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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
October 24, 2007

George Filer:
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Dedicated to my grandson's Georgie Filer V, and Eddie Pedrick who drowned in the Pool of No Return.

Several UFO Sightings from 1946

This week's files cover: Shirley MacLaine claims Congressman Kucinich had UFO encounter, August 2007 UFO Weather Map and the Bible Connection to UFOs.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Vermont Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington. UFOs were also seen in Argentina, Canada, , Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Peru, and the UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this research.

The Bible states, "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." John 14-2 It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe.

Shirley MacLaine claims Kucinich had UFO encounter

Mark Naymik Cleveland Plain Dealer Politics Writer:

Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has claimed to have seen a UFO, according to Shirley MacLaine in her new book, "Sage-Ing While Age-Ing." Congressman Kucinich "had a close sighting over my home in Graham, Washington, when I lived there," the actress, a close Kucinich friend, wrote. "Dennis found his encounter extremely moving. The smell of roses drew him out to my balcony where, when he looked up, he saw a gigantic triangular craft, silent, and observing him.

"It hovered, soundless, for 10 minutes or so, and sped away with a speed he couldn't comprehend. He said he felt a connection in his heart and heard directions in his mind." Snip

August 2007 UFO Weather Map

Steve Reichmuth writes, "The Summer of 2007 maybe a significant one. In the four years consistently plotting the sighting data on these maps, the total number of sightings this summer is unprecedented worldwide! August 2007 saw Internet reports as remote and far away as the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. See the totals....MUFON and NUFORC data world wide.....

May 2007 total sightings = 447.
June 2007 total sightings = 561 .
July 2007 total sightings = 543.
August 2007 total sightings = 633!!!!!!!

One report that I feel I must bring to attention is this one... a CE-3 report from Stafford, Virginia. August 29, 2007. Two Entities and the description of the object, (or lack of) is very telling about the phenomenon. See Filer's Files #42. Thanks to Steve Reichmuth and Peter Davenport and;f=11;t=000048

The Bible Connection to UFOs

Gary Colin writes, "I've studied the Bible for about 40 years. About 1992, I was inspired to take the name, "gat". In 2005, I wrote, "Bible Symbolism What It Means to Your Salvation". The Bible associates the word, "gat" with regeneration. I realized that regeneration is really a scientific "change" as opposed to a spiritual one. I reinvestigated the Bible from a scientific view point, and began to see that the Biblical clouds are the ships of God (Psalms Chapter 104; Ezekiel Chapter 1).

I've also learned that God "sits" and rides in a "Mother Mountain" which He calls "Jerusalem" or "Zion" (Galatians 4:26; Revelation 21:1-5; Matthew 24:30-34). The Bible promised that as our earthly life without "God's" direct presence comes to its end, that "enlightened" information would be given to us (Daniel Chapters 11 and 12). We've reached that time. The "Elohim" of the Bible were "gods" supervised by the Almighty God to oversee the creation and growth of humans. It will be these "Sons of the Gods (Elohim)" who return at this world's end. Just as in the Days of Noah (Genesis 6:1-10; Matthew 24:30-end). Thanks to Gary Colin

Arizona 1946 Sightings

SAN CARLOS INDIAN RESERVATION -- I was on Lookout Point on hills looking at lights south of Globe, around 9 PM, in 1946, when I was fourteen years old. I was thinking that some of the lights might be bonfires on the San Carlos Indian Reservation, but I began feeling uneasy. It was pitch dark and very quiet at that time of night and I was several miles from town when I saw a huge object that reminded me of a throwing discus; to my right were two more of them. The craft appeared to be 300 feet or more in diameter and flying in sort of a staggered trail formation. The first one was about 500 feet above me; the second was 50 feet to 100 feet higher. The last one was about 50 to 100 feet above the second one.

I was on high ground, as they passed over me, they descended to just above the desert floor. They remained in a level attitude as they descended. They seemed to be maintaining a constant height above the ground. I saw neither windows nor lights on them. They glowed a very faint emerald color. They did cast a very dim light on the ground as they passed over. I heard no noise at all.

After they passed me, the three of them became a point of light because of the distance. When they approached Mt Baldy, they made a sharp turn to the right and flew out of sight to the east. I counted the seconds until they turned east. Later, I became a Navy pilot, and measured the distance that they covered on a map, then using the seconds I counted, I calculated a speed which is probably way off the actual speed. I was excited and probably counted too fast, but at the time, I believe they were doing almost 9000 miles per hour.

California 1947 Sighting and UFO Photos

RICHMOND -- This sighting was in the Bay area in 1947, I was nine years old and noticed the dark clouds like it was going to rain, but the sun was out. There was a dark circle around the clouds that I put together as a disc a little bit at a time. Finally I ran around trying to get the adults to see the circle and tell me what it was, but no one would long enough to see what I was seeing. Thanks to Barbara V.

SAN MARCOS - On October 7, 2007,, I went outside for a smoke after dinner at 6:15 PM, and spotted a glowing amber rectangular object with a multicolored assembly of geometric shapes directly beneath. It was no more than a half a mile away at maybe 2000 feet. I grabbed my binoculars and focused on an unidentifiable thing below the amber rectangle that flipped over, maintaining its position below the rectangle. Two of my neighbors also caught sight of it and I had the impression they were frightened. I told them I'd seen it through my binoculars, and it was not a helicopter.

The rectangle was steady with no wobble but the geometric shapes did another flip. They were geometric reflective and red, green, blue, and gold. I heard a jet and found it with the binoculars, and then looked for the object and it was gone just like that. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

FRESNO -- Robert writes, "I was able to photograph the strange object flying above my home that made no sound." Thanks to Robert Thorson.

Connecticut Two Flying Triangles

STRATFORD -- On September 24, 2007, I saw two triangle shaped crafts silently flying out the eastern skies at 8:16 PM. They had red and green blinking lights heading north; the two triangle crafts made no sounds and were observed for ten minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Delaware It Fell From Outer Space?

WILMINGTON -- UFO watchers have a new topic for their Internet forums. The FAA has ruled a 16-inch-long piece of metal, which fell from the sky in Delaware Monday, October 17, 2007, was not part of an airplane. The object landed with enough force to blow right through the roof of an SUV, and was hot enough to still be smoldering when firefighters arrived.

"The metal was still too hot to handle," Delaware State Police spokesman Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh told the Wilmington News-Journal. Photos from the scene show a metal object that looks a little like a piece of construction rebar bent into the shape of the Greek letter omega. The impact on the SUV sounded like an explosion. Could it be a piece of space junk which re-entered after its orbit decayed? Or is it a cotter pin from a huge alien spacecraft? ContentBlockID=9ade805e-18cf-48d0-bfab-29cdfd38ab73

Florida Five Flying Discs

OLDSMAR, FLORIDA -- I couldn't sleep very well on October 11, 2007, so I went outside marveling at the night sky at 4:40 AM, and saw five white circles in the sky. I knew it was not a plane because it was moving too fast across the sky. It also wasn't a meteor. At 51 years of age I know what a plane or a meteor looks like. I've seen thousands but this was very different. As I followed the five bright disc shapes I knew this was something different. All five circular objects were moving in formation, right behind each other. Then they were gone.

PENSACOLA -- I work for UPS, and while delivering on October 12, 2007, at the corner of University Parkway, and Nine Mile Road; I looked up to notice a circular pattern with lights that would fade in and out in the distance. I tried to get someone's attention as they disappeared. Perhaps it was just a cluster of balloons or some navy flying pattern because we are near lots of flight bases here. Nevertheless, it was so amazing I never saw anything like it before. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research and radio host of the Vike Report. /

Georgia Disc

LITHIA SPRINGS -- On September 22, 2007, at 11 PM, I observed a gray disc shaped craft in the sky. The disc was moving very fast and headed south at cloud level and suddenly changed direction and moved out of sight. It seemed to be evading an airplane. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Illinois Orb and Triangle

CHICAGO -- I was standing on the Metra Platform at Van Buren Street waiting for the South Shore Train to Indiana when I noticed a light in the sky. I initially thought it was a flare rising at a 45 degree angle but it leveled out and traveled for roughly three seconds south, and then without a turning motion began moving north in the opposite direction. At that time another light moved up to roughly the same elevation as the first light. The two lights then began traveling back and forth and up and down very strangely. I pointed at the object and asked "Do you see that?" The witness also saw them as another object appeared from a cloud bank and joined the other two. All three objects were moving erratically and completely independently of each other for about four more minutes. About fifteen more people began looking at the objects as well making exclamations of excitement and amazement.

My train arrived at 5:31 PM and I boarded but within thirty seconds we experienced a furious hail storm. After the hail cleared I saw two military fighter jets traveling at an extremely high rate of speed and very low toward the location the objects were originally sighted. The objects looked like very bright stars and their speed was amazingly fast. I contacted WGN News and ABC News during the evening to see if anyone had reported the lights. Snip Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

WESTMONT -- I am reporting this for my wife who was talking on the phone and glanced out our bedroom window on September 20, 2007, to see an object hovering over the neighbor's house. She said, "It was shaped like a triangle and had three lights on the bottom, a red light in the middle and white lights on each end. There were two more white lights located half way up, on each side of the triangle. At 7:15 PM, the craft was fairly stationary over the roof moving up and down for almost four minutes. It slowing started moving east and went behind some trees and disappeared. It was as big as a car or bigger with a reflective finish. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Indiana Gray Flat Object

GARY - My friend and I saw black grayish flat shaped object on SSeptember 24, 2007, hovering at about 1500 feet high. It was shaped like a thin razor with 1000 x 800 feet vertical rectangles. It disappeared without movement, right in front of my eyes. A half hour later a co worker asked me if I saw strange object in sky. She described it, the same way I did. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Iowa Low Flying Object

MUSCATINE -- I was in my house and I got up to go to the bathroom on October 16, 2007 at 10:05 PM, and saw a flash in the trees. So I kept looking and it comes forward, toward my house and it was flashing green and blue lights. It went above my neighbor's house and after that stopped looking because I was so scared. I'm only 14 and I was the only one awake. At first I thought it was a plane, but this was way too low to be one. This was object was really low to be a plane. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. Email: Website: http://www.hbccufo .

Michigan Strange Rectangular Low Flying Object

RATTLE RUN -- My Mom and I were on the way home on October 15, 2007, at 7:30 PM, when I saw a bright object, like car lights. Mom saw a light and pulled off to the side of the road, but the woods were blocking it except for one row of lights. There were six of them over a field right next to us. It looked like to me it was going 10 miles an hour. It flew too low, was too bright, too big, and turned too fast to be an aircraft. You could not hear a thing from it, and that's what happened. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research

Missouri Saucer with Dome

COLUMBIA -- I was driving on Highway Z about seven miles north of Columbia on October 15, 2007, at 6:58 PM and saw something with a dull matte gray color. It looked like two inverted contact lenses stuck together to make a domed disc shape with a little square turret on top. It had a large round blue/white light on one side that always faced toward the viewer. It was dark and the blue/white light was bright. A vehicle was stopped on the other side of the road with three occupants in it, watching the object. I pulled over, and turned my vehicle off to see if I could hear anything. One of the males yelled over to me and asked if I saw it?, I answered, " Yes, that's why I stopped, but I don't know what it is." The object would stay in one spot for a while, then move very slowly, then stop, then move again, never with any noise. It finally arced around and moved faster away towards the northwest.

Investigator's Notes: The witness has described a "classic flying saucer." Considering that the clouds were fairly low the object must have been flying low. I have been unable to reach the witness to obtain any additional information. Like most sightings the validity of this sighting rests with the credibility of the witness. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Nebraska Large Craft Makes a U Turn

LINCOLN -- We witnessed a strange sight on October 10, 2007 at 8:30 PM. I can only describe it as a very large aircraft, no lights, no sound, faint but visible against the night sky. Imagine a boomerang shape, but smoothed out at the curve. It flew north for a few seconds, then made far too sharp turn-around for a normal aircraft, and continued back to the south. We lost track of it after that. It was visible to us for several minutes. There were four of us who saw it in this south neighborhood. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research and radio host of the Vike Report.

Nevada Photographs

LAS VEGAS -- I was at the Palace Station Hotel on October 13, 2007, and saw the UFO outside the window and took these pictures on my cell phone. When I first saw the object I thought it was a blimp or a helicopter, but when I went to the bathroom, I came back and it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Flying Triangle

FORKED RIVER -- I was returning home from work driving Lacey Road, a remote stretch of road in the Pine Barrens at about 11:20 PM on September 15, 2007. I was chatting on my cell to a friend, when I saw two very bright objects flying too low for most planes. They were triangle in shape and had two very bright blue lights on the side and a red light on the back. They flew slowly very close together and then one changed position and hovered above the other. I had another driver on my tail so I slowed down and when I looked up they had disappeared into cloud cover. We are close to Fort Dix so this has to be a weird Army thing right? Thanks to Peter Davenport Director /

MAPLE SHADE - A county government official called me on Monday, Octoberr 22, 2007, to tell me there were numerous lights above his home maneuvering and flying in wild patterns about 9:30 PM. At first he thought they might be search lights but they continued until to after 10 PM. He was contacting the police.

BLAIRSTOWN< - I spoke to Joe who stated, "While I was going to bed at 9:30 PM, oon October 14, 2007, my wife and saw outside my window a huge triangular craft with lights at its ends showing me the shape."

It was flying slowly north at 3000 feet altitude and probably had been following the Delaware River north and passed over the power plant. Commercial aircraft flew near this object but did not seem bothered by it. Since I did not see the actual body of the craft, but there were lights the three corners that made me think that it was manmade. I mean why would a craft like this show running lights? This craft did not make a sound? I woke my wife to show her and we would have loved to see its body. Had I had foresight I would have taken a picture and used an optical device to look at it. Thanks to Joe Zerres MUFON CMS

New York Strange Lights Seen on Lake Ontario

NIAGARA -- For almost a month now my daughter and I have been watching the sky at the golf course along the lake. We seem to be seeing what look like stars at first, but actually have a circle in the middle with lines on either side. We brought out the binoculars and were able to see flashing red, blue, green and amber colored lights. Eventually they would just disappear. What I can't understand is how these things can hover in the same coordinates for hours. This would be September into last evening which is October 14, 2007. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research and radio host of the Vike Report.

Ohio Triangle Bright Lights

EVENDALE -- On September 21, 2007, we were celebrating my cousin's sweet 16 birthday at church about 9 PM, when my Dad said, "Wow look at the light flying around up there!"

We all looked and saw a line of about six lights floating slowly around in the sky, so we ran up the hill and realized it was a huge triangle shaped craft almost completely covered in lights. It was hovering slowly above us and we freaked out as it came closer. We could see every detail of a huge UFO, and my cousin took pictures on my cell phone, and a video as it flew about 100 feet above us. We ran as it climbed higher and we could see the city below it like judgment day. Then it shot out little red orbs that parachuted down out of sight and then it was gone. I looked on YouTube the next day and found that above Lake Erie a triangle craft was on tape four days before our sighting. I believe this was the closest UFO sighting in USA history. Thanks to Peter Davenport

TOLEDO -- On September 22, 2007, a large group of friends were having a bonfire out on the Maumee River very close to the Toledo Zoo. A triangular formation of blue lights was seen over the river which resembled L.E.D lights. The group proceeded to watch as the lights hovered for some time, blinking in a pattern, and then moved off into the distance. Several days later, Jackie my friend reported that at least twenty other people had watched the same formation. A group of her friends had been out in the wilderness near the quarry on Lime City Road on the other side of the Maumee River. They encountered an 8 foot tall black, anthropomorphic creature that walked very slowly several feet in front of her, as if it purposefully wanted to be seen. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Oklahoma Early UFO Sighting in 1946

COYLE -- Sammie Binkley writes, "It was a clear spring day in l946, in the small town of Coyle at about 9 AM, when my Mother and I saw a flight of UFO s. We were in the west side yard looking at the tulip leaves that had just forced their way up about an inch in the flower bed. I looked up and saw what looked like small objects surrounded by strips of metallic ribbon. I said, "Mother, look, an airplane must have dropped some toys or something."----She glanced up, looked at me and said, "There hasn't been a plane go over."

The objects, which were just dots in the sky at first, came down in a long spiral, each above and to the side of the lower one. They were slowly rotating in a clockwise movement. As they got closer they looked like a child's top, round and narrowing at the bottom. About a quarter of the way down there appeared to be a row of windows that went totally around the objects. The bottom was flat but had three dark spots in a triangle which could have been recessed wheels. The "ribbons" I had first seen were white and red lights that were flashing from the tops--the red light was not the bright red of an emergency vehicle but darker, almost a maroon. There were nine of the "tops". They were metallic but not bright like aluminum--nearer to pewter color. They were large, about the size of a double garage.

There was an electric pole in back of our garage that was, I guess, a transformer----lines from all over town converged there. The objects came down, one at a time and sat, unmoving, slightly above the electric lines. After about four or five minutes they would ascend, take their place at the top of the spiral and the lowest one would come down and sit. There was never the slightest sound, no whistle, hum or anything. It was so quiet it reminded me of the calm just before a storm hits---even the birds were mute. It took approximately 45 minutes to an hour for all of them to do this and then they suddenly, in the blink of an eye, swept into a V formation and flew west. This was so fast that they literally disappeared before our eyes.

I have been interested ever since this event in finding out what UFOs are. I was 17 at the time, ready to start college and my mother was 37 and an avid bird watcher that could identify a bird sitting in a tree a mile away so I don't think there is any chance that we saw a bunch of birds or weather balloons. Thanks to Sammie Binkley

Oregon V-Shaped Distortion

LINCOLN BEACH -- About 9:30 PM, on October 15, 2007, I was out on my front porch 70 miles south of Portland, near the Pacific Ocean and saw a very, huge and very fast V-shaped distortion pass in front of the Milky Way. The sky was so clear and there were so many stars, that I could clearly see the shape. I would swear that it wasn't a shadow, but that it was invisible. Like it was distorting the light behind it, not blacking it out. I see a lot of jets pass over. This was much bigger, and faster, and silent. It made no noise as it passed overhead. It was like a distortion of the stars and Milky Way behind it. There were so many stars that I could clearly see its shape. It was just a moving pattern of distortion traveling from the north to directly south. I have attached a drawing of the shape. The whole event took 30 seconds.

Investigator's Notes: This is one of many sightings of a "V" shaped triangular object that our group has received during the past few years. The witness is very explicit in his report and clearly this sighting was not of a "conventional aircraft." The shadow and distortion of stars are somewhat reminiscent of the Phoenix Lights sightings in March of 1997. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Tennessee - Black Flying Triangle

FRANKLIN -- I was walking into the Home Depot in Cool Springs at 6:40 PM, on September 25, 2007, and two people were pointing up stating, "Look at that glider up there." So, I looked and to see an object high enough to be visible from the light of the setting sun. I didn't think that it was a hang glider since a glider would probably not be flying that high near Nashville air traffic so late.

It was triangular in shape flying between 7,000 and 10,000 feet without lights and flying very slowly north. More witnesses gathered and one said, "Look there's two." They moved away or it was just too dark to see them after a couple of minutes. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Texas Meteor May Cover UFO Entry

DALLAS - Peter Davenport writes, "NUFORC received four reports on October 19, 2007, of a very dramatic meteor to the north of Dallas and Fort Worth. However, two independent witnesses have reported that immediately following the apparent meteor, six "balls of orange light" rose up from the horizon, maneuvered, dimmed, and then one shot off at an astonishing velocity. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Editors Note: Assuming we are dealing with intelligence life forms aboard UFOs entering our atmosphere, they may choose to closely follow a meteor into the atmosphere, or to make their entry appear as a meteor. Even though spectacular meteors are often observed the actual meteorites are seldom found even though they are quite valuable. Green meteors apparently do not actually exist in nature and often signal the entry of alien craft. These objects are called Fastwalkers or uncorrelated targets. They are not in the Air Force Data Base of known objects in space, thus the name uncorrelated. I'm told several times a week an uncorrelated target enters and exits our atmosphere indicating there are regular supply missions for our visitors. Additionally, many reports are indicating the UFOs are foraging for food, water, and electrical energy.

Vermont Slowly Flying Unidentified Object

EDEN MILLS -- At 5:30 PM, witnesses saw something flying up slowly from Lake Eden on September 29, 2007. Both witnesses ran outside and saw an object that looked something like a mobile with loosely attached parts, perhaps four or five black rectangles and several shiny objects held together by a fragile frame. The object proceeded northerly at a constant speed of perhaps 40 miles per hour. We were able to watch it until it flew too far away to seen. All the time it was below white clouds. We suspected a lightweight aircraft but there did not appear to be any human shape or cockpit. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

West Virginia Cluster of Strange Lights

BUNKER HILL -- I couldn't sleep on October 14, 2007, so I got up at about 3:30 AM, to smoke a cigarette to see a strange cluster of lights - way up high. There were three major lights and two smaller blinking lights, all in a small triangular shape that seemed to hovering. I went back to bed and got up again at about 5:30 AM, and saw an exact triangle with six none blinking bright lights in a much larger pattern in the same place. Then I saw one bright light like a star, move very quickly to the east then stop! Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research and radio host of the Vike Report. /

Virginia Driver Takes Photos

I was at a lumber yard waiting for the machine operator to unload my log truck on February 16, 2007, when I noticed an unusual sun/cloud mixture when this vehicle came out from behind a cloud. I ran to my truck to get my camera phone and took five pictures. It was moving up and down, turning from side to side very slowly. I knew I was seeing something incredible. It left so fast in the blink of an eye. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Disc About 35 Feet

CLE ELUM -- I was driving on the freeway about 7 PM, and saw a bluish-gray disc in the sky about 600-700 feet altitude on October 17, 2007. The weather was clear, raining slightly (mist). The disc seemed to be hovering over the little town of Cle Elum, so I pulled over to watch. It would bobble slightly, but otherwise stay in one position. This lasted for about five minutes and then it just disappeared.

Investigator's Notes: This sighting has similar characteristics to a sighting over Lake Easton on October 10, 2007. The two sightings were only about 15 miles apart.

LAKE EASTON -- I saw a silver/gray disc about 35 feet radius hovering over Lake Easton for 3-5 minutes on October 10, 2007 around 10:40 PM. I saw a beam of very bright greenish light which illuminated the lake. Then we saw small objects floating up to the craft. My friend said they were fish.

Investigator's Notes: Reports of unknown objects gathering material are rare. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Editor's Note: Sightings of discs in the Northwest have been reported for more than fifty years by hundreds of witnesses. The occupants are often seen foraging for food and water. Fish, elk, deer and other animals appear to be taken on a regular basis. This pattern provides evidence for an intelligent species that needs food to sustain life. Recently, I was contacted by a Forest Ranger who claimed that Rangers see them on a regular basis.

Canada on Track for Record-Breaking Year'

OSHAWA, ONTARIO -- The first occurrence happened on October 5, 2007 while I was staring out the window in my chemistry class. I saw what I thought was a plane to the west over Whitby. Suddenly I saw was a bright green flash and it was gone. Puzzled, I went to the window to double check but nothing was there. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research and radio host of the Vike Report. /

OSHAWA, NEAR LAKE ONTARIO -- The night of October 8, 2007, my little brother and I were fishing at about 7:30 PM, and saw a single cloud over Lake Ontario that began to give off a kind of orange glow. About 30 minutes later I noticed a bright yellow orb directly above us that faded away within seconds. A few minutes later an orb passed by, turned on a dime and flew away. Thanks to Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research and radio host of the Vike Report.

SCARBOROUGH - Paul Shishis writes, " It appears photographic evidence is becoming clearer in my surroundings like this photo taken at 9:20 AM, on October 21, 2007. While driving westbound on Highway 401, I noticed a white line and light flashes in the blue sky. I pulled out my camera and took some pictures through my sunroof. Later my jaw dropped when I examined the photo showing two white spherical anomalies. Thanks to Paul Shishis

China Triangle

SHANGHAI -- On September 24, 2007, we saw a small triangular craft with bright red, blue, and yellow lights, 4 to 5 per side, moving slowing at a few thousand feet altitude. We were in taxi bout 10 PM when we saw a flying triangle at cloud level at 4000 to perhaps 5000 feet. There could have been other colors with four to five from point to point, including the lights on the ends. The body of the craft was dark and was about the size of a medium-sized airplane, moving steadily about the speed of a plane. The taxi turned and our view was obstructed. The lights were spaced something like this: * * * * * * * Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Germany Lights

GELSENKIRCHEN -- On Sunday morning, September 16, 2007, around 8:15 PM, I was out on my girlfriend's tenth floor balcony and noticed a bright light with an aura around it flying east. Suddenly another light appeared to the left side of the first object and started getting brighter and adjusted its speed to the first one. I noticed a pedestrian below and pointed, and he saw it too. The objects were moving together when the second light suddenly made a sharp 90 degree left turn, speeded up and dimmed out. The first one was now nearly over me as it rapidly dimmed out and disappeared. At that moment I noticed interference on my radio. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

IRELAND -- On September 21, 2007, about 4:52 AM, I saw a cylinder shaped UFO, a long red line with red lights blinking on and off. Object was off in the distance at a very low speed sort of cruising. All of a sudden the object shot straight up into the stars and disappeared after twenty seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Israeli Training Film Shows F-16 Passing UFO

An Israeli training film shows F-16 passing a UFO on Utube. Added October 6, 2007, to

Mexico Disc Spotted in-flight on Border

NACO -- While visiting the border city of Naco on September 22, 2007, about 10:40 PM, a convex shape UFO flew over Naco, Arizona Mexico border. I managed to snap a picture on digital camera and the picture depicts the same object that moved a considerable distance as only a speck. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Norway Huge Bright Disc Light

KRISTIANSAND -- It was amazing, at first I just saw a huge bright light in the sky right above the tree-line. It was so huge I called for a buddy of mine to look and got my telescope, and saw there were two white/bright lights fairly close to each other, with a red light beam going downwards in a pattern movement. This was in between the two bright round lights at each side of the disc.

I had it in my sights for maybe 45 seconds as moved behind the tree-line, but then flew higher and I could see that it was a black disc shaped object in the middle of two bright lights. It was moving slow and then it turned again towards my buddy and me and flew almost over us totally silent. We both saw it in the scope. The white and red lights were fairly small so if this object was that high in the air this means the object had to be seriously huge. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research. Email: Website:

Northern Ireland UFO Photographed

LISBURN (ANTRIM) -- I am a photographer, who went out shooting for a calendar on September 24, 2007, about noon. I seem to have picked an object up in the background of my photos that I only noticed the next day. We normally have military choppers flying around but this don't look like anything I have seen. I have not messed about with the picture, this is what I found on the image, Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Peru: Chance UFO Photo

ISLAS BALLESTAS - A chance photograph caaught this UFO over the water near the Island on 21 October 2007.

UK/England Flying Triangle

LOUGHTON -- It was a very clear and starry night and I was looking at the stars from my back garden on September 16, 2007, around 2:45 AM, when I noticed a moving object. It was a large black, solid triangle with a light at each of the three corners - they looked like stars. The black triangular object was opaque and moved steadily across the sky for about three minutes before it went below the sight line of the house. It was completely silent. Thanks to Peter Davenport

KEIGHLEY -- On September 22, 2007, at 8 PM, we had a major flap with a dozen UFO's all following the same flight path. About an hour ago, I noticed this red flickering ball in the sky and thirty seconds into my walk, I saw several people standing in their garden and heard them say "Here comes some more, they are quite evenly spaced out!" I looked over my shoulder and sure enough there was a pair of UFOs, totally silent and flickering red/orange.

I phoned my friend and he too saw them! A couple of minutes later, two more came strolling over the horizon, just ambling along. They kept coming minutes apart, then finally one flew by on its own. I must have seen about ten, and judging by the crowd of people in the garden there was more before that! Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

MANCHESTER (WITHINGTON) -- On September 22, 2007, about 10 PM, I was standing outside at a wedding reception and looked up and saw what looked like big stars, all moving the same speed in formation. They looked like a fleet quite high up, too low for stars or satellites, by high in the atmosphere though very weird! This lasted around 7 to 10 minutes until they disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

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