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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 26, 2006

George Filer:
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Dedicated to Georgie Filer V whose motto was "Be Happy"

Saucers Are Back

Shuttle Video-tapes White Saucer from Space

I phoned Jeff Challender regarding the Space Shuttle Discovery flight, STS-121 that launched from Kennedy Space Center, on 4 July 2006. Jeff stated, "The following event was broadcast "live" to the public on NASA Select TV channel, on Flight Day 5, at 8:43 PM CDT the evening of 8 July 2006. Discovery and the International Space Station were cruising high above Brazil. The Instrument and Communication Officer in Houston - had the low-light black & white camera in Discovery's payload bay pointing to the west. In view were the Western Amazon basin, as well as the Andes Mountains. The crew were in their sleep period when all of this took place. Several hundred miles below, active thunder storms could be seen, and lightning was flashing randomly. It was then that SOMETHING very weird was seen moving under the cloud deck below. Subsequently, this object emerged from the clouds at very high speed, and appeared to shoot east towards the bottom of image!

The white object at the bottom center of photo is the saucer. Due to the fact that the Shuttle/Station Complex was orbiting in excess of 220 miles above the Earth, this object MUST have been MANY MILES in diameter! This is one of the rare cases in which we DO have a frame of reference to judge the actual distance of the anomaly. This because the object rose FROM the clouds far beneath Discovery's camera. This thing is almost certain to be SELF-LUMINOUS, as the event took place near local midnight.

A second later, at very bottom of image the saucer has moved further East.

The Sun was NOT a factor here. There was a very bright Moon shining down that night, but Lunar light is hardly strong enough to account for the luminosity of the anomaly. The video should be seen at: (You may need to cut and paste the address)

Thanks to Jeff Challender Project Prove© 2006.


This weeks files report on the Saucer video taped from Shuttle Discovery, and ancient flying Pterosaur-like creatures reported in. New Guinea

Unidentified Flying Objects were spotted over: Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Oregon, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. UFOs were also seen in Australia, Canada, Germany, Costa Rica, Poland and the United Kingdom.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, represent technologically-advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. Uncorrelated targets enter our atmosphere four or five times a week. Uncorrelated targets are those not contained in computer banks of objects in space. The frequent visits to our planet indicate we humans are under scrutiny while minerals, food and water are being taken. The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it allegedly disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe.

FAA Division Investigated UFOs

John Callahan states, "I was the Division Chief of the Accidents and Investigations Branch of the FAA in Washington DC for six years. He informed us that at this time UFOs were tracked by multiple radars. Last week Files, told the story of the 1986 Japanese Airlines 747 flight that was followed by a huge UFO for 31 minutes over Alaska.

Bruce Maccabee wrote, Readers who would like the full details of the JAL 1628 incident which Mr. Callahan has referred to above can read the full report on the event, based on all the material Mr. Callahan had (and more) at

Florida UFO Appears Twice

Fort Pierce --On the evenings of June 24 and 25, 2006, my girlfriend and I were both witnesses to UFO events. Earlier in the afternoon I found my night-vision monocular and decided it would be fun to look at the stars through the monocular later in the evening. Around midnight, we turned off the lights in my condominium and turned on the night-vision monocular to see a bright star.

Once in focus to my amazement, I noticed movement of a dimly glowing circular object in the reticule. The object gave off a glow, and I told my girlfriend, "Honey, I think there is a satellite orbiting at phenomenal speed straight across the sky. The NASA web site indicated there were no satellites visible. We scanned the sky the next night. Again at 2354 hours, my girlfriend spotted a spherical red object traveling east at even a higher rate of speed than the night before. In the night-vision monocular the round object gave off a dim glow that we tracked for 3-5 seconds. Then, it performed two sudden sharp turns, disappearing behind a cloud lower on the horizon. Being a veteran of the U.S. military, I was convinced this was no conventional aircraft. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Coral Springs - My name is Carmen Padila and the image was taken July 14, 2006. My email

Illinois Flying Triangle V shaped amber lights

Raddle -- On June 30, 2006, at 10:40 PM, in the country near the Mississippi River a silent object was spotted near the radio tower hovering about the height of the tower. I really couldn't determine its shape but it had amber colored lights in the shape of a curved V. My husband stopped his truck and got out to listen but the object was silent. My husband phoned me and said his hair was standing up. He almost went to the nearest house just so someone else could witness the object. He hurried to work to see if a co-worker would return to the site with him. He watched the object for eight minutes and eventually he could no longer see it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center

Indiana Subject: Roger's sky figure attached

ALLEN COUNTY -- Here is the strange figure that I took a photo of in February while investigating a UFO sighting. This dark object was photographed on 35 mm Fuji film when I was taking reference shots of a field where a UFO sighting and car disappeared. It appears to be a figure of some type. This area is known for strange happenings and UFO sightings, just north of Fort Wayne Indiana. Thanks to Roger Sugden MUFON Indiana North ASD.

Kansas Two UFOs Exit a Larger Craft

Kansas City -- I was at my Mother's house staying overnight on June 26, 2006, with her when I awakened at 3:47 AM, and had a nagging feeling to go outside and look up. I went out on the back patio and saw a white round shaped object traveling southwest almost straight overhead. The night sky was clear with a few scattered wispy clouds and stars were clearly visible. The object appeared to be a satellite, but I thought it a little large. It was traveling fast but was very high up so it took a while to move across the sky. I watched it travel along a straight line from 45 to 30 degrees from the horizon.

The thought that it could be a UFO came into my mind. It started wavering, then stopped dead and immediately reversed direction, traveled a short distance then stopped. Two smaller objects came out of it and moved downwards, one to the right and one to the left in an upside down V pattern. I kept my eyes on the larger object for 17 minutes and watched as it faded out as if moving away from the earth out into space. I did not find the other objects in the sky after that and don't know where they went. I returned was 4:05. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Massachusetts Silver Disk

Randolph --I was driving on Route 95 heading down to the Cape on June 26, 2006, at 11 PM. I was driving about 77 mph, and looked up and saw a disk with a hole in the middle. It was shiny silver, thin and it was not very big. The way that it was moving across the sky it reminded me of a Frisbee that was thrown sloppy. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Michigan Oval and Videos of UFOs

Sault Ste. Marie, MI -- On June 28, 2006, I was preparing my backyard for concrete about 11 AM, when a big object flew over my neighbor's house at about 750 feet altitude. There was a 300 feet tall radio tower right under the object. I grabbed my 12 x 50 binoculars and viewed the object for 35 minutes without any movement or noise at all. I made a drawing on my clipboard of this unbelievable object that was tall and slender with a long shaft coming out from the bottom. On the top, at an angle from the top and side, was a chrome mirrored dome. A chrome gold reflection came from around that same area. The dome turned towards me then stopped and a small object came out from the bottom of the long shaft and floated towards the top.

It stopped beside the top of the craft and orbited around it twice before connecting itself to the top. Then, the dome turned back towards the northeast and it never left that position the whole time. Right then I called my father-in-law and the police dispatcher to send someone over. The dispatcher laughed. My mother-in-law arrived by herself five minutes after I called but the police didn't. She viewed it through the binoculars as well and couldn't believe it as we both watched for twenty minutes. My neighbor came and viewed it for over ten minutes before it disappeared into the sky. It would move a little bit and stop. It did that about three or four times heading south and then it just moved slowly and disappeared behind a cloud. My mother-in-law called the police department and talked to one of the officers at the desk and asked why they didn't go out on the call, and they said they were never dispatched. The officers came over later but did not see the craft.

Neighbor's Report -- I came home at about 11:15 am to find my neighbor and his mother-in- law looking through binoculars at a UFO. I looked through the binoculars for myself and saw a flying object that I could not identify. It had two sections, the front or first section was a rectangle with an off center point The second section or end was a longer thinner rectangle about three times as long with a different surface than the first. The first appeared to be solid material; the 2nd was a more open construction like a cell tower would look. My neighbor saw a piece from the end section go up and attach to the front. At that moment, he called the police, who did not respond until his mother-in-law (who is the wife of a policeman) called again. I am a hairdresser, age 52. My neighbor is in his late twenties and owns his own company. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center

Flat Rock -- On June 30, 2006, at 1 AM an oval shaped UFO with two revolving lights disappeared into the woods slowly. I presumed it was a plane at first that had two lights, a red and a white light revolved around the object. The object was flying relatively low to the ground and disappeared into trees off Gibraltar Road. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center

Wacousta -- Patty Donahue writes, "Here are more of the pictures for comparison. This first one is definitely an "odd" one. I was very humiliated at first, but...this proves how intelligent "they" are."

Michelle sent you the story about her Dad' sighting, not I. Thanks to Patty Donahue for the correction.

This photo is very similar to those captured by George Ritter in Ohio.

Eagle - Michelle S. wrote, "I am a believer and always have been since about 1977. When I was ten years old and my Dad told my Mom, he and his buddies were traveling through the desert on their overloaded Honda motorcycles and that he barely had room to sit, but he had a comfortable ride." He told me, "An object came from the west and just sat there and hovered before them on the desert road glowing orange and blue with white lights underneath. I will always remember his face when he was telling this to my Mom. I do not for one-second think Earth is the only life form out there. No one will ever convince me otherwise. Thanks to Michelle

I have another picture taken July 4, 2006. My husband was in the yard lighting sparklers and fireworks for our kids while I was taking pictures of the activities when this appeared for only a second over my garage. I cropped the picture and zoomed in on the area, but not too much as it became blurry.Thanks to Michelle

New Mexico UFO Sightings

Lordsburg -- Benjie Medina writes, "For several months we have had a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night near the Mexican border that Ramon Ortiz is capturing on video. The light hovered in the sky, and periodically changed shape, while other aircraft flew by. Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramon Ortiz

North Carolina UFO Filmed.

HIGH POINT - On July 1, 2006, I video-taped a high-altitude balloon at 8:44 PM, and nearby I spotted a stationary UFO that appeared as a small, white object probably no more than a few feet in size but at very high altitude (30,000-60,000 feet). Below is an enhanced picture of the small object (in opposite contrast). I noticed this object as the balloon passed almost in line with it.

Approximately five minutes later, just after the balloon ruptured and sent its payload downward by parachute, two transport-size planes flying even with each other at a lower altitude traveled right through the area where the balloon and UFO had been taped. I noticed that the lower plane in the picture passed almost in line with the stationary UFO, too. I saw that the video camera was moving at times and was stationary at times, and from this I was able to confirm that the small unknown object was indeed stationary. Although I had some trouble enhancing the small object on the second still picture of the video tape well enough, the small object does show up but as a very faint dot, and is located slightly above and behind the lower aircraft but slightly ahead of the jet trail in the second picture below: Alan Caviness, Independent UFO Investigator - Carolina Group Project

DAVIDSON COUNTY -- On July 7, 2006, at 9:50 PM, during a Carolina Group Project field excursion into a UFO-active area, two pictures of an approaching object were made by one of the field team members.

These shots were made about 45 seconds apart. The object was visible only when hit by the camera flash--and only for a split-second. Alan Caviness - Carolina Group Project

Ohio Cigar Shaped UFO

FOSTORIA - A strange shaped flying object was videotaped by George Ritter in March that is very similar to Patty Donahue's photo in Michigan above

Oregon Bright Blue Flashing Disc

Portland -- I work for the railroad and was riding a railcar into a clear track at 2 AM, when I noticed a blue light out of the corner of my eye on June 27, 2006. The object I saw was a bright blue disc traveling from north to south at a low rate of speed. I immediately stopped the movement of my train. The object then became a brighter shade of blue and began accelerating leaving a short white trail it then flashed brilliantly and seemed to flash out of existence. I know from a lifetime of working nights that I did not see a meteorite it was clearly a blue disc flying on a crystal clear night. The whole experience lasted 4 to 5 seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center

Virginia - Two Disk Shaped UFOs

Mechanicsville -- On June 26, 2006I was trying to trace a drawing when I saw the UFOs. I put the real drawing underneath a blank piece of paper and held it up to the window to try and use the sunlight to trace it. That's when I saw one disk shaped UFO that looked like it was kind of far away, and then about seven seconds later another UFO appeared. This time I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture at 3 AM, that didn't come out very good because they were moving pretty fast, but you can still see them. Then another ten seconds and they were gone. Since everyone who lives near me had gone to work this morning, I think I was the only one to see them.

Washington Disk Seen Over the Space Needle

Seattle -- On June 29, 2006, whilst visiting Seattle last week I took a picture of the Space Needle and only when I got home did I realize I had captured something strange in the image. On closer inspection as I zoomed in on the image, I could clearly see a disk shaped object with a domed top. The object seemed to be gray in color with a dark patch on the base. The picture was taken at about 6 PM, on a warm sunny day. There are a few clouds in the sky and the object is clearly below the clouds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center

Wisconsin We Saw Six Disks

Ashland -- On July 12, 2006, I sent my younger cousin downstairs to ask his Mother if we could go outside to watch for UFOs. So we sat on the chairs outside at about 11:00 PM, talking. Suddenly, my older cousin saw a white, round light moving in the sky. It wasn't making any noise, nor was it blinking. We just sat there looking at it move across the sky. Then, all of a sudden, it disappeared! We didn't see all six UFOs at once. We didn't see anything after that, so we went over to another spot. Then, one of the freakiest things happened; we saw five moving lights. They were a bit dull, but were still visible. They were moving, shifting directions, passing each other up, real freaky stuff. Then, they all disappeared. But not all at the same time. We could not see anything after that, so we sat down and talked about aliens and UFOs and stuff. And then my older cousin said, "People who see UFOs have a much bigger chance of getting abducted than someone who hasn't seen one."

Australia - A Silent Craft Video Footage

RICHMOND, NSW -- This footage was shot on an old analog video camera on July 11, 2006, at dusk.

So we've had to get hold of a digital converter to load it into the computer (hence the distorted sound).The witness claims to have seen two bright lights, close to the horizon for some minutes, and went to get her video camera. It took her five minutes to find the camera (during which time she checked twice to see that the lights were still there - they were, both times). When she found the camera and went outside, the horizon lights had gone, but she saw these lights, which were dimmer, but seemed much closer. Thanks to Brian Vike. This video footage can be viewed at:

Perth -- Off the coast in the northern suburbs on July 12, 2006, at 8.15 PM, two witnesses observed a fireball and a spinning metal cylinder that they were able to capture with video footage. The interesting bit of footage shows a fireball which looks like a flare moving horizontally across the sky. Then, it slowed to a stop and after about two minutes it descended below our line of vision. When I replayed the digital camcorder we spotted another bright light buzzing it, then it moved very quickly across the screen and stopped short of the fireball. It was stationary for a moment and then darted left to right and moved to the opposite side of the ball, and seemed to move away from it. As I zoomed in, I could see a metal looking object spinning? Photos are © 2006 P. R.

Again on July 17, 2006, we saw exactly the same thing at 7:45 PM. We live near a small regional airport, but this was not an aircraft of any conventional design. This thing was silent, traveling at 500-1000 feet directly south. When just above us it turned due east. It did not display navigation lights and other identifiable planes were nearby.

HBCC UFO Research Note: All the video clips and reports below are the property of Australian UFO Wave and are footage which has been sent to them by numerous eyewitnesses. This is not just one person taking the footage of all the various objects in different locations around Australia. Video footage can be viewed at: Thanks to Brian Vike. Please take a few minutes to visit

Canada Sightings High

Scarborough -- Paul Shishis writes, "I have passed the message about water and children to a Rock DJ. I will continue in helping spread the word about the dangers of drowning, but also that early childhood swimming lessons could save your child's life.†Even better to spend your time, in teaching them, at an early age.

I have another picture to share with you that appears weird. On Tuesday, July 18, 2006, about 3:10 PM, while on a break at work, I conducted another picture taking experiment. The "clear" sky, may have provided results of capturing two different something's? First, to the left, the long white streamlines of something like a light refraction? Second, the round "rich" purple color- below a white something. You would have to zoom upper center in the sky, above the clouds. The purple color reveals a heavenly color. If it is natural with light refraction, it is still a strange beautiful picture. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Gatineau, Quebec - The observer writes, I woke up to see two beings in my room that I know wasn't a dream. My parents and brother were asleep in their respective rooms, my bedroom door was open and all lighting was off in the house as usual. I woke up to see two beings, shoulder to shoulder, to the left of my single bed. There was some light coming from the window, I remember it was winter and moonlight was reflected on the snow. Their backs were to the window but I could see some faint detail. I remember waking up and seeing them, terrified while looking at them. I held my breath and tried to pretend I was still asleep. These beings were four to four and a half feet tall, and dressed the same in sort of a matte silver/grayish uniform in which they actually looked chubby and short. There was some sort of a belt to the middle part of this uniform and some sort of hat which actually looked like a flattened toque. The bottom part of the hat was rolled up and sort of faint neon colors slowly moved around it. The last thing I remember was a feeling of heaviness and paralysis setting in. I had a flashback of this experience when anaesthetized for surgery. I have been puzzled for years about a similar experience found under the following link.

Hanmer, Ontario -- Almost every night between 11:00 PM and 4:00 AM, my friend and I have seen sphere like UFOs during July. Some nights we see nothing, but we have witnessed these sightings at least twice a week. The sightings started around June 21st. The first UFO, we saw lit up like a Xmas tree. That same night we also saw a very weird looking UFO, that was sphere shaped and hovered very strangely. In the last 5 years, Sudbury and surrounding areas have been a hotspot for sightings. But you ask people living in this city if they have seen anything strange and you would be amazed how many have seen them. Someone really needs to investigate Northern Ontario. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

Rue St Marie, Quebec -- I was unloading my motorcycle from the trailer on July 12, 2006, and looked up to see three lights forming a big perfect triangle at 1000 feet altitude. The color was reddish orange, and looked like fire about 10:20 PM. It moved pretty slowly, without sound. The sky was clear and I felt it was one big object in the shape of a triangle. I ran inside to get my mother and her husband and when we came outside, one light had vanished.

The two remaining lights changed directions, and kept moving at the same speed but moved closer until they touched and crossed each other, and separated again. One light started to dim out and then the remaining light dimmed and vanished too. It looked like fire going out.

MEXICO: UFO Photograph Under Investigation

Tepoztlan (Morelos) -- Ana Luisa Cid reports, "This photograph was provided to me on June 10, 2006 by an American who was very excited when the image was captured. I cannot say with certainty that the photo is authentic. However, we should bear in mind that Tepoztlan is a site where UFOs are frequently reported, and its residents speak of the phenomenon as an everyday occurrence." Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid.


Miraflores de Heredia -- Photographs were taken by Richard Sandi on July 20, 2006, who reports, "I was in my car waiting for my wife when I decided to get out of the car and shoot a few photos of the sunrise, as the time was nearly 5:30 AM. In the distance, I saw two lights that appeared to descend from the sky. I saw them for a few minutes and managed to take two snapshots." "They were quite far so I used the zoom function on my Canon Powershot A-610" Source: Ana Luisa Cid and Richard Sandi Translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology

Germany Saucer Hovers over Neighbor's House

Emlichheim - I am from Holland but live now just across the border in Germany. I had gone to bed late after surfing the web on June 26, 2006, and fell asleep about 3:15 AM. Something woke me and I opened the light curtain and could see an object hovering over my neighbor's backgarden farm. Their house is about 175 meters away and in the early morning sun so the saucer was clear and sharp. The craft was ten to twelve meters long and round like a trash can. It was a metal silver color with a dome. On that dome was a much smaller black half dome and it had a beam under it almost as wide as the ship, with a white light that was not shining. It all happened in a split second and I tried to scream, Oh My God; It started to fly towards me and flew real close and I could see the underside was dark with three dome's. From then on I don't remember anything and woke up in my bed in real panic. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Mexico: Cigar

Baja -- I was driving from Cabo, to the States in the middle of Baja on June 27, 2006, and saw a white rocket with a lot of smoke going fast across the horizon at 8:30 PM. It left a huge smoke line across the horizon and smoke that looked like a question mark where it took off. It seemed 200 miles away, then, after a few minutes, it was hovering behind me. Some people traveling in the opposite direction pulled over to watch it. I got scared and starting driving faster and looked back. It was about a 1/2 mile behind me floating like a huge cigar. Then, it appeared as a huge dark triangle with four lights coming out of it, with two lights beaming down to earth. It was flying at an altitude of 1000 to 2000 feet. I thought I was going get abducted but was able to capture a small video of it.. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center

New Guinea Pterosaur-like Creatures Reported

Some web sites report this as a UFO

Papua -- Intermittent expeditions to Umboi Island, in New Guinea, from 1994 through 2004, resulted in the compilation of eyewitness testimonies that substantiated the hypothesis that ancient flying pterosaurs creatures may not be extinct. Investigation of reports of a pterosaur-like giant bird creature in New Guinea has produced some promising findings. According to standard models of science, all pterosaurs became extinct by about 65-million years ago. But due to research of Jonathan Whitcomb, a forensic videographer who interviewed native Umboi Islanders in 2004, who call the long-tailed pterosaur like creature ropen. His book, Searching for Ropens, examines a 2004 investigation by the explorers Garth Guessman, a California firefighter; and David Woetzel, a New Hampshire businessman. The expedition of Whitcomb's, uncovered native tradition point to a huge bird that may be the pterosaur. The anatomy seems to be very similar to the ancient pterosaurs but this is not the first time fossils millions of years old are found alive.

POLAND - Huge Craft Sighted

Libiaz -- Grzegorz Brozek's reports, "I woke up at night on April 14, 2006, realizing that I was in a completely different spot than my room. There were two huge objects suspended in mid-air resembling syringes. I also saw five metallic beings leaning over me. Each of them was 1.7 m. [5.6 feet] tall." The next morning I looked for scratches or marks on my body but there were none. I carried my camera with me, and on my way home from my friend's I took a photo of a cloud. Later, searching through the photos on the TV screen the cloud turned out to be a huge spacecraft, distorted one almost like a mutant, with six centrums resembling billiards balls."

He added: "In autumn of 1995, at 9:27 PM, I was on my balcony and saw a small disc the size of a golf ball, emerge out of a craft suspended in the sky. Later it returned to its mother-ship."

Crop Circles --In July 2006 many crop formations appeared in Poland, some of course of doubtful authenticity. Information revealed is limited mostly to preliminary reports and the cases needed further investigation. What is also interesting many circles appeared in places where they have been reported in the previous years.

Makowarsko One of the most interesting formations appeared in a field belonging to the Parszuta family at: 53*23'55.80" N, 17*49'10.07"E] and was discovered on July 13th, 2006.

Thanks to NPN - & PGU. Thanks to Piotr Cielebias [NPN] -

UK England a Spherical Metallic UFO

Sevenoaks, Kent -- Whilst on my tea break I looked up to see the spherical object with no appendages on July 11, 2006 at 11:15 AM. I'd never seen anything so distinctly unfamiliar before. Against the blue sky the object appeared metallic or silver in color. When passing below a cloud it just showed as dark/black. From this view I was certain it was not transparent. It traveled very slowly indeed and I observed the object for about four minutes. Several minutes later I located it in the sky again and watched for about a minute. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

Drowning's Kill More People than US soldiers in Iraq

The number one setting for accidental drowning's of children is - parties, and social gatherings. That seemed very counterintuitive to me until you realize that people are very distracted and alternately very focused while they interact with others. Children fall below the radar. It almost happened at a party we attended at a friend's house. There were about 30 people there, and several of us were standing with our feet literally touching the edge of the pool so we could keep an eye on the little swimmers. Next thing we knew, the woman's 6 year old boy had rescued a 3 year old girl who had slipped into the deep end of the pool unnoticed.

The little boy was doing the rescue hold around her, swimming across the entire length of the pool from the deep to shallow end toward us, with her in his little grasp, in a cross-chest carry hold. My other friend, the little girl's mother, walked down the pool steps in her dress to retrieve her little one. We were all stunned because ten of us were standing within a few feet of the near-disaster. When children drown they usually do not make a sound or even a splash. Lesson: Adults get focus-lock talking with other adults. Thanks to Susan Reeve

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