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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 21, 2005

George Filer:
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Follow the Money

Space Shuttle SST - 114 videotapes UFO. Back to the Moon and Mars, Desert Varnish indicates microbe life on Mars. This week we report on sightings from Arizona, California, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Sightings were reported in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the UK.

Space Shuttle videotapes UFO

Jeff Challender writes, “In my e-mail inbox on August 6, were two letters which proved important. One from a fellow in Belgium, who identified himself as "Flint", and another from my friend Oren Swearingen of Texas. These letters both referred to what the two men had seen on their television screens simultaneously at 13:54 GMT, August 6, 2005, on NASA Select TV, and were co-discoverers of, something that shook them both. It inspired them to request that I review my VHS tape of the Space Shuttle Discovery six hours after undocking of Discovery from the Space Station.”

They witnessed an erie scene from the black and white low light camera in the payload bay of Discovery flying northwest over the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California. The camera was pointing to the southwest, and the Sun had just risen . The view resembled a night scene over inhabited countryside, with many lights, small and large, which looked very much like cities and towns as seen during a night pass. Most of these were seen against the dark face of the ocean, and APPEARED to be stationary with many of them flashing. This field of objects was moving, as shown by the computer at vastly increased speed, and was a cloud of Shuttle debris, with everything in motion. How such a large cloud of highly reflective debris originated is a bit of a mystery. The OMS (Orbital Maneuvering System) engines had been used earlier to increase the distance between Discovery and ISS. Yet, it seems unlikely that such a thick cloud so nearby, would STILL be extant after more than six hours. The RCS (Reaction Control System) jets are often cited as culprits in causing unusual looking behavior in ice flakes and debris, and as a source of ice chips on orbit...but this much?

The witnesses saw another object that flies through the scene that DOES NOT BELONG! The entire "live" downlink segment lasts 3 minutes 19 seconds from onset, to NASA cutting it off quite suddenly to a pure black screen. (The segment is 3 minutes 41 seconds from "map to map") At the 2 minute 10 second point, a "Wolf" enters the flock of "Sheep". This is the object which might possibly be a UFO. Seen at normal playback speed on the VCR, this one appears to cross the field of view from right to left, comes to a complete stop, and reverse itself, moving back to the right again.

"Flint" asked if it might be a comet, and in "the same breath" pointed out that comets do not stop and back up. Meteors are ONLY visible when they enter the atmosphere at their high speeds of 40,000 to 120,000 mph and proceed to burn up from the heat of friction. Other astronomical bodies appear more or less stationary in the sky for Earth based observers, with apparent motion due to the rotation of Earth. This objects anomalous motion was not natural, and it doesn't look to be ice or debris. Dr. Swearingen also emphasized that this object crossed his screen, stopped and reversed.

Once the video was isolated, and captured into my computer, it could be speeded up or slowed down as desired. This is where the "stationary" lights were revealed to be an ice or debris cloud in the vicinity of Discovery. When the anomalous object became obvious, NASA cut the feed to a black screen.

NASA video of Pacific Ocean, outer space is the bottom of photograph. UFO is at lower right and moves to left center and returns.

The anomaly, when greatly speeded up in its trajectory can be seen to not stop, but swing to the right in a long gentle turn. This 41 frame animated GIF is centered on the final 55 seconds of the sequence containing the anomaly. But here we can see that it flew though the field of view, and made a long curving swing to the right. To view film go to Thanks to Jeff Challender.

Star Wars the most expensive weapons

There is an old saying, if you want to know what is really going on in the world, follow the money. Both Russia and the United States have spent billions on developing anti-ballistic missile programs, the most expensive weapons systems in their arsenals. In November of 2004, the Russian A-135 missile successfully hit a training target, while a similar US anti- missile test was unsuccessful on February 15, 2005. The successful test suggests Russia has a working system in place around Moscow while the US is deploying its new anti-ballistic missile system at Fort Greely, Alaska, called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), and nicknamed 'Star Wars'.

The US program costs about 14 billion dollars a year and is a joint venture equally owned by Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and TRW, since April 21, 1997.

Army contractors are expected to have installed sixteen interceptor missiles in silos by the end of 2005, at Ft. Greely while four interceptors are also being installed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Both countries are being criticized for spending billions of dollars for their limited ability to destroy a few enemy missiles. If the two nations chose to launch a nuclear war against each other both sides could launch a thousand missiles easily over whelming each others anti-missile system. The announced mission of the anti-missile system is to stop missile attacks by rogue counties like North Korea. Both Russia and America seem to view the world in similar ways and are willing to spend fantastic sums to stop a few missiles.

Russia under Mr. Putin’s leadership is modernizing Russia's ageing anti-missile system just as the US deploys its missile defense system. These immensely costly systems, are the most expensive weapons systems for both countries that seem extraneous when compared with Russia's most pressing security problems, and the US war in Iraq. It is interesting to note that both nations are working together to improve the systems and are working together in space. The real question is why both countries are determined to put so much of their resources into anti-missile system when the greatest threat of nuclear attack is from nuclear weapons that may be smuggled into a target city aboard trucks, aircraft or ships. The conflict in Chechnya demonstrates, Russia's conventional armed forces are woefully inadequate while US forces in Iraq are under stress while billions are being spent on ‘Star Wars.’

Perhaps Mikhail Gorbachev’s Kremlin speech in 1987 is the key to understanding why billions are being spent, when he said, “At our Geneva meeting, the US President (Reagan) said that if the earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis…”

Both the Russian and the US ‘Star Wars’ systems are believed to have some effectiveness against UFOs, thus their nickname. It has been long known that many UFOs enter our atmosphere above the Arctic Circle and the US missile system is ideally located to hit incoming UFOs.

Mars is another place where vast sums are being spent.

NASA is going to the Moon and Mars

NASA, has announced plans to return to the moon by 2018, as a jumping off place to reach Mars. These planned voyages will cost more than $100 billion dollars.

President Bush encouraged NASA to push the boundaries on space exploration in January of last year. NASA is planning on building a new space vehicle that could take four astronauts to the moon, with the goal of creating a staging point for other future missions.

Mars Desert Varnish indicates microbe life

Sir Charles W. Shults III, of Xenotech Research writes, “I have a new web page that details present day life on Mars and also supports panspermia theories that some organisms here on Earth were imported from Mars on meteorites.” In an article by Ronald I. Dorn and Theodore M. Oberlander (Science Vol. 213, 1981), they concluded desert varnish was the result of microbial activity where the bacteria absorbs trace amounts of manganese and iron from the atmosphere and create a black layer of manganese oxide or reddish iron oxide on the rock surfaces. This thin layer also includes cemented clay particles which help to shield the bacteria against extreme heat and intense solar radiation. Desert varnish is extremely hardy and depends on minute traces of moisture and wind-borne particles of silt that contain the metals needed to keep it alive. Organisms known as Metallogenium and Pedomicrobium are found in many cases in the varnish. Strange amino acids, not associated with terrestrial life, are often also found in the desert varnish. Not only that, but the amino acids are mirror-imaged to the amino acids that life on Earth uses. This property of handedness (called chirality) is used to classify molecules by the way they polarize light. Right handed and left handed versions of amino acids exist, and life on Earth exclusively uses left handed amino acids and proteins. Life on Earth uses 20 specific amino acids, although others exist. Of all the hundreds of possible amino acids, only twenty are present in terrestrial life, and only those twenty are coded for in the genetic messages in our cells. Alien life might use other amino acids and a completely foreign genetic language.

Carbon-containing meteorites and life -- A category of meteorite called "carbonaceous chondrites" carry traces of amino acids, that are often foreign to life on Earth. They are known and can be synthesized in the laboratory, but they are never observed in Earthly organisms. Tholin the primordial stuff of life in space have so far created 17 of the 20 amino acids in terrestrial life. The findings that desert varnish often contains D-alanine and D-glutamic acid (two right handed amino acids) as well as others, indicates a process that is producing these backwards amino acids inside the varnish. The cause would be the organisms themselves, but terrestrial organisms do not produce these materials.

The most amazing discovery is that Martian meteorites often have desert varnish on them and these microorganisms were present before the meteorites reached Earth. The ALH-84001 meteorite was found in Antarctica, yet it already had a coating of desert varnish that could not have possibly formed in Antarctica, because the wind blown particles of silt and clay do not exist in Antarctica.

Therefore, the varnish had to be present before the meteorite arrived in Antarctica and proves that desert varnish exists on Mars.

Backwards amino acids – Shults says, I will make a simple prediction that is testable that the Martian genetic code will be different from the terrestrial genetic code in how the codons spell out which amino acids are to be transcribed and that the makeup of those organisms will incorporate some right handed amino acids not found in terrestrial life. In other words, I am predicting that at least some desert varnish organisms are imported alien life forms, in particular originating on the planet Mars. Thanks to Sir Charles W. Shults III, K. B. B. Xenotech Research.

Arizona two boomerangs with green lights

GILBERT -- My wife and I were driving home from Scottsdale, AZ on Wednesday evening September 14, 2005. It was approximately 8:45 PM,when in the southeast sky I (Gary Cliser) noticed a pulsating light, stationary and pulsating. I thought it was very odd to see that sort of light characteristic in the flight path of Sky Harbor airport. It just hung over the San Tan Mountains in the southeast sky. I didn't entertain it much, until after I got home, my wife (Charlotte Cliser) who was behind me, pulled into our driveway and was very excited - she was yelling if I saw the green lights? She said she saw two crafts with green lights and they were a boomerang or V shaped. (NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the husband, and he seemed to us to both sincere, and credible. PD) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the

SURPRISE – My son took photos at 9 PM, on September 5, 2005, in West Valley ten days ago.

The UFO's are the lights above the horizon not those near the ground. He and his fiance were watching the lights for twenty minutes and took photos. There was no sound for much of that time until five fighter jets from Luke AFB flew over his house. When they saw the jets the lights disappeared. He was unable to determine the height of the object. Photo can be viewed at:

New York moving circle of lights

SCHENEVUS – The witness living in a farmhouse on top of a mountain saw a red, blue and white lights continuously moving on an unidentified object in Upstate NY. We were stargazing with binoculars at 10:30 PM, on September 4, 2005, when we noticed a very bright twinkling star above the treetops. At first we thought it was a satellite, but using binoculars we all saw the alternating red, blue-green and white lights were moving continuously around the object. It moved slowly down and then to the right, and then back and forth to the left. The object seemed as if it were being blown in the wind since it seemed to only move in the same area.

MANHATTAN -- On August 28, 2005, at 7:45 PM, the witness was waiting for the light to change on 6th Ave and 32nd Street and noticed something in the skies to the west. He says, “I turned to look at what looked like a dark swirling black hole hovering in the clouds over New Jersey.” The light changed and people hurried by me as I tried to get a better look. It had kind of a distortion whirling about its edges and it seemed to make it impossible to get into focus. As I stood there, it started to move silently to the north, and looked like two flat rectangular objects traveling side by side or a series of black triangles attached to two long rods. I could at times, see the sky through what appeared to be triangular openings in the slabs.

A helicopter passed between myself and the object, and the object which was further off seemed to be the same size and over the Hudson River. I made two separate pictures of each thing. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research at:

Illinois roman candle shooting off

CARTHAGE -- As my girlfriend was driving home on September 14, 2005, about 8:58 PM, I was in the passenger seat looking to the east and noticed a row of eight big white lights shooting upward into the night sky. Then, suddenly out of the same row of lights five more lights appeared to shift to the right making a backward #7. Seconds later a row to the right of the first set of lights began to start lighting up making another backward #7. The duration of the sighting was two minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the

Maine Green Beams Of Light

OXFORD -- I saw a huge white light on September 10, 2005, at 9:30 PM, I went outside of my place in West Paris and saw green beams of light. I awakened my boyfriend and he saw it too. Then, last night coming from Oxford to West Paris at 9:30 PM, we were driving on Route 26, and we saw the green light that shined up from the mountains half way up into the sky. We followed one of these beams of light and ended up on a dead end road. There was this huge house with lots of windows, and all the lights were on in the house, which was surrounded by fields. Not too far above this house was a dark cloud not thick, but not light enough to see though. This green beam was coming from this cloud. After four minutes the beam faded away, and so did the cloud looking thing. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

Missouri light stops shoots upward

GOPHER LAKE AT JAMES REED PARK -- A friend and I were out on a lake in a boat on September 5, 2005, at 9 PM, when we spotted a bright star at rest. It then began to move across the sky at a rate much faster than a plane or jet. The object did not continue to travel in a straight line. It moved across the sky, made one small revolution, stopped, and then went straight up and out of sight. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

ASHLAND -- I was driving home on August 14, 2005, when I approached my exit into Ashland and saw three or four lights on the bottom of a triangle shape with a blinking red light near the middle on 10:44 PM, on September 14, 2005. The object was flying very fast across the sky as it crossed from one side of the highway to the other and then seemed to come to a stop and hover over a field. I watched the object slowly drop in altitude. After passing the object, I saw a faint outline that made it look as if the object was triangular in shape. Normally, I wouldn't think much of this, but this object seemed to be moving faster and was much lower than the planes I see. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the

New Jersey black hole

NORTH PLAINFIELD – The witness reports, I thought it looked like a saucer with three or more rings like someone coiled a florescent bulb in an oval shape that was flying over us on September 3, 2005, at 9:40 PM. It was glowing and looked black, white, gray and stayed put for a while at a very low altitude. I first thought it was a cloud but then realized it was not and it was very, very large. I saw the MetLife blimp the next afternoon, but this object was more oval and a lot bigger, and a lot longer and looked like someone took a fluorescent bulb and coiled it and just hung it up in the air at one point. Thanks to Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

Ohio photos continue

AKRON -- Amy reports, Above is a photo of bird with strange craft at upper right taken on September 4, 2005.“I took some more photos with my Canon digital camera at the race track have strange bright lights in them, the photos before and after the strange lights are normal. I took this photo of a friend and he appears transparent in spots although he is in focus and clear.

I'm a paranormal investigator, we call this string energy and I always thought it was a ghost thing, but I recently saw a website where they had this phenomena and said it was from UFOs. Thanks to Amy.

FOSTORIA – George Ritter writes, “I have kept log books clear back from when I first started in December of 1998, I can nail down every shot as to the day, hour, minute and second. Some of the early ones are pretty bad I admit but, I knew nothing about photography and that was my first videocam ever, now I have three of them, the first two were RCA full size VHS. Here is recent video taken on September 19, 2005, at 6:33 PM. The object is moving from left to right at 1000 mph +.

North Carolina diamond triangle

BROWN SUMMIT -- It was about 8:45 PM, on September 3, 2005, and I was about to take my girlfriend and other friends home when we looked at the North Star and noticed it was not north, but in the west. We saw a diamond shaped triangle that was amber colored with greenish purple glow with lighting bolts coming off it. We thought there might be two objects. We left and noticed it was moving behind the trees. Then, after a few minutes the object flew over the trees right behind us moving left and right as it disappeared. It was blinking red the last time we saw it. The triangle diamond shape was morphing, with an amber color, and a strange greenish purple glow with lightning bolts coming off it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the

Oregon silver object

EUGENE -- I had my Sony ccd trv 318 video cam recording on a tripod pointing west on September 5, 2005, at 1:30 PM, using a M&K 1000 infrared filter w/ nightshot in the afternoon, clear sunny day. I was talking with my friend and just letting the video cam record pointing up in the sky. It was on infrared so I had to look thru the view finder to see what the camera could see and I hooked it up to my TV. The camera picked up a ten second video of a silver spot that floated in from the west flew south east. You can see a black distortion, front and back of the object, on a larger TV is better. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the

South Dakota pilot sees UFO

GRAND RAPIDS -- Last Tuesday, on September 6, 2005, near Ellsworth Air Force Base, I was going on duty near midnight when a commercial pilot filed a UFO report. The object was sighted over MT. Rushmore and its estimated speed was only 200 mph in clear weather, CAVU. There was nothing on radar at the time of the report, but a friend left the message on my answering machine, and later called me this morning and claims his son is that air traffic controller. Thanks to Frannicap@INSIGHTBB.COM

Editor’s Note: Air Traffic Controllers are instructed not to acknowledge UFOs to pilots, and to keep air traffic separated from them.

Tennessee large rectangular object

GREEN COUNTY -- Three witnesses who are life long astronomers report that on the night of September 5th, 2005, they witnessed a large rectangular object hovering near Interstate 81 in. The primary witness reported that he, his wife and a college friend were stargazing. They were equipped with a reflector telescope and a pair of binoculars. The witness stated as he scanned the low horizon to his south, he realized he was seeing a very dark rectangular object with a small greenish blue luminescence being emitted from each corner of the object from underneath. He could not see a light as the object hovered horizontally and occasionally would wobble and rotate slowly. The shape was nearly rectangular and very thin 25-1, flat.

The object was likely hundreds of feet in diameter, filling 1/4 of the field of view in the binoculars. The witness's wife was taking her turn with binoculars watching the object when she stated the illuminations at each corner became brighter and the object simply vanished. Witnesses are well educated and life-long astronomers. Thanks to Kim Shaffer AUFORC Appalachian UFO Research Center

West Virginia a round star-like object

PARKERSBURG -- On September 4, 2005, at 6 PM, 12 family members were sitting outside talking after dinner. Our attention was drawn to a powered parasail aircraft passing overhead. As we watched, I noticed a bright star as the parasail passed in line with it. Pointing it out to the group, I commented that it was odd to see a star this early in the day. The parasail moved on and we continued watching the 'star' for several minutes. I had looked away briefly and my father-in-law said, “Its moving to the right!” I immediately looked, but it was gone. I regularly watch the skies and I'm at a loss to explain this sighting.

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

Australia bright light comes

BANORA POINT -- On September 8, 2005, I returned from work at about 10:30 PM, when I looked east and noticed a bright light in the sky, flashing red and blue. The light was traveling east for about a minute then suddenly stopped and hovered stationary for about thirty minutes. I was getting too tired to film it so I abandoned it and went home. Just reviewing the Video, there are a few frames, which show the object quite clear. The camera focused in and out, usually blurring the orb unfortunately. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

Canada sightings

SAINT-ALPHONSE-DE-RODRIGUEZ, QUEBEC –We were visiting my brother-in-law at his cottage on August 25, 2005, at the end of the day when I took pictures with my Nikon D-70 of my grand-daughter. The cottage is located on a cliff that's about 150 feet high overlooking Lake Stevens. When I downloaded the pictures, I was surprised to see the orange round object. If I zoom on the object I can see circles underneath it and I can see an orange glow emanating on the left side of the picture. Thanks to Brian Vike

OSHAWA, ONTARIO -- On Sunday, September 4, 2005, between 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, I have been witnessing slow moving and stopping white roundish objects. I fully understand that white seeds fly quite high but these objects are larger white objects and move in different directions and hover for minutes at a time. I have photographed these to justify my descriptions of altitude and brilliance of roundness of these white objects. This first picture I'm sending is a eye raiser of three perfectly round white objects close together, upper left side of the picture in the rich blue sky. I would say these objects are at least 10,000 feet+ in altitude.

Netherlands orange fireball

ZEVENAAR, GELDERLAND – On September 4, 2005, a yellow orange light was seen in the evening sky for four minutes at 9:45 PM. It was a round shaped fireball, moving from east to west in a straight line that dropped two smaller fireballs at a 90 degree angle. Because the large fireball dropped smaller fireballs and the long four minute interval for the object to cross the sky, I do not consider this object to be a falling star. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the

Puerto Rico underwater ruins found

INEXPLICATA -- The Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports, “A small group of professional researchers spearheaded by Andrew Alvarez and Aldo Acosta is currently taking the first steps toward identifying a mysterious underwater formation which is reminiscent of the "Bimini Road" in the Bahamas. The possibly artificial phenomenon underwater formation was identified by aerial photography near the La Parguera tourist complex and ecological preserve. The group has investigated and located certain anomalies when visiting the site.

Dr. Alvarez has gathered experts in underwater geology and archaeology to identify if this discovery is natural or man made. The structure measures over 250 feet long and is located at a depth of less than 20 feet. A nearby hill contains other structures that appear to be the ruins of an ancient stone wall. Translation (c) 2005, S. Corrales

CAROLINA -- Researchers Jose A. Martinez and Willie Durand report that on May 15, 2005, a large triangular UFO was seen by several witnesses at 12:16 AM. Wilfredo left work at around midnight and saw a glow that came from behind a hill. Dogs were barking, and the animals were becoming desperate. Behind me, I saw a great, very large glow and pulled the van over and saw an immense triangular object the size of two enormous ball parks.

I was frightened as the object flew very slowly and passed directly over me with no sound. . I took my camera phone and took photos of the object. It had a bright light coming out of the middle that emitted heat like a high voltage bulb and that’s when the van's engine and lights went completely out. I tried to turn the engine over, but nothing worked. Three other cars stopped. and when the UFO went away, my van started up just fine. The triangle flew over the airport knocking its lights out then it gained altitude and vanished into the sky at high speed. Thanks to Brian Vike

UK an intense bright UFO

EASTERN SHORE – We are located on the east coast of the Irish Sea and on August 8, 2005, we were driving north on the edge of the Lammermuirs on the A 6112 towards Preston. About 11.15 PM, a strong light was seen through the trees, flickering at first, then with a constant illumination, so intense that I had to squint my eyes. We turned the next corner and we could both see clearly a UFO sitting directly above an electric pylon.

We stopped the car to observe and the craft moved towards us. I fumbled with the camera to get a picture while my husband took time to observe the UFO. It was well sculpted and there was a 'dull drone' as it flew overhead. It was moving south really slow and disappeared over the tree-line. We headed back to the highest point at the Hardens Hills, 345 metres above sea level. After a few moments an object showing several lights slipped over the tree-line and we counted three white lights using 30 x 50 zoom binoculars. We headed back to the first location and saw the same three lights flying along the tree-line and disappearing behind a strange cloud formation. The lights appeared to be moving in short, sharp movements. Just then a huge bolt of lightening hit the ground, but it was a lot thicker than normal lightening. Thanks to Brian Vike

MILTON -- On September 2, 2005, about 3:15 PM, my next door neighbor Dennis came round and asked, “Did I believe in UFOs?” I said, yes, I have seen them before. He pointed, “There's one up there.” Looking north, I tried to find it as it climbed. I tried to look with binoculars, but could not keep them steady.

It climbed higher and disappeared through a very thin cloud very high up. Dennis had seen an A146 flying over to land at Bristol airport when he spotted the UFO above it. My neighbor across the road had also spotted it. I showed him my drawing and he said that's it, but we all agreed that it was difficult to tell its size. Graphic can be viewed at:

PORTSMOUTH -- On September 4, 2005, we had the most awful thunder storm at 9:00 PM, and we don't usually get storms that often. We had three in two weeks. We drove to the sea to watch the storm and I shot some storm video on my digital camera and when I viewed them on my PC, I was astonished at what was on it. The video was pointing out to sea as a ferry sailed past and a UFO like object was captured. I am not sure if it is a UFO but whatever it is, is very strange. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC

UFO Defense Tactics: Weather Shield to Chemtrails by A.K. Johnstone.

“Finally a book that answers the hard questions about UFOs” according to French Amazon; Science designates UFO Defense Tactics a collectible. Chosen as one of ten best UFO books in 2002 by Anomalous Book List, it is available at, barnes&, or 1-800-938-114. I personally recommend this book. George Filer

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