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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 18, 2006

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

This weeks files cover: Astronaut Gordon Cooper Saw UFOs, Astronaut Photography of Earth Shows UFOs, Strange Shard structure on the Moon. Peter Davenport moves to ICBM site, New York Aircraft Hits Hi Rise Building.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

UFOs were also seen in Argentina, Canada, Latvia, Mexico, Peru, and UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one hundred UFOs reported each week, represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe.

Astronaut Gordon Cooper Saw UFOs

NASA astronaut, L. Gordon Cooper stated, "While working with a camera crew supervising flight testing of advanced aircraft at Edward's Air Force Base, California, the camera crew filmed the landing of a strange disc object that flew in over their heads and landed on a dry lake nearby. A camera crewman approached the saucer, it rose up above the area and flew off at a speed faster than any known aircraft." -

Gordon Cooper became involved with the United Nation's efforts to have the subject of UFOs brought before the UN and to have it finally disclosed that unknown crafts are being encountered all over the earth. I believe Cooper knew secrets about UFOs he kept from disclosing to the public. On the Merv Griffin TV show he replies to the question, "Have any of them [aliens] ever been here?" Cooper's response was, "Yes, I think they have and are here regularly." He also talks about visitation, etc. in the universe, abduction, crashed disc, etc. He says the "occupants are not much different than we are.

Astronaut Photography of Earth Shows UFOs

Steve Tobias writes, "Almost every photo in the NASA archives has UFOs in it, almost every one, not all. I am working on the analysis based on the evidence I uncovered from viewing NASA video feeds that were recorded and released through the thoughtful, generous people who used to share freely what they had on video. UFO formations regularly follow the NASA expeditions in space it seems.

There is no way once the photo collections are revealed that NASA can any longer withhold the truth about UFOs. NASA has provided us with the evidence; unknowingly they assumed the earth-anchored researchers would never have the "space sense" to see the UFO formations. The astronauts have been honorable and tried to uphold the silence provisions of their contracts. UFO Research can help free them from such un-natural bondage. Show the world the Truth. Steve Tobias, "Here is an example of what I have found. o __ These spheres are blue-gray.


                                      o            __
                                       o         /vvvv\
                                                 vvvvvv\   ( black color shuttle area)
This is rough example of UFO formation above. 

(A white sphere is in the foreground closest to the camera)

Photo mosaic of the shuttle mission flight with the Gray sphere entering the photo frames.

I discovered from NASA film of a space shuttle flight, used in movie ROSWELL, starring D. Yoakum and Martin Sheen. I never received the proper recognition for my research efforts and I claim them now. Thanks to Steve Tobias

The photo is of NASA Mission STS - 75 on February 24, 1996, over the Atlantic Ocean. This photo shows self-Luminous spheres caught in shadow, a NASA close-up on right side of photo. Atlantic Ocean Clouds

Moon Has Strange Shard Structure

Michael Bara, Steve Troy and other researchers such as Bruce Cornet have done a great job in searching for evidence of artificial structures on the Moon. Lunar Orbiter III took this photo in February 1967, Frame 84 M III..

The Shard is an obvious structure which rises above the Moon's surface by more than a mile. Its overall irregular spindly shape (containing a regular geometric pattern) with constricted nodes and swollen internodes, if natural, has got to be a wonder of the Universe. No known natural process can explain such a structure. To the left of the shard, a faint anomaly was photographed, a massive "tower/cube" hanging more than seven miles above the Moon!

More data by geologist and paleontologist Dr. Bruce Cornet is at //

Thanks to Michael Bara Copyright 1997 -

Arizona Bright Flash & Object Making Sharp Turns

Lake Havasu City -- At 12:20 AM, on October 10, 2006, I woke up to go to the restroom and saw a bright flash of light through my bathroom window. I immediately looked out the window into the northeast sky and saw a small light moving very quickly and making very sharp turns. This lasted for 2 to 3 minutes. This could not have been an airplane it was much to fast and very sharp turns. The light then appeared to be going away from me and then disappeared. I was shocked. This had to be a UFO, I knew that no one would believe me. This was a UFO. I have never seen anything like this in my 52 years. There was definitely "something" in the sky north east of my home. It was not an airplane or helicopter. Thanks to Brian Vike Director HBCC,

California Daylight UFO Sightings Continue

San Diego -- I'm not sure exactly what I saw, but on October 14, 2006, a little after 9 PM, my friend and I were driving southward on Carmel Country road. We were a little elevated, enough to see the sky over the tree-line, but not high enough to see where the light came from. Basically as we were driving there was a large flash that turned the whole sky an orange tinge. What was strange was that the sky was stained orange for about three seconds and then just faded. There was no noise associated with it, and it didn't light up the sky in the same way fireworks do so we were left fairly baffled. If you have any explanation, or have received any other sightings from San Diego, Ca from 10/14/06, I would appreciate a response. Thanks Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Santa Monica -- Ed Sherwood writes,"There have been more than thirty daylight UFO sightings above our neighborhood since June 28th 2006, when I videotaped two UFOs flying in formation above the city.

More than fifty UFOs have been observed and twenty-eight videotaped, including three that were photographed and videotaped. Seven were videotaped while trying to record another and were not seen at the time. Ten were multiple witness sightings, and twenty-seven were observer interactive, with more than thirty UFOs appearing in apparent 'response' to being psychically invited and/or requested to appear. Visit their web site at Thanks to Ed and Kris Sherwood

Colorado and New Mexico Major Sighting Reported

Peter Davenport reports that on Sunday Night, October 1, 2006, The National Reporting Center received a number of credible reports of a very dramatic aerial event, witnessed from the states of Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, at approximately 23:17 hours (Mountain Daylight Time), Sunday night, October 1st, 2006.

COLORADO: Multiple witnesses reported having witnessed a cluster of lights, which appeared to be moving generally to the southeast. We received reports from individuals who were located in the towns of Cascade, Hartsel, Fairplay, Boulder, Silverthorne, Grand Junction, McCoy, and Monument, in Colorado.

The witnesses reported a cluster of at least four lights, which were described as being yellow, orange, red, or gold. One of the witnesses was a commercial pilot, with forty years as a military or commercial airline pilot, who, together with his First Officer, witnessed the objects from the cockpit of his airliner. He stated that he had never seen anything like it, and that he had reported the event to the FAA.

NEW MEXICO: The objects were also reported to our Center by witnesses, who were located in the towns of Raton and Silver City. In addition, we understand from members of the media that their offices received multiple reports from the Albuquerque area of the same or similar cluster of lights. One peculiar aspect of the report from Silver City is that the witnesses there were looking at the luminescent objects in the western sky, and they were below the mountain tops to the west, and they were seen to be moving from left to right, i.e., to the north.

We would be most grateful if anyone who was witness to these events on the night of October 1st would please take a few minutes to submit a report to: Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center,

National UFO Reporting Center is Moving!

After 32 years in the Seattle area, the National UFO Reporting Center is moving to a new locale in eastern Washington, a decommissioned U. S. Air Force ICBM missile base, located between the towns of Davenport and Harrington, WA, in Lincoln County. This photo of our new "digs" shows the property as it looked in the early days.

Georgia Shiny Object

Augusta -- Harley Drew reports. I received this e-mail to my radio program this morning on News/Talk 580 WGAC, Augusta, GA. I read the e-mail on the air. On Sunday, October 15, 2006, at 1430 hours at Fatman's, I saw two Air Force jets fly by at low altitude, after they passed, I focused on a shiny object high in the sky, I thought it to be a balloon, but it was too metallic and bright, it flickered and moved at a low speed. Then 30 seconds later a second one appeared identical to the other, same speed and height. Can you find out if more people saw this? Thanks to Harley Drew

Michigan - Possible Fireball

Chicago To Toronto, Ontario -- My husband and I were traveling from Chicago to Toronto this past Friday October 6, 2006 and when going up Michigan State we saw something really strange in the sky. It was very similar to the possible fireball southern sky over Stevensville, Ontario. It pretty much matches what we saw around the same time 6 or 7 AM. But, besides a meteorite or shooting star (if that is what it was), we also saw five objects of which I took photos. They seem to have a round/oval shape, and were flying in some kind of formation. I am trying to find an explanation to what we saw. Thanks. To Brian Vike

EAGLE -- Pattie Donahue sent me a CD loaded with 117 interesting photos taken on August 25, 2006. Just after the sun set at 8:50 PM, the camera started picking up a series of orbs in the sky. This is one of many similar photos.

At 9:15 a maneuvering light was observed in the sky.

At 9:25 the light took on the triangle shape. Note red light in tree to left below.

The triangle seemed to form a few minutes later.

Thanks to Pattie Donahue MUFON Field Investigator.

Editor's Note: I encourage readers to get out their cameras and start taking pictures, you might be surprised at what you catch.

New Jersey First Official UFO

EAST POINT -- Evelyn Galson, writes: A witness reports, The first official UFO sighting of the autumnal season (post equinox, 2006), occurred at East Point, NJ (43 Bay Avenue) at 12:22 to 12:29 AM on September 28, 2006. The witness toured his upper level deck, looking south over the Delaware Bay, and observed a UFO approaching from the Cape May area. Snatching his 7 power binoculars, he followed this object for seven minutes, as it slowly and silently approached the north shore line, directly over his house. It was the size of a large airliner, perhaps 1,000 feet high, had twin fuselages in the shape of twin torpedoes, with a center section that either connected the two fuselages, or was flying directly above in close formation. The twin fuselages were lit with white lights, not blinking, but steady. The center section was lit with red lights, also steady.

The over-all first impression, when at the distance of several miles out over Cape May, was an orange glow, moving toward the north shore of the Delaware Bay. As this UFO approached East Point, a visible "pulsing" of light was evident, grayish-white in color, emitting around the entire flying mechanism. It passed silently overhead and proceeded toward the north until it was out of sight. There was no sound, but the image "filled" the field of the binoculars for seven minutes. No evidence of movement on board the ship was noticed. The red and white lights and pulsing aura of grayish white, surrounding the twin fuselages and connecting center section, being the noticeable features of this UFO. Thanks to Evelyn Galson

New York Aircraft Hits Hi Rise Building

When Navy Admiral Timothy J. Keating, the commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command, first heard that a plane had hit a high-rise building in New York on October 11, 2006, his first thought was: "Let us immediately scramble fighters and support aircraft to protect U.S. and Canadian cities. He said combat-loaded aircraft were over New York and Washington within 10 minutes of the small plane hitting the building in New York."

A small aircraft owned and piloted by New York Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and was flying around the island of Manhattan. During that flight it crashed into a 50-story high-rise on New York's East Side. Within 20 minutes of the plane hitting the building all the aircraft were on station. "These are armed aircraft capable of conducting offensive operations," the admiral said. He said the bottom line for NORAD is: "We're ready. In a real world event, the system responded quickly and appropriately." Thanks to Air Force Print News

New Mexico Object Transform Into 3 Different Phases

LORDSBURG - Almost once a week Benjie Medina sends me a CD full of UFO videos. Benjie Medina writes, "For several months we have had a great deal of UFO activity going on day and night near the Mexican border that Ramon Ortiz is capturing it on video. On September 15, 2006, we had a UFO flotilla over our area."

Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramón Ortiz

Puerto Rico Extraterrestrial Route

LAJAS -- A bright green sign along a lonely country road in southwestern Puerto Rico proudly displays a silhouette of a flying saucer and two words: "Extraterrestrial Route." Reynaldo Rios, seen here by the site where he plans to build a landing strip for UFOs, says aliens have been communicating with him since he was 13 years old, when they cured a back injury. Reynaldo is an elementary school teacher who says he's been communicating with alien visitors to this U.S. territory since he was a child. With the blessing of a local government desperate for tourist dollars, he's dedicated himself to building the UFO landing strip. Lajas Mayor Marcos Irizarry's supports the project but would not invest in the project. Instead, he has promised to help Rios get the proper building permits. The mayor insists his goal is to attract tourists to his small town where he has personally seen UFOs in the area. The landing strip would be 80-feet long and have pyramids as control towers because aliens are attracted to the shape. Thanks to CBS News and Reinaldo Rios

Tennessee Old Photos

Norris Dam -- LHT writes, "I am now a retired engineer/physicist who has had a deep interest in the UFO phenomena ever since the Kenneth Arnold flap." While I was working at a large research laboratory in the 1970's I had a technician (now deceased) working with me who was also interested in UFOs. One Monday he came in to work saying that he, his wife and two other family members had seen a UFO on an outing at a nearby lake overlook in East Tennessee.

They had seen and photographed a UFO that he described as looking brilliant like a distant welding arc, moving slowly from north to south in a clear, late afternoon sky. I talked him into bringing the original slide in and letting me get a print made and examine the original transparency under a microscope. He was reluctant because he was scared to death of "men-in-black". I had lost the pictures until recently but thought you might be interested. (Photmicrograph)

The now faded print shows family members and shows where the object is in the sky at the intersection of the extended cross hairs although the tiny object is no longer discernable. The photomicrograph was made on Polaroid film at an optical magnification of 100 X. I was particularly intrigued by the bright halo and the diffuse trail in the photomicrograph. Thanks to LHT.

Texas Correction of Last weeks Photo

The public affairs office at Randolph AFB reports they had seen the picture and everyone thought it was marvelous, but not only was it a manufactured image, it didn't represent any type of jet formation flying that ever took place at Randolph to their knowledge. The picture is, however, a nice updating of a familiar old postcard image which depicts the same type of formation flying over the Taj Mahal which may reflect a similar fly-over staged for the 1935 film West Point of the Air):

Wisconsin Circles in a Horse Pasture

Brooklyn -- Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research writes, I just received this letter from a person who has found circles on their horse pasture. "Tonight, we found two circles in our horse pasture, one approximately 12-15 feet across and the other was not quite a complete circle about 25 feet in diameter. The smaller circle contained three small piles of an ash-like substance - almost equally spaced out in the circle. The larger circle contained only 1 visible pile. We have suspected "UFO" activity in on our property before, but this really has me freaked out! I finding this freaky, and fascinating.

Also, I rubbed the ash-like material around my fingers and within 10 minutes, I felt light-headed and my throat is "filling-up". The light-headedness passed within a minute or two, but my throat still has the full feeling. I am also a very allergic person, so if it was anything foreign, it would not surprise me in the least to react to it. Any comments?

Since I have been on-line, we have had two flashes of bright, white lights pass along our front windows! They are quick and have no specific origin. I am not really scared, but I have to admit to some nervous energy!

Virginia a Torpedo or Cigar-Shaped Object

Salem -- The day was so beautiful and the light so perfect and clear that I just had to be outside on October 12, 2006, about 2:30 PM. So I went for a walk in a woods near the golf course and decided to lie down in the grass for a while to soak up the sun. As I lay there, I started to see Brownian dots sparking all over the place and was surprised to see a torpedo or cigar-shaped object that just popped into the sky overhead and it had no wings. It was traveling in a straight line without contrails and made no sound. Its long slender body was light in color, maybe silverish. I looked back to the north and waited as the Brownian dots appeared again, and another object popped into view, same shape, same movement. Although there were lots of dots of light, no other objects appeared. I realized that these objects did not have wings. Thanks Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Washington Ex-Military Observers Watch Object

Sultan Basin - On October 4, 2006, at 3:30 an object moved at 90 degree corners, slowly. Colors ranged from red to blue/white. There were no pulsations, it was steady and seemed to follow a ridge line in the remote area. I watched it for two hours, the Blackhawk helicopter seemed to chase it off (two members of party ex-military, trained observers - if require more info, contact.) Thanks Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Argentina Intense UFO Activity Continues

POTRERO DE LOS FUNES -- Pablo Oro reports: The event occurred on Sunday October 10, 2006, around 21:00 hours and was seen by a group of people that included employees from the Hotel Potrero de los Funes. They claim having seen a large silver light the size of a car over Quebrada de los Condores. "They all saw it - the reception desk crew and some people who were also staying at the hotel," said the man named Juan Torres. The UFO was over the mountain for over 20 minutes and since the night was clear, it was easily seen. A light appeared suddenly and was surrounded by other lights. It seemed to head toward the hotel, but it remained stationary and then began turning on and off. Its intensity increased and decreased until it extinguished itself, leaving only a mark in the sky," said another hotel employee. (translation (c) 2006 S. Corrales,

Canada Sightings

Stevensville, Ontario -- I was looking down at my keys in my truck when a bright flash made me look up on October 6, 2006, and in a second a large white oval object with a tail like a shooting star shot by from east to west, traveling upward at a 45 degree angle! I was telling this to my friend in Simcoe and she said ,"Oh My God! Was this at 6:02 AM?" She was in the washroom and a bright flash lit up the room! Thanks to Brian Vike Director HBCC,

Cochrane, Alberta -- The picture was taken October 7, 2006, about 12:30 PM. The camera is a Fuji Finepix A600 (6.3 megapixel) I got up from the TV, went over grabbed the camera and went out on the front porch to I guess take some random shots of the sky.

Now I'm not saying I was "called" outside but I'm really not in the habit of taking random photo's of open sky by any means. Not wanting a street lamp in the shot I lifted the camera up slightly and snapped the first of four pictures. I'm left to assume it was traveling upwards as I took the picture. The second photo was taken pretty much instantly after. It was an enormous floating morphing "thing" that a few of us have seen in the last two years. They defy all explanation and are seemingly intelligent, alive, and not balloons nor aircraft.

Sarnia, Ontario - On October 6, 2006,, around 10:45 PM, I had to urinate extremely bad. My sister was dyeing her hair in the bathroom so I just ran outside to the fence. LOL! I had an impulse to look up, and WOW a very bright light was slowly moving east way off in the distance. It was like a huge bright star. I ran into the house and got my roommate to confirm and we watched it for almost two minutes when it went behind another tree and just disappeared.

Sarnia, Ontario -- A metallic colored object with a glowing ring around it was observed on October 8, 2006, about noon. I had an impulse to look up, and saw a metallic object to the north. I said to the person I was with "Its not moving like a plane, its moving way too slow, and has no shape." I watched it for about three minutes and it slowly moved to the east, and never got smaller, (dismissing the plane theory) and then it flickered and suddenly disappeared.

Later on in the day, at 6:10 PM, a very bright object appeared to the west and shone as bright as the North Star with a glowing ring around it. It would slowly drift downward through a cloud, and would slowly lose it's brightness then flicker and suddenly disappear. Then it would reappear, very bright as it was the first time, slightly off from the original spot. The object slowly moved down again and did the same thing seven times, taking about 45 seconds to a minute to reappear, always moving further north, almost like it was searching or scanning in like a grid pattern. Thanks to Brian Vike Director HBCC,

France Orbs Photographed

Verdun -- Judy G. , a U.S. citizen teaching at a military base in Germany, recently visited France on a field trip and took some fantastic pictures of orbs. She writes: "The town of Verdun, saw nearly a million French and Germans die in 1916 during WW I. I went there on a school trip this week and took lots of photos inside Fort Duouamont, a major fort, which was captured by the Germans and later recaptured by the French. Just down the road (100 meters) from the fort is the Ossuary, where the bones of 130,000 unidentified soldiers lie, and I didn't make up that number. Several photos showed orbs, some faint, some fairly bright, some in the barracks rooms, others in hallways. Thanks to R. David Anderson

Latvia Photos of UFO

Riga - On October 12, 2006, at 17:51 the witness saw a cylindrical object slowly heading north above the capital city of Latvia. The object dimensions reminded me of a fuselage of a plane but without wings, tail and illuminators. The object surface was smooth. It is the second case of this kind in Latvia. Our organization, Baltic States UFO Researchers managed to obtain three reports and one photo. As in previous instances, there was also difference between the object captured on the photo and that observed directly by witnesses.On photos, the object looks vaguely and imprecisely and it resembles a cloud. Visual examination allows to distinct contours of the cylinder and its ability to reflect light. Source: Vlad Guscha [Latvia] ? Thanks to Piotr Cielebias - "NOL - the Eastern European UFO Journal" ©, NOL,

Mexico UFO Witnessed by Red Cross Personnel

Taxco -- For 20 minutes, four UFOs appeared over the city, traveling south as the sun shed its last few rays over the city on October 9, 2006, according to several residents. At 7:10 PM, a UFO appeared for over two minutes descending then vanished into the distance. Three more objects appeared from the opposite direction, as though they were about to collide, said Fernando Zaga, a resident of Los Jales. "Red Cross personnel observed the UFO and were filming. Miguel Angel Saenz Ocampo, a rescue worker, when interviewed this morning by DIARIO 21, noted that after having witnessed the event, "only two more objects appeared from the same direction and one more, traveling from one side to another."He added that the event "the likes of which he'd never seen before" had an approximate duration of 20 minutes.Antonio Gomez Castrejon, also a member of the Red Cross, showed the reporter the images taken with his camcorder after the UFOs had appeared.

He rejected the possibility they were airplanes, and they had a somewhat rounded semi-oval shape without wings, made no noise, and flew at an estimated speed of 600-800 kmh. Airplanes don't cross paths with one another, and pretend to collide." Gomez Castrejon said that his video will be shown on Landavision's news program, produced by Joaquin Cadena. (translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU.

Peru: UFO Flies Over Ica and Huatyara

Cordova-Huatyara -- In the Huaytara Highlands on the border between Ica and Huancavelica, a group of engineers performing work for Antapite Mining Company managed to take a photo of a Silvery UFO. It was a silvery object that stands out against a clear blue sky. According to Luis Alberto Villar Perez, the photo was taken on September 22 from the Jatun Orcco mining project. The area is located at 4,300 meters above sea level in the province of Huaytara, Huancavelica. Said photos were taken by Wilber Manrique, a geologist from BISA Ingenieros. "At the moment I took the photo, I didn't see anything strange at all. Rather, I was focusing on capturing the area of the demolition," recalls Manrique, adding that his digital camera's screen is small. "A load of material came out and I took several photos, a total of 12 images in a period of 4 to 5 minutes, with 20-30 second intervals." I was startled to find a UFO upon downloading the photos," he added. Wilber Manrique was in the company of Ing. Nestor Ccasa, Anthony Gomez and others. (translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Alex Sender)

UK Avebury Crop Circle and UFOs

Wiltshire -- Egil Fylling a Norwegian on Holiday in England reports his story regarding these photographs. On July 31, 2006, I was traveling with a group through Wiltshire in England to visit crop circles etc. Monday 31 July we were on a ‘crop circle safari', and had reached East Field at about 11.30 AM to see the formation reported on 28 July. From the parking site we could see Knap Hill straight in front of us, with Golden Ball Hill to the right and Adam's Grave to the left. We walked around for about an hour, and when returning to the minibus we noticed a civilian helicopter coming from south-west toward Knap Hill at low height.

After having found our seats in the minibus, several people remarked that the helicopter moved rather strangely above Adam's Grave. When it stopped moving and just hovered in the air, we got quite curious and eager to know if a new formation had appeared or something, but unfortunately the bus just drove on. I opened the bus window and took some pictures toward Knap Hill and Adam's Grave. I wanted to at least have a shot of the helicopter hovering in the air - a "good" motive in itself these days. We went to Avebury to have lunch and arrivbed there at 1 PM. I took a few pictures of the remnants of last year's circle at Avebury / Waden Hill as we were leaving the bus.

After an hour's lunch we departed for the formation at West Overton Hill / East Kennet reported on the 26 July 2006, and afterwards to West Kennet Long Barrow where we could see Silbury Hill to the left, and the formation at East Kennet straight ahead. I took many pictures, 51 in all, while we were at West Kennet Long Barrow, and all of them are still placed in the correct sequence in my camera. Some days you feel that there is 'something in the air', and this was such a day. Notions like that cannot be explained, it is just something you 'know'.

When I returned to Norway I thought of the helicopter we had seen at Adam's Grave, and when I looked through the photographs on my laptop, I discovered several metallic-looking balls in front of and above the helicopter¸both on the picture of the helicopter and the picture of Adam's Grave I shot a few seconds earlier. These balls are visible even without zooming in on them. You can tell that they are not smudges on the lens or anything like that, as I took a series of photographs and you can see clearly what is birds or dark, round spots on clouds etc. Finding this intriguing, I examine all pictures taken that day, and find identical balls above Silbury Hill and above the circle at East Kennet. The pictures I shot over Avebury shows a similar ball. I also find two ‘classical' golden balls in a picture, at low altitude by the formation at West Overton Hill/East Kennet. Whether this has any connection with the other balls, I leave up to others to decide; the only thing I can confirm is that all photographs were taken between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM on the 31 July 2006.

This is all the information I can give regarding the photographs shown on this page. What you see is what you see ? the photos have not been manipulated in anny way, and I verify that they were all shot on the 31 July 2006 between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM by East Field, Avebury and West Kennet Long Barrow, in the county Wiltshire, England. Thanks to Egil Fylling

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