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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
December 14, 2005

George Filer:
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Merry Christmas to All

This week's files cover: Mars - Artificial Pyramid Construction, and Sumerians had knowledge of Solar System, Roswell Letter and Lights on the Moon.

In addition, witnesses saw UFOs over Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas. Many witnesses saw UFOs in Canada, Israel, Puerto Rico and United Kingdom. Photo of disc is courtesy of David Twitchell.

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, many represent alien craft. The United States Air Force Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation.

Artificial Pyramids on Mars

There are artificial pyramids on Mars similar but generally much larger and older than those on Earth. Even if you assume a much older age for the estimated 4500 year old Great Pyramid at Cheops, Egypt based on astronomical alignment with Orion, it could be an estimated 10,000 years old. There appears to be a connection between the pyramids on Earth and on Mars. These similarities could be coincidences but it is more likely visitors from Mars came to Earth and taught the art of pyramid building.

The pyramids on both Mars and Earth have unifying mathematical themes. They contain values of pi, phi, e, and t values. For example, pi value is incorporated into the base-to- height ratio of the Great Pyramid (1,760 to 280 cubits = 2 pi). It's slope angle of 51 degrees 51 minutes 40 second. The cosine of the angel is 0.6179, or equals the golden phi ratio of 1:1.618.

It is more than a coincidence that the pyramids are viewed by both ancient Egyptians and Mexicans as gateways to the stars. In both places the ancient peoples had an extraordinary interest in the planet Mars. Both the Great Pyramid and the Mexican pyramid at Palenque were painted in part red and aligned with the rising of Mars.

Some claim that the pyramids on Mars are just mountains, with the pyramidal shape created by wind erosion. Prevailing winds are not likely to have shifted periodically with perfect symmetry. NASA also unsuccessfully attempted to produce the pyramid shape in a wind tunnel. They found an airflow can cut a flat surface, but the reversed airflow and associated surface-level turbulence would prevent formation of a perfect pyramid proving that the pyramids on Mars are not natural formations. In addition, most of the pyramids are perfectly aligned with the cardinal directions.

Norman Bryden writes, "Take a look at this image of this step pyramid like object on Mars that looks like it was intelligently constructed." You need to enlarge the original best quality image from the links below 4-500% and then break it into sections to get the best resolution. The full image has many structures and areas of interest. I looked at the specification page and the full image is about 3 kilometers across from side to side. That would make the first section below somewhere around three quarters of a mile across.

This NASA/JPL image is enlarged and colored.

The light markings are three dimensional objects that look like tubes and travel ways. They go up and over and down and under each other. There are bridges and tunnels as well. Some structures straddle the road-like tubes. I have been enlarging sections and there are what look like mounds with tunnels and ramps that look like aesthetically pleasing landscaping. The markings are not random and you can follow the tubes across the full image. I have adjusted the brightness and contrast a bit to help see the structures. In this enlarged section below I have outlined the steps of the pyramid structure in the center of the image. There is a fantastic network of travel ways and structures that can be seen better when the full image is enlarged. Link to NASA Image: Link to Specification Page: 1.72°W 71.70°S image centers, Scaled pixel width: 2.91 meters Below is the Step Pyramid built by Djoser 46 centuries ago that appears similar to one on Mars

Editor's Note: The National Geographic book Ancient Egypt makes some interesting statements in Pyramids: Building for Eternity by I.E.S. Edwards. "The ancient Greeks numbered them among the Seven-wonders of the World. Early Christians tradition identified them as Joseph's granaries, built according to the book of Genesis, in preparation for the seven years of famine. Arab historians linked them with the Biblical flood suggesting that the written wisdom of mankind, found refuge in the imperishable pyramids of Egypt."

"Some say that such colossal structures could not have been built with the simple tools of ancient Egypt; the builders must have levitated the huge stones into place by magic, or watched in awe as visitors from outer space lent skills that our scientists have yet to discover. But to Egyptologists there are not mysteries about these great structures, only questions we can not answer" Page 73.

King Amunemhet (12th Dynasty Ruler of Egypt) "He sees the Lord of the Horizon sailing in his boat over the sky."

The Eye of God for its capstone, a 13 course pyramid defies the ages on the Great Seal of the United States—whose citizens may not notice the pyramid in their pockets on every dollar bill. The Hieroglyphic inscription on the right below the protecting wing tips of Hours on the pyramid capstone King Amunemhet says "May he be given eternal life" Thanks to National Geographic and Norman Bryden.

Sumerians Had Knowledge of Planets

Voyager Two, a U.S. interstellar probe launched in 1977, began sending to Earth the first close-ups of planet Neptune in August of 1986. Scientists at a laboratory of jet propulsion in Pasadena, California, found a lot of amazing data while studying the pictures. First, a color scheme of Neptune surprised the researchers because it was bright blue with a few spots of white clouds. Second, a wide inclination angle of the rotation axis of the planet, which indicated a strong magnetic field, ample resources of internal heat, and a liquid core. Voyager enabled us to take a closer look and observe the most distant planets of our solar system?

Zechariah Sitchin believes that data from Voyager merely confirms his predictions first published in 1976, a book titled The Twelfth Planet. Sitchin believes that data obtained by the probe agree with the writings of the ancient Sumerians, the writings made 6,000 years ago. The civilization of the Sumerians emerged in Mesopotamia (now a part of Iraq) around 4000 B.C. According to Sitchin, the Sumerians invented a wheel, a furnace for roasting earthenware, and an irrigation system. They used cuneiform writing for putting down their discoveries on clay tablets, statuettes and stone cylinders with mirror engravings of the symbols and drawings. Positive images were produced by rolling the cylinders over the soft clay.

Sitchin had been studying the Sumerian civilization for more than 30 years. One day he found a rare stone cylinder in a museum of West Berlin. Apart from the image of a god giving a plow to humankind, the cylinder also had a startling chart of the heavens showing the planets with the Sun in the center. In total, the chart contained 12 planets, the Sun and Moon inclusive.

The researcher was astounded when he saw the image of Uranus transmitted by Voyager Two in the January of 1986. The Sumerian description of the planet - mash.sig - meaning "bright greenish"- almost matched the greenish blue picture of Uranus on his TV screen. The Sumerian regarded Uranus as Neptune's twin brother. Not unlike Uranus, Neptune's color is bright blue, the planet has a strong magnetic field, a hot semi-liquid core and plenty of water.

According to Sitchin, the Sumerians received secret tips from the aliens who the planet Nibiru, the twelfth planet sitting between Jupiter and Mars on that Berlin cylinder. The aliens allegedly visited Earth repeatedly every 3000 years. Thanks to

Sumerian glass dish similar to many UFO disk reports made in 1400 BC courtesy of Corning Glass Museum

Alabama – Flying Triangle

ASHVILLE -- I was driving on Highway 11, on a Wednesday night (on or about Nov 15, 2005) around 7:00 PM. I was noticing a light in the sky that appeared to be possibly Mars or Venus, as they are visible this time of year. As I looked, it seemed to be moving slowly. I looked up again, a few seconds after I noticed the very bright lights. There are sometimes military helicopter operations since we are close to a military base. It seemed to be moving closer as I was driving. and suddenly it was practically above me. I looked up and saw it, then at the road, a few seconds later it seemed to be very high in the sky, higher than it was just seconds earlier.

A few days later, I saw it again, about 20 miles away from where I saw it the first time. I was on Highway 11 between Steele and Ashville and it moved towards us and we drove directly under it. It was triangular with very bright lights around the perimeter of the craft. It disappeared moments later. I saw it every night for the next couple of weeks but have not seen it for at least a week.

I think there is the possibility that it could be a military craft. Thanks to MUFON

Arizona - Alien Ship Landed In Mountains

CASA GRANDE -- The witnesses viewed a saucer that landed in the mountains and took off again on December 8, 2001. The saucer was the size of an aspirin at arm's length with tan or beige exterior lights that flashed sequentially. One witness was using his cell phone at 10:04 AM, and said the devise changed station and became heated. One witness is 68, one is a 45 year old educator, and the last was a 16 year-old male. They saw a transparent dome on the top of the craft. There was transparent or invisible barrier around it. The exterior lights flashed and an emission trail was seen. There was a pulsating sound as the craft landed and took off after one minute.

California – Strange Craft Seen

LA HABRA HEIGHTS -- On December 5, 2005, in the foothills at sunset, I witnessed a cigar shaped object fly over my home. The object was long, brown or black and was followed by a military helicopter, circled a few times and had its spotlight on my house. The object grew larger then reduced its size to a small ball of colored light. The whole episode lasted about 15 minutes.

On November 28, in the same area, a white ball of light appeared in the south/east night sky, stayed there for a bout 20 seconds, and then darted across the night sky. Right after that a bright object appeared, stayed motionless for a moment then flew toward the San Gabriel Mountains. Three minutes later, there was another bright flash as the object appeared over Catalina Island and then sped off following the first object. Was this some type of "UFO" cat-n-mouse game? One thing for sure the activity over north Orange County this fall has been heavy and my friends and I have seen some beautiful and amazing things.

I looked west and spotted a jet that was near what looked to be a small orange dim star but it was moving along with the nearby jet (roughly 1/2 an inch away. The "star" had pulled to roughly an inch away from the jet and was heading directly towards us, traveling due east. I called out to my husband and he and my father-in-law came outside to watch as the craft flew above us at a relatively low altitude. The jet was about 5 inches behind the craft and we could hear the rumble of its engines and clearly see a contrail. The craft that it was chasing was completely silent and had no contrail. They were low enough that we could make out a dark underbody for the first craft.

All we could say was "oh my God." It had a dim orange colored light towards the front with a second dimmer white light towards the middle. I could see what appeared to be a whitish light at the rear of the craft. We could make out a dim outline of the ship itself and it seemed to be narrower towards the front with a much wider back. It was completely silent as it passed over and its lights were much dimmer than the flashing lights of the jet chasing it. We watched it as both passed over our roof. The last time I saw it, it was roughly 8 inches ahead of the jet and then we couldn't see anything but the jet still following. We were all excited but scared, too. Thanks to MUFON

THOUSAND OAKS --A friend and I were shooting some hoops at a park on November 21, 2005. It was dusk and we were just playing around, having fun at 5:27 p.m. I took a shot and looking up to watch the ball, a triangular shape shot across the sky. My friend also saw it but it only lasted for about a second. It was very high up at around the height of a plane's cruising altitude, I would guess. I saw 3 lights, a bright orange at the top or direction it was flying and 2 neon green lights behind on each side. About 7 or 8 minutes later another darted in the same area. It could not have been a plane judging by its great speed.Thanks to Brian Vike .

Florida - Saucer Over 300 Feet

JACKSONVILLE -- The witness reports, "I was standing in a parking lot with six other friends talking and just hanging out. The objects all came together and moved in a formation like 2-3-4-3-2 on June 5, 1968. They moved from the east to west until they were directly above us. Then, they started moving in a figure eight or dog fighting motions. They, then, came back together into the same formation, moved west to east and then flew in all directions. My friends decided to leave.

As I watched, I noticed a light moving west that became brighter until I saw a large black and white bull's-eye target. The next moment a blue white saucer flew over at 20 to 100 feet altitude and I was standing there with a bleeding nose and an hour difference in time for it now was 10:45 PM,. One friend came to me and told me he had been there looking for me earlier and couldn't find me. I explained to him that I had not gone anywhere, and then he noticed my bleeding nose. I have no memory of the lost time or the object after seeing the bull's-eye. Thanks to Jack

Kentucky – Moving Lights

On December 10, 2005, I was at a friend's house hanging out when the owner said, "He and other people had seen a UFO, so we went out side and looked and it was there. He said it never appears in the same spot and increases and decreases in intensity and changes colors. It flew high and low and left to right. It looked like a street lamp, but started to move and flew close. Three of us were watching and began to feel uncomfortable. As soon as we said that, a bright ball of light shot over the hill below the original light making a very loud sound. We saw three more of these lights throughout the night. We never fully lost sight of the object until we got in a car and started to drive toward it. Thanks to MUFON

Nevada Photos

LAS VEGAS -- Scott writes, "I took these photos at the beginning of December. The first images of the glowing golden craft were taken from my job at 5 PM. The other images were taken around the 5th.

A jolly green helicopter that has been buzzing over the top of my jobsite every day for a week. There are no military bases near Summerlin. Of course I think there is an underground base at I-215 and Summerlin Parkway, but that's just me. It's strange to see helicopter jolly greens appear out of nowhere.

New Jersey – Fast moving Object

MAPLE SHADE – Tom Madden phoned to say, he saw a fast moving object flying towards Philadelphia; saw it for about three or four seconds on December 9, 2005, at from 10:15 to 10:20 PM. It flew faster than any thing he has ever seen with no trajectory at very low altitude. The object appeared over the Cherry Hill area, and he saw other aircraft in the normal landing pattern to Philadelphia airport. It was much larger than commercial jets also flying at the same time. The object did not look metallic but was the largest object in the sky. He does not feel it was a meteor or shooting star. No arc with nothing falling. Thanks to Tom Madden.

New Mexico The Roswell Briefing

Brian Vike of HBCC UFO Research has been speaking with a Lt. Col, USAF (Ret) who was a F-111 pilot with the 27th Tactical Fighter Wing stationed at Cannon AFB near Clovis, New Mexico from 1973 to August 1977.

He sent a letter stating he was one of 48 officers who received the "Roswell Briefing" in June of 1976 at the base. The Lt. Col. writes, "The Roswell Briefing" which I penned in the mid 1990s, was less than 5 minutes in duration.? Most of the information has been well documented in volumes of Roswell lore by the likes of Randle, Schmitt, Friedman, etc.

The lone exception perhaps is that the briefing officer mentioned the probable cause of the craft's demise as determined by the USAF Accident Investigation Team . If there is anything significant about all this, it's simply that a USAF intelligence officer, briefing from an official government documents, disclosed to a group of military aircrew members details of an event which officially never happened. The squadron was de-activated and the young intelligence officer left active duty reportedly to accept a position with an intelligence agency at a higher level.

The Roswell Briefing was conducted in June 1976 and it was a full 20 years before I jotted down my recollections? Senator Goldwater subsequently confirmed on a morning talk show that he did try to gain access to the now famous Hanger 18. As far as I'm concerned, that alone was enough for me to dispel any doubt about the authenticity of the briefing officer's material.?

The two text images can be viewed at: Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Texas Flying Triangle

TEXARKANA --Last night on November 7, 2005, I dropped off my girlfriend by the store and pulled into my parents back driveway and was sitting there for an hour before I noticed a real bright light. I watched the glow for a couple of minutes and went back to listening to the radio and drinking my beer. About 25 minutes later, the glow went totally black, and at the same time my neighbors security lights went out. The lights stayed off for about two minutes, then popped back on as the glowing object also popped on at the same time. It then began to move sideways very slow untill it was out of my view behind some trees. I got out of my car to watch and it changed direction and glided damn near over my house. It had a triangular shape with rounded edges, with huge windows at the top half of the craft. There was a red light under the craft but it was not flashing like a normal aircraft. It was the size of a hospital. I have been in the military and grew up near an air force base and this wasn't anything that I have seen before.

GOES Satellite Catches White Dots

Harold Carver writes, "Do you know what all the bright dots are on this image? If they are not electrical or radiation interference, they must be unidentified objects. The image here is from "GOES" East. I see dots of white across the USA. I thought at first it could be static but the animations show movement from east to west. Also they stop at the horizon point of the Earth." Thanks to Harold Carver

Editor's Note: They are very interesting. In the past we asked Government agencies what similar objects were and we were always told they were dropped pixels. The point is they would never say they are UFOs, even if they are. Radar operators are instructed never to admit UFOs exist, only after they retire do they call and say there were UFOs. If the dots are in the same relative position in various shots the Camera pixels may have burned out or there is transmission problems..

Canada Sighting

SCARBOROUGH --Paul Michael Shishis writes that on December 6, 2005, at exactly 12:36 PM, I witnessed from our work parking lot towards Lake Ontario a single round white light, moving east, at about 150 MPH, at about 2500 feet. It was moving parallel with the shoreline and I watched it against the blue sky. The next morning at 10:05 AM, with a co-worker we saw a dark fast moving military jet flying at about 2,000 feet altitude.

The next day on break at 3:10 PM, a white low flying helicopter flew right above me and I had my camera ready in time to catch it passing over. We also saw someone para-sailing over Victoria Park at about 1500 feet, but he was swaying back and forth, maintaining the same altitude.

On Friday, December 9, 2005,at 9:05 AM, I noticed directly south, two miles over Lake Ontario another rainbow prism of light, in a "perfect" circle against a pure blue sky. Later we had a power outage and heard a loud thunderous noise above our roof as a low flying helicopter flew over with a low tone green light on it's tail. Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis

China – Square UFO Spotted

SHANGHAI -- On November 30, 2005, between 4:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., when the majority of Chinese ended their working day, they could observe alien spaceships soaring over the city of Shanghai. A man named Hu was the first to notice a UFO. He said he could observe the UFO within about five minutes close to the ring road in the industrial district of Xinzhuang. At 5:00 p.m., Luo saw a shining oval object following to the West in the sky over one of Shanghai’s old districts. Unfortunately, an attempt to take pictures of the extraterrestrial ships with a digital camera failed. At the same time, another Chinese man named Zhao saw a spaceship of a very strange shape drifting westwards. Chinese Yang saw the most unforgettable sight, a huge orange finger hovering over the road. It happened 15 minutes before Luo and Zhao also spotted UFOs. Soon, the object slowly and majestically drifted eastwards. A 65-year-old patient in a local hospital said he was looking out of the window in his ward on the 13th story when he noticed a huge bright red dish. It stopped right in front of the window at 4:55 p.m., hovered for five minutes in a manner typical of UFOs and then moved away. When it got dark the aliens had to put the lights on and immediately revealed themselves. Liu was the last Chinese who observed the UFO. The man said he saw a square-shaped UFO. At first, he saw a glimmering gold star in the sky; then, the object quickly drew closer and turned into a cube lit with bright lights. The object hovered about five minutes over the man and then whizzed to the south-east.

Israel - UFO Landing Event

Hannan Sabat (ICFUFOR) writes, "Here is the report concerning a UFO landing, which occurred between Sunday and Monday on November 28, 2005. The event occurred in one of the agricultural settlements, between the city of Ramla and the Lod International Airport (central Israel). At 01:30, the witness’s daughter went to take a shower and heard noises coming from the yard. She turned the lights in the yard on, but she didn't see anything unusual. Dogs were heard barking about 2:30 AM. After 7 AM, the witness’s wife discovered elliptic signs of imprinting in the yard in hard pressed coarse sand and small stones. The woman called her husband, and he called the police. The police send a team of scouts, and then the police called Mr. Abi Greif (chairman of ICFUFOR)."

At first, the dogs didn't want to approach the imprinting, and avoided entering the area. The police scouts, checked the house and its surroundings, but didn't find any clues. They indicated in their report, that it is a case of a UFO, that came from above and probably left in the same direction. They couldn't decide what this object was. Any signs of an object brought there by someone, or signs of a dune buggy or any other vehicles, were rejected by the police.

I (Hannan Sabat) arrived to the area about 11 PM, and with the witness’s help checked the area and photographed the imprinting using a T70 CANON camera, and an AGFA color film, ASA-200). The imprint is about 1.5 – 2 meters in diameter and has an oval elliptic shape. Extensions, turning outside, where found in the surrounding of the central spiral shape. The imprinting was shallow, about 1-2 centimeters in depth. The imprinting was brighter than the soil around it and some stones were pulled out. Next to the main imprinting, a deep ditch was seen. It was about 10 cm deep and 1-1.5 meters in length. The ditch wasn't seen there before.

New soot marks were found on a telephone pole near the ditch. One of the pole's devices was covered with “V”-shape marks. The second device (colored metal-gray), was covered with some soot. Some of the grass near the imprinting was covered with a gray dusty material (and thin sand).

A plastic rope was found stuck to itself. I took 35 pictures, and the witness made a video footage Thanks to ICFUFOR – Israel Center for UFO’s Research : WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/ICFUFOR footage is © 2005 ICFUFOR

Puerto Rico Disk Came Out of the Sea

DORADO -- Eduardo Cerdeiros Gonzalez, and Sonia Felix Maldonado were driving along the Caribbean Sea on the north shore of Puerto Rico on November 11, 2001 at 11:11 PM. The radio sound turned to static and the car lights dimmed. The engine sputtered and stopped. They looked toward the sea and saw a black disk come out the water with pulsating red and orange lights. It flashed it lights heading north and strait up and out of site in about15 seconds. Some other persons like the Puerto Rico Police Department also viewed the incident, and reported to his headquarters. the name of the official is Jaime D. of the Highway Patrol Police.

This is an artists conception of the incident.

England Scientist Sees UFO.

CANNOCK CHASE - Tommy B. writes, "I was with my friend around 11 PM having a routine gang meet up. The others never turned up, so we were laying their and when I turned and all of a sudden a large oval side ways egg shaped object flew across the sky. I pointed out to my friend and he only got the last glimpse. We told our other friends, and they laughed."England.

BARKINGSIDE -- Derrel Sims writes that a friend in England reports that on November 6, 2005, they had an unexpected power outage only affecting a small cluster of streets around 6 PM. There was a chorus of chirping alarms and gonging bells from scores of house alarms on a bitterly cold night.

My womenfolk had switched the radio on and were not listening when the announcer stated, "It was up there for hours and it was black, and huge, a huge, huge, triangle! 'Does anyone know what it could have been, it was in the sky over Barkingside and it was mega huge, kite shape?'

I asked the jabbering women toshut up? The radio says, "Something big was in the sky over the other side of the river today? "Oh My God", my wife exclaims, I meant to say, this afternoon, I saw it, it was HUGE, I forgot to tell you, it was so weird. I elucidated from her that it was in front of her view of Canary Wharf Towers and possibly above the Millennium Dome? She said, It did have 'sharp', that is well defined edges.

Whilst all this going on, the VHF broadcast radio station 'LBC' routinely reports the traffic conditions, announces Greenwich is closed, shut down completely to traffic, if anyone knows what's going on call us. Greenwich has been sealed off due to an incident, but we don't know the cause or anything about it, anyone know give us a call. This in itself is strange, due to the obvious lack of liaison with the Police, there are cameras everywhere and many with public, Internet access. There are folks with mobile phones, everywhere too. There is no cancellation of the story, no explanation, it is never mentioned again. Wife's drawing of huge object.

Later that evening, as I reach the base of the hill, a large silver Mercedes Benz panel van turns right across in front of me. It's a very new, and glassy van, with print on the side, I picked out 'exhibition', huge on the full side of the long van ...''SPACECRAFT'' It seems too much of a coincidence that this vehicle should turn up almost on my doorstep following on the sightings of the HUGE black object, and that they NOT be connected. Thanks to Derrel Sims

Moon UFOs and LTPS

Nick Balaskas writes, "Remember those old white blob moving UFO's on or near the Moon and the flash's of light etc seen through telescopes? Well here they are fully explained for you by recent NASA back research of data from instruments left there in the late 1960/70's;

When the Apollo astronauts occasionally kicked up some lunar soil, sometimes they would be surrounded by a persistent cloud of dust or fine particulate matter. This should be impossible since the Moon does not have an atmosphere and everything would fall at the same rate in a vacuum, even in the Moon's smaller gravity. If the dust or fine particulate matter that was kicked up acquired a net charge that was different to the charge on the lunar surface, the electrostatic force of replusion would balance the force of gravity and the particles would hover above the lunar surface.

Now, we learn that electostatic storms have been detected at the Moon's terminator, the slowly changing border that separates the dark unlit part of the Moon from the bright sunlit side. As for the discharges from these electrostatic storms being the reason for transient lunar phenomena or TLPs, NASA is wrong. The September 1999 issue of "Sky and Telescope" contained a debunking article titled "The TLP Myth: A Brief for the Prosecution".

Although the two authors of this article make mention of the 1968 NASA report "Chronological Catalog of Reported Lunar Events" they ignore the more recent and complete 1978 Cameron report "Lunar Transient Phenomena Catalog" which lists a total of 1468 unexplained lights, objects and events on or in the vicinity of our "dead" Moon dating back to 1540 AD. The total number of observed TLPs I suspect to be much larger since nearly every astronomer I know that has witnessed such short lived or moving lights on the Moon which they could not explain have failed to report them. One simple fact that makes NASA's new theory false is that the majority of TLPs were not observed on the Moon's terminator where these electrostatic storms occur. NASA's theory could easily be tested during total eclipses of the Moon which occur once or more times a year when the entire sunlit surface of the Moon visible from Earth rapidly darkens and stays dark for a while before becoming sunlit again.

Although I am not aware of any TLPs reported during eclipses of the Moon, a time when many more people would be watching closely, I would be interested to know if these electostatic storms were detected then too. More recently, independent observers using telescopes have noted the same bright flashes on the dark side of the Moon during meteor showers. These TLPs can easily be explained as the light energy given off during the impact of fast moving meteoroids with the Moon. If Don Wilson's conclusions in his well researched book 'Secrets Of Our Spaceship Moon' are correct, and I have no good reasons or new facts to suspect otherwise, then many of these TLPs could be understood as ET alien activity on our closest neighbor in space, the Moon. Thanks to Nick Balaskas

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