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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 28, 2007

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

UFOs Spotted by 500 UK Police

This week's files cover: Mars Fido the Dog NASA Photo, NASA Shuttle Videos Show UFOs, UFO Sightings Maps for May and June of 2006, Eisenhower's Secret Trip to Holloman AFB in 1955, UK Police Sightings reach 500 UFO sightings.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, and Texas. UFOs were also seen in Canada, Chile, Mexico, Japan, Russia, and United Kingdom.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this research. Our goal is to uncover the secrets of UFOs. We are continuing the investigation and make the assumption we are not alone in the universe. Based on the large number of sightings we can assume the watchers have had bases on Earth for thousands of years. "The Scientific Study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity". Expect More Sightings.

Mars Water and Fido the Dog Found

Dan Ravers has found an intriguing statue of a dog like object sitting on the side of a Martian crater. Mars JPL/NASA photo MOC2-320 Mars Global Surveyor image in Newton Basin shows strange markings on the side of the crater plus a dog like animal.

The image was shot October 7, 2002. Cave openings and other anomalies can be seen. Dan sees other interesting objects such as a Seal Like object on a platform, and a ttriangular cave with a "Y" Shape and partially open doors. At Gullies in crater at 42.4°S, 158.2°W. The most interesting feature is the dog. Thanks to Dan Ravers

Images of Mars show fractures in layered rock surrounded by "halos" of bedrock that are believed to indicate that water passed through the bedrock. "Scientists often state, "Where there is water there is life." Image thanks to NASA/JPL and University of Arizona.

Shuttle Films Caribbean "Divers"!

Jeff Challender writes, "On Discovery's STS-116, twelfth day in orbit, December 21, 2006, she made a pass over the central United States, and over the Gulf of Mexico near local midnight and video taped four anomalies. Three lighted objects appeared to actually DIVE into the Caribbean Sea west of Havana, Cuba!!

There lights were much brighter than planes and ships that are never visible from the 220 miles altitude of the Shuttle. They are simply too far away. And none of them are capable of reaching anything close to the speed of the objects in this incident. Thanks to Jeff Challender. DVDs Now Available At Project P.R.O.V.E.! NASA image from Shuttle.

Editor's Note: Ancient City -- The UFOs appeared to dive into the Caribbean Sea in deep ocean waters off the Guanahacabibes Peninsula on Cuba's western tip where sonar readings reveal 2,200 feet down construction laid out in a geometric pattern that may be ruins of a 6,000-year-old city. The map shows a deep underwater ridge running from Cuba to Puerto Rico, where underwater craft have been seen and may eventually enter caves in Cuba and Puerto Rico.

Some of these caves are twenty-five stories high. UFOs apparently have no trouble entering and leaving the sea. I personally saw one surface and rise out of a lake.

Columbia Shuttle Images UFOs

Steve Tobias writes, "STS-58 on October 23, 1993, took this image of several disks several hundred miles below the Columbia. STS-58 was the 4th longest mission in US manned space history and was dedicated to life sciences research. Columbia's crew performed a series of experiments to gain knowledge on how the human body adapts to the weightless environment of space. Columbia was destroyed 01/02/03 (STS-107). Thanks to Steve Tobias

Summary of UFO Sightings May and June 2006

Steve Reichmuth writes, "A significant UFO landing took place in Texas in May 2006. California and Florida sightings were heavy in May.

June 2006 had 274 NUFORC sightings, 87 MUFON reported sightings. An average month for totals. There were reports from Fairbanks, Alaska - Mana, Hawai - Cozumel, Mexico and Halifax, Canada. There was a UFO Landing in northeast Oklahoma but its location has been kept secret for witness privacy. Object approached and landed on their pond right before their eyes, submerging and frightening children and their parents on June 27, 2006.

In Cozumel, Mexico an underwater UFO report. Three bright lights moved around a boat 30 miles NE of Cozumel, at one time these underwater lights forming a perfect triangle, astonishing the passengers for 25 minutes. It must have been beautiful.

This is only the snap shot version of the new UFO maps. There is an 'interactive' version, too. With the interactive map you will be able to 'zoom in' on a local area or town, click with your mouse on the various sighting symbols. A case brief will appear with summary data. Also, a hyper link to the original witness report. These are already in place in each individual monthly map.

Extraterrestrial Highway -- There were 20 UFO sightings along Interstate Highway 84 in June 2006. The tightest concentrations were in and around Boise, Idaho (six reports), and Portland, Oregon (5 reports). They ranged from triangles, disks, strange lights, and other shapes, some described as cigar shapes. A large cigar shape - Boise, Idaho - 6/1/06 (21:45 hours) NUFORC was followed by flying disks, triangles and lights. Thanks to Steve Reichmuth Northern California Mufon

Arizona Unknown Object Filmed (Photo)

Phoenix -- I thought you may be interested in this UFO photo that I took on August 12, 2006, at 8:26 PM, of a round white light traveling real slow through the night sky. There are 8 star like objects, almost in U-shape. There is no way this can be stars, not with a 4 megapixel camera. There were no aircraft nearby and there was no sound. It looked like it stopped for a few seconds then continued on. The UFO made sharp right and left turn. Luke AFB is southwest of me. I saw it in the night sky for 3 or 4 minutes. Thanks to Brian Vike. To view the pictures:

California Thirty Objects with Symbols Underneath

Rancho Cucamonga -- We saw a bright orange object with symbols underneath on February 5, 2007, at 2:00 AM. It appeared to be in distress and flames were falling from it as it was stationary about 35 Miles east of Los Angeles It looked like a crossed top bun with 4 sections so it was kind of square with rounded off corners. Thanks to Bill Puckett

Matt writes, "I am nearly positive that this sighting was that of a Chinese/Thai fire lantern. These are disposable paper hot-air balloons, often released for special events. The orange glow is from a significant candle/sterno type light, and the flames which were falling could be pieces of paper or burning/liquid wax. The symbols were probably in fact Chinese script. Fire lanterns may account for a fair number of slow moving "orange glowing objects. Cheers Matt

SACRAMENTO -- I was taking a picture of the moon and when I checked the picture in my computer, I zoomed this object. I never saw anything until I put it in my computer.

I would like to know what this object could be. Here is the picture, you have to zoom it so you can see it. I have taken a lot of pictures and some of them are very weird. I want somebody to analyze the one I sent you. Please let me know if you can do it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

LOS ANGELES -- My friend and I were off Willshire Boulevard looking east towards LA and a bright tealish blue flash appeared for 2-3 seconds. We got the camera and were setting it up in case it would happen again. Before we could start recording there was another one approximately the same time in length. There were no clouds yet the flashes were bright enough to light up the sky. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Craft Goes in Canal

Palm Coast -- We were driving North on Belle Terre Parkway on February 17, 2007, at 11:10 PM, and saw an object hovering low in the sky for about 15 seconds. The object was a brilliant blue with green lights and a definite silver outline. It was of long triangular shape. The object quickly darted over to some trees and then lowered behind them near the canal. Not long afterwards, the lights disappeared. We heard no sound. The object moved fast and was too large to be a helicopter.

We believe the object landed as we could still see its lights in the trees. After a few seconds, the lights disappeared. It lowered into the canal area that runs through our neighborhood which leads into the Intercoastal waterway near "Indian Trails" subdivision.

Investigator's Notes: This is another sighting of a triangular shaped object that moves slow and hovers. In this case perhaps the object landed. Given the description provided by the witness, I have no explanation for this sighting. Thanks to Bill Puckett

Illinois Flying Rectangle

Du Page County -- I was driving east on Route I-88 and noticed the object circling like a blimp at the 122 mile marker. As I got closer, I realized it was not a blimp, and was rectangular and way too big. It stopped circling and flew northwest slow at first, but by the time it began to cross the express way it picked up considerable speed. It was far outpacing the commercial airline traffic in the sky. I have only seen fighter jets move this fast. By the time I got to the 128-1/2 mile marker it had again slowed and started circling. It was many miles north of me at that point. By that time I was able to get my camera out of the case and set to it's highest resolution. I took a few pictures from the side of the road. I only showed one to Fox TV, I have a couple more. The object then traveled directly north and continued on in a straight line until it was too far away to see anymore. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana Lights Slowly Pass Over

Evansville - A large plane or other object flew over about 1:10 AM, Thursday morning February 22, 2007. I raced up to tell my brother, and he saw it as well. I had checked to see if Sirius had set to see Saturn, when I noticed what looked like two stars of equal magnitude seemed out of place. They were moving northeast, so I thought plane but these weren't blinking and the lights were way too far apart to be from the same plane. It passed overhead slowly, not extremely high on account of the wingspan covered a wide field of the sky. There was a noise similar to a high flying aircraft. It was very low in pitch, and spooked a few animals, including a cow. I could not make out a shape of the object, just its lights...three of them two on the outside being a very light orange with the third being grayish but not centered in between the two on the outside. Thanks, Phil Schmitt

Maine Glowing Ball

Last night January 21, 2007, I saw a glowing ball above an abandoned car on 195 west. When I got within 1/4 mile of it, the ball flew up into the sky. When I came back with a state cop, the car was gone too. MUFON CMS

New Mexico Eisenhower's Secret Trip to Holloman AFB

Art Campbell a nationally known UFO researcher is providing an exclusive weekly series. He writes, "Eisenhower's Secretary of the Treasury was George H. Humphrey, a millionaire industrialist who owned a plantation near Thomasville, GA, where Ike hunted quail. Thirty-five miles north of Thomasville was Spence AFB which had originally been a base for training for fighter pilots during WWII. It was an ideal place for the Columbine to land and only 35 miles to the Milestone plantation. Humphrey became Ike's secretary of the treasury. When Ike came down to Thomasville his motorcade would usually be accompanied by Georgia State police. There were six in Ike's party, including Mrs. Eisenhower; her mother Mrs. Doud; Clifford Roberts, a Wall St. banker and advisor; and George Humphrey and his wife Pam.

The party left the MATS terminal at Andrews AFB on Feb. 10 at 1:00 p.m. Ike's plane was a new Lockheed "Super Constellation", the VC-121 E. It had been christened by Mamie a year ealier and named the Columbine III after the Colorado state flower. The Columbine III, also known as Air Force One after 1959, had a range of 3500 miles. The engines were four Curtis Wright R 3350, turbo compounds w/ 2700 hp each. Big for the day. Ike's plane had a wingspan of some 110 feet. The body of the Columbine was nearly 90 feet long and nine feet wide. The maximum speed was 355 mph with a cruising speed of 290 to 325 mph, depending on altitude. It carried a crew of fourteen, and Major William (Bill) Draper was the pilot. Draper had also been Ike's pilot in Europe during WWII.

It was an easy two and a half hour flight to Spence AFB in So. Georgia. The Thomasville Times -Enterprise papers of Thursday and Friday featured bold headlines: "Fair Weather Seen for Ike's Quail Hunt, Thousands Cheer His Arrival." The article went on to say "Thousands line streets of the three towns that Ike would travel through. The paper reported that as the motorcade entered Thomasville, "the chief executive waved and spoke to persons along the route." Hundreds of students jammed school campuses as the president entered Thomasville, the Times-Enquirer reported.

Milestone Plantation suited Ike's privacy needs very well. Here he was completely away from jangling telephones or weighty conferences. Humphrey's plantation had some 2,000 acres of prime bird hunting land. Ike had enjoyed hunting since his youth in Kansas. His favorite hunting piece was an 1897 Winchester repeating 16-gauge shotgun.

On this occasion, he brought along his custom 20-gauge hunting piece. Specially made, it had custom carving on the stock: a wild turkey in flight on one side and his five general's stars in a circle on the other, with his name - Dwight David Eisenhower. Ike was a very good shot while hunting birds; however he found it hard to live down that in WW II, he had emptied a clip of nine 45 caliber slugs shooting point blank at a rat in a latrine. The rat was soon dispatched when about a dozen aides came running after they heard the shooting. Ike was reported to have said, "I don't trust rats or Germans."

In his 1954 trip to Milestone, Ike had bagged his limit every day he hunted. When ducks and quail were in season, he kept his skills sharpened with skeet shooting at his Gettysburg farm or at Camp David outside of Washington DC. Except for previously arranged rare photo ops, none of the media were allowed on the Milestone grounds, but this time it was a little unusual. There was a great deal of international tension building. Accompanying Ike and his hunting party was James Hagerty, his press secretary who kept an eye on international events and kept the press informed as to the activities of Ike and his party.

There was little to write about, but the Washington press corps did it well. A reporter from Newsweek wrote, "The president arrived at the estate just as dusk was falling. An old soldier, he took less than 15 minutes to change from his suit to hunting togs." Secretary Humphrey and Cliff Roberts took much more time. Ike was heard by his party to shout at his partners as they dressed, "We haven't got much daylight left." They reached the hunting area as dusk was falling about 5:30 pm.

Ed Darby who was on the press plane wrote for Time Magazine, "In spite of the wet brush, a cold wind and the gathering dusk, the president and the secretary of the treasury bagged two birds each." They arrived back at the plantation main house after dark, somewhat cold, a little wet, but in good spirits. After dinner that night, Ike and the other men played bridge. Outside the rain drizzled and the mercury began to drop. The Newsweek reporter explained that "the dogs cannot pick up the scent" while the birds are huddled under cover in the wet brush. It looked like the predicted fair weather quail hunt had suddenly turned "foul." In the next installment of Ike's secret visit to Holloman, you will learn about a slight change in the president's health and how a shift in Russian leadership affected the world. If you have any information on this event please contact Art Campbell at

North Carolina Photo

This photo was taken by Mr Jack Smith in New Hanover County. I have his permission to send this to you if you think it worthy. The original distant photo shows a contrail behind the object. Thanks to Jim Sutton Sr., State Director Eastern North Carolina Mufon

Alan Caviness writes, "I've noticed that the number of hits on the "Alien Skin Magazine" web site have only totaled about 500, so far. I would think that if you could promote my interview and web site in Filer's Files, the folks at the magazine would be delighted. The senior editor is Kay Patterson. She's a good gal." We encourage you to read Alan Caviness abduction story at

Puerto Rico UFO Reported

MAYAGUEZ -- Lucy Guzman, Object Description: Pedro Navarro Shining metallic oval (glowing silver) like two superimposed plates. Material glowed, no lights. When Mr. Navarro drove past the Mayaguez Zoo at 11:10 AM on February 4, 2007, he saw a plate-shaped UFO in the sky. He described it as a shining metallic oval flying under the clouds, at some 3000 feet heading SW. Its skin was shiny and without lights. At first it was static and in a matter of seconds zigzagged and headed toward a cloud, where it hid. He said that the object had the apparent size of a birthday balloon. Note: Could there be any relationship between this object and the video recorded at the zoo an hour later? Thanks to Ovni.Net

Vega Baja -- Rita Rivera and her sister saw a UFO on February 4, 2007. They noticed a light in the sky behaving oddly and decided to observe it and videotape it. The light was following a horizontal route and suddenly shut off. They say it was not a satellite because they are familiar with satellites and their behavior. Reported in person by both sisters to Lucy Guzman. is waiting for the video to subject it to analysis. Source: Ovni.Net

New York A Bright Red Pulsing Light

Warwick -- At around 7:00 PM, on February 10, 2007, my mother urged me to take a look at a mysterious bright red pulsing light in the west. At first glance the object seemed to be a plane flying toward us. It didn't get any bigger or any smaller as would be the case if a plane was flying toward or away from me. Whatever this light was it remained quite still. After 15 minutes of viewing this object it suddenly turned off. After one minute it turned on again and remained completely still yet again. I viewed this object for perhaps another 20 minutes until if finally disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.

Tennessee Family Sees Two Slow Moving Objects

Maynardville -- The husband called in the sighting three hours after it occurred on February 23, 2007, at 7 PM. He was quite excited when he and his son noticed two red and blue objects moving westward while driving home. The objects appeared as one without binoculars. The witness stated that he captured about 30 minutes of video footage of the objects. I also interviewed the witness's wife. She corroborated her husband's story. She also was quite excited by what she saw.

Investigator's Notes: I will defer any final remarks about this sighting until I analyze the video. The characteristics of the sighting do not fit any conventional explanations like space junk reentry or meteors. Listen to audio clip of witness report. Thanks to Bill Puckett

Texas Ball of Light

We were outside taking pictures of the weather on January 29, 2007, and saw nothing until we downloaded the pictures in the computer. The picture shows a ball of light which has a tail (shadow), and does not look like an airplane. We heard no noise at all. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Mothership Cylinder Photo

Ajax, Ontario - Paul Shisis, writes, "This photo was taken by my friend Jack who started to experiment with his camera-8.0 mega pixel. He applied the solar blocking of the sun, with excellent results unveiling unidentified objects. He has sighted, 10 UFO sightings with the naked eye. He has stepped forward to share his personal findings. Jack's last sighting occurred on Friday, Feb.16, 2007, at work about[11:30 AM] in Whitby, near Oshawa. He witnessed three "egg" shaped white objects flying in formation from the east to the west. They were north of his position-Highway 2 near Thickson Road. He watched in disbelief for about 5-7 seconds, as two broke formation and headed south towards the Lake. The other one just continued straight west, as he watched against a rich blue sky. They moved faster than a jet and were brilliant white in colour.He guesses about 10,000 feet in altitude and felt shocked once again what he witnessed. P.S. Expect better photo's to prove George, that something's going on in our skies! Thanks to Paul Shishis,

Exopolitic's Victor Viggiani Gets Package to Al Gore

Toronto, Ontario -- On February 22, 2007, former Vice President Al Gore was presenting," AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH" at the University of Toronto's Convocation Hall before a capacity audience. After the show Victor Viggiani went backstage and greeted Mr. David Peterson, Chancellor of the University who agreed to provide Mr. Gore the package of vital disclosure information concerning the ET issue and their revolutionary free energy technologies. The package also contained a Fastwalker DVD and Disclosure Project's Witness Testimony DVD.

Kootneys, British Columbia -- My children and I have been observing objects in the sky that look like stars until closer observation when you see pulsing colored lights. They can stay in the same place for hours, sometimes jumping quickly. Sometimes they appear triangular when viewed through a telescope. When we just traveled to the Kootneys two days ago, we observed many of them on February 20, 2007, on 10:30 p.m. in the sky along the highway. It was as if they were traveling the highway out in front of us like a guide or something. Tonight, there has been one posted above the house we are staying in. We ran into the field back in Burnaby to get a video of them and we heard a melodic tone like tone from the mother ship in the old movie " Close Encounters of a Third Kind"

CHILE: Alleged UFO at the Los Confines Airport

Ninth Region -- A strange flying object was picked up by a Nikon digital camera belonging to an airplane mechanic working at Angol's Los Confines airfield on November 2006. The photographer did not become aware of the intruder's presence until he recently checked out his shots. Analysis shows a sort of aura and colored lights around it.

Two years ago, when aerobatic trials by the "Halcones" group of the Chilean Air Force were being performed, an Unidentified Flying Object shaped like a cylinder was captured on film. That photo remains unexplained. To see the photo, visit NOUFA at: (translation (c) 2007, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Nunez, NOUFA

Egypt Two Massive UFOs Above the Pyramids

I was in a meeting at my office in Mohandeseen, Giza on January 25, 2000, when I received a call from my mother at 5:05 p.m. She excitedly told me, "Omar, I see two massive UFOs above the pyramids. They look just like the one I saw last summer in Alexandria. They're huge and very bright." Before she finished her sentence, I ran to a window that looks in the direction of the pyramids. My work mates ran along with me, and five minutes later, after searching the sky, we saw one about 10 km away. It was "massive" cigar shaped bright orange craft moving at slow speed from northwest to southeast. It was 45 degrees high and it flew past for about 35 seconds in the area between the buildings opposite us. Regrettably, we have a huge building across the street blocking our view of the pyramids, so we couldn't see the other UFO.

My mother and her driver were much more fortunate. She parked on el-Muneeb Bridge, and had a clear view. She described them as two massive "neon bars," each 30 meters long, (100 feet) coming at slow speed from opposite directions meeting exactly above the second pyramid. They paused above each other for a half a minute or so and then continued moving in opposite directions. The UFOs were a beautiful sight over the Gaza complex at sunset for 15 minutes. My mother, felt they resembled a UFO that emitted white smoke, that she had seen in Alexandria four months earlier. Omar further explained that strange things had been happening to him in recent days prior to the sighting. Omar states, "I called a friend of mine, one of Egypt's top columnists, who at first thought I was mad, but realized he had also seen them when he flew in from Rome. He wrote about what he saw in four episodes in his weekly column in "Al-ahram."

Japan UFO seen in 1803

Harayadori -- On February 21, 1803 at around midday a strange 5-meter wide glass-topped round object was seen off the coast of, Japan, by some fishermen who went to inspect. Inside was a red-haired woman, with a white wig, who did not speak Japanese but only smiled at them. She clutched a box, and they noticed rugs, a water bottle and what looked like fruit and meat. Not wishing to tangle with the authorities they pushed her back out to sea. There are two accounts of this event, in the Toen-shoesetsu (1825) and the Ume-no-chiri (1844). Thanks to Mindy Gerber This Day in Weird History

Mexico: Sightings Reported by Airline Personnel

Mexico City -- Alfonso Salazar Mendoza reports that, "On February 13, 2007 at 9:25 a.m., a UFO was reported over Mexico City International Airport, flying slowly south. It was metallic and its overall shape spherical, reflecting the sun's rays with silvery flashes, according to the descriptions given by aviation technicians who witnessed the sightings. They estimated that the object flew at 50,000 feet (15,000 meters). The crew of a Mexican Navy helicopter on its way to the Mexican capital advised an air traffic controller that a metallic spherical object had crossed its path near Chiquihuite Hill at 13:05 hours.

Aviation pilot Captain Tarragona reported having seen, along with his crew, a luminous disk shaped object. He described it as "highly luminous" with red, blue and green lights, calculating that it was at distance of approximately 3 kilometers. The pilot asked Veracruz Center if there was traffic in the area? They gave a negative reply during his nocturnal flight over the Gulf of Mexico in early February 2007.

Captain Peña, commander of an Aviacsa Boeing 737, remarked that he had a sighting during a daytime flight on the Mexico-Acapulco route that resembled a basketball, with a metallic appearance. It escorted his airliner for five minutes, coming dangerously close to the upper section of the aircraft's starboard wing and rose into the air and vanished. Captain Peña added that he was convinced of the existence of UFOs.. (translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid and Alfonso Salazar).

Russia Flying Saucers

Photo courtesy of

Kaliningrad -- A student from Kaliningrad was able to film an identified flying object right over the regional center. The luminescent object hovered over General Butkov Street in the evening. The yellowish, elongated object slowly and noiselessly moved toward Pregol River. According to witnesses, some time later another object joined the UFO. Ivan Lebedev, a student, at once recognized the flying objects to be “saucers”. He was at home, listening to music, looked in the window and saw the flying object; took his video camera and decided to film the object. The film was shown to experts. The Kaliningrad physicists-astronomers spent a long time looking at the ten minutes-long blurred video. They did not reach any definite conclusion. They have kept the video film for further research.

Koenigsberg is the former name of Kaliningrad, a city situated on the Baltic Sea coast, the farthest western corner of modern Russia. Russia's Baltic Fleet is headquartered in Kaliningrad, where it controls naval bases at Kronshtadt and Baltiysk. Formerly the capital of the Dukes of Prussia and later the capital of East Prussia, the city was ceded to the Soviet Union in 1945 under the Potsdam agreement. In June of 1941 it was used as a staging ground for one of the main assault zones against Soviet Russia, and remained a very important naval base for the duration of the war. Over one hundred thousand Soviet soldiers lost their lives in the operation to take over the city, and over ninety thousand German troops were taken prisoners To read the full story, contact the news agency for full details at 16.02.2007

Kaliningrad -- Another sighting took place over on January 29, 2007, a doughnut-shaped object with a "comet" tail. Respectfully, Paul

Germany Flashlight Flying Lights

Marburg -- On February 15, 2007, at 9:40 PM, a married couple observed a brightly shining light in the sky, similar to the light cone of a flashlight. There were also three horizontally arranged lights that were less bright. Around this feature several small flashing lights were noticed in a circle. Thanks to

UK/England Annual prUFOs Police Report 2006

Detective Constable 1877 Heseltine British Transport Police writes, "This report is now the fifth one I have completed since I launched the PRUFOS Police Database in 2002, but does not reflect the views the British Transport Police. I have discovered 213 cases starting in 1901 involving 500 British police officers. Around 100 officers have been added each year to the database resulting in a total at just over 500 to date. Since my last report 43 new cases have come to light involving 100 officers. There are 178 on-duty cases involving 460 British police officers and 35 off duty cases involving 40 officers and 213 total cases involving 500 British police officers. The most important statistic for me from the first five years of research is 75% of the ‘on duty' cases are multiple officer sightings. The top three multiple officer cases are: 20 officers April 1984. Stanmore, Middlesex. On March 30-31 1993, 19 officers South Wales, Devon and Cornwall and Windermere, Cumbria involving 17 officers on August 28, 1977.

West Yorkshire County has the heaviest concentration of police UFO sightings with 25 cases recorded. North Yorkshire with 12 cases followed closely by London 11 and Staffordshire with 10 sightings. Wales and Scotland have had 14 and 7 cases respectively. The top five UFO Shapes are: Light 104, Sphere 23, Cigar 21, Triangular 13, and Saucer 13. There are 20 multiple UFO cases and two involve USOs (Underwater Surface Objects). Six cases had radar confirmation. CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF 1ST KIND) were Cigar 7, Light 5, Saucer 4, and one Oval, Diamond, Bell and Fiery Cross 1. A Shape change ? Cigar/Sphere 1

Conclusion -- Five years of research have resulted in 500 British police officers being involved in 213 UFO sightings. I genuinely believe that in high caliber witness categories such as pilots the majority of cases point to an extraterrestrial conclusion. Serving as a police officer with almost 18 years service, the last 13 years as a Detective in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), I believe the cases on the PRUFOS Police database offer a wealth of evidence to support my assertion that many of these sightings represent extraterrestrial craft operating in UK airspace. Corroboration of that assertion came in November 2006 when Channel Five aired a documentary entitled ‘The Great UFO Mystery'

It may be an unsettling conclusion for the public, the media and the British Government to digest but the overwhelming data over 60 years of research by leading UFO experts from around the world proves to me that some UFOs are real and represent extraterrestrial beings visiting our Earth in what can be loosely described as part of an observation or surveillance operation. Thanks to GARY HESELTINE © 2006

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