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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 23, 2006

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

This weeks files cover: Mars: Crater With Waterfall and Dam-Like Structure and Conversation with Senator Barry Goldwater about huge UFO.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon were spotted over: Arkansas,California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois crop Circle, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

UFOs were also seen in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Peru, Spain, and United Kingdom.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, some that represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. Uncorrelated targets enter our atmosphere four or five times a week. Uncorrelated targets are those not contained in computer banks of objects in space. The frequent visits to our planet indicate we humans are under scrutiny while minerals, food and water are being taken. The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it allegedly disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe.

Mars: Crater with Waterfall and Dam-Like Structure

Norman Bryden writes, "This is an interesting image of a crater taken by the Mars Global Surveyor. The crater has what looks like a modified wall to the lower right. You can see the cut out portion and it looks as if it is a dam-like structure, with possibly water tumbling over the edge. The formation looks to be more than a random formation. I have seen several structures that look like walls and dams, and I believe that they are water reservoirs intelligently created to intentionally harness the water supply on Mars. More craters in the full image you can download from the links below seem to have modified walls, and other interesting features. Thanks to Norman Bryden Link to NASA Image: Link to Specification Page:

Photo of vegetation on Mars.

Editor's Note:

It is very likely that civilization on another planet would look different from our own. We know the atmosphere on Mars is very thin, water is underground, therefore it would make sense to build structures underground and to use tubes or subway tunnels for communication.

Conversation With Senator Goldwater Continued

Clark C. McClelland, former NASA ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, writes, “On July 16, 1969, the day of the launch of Apollo 11 for the first landing of men on the moon I met Senator Barry M. Goldwater of Arizona who had been the Republican Presidential candidate in 1964.” Goldwater asked about sightings during other space missions. I mentioned several during Gemini and Apollo and then I asked him if he had heard anything about a 1956 US Naval aircraft and the huge UFO disc over the Atlantic Ocean? He said he had not. I said, "Senator, it apparently was also kept secret by the Pentagon. During my initial muster with the US Navy Office Naval Intelligence Unit 6-69 at Patrick AFB, in 1959, I was introduced to several admirals and captains who immediately swore me to secrecy, Bible and all. I was an investigator of UFOs for NICAP, and this was apparently well known since I had presented UFO talks at the Philadelphia Naval Base and was a friend of many NASA Astronauts.

Captain Rudy Bergholz had me run a confidential film that disclosed a huge disc shaped UFO (400 feet in diameter) spotted by a Navy flight crew in a four engine transport traveling west over the Atlantic Ocean towards Gander, Newfoundland for refueling in 1956. Admiral Delmar S. Fahrney was mentioned in the film as having his own sighting.. Goldwater injected a comment, "Yes, I have met Admiral Fahrney, Mac." Captain Bergholz said, "I now had a 'need to know' about UFOs because I was to investigate and verify through the German 'Paper Clip WW II scientists at Cape Canaveral, what they had learned at AMC (Air Material Command) Foreign Technology Division at Wright Field, Ohio" I later informed Burgholz that I had discovered at least three Paper Clip Scientists that were assigned to Wright Field following their arrival with Dr. Wernher von Braun in 1946. One named Siegfried Knemeyer, a former Third Reich Luftwaffe Pilot and German Air Ministry Director, Dr. Hans Amtmann and Dr.Alexander Lippisch. I suggested to Goldwater all three are still at Wright-Patterson and Senator could try to contact them there."

The Senator quickly replied, "No, not after that experience with General LeMay, Mac!" I said “Senator, you are aware of the military rivalry? He replied, "Yes, I am, I work with the military budgets in the Senate." I continued, "There is a great rivalry between the US military services and since the USAF Foreign Technology Division at Wright Field has captured alien technology the US Navy wanted it shared with ONI.

Navy Aircraft!

The film described the sighting of a huge 400 foot or larger saucer shaped object that was encountered by a US Navy four engine aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean. As many as 40 military personnel and air crew observed it as it approached the aircraft and appeared to be observing the Navy plane. It was at an altitude of about 20,000 feet and at first the object was mistaken for a gathering of many ships or a city below the plane. The flight crew described it as a huge saucer shaped metallic machine having a large illuminated outer ring. There may have been other craft that were seen. As the large object approached the plane at about 1,000 yards those aboard were mystified and frightened. If any UFO film, was taken at all, it was apparently under Top Secret classification and not shown in the ONI film. The crew in the film felt the huge object was "intelligently controlled". They also said that no living creature, etc, was seen. They added that the crafts speed from when it climbed from near sea level to their aircraft altitude was estimated to be about 1,400 to 2,000+ knots in a brief time lapse of seven to eight seconds." The Senator said, "That's astounding, Mac! What else was said?" I continued,

"The Navy aircraft commander radioed ahead to the Gander Air Force Base control tower and asked if their radar was identifying any other object near his R7V-2? The tower control officer said, yes, a larger object and in close proximity of the Navy plane. Sir, they verified that gigantic craft was on their radar!" Goldwater replied, "Mac, I was not aware of that case! I will try and pursue it when I return to Washington". To be continued. Thanks to Clark C. McClelland

Arkansas Black Triangular aircraft

Maumelle -- I saw a Black Triangular aircraft on Wednesday, August 9, 2006, around 12:30 AM. I was traveling at 80mph on the interstate heading west towards Conway, Arkansas and caught up to what appeared to be a large aircraft hovering or moving slowly off to the side of the road about 500 yards away and roughly 1000 feet above the ground. I pulled over and got out of my vehicle to observe the craft and there was absolutely no sound. As I pulled over the aircraft maneuvered to a position in which my view was blocked by some trees. I spent no more than 20 seconds on the side of the road and then drove a little further up to get a better view. In total the aircraft was probably out of my sight for 25 to 30 seconds and when I caught sight of it again it was merely three lights very far away. Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Research

California Flying Truck

On August 16, 2006, I was on my way home from the Starbucks with my two children ages 7 and 4 and my son asked me what that truck was doing flying in the sky? I looked and there it was flying north about the height of a passenger jet usually flies, but this object had no wings and looked like a huge brownish beige colored beat up ship of some type. I put on my sunglasses and I could see a brown slight trail of smoke coming from the back end. We were amazed because it wasn't smooth like a blimp it had some good indents and features that looked like an huge old beat up truck. It was traveling slow at first and then seemed to pick up speed very quickly. My family watched the entire event and was utterly amazed for ten minutes. I'm a college grad and my job is considered a high profile one, so I would like to remain Anonymous. The object was flying in a jerky motion almost like it was unstable in the air but it glided through the air with no noise whatsoever.

Palos Verda Peninsula - Off the coast I saw what I thought was a submarine coming to the surface on March 15, 2006, and I was amazed. I go to the beach a lot and had never seen one before. I kept watching for 15 minutes but it just didn't seem right. It was not level, the nose was out of the water, but toward the back it was under the water. I thought it would level off and come to the surface all the way but it didn't. I was about a half mile away. It just sat there for 15 minutes. or so and then went down way to fast for a sub. I don't think it was a sub. If it was a UFO, this one could travel under water. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Connecticut Egg Shaped Object

North Haven -- My co-worker and I were outside of work when we both heard a noise and looked up to see an object moving across the sky. It moved from west to east at 6:20 PM, of August 19, 2006. I thought it sounded like a jet engine so was surprised to see an egg shaped object whose wings alternately appeared then disappeared repeatedly over several minutes. The object eventually disappeared behind clouds on the eastern horizon. The sun was setting but did not seem to reflect off of the object which was somewhat darker than the clouds. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Hawaii UFO Looked Like a Wayward Missile

HILO – On August 15, 2006, a silver tubular flying object buzzed Hilo Airport on the Big Island and looked a lot like a missile. Officials at the Pohakuloa Training Area told the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that there were no military exercises involving missiles taking place when the object was spotted Tuesday. Witnesses told the newspaper the silver object emitted a vapor trail; but had no apparent fins or markings on it and was very loud. The object didn't threaten any air traffic. Thanks to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

MAUI -- On August 15, 2006, we saw bright slow moving objects moving and then vanishing. Right next to them we would see what looked like a falling star following the vanishing. Then we saw two "flashes" in the sky. No lights, no stars, just flashes, they looked like explosions not meteorites, as they were occurring at the same spot for about 2 minutes. Then, we noticed the two flashes were moving closer to each other until they were upon each other. The flashes seemed to increase and there were moving lights as well around the general location, unlike anything I'd ever seen. Thanks to Kathryn and LEE GUILMETTE CHIN.

Illinois Crop Circle and Orbs

GENESEO -- Christina Palladino reports, "A mystery has planted itself firmly in the middle of a 90 acre field of soybeans in Henry County. The question now is, are the five crop circles a natural phenomenon or the work of pranksters? Phenomena experts say the strange circles have killed farmers' crops for centuries and they still have no answers as to how they form, but other folks say they believe it's the work of higher powers. Henry County Sheriff Gib Cady had no real explanation for the phone call Saturday morning to report mysterious damage to a soybean crop west of Geneseo. His department had a bit of fun with the situation, asking people to call CrimeStoppers if they saw any UFO's with soybeans trailing behind. Snip Thanks to Eyewitness News TV Channel 4 Rock Island, IL.

Indiana Two Black Objects

St John/Cedar Lake -- On August 17, 2006, at just after 9 PM, I pulled into a gas station off Highway 41, and glancing up I noticed seven large disks in a military type formation approaching from the northeast. I am a six year veteran of the USAF as a law officer stationed at both SAC and TAC bases and know aircraft. These seven lights were moving fairly slow.

There were four across then one slightly behind on the left and two slightly behind on the right together looking like a flying wedge. As they approached the outside disks pulled closer to the center four. Now losing its original formation it confirmed that this was not one aircraft with seven running lights. Then the seven disks moved closer flying four to five hundred yards in altitude. They were flying at blimp speed, and headed north over Lake Michigan. They then accelerated and elevated at a remarkable pace. They where a clear almost flat white color, and large like a standard size door. I contacted both the St John and Cedar Lake Police Departments to see if anyone else reported. I was the only caller.

Ft. Wayne -- My two friends and I were driving down I-69 on August 19, 2006, to Ball State University to visit some friends. As we got close to our exit, I noticed two black objects. They were side by side, except one was a little higher than the other. They would change positions and go back and forth with very odd movements. I told my friends but there were trees now in front of the objects. As soon as we exited and passed the trees, the objects were gone. My friends did not see the objects. I do engineering work for a software company and I do work on an F-16 base near here. These objects did not seem like conventional aircraft in the way they moved. Thanks to Jason and MUFON CMS

Iowa White Cigar Shaped Craft

Waterloo -- On August 5, 2006, I was sitting in the hot tub and saw a "white cigar shaped craft" over the street in front of my sister's house at 5:40 PM. It had an almost blinding white light. My friend was there and also witnessed it. After 30 seconds, we were able to make out a real long metallic white cigar rounded at both ends with no wings or tail. There were no antennas nor writing or smoke. It was moving slow gliding along. This solid cigar shaped craft was flying low at only 70 to 85 feet altitude just over the tops of the tallest trees There was also no noise and my friend and I watched four and half minutes! It flew behind a cloud and we waited for it to reappear but it was gone. Thanks to Brian Vike, HBCC UFO Research

Michigan Orbs and Red Blinking Lights

EAGLE -- On June 24, 2006, at around 10 PM, my dog wanted to go out on Friday night in a clear sky. I grabbed my camera and tripod, and set up in the driveway with my digital Konica Minolta Dimage Z6, 6.0 mega pixels with a 12 x anti shake optical zoom. I caught this white light zooming across the sky above our house. Other photos taken before and after do not show the light.

A photo taken near our house on March 27, 2006, shows a strange green light. Thanks to Michelle S.

Patty D. writes, “The following pictures include a craft that is shaped like a disc and has an extension on its tail.

This photo was taken on May 14, 2006, while taking photos of deer. This object was in a blue sky and caught at the very bottom right of the photo at 1:08 PM. In another shot, a similar object is taken high in the sky. Thanks to Patty.

Plymouth - On August 16, 2006<, driving home after the circus I looked right crossing the railroad track near my home and noticed a UFO hovering above the tracks. I decided to see what it was so I drove towards it hoping to get a better look, while phoning my sister to tell her what I was seeing. I had my camera with me, so I grabbed it and started taking pictures. At first couldn't get it to show up (although the object itself was illuminated). I stopped in a parking lot where I had a clear view and continued to take pictures while talking to my sister. I looked at my camera to try and change the settings and when I looked back it was moving away. I got in my truck and started following it. As I was driving down Plymouth Road. I keep wondering why no one else was stopping to see it. As I came around a bend I saw four airplanes and a helicopter. I noticed that it had stopped again and was hovering just above the treetops. It appeared to be enormous, at least the size of a house.

All the while I was taking pictures, hoping to get at least one good picture, while talking to my sister. Then, I heard the helicopter and I look to my right to see it, when I looked back to my left where the object had been hovering, it was no longer there. The object appeared to be translucent and very bright. The entire sighting lasted about ten minutes. MUFON CMS

New Mexico UFO Sightings

Lordsburg - Almost once a week Benjie Medina sends me a CD full of UFO videos. Benjie Medina writes, "For several months we have a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night near the Mexican border that Ramon Ortiz is capturing on video.

This light taken on August 1, 2006, light hovered in the sky, and periodically changed shape but stayed in the area for over five minutes." Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramón Ortiz

Nevada Bright Flashing Lights

Pahrump -- My mother and I were having dinner outside on August 16, 2006, at 8:30 PM, when she spotted two lights coming from the mountains. They would increased from two bright white flashing lights to four. In addition, the flashing lights were staying a perfect distance away from each other. Two of the lights would stay on one side, and the other two would stay on the other side perfectly flying in a specific distance and very close to the top of the mountains. They were there for about two minutes as I was about to get my video camera they were flying right on top of the mountains to the west and all of the sudden disappeared.

Ohio IR Video

FOSTORIA - George Ritter captured in daylight IR video of an cigar shaped object above the trees on a nearby farm on August 20, 2006. 6:39:29:14 p.m. Thanks to George Ritter

Pennsylvania Flying Triangle

Our family had returned from a picnic on August 6, 2006, and everyone went to bed except my 22-year old son and me. We both sat on the bench outside and watched a strange object that I thought was a small plane. I could see that it was hovering almost like a pendulum, going slowly side to side and occasionally up and down with pulsating reddish lights. It was suspended over the nearby lake and twinkling brightly for about 15 minutes and gradually the lights faded out, one by one. My son claims he saw the exact type of object when fishing last summer over another lake. Last night, on a whim, I went out back and saw the same object again, doing the same thing, twinkling/moving/hovering slowly, and it was still there when I went to bed. We only noticed it around 11:00 PM but my son also sees it around 2 AM when he is out fishing.

Washington Multiple Balls of Orange Light

Vancouver -- I was watching for satellites on August 18, 2006, at 9:40 PM and saw a bright object fly west over my house. It seemed to be consistent with the speed of satellite, but much brighter and larger, moving, gliding and no noise. I ran in to get my son, nephew and brother in law and we all saw it. I also tried to video it but only got a quick shot. The object was a lot lower and brighter than any satellite which I see often. It seemed to accelerate and make a 10 degree turn to the south and quickly dimmed out of site. It was twenty times a satellite in brightness and size.

Gosnells - I was sitting in my car leaving my sister's house in Gosnells at about 7:28 PM, on August 13, 2006. My sister was putting my daughter in her car seat when my buddy pointed to a bright ball of orange light that flickered like a flame or hot coal. She turned a little bit more and saw four objects in a horizontal line across the sky. But the fifth was further down traveling a lot faster than the rest, zig zagging in and out the clouds, then disappeared. We watched the other four until they were out of view. Then, five popped out about where the first one was then zoomed after the rest until out of sight over the Darling Ranges. I realized that they were heading towards my girlfriend's friend's house.

Canadian Sightings Increase

Heritage Mountain In Port Moody -- I was sitting here looking out at all the lights while waiting for the sunrise and noticed a small white strobe flashing over Heritage Mountain in Port Moody at 4:15 AM, the morning of August 16, 2006. Usually there is not much in the air at that time of the night so I looked through my binoculars and noticed a small bright red strobe next to the white one. Therefore, the logical assumption would be a small plane. I continued to track it in a westerly direction towards Seymour Mountain. The speed and altitude all implied small plane. The object took up perhaps 1/10 of the field of view, maybe less than that. Suddenly the entire field of view was filled by large white and red strobes. I ended up panning back and forth trying to take them all in. These new strobes were much bigger than the first two. I was trying to see if this was one huge object or many flying in unison. But it was too dark to make out anything other than the lights. After about 30 seconds, the big lights went out and the two small ones continued on their way. I lost sight of them over by Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver.

At 10:15 AM on August 21, 2006, I looked up Port Moody on the Internet and found their Rocky Point Camera overlooking the Mountain. I noticed a UFO in the right hand corner that could have been an eagle, but there was a large shadow below the flying object. I called Brian Vike and we both watched other camera video taken a few minutes later. The unidentified object was no longer in the video.

Saskatoon -- For the past few weeks there has been a dramatic increase in UFOs (daylight white spheres) west of Rosthern, Saskatchewan, which is a yearly happening at this time of year and seems related to crop circle season, which is just getting under way. When these spherical UFOs show up in the daylight skies they have a tendency to sit motionless for some time before either disappearing on the spot or slowly traveling across the sky until out of sight.

We went camping on a beautiful clear night on a hilltop and five witnesses sat in our chairs to begin what I hoped to be an interesting night of sky watching. I turned my flashlight on and off very quickly when a star sitting motionless began to move slowly to the right. I again flashed my light, but this time I was almost in disbelief as I observed it flash right back instantly with a brief but very strong white light. We watched this object move much slower than any satellite as it made a slight turn. I then flashed my light at it twice and it sent back two immediate flashes with the second one being much brighter and intense. The object sped up and 30 seconds later I gave it a single quick flash, it immediately sent back a flash that was much brighter than any previous flash. After the last flash it gave us, it just preceded a short distance and disappeared. The rest of the night was uneventful. It was using very basic communication? Thanks to Dennis at (HBCC UFO Research Note: Permission was granted to post the man's name and email address).

Seeleys Bay, Ontario -- A man and his two children were taking pictures of the wonderful sunset on August 18, 2006,

At 7:55 p.m. in the western sky. They were all looking up when they saw a strange object. The witness said he was going to raise his camera again to try to capture a photo of the object, but it had already disappeared. It was oval, very shiny, as if it had a chrome finish. There were windows or lights with a golden color, possibly sunlight reflection. Diagram of object can be viewed at

Burnaby, B. C. -- Since August 12, 2006, when our attention to UFOs in the night sky was drawn by something that kept turning our TV off, we have been watching the sky for more UFOs. Again tonight August 14, 2006, we spotted one. It looked like a star in the sky but through the telescope, we could see flashing red, blue, white and sometimes green lights. It stayed in the same spot of the sky from 10:29 until 11:10 PM, and then disappeared. Very curious!

Moosomin, Saskatchewan -- I was coming back from Saskatoon on August 14, 2006, at 10:40 PM, and was in Moosomin when suddenly and silently an object came from the south and flew right overhead headed north. It flew faster than a military fighter and covered the entire sky in about five seconds. It was very silent, made no noise, and had no contrail. The object had a faint glow as I watched it disappear on the horizon. The object looked like an elongated diamond, but the sides cut off. My drawing shows the bottom of the object as it passed overhead. To view the diagram:

Polish Fighters Shoot at UFO

SLUPSK -- Mr. Stanislaw Z reports, "I was on commanding duty as a navigator, when we received information that radar tracked a UFO over Slupsk Military Airport on July 6, 1983, at 11:26 AM." Shortly an alert was announced and Captain Praszczalek would go in the direct contact with the UFO.

After several minutes, the pilot replied:" I can see the target. It is steel in color, rotating around its axis, a boomerang, without any engines nor markings" It was decided to notify the General Command of Air Forces in Warsaw and in twenty minutes the decision came ordering the pilot to fire on the UFO. The pilot attempted to intercept but the object made a sharp turn and disappeared! Chaos reigned as navigators began registering thousands of unknown signals. For the next ten hours, military aircraft unsuccessfully searched the entire area. The next day the Military Special Service members began their investigation but its final verdict isn't known Thanks to Mr. Marcin Wawrzak NPN © -

Toruñ -- This photo was taken on May 20, 2006, on a certain Torun housing estate. The anonymous witness did not see the UFO when taking the photo. He took photos of some products for a catalog, setting the white balance.

No sounds accompanied the alleged UFO manifestation. Watching the photos, he noticed a strange, cigar - shaped object that appeared in the sky at 13:39:25. On the next photo taken on 13:39:27, there is no trace of it. The witness did not agree to publish the whole photo, being afraid that someone may recognize the estate where he lives and subsequently localize him. SONY DSC-H1 camera was used. Thanks to Piotr Cielebias - "NOL - Eastern European UFO Journal" ©, []

Czestochowa -- On August 2, 2006, at about 8:10 PM, a strange behaving object was noticed in the sky over Czestochowa. It was the sunset, with a huge star seen among the clouds in northwestern sky. It was shining with soft, light-yellow light. Spherical and motionless object was at high altitude in close vicinity to a small cloud. At one moment, it dimmed and soon after it reappeared. The object was pulsating then disappeared for thirty minutes. Thanks to Piotr Cielebias - "NOL - Eastern European UFO Journal"

Portugal Green Ball of Light

Idahna Nova - On August 9, 2006, three witnesses were observing the sky at 3 AM, when they spotted a green ball of light The moon was at his highest point of the night, a coincidence or not, one night after the full moon of a new cycles according to the Mayas. The UFO rose at another 90 degrees (right), so it took place in a half circle of 180 degrees. Our conclusion, the UFO was taking use of the gravity from the Earth to launch. The object was seen for about 15 seconds. It was a green ball, turning around its middle point. The light was most clear in the front side and flew toward and in front of the moon. We saw the shadow for one second on the moon. After he passed the moon, it disappeared, maybe on the backside of the moon.

Madeira -- First, I am on an island called Madeira (32ºN 17ºW). I heard a strange noise coming from a little metallic storage place that we have got on the side of the house; it can fit more that one person, so it's not that small. The thing is, there is nothing that can cause any sound in there, there are only a couple of bikes, some wood and some stuff that we do not need anymore. Sometimes I hear this sound very far away, but on August 18, 2006, it was very loud and I recorded with my mp3 player. It is very weird that when metal vibrates produces sound, so I touch it to see if it stops, but it did not, it was as if the metal was reflecting something... then after a while, I was looking to it with a flashlight and it stops, just like that, with no apparent reason! Maybe I am over reacting, but there is something going on in this place, most of my family have seen stuff happening in the sky and then just disappear. We thought we were the only ones that had seen such things, but a very close neighbor once told us about a light in the middle of the night that was coming in their direction from the sky. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

U. K. Traffic Officer Catches UFO on Video

Skipton - A Traffic Officer in May 2003, in my force handed me a Digital-8 tape from one of the patrol vehicles. The Officer had been traveling westbound on the A 59 road between Skipton and Bolton Abbey, lovely towns in North Yorkshire, UK. This was a routine patrol, at 21:30 hours, the pursuit vehicles are equipped with the time and date on the speed-detection overlay. The officer of course had a far better view than the limited resolution of the camera.

The Officer remarked that the light was clearly made up of a packed cluster of small, very bright lights. It rather shocked the officer greatly and you can see the vehicle's speed slow down as the officer tries to take in the scene. The officer is experienced and well used to the Nightsun searchlights of the neighboring force's Police Helicopter and the officer was adamant this was not such a searchlight. No sound was heard, granted the officer was inside a moving Subaru Impreza, a fast chase car not noted for quiet travel as our local speedsters can attest when caught! The Officer feels this was not a fighter aircraft with afterburner.

I have protected name, gender and exact date in the video-capture. I have a DivX of the display at about 9 MB. The full-uncompressed unedited Digital-8 capture to pc is about 209 MB. The video is not remarkable, it shows a white light slowly flare up to a peak brightness, then fades out again (I checked, it was not Iridium's) To view the photo and map:

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