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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 25, 2006

George Filer:
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UFOs Close Up

UFO over Norwich, England

This week we cover Mars Seasons, The Earth has regular warming trends, AND UFOs, Aliens, Nephilim, and Lights in the Sky, Many Rock Stars Claim to have Alien contact.

Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted over Arizona, California, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington. Sightings in the US slowed over the holidays. Sightings were reported in Australia, Canada, Italy, and the United Kingdom. (England and Wales)

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, many represent alien craft.

"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but how we react to it. Our positive attitude can cause a chain reaction that changes the outcome of events."

Mars has Seasons

Norman Bryden writes, "I think many people have seen evidence of extraterrestrial life and the great astronomer Percival Lowell was right about the seasons on Mars, and those seasons have been photographed repeatedly. There are what look like canals also." NASA management chooses to ignore the seasons or anything that has to do with extraterrestrial life. Some of the most compelling evidence I have come across is the testimonies of the more than 450 government and military officials of the Disclosure Project. Among the testimonies is Karl Wolf who Edgar Mitchell recommended to come forward about what he knows. Karl witnessed high resolution photographs of many huge structures on the back side of the Moon.

According to the testimony, on the back side of the Moon are huge towers, buildings more than a half mile in size, radar dish shaped buildings, spherical buildings and what look like huge power plants and more.

The green in the image from Valles Marineris seems to be where you would expect water and nutrients to collect to feed plant life. In some regions the blanket of green is so thick and the rough terrain is so well covered, words like 'Amazon' 'Oasis' and 'Jungles' come to mind.

In the lower regions of images from Mars are what look like blue ponds, rivers and lakes. Life is so tenacious that I believe Mars is a living planet, looking at all the evidence and taking it all into consideration. Thanks to Norman Bryden

Mars Vegetation and Civilization

Mars has many places where structures and roads can be seen. They don't look like any vine, river, dried mud or lava flows. There are many openings and sort to accommodate another mobile intelligent species.

The greenery on Mars and the abundance of water and weather would support an atmosphere. I believe there is an atmosphere on Mars. There are many openings where a species could enter and leave through to interact with the planet surface and the surface has been greatly modified. Good luck with the images and take care. I will send more when I can. Thanks to Norman Bryden MARS MGS IMAGE: HIVE DWELLINGS AND ROAD NETWORK *PIC*

Alien Rock: The Rock 'n' Roll and Extraterrestrial Connection"

Mike Luckman writes, "Will extraterrestrials beam down an out of this world reunion between former rock 'n' roll musical rivals David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar, resulting in a brand new Van Halen? Michael C. Luckman, author of " (Pocket Books and VH1), is offering to broker a deal between the two legendary singers based on their shared belief in space aliens and Hagar's multiple UFO abductions.

Roth, who was Howard Stern's morning show replacement on Free FM (formerly K Rock), could barely contain his excitement when he told Luckman, "The headline is: Aliens Reunite Van Halen." Roth said that he was prepared to board a spaceship "providing the aliens are goodlooking." He joined the Director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research in sending out a live message of peace to extraterrestrials using the radio airwaves. "You got a lot of people across the country looking skyward," commented Roth. "This is real extraterrestrial radio," said Luckman.

According to Luckman, "Diamond Dave's eyes lit up when I proposed that the best way to make peace between himself and Sammy Hagar would be to perform at a space concert together as a brand new Van Halen. Roth also expressed interest in performing together with Hagar and other members of Van Halen at the Signal to Space Concerts. Luckman and his partners have planned for 2007 in Berlin, New York and Tokyo. Those concerts will broadcast a live musical message of peace.

Hagar has had multiple UFO contacts beginning in 1968 in Fontana, California. "When I was about 18 or 19, they (the aliens) downloaded everything that was in my head," said Hagar. Since then the current frontman for Van Halen has had several additional contacts with people called the Nine, who are said to come from the ninth dimension.
Hagar named his publishing company Nine Music in honor of his extraterrestrial friends, who communicated to him via mental telepathy and were in the form of pure energy.

Hagar is among a surprising number of rock stars who believed they have been abducted by aliens, including Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead; Dave Davies of the Kinks; Rick Wakeman of Yes; Ace Frehley, formerly of Kiss; and Cat Stevens. Luckman's book, "Alien Rock," also focuses on the link between Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix and otherworldy beings. Thanks to Mike Luckman

Earth Warms Up Regularly

Hundreds of thousands of years worth of climate records in ice cores show there is nothing unusual in a global warming trend over the past 25 years. Marine geophysicist Bob Carter, a professor at Queensland's James Cook University and leading climate change skeptic, said the effects of human activity would barely register in the long-term history of climate change. He told, "The Weekend Australian" that ice cores from Antarctica "tell us clearly that in the context of the meteorological records of 100 years, it is not unusual to have a period of warming like the one we are in at the moment". Dr Carter disputed the theory that human activity was making a current - natural - warm period hotter: "Atmospheric CO2 is not a primary forcing agent for temperature change." He argues that "any cumulative human signal is so far undetectable at a global level and, if present, is buried deeply in the noise of natural variation". Fellow skeptic William Kininmonth, a former director of the Bureau of Meteorology's National Climate Centre, agreed. He wrote in a 2004 book, "Climate Change A Natural Hazard," that there was "every reason to believe that the variability's in global temperature and other climate characteristics experienced over the past century are part of the natural variability of the climate system and are not a consequence of recent anthropogenic activities". But other leading scientists, who blame human activity for climate change, say the "denialists" are a one-to-99 minority.

Will Steffen, director of the Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies at the Australian National University, said: "There is no debate. The debate is over." The evidence that human activity had increased emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, adding to natural warming, was "overwhelming", he said. For scientist and University of Adelaide academic Tim Flannery there was also no argument: humans had turned up the heating and only humans could keep a lid on it. The argument that human activity did not contribute to global warming was "not a credible hypothesis to build policy on", he said.,5744,17752119%255E601,00.html

Arizona Long White Object

Phoenix -- These five photos were taken January 22,-2006 at 5:36 PM, as I was looking north into the sky and saw this long white UFO going real slow, so I went into the house to get my digital camera, as I took these photos the UFO also changed it shape. Thanks Brian Vike.

California Exploding Object Video

SONORA – Forty miles southeast of town on January 18th, 2006, at 5:22 PM, I was raking leaves and noticed a very bright star for a good 3 or 4 minutes that didn't appear to be moving which just increased my curiosity. I decided to retrieve my binoculars and zeroing in on this bright object and could tell right off that this wasn't a star or planet, and I decided to tape a bit of it. I set up my tripod and zoomed in on the object without using NiteVision because there was still more than enough available ambient light.

At the bottom of this big bright luminous object, another smaller object possibly 1/15th (or smaller) the size appeared below the larger object. I immediately started recording and continued taping for the continuation of this event. The sun had set and I wondered if by switching to "NiteVision" mode would reveal even more. It was then that I saw what I thought was another object come out of the smaller object and start traveling upward above both the smaller and larger object. In retrospect, I now believe that what I thought was another object was in fact the middle star in "Orions Belt" that was hidden by both objects.

The larger object was probably somewhere between 95-110 degrees arc in the southern sky and was very slowly moving towards the west, meanwhile what I thought was another craft was moving steadily upward. I decided to zoom back a bit and include the larger object along with the other upwardly moving object. Within about one minute of my doing so, the larger object explodes and tumbles back to the earth with a shower of debris and smoke. I followed the tumbling pieces for another minute or so until I was not able see any more of it.Thanks to Brian Vike and UFORA Member Johnny Anonymous © 2006 Johnny Anonymous.

Florida Strange Orbs

Tampa -- Enclosed is a picture taken during a heavy lay of chemtrails in Tampa on January 1, 2006. The orbs were not visible when the picture was taken. You can see two floating above the chemtrail in the middle of the picture. At the same time Ialso captured a disc and can send that if you like.—Happy New! Thanks to

Georgia High Quality Witness

Oakfield -- GUFOG Associates was contacted by Peter Davenport the NUFORC Director a retired military veteran currently holding a substantial position with a large internationally known organization had witnessed a UFO at about 4:30 AM, on January 17, 2006, while driving on Highway 300 in Worth County Georgia . The witness observed an object almost overhead, and it appeared so strange that he stopped to get a better view. The object moved away and he describes an upside down teardrop with a red and blue lights on the sides near the top. The object moved toward an adjacent stand of trees, being about 250 feet in altitude. Object disappeared behind the trees after three minutes. GUFOG associate John Bodin in nearby Wray Georgia was given the preliminary data. This writer has contacted the Worth County Sheriff, the two local airports and the Albany USMC Base Provost Marshal, all having had NO similar reports to come into their offices. Thanks to Tom Sheets/GUFOG

Kentucky Two Bright Orange Lights

Louisville -- I was getting out of my car on January 10, 2006, in the morning, around 2:00 am, and I noticed two bright orange dots that appeared the size of a star, but I had never seen stars that were like this orange, let alone just one. One looked higher than the other. I stood outside looking straight at those two bright orange dots for about 5-7 minutes and I started to see that the lower orange dot started moving up a little and to the right, then it went back to the left and went down a bit after that. Eventually, the bottom orange dot went completely out of sight, but the top orange dot stayed in the same place the entire time.

Thanks to Brian Vike

New York Triangular Shaped Craft

ITHACA -- I was turning out the lights on January 16, 2006, and heading for bed at 10:45 PM, when a large glimmering object caught my eye outside my second story picture window. Looking through the bare tree limbs, I saw a pale yellow, stationary strobing group of lights just above the hills. The colors were very low above the hills. I quickly retrieved my Olympus C-740 Zoom digital camera from my office. The object was still not moving when I returned and seemed to be of incredible size, like two 747 jets placed together nose to tail. How was it possible that an object this large could stay in the sky, was my first thought. I placed the lens right up against the glass so as not to get any reflection and took three shots. That is, when the object began to move very slowly towards the North heading over Cuyuga Lake.

Then, what happened next was way out of the ordinary for me. I was so excited to be having this experience but had the overwhelming desire to go to bed, NOW. I did not even brush my teeth which I have done religiously for over 45 years. The next morning the camera was sitting on the entertainment console so I immediately took it into my office to download whatever I had captured. Out of the three pictures, the first one showed all the lights. The other two were totally dark. Thanks to Brian Vike.

Tennessee Strange Object and Cloud

SEVIER COUNTY -- I live near a small community called Chestnut Hill and on January 4, 2006, about 8:18 AM, I glanced at English Mountain and noticed a very large oval disc-like silvery-white object. It was darker around the bottom and bottom edges. Immediately it looked strange since you could tell that it wasn't a cloud because of it's perfect oval disc-like shape. From the couple of minutes that I was able to observe it there seemed to be some distinct geometrical patterns associated with it such as squares running from the far edges reaching inward towards the top of the object. Something similar to the latitude and longitude lines you'd see on a map. The object wasn't moving at first and then after two minutes or so, it began rising upward very slow and suddenly shot straight up and out of sight as if it winked out, simply disappearing.

When it shot straight up it punched thru a thin layer of cloud cover leaving a hole in the clouds exactly the same shape as the object itself. Smoke trailed the object as it broke thru the clouds. I would estimate that the object was 1 to 2 miles away and higher than English Mountain which is 3600 feet. That would make the object very large in diameter. I got my camera and took these photos which were taken within the first 3 to 5 minutes after the hole was made. The photos are still on my digital camera and have not been erased. Thanks to MUFON.

Virginia Cigar Shaped and Triangular

Chester -- I reported a sighting a few days ago. Well, the same thing went on the day after and today January 20, 2006. I was watching the sky about 6:15 PM while the sun set, and I witnessed a black cloud stretching up. Soon the sky darkened enough and I was able to see the black cloud brighten. The end of it was blinking yellow and red lights and it was very close. I could tell it had one light on the side that started the blinking process. It was almost like a laser. I could see that this craft was both triangular and cigar shaped. I believe this thing was traveling at way over a 100 MPH. I witnessed a couple more, but not so impressive as the first. There were 22 possible crafts. Thanks to Brian Vike

Washington 20 Plus Objects Witnessed

Burien -- On January 7, 2006, I looked up in the sky at dusk to see the stars, but noticed what I thought was a satellite, but then four other white lighted objects followed behind. These five objects came from the east flying towards the west at about 7:15 PM with no blinking lights, like aircraft normally have. I am a military Veteran and I have been around all military aircraft in the Navy and have never witnessed anything like what we saw that evening,

The objects flew towards each other many miles apart. There were 6 of 7 lights in 3 different positions all flying towards the west. I got my neighbor outside and the binoculars, but could not make out any kind of shape. All over the sky there were more than twenty objects and some were flying in formation. My friend in Kent W, saw it too. The South End Journal says a satellite hit a comet. No way, these lights were flying in perfect formation for over ten minutes until the clouds blocked them out of sight. Thanks to Brian Vike

Australia 3-4 Bright Glowing Orange Orbs


Seaford Victoria -- Not too sure whether or not this was or was not a sighting but it was pretty freaky whatever it was. I was driving home along the road that leads through Carrum Downs an industrial side of town on January 24, 2006, when I was distracted by these 3-4 bright orange orbs glowing in the sky about 9:45 PM. I thought at first they were just stars until I stopped and took a better look at them. What was weird was the fact they were all aligned. The brightest orb was above the rest and they moved north -east at a rather slow to medium pace. They were different from plane lights and didn't flash so I was positive it had to be something different. This lasted for about 20 minutes since I'd first seen them. They suddenly disappeared and since then I've been curious to find out what they were.

Bunbury-- I have attached a report of a multiple UFO sighting that I have been researching. It occurred off the coast of Western Australia, at a town called Bunbury, which is about 175 kilometres south of Perth, the state capital in November 2003. I have attached a copy of the report (which include copies of the photographs, and zoom in's of the objects of discussion).
When the original photographs are zoomed in on (or magnified) the objects appear very clear. I hope this translates in the report. Look forward to your opinion. Thanks to Karen Ong, Director SCETTAL Study Centre for Extraterrestrial Technology and Life

Canadian Sighting Continue

OSHAWA -- Sunday, January 15, 2006 at about 10:45 AM, I was home in Oshawa, looking over Lake Ontario. I again witnessed these high flying white objects moving in different directions. The altitude was less than 1000-2000 feet, at about half a mile to maybe a couple of miles. So to prove that what I saw was real I took some pictures. You be the judge to view, of what's flying over our skies. One thing to note, the morning here is near zero degrees-F.

Mayland Heights Calgary, Alberta – I saw a black flattish object flying over the city about 5:30 PM, Wednesday January 18, 2006. It was brief and was preceded by three flashes of light before the object appeared. I tried to catch the lights on tape, but was unsuccessful, the lights don't show up on my camcorder. After I saw the three lights, I saw a smoked black, flattish object over the city that moved towards the Mayland Heights area. I never saw anything like it before. Thank you to the witness for the report. Thanks to Brian Vike

Scarborough --On January 22, 2006, my friend and I drove just outside of Scarborough to enjoy the stars. In a short time we somehow ended up over 298 km from Toronto, near Ottawa! On the way back, we witnessed three objects landing right next to us and staying there in a field so we could approach them. We were too afraid but knew then that this is how they are initiating contact! Before it landed, we was saw one of the objects "sparkling" and doing all sorts of WILD MANEUVERS!

Depiction of events.

We had asked for this and felt we were guided to the three landing spots!!! They all landed in a slow, falling leaf motion! we saw them up close within 500 meters!!! They were doing this so subtly, that I see how most motorists and "regular" people glancing at the sky would never notice. My friend was amazed and kissed me, knowing then that I had been right about all of my sightings of objects descending to the ground, on many nights last summer. They were all disc-shaped, with this sparkling, flashing and blinking red and brilliant white light. They are there for ANYONE who knows what they are looking at. They looked like those large sparkling stars until they got low! We knew those were not stars! The discs are the size of a one-man aircraft. After we stood by the side of Highway 35, there was another object that appeared with a large blinking red light with a red sparkling "tail" like a comet. It had four or five lines of sparkling red lights! I knew I was looking straight at the possibility of transcended consciousness! I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. The object that did the "dance" in the sky before landing, went from darting back and forth so fast that we could see it in two spots at once for a split second, then stopped and started sparkling as if it was made of sparks, like a welder's torchr. It then winked out and vanished, and reappear a moment later. We were able to communicate with it as if through telepathy. We were being invited to approach. We asked for this at the beginning of the night and were tested big time while out there, since we got stuck in the snow for an hour, and had to free ourselves! When we were stuck in the snow, we were just outside of Pickering, but afterwards when we saw the UFOs we were somewhere neither of us recognized even though after the stuck car incident we had began to drive straight back on Highway 7 to the city, and ended up way further north, almost near OTTAWA!!! We left my place at 6 PM and did not get back here until 6AM. We wished we had the courage to approach, but they were all across dark fields of snow and we realized we had to wait for next time. We are positively THRILLED by our experience! Our lives changed last night, forever.Thanks to Agnes Maria Sroczynski and Paul Privara

Italy Unknown Object Filmed

Tricase – On January 08, 2006, at 11:30 AM, I sighted an unidentified flying object moving in an east direction at a constant speed during a walk with my sons in marine locality greenhouse.

Photos can be viewed at: Thanks to Brian Vike

Spain: UFO Flotilla Photographed

Madrid --On Thursday, January 5, 2006, a fleet of spheres was recorded over the capital by Fortuna who was taking a walk in Madrid's northwestern section, photographing the landscape and some of the contrails left by passing airliners. She says, "The sun was behind me and I was looking north. I saw an airliner go by and suddenly I saw a group of elongated things coming in from the east."

At first I thought the airliner itself had ejected something, but then I concentrated my gaze on them and I had the sensation that they elongated objects flying in formation. They were small brilliant spheres that blinked and flew in two separate groups, heading west.

"They were not flying in a straight line, only making very small movements. I was stunned. It all took place very quickly, no more than a minute elapsed from the moment I saw them until I stopped seeing them. "Both groups traveled swiftly and at a near distance; it could be clearly seen that they flew together." (Translation (c) 2005, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Pablo Dessy) :

UK -- South Wales Stars Spun Around

Swansea, South Wales – I was looking up at the sky and noticed a number of stars twinkling and one star flashing, on January 14, 2006, 7:10 PM. I focused on this 'star' and two others both flashing. All three stars continued to flash. The object lowest in the sky moved away, the second one moved quickly after it, whereas the third which was highest in the sky continued to flash. I got the feeling that this had noticed me watching it. It began spinning and emanating a reddish/pinkish light. The other two became visible (behind a house), and all 3 objects were spinning simultaneously. Then this third object moved quickly after the other two and they all disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike

UK Strange Object Caught On Film

Neath -- I have a UFO photo taken on January 13, 2006, over Neath of a strange object. I only noticed it when I put it up on my computer. The photos were taken from my own property, using my Pentax Digital camera. I was trying out the zoom. Thats how I got this photo. HBCC UFO Research Note: These photos are copyrighted to the gentlemnan/ who resides in Neath. © M. Neath, UK 2006. Thank you to the fellow for allowing me to post the photos.

To view photos:

Norwich, Norfolk -- Rachel V. Kleypas-Sparrow writes, " A few years ago I sensed that a UFO was nearby so I took this image of the sky." The UFO in the cloud is shaped like a shield and is located at the bottom of the photo. The UFO was invisible to the naked eye. Although, I have had some sightings in the past where the craft were clearly visible, I find it interesting that the photos of the crafts that I sense are so vivid. The camera is able to pick up the details, when all I get is the sense of their presence.

Not long after I photographed this craft over my flat in July 2002, a neighbor said that she saw a large silver disk over our flat. She didn't mention it to anybody for fear of being ridiculed.

On two occasions I have seen a silver cigar shape. The first one was back in the 90's, when I was in the hospital. It was outside the window of my ward. The nurse watched it dumbfounded. My bed was right next to the window.

On the second occasion, it was December 2001 when we moved into our flat. It was in roughly the same location as the shield-like craft. Two young men had witnessed it, I didn't get their details, but their conversation spoke of their awe and amazement. They even wondered if anybody else had seen it. I was going to speak to them, as I was in my wheelchair and couldn't catch up to them (my husband was pushing me)-they moved away before I could say anything to them. I consider myself fortunate that I am able to get such evidence. I don't feel threatened by what I observe, or sense. I accept it. I have grown up with these anomalies since the age of four and have come to the conclusion that paranormal phenomenon is an extension of our existence in the universe. In other words, we accept the microscopic universe as an extension of life around us-the same applies to the paranormal. On both levels, we are always learning. They are part of us, as we are of the universe. I know it sounds philospical; however, I don't fear the microscopic world, nor should I fear the macroscopic world. Thanks to Rachel V. Kleypas-Sparrow

UFOs, Aliens, Nephilim, and Lights

Lisa S. McDaniel writes, "Since the beginning of creation of the earth and man, the Bible records bizarre phenomena that cannot be denied. In Genesis 6:4 we are told that the first angels God created (called the sons of God) came here and had sexual relations with human women. From this union a hybrid was produced called the Nephilim. This means it was a hybrid because it was half angel and half human. This was why God wiped all of the earth out with the flood. If He had not done this then the DNA seed that would produce Jesus would be contaminated and that couldn't be because Jesus is perfect and holy and the Son of God. He could not be born of corrupt seed. It also says in Genesis that the Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also after that. This means that they would return and have returned meaning both the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim and the original unholy sons of God are still with us. When God cast Satan out of Heaven, one third of the angels fell with him. Based on Scripture and Hebrew root words this means then that they were obviously unholy angels. So these unholy angels were having relations with human women and that is not all they have been up to and are still up to. They have also been masquerading as UFOs and aliens and they've been doing so for a long, long time. After all if Satan could morph into a snake there is no reason that he couldn't use this capability to morph into anything else, be it animate or inanimate. This explains many of the UFO sightings and the illusion they produce. Satan also comes as an angel of light according to Scripture and this would explain many of the lights in the sky. Satan is the master of illusions and delusions after all. This may all seem strange and “sci-fi”, but remember that Jesus being born to a virgin and resurrecting from the dead are also uncommon and “sci-fi” phenomena! What it should be called in reference to both sides of this spiritual coin, however, is sci-non-fi because it is science truth and not science untruth. In fact, this is the epitome of what nonfiction is. The first and best resource for studying UFO and alien phenomena is the first book ever published and printed…the Holy Bible. In essence then, taking all of this into serious and factual consideration, it makes perfect sense.

Even if you don't agree with the Bible's explanation, you have to agree that it is indeed worthy of consideration and it is something that you can further research for yourself. For further details on what God's Word says about all of this please see the website “Truth Revealers” at The mission is to reveal the Biblical and Spiritual Truth about UFOs and aliens. Please do not hesitate to email any questions you may have to . It would be my blessing and honor to hear from you. Thanks to Lisa S. McDaniel aka Truth Revealer

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