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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 14, 2006

George Filer:
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Sightings Increase

(These files are late this week due to problems with AOL emails. Sorry for the delay. Hyperlinks can no longer be used and photos can not be sent this week. You can go to to see photos.)

This week the Files cover: Presidents denied UFO information, Nefilim Masquerade, Area 51 Encounter, Sea Urchins and vegetation on Mars, an Artists Abduction in Germany.

Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted over California, Florida, Kentucky, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Texas. UFOs were also seen in Canada, Germany, Poland, and the Ukraine. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, many represent alien craft. The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe. Sacred ancient writings and our earliest structures such as the pyramids, and artifacts on the Moon and Mars point to alien intelligence. I observed an alien UFO on my radar and London Control had us intercept the UFO over England. Let us look for some of the evidence.

President's Clinton, Carter, and Ford, denied information about UFOs

President's such as Carter, Ford, and Clinton have claimed they were denied inside knowledge of UFOs. In an entry in President Clinton's diary posted January 6, 2005, he stated, "I was on the inside of the government, so I know there is more out there than meets the eye". He also said, "I never did get a clear answer about Area 51 from the ones with the security clearances". Clinton had an interest in the 1947 Roswell Incident, even bought a book on the subject, and asked Webster Hubbell to investigate the matter, which Hubbell was unable to do. Later Clinton said, "Sometimes you shouldn't ask questions why, you just have to accept reality".

I contacted President Ford through a friend and he also denied knowledge of UFOs. He indicated he tried on several occasions to obtain information. It seems that President's and people in leadership would need this information to make realistic policy and plans. President Bush has called for a program to return to the Moon and visit Mars. Speculation indicates, we have been denied access in the past.

Nefilim Masquerade

Lisa S. Mc Daniel writes, "The Nefilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were old men of renown. Genesis 6:4.

Let's break this down with simple common sense thinking. Here are a few rhetorical questions for you to ponder. First, why would God's Word call a common man that particular name "Nefilim"? The Nefilim were a different form of a being; hence the reason they were given their own name. God's Word says they "were on the earth in those days". If the Nefilim were just offspring of common human men and women, which obviously would mean they were born common human men, where else would they actually be other than on earth?!!! If God made a point to tell us that they were on the earth during that time then it is common sense to see that they had another dwelling place and that they had actually come to the earth from somewhere. They did! They were cast out of heaven! It's no mistake on God's part to tell us this vital information. If the Nefilim were just common human men, then why didn't God just say men came in to the daughters of men instead of calling them "sons of God"? This is because the very first "sons of God" are indeed the angels that were with Him when He created the earth. So, there is a distinct differentiation between the two terms when referring to who or what fathered these Nefilim. Then we are told that the result of relations between human women and the "sons of God" bore these Nefilim offspring as a result of that union. The Scripture says they were "mighty". The word "mighty" implies size and strength and they most definitely stood out.

The term Nefilim comes from the verb naphal meaning "to fall" or "fallen ones". In the Septuagint version, the word "giants" is used and this translates as "gigantes" or "earth born". So, all of this Scripture tells us that the Nefilim were earth-born and are the giant fallen ones of the earth. Now, who or what do you think they might be? The Nefilim of course. All this said, it now becomes obvious that the 1/3 of the fallen angels that followed Satan out of Heaven had manifest themselves as men in the flesh, had relations with human women, and produced a hybrid being called the Nefilim. There are four times that "sons of God" is used in the OT (Old Testament) and each time it translates in the Hebrew as B'nai Elohim, a term that always refers to angels. In Job 1 when Satan went before God in reference to Job, the "sons of God" came with him. Who else would accompany Satan but those that fell with him? His fallen angels (B'nai Elohim) of course. Now before anyone gets confused, let me clarify why the "sons of God" in the OT are different than the ones in the NT. In summary and very basically the "sons of God" in the NT are the actual "children of God", meaning us! Depiction of their craft.

So, we have fallen angels ("sons of God") having unnatural relations with human women who produced a violent giant called the Nefilim and who were very, very evil beings. This offspring is obviously a hybrid being...meaning it is half angel and half human. IF the Nefilim the offspring of unholy angels and human women, were just common men, God would have dealt with their "sin" just as He did with Adam and Eve and their subsequent descendants, nothing more, nothing less, plain and simple. God has dealt with humans' sin in human terms and that is through discipline and sometimes punishment. But He found all of the unholy relations and results thereof to be such an abomination that it actually grieved God. His emotional reaction to this situation is to wipe the whole earth out with the flood! Noah and his wife, sons and their wives, had not had any relations with these fallen angels or the Nefilim, so God found "favor" with Noah. He knew they were not contaminated by this unnatural seed of the sons of God. You see, Jesus couldn't be born from a contaminated seed and lineage! In order for this to happen, God took no chances of any Nefilim later having relations with any of the offspring of Noah's family to keep a pure bloodline to later produce a baby called Jesus., who died for us! Thanks to Lisa S. Mc Daniel

Mars Vegetation

European Space Agency Image of valley on Mars.

Mars Sea Urchins

Sir Charles at Xenotech Research reports some of the best images from the Opportunity Rover were released very early in the mission. Sol 028 microscopic images at right above contained some of the best and clearest features and are still outstanding in content and detail. I have located a terrestrial urchin that matches the most prominent features of this particular fossil organism well enough for the uninitiated to see for themselves.

A - the cleft that appears on so many of the spherules, similar to the cleft on a peach
B - the margins around the cleft that are raised and divided by sutures, almost like lips
C - shallower clefts that surround the major cleft in a roughly pentagonal manner
D - a prominent single bump at the apex of the shell on both the terrestrial Sea Gopher (left) and the Martian urchin (right)

There are other features that are fainter but that match perfectly. Note that many trillions of the "blueberries" have this cleft so prominently that it can be seen in the panoramic images as well as the microscopic images. Sea urchins are close relatives of sea biscuits and sand dollars, and all share many features of their anatomy. Many of the Martian specimens are clearly sand dollars, others are like sea biscuits, and some are clearly urchins. All three classes existed on Mars, just as they do in our seas here on Earth. Thanks to Sir Charles W. Shults III, K. B. B.

Area 51 Encounter

LAS VEGAS – Ken writes, “I spent ten years in the Air Force reserves and did active duty for the Desert Storm conflict. My wife and I decided to visit Area 51 and on April 10, 2006, we drove from Vegas to Rachel, Nevada on Route 375 and stopped in the Little Ale Inn to see the historic restaurant with all the UFO pictures and articles about the area. Around 4 PM we decided to drive up to the back gate of area 51, only a half mile from the restaurant. We were around five miles into our sightseeing journey, on this large gravel road, when all a sudden a very strange and loud noise traveled over our car. I ducked down in my seat and my wife did the same. We then looked outside the car and did not see anything. We did see a couple F- 16 flying around, earlier in the day, but at about 2000 feet. My wife's first reaction was to look at me and say," Did you hear that "? The noise was very strange and reminded me of the noise, that the car made in the Jetson's TV show. My wife is now a believer. We finally did make it to the back gate of area 51 and took some pictures of the signs on the gate. The drive back to route 375 was uneventful, but that trip is something we will never forget. Thanks to Ken

Kentucky Train Hits UFO Continued

Paintsville -- Robby Vaughn is further investigating the story of a train hitting a UFO. The milepost on the Big Sandy start at 0.0 which is at Big Sandy Junction exactly 10 miles south of Russell Yard in Russell, KY. The only RR bridge north of CMG 42 (52 miles south of Russell) would be the one a few dozen feet north of RB Cabin at CMG 27.3 (37.3 miles south of Russell).

This bridge is a single track monster of a truss design. This means the bridge structure fully surrounds the train as it passes not only over the bridge but through it making it almost impossible for something to be "hovering" over the bridge in the path of a train. Perhaps if the object had been located at the very end of the structure? This bridge is also in a fairly populated area on the southern side of Louisa, KY. I do have a friend at work who has a family farm very near here and I asked him if he had heard anything about this. He has not. Around CMG 42.0, there is a two-lane highway overpass that spans the tracks and the river. Something could have been suspended from the overpass, which the engines could have impacted, however, how massive an object would this have been to inflict the reported damage. I guess something like a car could have been suspended over the bridge with a wrecker or crane and had enough mass to do some damage but not enough to tear up two engines and two loaded coal cars. The only RR bridge south of CMG 42 is almost 10 more mile to the south and on single track which doesn't go along with the story.

This is a shot at RB Cabin. The actual bridge is not visible but is just out of sight to the left of the train. Most of this train would either be on the bridge or yet to cross. I'll try and find some more shots from the area and the wrecked locos this weekend for you. Thanks to Robby Vaughn Unconfirmed reports indicate " Other railroad employees heard about the crash and saw large amounts of coal spilled near the crash site. The train men from Russell were held off the job for several days.

California Photo

MODESTO -- R. David Anderson writes, "I was outside on June 9, 2006, with my equipment ready to do some sky watching. ( Which I do often ) At about 9:20 PM, I observed many high flying jets that were circling above my location. The jets appeared from the East and circled above my residence, making 180 degree turns back towards the East again. I saw this happen again and again. This may have been the same two jets circling many times in the same pattern. At around 9:30, I observed a white disk or oval light move directly North. Jets were moving close behind the unidentified object. I took a picture of this, aiming my camera up a full 90 degrees to get the shot. The picture shows a jet chem trail that is just behind the unidentified object. The sky was clear, a full moon was to the Southeast, light winds of about 10 - 15 mph, many stars were visible. There are a few stars evident in the picture. The location in the sky of this image is slightly to the West of the constellation Bootes Close Up View: Thanks to R. David Anderson

Oakland -- It was a clear hot afternoon on May 29, 2006, at 2:32 PM, when I noticed a very low flying plane. Since we were on a slow moving freeway it had been in my field of vision for at least 3 minutes. There was nothing else in the sky, so I centered my full attention on this object that had a brilliant whiteness around it that fluctuated. I thought it was heat reflecting from the wings. The body was fat, shiny black, but short, it was big, but it began to appear more ball-like, than long. The traffic had come to a stop momentarily and that is when I noticed the object was moving much too slow for such a heavy looking plane, it was practically hovering. It moved so slowly that the white part that I had initially thought was hot wings began really fluctuating and getting thinner. The craft had been turning all the time and now a different position of it was facing parallel to me. I could see the whole side of it and there were no wings. It seemed to be covered in silver spikes, because the sun threw them into the light, and made the rest in shadow. Where there were no spikes, the body of the craft was shiny black. The front of the craft from the side looked like a gaping angel fish with its mouth wide open. Wavy heat haze surrounded this craft, when it rotated even further I saw a red line extending from the head or front of it, with a large red ball at the end of it. This is what made me think it looked very much like a deep sea angel fish. The red line and ball were in a fixed position and seemed to be firmly attached to the front of this thing. I realized I was looking at a genuine daytime UFO! I was not going to take my eye off this excellent specimen of strangeness!

Then 'poof!' As huge and solid as it was it disappeared right in front of my eyes, it didn't accelerate, it just was not there. I had to smile. A week later on this same freeway at about the same time, but going SW this time, I noticed planes flying out from the nearby airport, they all looked basic with wings. It was a clear hot day but none of them caught the reflection of the Sun. Suddenly I noticed a bright flare-up in the sky. It was a fuselage horizontal to me, but as the glare died down it just appeared silver, like a cigar. I quickly dismissed it for a plane, when it went 'poof' and disappeared in front of my eyes. I have begun to rethink my position on there are no UFO's flying thru Oakland, and in broad daylight yet! I must remember to outfit the car with binoculars and a video camera. Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH

Florida UFO's Hovering & Dancing

Daytona Beach -- On June 6, 2006, at 9:30 my girlfriends residence and I must say, UFO's are in full bloom on this side of town. Today is 6-7-06 and that means that last night at 6-6-06 around 9:30 PM Eastern time, I along with my girlfriend saw not only one but many UFO's hovering and dancing in the night skies. We both used the same pair of binoculars although these objects can be seen visibly with the naked eye, we were taking turns. A while back I had a triangular UFO sighting in the the Bronx. I am currently in Daytona Beach, and noticed UFOs, so I immediately asked my girlfriend to hurry and go into the local Wal-Mart and purchase me a pair of binoculars to observe this strange activity. I am very happy to say that not to long ago I showed my girlfriend her first UFO in this same area, and as she is a professional photographer, I had her take photos. I firmly believe that the Velusia County area (where me and my girlfriend are at now) or North Central Florida in general is indeed a hot spot for UFO activity. I could not get photos last night as there has been a string of robberies in my girlfriends apartment complex. Thanks Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH

Daytona Beach -- On June 6, 2006, at 9:30 my girlfriends residence and I must say, UFO's are in full bloom on this side of town. Today is 6-7-06 and that means that last night at 6-6-06 around 9:30 PM Eastern time, I along with my girlfriend saw not only one but many UFO's hovering and dancing in the night skies. We both used the same pair of binoculars although these objects can be seen visibly with the naked eye, we were taking turns. A while back I had a triangular UFO sighting in the the Bronx. I am currently in Daytona Beach, and noticed UFOs, so I immediately asked my girlfriend to hurry and go into the local Wal-Mart and purchase me a pair of binoculars to observe this strange activity. I am very happy to say that not to long ago I showed my girlfriend her first UFO in this same area, and as she is a professional photographer, I had her take photos. I firmly believe that the Velusia County area (where me and my girlfriend are at now) or North Central Florida in general is indeed a hot spot for UFO activity. I could not get photos last night as there has been a string of robberies in my girlfriends apartment complex. Thanks Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH

Minnesota UFO Video

Green Lake --This siting is being reported by Mufon Field Investigator Preston Mattke on June 7th, 2006. It was related to me by the three individuals who experienced this incident. The incident took place on Sept.22, 2005 when high school juniors at the time out on a video assignment from their video production class in near-by New London-Spicer High School.

The lads were out in a farm yard with their digital video recorder filming a scene from a movie they were making. Several scenes were recorded that day. Surprising to them after reviewing their footage the next day back in class was their discovery in one scene of a mysterious streak racing across the screen background at such speed that it appeared just to be a blur. They asked me one day if I would like to see the blur. They had not taken the time to freeze-frame the blur until our discussion. I asked them to freeze it so we could see what it was. It turned out to be a very saucer looking craft racing above a cornfield in there background. They made a short movie of the incident and provided me with a copy of the actual speed sequence supplemented with some stop-action clips and graphics explaining the whole event. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Bright Red Lights

Long Branch --It was around one thirty AM on May 28, 2006, when my sister and I were sitting on a second floor balcony, we decided to try to get on the roof for a better view from the twelfth floor. As we got out of the elevator, we noticed very bright red lights stationary about three hundred yards in the air, and about a mile or two away from our location to our left. We focused in and noticed that it was not moving in any direction simply floating in the sky. I was sure that the light was in front of the fog. Fifteen minutes went by with this object in the same position above the ocean. I inferred from its fix that it was gathering information about that particular region of the sea. About twenty minutes had passed when we noticed a small white ball, about the twice the size of a star appear in the sky ejected from the left side of this red-lit object.

It continued on a straight path slowly for about five minutes, seemingly probing the area, until it stopped, and returned to where it had come from. The moment the orb had made its entry, the craft began slowly moving southeast, and using reference points on the ground, We tracked its movement until it disappeared into the mist. We both felt our presence was acknowledged by whomever was piloting the craft. My sister's eyes were indicating her fear over interest. MUFON CMS

Woodbury – In February 2006, I was at home in my 3rd floor apartment watching the sun set when a bright "slash" (for lack of a better word) in the sky caught my eye. At first, I thought it was a small contrail reflecting in the sun but after watching it, I determined that it was a solid object and not water vapor.

The "slash" continued very slowly to the southwest, occasionally stopping for a minute or two before disappearing from my view behind some trees. Over the next couple of days, I saw these "slashes" frequently, always at the same time of day and always in the same part of the sky. They would just blink on. Occasionally, I would see up to eight in the sky at once. I'm still not sure what they are. I was thinking maybe satellites but they didn't really look or behave like them. Whatever they are, they look like some pictures I saw on the Internet (that's why I'm posting mine). I have included three photos. Thanks to MUFON MCS.

New Mexico Strange Lights and Video

Lordsburg -- Benjie Medina writes, "In May 2006, we had a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night that continued into June that Ramon Ortiz is capturing on video. The light colored disc hovered in the sky, while a commercial airliner with contrail flew past. It stayed in our area for over ten minutes. Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramon Ortiz

NOGAL -- I was given this email to report some strange things we have seen from our home during June 2006. We recently installed a hot tub outside our house on a mountain top in SE New Mexico and my family and I routinely go outside and watch the stars after the sun goes down. We are familiar with most of the stars we see every night and the occasional flashing lights of jets that cross the night sky. But lately we have seen some odd lights that travel in random directions and appear to move like “drunk drivers,” swaying to the left and right and appearing to stop and go against the background of our familiar stars. Sometimes these objects become very bright – as bright as the brightest stars – then suddenly go dark and disappear. They make no noise. It has become a nightly event for us and we often tell guests about what we see, noting their smirks and disbelief. But, then, when we invite them to view these objects they become, like us, perplexed and addicted to watching them all night. I don't know if these are “space junk” reflecting the light or some kind of weather balloons but their erratic trajectory and speed seem to dispute the theory that they are high flying jets. Anyway, I just had to tell someone about this. Thanks Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH

North Carolina A Long White Object

Southern Cumberland County -- I had a sighting in Bladen/Cumnberland County, June 1st. I was on the same road highway 87 going south as I work in Tarheel, and I had another one, a sighting of a long white slender object on June 2, 2006, at 2:30 PM I was about 1/2 mile away. It was right near the power-lines again and as I watched, it disappeared into a cloud. I went up to Dandelion Lane and made a U-turn heading north. I pulled over for about 5 minutes waiting to see it again, but I didn't see anything. The object was going in the same direction as the last one. It was June 2, 2006, I went back to my calendar to make sure. It was a partly cloudy day and approximately 2:30 PM. I went back to check other sightings in that area and found one near School Rd. which is right in that same area. It appears we have a hot spot here. Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH

Ohio Disc Shot on Video

FOSTORIA – A cigar shaped flying object was videotaped by George Ritter on May 28, 2006. The top object is frame #1 in the video, the bottom is frame #2. The objects shot in video are moving at over 1000 mph. Thanks to George Ritter

Mel Reckling writes, "George Ritter's work has had film crews from all over the world at his house and was nice enough to let us come to his house 2 years ago for 6 hours in which time we were able to watch a small fraction of the 560+ videos he has. Some people have thought George Ritter's shots were birds and bugs. I posted 50 pictures of birds and bugs that he provided in addition to UFOs.

George Ritter welcomes and encourages all scientific analysis of his work. He even puts that statement on all the Filer's Files. I can see no problem with credibility on George's part, he is as meticulous, dedicated and thorough as one can get. Snip. Thanks to Mel Reckling

Oklahoma Four Flying Objects

TULSA -- Thomas Thomson reports he was driving north on I 44 on March 3, 1999 between Yale and Sheridan Streets. At 3:23 PM he observed four flying objects with two similar objects flying "Wingmen." They crossed the sky in front of me about 500 feet. I am a commercially rated pilot keen on WWII vintage aircraft and flew sixty missions in Korean Skyraider AD4NL's. They had no rudder or empenage. They appeared something like a ball about the size of a VW Beetle. The ships were shiny silver in color and had two, small delta-shaped wings. They moved in perfect formation of four and two with no sound. There is no irregularity to be observed in their formation. They flew so evenly fluid; so perfect in formation; so unlike anything human pilot's could achieve. I watched them drop to an altitude precisely level with the 8th floor of a building they pass on their left side. Is this an illusion? They seemed higher --and now so low. I turn my head to check traffic in front of me. I turned my head back toward the building that marks passage of the flying objects. They speed away at Mach velocity and are gone. Oh, no! Don't tell me, I have to say I just witnessed six UFO's slipping through Tulsa. I cannot deny it. I will take a polygraph. Thanks to CAUS and Thanks to tommy (TL) thomson

Texas Object Changes Shape

Lake O' The Pines -- On June 8, 2006 at 6:59 PM, I was at the lake shore and spotted an extremely bright object to my east after looking for a jet I heard in that general direction. My mother was with me, and my dog came along for a walk with us. My mother eventually spotted the object. My dog didn't react at all, though she's nearly ten and is somewhat hard of hearing. My mother had her 10 X 50 binoculars with her, and I had my 10- 30 X 50 binoculars with me to which I've mounted my camera, which is a Canon Powershot S2 IS with a 1.5 teleconverter lens, making the optical zoom a full 18X. We watched the object through our binoculars for approximately seven minutes until we could no longer see it due to distance. I snapped 423 (yes, four hundred twenty-three!) pictures of the object as I viewed it through my binoculars. The object made no sound that we could hear, and it drifted slowly west (just about directly over us), then south, then southwest of us where we finally lost sight of it. There was only a little amount of breeze from various directions as I recall. It was quite high I believe, but I have no way to judge its actual altitude or size. With my unaided eye it was just a very small white dot, though it was very bright.

It changed shapes frequently throughout the time we saw it, and the picture sequence confirms this. The object was definitely not a plane or a bird or bug, though I'm not really sure what it is. I believe if it were a cluster of balloons I would have been able to tell while looking at it through my binoculars as well as looking at the pictures of it. I can only assume that it was self-illuminated due to its extreme brightness and that what we saw was the result of plasma surrounding a craft rather than the actual structure of the craft itself.Thanks Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH To view photos:

Canada Sightings Increase

Bienfait, Saskatchewan -- On June 2, 2006, between 11:30 and midnight the kids were just getting out from the hot tub. It was very calm and quiet outside. Clear evening. The dogs barked and my girlfriend and I turned to see coming from behind the house heading northward to be a very bright bluish green object streaking across the sky. We could even see it through the trees as for its brightness. We both ran out the driveway but it had already disappeared. It was traveling at a very great speed, probably thousands of miles per hour but without a sonic boom more than likely because of the distance it was away. It seemed quite close, but also could have been a very great distance away. The brightness and color would have been equivalent to a welding arc or magnesium burning, but with a hint of green. What struck me as odd was it did not make an arc due to gravitational pull. It went straight. I have seen many, many meteors but never with the duration of burn and the straightness in its path as this one. I still think what everyone saw was a meteor. But I've been known to be wrong in the past.Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH

HBCC UFO Research Note: On June 2, there were numerous reports that have come in from Manitoba and Saskatchewan reporting on the same object all around the same time and date. Thanks Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH

Fort Qu'Appelle Echo Lake, Saskatchewan Light Comes Down Into Lake

Early evening on June 5, 2006, a bright flash of light came down into the lake. Other people saw the same thing from around the community. And tonight some of the guys saw green lights when they were coming back from a ball game in Regina along side the road in the sky ? Thanks Brian Vike, HBCC UFO RESEARCH

Germany Lintel Lake Abduction Continued

Piotr Cielebias writes he has received a report from a renowned Polish Artist who encountered a strange aircraft in vicinity of the Lintel Lake, Germany in August 1981. The witness saw a UFO land next to the lake at about 5:30 AM, and he went on board.

The Aliens on the craft were quite short, measuring 1.2 - 1.5 m. [the witness is 1.71 m.]. The witness did not notice sexual organs. Beings' palms were more slender than these of human and their fingers were longer. They had no toes or had shoes on their feet. The witness noticed rounded nails on their fingers. Their feet were round and had slightly pulsating lines. It seemed as if aliens were rhythmically balancing their bodies with toes. They wore something resembling poppy seeds on their legs protected by something resembling thin, nylon stocking. Their skin was smooth and reflected light. Their bodies were sometimes transparent - for example when the alien was checking out the bike he was semi-transparent. However, the beings that accompanied the fisherman were more material and well visible.

They moved in the same way as we do but probably aren't able to run and jump. The head was large in comparison with the trunk with delicate and little clods like hair on his head. They were slim but their trunks were not proportional.

The ears and nose are almost identical as those of a man, but the nose holes are more visible. The face resembles an Asian with perhaps a little bit smaller and thinner mouth but always slightly opened and without any grimace. The brows have protruding bones, with no hair, but slight clods like those on the head]. Both upper and lower eyelids are longer and lower as those of man. They were blinking irregularly and lazy. The eyeballs are somewhat large and not matching to eyelids. Pupils were getting small and colorless. The witness supposed that due to an omnipresent light their eyes are receiving every message.

Due to a built-in special system they are able to get into every beam, take control over it and read the information carried by it. Light may be their source of energy? Telepathic messages received by the witness onboard the UFO craft indicated they are on an advanced level where they don't have to eat food.. He was told that life on their planed is based on silica [Si] and they nourish directly. But the messages didn't describe what they eat. The witness supposes that they feed with light. Other cases involving contacts with ET seem to confirm the fact. He states, "What could be impossible for a man, for the Lord is achievable." He feels a mysterious force intervened in his life

Description of UFO Craft -- The craft was dark-green, gray metallic color that seemed to be a part of the environment. The surface was smooth and reflected sunlight that gave an impression of lighting. The craft looked like a uniform casting that in some instances could be invisible because it was bright being on a bright background and dark on the dark background. It seemed to be semi-transparent. There were no windows, holes, joints or aerials. When it was hovering over the harbor a strong light emerged from its bottom. A low and stunning hum sound emitted by the object that could be heard two kilometers away. It was reducing with approaching the object and consequently 1 - 1.5 m. away from the craft it wasn't heard at all. The craft possibly could change its shape. When it was flying over the lake, it had a huge cabin on the top but a similar one element on the bottom was hardly visible. When it was hovering over the shed the upper cabin was smaller and the lower element was much more visible.

Speed: It was very hard to estimate its speed. The UFO was slowly moving toward the harbor [20 km/h ?] and for some time it was motionlessly hovering over the lake. There was a strong and intense smell resembling burning rubber , that still causes him to feel sick, thinking about that smell. A similar object was photographed near the Linter Lake in 1980. The photo was published in a book of Ernest Meckelburg. Source: Marcin Mizera - NPN © : by: Piotr Cielebias: NOL - Polish UFO Journal © 2006 [


Poznan -- On May 26th 2006 Mrs. Paulina took a photo of a chance UFO in Jezyce forest in Poznan. "I went to the forest with my mate and my dog in order to take some photos and we managed to take a strange photo. We were taking photos for fun and we downloaded them on my computer in my house. One of the photos surprised us because we hadn't seen something like it before. I don't know what it is but it looks like a UFO in my opinion. My dad told me that it is just a malfunction of the camera and he ordered me to remove the photo because there isn't anything strange on it. But I decided to send it. The photo was taken with Casio EX S500 camera. After initial examination a photo expert said that the photo isn't a hoax but the object remains mysterious. Thanks to NPN © - , by: Piotr Cielebias: NOL - Eastern European UFO Journal © 02/06/06, []

Ukraine Massive UFO Invasion

MARIUPOL -- The city of half-million people positioned on the northern shore of the Sea of Azov in eastern Ukraine, experienced an invasion of UFOs in its skies during the whole first week of June. People were phoning the newspapers and other media by the hundreds reporting "armadas of unidentified flying objects", appearing even during daytime. The "Facty" newspaper in Kiev in its Friday, June 9, 2006. issue reported that watchmen of "Azov -Intex" industrial metallurgical plant and "Azov Steel" observed the first mass invasion of UFOs. At 9:00 AM in the morning Nikolay Trinitsyn attention was drawn by the fast flying lighted spheres. They were very clearly visible even in broad daylight. He counted 20 (two dozens) of them! UFOs were flying from the side of seaport, passing by "Azov Steel" towards the left bank of the gulf. Nikolay called his partners, watched for this phenomenon during ten minutes before the UFOs vanished. The day before UFOs were observed in the evening sky by the residents of opposite living areas of Mariupol' city. Witnesses in the Western area stated that they saw six objects that might have NATO aircraft (since massive hysteria is connected with the coming international military maneuvers in Southern Ukraine). However , witnesses were sure this is definitely wrong, the objects were real UFOs). The objects were flying from Crimean peninsula towards the cities of Donetsk and Khar'kov. Dmitriy Osin, the duty officer of the battalion of Radio-technical troops of Ukrainian Air Force, informed the local media that their "radar stations didn't detect anything supernatural". Other radars did not detect suspicious objects or NATO aircraft." Nikolay Skripnik, special correspondent of "Facts" stated, “ This is not the first time UFOs are invisible for Ukrainian radars.” We have also registered more than ten UFO observations since the beginning of this-year in sky over Crimean peninsula. The theory speculates that there is probably a UFO base under the Sea of Azov, which is activated periodically with incoming alien expeditions to this area. This time of anti-NATO hysteria and social turmoil in southern Ukraine connected with military maneuvers is probably the special one which the aliens paid their attention to. Thanks to Dr. Anton A. Anfalov, PhD., Crimea UFO Research, Simferopol', Ukraine, e-mail:

Press Release on New UFO Film

Jose Escamilla -- We are making the film available for individuals and groups or organizations worldwide to be able to premiere "UFO-The Greatest Story Ever Denied" to as many people starting on the release date of July 8, 2006. This is the 59th year anniversary of the Roswell UFO Crash. The film will be screened by as many people all over the world that we can gather. Perhaps you may be interested in hosting and I urge everyone to join us in releasing the film to the world. Sincerely, Jose Escamilla

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