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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
November 30, 2005

George Filer:
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Pyramids and Civilization

This week's files cover: Senator Barry Goldwater was told UFO evidence existed in the Blue Room. Mars - Artificial Pyramid Construction, and Creation Was an Intelligent Project.

In addition, witnesses saw UFOs over California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and. Wisconsin. Many witnesses saw UFOs in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, many represent alien craft. The United States Air Force Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation.

Senator Barry Goldwater was told UFO evidence existed in the Blue Room

Senator Barry Goldwater (R Arizona) was defeated in his run for President by Lyndon Johnson. He was also a Brigadier General in the Air Force Reserve and a pilot.

He stated, "It is true that I was denied access to a facility at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, because I never got in. I can't tell you what was inside We both knew the rumors concerning a captured UFO and crew members. I have never seen what I would call a UFO, but I have intelligent friends who have." From a letter dated April 1979.

Senator Goldwater was told that physical evidence existed in the "Blue Room" at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. While visiting the base, he asked General LeMay if he could go inside the room. LeMay said, "Hell no, you can't go. I can't go, and don't ask me again."

Goldwater stated, "I recall the case in Franklin, Kentucky when four military planes investigated a UFO. One of them exploded in midair and no one knows why."

In an interview on the Larry King show, Goldwater stated, "I certainly believe in aliens in space. They may not look like us, but I have very strong feelings that they have advanced beyond our mental capabilities. I think some highly secret government UFO investigations are going on that we don't know about-and probably never will unless the Air Force discloses them."

Mars -- Pyramids and Civilization

The Great Pyramid at Giza Egypt is the largest stone building ever constructed on Earth. No one denies that an ancient civilization built it at least 4000 years ago. The most amazing feature of the Great Pyramid is its location outside Cairo which means Mars in Egyptian. With satellites modern man has been able to determine that the Great Pyramid is located at the center of the land mass of Earth. We must assume the builders had advanced science and geography data and knew the size and shape of the continents on a global scale. The basic dimensions of the Pyramid also include measurements of the size and shape of the Earth.

According to William Fix, "Three key precision measurements of the Earth are incorporated into the Great Pyramid. First, the perimeter equals half a degree of equatorial latitude. Second, the perimeter of the sockets equals a half minute of equatorial longitude, or 1/43,200 of the Earth’s circumference. Third, the height of the Pyramid, including the platform, equals 1/43,200 of the Earth’s polar radius. Fourth, it is located at the geographical apex of the delta of the Nile River. Fifth, its four sides are aligned exactly with the cardinal points of the compass, with such precision that could not have been accounted for by a primitive agrarian society.

These are well founded objective data. They constitute the first conclusive evidence of a scientific civilization as high as our own in deep antiquity. There is a worldwide prehistoric pattern directly contradicting the idea that man evolved from semi-barbarism in the last 8000 years. It shows instead that scientific, artistic and engineering accomplishments are often greater, the further back in time we go. All other pyramids may be copies. (Pyramid Odyssey WM. R.Fix)

We are told the Great Pyramid was built by Egyptians in the period 2500 to 2000 B.C.---using a hundred thousand men working for twenty to thirty years with primitive tools made of copper. Engineers and builders have started to question the Egyptologists explanation of how the pyramids were actually built mainly because the primitive tools could not have cut the stone as suggested. We are told huge ramps were built and raised for each level of building stones weighing as much as 70 tons –as much as a locomotive. The base stones weigh as much as 300 tons.

The conventional academic thinking regarding prehistoric society is apparently wrong or misunderstood. I have visited several pyramids and their is little evidence that Pharaohs had been buried within the Pyramids. They seem to have had another purpose. Builders of the Pyramid had knowledge only reached today by our advanced civilization.

Some experts claim the design of the Great Pyramid and two joining pyramids suggest it is much older than assumed, based on its alignment with the Constellation Orion. It is apparent that both Mars and the Earth were bombarded by meteorites and the Pyramids would provide excellent protection against smaller meteorites.

Aerial View of Pyramids at Giza

The Giza Great Pyramid is 483 feet high and houses seventy-ton pieces of stone lifted to a level of 481 feet. Moving granite of this weight today with the most modern cranes would be difficult. Primitive methods even with the use of thousands of people do not appear capable of meeting the narrow building requirements. The entire pyramid was once covered with white casing limestone weighing 16 tons each that glistened in the sunlight. The stones were cut to within 1/100 of an inch of mathematical perfection. With the primitive copper tools available to the Egyptians, it would have been very difficult to precisely cut the stones to fit and place them into position. There are three pyramids at Giza, each of which once had an adjoining mortuary temple.

One part of the mystery is why build the Great Pyramid in shape and size similar to those found on Mars. In addition, in ancient time the Sphinx was painted red and pointed east toward the rising Red Planet. Egyptologists explain the Great Pyramid was built to house the body of King Khufu, also known as Cheops, that hieroglyphics and technological advancements came from the Gods. Perhaps the chief inspector and priest of the pyramids, had knowledge of the Pyramids on Mars. Both sets of Pyramids contain mathematical data that is too complicated to be caused by chance. There are too many similarities to be sheer coincidence.

California Silver colored Sphere Shaped

CHATSWORTH –At 4 PM, on November 13, 2005. I walked outside in my backyard and as I usually do, I looked up and saw a silver colored sphere shaped object. I looked very hard to see if I could make out the shape of an airplane. Well it was not an airplane, so I just kept my eyes on it to see where it was headed. It traveled in a south westerly direction. I'm not good about measuring height, so I think it must have been at least a thousand feet or maybe more. It traveled in a straight line and didn't change direction at all. The other thing I noticed was some kind of streamer like thing hanging under it and moving in the wind. I then thought maybe it was a balloon with a ribbon on it, but it would have been to high for me to see a thin ribbon at that height. I followed it until it passed over my house, then ran out to the front to see if I was able to still see it. It was gone. I looked and checked out the sky, but it was gone. Thanks to Brian Vike

NAPA – On November 15, 2005, at 8:35 p.m., my friends and I were driving down Highway 80 trying to get to the mall. I stopped at a red light and saw triangle shapes in the sky but I did not tell any one because I wanted to get the description. First I saw one triangle shape with three bright lights. Then my friend turned left and I saw it again 5 minutes later. If you have any questions please e-mail me.

SAN MARCOS -- I received a new pair of German binoculars and put them to good use on little breaks on November 1, 2005. I had two sightings. One at a great distance of a dark object that maneuvered in a random way and disappeared. The second was closer and was a drifting saucer shape, bright, at quite a height and distance. I watched it drifting against the direction of the clouds movements for a minute, then attempted to increase my focus to higher power, and lost it. Chemtrail sprayings in the past two days may have a relationship to sightings.

These were daylight sightings and took no more than maybe 10 minutes of looking. Observation of visible shape in daylight is far more definitive than "lights" in the sky. All a person has to do is look up! The binocular is the best tool so far to have a sighting without any doubt. Thanks to Brian Vike

Colorado – Strange Huge Orbs

LYONS -- Jim Bradshaw writes, "He saw an object come up out of the trees and rise to the level of the Moon, while taking pictures to the East.. The orb seemed to be about a mile away and was much larger than the Moon shown to the left of the light. He was using two 35 MM Pentex Cameras. The Pentex Camera program Plus was on a tripod, and the VXM 35 mm Pentex with 800 ASA Film was mounted on a telescope. The close up was taken through O' Ryan Refractor 120 mm telescope.

Florida – Sightings Continue

NAVARRE – Brian Vike has spoken and received to and received a number of emails from residents who reside in Navarre, Florida. These folks/eyewitnesses have observed some strange lights moving slowly through the sky at a low altitude. The lights varied in colors. Some footage has come into me here and it is rather interesting. I also have been speaking to a reporter for the Navarre Press, a weekly newspaper serving southern Santa Rosa County in Florida and they have told me they know of a number of other eyewitnesses to the sighting. Plus from my searching I have heard of a "great" number of other eyewitnesses to this unusual event. Until it can be solved, it will remain unknown at this time. So I am requesting if anyone has seen the lights on November 7, 2005 at between 630 and 7:00 p.m., would you please be kind enough to contact me here at HBCC UFO Research.

Illinois - Triangular Shaped Craft

MURPHYSBORO LAKE -- Six witnesses in August 1994, saw 1, 2 or 3 objects, depending on if they could morph or camouflage their appearance.

Coming home from fishing my five friends and I saw very large pyramidal type black ship between 8 and 9 PM. At first, we saw a strange "star" that seemed to be shadowing us and was hovering over a field in the east 250 feet off the ground, 150 yards away. The object was spherical, pulsating, orange, yellow, and gold and keeping pace with us.

We made a right turn at a "T" in the road to try to cut off the pulsating light. The light turned right exactly when we did and maintained an exact parallel course to us and then became brighter and flew right over our heads ever so silently. We stopped the car and only 100 yards away in the forest was a large pyramidal structure hovering in the dense 100 year old oak and hickory trees. The forest was dense but the object was not. There was a silver strobe light at the apex of this pyramid flashing at a quick rate and lighting up the entire forest. My friend says, "Lets go meet the aliens." We thought about it and decided we should leave since the pyramid craft was the size of a large house or more.

We raced off to John's place, to talk with him and his friend about the UFO. Six of us were standing by his pond facing when an object flew toward us. The ship was a triangular shaped craft when viewed from the underside as it floated silently with three amber, yellow colored lights on the corners. There was one large circular bluish white light in the center of the underside, which cast light directly down in a tube. There was a search light scanning the area and lighting up the surrounding trees. The craft came to a pause directly above us at about 75 feet, and was completely silent and almost the size of a football field. Looking up the side of the craft, it ascended to a peak about 75-100 feet above the base of the craft. I knew there were "people" of some kind in that craft. There was a red light zinging around the dark metal triangular pyramid. It is my opinion that this ship can somehow shift, or phase from place to place and can exist in the same place at different times.

The craft hovered above us and changed my life forever. Thanks to Brian Vike .

Nevada – Spinning Tops

LAS VEGAS – Scott writes, 'I know what the black triangles are. Or maybe I should say I have seen them from a better vantage point. I see them all the time as a matter of fact. They are not triangles. They are rounded actually and resemble cones, or spinning tops. Sometimes they appear as diamonds. Night time is when they are most active so when their lights are on they are triangles, meaning what I see is a triangle just like others. These are fourth dimensional craft and a lot of what they do is flat out indescribable unless you see them like I do. I have hundreds of photos of these craft but I rarely send them to anyone anymore. See my enclosed photo of what I'm talking about. Thanks to Scott.Nevada More Unknown Object Witnessed

LAS VEGAS --Around 3:00 PM, the witness viewed two parallel double vertical silver spheres that had a blue tinge on November 12, 2005. They stayed the same distance apart (parallel) the whole time as they moved over head. Two minutes later double vertical spheres appeared , one was gold that moved slowly overhead. Then, five minutes later the two parallel double spheres reappeared exactly the same. They also moved slowly overhead and stayed parallel to each other, with a blue twinge in color. It does not matter what kind of air traffic, the sightings continue. The only thing that seems to stop them is a complete cloud cover.

Thanks to Brian Vike .

New Mexico Triangle & Multiple Shapes

SOUTH ESPANOLA -- The dogs were barking at my house on November 20, 2005, so I looked out of my window and saw a very bright light. My cousin and I went outside and saw the object moving like no aircraft I've ever seen. I, then, decided to get my video camera and record it. We recorded for awhile, then decided to get a flash light and try to signal it. I was just messing around and it started to blink back at me. It would also appear to go far, far away then come back really fast. I recorded through out the night getting some very bizarre footage. Lot's of lights making different shapes. At times blinking red and blue colors. We watched from 11:30 PM to 4 PM. Thanks to Brian Vike .

North Carolina - Object Bathed in Light

BURLINGTON – On November 13, 2005, two witnesses saw an object move across the sky toward the horizon at incredible speed at about 9 PM. It was going too fast to have been an airplane and I've never seen a shooting star cover that much sky at full brilliance before disappearing. While I couldn't make out an actual craft, we both saw it and it didn't leave a trail behind it as a shooting star would. It moved too fast to be mistaken for fallen debris. Thanks to Brian Vike .

New York State UFOs

FINGER LAKES REGION – Brian Vike has heard from numerous folks who have personally witnessed very unusual crafts, lights, circles in some of the fields in the Finger Lakes Region. Thank you, Brian - Director HBCC UFO

A possible abductee writes,"Most recently, I have seen strange things here over Seneca Lake. I moved here about four months ago, and I believe that there is a fair amount of activity here. I have witnessed multi colored flashing craft that I saw from my front yard. I watched it for well over 40 minutes, it was hovering over the national forest. This was the first week in November 2005.

The other sighting here was my first week in my new house. I was standing in my front yard with a friend, and he pointed straight up into the sky. What I say was cigar shaped, and very large. It seemed low, but I heard no noise. It was moving north, the bottom of it had white lights all around it. We watched it until we could no longer see it.

I was asleep one night and woke up, laying still, I looked around to see what awakened me. I felt nervous, my daughter was asleep in her room, and I didn't want to get up. All of a sudden, there was a very bright light coming in from my kitchen door window. It seemed to flood the house. The light moved, from that window around the house to the windows over the sink, until it was pouring in every window. I told my mother about it, and she told me that as far back as she could remember, her mom (my grandmother) used to sit in their farmhouse living-room (atop a very high hill) and watch the sky for "the lights".

What else, the scarier things. About 6 years ago, I lived in Cape Coral, Florida. I was asleep in my house that I shared with my boyfriend there. I woke up abruptly to him on top of me. Long story short, his voice wasn't his. He kept saying "do not fight" and trying to have intercourse with me. I finally was able to push him off me, and he rolled over apparently asleep. Obviously, I was very disturbed.

The next morning, a co-worker came in and asked us if we has seen the "lights". There were numerous sightings over the canals where we lived and it was all over the radio news that morning. Thanks to Brian Vike

OHIO - Sightings

SOUTH WEBSTER -- Dave writes,"What did the Native Americans say when they saw the Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock? "Oh no, more illegal immigrants!!" I have seen those triangles escorted by what looked like DC-10's flying toward Wright Pat AFB. They are silent and with odd lighting. The chemtrail jets have red, white and blue strobes and fly sometimes 6 at a time; at least I count that many while looking up at night. Very patriotic; and sociopathic. Sociopatriot. Thanks to Dave

FOSTORIA -- George Ritter sends this strange shot of a UFO taken with his video camera on October 15. The object is moving at high speed causing the blurring on the photo taken from the video.

Tennessee - Sky Blackened by Craft

HAMBLEN COUNTY -- A truck driver reports that at 1:35 AM, he was proceeding northeast on Interstate 81 under a star filled sky on November 5, 2005. As he drove he noted that there was an area ahead in the sky strangely devoid of stars. He stopped and exited his truck and saw two separate areas of the sky devoid of stars. The two were triangular in shape and moving slowly west. He states, "I watched the objects move steadily, slowly, silently, as the stars disappeared and reappeared. After some 15 minutes, he had to leave the area and continue with his work. Thanks to Kim Shaffer, State Director for Eastern Tennessee,

BRISTOL -- Do you believe in UFO's? If so, you're not alone. Many people in Middle Tennessee say they've seen them and one man is making it his business to find out just what those UFO's are. Maybe you've seen lights and objects in the sky you can't identify. But if you tell Kim Shaffer about it, he won't laugh. He'll want to hear every detail so he can make an accurate record of it. As head of Tennessee's Mutual UFO Network, he says he's seen the mysterious objects. "I don't obsess over it. It's just a fact of life that we saw something we can't explain," he says. He and his son shot video of a flying object spinning and tumbling over their Bristol, Tennessee, home in 2003. Kim is a Navy veteran that has seen lots of conventional aircraft, and he says this wasn't one of them.

"It was actually the most perfect thing I've ever seen. And to explain it, I can't," he says. "It defied laws of Physics, it defied laws of flight. It was powered. What it was, I can't say." As head of the UFO Network, he doesn't necessarily believe in aliens. But he says UFOs are worth studying and they've been with us for thousands of years. "I think Ezekiel saw a UFO, for lack of a better term. It was a flying object, and it was unidentified," says Shaffer. "The accounts of UFO sightings really seemed to start taking off in the 1940's. They've been seen at night, and in broad daylight, and many of the sightings happened right here in Tennessee."

There reports of UFO's stretch the entire state from Dandridge, to Paris, Lakewood, Gallatin, Franklin, and in Bristol. Many of the reports Shaffer receives involve the so-called black triangles. In fact, a friend of his had a recent encounter with one which he claims left him terrified and physically scarred. Was it ETs or a military experiment? Shaffer doesn't know, but believes the answers lie in the evidence. Right now, he wants all the evidence he can get. "When we take a piece of video footage, for example, and we have it analyzed by the best of the best optical physicists in the country. They can't identify what these things are," said Shaffer. Appalachian UFO Research Center Thanks to Kim Shaffer

Virginia – Glowing Golden Object

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Report from a VDOT employee who stated that he was proceeding north on I-81 around 10 PM, about June 10, 2005, when a glowing golden round object descended ahead of him on the interstate and paced his car for a few seconds. Three persons were in the car, all having seen this object. After a few seconds, the object sped away ahead of them, disappearing from sight. Thanks to Kim Shaffer

Washington Flashing Lights

SEATTLE -- It was a clear night and the moon was almost full and bright on November 16, 2005, at 11:55 PM, when we saw intermittent flashing red, white, and blue lights. It remained motionless for about 15 minutes.

It clearly was not an airplane or helicopter. I took out my binoculars and watched it for the duration. Thank you to the witness for the report. Thanks to Brian Vike .

Wisconsin - Small Drops From Object

FREDERIC – On November 03, 2005, at around 3 AM, I woke up on the floor in front of television. I turned off the T. V. and rolled over and was looking at the sky out the patio door. I noticed this small white light that seemed to come out of what looked to be a star. The light did not move at the speed that a falling star or meteor would have. It seemed to kind of float down slowly until it disappeared behind the ridge of the valley we live in. I did wake up the wife when I started hollering look, look, wow look. .

Argentina: Circular UFO Presence

NECOCHEA -- Inexplicata editor Guillermo D. Gimenez reports at 11:40 PM, on Sunday, November 20, 2005, a large multicolored object was seen over the seacoast in the extreme southeastern corner of the Province of Buenos Aires. Numerous eyewitnesses saw the maneuvers of a large circular object over the sea and heading south. The object issued a variety of lights colored blue, red, yellow and white without making any noise

Eight workers in Necochea's breakwater saw the object's maneuvers and said, "All of us were exhilarated as we worked at the tip of the breakwater - we could see the object, which emitted multicolored lights over the sea. Finally, after several minutes of observations, it lost itself heading toward Punta Negra in the darkness of the night." Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).

Australia - Flying Triangle

QUEENSLAND -- Ross writes," This picture was taken recently that appears to be a flying triangle. It headed east where it "blinked out." This is another regular visitor over my home in North Queensland, where we see this at least once a month. It moves at times with great speed, while at other times it moves so slowly that any aircraft would stall out of the sky. Whatever velocity it travels, it creates no sound. Thanks to Ross

Canada -- Beam Moved in Intervals

SCARSBOUGH – Paul Shishis writes, "On Thursday, November 24, 2005, at exactly 9:30 AM, at our work parking lot, I watched a large plane flying southeast but there was something else 1500 feet below the plane." This whitish object flew straight south at about 150 mph+. I watched it for about 15-20 seconds and then, lost sight of this round white object. Later, at about 10:15 AM, the roll-up dock door opened suddenly, and then shut back down by itself. Another UFO was sighted at 3:25 PM, above Lake Ontario. I called a truck driver over and he also saw the object, but saw it as a light. I, then, snapped some pictures, before the clouds moved in to screen the object after 5 minutes.

About 20 minutes later, as the clouds moved on, we spotted the object, more of a westerly position. I than collected two co-workers and took the picture attached in this report. You can see the white dot, below the bird in flight in the left side of the photo and above the top hydro line. Keep up the good work. Thanks to Paul Shishis

FALKLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Five years ago I saw what had looked like a spotlight but the beam seemed to move in intervals. It was out in the mountains and seemed to be going up. I remember it being there for a long time (10-15 min) and going away when my mother came, then suddenly re-appearing a few minutes after she left for about another 5 min. or so. I do not remember seeing a source at all but light seemed to go nowhere, almost stopping in the air into darkness. It was two feet in diameter and the spotlight stayed in parallel lines and pulsed towards the sky. Thanks to Brian Vike .

Mexico –Intense Object

In the early hours of September 18, 2005, I saw from my window a very intense object that appeared to spin on its own axis, emitting strong multicolored flashes. Upon looking at it through binoculars, I noticed its peculiar shape and special characteristics. The element featured on its upper section drew my attention.

It is relevant to note that when I began recording, I noticed how small red spheres were emitted from this large object. At some distance from it, there was another large structure, cylindrical in shape and white in color, that could be seen unaided. Unfortunately and inexplicably, my video camera behaved erratically, damaging the first tape I employed.

Even with this setbacks, it was possible to record this sighting for nearly a minute, while electrical current fluctuations became apparent. I do not know if it was mere coincidence or if this luminous object caused changes in the utilities.

U. K. - Large Diamond Shaped Object

LEICESTER -- On November 8, 2005, at 22:20 hours a low flying circle of lights was seen below the cloud level. It was large, round, covered in lights but made no noise as it moved about the same speed as a plane. It was a very clear sighting of a round object probably twice the size of a passenger plane, but covered in lights mainly white with the odd red, green, and blue lights but comparatively few colored lights. It made no noise.

Eye Village Near Peterborough - This morning while checking the overnight CCTV footage for my home, I came across a strange sequence of two orbs moving across the top edge of the screen and then rising vertically out of view. At first, I thought it was the reflection of headlights from a neighbor's car as they went to work at 06:27 AM, on November 2, 2005, but when I checked the other three cameras there was no evidence of any vehicles. Checking previous video archives, there has been no other time where anything like this can be seen.

My location makes it easy to see anyone coming or going as there is only one way in and out, the single track road leads to a road which goes through the village about 400 yards away. Footage can be viewed at:

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