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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 4, 2006

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

UFO over Argentina

Astronaut Photography Shows UFOs

This weeks files cover: STS-115 Shuttle video of the "Censored” Object! Astronaut Photography of Earth Shows UFOs, and Strange Structures on the Moon and Mars.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington.

UFOs were also seen in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. Uncorrelated targets enter our atmosphere four or five times a week. Uncorrelated targets are those not contained in computer banks of objects in space. The frequent visits to our planet indicate we humans are under surveillance while minerals, food and water are being taken. The United States Air Force Blue Book Project conducted a worldwide investigation of UFOs from 1947 until December 1969, when it allegedly disbanded its investigative team. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe.

STS-115 The “Censored” Object!

An unusual and unique event took place in the early morning of 19 September 2006, during the flight of STS-115. Atlantis had undocked from ISSy two days prior, as Soyuz TMA-9 was enroute to the station. At this time, a simultaneous radio conference was arranged between the crews of all three spacecraft. Ship to ship communication had never happened before with THREE manned craft in orbit at the same time. Toward the end of this unprecedented conversation, after Soyuz had bowed out for consultation with Moscow, an anomalous object appeared in the distance off Atlantis' nose as the Shuttle passed over Australia's northeast coast. Sunset wasn't far away. The INCO noticed the anomaly, and zoomed in on it with the remotely controlled payload bay video camera. When he had the object enlarged, he played with the focus, causing the image to become distorted. It acquired the characteristic "doughnut hole" in the center, caused by the latent image of the camera iris.

Best single frame of the anomaly.

At the last moment the object was in view, the focus was sharpened, and it took on the appearance of an oval. Then, the INCO cut the "live" feed, and gave us the animated tracker at Mission Control. Two and a half hours later, the triple ship conversation was repeated, with the anomalous part of the video truncated. The original video had been "shifted" relative to the audio track, and the anomalous material cut off before it could all be seen.

Astronaut Joe Tanner September 12th Spacewalk

Six hours later, the anomalous video was repeated again in its entirety. But this time it was used, perhaps by mistake, as stock background footage during a routine radio report by ISSy Commander Pavel Vinogradov to Russian Mission Control (TsUP) in Korolyev! Finally, nearly 13 hours after the occurrence, the original three ship radio talk was played back as part of Flight Day Highlights. - Day 11. This is a daily compilation of each day's on orbit activities when a Shuttle is aloft. It is always run during crew sleep periods, most hours on the hour. In this instance, just as the replay got to the point where the anomaly appeared, OTHER FOOTAGE HAD BEEN SUBSTITUTED FOR THE ORIGINAL!! The anomaly had been cut right out!

Given that NASA had been so forthcoming with video of suspected debris, which they said had inexplicably come off the Shuttle during these last days of the flight, WHY did they excise this object from the prepared Flight Day Highlights film? If it were mere ice or debris, there should have been no reason to "hide" it. Yet, hide it they did. It seems obvious that someone at NASA did NOT believe this object was of conventional origin. There wouldn't seem to be any other cause for removing it from public scrutiny. We've seen this sort of censorship by NASA in Flight Day Highlights before. A most blatant example lies is an event from STS-108, discovered by our friend and colleague, Dr. Oren Swearingen of Texas. Thanks to © 2006 Jeff Challender -

Astronaut Photography of Earth Shows UFOs

Steve Tobias writes, "Based on NASA's own photos almost every photo in the archives has one or more UFOs in it. UFOs often fly in a tear drop formation, known as the " 7 formation " that have often been seen on radar screens and air control personnel.

A possible formation of UFOs. The photo is of NASA Mission : STS ? 064 2066 082 Atlantic Ocean Clouds. Formations of UFOs is a well recorded phenomena.... here is further proof of UFO formations in space based on NASA photos.

             o       o


         o                  o


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The photos show circular contrail clouds that are unlikely to be formed by natural forces. There are two possible methods these clouds could be created. First, is atmospheric disruption caused by the classic 7 formation (sometimes just 6 are seen). The second way the cloud could be made is by the long cylinders may be aerobraking into earth orbit as we see in photo 2.

Many people who placed videos they had of past nasa moving UFOs in flight near the shuttle aided me as to what type of formations the ufos were in around earth orbit.

Frequently photographed by the astronauts are the cylinder- shaped white UFOs. I have seen several objects in nasa photos that show the type of form that might be of alien origin. They are thousands of feet long and much larger then any known craft produced on Earth. In one aurora photo an object like a long cylindrical (vapor creating / coated ?) object was seen in the center of a huge perfect circle contrail and in the next photo it was leaving that contrail cloud.

NASA title: International Space Station ISS-009 E11846 Low Cloud Formations, Sunglint Atlantic Ocean

nasa has a list of photos called unknowns in the photo listings area that appear to be UFOs.

it can refer to any thing but in some cases refers to ufos. STS 69 view of strange lighted object in space on Sept. 14, 1995 Satellites do not have lights, but this might be the Wake Shield Facility (WSF) free-flying experiment platform disk-shaped satellite .

Thanks to Steve Tobias

Moon Crisium Dome

Michael Bara, Steve Troy and other researchers such as Bruce Cornet have done a great job in searching for evidence of artificial dome structures and nearby anomalies on the north shore of Mare Crisium on the Moon. Apollo 10 frame AS10-32-4421 was part of a sequence of photos across the entire Crisium region. This process involved scrutinizing the highland areas just beyond the Mare with a magnifying glass in hopes of catching a glimpse of alien structures. The Domes seem designed to hold in atmosphere and occasionally reflect sunlight. The fact that the Domes are transparent meant that unless the sun was at just the proper angle, we stood a good chance that no light whatsoever was reflected back to the camera. It is my contention that whomever was taking these photos (either Astronauts Stafford, Cernan or Young) had some sense of what they were looking for and was covering this region appropriately.

Then for some reason, the photographer turns back over his right shoulder to snap another shot of this previously covered region, just catching the Domes at the far right of 4421. As you can see, 4415 provided a match with 4421 with regards to principal features and characteristics.

The "Double Domes" seem to be visible, although they would be overlapping slightly differently due to the spacecraft position. the "Face" and "Phoenix" are also in the correct placement to be corroborating with respect to each other and the Domes they overlook. Certainly, there are subtle differences, probably due to orientation of the image, but the shape of the Dome and its placement in front of the background highlands are fully corroborated. The scale of the primary Dome is also consistent with the previous observation from 4421. The secondary Dome is too small to be the same object as in 4421, leading to the possibility of a third Dome like object in the vicinity or simply a reflection off the primary object. In addition, the "Face" maintains its face-like appearance, although it is not as distinct as the 4421 image (which is taken closer to the objects).

The "Domes" both have distinct corners, proving they are placed in front of the highlands rather than simply being an adjunct to them. The bright flare of the foreground secondary "Dome" is consistent with a glass like highly reflective structure, and the watch crystal like primary "Dome" is correctly postured to reinforce the impression of an edge on view of an enormous archeology. Copyright by Michael Bara -

Mars Global Surveyor Shows an Amazing Landscape.

Down among the long tube and road-like structures are other structures that look created by a civilization on Mars. There are many thousands of structures that are interconnected by this vast travel network in the full photograph. There are a myriad of structures down there in between the long intertwined tube structures.

To think that in each structure is a family, species, art, culture and civilization and how our world could benefit from the added knowledge of our place in the universe and the associated technology is what science is all about. What grand technology and thinking created this astounding landscape remains to be seen. Thanks to Norman Bryden

Editor's Note - On Mars there arre numerous strange tubular structures that appear to be some 25 + meters wide and miles in length with possible buildings near by. On Earth there are no known geological formations that may account for many of these strange forms. It is interesting to note we have few of any high resolution photos of these most interesting areas. Photo is M09-01997 at 71.30°S Latitude and of image center 112.77°W Longitude Scaled pixel width:5.50 meters Scaled image width: 2.83km

Arizona Four or Five Bluish Lights

Cottonwood - At 10 PM, on September 25, 2006, I was out on my porch looking in the direction of Sedona, and could just make out the outline of the Mogollon Rim to the north when I noticed lights that seemed very strange. I went to get my binoculars and focused on the area and saw what looked like four or five bluish lights in a horizontal pattern stationary, not flashing and it looked as though they were on the ground and close to the edge of the rim. As I watched an orange colored haloed flash with a tail dove in from maybe two thousand feet above and it almost looked as if it hit the ground. The bluish lights clicked off at that point and a flashing red light appeared to the right of where the blue lights were. Just to the left of the flashing red light there appeared a slowly pulsating reddish orange light.

At this point I called a friend who lives in Sedona and he said, “He heard several aircraft flying overhead and was able to see several aircraft at high altitude that were not flying the normal path that airliners follow and they were pairs of craft." He did not find what I was seeing but people in Sedona witnessed a fighter jet chasing a craft of unknown origin." The lights on the rim changed again, between the two red lights there appeared four bright white lights horizontal to where they were sitting a space. Then two green lights then white the flashing red light was slightly above the green lights. At that point I got in the car and drove to Sedona and saw numerous cars stopped on the side of 89A. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

California Thirty Daylight UFO Sightings

Santa Monica -- Ed and Kris Sherwood report, "Since June 28, 2006, thirty daylight UFO sightings have been videotaped above our neighborhood. Most have appeared within thirty minutes of being requested to appear following an Earth Healing and World Peace Meditation to which benevolent ET Civilizations were psychically invited to participate. So far, eight different types of UFOs have been witnessed, and six videotaped, including a possible Unidentified Flying Humanoid. Thanks to Ed and Kris Sherwood

Florida Daily Objects and Photos

Boca Raton -- I'm seeing objects on a daily basis but don't want to flood MUFON with pictures and Video. Here is another video clip of some footage I shot on September 23, 2006. I had just setup the camera and three minutes into the video a white oval disk showed up and flew north from my location. I photographed when the disk was high up in the clouds. This is the same area I have filmed all those objects for the past six months. It's just a matter of time before I get a really good close-up. The first is of the white disk and the second are two black objects.

I saw the flashing strobe lights again and an object streak straight down from above at 9:20 PM, towards Boca Raton. It was not bright but like threw a lit match stick. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Iowa Light Moving Erratically

Keosauqua - On September 25, 2006, from 10:00 to 10:30 PM, my wife and I saw a bright star in the northeast that appeared to be moving erratically with an up and down J-pattern. Through binoculars the object consisted of red, green, and yellow-white light. After thirty minutes we went inside and tried to find out about what we'd seen in an astronomy book. I went outside again and the object was still visible, but less clear, then it disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Michigan - a Black Rainbow

Patty Donahue sent this interesting photo of objects below a contrail, May 16, 2006.

Thanks...Patty Donahue

Kalamazoo -- On September 24, 2006, I was driving home north of a town in my 1988 Chevy 4WD at about 5:45 PM, and, and saw a perfectly straight black rainbow pointing exactly down at my house. The rainbow was following a jet stream, but larger. It was perfectly straight and wide. Later that night my wife's daughter said she saw a UFO. I observed these stars, the bottom one was bright and flickering. Not flashing like a plane but, flickering in a random pattern. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Mexico Photos

Lordsburg - Almost once a week Benjie Medina sends me a CD full of UFO videos. Benjie Medina writes, "For several months we have had a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night near the Mexican border that Ramon Ortiz is capturing it on video. On September 15, 2006, we had a UFO flotilla over our area.Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramón Ortiz

North Carolina Photo of Light in the Sky

On September 27, 2006, here is a picture of a "light" object. The sky was very clear and almost ‘no'' breeze. I included the original, a slight blowup and 1 focused for clarity and a larger enhancement. I was in my front yard this morning when I saw the object in the sky and took the picture. It was 8:34 am, the temperature was 74 F. and the humidity was 52. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Video

FOSTORIA - George Ritter captured a cylinder shaped object on video moving at over a thousand miles per hour. Birds and insects are also captured on the video but can be seen moving relatively slow on multiple frames in the VHS video.

The object appears to be behind trees on a nearby farm. Thanks to George Ritter

Pennsylvania Object Moves Across Telescope

DOYLESTOWN - Arthur Sturts writes at 9:40 PM, he saw two starlike UFOs shoot across the sky through my Oriaon Observer 70 mm Altaz Telescope with a 25 mm Kellner eyepiece, facing east at a very great speed near the Bootes Constellation. The first UFO was slightly larger and moving slightly slower than the second UFO.

I saw four bright lights flying southeast on the night of December 11, 1998. There was a strange sound to the craft's engines. Then the sound of a loud jet engine was heard. I saw a real bright white light in the aft section of the craft. I could see four bright white lights on the crafts fuselage as it flew over. The lights were in a triangular shape but I could not see the fuselage. Thanks to Arthur Sturts

Texas Small Points of Light

I was walking, and saw movement in the sky and looked up, and saw an opaque object moving much too quickly for a cloud. I could see small points of light on the underside of it that at first glance resembled white birds, but then I saw a very bright light moving towards the object. I looked back at the object perhaps four seconds had elapsed and I decided it could not possibly be a flock of birds, because there was absolutely no fluctuation in the movement of the lights on the bottom of it. It looked most like a black chevron or triangle-shaped object covered in a random pattern of dim stars, so that it blended in perfectly with the star field except for the motion. It was moving quite rapidly across the sky. As I watched the object, it simply disappeared without making any sound. The next day my ears were ringing all day. It looked as if the Milky Way were sliding across the sky. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Oregon Oval

Tualatin -- On September 25, 2006, around 11:00 pm, the witness states, "I witnessed a lozenge-shaped object pass across my field of view until it finally disappeared around fifteen minutes later." The UFO was probably 100 to 150 feet long and silent as it passed overhead. It was dark, maybe black in color. The UFO had red lights that blinked on and off as it traveled north. "First, I saw two planes or helicopters, then I noticed the UFO flying almost above me, probably 200 to 500 feet away. I ran up to higher ground, by then it was probably a twenty-minute drive away. I saw a plane fly close by the ship, that looked like it was observing the UFO." Anyone having any information on this sighting, is asked to contact the UFO Research Center (USA) at Thanks to Christopher Montgomery

Puerto Rico Girl Terrified by Hairy Creature

Camuy -- Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports: At around 10:45 PM, the girl's mother (the fiancee of a well-known paranormal researcher), told the seven year old girl to go to her grandparent's bathroom to brush her teeth and go to bed. She returned terrified and weeping, trembling with fear. She told her mother that "the Chupacabras" was in her grandparents room and had tried to seize her.

After the mother calmed her down, the girl said, she was about to open the bathroom door when a set of red eyes came in through the window and materialized into a hairy creature beside her." Upon materialization, its estimated height was 5 feet 6 inches tall and hairy like a lion with black fur. It had a human shaped mouth with dirty canine-like teeth, pointed ears like those of a dog, hairy human hands with canine-like claws, and human feet. It growled, was unclothed, and tried to grab her.

She started to run and scream. When she ran toward the bedroom's exit, the creature followed, making as if to grab her. She shut the bedroom door behind her and ran to her mother. The mother asked her to tell her story several times and her statement of the facts did not change;

When Lucy Guzman interviewed the mother and child two weeks later, the girl retold her experience calmly and the version of the events was identical to the mother's. Guzman inquired if any good or bad odors had been present, and the girl replied that "it neither smelled nor stank." Guzman asked if the room had grown hot or cold, and the girl replied that the air conditioner had been on at the time, remaining at the same level of coolness throughout. (translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Lucy Guzman)

Vermont Three UFOs

Manchester Center -- On September 25, 2006, I went out at 8:50 pm, and spotted two objects flying low, and then a third one got just above the tree line, stopped and then slowly dropped to earth. Tonight these objects were all blinking silver and blue, coming from the east and heading west. This all took about ten minutes. I am almost sure it landed southwest of my home. I am very concerned about the one that dropped out of sight. These objects were all blinking a bright silver and bright blue color and there was no sound to be heard. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia Object Was Dark

Video taken over Lordsburg NM on Sept 15, 2006

Waynesboro -- Ian Gallaugher reports: Our family noted an unusual object in the northeastern sky around 7:20 PM, on September 27, 2006. The object was dark, looked like it rotated right and left, with no sound, and no lights. No propulsion was noted and it moved quite slowly relatively high in the sky. It appeared to be much larger then an eagle or plane from a distance. The sun had just set in a clear pink eastern sky. This was near the Waynesboro Eagle's Nest Airport and about 30 miles west of Charlottesville, VA. There were six adults and two children who attest to this unusual sighting. Thanks to Ian Gallaugher

Washington an Extremely Bright Object

Yakima - On September 29, 2006, a little west of due north and 40 degrees up from horizon, the witness spotted a light much brighter than Venus at 5:08 a.m. The light came on for a second and then went out,without moving. I have seen this happen before, at night, in a different part of the Northern sky. Not sure if it was an exploding star or not. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Argentina Intense UFO Activity

Delta - During the day and into the early morning hours numerous UFOs were observed in the Delta of Argentina, that intensified on Sunday evening when two impressive parallel formations were observed of lenticular fire balls of strange colorations and great magnitude between 5:30 and 5:45 AM. This extraordinary activity was seen over Buenos Aires and other distant places up to 500 kilometers away.

My small observatory received numerous reports, they were very strange and impressive in parallel formations. They moved slowly across the sky in the east. On September 18, 2006, at 7:37 PM, there was a flash or pulse of light, that manifested for several minutes, generating intense discharges, as they moved toward the east. Ten minutes later, another star UFO was observed "with trajectory and speeding toward the east. Then, another at 8:05 PM, a UFO "fire ball" of great magnitude was recorded on video moving north.

Barrio La Banda, Capilla del Monte - Cordoba -- This photo was taken on January 16, 2006, at 11:15 am, by Esteban Sebastiani Equipment: Olympus Cam Media D395. The photo was taken from a moving automobile and the object was not visible when the photo was taken. The objects existence was only proved when the images were downloaded to a computer. It was confirmed that the original image also remained in the camera. Thanks to Inexplicata, The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

Canada Sightings Increase

TORONTO -- Paul Shishis writes, "On Sept.20,2006, at near 10:10 AM, I witnessed a fast moving unknown white object overhead. The next day, at 12:20 PM, I noticed again a black helicopter moving low and slow at Danforth Road coming from the southeast to west of my position. So again to capture the moment, I snapped a couple of pics of the chopper. There may be an unknown in the picture if you zoom to the bottom left from the chopper. I then went in the store and came out and witnessed, a very large military "plane" moving from the southeast. The plane traveled northwest over Toronto, big bird! Later that day, on break, at near 3:10 pm, I caught a pic of a low flying military plane, right directly over my position coming from the west. I wonder why there is so much activity? Thanks to Paul Shishis

Castlegar, B. C. - Brian Vike repports: On September 24, 2006 at 2 AM, I awoke to the telephone ringing and talked to a man who was reporting a sighting from his truck radio phone. Suddenly the telephone connection was lost and I had no way of getting him back. Shortly, I stayed up for a short while hoping the fellow would call again, which he did using a normal phone line. The static and dropping out while we were talking was terrible. But I did manage to ask if the UFO event was still happening and he said, yes. He stated that while in his truck using the radio phone, it started to switch channels which he had no control over. I asked if this had ever happened before and he said no.

On August 2, 2006, he and his wife were out in the Badlands with a camera and on tripod and watched as an object came from high above and stopped a ways away from them and sat there. The object, after a period of time shot back up and disappeared. All this was caught on still photos. He explained that the images are crystal clear and both he and his wife are baffled as to what this may have been.

Croatia: UFO Photographed Over Split

UFOGOVERNMENT - The Croatian UFO organization reports about an unidentified flying object photographed over Split on the Adriatic Sea on August 15th 2006. The photo author says, "I took a photo of UFO about 3 PM, that was moving slow and then disappeared." The witness was looking at the sky out the window of his house when she noticed an unidentified moving object. The white-silver object was descending. "It disappeared behind that building" - she said. "I think it landed into the sea". The witness is certain that she managed to capture an UFO craft. Source: Ufogovermnet Croatia, By: Piotr Cielebias [NPN]: "NOL -

Cuba a Very Close Shave

Kathy D writes, "This picture was taken in August 2006, en route to Cuba." Interesting to note that, approximately 5 minutes after this particular picture had been taken, our plane was hit by ball lightning which made itself apparent in the cabin also. The pilot then announced that indeed we had taken a hit by lightning, as a very loud bang was heard. Many passengers observed a bright, white light which came in to the aisle , through the window from the left wing, where I was sitting at the time. The cabin fell silent. Ozone odor was not apparent at the time. Cameras and watches were not effected. The camera used was a Nikon Coolpix 5900. Thanks to Kathy D..... Australia.

Mexico: UFOs Photos

El Ojo Frio (Paredon) and La Escondida (San Jose de la Popa) The following photos were taken during the Fundacion Cosmos A.C. expedition on September 6, 2006. Arturo Garza Miranda took these photos, in which the presence of unidentified flying objects was subsequently detected. They are highlighted in the images presented below. It is still necessary to submit these photos to spectrographic analysis to see if further information can be obtained. Thanks to The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

New Zealand Aliens

Gisborne North Island -- In 1980, at 3 PM, my wife and I were walking along our country road, when we saw, at a distance of 200 meters away, two adults and two children marching in perfect timing toward us. The oldest male had and what looked like Peruvian shoes, a shawl, and a strange hat like a cashmere cap. They were all dressed in a collage of international clothing.

Now they were only 30 meters in front of us, still in a perfect horizontal line holding our gaze. Their skin was olive and their eyes were the bluest dark blue. Their pupils were like slits, cat's eyes only horizontal. Their hair was dark, and the male child appeared 10 years of age. The female child was around 13 years old and the adults were maybe in their late 20s.

My wife was squeezing my hand so hard she was cutting or my circulation. We moved to the center of road and they kept on walking toward us, but never strayed from their course, or their unusual gait and movement. As they were right beside us, only two meters to our left they were staring at us without turning their head or changing their strange body behavior. No one spoke. My wife was in fear, dragging and quickening her pace. They were 10 meters from me walking in perfect formation with their backs facing us. Then, they all turned in the exact same moment. I was getting strong thoughts that they were in trouble. My wife started pulling me up the road and only ten seconds elapsed when I turned around again and they were gone. I've always known these beings were not part of our world.

POLAND: Possible UFO Photographed

Inowroclaw -- Mr. Dariusz Prusinski wrote, "On September 22, 2006, at about 10:55 AM, I took the photo with a digital camera using Fujifilm S20Pro at ten shots per two seconds mode, i.e. 0.2 sec. between photos. I've chosen only three photos.

Resolution: 2832 x 2128 pix., Super CCD. It seems that these objects can be photographed only in this way. I suppose they move with enormous speed and can't be detected with naked eye." Source: By: Piotr Cielebias [NPN]: "NOL, 22/09/06

Enhancement below. [As with all images please see the Filer's Files website]

U.K. - Ministry Hid the Hunt for UFOs

James Randerson, Science Correspondent For The Guardian Reports, “The Ministry of Defence went to extraordinary lengths to cover up its true involvement in investigating UFOs, according to secret documents revealed under the Freedom of Information Act. The files show that officials attempted to expunge information from documents released to the Public Records Office under the "30-year rule" that would have revealed the extent of the MoD's interest in UFO sightings.

In particular, the ministry wanted to cover up the operation of a secret unit dedicated to UFO investigations within the Defence Intelligence Staff. UFO conspiracy theorists have likened the unit, called DI55, to a sort of "Men in Black" agency for defending the Earth against invasion but the released documents show this is far from the truth. One 1995 memo from DI55 to the MoD's public "UFO desk" said: "I have several books at home that describe our supposed role of 'defender of the Earth against the alien menace' - it is light years from the truth!"

The files were made public following FOI requests by David Clarke, a lecturer in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University and his colleague Andy Roberts. "The documents don't tell us anything about UFOs but they do show how desperate the MoD have been to conceal the interest which the intelligence services had in the subject," said Dr Clarke.     The trail begins with a request, in 1976, from a UFO enthusiast called Julian Hennessy for access to the MoD's records on UFO sightings. A note from the UFO desk to the MoD's head of security on March 23 shows that officials intended to refuse him access on the grounds that the files contain confidential information and "very little of value to a serious scientific investigator".     But the note continues: "This is not to say that the investigation is not taken seriously. The branches have their own methods - and [the public UFO desk] has no 'need to know' about them - but we are aware that DI55 for example sometimes makes extensive inquiries.

"It is undesirable that even a hint of this should become public and we are currently consulting the [Air Historical Branch] on ways of expurgating the official records against the time when they qualify for disclosure [at the Public Records Office]." Magistrate Hennessy, was not surprised. "Everything led me to believe there was a major cover up going on," he said." They didn't want to let the public know just how interested they were in these phenomena." Attempts to alter the public record went on into the 90s. In a note dated April 28 1993 from DI55 to the public UFO desk the unnamed author argued the unit's involvement should be excised from records due to be released under the 30-year rule. Snip Eventually, DI55 decided to allow its involvement to be made public. A note from DI55 to the public UFO desk on 5 July 1995 said: "I see no reason for continuing to deny that the [Defence Intelligence Service] has an interest in UFOs. However, if the association is formally made public then the MoD will no doubt be pressured to state what the intelligence role/interest is. This could lead to disbelief and embarrassment since few people are likely to believe the truth that lack of funds and higher priorities have prevented any study of the thousands of reports received." At this point someone, presumably from the public UFO desk, has scribbled "ouch!" in the margin.

"The lengths they went to remove any mention of the Defence Intelligence Staff's central role in investigating sightings suggests they had something to hide," said Dr Clarke. "But what they were hiding was not evidence of ET visits but embarrassment at the fact they were never allowed to spend public money on investigating the subject in any depth."

The full extent of DI55's involvement has subsequently been made clear by a report released to Dr Clarke in May and reported in the Guardian. They threw up a 500-page document which brought together everything the unit knew about UFOs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) as the MoD prefers, including more than 10,000 sightings. It said the existence of UAPs was "indisputable", but blamed the most vexing sighting on airborne "plasmas" formed during "more than one set of weather and electrically charged conditions", or during meteor showers.

Sighting aliens or otherwise?

August 10, 1965 - A man reported seeing a crimson ball fly out of the side of a hill in Warminster, Wiltshire. A fortnight later, another man photographed a UFO in the centre of Warminster. In 1994 it was claimed the photo was a hoax and the object was made from a cotton reel and a button.

Boxing Day 1980 - A UFO reportedly crash landed in Rendlesham forest, Suffolk, near the Woodbridge US air force base. The incident was nicknamed Britain's Roswell in a reference to the famous UFO sighting in New Mexico in 1947. Witnesses said the craft was covered in markings similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs and aliens emerged from it. snip

November 28, 1980 - Policeman Alan Godfrey reported seeing a six-metre wide dome-like object hovering in the air in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. He returned to the site with colleagues and they found the area where the object had supposedly been hovering was dry even though the rest of the road was wet because of earlier rain.

Early 1990s - A string of sightings by residents in North Scotland of a UFO regularly flying overhead at great speed. Documents released earlier this year suggested the aircraft was a spy plane called Aurora, designed by the Americans to take covert pictures of the Soviet Union.

May 2006 - The MoD released details of Project Condign, a four-year secret study into possible explanations for UFOs. The report concluded that many sightings could be explained as by glowing "plasmas" of gas created by charges of electricity.

The Great UFO & Earth Mysteries Congress of 2006

The UFO Congress will be held October 7 and 8, 2006, at Best Western Inn Bordentown, NJ.. Some of the exciting speakers are Bruce Maccabee, Posey Gilbert, Robert Van Der Clock, and Keith Morgan

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