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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 13, 2007

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

Ancients Saw ET

This week's files cover: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin saw UFO on Apollo 11 Trip to the Moon, UFO Spotted near Shuttle Launch, Moon and Mars Anomalies, The Dropas Discs on the China Tibet Border, Thirty New International Crop Circles of 2007, Ancient Civilizations Possessed Exceptional Knowledge and The Story of Foo Fighters, “Strange Company”

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas. UFOs were also seen in Australia, Canada, France, India, Italy, Netherlands, Tunisia, and the UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book, investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, and we continue this research. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations through out the universe.

Last week my computer crashed, resulting in the loss of a great deal of information and delaying my report. I am in need of a new computer, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin saw UFO on Trip to the Moon

Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin was on Fox News June 12, 2007, "Your World with Neil Covuto" and said: "'Look, we see a UFO out the window going along with ... all » us." You know what would have happened; the public would have gone crazy. But we were smart enough to say "where is the upper stage rocket, we think we might be looking at that out the window." video, Thanks to

UFO Spotted near Shuttle Launch

Picture of Shuttle Launch rocket was taken from the Pineda Causeway at Patrick Air Force Base, FL. of Space Shuttle Atlantis LAUNCH STS-117 on June 8, 2007. UFO is at far left of photo. UFOs are frequently spotted at launch site. thanks to MUFON CMS.

Editor's Note: John Shannon, chair of the Mission Management Team, announced NASA extended the mission by two days and added a fourth EVA to provide time to repair the raised thermal blanket on the Orbital Maneuvering System pod...

Moon Anomaly

Apollo Mission 15 to the Moon took this photo of an object that may be a UFO. A photo taken in 1971, AS 15 p-9630 shows a strange formation at the bottom of a cliff. NASA/Goddard photos discovered in recent years shows possible structures on the Moon.

Mars Anomaly

This possible box like structure was discovered by the Rover on Mars.

The Dropas Discs on the China Tibet Border

During World War II air crews frequently reported sighting UFOs on the China Tibet border. Prior to the war, stories circulated that strange discs were found and investigated by anthropologists that describe the existence of aliens. “In the years since the discovery of the first disc, archeologists and anthropologists had learned more about the isolated Bayan-Kara-Ula area. And much of the information seemed to corroborate the bizarre story recorded on the discs.

Small, gaunt, yellow faced men ‘came from the clouds, long, long ago'. The men had huge, bulging heads and puny bodies, and were so ugly and repellent that local tribesmen on horseback hounded them down. The description of the ‘invaders' tallied with the skeletons originally discovered in the caves by Professor Chi Pu Tei. On the walls of the caves themselves Archeologists had uncovered crude pictures of the Sun, the Moon, unidentifiable stars and the Earth... all joined together by lines of pea-sized dots. Along with the discs, the cave drawings had been dated around 12,000 years old.” Thanks to:

Thirty New International Crop Circles of 2007

30 new crop circle formations have sprung up in Europe, with 15 sighted in Italy. Generally the UK leads Europe with the number of crop circles, but Italy's 15 formations are unusually high in crop circle reports.

Crop Circle Cerchio nel grano a Vò Italy (PD)- May 23-31, 2007. Possibly man made.

Ancient Civilizations Possessed Exceptional Knowledge

In recent years an increasing number of researchers in astronomy have come to the conclusion that most of the ancient civilizations possessed an exceptional astronomical knowledge. Not only did various advanced cultures across the globe determine the length of the solar year and developed reliable calendar systems, but they were also aware about a certain celestial phenomenon, such as ‘Precession of the Equinox'.

While many of the famous archeological sites offer us solid evidence that ancient temple, pyramids and other buildings were designed and oriented towards the rising and culmination of certain constellations or specific stars like Sirius. Many cultures had a fascination with the stars and their cyclical motion. References to Sirius can be found in early Egyptian and Greek texts. Ancient Sumerian, Babylonian, Indian, Chinese, and Mesoamerican records tell of visitors to Earth from other planets.

French Professor Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen began, over a period of several decades starting in 1931, undertook an extensive field study of the Dogon tribe in West Africa. Dogon elders revealed secrets of their religion and extraordinary knowledge of the universe.

Later Robert Temple wrote the book "The Sirius Mystery" that truly popularized the knowledge of the Dogon tribe of Mali, Africa. A fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, Temple earned a degree in Oriental studies and Sanskrit at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Temple claims civilization on earth resulted from contact with inhabitants of a planet in the Sirius star system prior to 3,000 B.C. Sumerians and several other African tribes claim they were visited by extraterrestrials who came from a watery planet.

They were given great knowledge by visitors from a planet within Orion's Belt near Sirius. The tribal cultures and most sacred traditions are based on special knowledge of the Sirius system is astounding in its accuracy and detail, including information only recently known to modern science. The Dogon legends about a companion to Sirius are claimed to originate before any terrestrial astronomer could have known of the existence of Sirius B, let alone its 50-year orbit or its nature as a tiny, condensed white dwarf star, all of which the Dogon allegedly knew.

In the information imparted to the French anthropologists, the Dogon referred to a small and super-dense companion of Sirius, made of matter heavier than anything on Earth, and moving in a 50-year elliptical orbit around its parent star. The white dwarf companion of Sirius which answers to this description was not seen until 1862, when the American optician Alvan Graham Clark spotted it while testing a new telescope; the superdense nature of white dwarfs was not realized until the 1920s. A Dogon legend, similar to many other tales by primitive people of visits from the sky, speaks of an "ark" descending to the ground amid a great wind. The Dogon claim the ark brought to Earth an amphibious group of beings, known as the Nommo. "Nommo is the collective name for the great culture-hero and founder of civilization who came from the Sirius system to set up society on the Earth," The Sumerians also claim they were visited by similar being who brought writing, organization and education.

The Dogon's cosmogonic legend explains the structure of the universe and the origin of life. It appears that long before empirical science established their facts, the Dogon already knew that "the sun turns on its own axis, as if propelled by a huge spiral spring. Reinforced by the "ropes" of rain that penetrate it, the Earth turns on its axis, around its center, and makes a great circle like a top its spinning. The moon turns like a conical spiral around the Earth." The Dogon elders not only possess an accurate astronomical understanding of our solar system, but they also have an astonishing clear perception of mankind's place in the universe, which centers, so to speak around the invisible stars of the Sirius system.

The Dogon believe Amma is the supreme God, the creator of the universe. Amma means: to hold tight, embrace strongly and keep in the same place". The Nommo Monitors are the "ancestors" of men, to whom Amma entrusted a part of the management of the universe. Genesis in the Bible tells a similar account of the Nephilim, “Those Who Have Come Down, from the Heaven to Earth.”

The Story of Foo Fighters “Strange Company”

Keith Chester writes, “I'm taking the liberty to notify you about the release of my new book, Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in WWII, published by Anomalist Books.” In a startling feat of historical research, Strange Company: Military Encounters with UFOs in World War II, details an aspect of World War II that has been shrouded in ignorance for more than sixty years. Chester reveals that as the war gripped the world for six years, military personnel reported seeing numerous highly unconventional aircraft in all theaters of operation. These objects had extraordinary flight performance capabilities, came in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and were able to travel at extraordinary speeds and avoid radar detection. The author recounts the reactions by military commands, their viewpoints, and theories as they struggled to make sense of the observations.

A scientific panel convened by the CIA eight years after the war admitted that these unconventional objects were of unknown origin. “In this eye-opening, thoroughly researched book, bristling with surprising revelations,” writes UFO historian Jerome Clark in the foreword to the book, “Keith Chester challenges decades of conventional wisdom about the UFO phenomenon.” It's time to drop the pretence that UFOs were a rare sight before 1947, Strange Company illustrates just how pervasive the phenomenon was years earlier?before, during, and after World War II. “What this work suggests,” says author Keith Chester, “is that while an immense twentieth century war was raging on Earth, someone, or something, from somewhere else, was watching us.” Category: Strange Company Thanks to Keith Chester

California Unknown Objects (Photos)

Red Mountain Lookout Cucamonga ? This image was taken from the Red Mountain Lookout South Vista at 7:15 PM, on June 8, 2007. These are not drops of water on the camera lens, nor are they birds, insects or any know aircraft that I am aware of. What's interesting are the two objects in the upper right hand corner of the image, they look for all the world like something of a biological nature and there is little doubt that these objects are solid? The only words that I can think of that define this image capture are "Absolutely amazing".

These objects are huge by any standard of measurement; the clarity is very good given that the light of the setting sun is shining directly on them. So, what do we have here, UFO's or some form of biological life living within our atmosphere, quite obviously we have more questions than we are getting answers from our Government. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.

Photos can be viewed at: site, Listen at:

Redondo Beach?Investigator's Notess: This photo is one of best photos that I have seen of a classic silver flying disk. However, more information needs to be derived regarding the photographer, number of witnesses, exact location, etc. I do not think that photo is a hoax because the sun position on the disk is on the same side as other objects in the photo.

Also the camera model, date January 1, 2005 and other information was associated with the file sent by the witness. Generally any software editing will remove these attributes which suggests that the photo was sent as output from the camera. (Of course someone could have thrown something in the air and taken a photo of it, but I don't think that this is the case because the disk is in focus and was likely not moving.) I have written to the witness, but have not received a response. Thanks to Bill Pluckett UFOs Northwest

Florida Flying Triangle with Lime-Green Lights

HOLLYWOOD - The Mother of one witness states, “My 10 year old daughter and her friend were in the backyard, jumping on our trampoline when her friend sighted a strange triangular object on June 3, 2007, at 3:05 PM. The craft made a ‘wooing sound' and half was flashing with bright lime green lights on one side, the other side was a ‘plum' colored purple. The triangle was traveling south to north, faster than a plane would ever go. It was above the clouds (about 5000 feet.). My daughter heard the ‘wooing sound', but did not see it.

Investigator's Notes: The color of the object is most unusual given that it had different colors on each side. Given the weather conditions and the fact that it was daytime means that the witnesses probably had a good view of the craft. Hollywood, Florida is only a couple of miles south of Ft. Lauderdale Airport so one wonders how many other people saw this object. The object was seen as going in the direction of the airport. Any others who witnessed this craft are urged to file a report. . Thanks to Bill Pluckett UFOs Northwest.

Boca Raton - On April 29, and May 27, 2007, I reported seeing objects. This time I think I hit the jackpot!!! While looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Boca Raton, not only did I see a similar object just like I reported before but, numerous objects! Some white, some red and some dark! The time I saw these objects was between 3 PM, and 4:30 PM, .and not just localized in one area but, a wide area over the Atlantic! Using my Kodak Z740 Digital Camera, I took numerous photos and will post the pictures soon. While some of the objects were stationary, some were also moving near each other!!! Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia Cell Phone Video of UFO

I was at work when I got a call from my brother telling me to look at the sky. He lives close by my job. I looked up and saw an object moving back and forth, up and down while changing colors rapidly. It also shone a beam of red light which it appeared to be flashing to the ground. This lasted for almost two hours. I was able to take video with my cell phone video camera, I have an older model phone which cannot send video's out to e-mail but I have it saved in my phone if there is interest in viewing or any possibility of transferring the info to anyone. It was also viewed and photographed by my brother. I am including a picture but I reiterate that I do have video of it moving and changing color. It was still there when I went to bed, so I have no idea how long it actually stayed there. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois UFO Sightings

Lockport - At 7:45 PM, on April 3, 2007, over Ludwig School property southwest of Chicago, I saw two lights hazy, glowing yellow with a magenta outer ring. The objects were round, slightly larger than dinner plate size. Their movement was erratic, very active, in and out of cloud cover. The objects hovered over the school bumped into each other to create a third disk. I watched for several minutes seeking an explanation, when they increased activity and created a third disc, I decided it was time to go inside. I phoned my neighbor to the north of the school, who made the same observation. The objects moved toward their house, bumped again creating a fourth disc, hovered with activity for maybe a minute and then moved west.

Investigator's Notes: This is a most interesting sighting considering the behavior, color, motion, of the objects and the fact that more objects appeared. The witness must have been impacted considering that he called the Lockport police. This sighting certainly falls into the unidentified category. Anyone else who saw these objects is urged to report to UFOS Northwest.

Chicago- O'Hare Airport UFO case, one of the Italian website visitors who is living in Chicago sent us this brief report. “Hallo, I'm Gianni and I live in Chicago for many years now. Regarding the 2006 UFO sighted in O'Hare airport I must say that the UFO was dark gray in appearance, about 100 meters in diameter and it hovered still for about two minutes over a control tower at about 1000 -1500 meters.

Then it simply flashed away in a vertical route at unnatural speed, leaving a hole in the clouds where it passed that lasted for some minutes, leaving people there able to see the blue sky behind the clouds through this hole. I have friends working there and they assured me that dozens of people have seen this UFO. The FAA controlling the airports denied everything.

Some pilots were even able to take some shots with cameras which were immediately taken by FAA agents and then given back to the pilots... guess what... without the pictures. FAA claims nothing was on the radars, and there was no apparent sound. Local authorities attempted to deny the account and claimed it was weather phenomena. Everything lasted about 2-3 minutes. This was the link on you tube of what happened (removed...) Thanks to

Massachusetts Haze Camera UFOs

BOSTON -- While browsing I came across an interesting picture on May 22, 2007, this photo was Screen Capture from At first I thought they were helicopters but after comparing them to helicopter photos I realized they weren't helicopters. The one thing that comes close I found at The object in the video resembles the objects I captured on 5-22-07 in Boston Mass. Thanks to Johnny Wheeler

Michigan Angel Orb or Insect?

Pattie Donahue MUFON Field investigator writes, “Here's one for you, if a strange orb taken on June 1, 2007.

Please...tell me what you think..... ORIGINAL... Thanks to Patty Donahue

Minnesota Object of Interest

West Central Minnesota - On Sunday June 3, 2007, an object of interest was moving slow and coming from the southwest moving toward the northeast. No sound. There was an emission distortion trail. See if someone can get more out of the photo. It isn't sun reflecting off a bird unless birds now leave vapor trails, but it is also not a normal aircraft, at least not what is normally going over our area.) We watched it for about two minutes and used a Polaroid 733 - 7.0 mp - 3xoptical zoom to get these photos that can be viewed at the HBCC UFO Research website. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.

New Jersey Video and Photos

LAWRENCEVILLE -- I was outside my company's building on June 12, 2007, just after a thunderstorm, photographing cloud formations and lightning. As the cloud masses began to break up, I spotted a small, silver/white sphere moving in a slightly irregular path eastward over Lawrenceville, NJ toward the Pennsylvania border and Delaware River. It was very striking against the clear blue of the sky between the cumulus clouds.

I noticed right away that this was an atypical object.
The object moved fairly swiftly, jogging slightly left to right as it flew in the bright blue sky between two cloud masses that were breaking up. The apparent altitude was approximately that of personal, single-engine aircraft, not extremely high. No sound or contrail was evident. There were other commonly identified aircraft in the air at the time, well away from this object, and were a good visual reference.

I remember being calm, but very interested, and happy that I had my camera with me. This object was highly irregular in its outline to my fairly well-trained eyes; clearly not an airplane configuration that I am familiar with. There were several witnesses to the event with me, and they all agreed that it was a very strange-looking object, with an atypical flight path. The object was finally obscured by more cumulus clouds, the entire sighting lasting about 20 seconds. I snapped 7 photos of the event with my Nikon D40 DLSR, using a Nikon 18-55mm AF-S lens. Unfortunately, I didn't have my 55-200mm telephoto on the camera at the time, or the image would be much more informative. I have enclosed the best photo that I have, with blow-ups done in Photoshop CS3 on a Mac Pro computer. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Morristown - On June 5, 2007 at 10 pm, I looked out my bathroom window and saw a VERY bright hovering light. I went to open the window because it got cool out and noticed an extremely bright light in the sky. It looked like a star but WAY too close. I observed it for about two minutes before I went and got my binoculars. Once I saw it through the specs I knew I had to try and film it. I have seen this kind of thing before here and I live very close to Picatinny Arsenal. It might be something from there? I don't know. I got my camera and zoomed in and knew this was no star or airplane. I definitely felt relieved that I caught it on tape, because I knew none of my friends would believe me. So in the AM, I will get it uploaded and send it on over. It was still there when my tape ran out. I'm a degreed Educator. The object brightened and pulsated, and would go down in size to a pin head then swell and change color.

Ohio Video of Craft

FOSTORIA - George Ritter is taking VHS video of flying objects in his backyard. This object was captured June 9, ascending from the ground up just above the trees of the video. Thanks to George Ritter.

Oregon: Three Ships Land - Total Six Ships

June 6, 2007, I was out walking on a back trail with my dog when six to ten ships fly low overhead. Three of them were inverted Y from the back and front. Those ships landed in a clearing while three more flew overhead. The three were black with a blue outline on the hexagon wings. From the front view, they looked like an H with a ball in the center. The ones that landed were white with white blinking lights, such as an aircraft on earth and a continuous blue light on the back. Their two wings on the bottom folded up making a ‘W' shape as it landed, making a deep moan and a whine as a jet engine.

When that happened, six ramps, two per ship, opened up. I couldn't believe it. Then, several human like creatures came out. They were white with black joint areas. Then, one took off his head, but it was a helmet. It was human! He carried what looked like an automatic weapon of some kind. The weapon was black. It looked like an earth weapon. There were dozens of the aliens! Some were talking, some were unloading boxes. They spoke English. It seemed like they were military, but not ours. I got a peak in the only window on the ship closest to me. A human was wearing a space suit like our astronauts and a black helmet. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania UFO (Looked Like World War III)

Philadelphia -- On the night of May 1, 2007, around 9:30 pm, I was sitting outside and saw what looked like videos of the bombing of Baghdad. I was with a teen-age young woman who also saw it. We were 30 miles NNE of Philadelphia and saw flashes of light that looked like explosions. They were bright white lights of lightning; fireworks; or searchlights. Some of the explosions seemed to come out of thin air and others from the Earth surface. Once in a while there would be a huge flash of light traveling instantly across the sky.

The young lady and I were somewhat stunned, watching this, and could not understand what it was. I said, “Looks like WWIII,” and she nodded. It was chilly; she went inside to stay and I went in to get something warmer to wear. Inside the house I became aware that both my ears were ringing like nobody's business. My dog buddy here was freaking out, and did not calm down till I covered her ears w/my hands. It felt at one point that every cell in my body was vibrating. I went back outside. In a bit the lights started again.

I felt that I was witnessing war, and the word scalar came to mind. Then, off to the NNW, I became aware of a mid-sized circular UFO that seemed to be struggling or fighting to come through to this dimension/frequency. Was the ship I saw encountering some sort of destructive frequency fence? Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

LOWHILL TOWNSHIP - On June 5, 2007, at 10 PM, “My wife and I witnessed extremely bright light in WNW sky, about 45 degrees between directly overhead and western horizon.” The object had a very bright, twinkling glow and showed little if no movement in any direction. It gave impression of the “Christmas Star” with twinkling rays sparkling outward. Slight hints of red and green were visible. With 10X50 binoculars, an outline of one row of about nine lights could be seen. The object appeared to be rotating as the row of lights turned out of sight and reappeared. We observed it for 30 minutes as it hovered above the trees. The night was cloudless. Stars and aircraft also were clearly visible. Due to extreme brilliance it was difficult to estimate distance above the Earth, although a guesstimate was made of about the distance of a cruising commercial jet.

Investigator's Notes: The witness has provided a good report. I believe that the witnesses observed the planet Venus. However, there is some doubt in that explanation because the witness said that a row of lights were visible through binoculars. An optical illusion occurs when one stares at an object for extended period of time and can result in an appearance of an object abruptly moving when in fact it is stationary. This phenomenon is called photo kinesis. Perhaps viewing through binoculars exacerbated this illusion. Thanks to Bill Pluckett UFOs Northwest.

Texas Black Triangle


Tomball and Hockley?I was driiving west on F.M. 2920 at 3:45 PM in the afternoon on May 31, 2007, and was looking at the low cloud formations with many contrails above them this afternoon. I spotted a dark object just below a small puffy cloud, which turned out to be a large turkey vulture riding an updraft.

I looked back up to watch a jet leave another contrail and saw a very bright object between a large cloud and the small puffy cloud I had been watching earlier. I thought, “This might be interesting!” As I watched it, there was no contrail and it flew directly into the center of the small cloud and never emerged! I watched the cloud continuously for the next ten minutes until I turned north to head to my house. But the cloud was so small; the object would have had to have made a 90 degree turn at a high rate of speed to keep me from seeing it emerge.

The shape changed, I think because it was banking, going from a “disc on edge” view to a “rounded corner triangular” shape as it initially went into the cloud. This object moved at a speed comparable to a very fast military jet in a straight path while banking.

I could find no trace of this object in any direction. The Vike Report UFO Eyewitness Interviews On MP3 Free

Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

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Australia Triangle Caught on Video

Kangaroo Point, Brisbane - On March 31, 2007, at 7:20 PM red orbs of light moving around were caught on film (video footage - photos). I noticed them disappearing and reappearing. It was freaky to watch, I got a bit of it on phone camera. Thanks to Brian Vike To view the pictures and video footage:

Willetton -- I was leaving work and walking to my car on June 9, 2007, at 11:35 PM, when I saw a large object fairly low in the sky. I was stopped in my tracks because it was just so large and moving across the sky from a northeasterly direction. I thought it was a helicopter with its spot light pointing right in my direction. That would maybe explain the size of the light. It was the same color as one of our orange street lights, while our police choppers use white spot lights. It was moving definitely too fast to be a chopper.

There were no leading lights, or wing lights, or blinking standard aircraft lights and these were multiples of them with different colors. It was just too big to be a jet and there was no sound. It was just a big orange ball that was slightly squashed in the middle.

I started recording it for a few seconds on my phone, but stopped. It moved West so damn fast, right towards the ocean. The light seemed to halve in size, but that could've just been due to the fact that it moved so fast. A building obstructed it after a second but as I sprinted to the side of the building to get a clear view it was already gone.

We do not have a jet that can move that fast, it cleared the sky in seconds! Every hair on my body stood on end at that point. I've just spent the last half hour staring in awe at the sky, but I didn't see this thing again. Coincidentally, my car's central locking wouldn't work! That's the first time that's ever happened, though it started working after I tried half a dozen more times. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.

Canada Had 736 Sightings Last Year

OSHAWA - Paul Shishis writes, “I have recently discovered this image of a dark diamond shaped anomaly above Church property here. On May 23, 2007, my son's class had confirmation at our Church in Oshawa. After the ceremony at about after 8:00 PM, it was time for some pictures of family and friends. In reviewing these pictures, my mouth dropped opened on this one in particular. Clearly to the top left of the mirror glass, this reflection of object becomes very questionable. I'm guessing that it is over my position while taking the pictures. The blurriness may be due to high speed, or maybe just cloaking. You may post the picture to examine this unknown object in sharing with others. Thanks to Paul Shishis

OKOTOKS, ALBERTA - Witness ccalled and reported that several days after visiting a park (Saskatoon Farm) he noticed some small objects in two photos that he took on May 27, 2007, at 4 PM. He didn't see anything unusual at the time. He took the photos in a westerly direction.

Investigator's Notes: A blowup of the object in photo one reveals a disk shaped object. The object is blown up about 7X in photo one. Smaller blowups reveal a more definitive shape. Photo two was taken a few seconds later and shows the object, but the object is smaller and is somewhat spherical in shape.

The photos were taken with a Canon Powershot A700 Digital camera of 6.0 megapixel resolution. This is another good example of photos taken of objects whereby the witness did not see the object until the photos were viewed. Higher density digital cameras allow one to blowup photos several times so that the objects can be better viewed. Analysis has shown that the photos were the original photos exported from the camera and were not edited with any graphics software. (Thanks to Bill Pluckett UFOs Northwest.

Terrace, British Columbia -- On May 20, 2007, at 10:05 PM, I saw a triangle-shaped object with a bright light in front and two at the corners of the back. Body was light grey and the lights were intensively white. The object came in a direct line towards me. After 15 seconds there was a single white bright light just to the north of my position.

This is the second time that I witnessed a triangle. The first one was 1990 over Virden, Manitoba. Lately, I've had “vivid dreams” at night and wake up with strange marks and bruises across mainly my spinal cord. My girlfriend keeps good records of all the things which happen. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. email: Website:

Toronto, Ontario -- I was just sitting in the backyard May 25, 2007, at 8:35 PM, and I saw a black speck in the sky. I had to rub my eyes because it seemed so surreal the object looked like a beetle as the clouds passed by. It just didn't belong, even though it was extremely small, you could see it among the clouds as they were a couple shades of grey and blue and highly dense. I just watched it for a minute or so, but it was somewhat hard to find every now and then as it would either disappear into the clouds or become extremely hard to see

I decided to race up and get my high quality video camera to try and catch this thing on film. I was pleased to find it with my binoculars and I tried to capture it with my camera but it was too far away. The object was way too small and was about 8,000 feet in the air, at cloud level.
Although it was lingering it was continuing to go to east in a slight breeze coming from the southwest. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. email: Website:

London, Ontario - I started seeing them last week on May 27, 2007, about 11:30 PM, with my friend in my backyard. The first ones had no lights but they were close enough to see them with their long and little bit flat shape. They had no nose or tail. We both saw around five over my house around 15 minutes apart. Last night we saw 5 or 6 white bright lights in a V shape over my house. Then flew on its side slightly and was gone. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - On May 27, 2007, it was a very clear night and my daughter and myself were in the hot tub looking up at the stars at 2:00 AM, I spotted a triangle shaped object (kind of what a stealth might look like) except it had 1 large light on each corner. They weren't bright, more like lights that were on a “dimmer”. It moved very fast across the sky and there was no sound. It seemed low but it was hard to get a good point of reference to determine the size and closeness of the object. It was moving from North west to South east and it maybe lasted 5-10 seconds.

Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia -- I was watching TV on June 8, 2007, at 10:35 PM, and spotted a very bright red light rising very slowly into the sky. At first it appeared to be a firework or flare, but then the light suddenly changed directions and very quickly moved diagonally downward with two trailing dimmer and smaller lights appearing behind it forming a triangle. The lights then disappeared. The entire sighting lasted approximately 5 seconds. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

France Photo

Claude Zanna writes, “I took the picture on May 19, 2007, at around 7 PM, near, in the South East of France.
I'm sending you the original shot and a montage of the object with different definitions. I'm buying a new and better camera so I should get better results, I hope so!!

I was looking at your file #22, the picture I sent you. There's a slight problem with it: the “anomaly is not the bright spot (jet plane unfocused) but the form directly above to the right which unfortunately cannot be seen on the picture. I'm sending you another one that is much better. Thanks to Claude Zanna Formateur anglais / américain 22 rue de l'Oiselet, 38300 Bourgoin Jallieu Tél

India UFO Was Triangle and Circular

Karnataka -- On May 28, 2007, at 8.45 PM - 9.20 PM, I alone was sitting on the balcony watching the sky. That night the sky was filled with white milky clouds. Suddenly a huge, bright strange thing appeared out of the cloud and started oscillating (right to left, and left to right) for about 20 minutes. An airplane passed near the strange thing that I believe was an Air India airplane.

I got my sister who was sleeping and forced her to come to the balcony to see the strange flying object. The shape was somewhat a combination of a triangle and circular. On May 30, 2007 I saw the news about this phenomena published in Dhina Thanthi (Tamil Daily Paper in India) on page 3. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. email: Website:

Italy Disc Sighted

Milan -- It was early in the morning on May, 28, and cloudy with a soft rain. Looking outside the seventh floor window we noticed this spherical object hovering in the distance at 9 AM. It couldn't be an airplane or helicopter because of the low distance from the roofs and the spherical appearance. It hovered for 40 minutes and suddenly disappeared. In the last two years there have been several sightings of this kind of objects, spheres and night lights in the Milan skies. Thanks to Massimiliano Mattei

Netherlands Photo

GRONINGEN - The eyewitness writes: “A Classic UFO form, slowly flying over the city of Groningen. I took an interesting picture of it using a Minolta Digama S414 4.0 megapixel camera. Automatic picture no flash.” The reporter says that the target was heading in a southerly direction. Anyone having additional information is asked to contact Christopher Montgomery Executive Director UFORC International Global Network at

Tunisia UFO Photo

Tabarka – A cigar shaped object was spotted in the upper right corner of this picture taken in Tabarka on August, 14, 2004, at 1 PM during a summer boat trip. Thanks to

UK "Signal to Space Concerts" with Prince William

The Female Fist reports Britain's Prince William is to be guest of honor at an alien concert. Michael C. Luckman, author of ‘Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n' Roll Extraterrestrial Connection', says the 24-year-old prince has a strong interest in alien activity and is “infatuated” with his book.

William is such a follower that Luckman plans on inviting him to his ‘Signal to Space Concerts', aimed at establishing peaceful contact with UFOs through music.

The writer - who says the prince was given his book by fashion designer Andre Van Pier, whose couture was worn by his late mother Princess Diana - told BANG Showbiz: “I have a contact at Buckingham Palace and I have been told that William is really infatuated with my book and the subject.

“In fact, we are planning on inviting him to a series of concerts called the ‘Signal to Space Concerts'. “William is into techno music which fits in thematically with what we are going to be doing. “The idea of the live concerts is to beam live music into outer space, to various targets in our solar system and beyond, in order to establish contact with extraterrestrial civilisations. Thanks to Michael Luckman.

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