art form. The skin was made of metal but there was no reflection on it. The sun was shining on it and I could see the different shades of the craft and it didn’t reflect anything.

After we climbed back up, the Department of Energy people were there. They knew about it so I don’t know why we went there still to this day. But anyway, I was arrested. My friend had all his gear taken by men in black uniforms who threatened and later arrested himIt was not from Earth. I knew that when I looked at it. I wondered if those facilities were built for the intent to track UFO’s or other objects and their cover was there to track drug aircraft. They had laser range finders and all kinds of high tech stuff that I have never seen before. I couldn’t really explain it. They [the laser range finders] looked like big telescopes and some sort of Command Center. Weygandt believes that this UFO was shot down by a HAWK missile. At the crash site there were about thirty of those guys wearing hazard suits.

Iraq - No Doubts as To Why We Are Here

Colonel Jesse Marcel Jr., age 69, flight surgeon for a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter unit is spending 14 months in Iraq. He writes,

“On Sunday, March 29, 2005, we flew down to a newly discovered mass grave and it was horrible. If I had any doubts as to why we are here, I have none now.” This was out in the desert where nothing grows except for grass over the filled in trenches. There were articles of clothing half buried as well as in one case I saw a part of a necklace lying on the ground next to a trench. The story was someone saw bus loads of people heading out into the desert but the buses were empty on return. Shades of Nazi Germany!

I will send some pictures of what I saw that leaves little to the imagination as to what horror was visited on these unfortunate people. I will try to send them in the next several days as this computer will not send pix. Thanks to Jess and Bond Johnson

Italy - Video Shows Object at St. Peter's

VATICAN -- Video taken Thursday evening of St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City shows an object moving across the upper left portion of the screen. The video was shot at around 6:00 AM Roman time as Pope John Paul II lay in state. His funeral was held Friday. The shot was taken from a network feed camera and shows a white object passing quickly on a diagonal trajectory from the upper middle part of the screen to the left. Indianapolis WISH-TV – and other stations across the country carried the video on April 8, 2005, News 8 meteorologists say it appears to be a bird. All content © Copyright 2000 - 2005 WorldNow and WISH-TV.

EDITOR’S NOTE : The object is probably too big to be a bird. It is unlikely to be a conventional aircraft, since it is flying so low over the Vatican City designated as a "no-fly zone." Anti-aircraft missiles and Italian Air Force fighters were on alert against possible terrorists. Thanks to WorldNow and WISH-TV. Does God have an Air Force that comes to capture the soul?

Geo-Magnetic Storm Now Underway

Mitch Battros – ECTV writes, “On April 11, 2005, the Kp Index has registered another spike measuring 6.2. This latest spike is slightly larger than last weeks. If my theory holds, watch for increased seismic and volcanic activity within the next 72 hours.

North Carolina - UFO Images

Alan Caviness reports: This photo, one of many in my ongoing collection, shows one of the aerial objects that operate cloaked over my home area in central North Carolina. The UFOs are invisible in most cases and are usually engulfed in some type of energy field that obscures their hulls from imaging. A few local colleagues and I have found that shooting them with flashes from digital cameras allows at least a "near-infrared" image to be captured by the typical digital camera. Seen here is one of the objects "emerging" from its energy field. The photo had to be enlarged, colored, and digitally enhanced to bring out maximum details.

The aerial operations have resumed for this year, and we are expecting to get even more dramatic photos which will be available through Filer's Files only. His weekly Filers Files have been a very helpful resource for us independent investigators in North Carolina so we are making dozens of our images available. You can get them free with a subscription to Filer's Files. Thanks to Alan Caviness

35th UFO Conference in New Jersey

Pat Marcatillio announces he is having a conference in Bordentown, NJ on April 16 and the Days Inn. 609-298-6100. Captain Courant and Jan Aldrich are two of featured speakers. 1073 Highway 206 (near I-295 and the New Jersey Turnpike)

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