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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 3, 2007

George Filer:
See all the photos at:

Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

This week's files cover: Moon UFO Video, Mars Tubes, Head and possible roads,Sun Storm Rips Tail off Comet Encke, Saturn Cassini Spacecraft Spots Luminous Object, SST-115 video of external tank and unknown and Great Lakes Mysteries

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Texas, West Virginia, and Washington DC. UFOs were also seen in the Antarctic, Australia, Canada, China, and the UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this research. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe.

Mars Tubes, Head, and Roads?

John Schuessler writes, Interesting photo.
-3.6N, 111.0E Released: 2007-09-18

Tinto Vallis is bounded by steep walls so its sinuous course is easy to identify and trace from image to image. Shortcut to: Themis image courtesy of NASA/JPL/MOLA/

Editor's Note: Last week the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Press Release: 07-207 Possible Cave Skylights that, "NASA's Mars Odyssey spacecraft has discovered entrances to seven possible caves on the slopes of a Martian volcano. The find is fueling interest in potential underground habitats and sparking searches for caverns elsewhere on the Red Planet." We have been telling them for ten years their is evidence of life on Mars.

J. P Skipper writes, “This image is some of the most incredible and extraordinary evidence to come out of any satellite imaging of another world made available to the public.

As you can see, the most striking anomaly here is the human or humanoid head sitting upright in the terrain with only the upper areas of the head visible from the mid nose area up. Note that this object's surface is smooth contrasting sharply with the rough terrain it sits in demonstrating that it is almost certainly an artificially smoothed creation. Note that the head anatomically correct, balding with nose projection, and two recessed closed eye areas under a forehead and brow. The lower portions of the head are obscured by image tampering applications.

If its mere presence isn't enough, consider the absolutely colossal size of this monument about 12 miles wide, this immense monument is the size of a mountain. But, this isn't the only evidence of civilization here. In the lower left corner of the image, you can see what looks very much like an animal sitting upright with forearms and forepaws resting close together in the center area of the body on an elevated rock. Note the pointed face and nose, upright ears, eyes, and ringed body. This Raccoon like animal looks similar to a Red Panda.

In the lower right corner of the image, you can also see what may be a strange looking dark pictograph of a stylized representation or emblem of some creature life form? Just above the pictograph form is a dark area that I suspect is part of a smaller river system that comes from our right to left across in front of the giant head where it disappears. There in some image tampering application that crosses over the lower portion of the head obscuring the area where a mouth might be. It is possible that this smaller river may have been designed to symbolically flow into the mouth of this colossal monument.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not point out the extensive image tampering in this image. I suspect most of this tampering is designed to obscure view of a civilization. The bottom areas of the head monument are obscured by multiple partially transparent tampering application treatments designed to carefully blend in and appear as terrain. One of these layers can be seen passing across the lower portion of the nose and cheek area.

Viking data tells us that someone knew about this massive monumental civilization evidence all the way back in at least the 1970's. When I investigated the narrow-angle imaging strips of this area, some very important additional civilization evidence discoveries were revealed. These monuments appear to have been intentionally left out of the tampering by someone unknown to us to serve as red flags to draw the attention of those viewing this data. MGS MOC M02-00164. Thanks to J. P. Skipper at:

MARS CRATER AND TUBES -- Norman Bryden sent this Mars Global Surveyor Narrow image gallery image of M19-01733 crater at 70.0 N 295.1 W.

The area has road like markings on the surface. Scaled pixel width is 6.71 meters. Thanks to Norman Bryden

Sun Storm Rips Tail Off Comet Encke

The spectacular cosmic crash occurred on April 20, 2007 when the sun cast out a coronal mass ejection (CME), or large cloud of magnetized gas. The tempest was thrust directly in the path of Comet Encke, which was traveling around the sun, within the orbit of Mercury. As the gas swept over the comet, its tail brightened and then was separated completely from its parent icy rock and carried away. NASA's pair of Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) satellites writes, “I was reading an article on the sun from when I noticed a rather large object move very close to the sun." It was not the comet in the video that was being talked about but something else. You can see it move from left to right towards the sun.

So I went to the SOHO website and took a look at the date mentioned and came up with this image of something extremely large near the sun. I thought I would send it out to see if anyone else has seen or knows of this. I have included both the image from SOHO and the link to the video with this letter. Thanks to Harold Carver

Saturn Cassini Spacecraft Spots Luminous Object.

NASA instructs the spacecraft to change to the telephoto lens... then snaps this close-up image ~ right on May 24, 2006. Take notice... the camera did not shift position. The stars are the same stars in both images. You will see these NASA images on a NASA web site from our web site.

Curtis writes, “Before you go there... let me say...

This could be new to you. The Urantia Book is new to me. I don't know a smooth way to tell you this...Michael from his backyard on Maui was taken into this luminous object near Saturn. Listen to Michael tell his story on our web site. In hour #2... just after the 28:08 minute mark... while near Saturn... a human looking man told Michael... "... there is a book on Earth that has a lot of what is going on and it explains a lot... he said the book is called...

THE URANTIA BOOK. Just remember you don't have to remember the name. It is the book you need to look into and you will find many of the answers that you want to know about the answers to in that book. One of The Urantia Book readers... wrote us after listening to Michael for 6 hours. Read his letter in the 'email' section on our web site. Thanks to Curtis

Moon UFO Video

During routine observations of the cosmos on April 29, 2007, Italian astronomers have recently spotted and tracked on video an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO. The black spherical UFO was tracked for two minutes across the moon .

See video at:

SST-115 External Tank and unknown

Johnny writes, “I have another curiosity that doesn't seem to make to much sense. The white object on the right is on the NASA video.

And the 2nd from the top entitled:

Master# 722561 01:03:54 - 01:04:22 Shuttle crew handheld video of External Tank during liftoff and separation . This is footage of an external tank. Around the 27 second mark another object on the lower right makes an appearance. Are you able to identify this object... I'm a bit baffled and if it wasn't on the NASA site, I'd think it was CGI. Thanks to Johnny Anonymous and Robert Morningstar

California UFO Triangle and Alien Face

FRESNO -- Robert Thorson reports helicopters have been flying low over his home almost daily so he decided to try to take their picture on September 2, 2007. There are no apparent markings on the helicopter and occupants look very strange and alien.

Thanks to Robert Thorson.

DALY CITY -- I was coming out of Circuit City at 2:30 PM, on Monday, September 24, 2007, and was turning right to go up the hill to the freeway. I happened to look up and saw a UFO for a few seconds because it disappeared over the treetops. This was shaped like a silver disk that I have seen pictures of on your site. Thanks to Dave

BODEGA BAY -- My husband, my brother, my sister-in-law and I were vacationing at a coastal house on September 17, 2007. We were watching the sun set over the ocean and preparing to watch the clear night sky. We have big binoculars 16 x 70 set up on a tripod on the west-facing patio. Moments after sunset at 7:15 p.m., while the sky at the horizon was still orangey, we noticed a very bright orange/gold streak moving south climbing slightly. We then looked at it through the binoculars and saw a dark elongated object that was rounded at the leading edge of a trail that increased in size to four inches long.

A minute later, the object/trail appeared to stop and hover in place for another ten minutes, but did not dissipate like a vapor trail would. The pictures we took do not even begin to show the brightness of the trail. We estimate the object was 18 miles away and too big to be any kind of airplane. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Three UFOs

LOVELAND -- I was setting out my trash bin on Sunday, September 30, 2007, and noticed a satellite and several commercial aircraft on approach to Denver International Airport at 9:45 p.m. I was about to go in and noticed three dimly lit circular objects speeding from south to north almost directly overhead. They were either a tight formation or a single object with three lights. There was no noise. They may have been illuminated from city glow as they looked a faded brownish color. They were like peas almost touching each other. Each object or light had a hazy glow around the edge. They together about as big as a quarter at arm's length. After watching them cross the sky and disappear past the roof of my house I watched a few more minutes to see if anything else would show up. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Aliens Photographed in a Home

MILTON -- Last year David Eckhart phoned me from, Florida saying that and he was able to photograph some of it. Here are five pictures from his video of a small alien coming out of his bathroom. He goes back in and turns off the light (see Jan 21 06-18). This reminds me of Prudence Calabrese's story of "the Little Gray Dude." You may want to print a couple of these. People might be interested in his web site, Don Ware

Great Lakes Mysteries

The Great Lakes according to marine insurance records have a higher concentration of unexplainable ship disappearances than anywhere else in the world with thousands of missing sailors. Near the end of a cool May, in 1889, several tall masted ships sailed out of Kingston harbor, at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, to search for a missing vessel. There had been a storm over the lake and the missing schooner Bavaria, had failed to make port. Mysterious events outrank anything found in the Bermuda Triangle, or any so-called zones of mystery anywhere in the world.

The Armenia set sail to search for the missing ship and nine miles south of the Main Duck Islands they sighted the Bavaria sitting upright and grounded on a small desolate shoal. The crew of the Armenia found no trace of the Bavaria's crew. The entire crew was missing from an essentially seaworthy vessel.

Aside from a small amount of water in her hold, the ship was completely seaworthy. In fact she was sailed back to Kingston once she had been freed from the shoal. There was certainly nothing wrong with the vessel that would cause her crew to abandon her. Nor was there a single clue to show where the crew had gone.

In the captain's cabin they found all his papers and a large sum of money collected from cargo that had been delivered to American ports. Several people have claimed there is an underwater base in Lake Ontario that UFOs have been operating for many years...

Illinois Orb with Streamer

GO CUBS! -- I just finished watching a baseball game on television on September 22, 2007, and went out to my deck and saw a jet traveling north, when an object in the east caught my eyes. This object was all white and was completely standing still. I kept my eyes on it and suddenly, it shot off to the SW. It was a very odd shape, like a balloon with a huge streamer, but the streamer did not flutter. It flew out of sight in about 10 seconds.

I noticed a second object and ran inside for my camera. When I got back outside, the object was just disappearing behind some trees and I could not get a picture. But, I immediately saw a third object and took several pictures one is shown here. As I said, there was a very slight breeze from the SSW and these things were moving to the SW against the wind. Thanks to MUFON CMS. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Massachusetts Gray Aliens With Big Eyes.

When I was seven years old I was lying in a cot at my cousin's bedroom in the middle of the night in 1966. We were on the third floor of an apartment tenement with rough hewn wood with no sheet-rock. I awakened when I felt pressure on my cot and looked to see, at the foot of my cot, a tiny gray being sitting on it. Two grays were standing nearby looking at me. There was a faint light emanating from them somehow so I could barely discern them. The light eventually brightened.

They were tiny, thin, gray; no more than three feet tall with large heads, black oval eyes too large in proportion to their heads, a slit for a mouth, and two small holes for a nose. Their long spindly limbs seemed frail and very fragile. They communicated to me through telepathy, “Do not be frightened.” As I watched I was not afraid, and a circle of beautiful, brilliant, and indescribable blue light appeared behind them. I remember one of them going into the light and I knew I was going too. I can still recall the beautiful, vivid electric blue light. I remember falling asleep before they were gone. My cousin never woke up throughout this entire ordeal.

When I woke up the next morning, my left pinky finger was aching and I felt a BB or tiny ball inside. I knew it wasn't there before so I told my mother about the incident, and she beat me and refused to feel my finger. So I suffered in silence for many years. Since then I have asked my doctor if he'd X-ray my finger and he said not unless there was a reason to and it's a fatty deposit in my finger. This was not a dream. This might sound strange, but I have a feeling they have protected me throughout my life and help me predict the future. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New Jersey Photos of UFO.

BRIDGETON - On September 24, 2007, Charles an amateur astronomer was setting up his camera to take photos of the constellations when he noticed a bright light climbing up from a neighbor's field. The object seemed to pivot on both the vertical and horizontal axis while slowly moving toward the west. The first photo shows a pinpoint of light at the lower left of the object.

As it pivots on both axis the light moves to the center of the object. If you enlarge the image you find an even more confusing image. There are also a few stars in the image.

Thanks to Charles Stone MUFON Field Investigator

New York Large Light with Trailing Red Light

NEW YORK CITY -- On September 6, 2007, at 7:07 PM, I took three consecutive images of the sunset with my Blackberry 8300 Curve from my apartment facing the Hudson River. One image appears to have an unidentified object which was not witnessed by me at the time. Images attached. Thanks to Andre Strishak and MUFON CMS

NEW YORK CITY -- On September 25, 2007. I am not sure if this is a satellite, but there is something orbiting our sky every 5-7 minutes and earlier there was a red light trailing behind it as if it were on a leash? At first we thought that it was a meteor, as it was VERY bright. Then as it passed us overhead, it got dull, and kept flying. The moon was pretty bright, and after seeing it three times we decided that it was not a meteor shower type thing because the timing and path was predictable. I am not sure why it was circling around with that trailing blinking red light: When I tried to take pictures of it earlier, my shutter took too long and all you can see is a cloud looking thing that looks ghost like.

Investigator's Notes: I don't know what the witnesses sighted. The characteristics certainly don't fit a meteor. Perhaps they did sight a conventional aircraft, but the witnesses thought otherwise. I have requested a copy of the photo from the witness. Despite the "slow shutter" speed setting on the witness's camera, the photo could still reveal some useful information. Any updates will be posted.

Nevada Area 51 Disc

It seems to be another "smudged" out photo that was updated by NASA on Google Earth. The good thing is that I am a member of the military and have access to a better version of Google. I have looked at the photo a hundred different ways. Maybe a professional opinion would shed some more light on it. But I have been told by a few high ranking officials that NASA has been known to smudge/airbrush pictures before putting them out in the public eye.

I feel the shadow government needs to come clean with the rest of the world before it is too late. In the photo you will notice that road and the building have something circular over them. You can follow the black marks in the road and see that they are broken up by something, also on the corner of the building. The further you look under the "disk" the shadow gets darker. I think NASA has slipped up on this one. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Bright Orange Lights

FOSTORIA - George Ritter took this still phhoto taken from a video of a craft above a nearby farm not far from Lake Eire. George indicates his videos may show a type of energy that surrounds the craft and tends to distort the video. Thanks to George Ritter for his photos.

Oregon Glowing Amber Gold/ Orange UFO

PORTLAND - At 3 AM, on September. 10, 2007, while floating home on the Columbia River, I saw an object glowing amber gold shimmering light traverse the sky from the SE to the NW in less than three seconds. It was hard to focus on because as I later surmised, it appeared to be cloaked in an shimmering energy field. It was the size of my little fingernail held at arm's length, flying extremely fast and perfectly silent. It was glowing just three or so shades lighter than the night sky. It was not a plane, a satellite, and perhaps outside of the earth's atmosphere. Thanks to Brian Vike

Texas Photographs of UFO

On September 25, 2007 at 7:30 PM, I had just gotten a cup of lemonade and sat down outside when I saw an airplane flying towards San Antonio. My eyes caught something really bright high in the sky flying very slow into town when it stopped. Then it made a move like a shape of a 7, and it stopped again. I called my family "LOOK THERE IS SOMETHING IN THE SKY!" and my Mom, cousin, and brother ran outside to look. My Mom and brother didn't see it so they went back inside.

My little cousin stayed outside and we saw it become brighter then it disappeared into nothing. He was shocked after he saw it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia Photos

ALEXANDRIA -- Brandon McCain writes, “I took some interesting photos that show what most call "motherships" right before a storm that came into Later I shot two balls of light I saw traveling on I-66 Toward Mannassas after an Airsoft game. Thanks to Brandon McCain UFO Researcher/Photographer

Washington DC Photo

DC -- My fiance' and I were laying around our apartment when we noticed a strange object on September 29, 2007, in the sky through our sliding glass balcony door about 6 PM eastern . Given that Washington DC is restricted air space my initial thought was that something wasn't right. It appeared to be a thin blimp floating too high. After I realized that what I was seeing wasn't normal I grabbed our digital camera, and she grabbed a pair of binoculars. Once outside, the object appeared to be an elongated tube, but through the binoculars a triangle could be seen around the white spots. At that time, the object was between 50 to 60 degrees off the horizon from our fifth floor balcony, and was moving NW to SE. At one point the object appeared to turn upward and head to a higher alt. After that it continued on it's previous course. We watched the object for almost ten minutes, and lost sight of the object when it pasted our apartment building roof. After this sighting, the both of us were left with an uneasy feeling of not knowing what had just flown over the nations capitol. Thanks to MUFON CMS

West Virginia Photo of Red Orb

I was taking a photo of the Harvest Moon on September 25, 2007, and when I viewed it in the computer I saw the red orb. Look for yourself and tell me what I caught? The object was in my viewfinder but not visible to my eyes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Anarctica Stuctures

While exploring Google Earth I came across these unlabeled black structures in Antarctica. I looked closer and was intrigued to see the circular marks on the snow pack, measuring about 100 feet across. The structures are at 71 40 19.71 South, 2 49 38.50 West. Now I don't feel like I'm the only one who knows about them. I hope this is something.

I had a very close UFO sighting around 1959/60. The sighting left me 100% convinced that we are being observed and visited by something and someone unexplained.

What makes me suspicious about this location is that:
1. The "structures" are not labeled, when every other manmade detail in Antarctica seems to be labeled.
2. There are 100 feet diameter circular marks on the snow.
3.The large black box structures dwarf other habitations such as India's base.
4. The huge gaping black structures appear to have no bottom, making them look like caves.

I might be assuming too much but, curiosity is a thing of mine, sometimes good sometimes not. Thanks for your interest and prompt response.

Investigator's Notes: I verified that the box structures are near the location of the geographical coordinates supplied by the witness. I turned on all labels in Google Earth and the structures were not labeled. However, I don't believe that this necessarily means that they are not manmade. I don't see the 100 foot circular rings in the snow referenced by the witness. Suspicious objects and structures have been showing up on Google Earth images in the past few years. Some of these images seem to show unknown aerial vehicles. I don't know what these structures are or who they belong to. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Australia Incredibly Bright Green Light

MELBOURNE -- Paul Cameron writes, “At about 9.55 PM, On October 2, 2007, in the Eastern Sky over, my son and I were walking in Eltham when we saw an incredibly bright object apparently burning up in the atmosphere. It was so bright that we thought the police helicopter had its spotlight on us. The light was green. The object was perhaps large enough to show up as a rounded shape as it sped across to the south west. Thanks to Paul Cameron

Editor's Note: It was probably a bolide, but UFOs often use these to camouflage their entry into the atmosphere

Canada On Track For 'Record-Breaking Year'

VERNON, B. C. -- In early August 2007, I saw a metallic oval/sphere traveling south at 1 AM. My immediate reaction was "it's a Mylar balloon", however the only breeze I could feel was the typical evening tickle in the wrong direction! The object was dull silver and flew out of sight in 20 - 30 seconds. The object never wobbled or changed relative shape. It appeared to be more steeply curved at the edges judging by how it reflected the lights of the city below it., leading me to believe it was ovoid rather than spherical. There were no lights on it and no sound. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research.

PETERBOROUGH, ONTARIO -- This sighting occurred on Highway 115 while driving and also had a passenger witness. He described the object as quite long-streamline, white in color-though not bright. The sighting happened on either Tuesday or Wednesday,- September 19, 2007 after 9 PM. He described it like a long chemtrail, not moving and quite high. This might tie into the sighting reported to you recently, from Peterborough, on the same date. This is his second sighting in 10 months. A fellow at a busy Gas Station, of whom I've shared with in viewing my pictures, told me, nine different Cab Drivers have witnessed strange objects in the night sky, all over the Durham Region. Thanks to Brian Vike

OSHAWA, ONTARIO -- Paul Shishis reports, “I have a excellent photo of a unknown colorful craft and a perfect round white orb to share.” Are they working together ? I have seen all shapes and sizes since 2003. This photo validates the mix of UFO's reported and possible levels of intelligence's. While at home in Oshawa, facing to the west, after 9:30 am, on Saturday, September 22 ,2007, I blocked the sun looking south, towards Lake Ontario. I could see brilliant pulses of light-white purplish. I snapped this photo, then seconds later, a low flying Cessna flew over my house. Who's watching who? The photo gives better detail of description than words could describe. These objects were NOT seen with the naked eye. Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis

PETERBOROUGH -- I was fishing September 1, 2007, at 10:30 p.m., and looked up to see two objects in the sky that looked like stars. They were closer than stars and where not satellites. The two objects passed very quickly overhead and another intersected them. I have 55 hours flying time and have a great interest in the sky. I know that this was not commercial aviation, or stars.

TORONTO ISLAND AIRPORT, Ontario -- During the Toronto International Airshow on September 1, 2007, at 2 PM, a small wobbly thing was spotted rising from behind the airport, and increasing in altitude flying north. This was after one of the scheduled air show planes flew about 3/4 way through the show. My family and I witnessed this thing and couldn't identify it. We thought maybe some kind of weather balloon but then we wondered why someone would launch and air balloon in the middle of an air show. Also, none of us managed to take a picture although there were about ten of us looking at the thing.

ETOBICOKE, ONTARIO -- The photo was taken on Saturday, September 8, 2007, at around 4 PM, my eye caught a glint of a silver sphere moving roughly south, towards Lake Ontario. When I had first spotted the object it was at 1000 feet altitude, perhaps a kilometer away moving at a speed of perhaps 100 km/h. It left no trail, and made no sound. My wife and I observed it for about four minutes in total. As it continued south it slowly gained altitude. I took several pictures with my cell phone that did not turn out, but my wife managed to take two photos that did turn out. A bright sphere can be seen in the photos that seems to be casting a shadow on the clouds.

VANCOUVER ISLAND - In the 92 Year Olds Missing Time "Update", Brian Vike reports the lady updated HBCC UFO Research on more information. I know from speaking to a number of different people on Vancouver Island, and other Islands off of the coast of British Columbia there was a "major" UFO/abduction event which went on for a number of years. Going back many years my 92 year old father discovered that he is not the only person who has had missing time on the north end of Vancouver Island. Recently I was talking with a group of acquaintances and jokingly mentioned to be careful driving time and people tend to disappear for a while!

Later a woman took me aside and told me what she had heard about an incident similar to my Dad's. It seems a woman who regularly drove that highway came to the beginning of Nimpkish lake and started to drive along the shoreline. It is a long narrow lake and within half an hour she should have been well past it and nearing the Beaver Cove intersection. However. it seems she could not get to the end of the lake. She kept driving and driving and the lake was always there on the left side of the road. Frustrated and confused she eventually did reach the end of the lake and went on to her destination. However she was just over an hour late arriving and had not stopped along the way and in fact had increased her speed trying to reach the end of the lake, but was still late. Apparently missing time is common in this area of the lake. Thanks to Brian Vike HBCC UFO Research

China UFO Spotted

SHANGHAI -- Shyam Thomas Becker reports: On September 24, 2007, we (three people) saw something in the Shanghai sky that looked like a UFO! As far as we know, it is unidentified! And there is no doubt it was a flying object. We were in taxi downtown near en route from People's Square to a local club about 10 PM when Lily said, "Hey, and look at that!" I looked out the window and saw flying through the air at cloud level at 3000 feet -- a triangular-shaped craft with bright blue, red and yellow lights on each side (pretty sure on this, but there could have been other colors, too), four to five from point to point, including the lights on the ends.

The body of the craft was dark - or indistiinct. It seemed to be about the size of a small to medium-sized airplane, moving steadily (similar to the speed of a plane) but not fast. About 5 to 10 seconds later, the taxi turned and our view was obstructed. The lights were spaced something like this:


                                                 *       *                                 

                                              *              *                            

                                           *      *     *       *

We found a You Tube video that is a very close match - and, amazingly, this apparently also from Shanghai in July - two months ago. (UFO in Shanghai)

Lily saw three more of these UFOs again two nights later (downtown again), and this time they were relatively stationary.

It is relevant, I feel, to mention that, regarding the UFOs that were sited in Shanghai in April of this year, they became the talk-of-the-town (as well as widely reported in the press), but the Shanghai Daily (i.e., voice of the govt.) said they were kites. Thanks to Shyam Thomas Becker Livingston American School, Shanghai

Italy Flying Metallic Object Photographed

FROSINONE -- Towards 8 PM, on August 9, 2007, I was carrying out of the tests with a Nikon fortified D200 optical AF-S DX 18-70. I have simply released one photo series accidentally. We noticed something anomalous on the series. There was an object up in the center-right, between the roof of the house and the cable. The visibility conditions were optimal.

Haiti UFO

Hi, George-- I did some photo enhancement on the Haiti object (just a little re-contrasting and the like) and here's the result. The darker part looks almost diaphanous, like insect wings or something. The bulbous lights on the bottom are a little reminiscent of the Adamski photos. I don't know what this is, but frankly the whole thing gives me the impression of one of those flying creatures in a Japanese horror film....Best regards, Don Burleson

UK/England UFO Light Show Riddle

PAIGNTON -- UFO fever has again gripped the Bay with a string of witnesses recounting seeing a display of mystery lights over the September 23/24, 2007, weekend. But the source of the last puzzling night-time show witnessed earlier this month has insisted: "It wasn't us this time.”Ian Davies, manager of the Osborne Hotel in Torquay, revealed wish lanterns released by a wedding party at the hotel's Brasserie were probably responsible for the great illusion. But the '100 or so' orange/red/green lights floating over parts of Paignton from the Dartmouth direction over the weekend were nothing to do with him or his staff. Wish lanterns are 3 feet high mini balloons carrying candles in a light metal frame.

The latest incident happened in the early hours of Sunday when a whole squadron of them appeared to have strayed into the view of watchful folk in Paignton. Among them was taxi driver David Green who said he saw about 100 fire balls descend on the resort at about 1:45 AM, with three passengers. One said she thought it was the end of the world. I thought it might be a meteor storm. I've never seen anything like it. "The time of night just added fuel to our disbelief at what we were seeing," said David who is 50, Terence Bowyer, 67, had a similar experience at nearly the same time. He said: "It was about 1:10 AM and there was a series of lights, like a streak in the sky in formation and in excess of 100.” I phoned the police because it was unbelievable. Many others reported seeing them.

"There was a blue light ahead of them which seemed to come back and wait for the others to catch up." Ken added: "Yes, we had been drinking, but the taxi driver hadn't and what he saw caused him to stop the taxi in the middle of the road."The couple said the lights were bright orange, about the same size as small footballs, hovering at an altitude level with the clouds. Andy Lockyear, again in Paignton, said: "At 1.05am me, my mother and my younger brother were outside enjoying a cigarette when we witnessed some strange objects coming from the Queen Elizabeth Drive area and hovering over us in the sky."There were between 20 and 30 of them and they were bright red, orange and green, slowly, making a path over us towards Torquay before disappearing in the sky." nodeId=135239&command=displayContent&sourceNode=135077&contentPK=18491998&folderPk=79060&pNodeId=134831

Massachusetts UFO Show on Oct. 12, in Watertown

Featuring: Shag Harbour UFO Crash 40th Anniversary with Chris Styles; Flying Triangles with Don Ledger; Crop Circles with Nancy Talbott; USO's with Carl Feindt and Roswell 60th Anniversary with Matt Moniz.

Mass Monster Mash on October 13 in Watertown, MA

Featuring: Dover Demon with Loren Coleman, World's Scariest Ghosts with Jeff Belanger; E.V.P. with Karen Mossey; White Sasquatch with Don Keating and Bridgewater Triangle with Chris Balzano.

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