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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 14, 2005

George Filer:
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Life from Space

This week we review Prince Phillip’s interest in UFOs, When the USAF was in the UFO business, Did UFOs win the Cold War? Search for life and Panspermia. UFO Weather Map summary of sightings.

Reports of sightings from Arizona, California, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Washington and Wisconsin. Sightings were also reported in Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Crimea, Jordan, Mexico, and the UK.

Prince Phillip interest in UFOs

While living in England I had the privilege of dining in with Prince Phillip, His Royal Highness and Duke of Edinburgh at Sculthorpe RAF Base. He told five of us officers about his keen interest in UFOs and that some of his relatives had seen them.

He reiterated what he stated much earlier in the press, “There are many reasons to believe that they (UFOs) do exist. There is so much evidence from reliable witnesses.” Sunday Dispatch, London. March 28, 1954.

He was promoted to Admiral of the Fleet on 15th January 1953. His other British service appointments are Field Marshal of the Army and Marshal of the Royal Air Force. Prince Philip achieved 5,986 hours in 59 types of aircraft. He was interested in our sightings over England. He told us that, Admiral Earl ‘Dickie" Mountbatten who was at sea as the Fourth Sea Lord, and was Commander of the Mediterranean Fleet in the 50s had personally seen one.”

Air Force tracked UFOs for twenty two years

From 1947 to 1969, Americans accounted for 12,618 reports of unidentified flying objects many by aircrews. It was up to investigators at Ohio's Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to determine if extraterrestrial beings, in fact, had descended from space to Earth. Research on UFOs was called by several names including "Project Blue Book." A friend of mine, Colonel Ray Sleeper, who was commander of Foreign Technology Division sent the study of UFOs to the University of Colorado. Ray had observed a UFO high above his aircraft but had doubts about its identity. In 1969, after the results of study were released the United States Air Force declared itself out of the UFO business, but admitted that 701 sightings remained "unidentified." The Air Force found it prudent to ignore.

General Benjamin Chidlaw told investigators, “We have stacks of reports about flying saucers. We take them seriously when you consider we have lost many men and planes trying to intercept them." Commander Air Defense Command 1951 to 1955.

Navy Admiral Delmar Fahrney made this public statement, 1957

"Reliable reports indicate there are objects coming into our atmosphere at very high speeds and controlled by thinking intelligence's."

Blue Book's documents and photographs comprise 42 cubic feet of declassified records -- numbering 2,000 pages per cubic foot -- now housed in the National Archives.

Harry S. Truman got involved in July 26, 1952. A memo out of Box 26 reveals that "the President had requested Gen. Landry to find out the details of the sighting that had occurred in Washington on Saturday night."

I just returned from the Air Force Association Conference in Washington DC and talked to many members who reported that aircrews are reporting UFOs on a regular basis. They also assume they are getting a small percentage of actual sightings based on the ridicule factor. See

PRESIDENT REAGAN stated at the United Nations regarding extraterrestrials in Sept. 21, 1987, “IS NOT AN ALIEN FORCE ALREADY AMONG US?"

At the time the USSR and the US were locked in the Cold War ready to unleash thousands of nuclear warheads almost at any moment.

Mikhail Gorbachev, in a speech at the Kremlin “For a Nuclear Free World and the Survival of Humanity” in Moscow on Feb 16, 1987 stated,

“In spite of the differences between us, we must all learn to preserve our one big family of humanity. At our Geneva meeting, the US President said that if the earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis, though I think it is early yet to worry about such an intrusion.” Soviet Life Supplement May 1987.

Gorbachev was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the most important men of the Twentieth Century. The two most powerful men in the world were talking about extraterrestrials and Star Wars (anti-missile) weapons system that President Reagan offered to share with the Soviets.

Not generally known to the American public is that the Soviet military reported UFOs were attacking and destroying Soviet facilities causing great concern. It is my theory that UFOs play a much larger role in the affairs of men than anyone realizes. Launch of THADD missile.

Deep Impact ejected the stuff of life

Maggie McKee of news service reports “This sequence, taken by the high resolution instrument on the Deep Impact flyby spacecraft, shows the development of the cloud of ejected material. This composite image, taken by the impactor targeting sensor on Deep Impact, arrows show two areas where the surface is smooth instead of spotted with depressions (Image: Science)

Millions of kilograms of fine dust particles and water and a "surprisingly high" amount of organic molecules sprayed into space when NASA crashed its Deep Impact spacecraft into Comet 9P/Tempel 1 on 4 July 2005, reveal a trio of new studies.

The observations bolster theories that comets may have seeded Earth with the raw materials for life and suggest they may be sponge-like – rather than hardened – at their cores. They found that the 72 trillion kilogram-nucleus was extremely porous, with as much as 80% of its volume taken up by empty space. "That tells me there is no solid layer all the way down to the centre," says Mike A'Hearn, the mission's principal investigator at the University of Maryland in College Park, US. He says he had expected that the ice might become denser towards the core of the nucleus, but that instead "probably all the way in, ice is all in the form of tiny grains".

"It’s like a sponge, with a lot of cavities. Observers estimate the impact released about 5 million kilograms of water from beneath the comet's surface and between two and five times as much dust. The team estimates the impact blasted away a crater about 100 metres wide and up to 30 m deep. Crucially, organic molecules were among the material ejected. Researchers say they have found a surprisingly high amount of methyl cyanide, a molecule seen in large quantities in another comet. This supports theories that comets may have brought water and the building blocks of life to Earth.

Search for life Panspermia,

Panspermia a theory which holds that the stuff of life is everywhere and that we humans owe our genesis to a continual rain of foreign microbes coming to Earth aboard comets or meteorites. The concept is that alien microbes can travel through space and survive. In fact, various diseases may come from space. Life is tenacious and thrives. President Clinton announced that Martian bacteria fossils from a meteorite had been found in Antarctica. A group of researchers, reporting in the October 19 issue of Nature, claims to have found and revived spore bacteria on Earth that were dormant, hiding in New Mexican salt crystals for 250 million years and likely nearly immortal. Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe are the leading proponents of the theory. "Now that has changed."

The prevailing Darwinian theory holds that life arose spontaneously out of a terrestrial, chemical. In the 1800s, French chemist Louis Pasteur proposed that spontaneous generation of life could not have occurred on Earth. British physicist Lord Kelvin and others jumped on Pasteur's bandwagon and suggested that life might have come from space.

In the 1970s, Wickramasinghe and Hoyle found what they say are traces of life in the dust around virtually all stars, arguing that a continual rain of life-altering stuff from space -- including germs that arrive in cycles related to solar activity -- has affected the course of life on earth and the seeds, they say, are still coming.

UFO Weather Map summary of sightings

'Steve Reichmuth' MUFON SSD - Alameda County, California is creating and plotting numerous reports from Peter Davenport Director of the and John Schuessler August Summary:

Steve Reichmuth reports for August 2005 is roughly about half the number of July 2005 sightings reported. There are two entity reports from MUFON CMS. A 'Big foot' sighting associated with a craft near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And most significantly, an extensive abduction report with illustrations from the MUFON Investigator in Wikee Wachee, Florida.

There were noticeable 'Triangle' sightings just North of Eugene, Oregon, sightings over a period of one week.

Southern California sighting reports have diminished. The bulk of California sightings in August now has shifted to the Northern California region from San Francisco to Reno, Nevada. Susanville, California had another sighting in August, one previously in same area in July. California activity patterns seems to alternate monthly between northern and southern regions of this state. Why?

The Twin Cities- Minneapolis/St. Paul appears very active with reports.

Tennessee is showing activity uniformly spread across this state. Northern Georgia too.

New York and other New England states show many reports. The Hudson Valley areas now seem to show a marked increase in reports in August compared to past summer months just plotted this year.

A sighting near Monterey, Mexico, and a Triangle sighting south of near San Juan, Puerto Rico. August 'UFO Weather Map' issued September 05, 2005. Thanks to Steve Reichmuth MUFON SSD Alameda,CA who plotted the reports His maps were inspired by the fine Larry Hatch maps. Detailed data is kept at:

Arizona three large spherical orange lights

ESTRELLA MOUNTAIN RANCH -- I was driving home and normally EM Parkway is pitch black, but on September 6, 2005, at 9:30 PM I noticed an orange light reflecting off the clouds, much like streetlights do in a city. I didn't think much of it, but when I reached the stop sign where I'm supposed to turn, there it was, three balls of orange lights, like street lights in the sky. I've never seen anything like this before - so I continued driving straight instead of turning away. Well after a few moments of trying to get a closer view, they were gone. I did not see them again. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

Editor’s Note: a similar sighting occurred on August 25, 2005, in the Estrella Mountains.

California a bright orb

ALTA LOMA – My husband and I were in the spa on September 5, 2005, about 9:30 PM when we saw a bright star too low above the trees to the east. It was moving extremely slow, south and up, toward the sky. By looking carefully I noticed a red flicker. I got out my camcorder and recorded it however it would not get the rest of the star just the bright circle I was looking at. Then I got out my professional Cannon Eos 1ds Mark 11 and put it on a tripod and started to take pictures. I have all the stars and this bright orb, come to find out when looking at my picture, there was not just one but four of these objects in the sky. It clearly photographed completely different than the other stars, bright yellow with a red ring around it. In one image it seems to have a trail.

Thanks to Brian Vike

MODESTO – R. David Anderson writes, “I took this photo of a UFO on the night of August 18, as two planes circled near the UFO.” In the picture it appears as though the object swung around in a counterclockwise direction and went north with a discernable light trail behind it. . The auto-enhancement tends to bring out the more luminous areas. Thanks to R. David Anderson.

Illinois floating basketball

MUFON’s Sam Maranto writes, that the Westmont case is interesting because a client of mine and her daughter have been photographing some unusual objects in Warrenville near Chicago. They also claim to have had visitation and we're giving it a serious look. I have one case with a black orb the size of a basketball floating in a basement in Homer Glen, Illinois. The people are seeing copies of other family members doing unusual acts (Mimics) very strange, though not the first time I've heard of such an observation. If it wasn't for the fact that I have known that family for 45 years, I would really have to wonder.

Keep up the good work and when you come out here call me. Thanks to SSD/FI MUFON's Sam Maranto

Minnesota flying triangle

MINNETONKA – On August 23, 2005, I was pulling off the highway and realized a light was too close to be Mars because it was growing in size. I pulled into the Hopkins parking lot and observed an object about 200 feet away. It was a flying triangle very close to ground with little noise. It moved very little over the course of 26 seconds then was gone at 10:25 PM. As it started to move, I grabbed my camera and took five photos in the course of ten seconds. I could hear a slight whirring sound like the sound of a jet. It looked like a triangular plane similar to the F-117 with two white lights and a flashing red light in the center and traveling too slowly. The object passed by 15 seconds later and I took some photos. It was black and when the red light flashed, I could see a slight outline of the thing. The two photos that came out best show it against a building. It moved across only 15% of the viewing area between the two photos and my digital camera stamped the times five seconds apart. That seems far too slow to be a plane. The object pulled over the highway and disappeared.

Missouri dome shaped objects

CASSVILLE – On August 31, September 1st and 2nd, Jack, Judy, Donna, and I saw lights in the western sky. There were two lights and one appeared to be further away. I looked through my rifle scope and the objects were dome shaped in the center with flat edges. They seemed to have wings when they moved positions and they started to dance after about 25 minutes. Then they moved away and disappeared. There are red flame looking things and a green light. The next night I waited with my camera and the close ups show something like reddish clouds that change shape and move. You have to see the pictures... Three of us agree that in one shot, it looks like a man sitting, but they have tails in some shots, that end at a point of light. I noticed a lot of planes in the area at those times. These lights start to dance, then disappear. Thanks to Freida

Ohio rainbow UFOs

FOSTORIA -- George Ritter continues to shoot extraordinary video as shown in this September 9, 2005, but now he has someone about fifty miles away taking similar photos.

AKRON – Amy writes, I took a video on August 28, 2005 and here are stills from that video. The objects move way too fast for birds. There were two rainbow spots filmed in the sky for over an hour. After the spots disappear, an object appears to come from behind the tree to the left, (where the one spot had been) then a few minutes later another one comes from the right and goes up. The second UFO appears from behind the same trees but climbs in altitude at a startling rate. I really would like someone who knows to check it out and make sure I'm not seeing bugs that are close to the camera lens.

Last night I went to the Barberton Speedway where my dad is a retired racer and they had an induction ceremony to retire his number.

I was snapping photos of my sister and I got these photos of some kind of energy.

Photos were taken with a Canon digital camera and the photos before and after are normal. I Thanks to Amy.

Nevada photos and cylinder

LAS VEGAS –Scott writes, “These photos were taken as still shots with my Sony digital camcorder (with zoom lens) by my home in Las Vegas. I have hundreds of photographs like this. It's really surprising how numb we all are to what's going on. I hope you enjoy. Thanks to Scott

INCLINE VILLAGE – The witnesses saw a rainbow of colored lights over Lake Tahoe on August 30, 2005, at 10:31 PM. She saw a cylinder shaped craft hovering over one spot for ten minutes when viewed through binoculars and a telescope. We watched as the lights changed through a series of rainbow lights from red thru purple/blue. The cylinder object made animals in area act strange and howl. The pattern continued for a full 10 minutes and then vanished into the sky leaving no trails. Prior to sighting of the object our animals started to act strange and all the dogs in the area started to howl like wolves and then all was quiet. Thanks to Peter Davenport

North Carolina

These two objects were shot approximately 10 seconds apart at 1:04 AM, on September 10, 2005 at a known UFO-active site in central North Carolina. Flash photos were made with a digital camera for both pictures. Despite a huge number of UFO and orb photos thus far, these images appear to be the oddest objects I have photographed so far. Over 20,000 pictures have been taken in the last 18 months shooting randomly at various parts of the sky. I now have over 100 UFO photos but I am only beginning to tackle a backlog of several thousands of pictures waiting to be carefully studied from this year's field observations. Quite a few nocturnal light UFOs have been seen over the area, as well, since May. We will continue to report our discoveries through Filers Files as they occur. Alan Caviness - Carolina Group Research Project Get your free CD by sending a donation to these Files.

Oklahoma reports of sightings

TINKER AFB TOULOUSE-- I have had a life long fascination with the UFOs and abductions. I have witnessed several aerial phenomena in my life, one of which was a confirmed UFO sighting. I was headed north on the Interstate 35, just south of Moore, OK around midnight and I was listening to KOMA radio station when the DJ announced that he was getting real time reports of UFOs over Tinker AFB. This was in the mid 60s, within seconds, three glowing amber ovals were spotted to the east, moving westerly in a triangular formation at a seemingly leisurely pace. They crossed the highway 5000 feet in front of us and I pulled the car off onto the shoulder and we got out and watched the lights disappear over the western horizon. A group of military fighters came out of the east in hot pursuit. There were three other passengers in my car in the fall of 1966. Thanks to Brian Vike

Tennessee barbell UFO

CARTER COUNTY -- AUFORC network interviewed two witnesses who viewed a silent barbell shaped object cross the sky at 11 PM, on August 31, 2005. The object was illuminated by city lights and was moving slowly to the southeast. Witnesses agreed that the object appeared gunmetal gray and had two large round structures, one front and one rear, connected by a small tube-like structure making up one third of the overall length. Illumination consisted of two white steady lights on the forward portion of the object and two red lights on the rear of the structure. One blinking light and one steady. The object was described as moving slowly, silently and steady across the sky in a straight path. Thanks to Kim Shaffer Coordinator/Appalachian UFO Research Center

Washington observed a white round object

PUYALLUP -- I observed a white round object just East of Sun. It moved to westward of Sun on September 8, 2005, at 11:55 AM to Noon. Clear blue sky and moving East to West. Then at 12 noon it just vanished. It appeared about four times the diameter of Venus. From about 5 o'clock position on object there was a blue extension of a length about half the diameter of object. It moved from an angular altitude of about 60 degrees, bearing about 115 degrees True, to an angular altitude of about 75 degrees, bearing about 195 degrees True. It appeared to cross the sky about the speed of a jet passenger plane flying at 25,000 to 30,000 feet. It is about three miles north of a small airplane Thun airport, Pierce County. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

RENTON HIGHLANDS -- On August 30, 2005, at 8:47 PM, the witness was facing due west and saw a small object about thirty degrees above the horizon that looked the size of a sea gull at two hundred yards. It came in my direction and passed over my residence to the north at 85 degrees above the horizon, still heading due east and not altering course or speed. It was a completely round craft and was glowing faint orange on the bottom. At its closest position it was the size of my little finger nail held at arm’s length and completely round and flat like a disk, it had a gray rim. It had no lights, just the faint orange glow under the whole craft. It went out of sight on the easterly horizon and made no noise. It took 15 - 20 seconds to cross my field of view and did not look like a satellite, space station, or plane. Peter Davenport spoke at length with the witness, and we believe he probably is a quite credible witness. PD))

Wisconsin Brilliant Strobing Object

FREDERIC – The witness video taped an object at 5:50 AM, on September 3, 2005, in the eastern sky for about a minute. The object moved that far in that time. It was strobing like that the whole time. We have the same kind of lights going by here in the valley all night long practically every night. I have watched to see if they would repeat nightly at the same times but they do not. The camera is stationary on a tripod and located on our deck. It moves along pretty good. Footage and photos are © S.R.L. 2005

Thanks to Brian Vike.

Argentina UFO sighted

SANTA ROSA -- On August 30, 2005, at 7:30 PM a witness reported, a large jetliner had just landed at the in Santa Rosa Airport lights were spotted up there in the sky. I am a security worker at the airport and saw a light four to five times larger than a planet towards the northwest. It was white but tended more towards orange at the rear and flew off to the southeast. An Argentinean airline pilot also reported, "This one caught my attention because it was flying very high and three times faster than my plane, at least." Thanks to Scott Corrales.

Australia sightings

ADELAIDE – Kathy reports, “You may be interested in these two photo's. They were taken in my back garden in Winter facing west at 9 PM. The camera used was a Kodak 4200CX. There should be two shots of pulsed orbs. If you enlarge them you will be able to see that they seem to be moving at a rapid rate of speed. Both these shots were less than two meters away from me at the time." Thanks to Kathy in Australia.

NEWCASTLE -- Blake writes, “I was taken by surprise when I viewed the photo that my father took yesterday whilst watching a soccer match. Close up of last week's shot.

Thanks to Blake,

Bulgaria circular object

SOPHIA -- On August 31 2005, at midnight one of my friends and I were in a school yard watching the sky when I saw a red colored bright oval spot flying above it. First, I thought it was a big star, but it moved too fast and illogical, left and then right. I don't think the pilot might be drunk! Thanks to Peter Davenport

Canada sightings continue

SQUAMISH, B.C. -- I was closing the blinds to my sliding door on September 8, 2005 and I saw a strange very white flickering low on the horizon from 1030 to 1055 p.m. I at first mistook the "flashes for lightning, as there had been some clouds earlier and the weather report had predicted a shower for the following day. It didn't "feel" like lightning does when I saw it. The flashes were regular and constant. That is when I realized that the "train" that I had presumed was passing at that time was still making the same very low to almost inaudible, but very deep humm-throb noise/vibration, like a large truck was idling nearby or something. The noise and flashes/flickers of this low lying strangeness continued for about 25 minutes. It stopped suddenly in the middle of a flash, and was gone. The sound, also. quite abruptly ceased. My boyfriend, who was driving up the highway from Vancouver towards Squamish with another fellow at the time, had witnessed the same lights. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

VANCOUVER, BC -- The first time I was at my friend's house - house-sitting while she was away, I noticed an orb over the North Shore Mountains - over North Vancouver on August 1, 2005 from 11 PM to after midnight. . I looked to my left towards Burnaby - east - and noticed another one at about the same height in the sky. At first I thought they were planets because of how large they were, they could actually be seen in the night sky. We don't see a lot of stars in Vancouver due to the city lights - and the objects were changing colors and flickering. I looked west out over the West End of Vancouver and saw another one at the same height in the sky, in a triangle formation (an equilateral triangle). They were the same orb shape and changing colors from white to red to blue to green and continuing. I have seen them frequently in almost the same location pretty much anytime I look in those directions from my friend's balcony at night. Not always three, but a combination.

OSHAWA, ONTARIO – Paul Shishis writes on Sunday, September .4, 2005, between 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, I have been witnessing multiple sightings, over Ontario. I confirm in seeing them with the naked eye and photos included, as it's more, than just flying seeds up there!. Some of the higher objects stay stationary for a couple of minutes. This first photo to the top left illustrates two large white spherical objects, with a third smaller white object close to the group of two. I will also forward more photos, of these objects to justify, what my eyes are seeing, quite high in our skies. We are sorry to report Paul's father crossed over on Aug.25,2005. Thanks to Paul

Early this morning, September10, 2005, at 12:50 AM, I witnessed two extreme pulses of white, bluish light, with definition of a perfect," round" circle. The interval from first flash, to second flash, occurred about three minutes after. Each was viewed for a split second. Later that morning, after 11:15 AM, from my backyard, I viewed a noticeable black-reddish, morphing, 2-3 second flashing, and roundest object. I watched in amazement as this object, slowly to stationary, flying from the south to the north, over my position, at about 2000-3000 feet. The object's speed was about 0-20 MPH. I snapped 15 photos. After 10-12 minutes of picture taking, watched in disbelief again.

One thing to note is that they sprayed heavy, just after the sighting. There are way too many sightings that I and other witnesses are seeing. Thanks to Paul

China Dragon Photo

JILIN --At about 6 p.m. on August 6, two students walked out of their library at Jilin University. A female student, Xiaobin shouted, look, a flying dragon is in the sky! Her boyfriend Li captured an image of the dragon on his picture-phone, providing the second instance of photo documentation of a dragon flying over China so far this summer. The dragon was a bright, gigantic animal-shaped object flying in the sky, heading southeast. It was incredibly dazzling, just like a dragon. In the middle of the photo is a distant-looking dragon-shaped object, complete with four limbs and a tail. A glowing, red dragon-shaped flying object streaked across the sky, illuminating the evening sky just after the sun had disappeared from sight. and Skywatch International

Crimea, Ukraine bright object

SIMFEROPOL -- On the evening of Thursday, September 8, 2005, Victor Alexandrovich Zdorov saw a UFO, at 20:55 hours while walking his dog near the center of Simferopol. He got an ache in his legs, and when he looked up, he saw a bright object in the northeast emitting white-bluish light, ten times brighter than Venus. The object was hovering for several seconds, and then began gaining altitude and speed and quickly disappeared going into space in a total of 15 seconds. Thanks to Anton A. Anfalov ""

Jordan Triangle

AMMAN – I was looking at Polaris (North Star) from my balcony to align my telescope when I saw in my naked eyes a group of small, yellow circular lights in the form of triangle head (around 15 of them) passing above me in the sky at a considerable speed going in a northwest direction. I called my wife to see them and she did and then I called my four daughters to come with us to the roof to have a better view. They kept traveling as a group but some of them were not keeping the same distance and speed from each other. They were slowing and speeding up. This lasted 2-3 minutes when they disappeared over the horizon. This was the first time in my life that I saw a UFO. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Mexico photos of UFO

CIUDAD SATÉLITE REGION – These photos were taken in the Ciudad Satélite region of the State of Mexico. Ana Luisa Cid reports taking photos of a very bright light traveling in a north-south direction along Periférico Avenue.

Within minutes, it joined another luminous object of larger size that presented a reddish coloring. Thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Scott Corrales

UK lights photographed.

CHELTENHAM -- We have had reports and photos of the "3 light" phenomenon on July 15, 2005. Attached is a low-res enhanced photo. One of our researchers, Bruce, took the photos and reported:

"They were reasonably large like car spot lights but not so intense, they were a dull orangey brown colour, like car headlights and flying quite low in an elongated triangular formation. They were heading towards Hatherley in formation. There was no sound at all. They changed course towards Shurdington Road but then stopped, still holding formation. The one appearing to be top right seemed to be moving away towards and into clouds, therefore elongating the triangle formation. They were climbing and I Iost track of them one by one as a large cloud moved in the way. :

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