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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 12, 2005

George Filer:
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Earthquakes and Sightings Increase

This week's files cover: Increase in Earthquakes. Seashells and life found on Mars.

Also UFOs were seen over Arizona, Atlantic Ocean, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin.

Many sightings were also reported in Bolivia, Canada, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Ocean.

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world. These Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week many represent alien craft.

Expect more disastrous earthquakes

Is it possible the Sun’s activity results in earthquakes? Almost every day for two weeks in September, solar flares issued from a giant sunspot named "active region 798/808." X-rays ionized Earth’s upper atmosphere, charged magnetic particles and Solar protons hit our atmosphere. Surprisingly during the storms, radiation levels onboard the International Space Station (ISS) dropped. "The crew of the ISS absorbed about 30% fewer cosmic rays than usual but we can assume the Earth absorbed some of the terrific energies from the sun and may have resulted in movement of the tectonic plates."

The reason is simple: When sunspots explode, they often hurl massive clouds of hot gas away from the sun. These clouds, called CMEs (coronal mass ejections), contain not only gas but also magnetic force fields, knots of magnetism ripped away from the sun by the explosion. Magnetic fields deflect charged particles, so when a CME sweeps past Earth, it also sweeps away many of the electrically-charged cosmic rays that would otherwise strike our planet. This is the "Forbush decrease."

The Earth has a layered structure, with a relatively thin crust of mobile plates, a solid mantle with gradual overturning movement, and the outer and inner core of molten and solid iron. Probably the greatest factors to effect the Earth are solar flares. The magnetosphere protecting the Earth is being generated by the dynamo action in the Earth's interior that may be effected by activity on the sun.

It is logical to assume the heat and energy coming from the Sun may effect our Earth’s molten iron core. I seems logical that there may be a cause and effect as the Earth's magnetic field is effected by CMEs and flares on the sun, it may effect the 4,300-mile-wide outer core and its mobile tectonic plates. When the plates move they result in Earthquakes like the one that hit Southern Asia. When a plate moves it seems to effect other tectonic plates at different places in the world. The recent Indonesian Tsunami may have helped caused the later movement in Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A powerful 7.6-magnitude earthquake near the Pakistan-India border Saturday reduced villages to rubble, triggered landslides and flattened thousands of buildings and killing 30,000. In the capitals of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, buildings shook and walls swayed for about a minute, and panicked people ran from their homes and offices. Tremors continued for hours afterward. Communications throughout the region were cut. Guatemala was also hit by an earthquake

The Asian area as far west as Turkey and the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Rim appears unusually unsettled, and we can expect major earthquakes and increased volcanic action at any time. This are includes the American West Coast, Japan, Indonesia, and China.

Mars has seashells

Sir Charles W. Shults III, of Xenotech Research writes, “I have a new web page that details life on Mars and also supports Panspermia theories that some organisms here on Earth were imported from Mars on meteorites.” Dr. Shultz has found that Mars Rover Opportunity's images of fossil seashells match seashells on Earth. The spiral seashell shown here has an apparent 3 mm size with a depressed area where the hole would be similar to Earth fossil shells.

The original NASA link is at: to these Earth sea shell fossils.

Thanks to Sir Charles W. Shults III,

Arizona two boomerangs or V shaped crafts

GILBERT -- My wife and I were driving home from Scottsdale, on Wednesday evening September 14, 2005, at 8:45 p.m., when in the southeast sky I noticed a stationary pulsating light. I thought it was very odd to see that sort of light characteristic in the flight path of Sky Harbor airport. It just hung over the San Tan Mountains in the southeast sky. When I got home, my wife who was behind me, pulled into our driveway and was very excited - she was yelling, “Did I see the green lights?” She said she saw two boomerang or V shaped craft with green lights. NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the husband.

Atlantic Ocean disk flies next to jet

PARIS-PHILADELPHIA -- On September 18, 2005 The witness was on a Trans-Atlantic flight when he saw a lenticular black cloud fly formation with our jet right off the wing, at 2 PM. It quickly formed a solid sphere shaped mass and accelerated away at a high speed in the clear sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

California spider like threads and a saucer

PINECREST --We were in the woods off Highway 108 when we saw what looked like long strands of spider like web, some short, long etc. The spider like strands were swirling, falling and drifting somewhat very high on September 28, 2005, at 1:30 PM.

Then I saw the saucer like a flat plate with a dome which was a dark gray in color. I told my friend that I saw a UFO, but because of his poor eyesight he had not see it. However, he did see the spider web stuff.

When I picked up my binoculars, I could not find it as it was out of sight. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

MODESTO, CA -- R. David Anderson writes, “I saw the photo that you had on your web site last week of the orbs taken in North Carolina on September 22, FF #41, by The Carolina Group Research field team. I took a photo that bears some similarity to it at the Christmas parade downtown in December. I recently enlarged the spherical-like objects that appear to be green orbs. They were located above the ground, elevated by at least 30 feet.

Most of the orbs were surrounding the McHenry Mansion, a historical home that was one of the earliest houses built in Modesto. I am wondering if these light sources are of an energy vortex of some type? I learned there had been many premature deaths at the McHenry Mansion. Robert McHenry died there only six years after he built the house, and his wife passed away seven years later. Then the son lived there, and his daughter was killed tragically in a gas appliance accident. Thanks to R. David Anderson,

Colorado boomerang shaped object

BOULDER -- On September 19, 2005, I was lying down in our local park at 8:20 PM, just looking at the stars when I witnessed a boomerang shaped craft cross the sky directly overhead. The craft had no lights, but was quite large and easy to spot as a nearly full moon was just coming up over the horizon. I managed to see the craft as it blocked out the stars, and they blinked in and out as it traversed the sky.

The craft was 3 or 4 inches between my thumb and index finger at arm’s length. The craft was definitely under intelligent control and moved from north to southwest without sound. It was dark in color similar to the night sky. I watched the craft traverse overhead in a straight line for ten seconds. Other airplanes with lights were in the area. It could have been a glider flying at night, a black military project, or an unknown craft guided by intelligence. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Florida 10 to 15 boomerang shaped objects

VENICE --About 10-15 boomerang shaped craft flew over on September 4, 2005, at 9:45 PM. They appeared suddenly as if descending from a very high altitude and were glowing milky white. The outline of the group shifted fluidly -- as if they were keeping formation loosely. Their lights did not blink and was solid lighting. The silent over flight lasted only about fifteen seconds as they disappeared into clouds as burglar alarms were set off in the neighborhood. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Illinois red lights in triangular pattern

NEW LENNOX – I work as a large equipment fueler and usually load my truck for the days stops at around 4:45 AM every day. While the truck was is loading on September 30, 2005, I noticed three extremely bright stars in the shape of a triangle. I stood there for a minute when all of the sudden the bottom left star moved about a foot and half to the north.

At first, I thought it was a satellite, but then it stopped. Then the bottom right object flew off to the east and I eventually lost site of it. I looked back at the two remaining objects only to see the top object slowly fade into the night sky as if it was rising straight up. The first objects remained in position. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

TINLEY PARK/ORLAND PARK – Ten miles east and eighteen hours later three red lights hovering were seen over the Chicago Suburbs on September 30th, about 11 PM. The following night on October 1, 3005, they were seen again. They changed from red to green and back again. Similar lights were seen last year. Video and photographs to be looked at latter today. First report was noted as being seen at 11:23 PM on, at 11:30 PM and last after 1:30 AM

OAK FOREST -- Two red lights were dangling in the air swaying side to side slowly and looked just like stars disappeared after about ten minutes. They were occasionally blinking when one just disappeared the other went east until we no could no longer see it. My brother lives two miles away and he said the lights were directly above.

Last year aircraft on approach to O'Hara International Airport were diverted due to unidentified flying objects on radar southwest of the airport not far from this area. The Chicago Sun Times carried the story on October 2nd. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Michigan red lights and triangle

ANN ARBOR -- My Cousin and I were fishing on the Huron River on September 4, 2005, when I saw a very dim red-orange satellite moving slowly at high altitude from west to east. Two seconds later another satellite" appeared next to he first. The second one was the same color as the first, only slightly dimmer. Almost as soon as the second object appeared, it encircled the first, one time in a counter-clockwise direction, and then the two objects split up. The first, having changed its course only slightly, continued in an easterly direction. The second bolted south and disappeared.

Missouri fast moving triangle

ASHLAND -- Driving home from a friend’s house, I approached my exit into Ashland and saw three of four lights on the bottom of an object with a blinking red light near the middle. At first, I thought it was a fast flying plane as it flew across the sky and crossed from one side of the highway to the other. After crossing the highway, the object came to a stop and hovered over a field.

The object slowly lost altitude and as it passed, I saw a faint outline was triangular in shape. This object seemed to be moving faster, hovered, and flew much lower than the planes I normally see.

Nevada Dimly lighted chevron

RENO -- The witness saw an object on the northwest horizon that was delta or chevron shaped on September 29, 2005 at 4:07 AM. At first, I thought it was a dimly lit flock of geese, but realized it was moving extremely fast and actually had very dim lights. I am outside a lot between 0345-0410 PDT for my job and this was by the far the weirdest thing I have ever seen.
It was not bright, but appeared close and made no sound. I just happened to catch it because I was watching the weather balloon I had just launched. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Hampshire Disk

LACONIA -- I first noticed two small parallel vertical white lines hovering just beneath a cloud on September 19, 2005, at 2 PM.
I watched for twenty seconds what I thought was the back end of a plane, but as it moved, it appeared to change shape. Then I clearly saw a large silver-white disk, for fifteen seconds before it just disappeared without moving. I believe it was still hovering, but became invisible as the cloud next it was blown by the wind, decreasing its reflection ability. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Jersey alien in my wooded backyard.

COLLINGS LAKES -- I did not see a UFO, but and actual being, which I believe to be an alien on September 22, 2005. At 1:25 AM,. I only saw it for a couple of seconds. I was running back home to grab something for my husband, and a "thing" shuffled from one side of my house, to my garage, and back into the woods. He was only fifteen feet away from me. Mid-walk, he turned to look at me, and he looked like the so called "gray" alien. He was short, and I got the feeling of fear from it. It had a very wrinkled forehead, black eyes, with very small whites of his eyes showing. He seemed also to have wrinkles or bags in other places; and its head was large. His eyes were very large with a small and somewhat flared out nose. He was a gray or whitish color, as was his cloak/hooded robe that covered most of its body. He made a quiet sound and might have been trying to eat from my trash?

My brother said, “I saw the same creature, a little weird dude with a hood on out back" My family is quite scared, because we do not think it left because we keep hearing loud noises. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

SEASIDE PARK – We observed very bright orange lights over the ocean from the beach in Island Beach State Park at 9:30 PM, on September 22, 2005. They were like fireworks bursting to the east-southeast, about on-third up in the sky. There were no boats or ships below the lights or any evidence of a rocket from a boat. Lights would come on one, two, and then a group, looking like a rash or pimples. We saw them for about ten seconds, and then they reappeared in the same pattern for 30 to 45 seconds, and then twice more.

The remarkably bright lights might be rotating. After a final appearance of about fourteen seconds in a similar pattern, they disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New York teardrop

BROOKLYN -- I was watching television when I heard a gong or church bell at 11:45 PM, on September 20, 2005. It seemed too late for church bells, so I looked out my window and saw what I thought was a blimp. It was making a whining sound that was a cross between a quiet helicopter and blimp. It was flying lower than any plane and too small to be a blimp. I was watching from my high floor 10th Street building and realized it was too close and low to be blimp.

The UFO was a cross between a small blimp and some kind of "quiet" helicopter. It flew southwest over Prospect Park and Coney Island out to sea. I described it over the phone to 911, but they hung up on me. I called 311 and asked how to report a UFO. They said it was outside their jurisdiction. I called the FBI and they said to call the FAA, but I was unable get a working number. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Carolina are we alone?

High Point in Davidson County -- Jack Madison writes, “A Gallup poll shows that 72 percent of Americans believe there is life on other planets.” And one in five of us believe aliens have been in contact with human beings. Our own curiosity made us want to find out what evidence, if any, there is of alien spacecraft flying over North Carolina's skies. And why do people believe in, and explore, life from beyond. At a farm, in an undisclosed location, west of High Point in Davidson County, independent UFO researchers like Alan Caviness look to the sky, looking for signs of life. Life unlike anything we know. We sat down with Caviness to talk about his experiences.

"Earth has always been visited. We've never been alone. I think this is a gradual awakening that we're all in the middle of. And I believe I'm a part of that. And so are many other people."
Using digital cameras, Caviness takes pictures, hundreds of them, and video. He says the cameras pick up objects unseen to the naked eye. Caviness said, "We do know that our cameras can pick up in the near infrared part the light spectrum, which is beyond human visibility."

Caviness says some UFO's can be seen without high technology-if the aliens on board want you to see them. He and other believers in High Point say the space crafts only come here from the middle of March through early August. "These UFO's are conducting some kind of annual operations. We know that because we just don't see anything in the winter months when it's coldest. March 11, out of 400 photographs, we got six UFO's. So, we know that they're back."

In one account, Caviness and a companion saw two UFO's approaching. They took these pictures. Then, whatever it was gone. "We looked up, and they had to be right over our heads because they were approaching us, and there were just not visible. But they clearly showed up in the photos." Caviness does not just believe these unidentified flying objects are alien crafts, but that aliens are part of human life. He said, "There are a lot more people being abducted by these UFO's then you would ever dream."

People like Alan Caviness himself. "I know I've been abducted before." Once, he says, he heard a strange clicking noise in open air. On the way from his mailbox to his home, something happened. Caviness recounted, "I walked to my front door-about 30 feet over short grass-and I no longer had my house key, my car key, in my hand. I think I was taken and returned, minus my keys. These things are happening." After entering his home, he found a scar on his chest, a hole through his shirt. He claims, within hours, the scar was gone. snip Thanks to Jack Madison JMADISON@WWAYTV3.COM

Ohio 500 video tapes of UFOs

FOSTORIA – George Ritter recently took this video of a UFO over farm next door.

John E. Combest, Inspection Engineer who investigating Ritter's video images, “The attached sketch and notes addresses the mystery of why there are no lenticular disk-shaped craft evident in any of the over 550 frames examined to date - but it does not propose to have solved the mystery. The above images makes my point.

Unless there is some reason why all the disk-shaped craft in the area being photographed fly no higher than say 200 feet. altitude, there should be some views of disk-shaped craft at higher altitudes such as there seems to be of cylindrical, rectangular, and compact craft. If a disk is flying horizontally at low altitudes, then it would most likely be viewed edge-on, and would have the appearance commonly described as two pie-plates joined at their rims. But at increasingly higher altitudes of horizontal flight a disk-shaped craft when directly overhead would appear to be round. As it moves further away on a horizontal path, it would increasingly appear to be elliptical in shape with the elliptical shape becoming more and narrower as the craft moves away.

I have identified 100 original frames as appearing to be "small" to "medium" sized disk-shaped craft, but they all seem to be at relatively low altitude, and all appear to be viewed edge-on. Logic says there ought to be at least a few views in which a disk at some higher altitude plainly has an elliptical shape - but so far there are NONE. Further, with regard to what seems to be disk-shaped craft - they ALL seem to be moving within about 5-degrees of horizontal flight, and NONE of them seem to have the high angle with the Earth's surface that many of the other shape craft seem to exhibit on occasion - including a few that are 90-degrees to the ground plane. More about this topic later. Thanks to John E. Combest, Inspection Engineer

Oklahoma flying soup can

MIDWEST CITY -- I was traveling north on Sunny Lane Road at 1 PM, and noticed a very white high altitude object almost overhead on September 17, 2005. It looked like a soup can and was stationary but very high. I viewed it through both my windshield and the sunroof. Tinker Air Force Base is a couple miles away, but this was clearly not a jet.

It did not float, move, flicker or change direction. At a traffic signal I was able to watch it for at least a full minute. It was cylinder shaped and just hovering. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Pennsylvania black tubular object flying

BELLEFONTE –At 10:30 AM, on September 30, 2005, the witness saw a tubular shaped object that looked like a flying black telephone pole in length and size. It was flying across Penn State near the airport and towards New York with several low flying planes flying close to the object.

Several witnesses reported it to the local 911 center, and the airport confirmed that something was in the air, but was not concerned. Later a similar looking object appeared again and pictures were taken with a digital camera. Police were also notified. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington flying triangle

TACOMA --On September 18, 2005, at 6 PM, my wife, mother in law and myself witnessed an object in the sky over Tacoma, it was a V or triangular shape and appeared to be at an altitude well over 4000 feet. For ten minutes it did not change position. Then it flew off at a medium pace under 400 mph for several miles. It was much too high to be a helicopter and since it was hovering for several minutes, it was not a plane, My mother in law thought it was a kite, but the distance it covered was much further than would have been possible for a kite. It held its altitude as it flew from west to east. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Wisconsin oval disk

PELICAN LAKE – The witness reports seeing a bright white oval shaped craft orbiting for about three hours on September 4, 2005. The disc was extraordinary and seemed to multiply like a pearl necklace in an upward fashion every in a counter-clockwise rotation, as if there were several rounded crafts coming out of it, then it went back in kind of like a slinky.

The large discs were amazing and one emitted a beam of light and their size was about 3/4 the size of the moon. They were very large and extremely fast, much faster than any airplane. The craft seemed to be circling. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Australia flying triangle

QUEENSLAND, ATHERTON TABLELANDS -- Ross writes, “A picture taken October 8, 2005, of a UFO circling around me in a broad circle that was silent, with all three lights pulsing strongly,” At no time did I go over 16 degrees zoom, a fixed aperture of +6, fixed/manual focus and no night enhancement /vision was on. Thanks to Ross

Bolivia images captured on video

ORURO -- An UFO flew over the skies on early morning of October 8, 2005, for an hour. It was recorded by Gustavo Ponce about 1:30 AM. He saw a yellowish light in the sky that drew his attention. "It was very strange and shiny when he saw it through his binoculars so he took out my camcorder to videotape the UFO.” I zoomed toward the object, and it broke down into a shape resembling a jellyfish.” It was very strange."

La Patria visited Ponce's home to see the images attesting to the fact that the shining object broke down into a full circumference, adopting the shape of a jellyfish. Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU.

Canada UFOs spotted

St. John’s Newfoundland -- Bob Butler writes, “Recently, while taking pictures with my digital camera at Signal Hill, I shot some moving lights. This photo is taken from across the harbor earlier. I'm sending all the pictures to get your opinion on the last one more so than the first three since I feel that a pick up truck that turned around behind me is responsible for the strange red lights. The camera was its tri-pod, and I was between the truck and the camera. Somehow it appears the taillights caused the anomaly similar to the recent LA picture that shows motion. I took the photos with the camera on a tri-pod so the object must have been moving. The last one however was taken a year prior in midday, and if you zoom in on the orb in the sky, it is, for sure, unidentifiable. Thanks to

Mexico: security cameras record UFO

RAMOS ARIZPE, COAHUILA – The Vanguardia Newspaper reports, “A strange unidentified object that flew over the eastern part of this city on October 3, 2005, was recorded by the urban cameras of the Municipal Public Security's System. The 27-minute video was shown to the media by Homero Duran Flores, head of this government agency. "A phone call was received at 3 AM, from a citizen that lights that could be seen. The cameras were focused and picket up a perfectly visible disk," he explained. The image shown to the media clearly depicts a round object with a gray-colored ring and a black circle in its middle was rotating as it approached and withdrew.

We are startled by the magnitude of the object and the clarity of an object at altitude of one kilometer above the camera. Duran Flores said that the video, recorded between 03:07 and 03:34, is at the disposal of experts in the subject, since it is "without a doubt an important document, taking into consideration the clarity and sharpness of the images." The strange flying object startled witnesses by shifting shape says Prof. Ana Luisa Cid: "I believe, from my personal perspective, this video represents one the best items of UFO evidence in Mexico." Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, IHU.

Mongolia UFO over

ULAANBAATAR -- On September 30, 2005, I was going to Internet cafe by bus a twenty minute ride from my home. I'm very interested in astronomy and was watching the sky at 19:35 hours. That thing was flashing a high intensity light, on and off during the daylight. I observed very carefully it was also ejecting some kind of dim smoke.

After two minutes, the UFO disappeared. I was checking its trajectory, and suddenly the UFO appeared again, this time UFO ejecting light flares, and now the light was off.

It was huge disk colored silver and two minutes later the UFO started to blink its light and suddenly disappeared. I called the local airport and the military RADAR control tower and asked if any planes were currently landing? They said, No. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Zealand light

CHRISTCHURCH – A strange light was seen in the north skies at 8 PM, on September 21, 2005. I noticed what I thought was a star while talking on my phone. When I looked back up at it, I realized it had moved quite far away. Looking closely I realized it had an orb like glow around it and was moving! Its movement was up and down and side to side and it was too high to be a plane.

There was also a light on the object that showed occasionally, which indicated the craft might be spinning in the sky. Later on, I went to look at it again and it had disappeared. A week later, I saw about the same thing with a helicopter and airplane circling the area where the light was. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Truk Island, Pacific Disk Landings

Micronesia – During the last few weeks, there have been reports of UFO landings and stayed on ground for four hours. Shipping noticed craft landing near the shore. Most heavy sightings continue along ring of fire.

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