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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 11, 2006

George Filer:
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Threat in Space

This week's files cover: UFO s a Rainbow of Colors, Mining on Mars and Moon the Moon, and Threat in Space.

In addition, witnesses saw UFOs over California, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Many witnesses saw UFOs in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom..

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, many represent alien craft. I assume that there is life in the universe and each week we attempt to show evidence of life in space using NASA/JPL data. The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe. Sacred ancient writings and our earliest structures such as the pyramids, and artifacts on the Moon and Mars point to alien intelligence.

Last Saturday morning I lost my Mother, D Frances Filer, who died in her sleep. These files are written in her honor. It is tough to lose loved ones and especially a Mother, who is so special in my life. Love is so precious, a special bond, a joyful blessing that knows no Earthly limits. I feel although she has left this life, she is entering another life to be with her husband and other loved ones who have passed on and are with God in Heaven. Her favorite saying that she often told me through out my life, “To your own self be true.” Essentially, you may be able to fool others but don't try to fool yourself and you should live a morale life.

Threat in Space

General Lance W. Lord, commander of the Air Force Space Command, argues that military leaders must think of space as a battleground. Indeed, the combat capabilities provided by advanced orbital systems increasingly are at risk. "Some would say that we're not threatened in space," Lord observed. "I want to disabuse everybody of that argument." Lord delivered his warning at the Air Force Associations annual National Symposium in LA.

Editor's Note: The logical question that needs to be asked? Who is threatening advanced US orbital systems? Is General Lord talking about the Chinese, Russians or even Extraterrestrials?

Mining on Mars

Keith Laney writes, "In my seasoned opinion some Mars images seem to show what may be or may have been mining on the surface. Officially most of these are referenced as "Exhumed craters" by MSSS, a naming indicative of a well tuned sense of irony, and a term which I find to be a most revealing and befitting; Exhumed by whom?

Who is doing the mining Mars? Perhaps we need to be! The mineral wealth of an entire planet lies before us, wide open to our satellite eyes.

M0401289 The Coppermine.

When shown with a couple of earthen examples, we can see some fair amount of familiar similarities, the result is pretty striking

Inside the blue box above is what appears to be very intricate structure along the right rim. In the green box upper right is a pit mine in Nevada, and in the orange box at top left is the stunningly similar Copper pit at Ajo AZ. See for more details.

UFOs a Rainbow of Colors

It seems every color of the rainbow has been ascribed to UFOs. When atoms become agitated by collision among themselves or electrical excitement or absorption of electromagnetic radiation, one or more electrons are elevated out of their normal energy state or removed from the atom completely. But, radiation in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared regions of the spectrum are emitted by transitions involving the more loosely bound, outer electrons.

Photo taken Miryan Coronel in Argentina on December 29, 2005. see Loreto story.

The blue haze often reported is unlikely the object itself, but the luminosity has been caused by the UFO passing through the atmosphere. If a large number of the tabulated spectral lines are emitted by a UFO, their mixture tends to produce white light. Different amounts of energy are required to stimulate the several gases of the atmosphere to emit light. The neutral atom of xenon is seen as a pure, intense blue. It is suspected that xenon emits three separate, but closely spaced, spectral lines in the center of the blue band of the spectrum and is responsible for the blue, brilliant blue and luminous blue that are seen in the photo. Thanks to James M. McCampbell.


Chatsworth -- I was reading a new posting on December 28, 2005, from a woman in San Antonio Texas, that her husband, and herself saw. It appeared to be what I saw over my house in November, 2005. That was the same week I had very strange sightings, including the three military helicopters that flew over our roof tops two days before I saw this strange white plane that I mentioned to you in my audio. If you listen to my audio, I mentioned that this white plane flew in a very tight counter clockwise circle for about 5 minutes. The only thing with this object is, I only saw white wings and no fuselage, no engines, and no sound. It also had a misty look about it. Maybe I couldn't see any fuselage because it was about, I'm guessing, 10,000 feet. It also flew very slowly. Maybe she might like to hear about someone else that had a similar sighting. But I live in Chatsworth, Ca.

HBCC UFO Research Note: It certainly does appear that other folks are seeing the same type of object, yet no one knows what it is they were viewing. So this makes one wonder if the military has some new toy, or these people are witnessing something from elsewhere.Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Michigan -- Amber Light Flew Past House

My dogs were barking outside of the glass front door on December 12, 2005, and I thought there would be a rabbit on our porch. I noticed an amber light in the sky and a truck was stopped on the road, also. I thought it might be a plane with odd lighting and was waiting to see the usual white strobe light but none followed and there were no engine sounds. The truck drove off but two people were on the road. They were talking and based on their vocalizations, I assumed they were looking at what we were seeing although I could not hear their actual words. The object was in my opinion traveling about the same rate as a plane. As I watched, it emitted a white spark, then plunged downward and emitted more sparks, after which it went beyond my view. My husband's perspective is that it was moving faster than any plane, and was probably space junk. He did not see the sparks because he was trying to see where the people on the road were. Thanks to Peter Davenport

Missouri -- UFO Seen Over Local Airport

JOPLIN – On December 16, 2005, my wife, who was also a witness, and I were driving west past the Joplin Regional Airport. She and I were just chatting, when both of us noticed, in the night sky above the airport buildings, a long cylindrical object with a bluish light at the end. This light did not blink but was constant. Since I was driving, I had to quickly switch focus from the object to the road. My wife approximates that it was around 100 feet from us and in her words, was 'small'. I thought it might have been a little farther up. We watched it slowly proceed in a diagonal fashion from left to right, proceeding north. Suddenly, as we watched, it blinked out. There was no explosion flash, it did not disappear behind a group of trees, but was still relatively above the horizon, when it just disappeared. I was happy and excited seeing it. This is the second time my wife and I have experienced a sighting together, and I've lost count on my experiences. Thanks to MUFON

Nevada Huge Rectangle

HENDERSON -- This evening January 8, 2006, about 6:30 PM, I was crossing Boulder Highway in my power wheel chair so I was outside when I became aware that a huge helicopter was flying overhead. Since it sounded extra large and slow moving, I waited until I was safely across the highway and looked up to see a huge square shaped object. It was flying diagonally across the intersection and I could feel the vibrations of the engine as it was flying over me. It was huge the size of 2 football fields and had a line of lights. Several times in the past I've seen big helicopters flying with a large box suspended underneath. This one though sounded much bigger and when I looked up, there were about seven lights in a line that pointed away from me. On the other side there were more lights that were probably forty or fifty feet away from the row of lights.

I was impressed by the sheer size of the object and I've never seen anything that big flying at such a slow speed so close to the ground. It was barely above the treetops. The sound of the engine was much deeper than the helicopters that routinely fly over. This thing I saw dwarfed everything I've ever seen. I am left with the feeling that it is too big to be able to fly at such a slow speed. This just wasn't a jet but its engine sounded like a helicopter though much deeper than usual and it was flying very slowly. Earlier today I saw a helicopter flying and it seemed to be zipping along way too fast.

Love always and forever. Thanks to Phil.

LAS VEGAS -- Scott writes, “I was in front of my home when I saw a craft approaching from the west and I started filming just in time to see the light show.” I filmed this craft for about two minutes and then it flew out of my visual range. I have not edited the photos at all. They are taken right off the camcorder. This would be another spinning top/black triangle craft.

New Mexico Radio Astronomy's VLA

A friend who was traveling to Oklahoma from LA stopped and took some shots of the National Radio Astronomy's VLA in New Mexico, early this past September. He sent me the pictures on a CD and I have developed the habit of enlarging any pictures that are high resolution and have good sky views. I am finding all kinds of "hidden in plain sight" objects. There were two anomalous items that appeared in the enlarged pictures. The green anomaly appeared in three of the pictures. All of the pictures (16) were shot from basically the same location and within probably a 15 minute window. The object moves, in relation to the terrain landmarks in the various pictures.

I have been finding these "orbs" in chemtrail patterns, in pictures shot from my house in France, and in reviewing some older sky shots that were taken when I was still living in southern California, they are there, too. At first I thought these were simply something that was a phenomena of digital cameras, but in scanning and enlarging some old film photos...there they were, too. I was working with some film pictures, from 2002, that I had also taken in New Mexico. In these I found a black cylinder, oriented vertically, among the clouds. I did not see it when taking the photos. Thanks to Brian Vike

New Mexico and Dan Fry

TONAPAH -- Early the next morning, Dan Fry and friend met me in an old station wagon at the Tonapah bus stop. As we rode back to Dan's 'out-of-this-world' home, he explained that he was publishing a magazine with New Age topics that included encounters. It may have been the first one of its type. Designed to connect people with others who had encounters or UFO experiences ... It was something that was still highly ridiculed by most of society and not at all taken seriously. People who spoke of UFOs, aliens or encounters were considered strange. We arrived at the place where Dan lived, and that in itself was quite an experience!

He bought a whole community of circular buildings with roofs that looked like UFOs that served his purpose well. He said that, in case any of them wanted to land, that they'd be camouflaged. It was a fascinating weekend as I helped Dan and Florence bundle and address magazines. Dan told me some details of his encounters. He said, that at first they had communicated without meeting for four years. The ETs wanted to come and live on Earth, and had convinced Dan, over time, that they were here to help humankind keep from annihilating itself, which it was in grave danger of doing.

They needed a crash course in being human, and asked Dan to get them many books from the base library. Books on everything. I found it really interesting that one of the most intriguing books to them was our Bible. The ETs said that the bible told of many incidents where their ancestors and fellow ETs had dealings with humanity. Dan said that, for instance, the passage where it says that if you are up on the roof (Mid East roofs are used like porches he said), do not come down from your rooftop if it seems that "the end" is coming. What that meant was, Dan explained, that huge ET space craft are waiting to take remnants of our society away just before annihilation, if that should happen. So that our race would not have to start over from a very basic life form and go thru millennia of evolving again. Makes me wonder why it is that we're considered so important, or worth bothering with ... but it seems, from what I've read over the years, that we're actually distantly related to ETs. Maybe they've even come back from the future to remedy/change something in their time. Anyway, Dan said that the part where it says, "two brothers will be sleeping in the same room. One will be taken, one will not", referred to the fact that the ETs will take remnants of humanity that have reached a certain level of understanding or evolution. They also mentioned the parts in the bible that were ET interventions. Like where the Hebrews were led thru the desert by what appeared to be "a cloud by day and a ball of fire by night", it was actually, the aliens explained to Dan, a small carrier-craft. Thanks to Kristen Vasques to be continued

Pennsylvania Fireball

EAST SPRINGFIELD – On December 12, 2005, the witness spotted a bright bluish white two foot diameter ball of light in Erie County. We were driving down the road at 9:30 PM, headed south when to the left was a 2 foot diameter object/ball of light or huge shooting star. It was so close to the ground that we thought it hit right in my front yard. We were surprised. Then my friend said she heard someone on the radio that same mooring stating that he also saw something like this and to please call in so he didn't feel he was crazy.

Rhode Island Large Fire Ball

On December 31, 2005, I was home watching TV with my son. There was a large light in the woods in back of our house, with a fire light that lit up the sky. It came down really fast and then we heard large explosions, two of them. I have never seen anything like that before, the object was in the woods near the river in back. Thanks to MUFON

Texas Flying Triangle

AUSTIN -- I'm not much into sci-fi or UFO's but tonight I'm a believer. I was taking my dog out back on December 12, 2005 at 10:30 PM, when I saw a triangular shaped object in the sky. At first I figured it was a big plane, maybe a stealth bomber. As it came closer, I noticed this craft was huge. It covered up the moon, when it got directly overhead is when I freaked out. On each side of the bottom of the object where long bars of pulsing lights. In the middle of the back of the triangle were 2 strobes, one red and one blue, very bright. The aircraft made a humming noise, not like an airplane but more like the sound of a computer humming. Also, it seamed to be going too slow for an airplane. It was only about 500 feet off the ground in a north east direction. I watched it until I couldn't see it any more. Let me tell you I am freaked out, the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Wyoming Sphere

Fox Park -- The witness saw a sphere emitting red and green lights on December 11, 2005, at 9:15 PM. The lights got bright, then dim. The object did not move for 45 minutes or so, then, when we went back (about an hour later) to check it with the binoculars it had moved north to the horizon. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


SANTA ROSA -- On December 17 2005, while endeavoring to take a picture of a llama specimen on the outskirts of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, this photo of an unidentified flying object was obtained.

Upon subsequent observation, it ws possible to notice the existence of an object in the upper right hand corner of the object that suggests a UFO. Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales,

LORETO - Planeta UFO reports, Miryan Coronel was returning home to celebrate the holidays with her family on December 29, 2005, with her two young sons. "At two o'clock in the morning we boarded the bus belonging to the Andesmar Bus Line and in 20 hours of travel reached Mount Uritorco in the middle of the Cordoba Mountains. About 9:45 PM, suddenly the bus stopped, and when I looked down the aisle, I saw an immense light in the middle of the road."

"I immediately jumped out of the seat and saw that my sons were asleep, along with many passengers. I moved to the front of the bus and saw the cone-shaped light in the middle of the road, and got off with the bus drivers and a passenger from Salta who had a camcorder. At no time did I feel fear -- on the contrary, I was engulfed by a sensation of peace and curiosity, to the extent that I began taking photos with my cell phone camera. When I tried to get closer, one of the bus drivers held me back," she explained.

"Suddenly the object, which was enveloped in a bluish white light, began spinning like a top and rising vertically, lighting up the landscape as though it was daytime. In the measure that the giant spinning top rose, it gave off multicolored lights in intense phosphorescent tones before vanishing into a brilliant spot. I immediately began perceiving a smell of heated metal, combining with a very particular odor similar to sulfur."

The event lasted only a few minutes and no sound was heard. Upon returning to the bus, they exchanged remarks with the people who shared the experience and with the drivers, who said that they had always seen strange lights in the area. Thus far, bus employees have declined to discuss the case. Translation (c) 2005. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero,.

Australia – Numerous UFO Reports

PERTH -- The producer writes, “The picture was taken with a Kodak V530 Zoom Digital camera 5.0MP, at 2.49 PM, on the 2nd of January 2006. I didn't see anything. The location is Kings Park which is a very large natural park in Perth on the Swan River.

The area where the blips are, is mostly for public transport water traffic. This is a spot on the river that would be quite dangerous to say parasail. The thing I think that puzzles me the most is, what you mentioned, it looks too big to be birds. The bigger birds we have in the city area are pelicans and black swans. The black swan colonies however, don't live near the city, they are more likely to be in sheltered, calm waters. Black swans flap their wings a lot- they are black, fringed with white...and they do have really long necks! We do see pelicans. The thing that I have always noticed about pelicans is they glide and flap at around 30 second intervals. I just don't see wings at all...or long necks. I don't think there is any chance of the blips being wedge tailed eagles, as they would not be anywhere near the city- they are very territorial. Again, they fly in the thermals wings stretched out, and have a clear wedged tail. They are our largest bird of prey.

The common magpie is black and white- a bit smaller than the kookaburra. 'Kookas' travel in pairs, and 'magies' in larger flocks, as do the black cockatoos.

The blips look like they are at the same distance as the city skyline. I don't see wings and flapping. If anyone can figure with the wonders of photographic special tools the distance the blips are, I can see that would be useful, if they are indeed in the city skyline area-- what ever it is BIG. I'm standing about two kilometres from the city buildings. Thanks to Denise.

ALICE SPRINGS -- Auforn reports many rumbles are heard, orange lights, and huge discs are seen coming from behind Pine Gap. One such craft was seen at Pine Gap then again at Wycliff Well beside the road in 2002. Four times in the Alice Springs area over the pass few years a girl returning home from work from the west of Alice has often seen small grey discs over the road behind Pine Gap. A man who used to deliver salt to Pine Gap on a weekly basis was asked on one occasion to rush through the gates and was told to park and wait. The ground then opened up, he then drove his truck down a ramp. He was told not to look around, his load of salt was taken off his truck and he drove out.

MT. THEO -- Local aboriginal children used to phone a local man to say the lights are back and the blue craft from Chilla Well. The old people said the craft was silver and had a blue band round the middle. The occupants of the craft were asked if they wanted diesel fuel but they said no we want to know where the blue crystals are. The kids pointed to where the crystals were, when the kids turned back the people were gone. Back in 1998 people with webbed feet and hands were reported often near Chilla Well.

PICININNY BORE -- North of this area are different types of huge craft¯. For years these craft have been reported taking on spring water from Talbot Well and at times a cloud could be seen coming down after the craft rose up and left. When the craft left the well all the water was gone, but after a few days the water hole would fill as it was being fed by an underground spring.

PINJA and PARNTA -- This is the area where a car was taken up into a craft which was said to be colored like army green and blue type colors of the star lifter. Now at the Tanami road to Hooker Creek (Lajamanu) 92 vehicles went along this track and the locals were told not to take photos. There is a landing spot between Pinja and Parnta and a lot of aboriginals have gone missing in this area. The local people will not go along the eastern track, only the west track. Down at Yuendumu the craft fly west to east and huge box type craft fly slow, cigar shape craft are also seen often, all fly slow and some of the craft are three times bigger than the air strip.

HOOKER CREEK -- When I'd finished a night of work, I would sometimes notice lights to the north. These lights were often seen like darts in the sky and could also be noticed on the ground which made them look like some kind of aircraft runway. A scientist who went out to look at the huge crater west of Tanami mine was found dead in his car and all his papers were gone. He found out the crater was not from a meteorite but from an explosion. The Tanami mines seem to be an area where a different kind of craft are seen, They are different from the ones reported in the north. They look like aluminum dishes with a brilliant blue band in the middle and a two meter high domed over the top and bottom and stand a meter off the ground. Thanks to

Canada Video of UFO

CHATEAUGUAY, QUEBEC -- Brian J Callaghan writes: I managed to video tape with a mini dv camcorder about a minute and a half of a UFO sighting last night December 29, 2005. I'm 15 minutes from downtown Montreal. There was a big light in the sky that change colors white, amber, yellow, orange and red. It hovered for a few minutes in one place. It blinked the colors and little white stars or small chips or something would leave it and enter it. It eventually did some crazy maneuvers and took off quickly. In any case, I have the video on my computer now as an MPEG file and would like to send it to you. It remained stationary for a while, 5 minutes or so, then did some maneuvers and took off at high speed. It was white and little white lights would leave and enter it, about 5 of them, they would travel a bit perpendicular to the main object and then go back to it. The main object displayed colors ranging from red to yellow, amber. Thanks to Brian J Callaghan

India Piece of Moon

TELUGU -- This is the Telugu News paper's headline in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. This is the phenomena that occurred on December 13, 2005, in South India's small town, Repalle. Its shape was changing. It seems there was a very bright light emanating from the Moon and it traveled along and it circled around themoon and disappeared inside moon. Please refer the news paper "" dated 14-Dec'2005. This could be something interesting to the people who are doing research in this area. Please have a look at the different pictures taken by the News Reporter. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


Detective Constable Gary Heseltine of the HESELTINE British Transport Police writes, this report gives details of 163 cases between 1901-2005 involving over 400 British police officers. What follows is the most comprehensive police archive of on duty UFO sightings ever published


1. 21/12/1901. 0045 hours. Location: Haworth, West Yorkshire. As two uniformed police officers, PS JOHN JOHNSON and PC CLARK were walking along a snow covered beat in Haworth when suddenly a green light illuminated the surrounding area. The officers looked up to the sky to see a luminous UFO shaped like a cigar pointed at both ends. The object emitted occasional flashes and sparks. They watched the object for 15 minutes as it slowly and silently moved across the night sky before disappearing into the distance. PS JOHNSON stated that the object was seen at an altitude of 100-150 feet before gradually gaining height. Two members of the public reported seeing similar objects in Keighley and Shipley respectively.

On duty sighting. 2 Officers. Source – Mr Midgley via Keighley News 02/12/94.


2. Monday. 02/11/50. Location – Gowerton, Wales. Following a report by a member of the public of two lights traveling across the sky, DETECTIVE SERGEANT AMBROSE DAVIES, of Gowerton Police station observed a single white ball of flame. It was much brighter than any star and after a few seconds was seen to break into two pieces. A shower of reddish sparks were seen to the rear of the objects. The officer ruled out planets and meteors stating that there were definitely two objects in the sky and that they were joined by some kind of tether.

On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – UFO Magazine Press Archive.

3. 0600 hours. Location – Chichester near Bognor Regis. Following a report by a member of the public two uniformed officers, PC HOWARD NORTH and PC TONY COX, observed a strange object in the sky above Chichester. At the same time in Bognor Regis, just seven miles away, a third officer, PC WILLIAM KEATS, also saw the object in the sky. He described it as a ‘tadpole' shaped object. He went on to state that the object had ‘lit' up Bognor.

On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source – UFO Magazine Press Archive.


4. Evening. Summer. Location - Sussex coast. An on duty uniformed police officer PC JOHN L CLARKE observed a bright light flying at high altitude along the Sussex coast on a late evening summer's sky. He estimated the size of the UFO as ¼ size of the moon. It was first seen low from the east taking ten minutes to arrive overhead and then a further ten minutes to disappear from view. No sound present at any time. He described the UFO as a distinct circular shape at the front with a broken and distorted rear.

On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source - John L Clarke.


5. September 1957. 2345 hours. Sunday. Location. Bristol Channel. Three uniformed officers observed a red disc shaped UFO rise from the Bristol Channel. One half of the disc was like a large harvest moon and moved out of sight towards the west. The officers reported the sighting to Glamorgan Police HQ.

On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source: Daily Telegraph 04/09/57.

6. November 1957. 0235 hours. Location – Cowbridge, Glamorgan. Two uniformed officers observed a green/blue UFO as it passed over South Wales. Five minutes later two other uniformed officers saw the same object as it passed over the Rhonnda Valley. The object was described as being delta shaped and travelling at high speed. Several civilian witnesses also observed the UFO. On Duty sighting. 4 Officers. Source – Press Archive.


7. July. Location - Charlton near Shaftesbury, Wiltshire. An on duty uniformed police officer, PC ANTHONY PENNY reported seeing an orange coloured UFO flash across the sky in the above location and disappear over a potato field where days later a large spherical crater measuring eight feet was found. The crater appeared from nowhere in the field and within its centre was a hole three feet deep, 5-12 inches in diameter. Radiating from the centre of the hole were four slot marks, four feet long and one foot wide. No cause could be found for the appearance of the crater or the marks found within it. The crater was investigated by a Bomb Disposal Unit but no satisfactory explanation was ever found for it. The mystery was even mentioned in parliament on 29th July by Major Patrick Wall, Conservative MP for Haltemprice.

On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source - UFO Flying Saucers over Britain by Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books. Pages 104-107.


8. 20/02/64. 0955 hours. Location: Shoeburyness, Southend. PC 392 CROOK was on patrol when he observed three fast moving objects in the southern sky. They were spaced in a line. The colour of the objects was off-white and their shape appeared to be oval. They were seen above cloud height and travelling at great speed with no discernable sound. The officer forwarded a report to the Air Ministry who stated he may have witnessed three Lightning fighter aircraft flying in formation.

On duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – Irene Bott archive.


9.1500 hours. 30/11/65. Location - Warminster. An on duty uniformed police officer, PC ERIC PINNOCK was on foot patrol of the Bishopstrow area of the town when he observed a large bright silver ball shaped UFO hurtle through the sky before it disappeared over Sutton Common. He said, “It was a giant plate of light. It lit up the whole horizon with a glare”. It was flying low over the landscape and appeared to be spinning. During the mid sixties Warminster was a haven for UFO spotters and there were literally hundreds of sightings made in that area.

On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source - The Warminster Mystery by Arthur Shuttlewood. Tandem Publishing 1976. Page 139.

10. 1954 hours. Thursday 16/12/65. Location - Chineham, Basingstoke. An on duty uniformed police officer, PC J HARWOOD was speaking with a member of the public outside the man's home when they both observed a tadpole shaped UFO with a large green dome on top and a flaming red tail that was two or three times the length of the dome pass by overhead. It was seen only briefly as it sped across the sky from south to north at an incredible speed. The object was estimated to have been four to six feet in length. PC HARWOOD said, “The colour attracted me - green. This may have been caused by low clouds. I have never seen anything like it before”. The member of the public, Basil Gibbons (aged 67), likened the object to a Gemini space capsule. Source - The Warminster Mystery by Arthur Shuttlewood. Tandem Publishing 1976. Pages 141-142.


11. 0410 hours. March. Location - Wilmslow, Cheshire. An on duty uniformed officer, PC COLIN PERKS was on foot patrol on Alderley Road in the above town when he saw a UFO moving across the sky at an altitude of only 30 feet and that it was only 100 yards from him. He described it as being 30 feet in diameter and as bulky as a double decker bus. He said, “There was an eerie, greenish-grey glow in the sky. Then I picked out an object about thirty feet long and built up in three sections with the top looking like a dustbin lid. It gave off a high pitched whine. I was paralysed. I just couldn't believe it.” The duration of the sighting was five minutes before it disappeared. His police report was forwarded to the MOD who did visit him to investigate his story. 1 Officer. Source - UFO Flying Saucers over Britain by Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books 1999. Page 43 and PRUFOS.

12. September. Location - Southampton. Following a report from a member of the public that a UFO was hovering motionless over the city, a marked police vehicle was sent to investigate the claim. When they arrived at the man's address on Coxford Road, they were amazed to see the object where he had claimed it would be. They contacted Police HQ by radio and said, “He's right. There is an object in the sky to the west and remaining still. It keeps flashing red, white and blue lights and dropping flares. There's no sound of an engine and it does not appear to be an aircraft.” Enquiries with Eastleigh Airport proved negative as did those with Southampton University Air Squadron. Calls to the Southern Meteorological Centre also proved fruitless. Eventually the UFO disappeared at high speed in the direction of Eastleigh.

2 Officers. Source - UFO Flying Saucers over Britain by Robert Chapman. Mayflower Books 1969. Page 43.


13. The following three sightings took place within two days of each other across the counties of Lancashire, Devon and Sussex at a time when sightings of fiery cross shaped UFOs were being widely reported in the media.

October 1967. Location Bacup, Lancashire. A uniformed police officer observed a cigar shaped UFO over the Lancashire town of Bacup. October 1967 0445 hours. Wednesday. Location – Sussex. A uniformed police officer observed a fiery cross shaped UFO. October 1967 1600 hours. Tuesday. Location – Devon. A uniformed police officer, PC KEITH DROUDGE observed a UFO and said of his sighting, “There is no doubt in my mind. It was a UFO. It wasn't a plane. We've seen enough planes not to be fooled like that”.

On Duty sighting. 3 Officers. Source: Sunday Express 29/10/67.

14. 0130 hours. 05/07/67. Location – Stoney Cross, New Forest. Following a report by a member of the public of an orange ball shaped UFO above Stoney Cross, New Forest a uniformed officer, PC DAVID HOLLOWAY, was dispatched to the scene. He corroborated the sighting of the orange UFO that he said did a ‘loop the loop' before heading away in the direction of Southampton.

On Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source – FSR Vol 13 No 5. To be continued.

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