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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
November 7, 2007

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy”

Dedicated to my grandsons Georgie Filer V, and Eddie Pedrick who drowned in the Pool of No Return. More than six thousand young people drown in the US each year.

Pilots UFO Encounters

UFO over Peru

This week's files cover: High Ranking Officers and Pilots to Tell their stories, New Planet found only ten light years away may have seeds of life and Scientists claim Moon has ancient ruins.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

UFOs were also seen in Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, UK and Uruguay.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this research.

The Bible states, "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." John 14-2 It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe.

Pilots to Tell Their UFO Stories for the First Time

Press release from Leslie Kean. The American public is not alone when it comes to sighting what the US Air Force has labeled Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). So too have former governors, high level military and government officials, highly trained airplane pilots and aviation experts. The phenomenon is real and happens worldwide. Experts from seven countries will divulge what they have discovered about UFOs at a November 12 panel discussion moderated by former Arizona Governor Fife Symington (R) at the National Press Club.

Just one year ago, pilots, mechanics and managers from United Airlines witnessed a metallic disc-shaped object hovering over the United Airlines Terminal at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. The clearly observed object shot straight up leaving a hole through the clouds. Despite the clear aviation safety issues involved, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) never investigated the incident and dismissed it as weather. This head-in-the-clouds refusal to investigate stands in sharp contrast to efforts by governments of other countries to understand these incidents.

“I believe that our government should take an active role in investigating this very real phenomenon,” said Symington, who was a witness to the famed ‘Phoenix Lights. "This panel consists of some of the most qualified people in the world with direct experience in dealing with this issue, and they will bring incredible, irrefutable evidence, some never presented before, that we simply cannot dismiss or ignore,” he said.

Speakers include: General Wilfried De Brouwer, former Deputy Chief of Staff, Belgian Air Force (Ret.), Ray Bowyer, Captain, Aurigny Air Services, Channel Islands,Rodrigo Bravo, Captain and Pilot for the Aviation Army of Chile, John Callahan, Chief of Accidents and Investigations for the FAA, 1980's (Ret.), Dr. Anthony Choy, founder, 2001, OIFAA, Peruvian Air Force, Jean-Claude Duboc, Captain, Air France (Ret.), Charles I. Halt, Col. USAF (Ret.), Former Director, Inspections Directorate, DOD I.G, General Parviz Jafari, Iranian Air Force (Ret.), An Iranian Air Force F-4 pilot's attempt to fire at a UFO, but whose control panel became inoperable.Jim Penniston, TSgt USAF (Ret.), Dr. Claude Poher, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales, founder, French GEPAN, Nick Pope, Ministry of Defence, UK, 1985-2006, Dr. Jean-Claude Ribes, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France, 1963-98, Comandante Oscar Santa Maria, Peruvian Air Force (Ret.) pilot who fired many rounds at a UFO which was not affected.

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington will moderate a distinguished panel of former high-ranking government, aviation, and military officials from seven countries to discuss close encounters with UFOs on Monday, November 12, 2007, 11:00 AM, at the National Press Club Ballroom in Washington DC.

Thanks to Leslie Kean, investigative

Larry King and UFO Show

Don't miss the Larry King Show this Friday, Nov. 9, at 9 PM, Eastern Standard Time, when Larry interviews high ranking military officials about the UFO cover-up. This program could break the entire UFO issue wide open in the Presidential campaign. Thanks to Mike Luckman

Scientists' Claim Ruins on the Moon

The US press was scarce at the National Press Club briefing in Washington on October 30, 2007, while the major coverage came from the foreign press. The Russian Press and four Russian TV networks covered the story and interviewed Ken Johnston and Richard Hoagland. Dr. Johnston learned to fly in the US Marine Corps in the 1960's and was one of the five test pilots assigned to work with the astronauts during the Apollo Moon Program at NASA in Houston. His job was to help train the astronauts to fly the Lunar Module.

Ken Johnston writes, I am now 65 years old. I hold a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Oklahoma City University and two advanced degrees from the Reformed Baptist Seminary, one in Theology and the other PhD in Metaphysics.

I worked at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas from 1966 through 1980 for several prime contractors. During the first half of the Apollo program I worked for the Grumman Aerospace Corp. as a Consultant Pilot and Astronaut Liaison officer. I substituted for the Astronauts during over 3,000 hours at the controls of the Lunar Module space craft. There were 5 of us with Grumman that were the test pilots on the LM. One of us had to be in the spacecraft at all times when there was an astronaut present to answer any questions they might have and to help teach them how to fly it. The five of us went through the same training that the Astronauts had including physical fitness, zero-g training, avionics, propulsion, astronautics, etc.

After the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon most of us engineers with Grumman got (RIF) laid off so I moved over to the Lunar Receiving Laboratory in 1969, where I became the Manager of the Data and Photo Control department which put me in control of all mission photography, which is how I managed to be able to get a set of pictures donated to my Alma mater.

Later I worked on the Shuttle Space Suit assembly as an engineer and test subject where I flew hundreds of parabolas in NASA's KC-135, also known as the “Vomit Comet”. I have done vacuum chamber tests and underwater Zero-G tests. While in the USMC I flew faster than twice the speed of sound in the F-4 Phantom back in 1964. Later I worked for Martin Marietta at Vandenberg AFB during the construction of the Shuttle Launch facility called “Slick 6”. In 1984 I went to work for the Boeing Company where I retired in 1998 as a Boeing 737 Flight Instructor.

Pravda writes, The former manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA's Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the manned Apollo Lunar Program, Ken Johnston, has released quite a number of sensational statements recently in the USA. The specialist said that U.S. astronauts found ancient ruins of artificial origin and a previously unknown technology to control gravitation when then landed on the Moon. Astronauts took pictures of the objects that they found, but NASA ordered Johnston to destroy the images. Johnston did not follow the order. He said that the U.S. government had been keeping this information a secret for 40 years.

Apollo 15 "Panoramic Camera" images, originally acquired of the "INA Depression" in 1971. A preliminary inspection of these negatives confirms the astonishing presence of obvious buildings, walls, and major "geometric" collapsed regions of this remarkable region of the Moon.

Johnston's startling Apollo allegations have recently appeared in a new book, "Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA," co-authored by former NASA consultant and CBS Science Advisor, Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara, an aerospace engineering consultant. According to Kay Ferrari, JPL Director of the SSA Program (in a phone call to Johnston last week), it was Johnston "being quoted [as] criticizing NASA in Hoagland's new book, 'Dark Mission,'" that prompted her to ask for Johnston's resignation from the SSA Program. When Johnston refused, citing First Amendment protections of free speech afforded all NASA employees, even those at JPL, Ferrari apparently decided to remove him arbitrarily from the SSA Program this week without cause.

The pictures included in the book depict ruins of buildings, huge dome-like objects made of glass, stone towers and castled hanging in the air. “I have nothing to lose. I have quarreled with NASA and I got fired,” Ken Johnston said.

Indeed, NASA believes that allegations of the ancient civilization found on the Moon are not serious. The authors of the controversial book also say that President John F. Kennedy, who launched the lunar race with the Soviet Union, actually intended to share extraterrestrial technologies with Moscow. Making a speech at the United Nations Organizations in September of 1963, Kennedy supposedly offered the USSR to organize a joint mission to the Moon.

Russia, China, Japan and even India have publicly announced their plans to work on the exploration of the Moon and NASA announced plans to build an international base on one of the poles of the Moon. The base is to be finished by 2024. Russia's booster rocket maker, Energia, has a more ambitious program: to build a permanent manned base on the Moon by 2015. Russia says the base will be built to develop the industrial production of helium-3. China launched its first satellite to the Moon on October 24, and intends to build a lunar base.

Non-radioactive isotope of helium, helium-3, is a powerful fuel for the nuclear synthesis. Only six tons of this fuel would provide enough energy to power a large European country for one year. The qualities of the gas (pollution-free and very high output) make many countries treat the perspective as seriously as possible. Germany, India and China conduct a number of research works to develop methods of helium-3 extraction.

No one then nor until today has had the courage to call for hearings on this topic, even though the statement made by Rep Gerald Ford in 1966 that “We owe it to the people to establish credibility regarding UFOs,” is as true today as it was then. It is interesting to note that the members of the Senate have never held any hearings on this subject although privately individuals have expressed significant interest in the subject.

Ken Johnston asks other NASA personnel to, “Now it is up to those of us who know the truth to stand together and shout it out loud for all to hear.” You can contact me through this blog and I will see that your story is told. We need to get together and start trying to find other people that were involved in the SPACE PROGRAM. People like me who know the truth.


I phoned Michael Bara who states, "The Factory" is, in my opinion, the best evidence yet of a prior inhabitation of the Moon. Not only are all the features plainly visible in both the analog and digital data sets, they defy any reasonable prosaic geological explanation. Since a traditional impact model cannot possibly be entertained as an explanation of the features, a complex collapse/magma flow scenario is the only possibility for this area. The terraced multi-level topography and recessed bunker formations are indicative of military installations in remote areas of Earth, and the "Lincoln Memorial" evokes comparisons with power plants other large-scale facilities.

This stunning region is about 4 x 3 kilometers, judging by the size of Hortensius C. Hortensius crater is located at [6 degrees N, 28 degrees W] near-side 14 km crater just southwest of Copernicus.

Contrast added to image that is dominated by triangular "hanger doors" leading to semi-recessed bunker like structures, and a stunning black box shaped object the size of a 10 story building. In addition, the pronounced right angle pattern in the foreground is reminiscent of barely covered tunnel network. There is also a striking symmetry in the exposed areas (the T-shaped feature behind the "building" for instance). There are parallel terraces all along the right side of this "Factory", and perpendicular striations (access roads?) around the "bunkers". Conceivably, the "Tunnel Network" could be lava tubes formed in the ancient past similar to riles and ridges seen in other regions of the moon. However, it should also be observed that such tubes have been proposed as ideal locations for eventual human bases on the Lunar surface because they provide easily sealed off cavities with natural protection from the harsh radiation and temperature variations that would be encountered. Thanks to Michael Bara

Epsilon Eridani May Hold Seeds of Life

The December 2007 issue of Astronomy Magazine, pp. 44-47, asks "Does life exist on this exoplanet?" Located only 10.5 light-years away in the constellation Eridanus, the Sun-like star Epsilon Eridani anchors a planetary system that may hold the seeds of life. The nearest exoplanet to Earth, Epsilon Eridani, illustrated below, is orbiting near the star's habitable zone, where conditions are suitable for life to evolve making it worth a closer look for intrigued astronomers. A Titan-like moon orbits within this planetary system and offers astronomers their nearest opportunity to search for extrasolar life. Attached image: composite of ASTRONOMY Magazine cover for

Holmes Comet Erupting

Astronomers in Japan and Europe report that Comet 17P/Holmes is undergoing a spectacular eruption. The 17th-magnitude comet has brightened by a factor of five hundred thousand or more over the last week becoming a naked eye object in the evening sky. This may signify a breakup of the comet's core or a rich vein of ice suddenly exposed to sunlight--no one knows. Look for a yellow 2.5th-magnitude fuzzball in the constellation Perseus after sunset. ("2.5th magnitude" means a little dimmer than the stars of the Big Dipper.) At present the comet looks more like a star than a comet; it does not have a discernable tail, but it might grow one as the outburst continues. Visit

NASA scientists also report they discovered a fifth planet orbiting 55 Cancri, a star outside our own solar system and say the discovery suggests there are many solar systems that are, just like our own, packed with planets. The new planet is much bigger than Earth, but is a similar distance away from its sun.

Alabama Flying Triangle

RABUN - The video that I sent was shot just after 10 PM, on April 26, 2004, on Maytower Road, (County Road 96) of three red lights. I spotted a light on a small prop plane then a small red light crossed very close right over the top of the prop plane. I realized it would soon cross the road in front of me so I drove the almost a mile at 80 mph and managed to get roughly under it when it crossed the road.

I stopped and hung out the driver side window and took the video. This photo is one frame of the video. The craft had no strobe lights or wing tip lights. Only three lights, two red and one white in a triangle formation as it flew over about 70 degrees up from my location. The craft made no sound and its altitude was 1000 to 2000 feet. A similar sighting occurred in 2002, on Maytower Road outside of Stockton, Alabama, two years and a day apart. The distance between the two sightings is about three miles. The photos and video footage are copyrighted and can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.

California Photo of Light

Ruben Uriarte writes, I took these photos yesterday showing the Southern California coast on October 23, burning while I was on a flight from Phoenix to Oakland . Our plane was flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet. You get an idea of the enormity of this fire. Thanks to Ruben Uriarte

SAN FRANCISO -- I was hanging out on my friend's roof having a late night drink on November 3, 2007, when the two of us suddenly noticed this bright light above us. The object was round with a reddish and green light coming out from under it. It made quick movements and started coming closer to us. We both had no idea what to make of it but then quickly realized that this was something that we've both never seen before.

We were both so scared that we ran inside my friend's building and peered out from her window to see if the object was still there. The object remained outside my friend's window and were so scared that we opted to stop looking and go to sleep. Therefore I have no idea how long it was outside the window. The whole episode lasted for about 20 minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida Flying Black Triangle

SANFORD -- I was traveling east on I-4 at 9 PM, on October 1, 2007, when I look up to see a black triangle shaped craft with three main white lights and one red blinking smaller light on the bottom. It flew to my left (north) then turning very easily in almost a sharp turn and went back to my right (south). It floated away until it was out of my sight. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director /

Indiana Strange Object

MUNSTER> -- I have often sat on my front porch looking east but this time I saw what I first thought to be an aircraft and watched it. It was very close to the house. As I watched it, I noticed it didn't make any noise as a normal aircraft would. That got my attention immediately. Then I noticed several lights on the bottom of it, and remembered thinking it was not the usual type of lights that I would normally see. I also noticed that it maneuvered differently, i.e., moving in straight lines to the right and to the left and up and down. Posted: November 1, 2007. Thanks to Brian Vike- Director of HBCC UFO Research

Massachusetts Web cam Shots

BLUE HILL - Laura writes, "I wanted to share these two pictures from the live web cams at Blue Hill Observatory, Massachusetts and because I am not a photo shop expert, I cannot get them any clearer than this. These anomalous figures are taken every fifteen minutes from the eenhanced Wide-Angle Two-Camera Site.

I have a lot more interesting images. I took these I think at the beginning of May. I have a lot more. All of the material that I have was pulled via the live web cam's. There are unidentified flying objects and strange figures that could be hazy aliens or dark angels encounter with these things, and I pray to the Lord Jesus Christ that I don't ever have one either. The cameras are run by NESCAUM is an association of the 8 northeast states: Thanks to Laura

Editor's Note: I receive numerous photos of alleged UFOs and aliens and assume the witness is telling the truth. I use a 22 inch monitor and probably get better clarity than most readers. Photos sent to you in these files over the Internet are greatly limited in clarity and detail to 400 pixels in width and height. Photos and stories are generally not investigated until later if ever. More field investigators, experts in photography, and digital cameras are needed. I cannot determine the authenticity of any of the photos. With photo shop and other advanced programs likenesses of almost anything can be produced. Some anomalous activity may be the result of camera faults, lens flares and the like. Virtually all reports depend on the reliability of the witness, and a thorough background check of a witness costs thousands of dollars. I believe most of the photos are valid and represent what I personally have seen.

Michigan Flying Triangle and Disc Photos

BOYNE FALLS -- A perfectly shaped triangle craft glided horizontally over M-75 and across US 131 on October 4, 2007, at 11 PM.. It was lower to the ground, maybe just a little higher in elevation than the local ski resort's highest point. There was no sound, nor were there any lights on the craft. The light pollution from the roads and stores reflected on the bottom of the craft, allowing it to be seen Thanks to Peter Davenport Director /

JACKSON -- Marilyn Ruben writes, "On Wednesday, October 24, 2007, I was driving home from work, when I was compelled to take photos of the pretty autumn trees with my Motorola cell phone camera. Today while downloading the pictures, I was surprised to see 7 pictures containing an unidentified object in the sky. In the first picture, the object is partially obscured by trees to the right of the highway. In the second photo, the object is over the road.

I was driving north on Interstate I-27 after 5 PM, when the object crossed the highway flying west. There are 5 more similar photos, where the object continued showing up in the pictures. Thanks to Marilyn Ruben Alien Abduction Experience and Research

Nebraska Large Boomerang Shape

LINCOLN -- Scott H. Colborn Host of the "Exploring Unexplained Phenomena" radio program writes we received this report from Nancy Shanahan, that at 8:30 pm on Wednesday, October 10th, 2007, we witnessed a strange sight. "I can only describe it as a very large aircraft, no lights, no sound, faint but visible against the night sky, a boomerang shape, but smoothed out at the curve." It flew north for a few seconds, then made far too sharp of a turn-around for a normal aircraft, and continued back to the south. We lost track of it after that. It was visible to us for several minutes. There were four of us who saw it and this took place in the near-south neighborhood. Thanks to Nancy Shanahan and Scott H. Colborn.

New Jersey Flying Triangle and Disc

WEST PATTERSON - Martin writes, I was driving to work on October 26, 2006, and as I crossed the Passiac River at 6:35 AM I noticed lights low over the hills to the east. These lights were different from normal aircraft lights. They were low and circling and I thought they might be a news helicopter. I drove east as the road rises to pass through Great Notch, the natural cut between the rocky Palisades and looked up at hovering. As I passed under the 'plane' I looked directly up at it only a few hundred feet above me and it was a pair of black wings with no markings, and no red and green marker lights as all aircraft are required to have.

The wings were tapered and were symmetrical both laterally and longitudinally and there was no fuselage. The wings were blacker than the sky and there were no aircraft serial numbers on the wings. There were two white lights, one on each end of the wing and a flashing light at the front center. Thanks to Martin Kurtyka.

MOORESTOWN -- The circular shaped object that I saw was flying very high on October 31, 2007, at 3 PM, and had the same look as a plane when at a great distance. This was a circular shaped object almost as big as a dime from my view. It was moving very fast way, faster than any aircraft would appear to move at that attitude. Then it dropped in a zigzag motion andt went back up on the regular straight path it was taking, going behind my house. It was similar to a pen light only ten miles east of Philadelphia, PA.

Investigator's Notes: This description sounds like the "classic flying saucer" shape. These objects have been seen since 1947 and sightings continue to this day. The viewed apparent size of a dime means that the object was quite large to the witness. I plan to contact the witness to obtain more details about this sightings. Updates will be posted. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

BRIDGETON - I interviewed Charles Stone concerning his recent sightings and he provided this drawing of the flying triangle that passed over his astronomical observatory on October 13, 2006, at 12: 45 AM. He states, "I was confronted with an enormous object clearly defined by ambient light. I thought it was crashing but as it approached my observatory it began to rise.

This thing was barely moving forward, and could not have been more than 200 feet above me, probably less. I could make out detail of rivets and bolts in its construction. As the objects rounded nose began to approach me, I was really taken back by its brightly lit windows. I was shocked to see a humanoid form moving as if it were pacing back and forth, in the large port window about eight feet square. As it got closer the figure moved away from the window. The figure is shown in the upper right side of the drawing. I thought there was no one at the controls. I got the impression it was getting ready to hover as its open hatch moved directly over me and I was entertaining some negative thoughts regarding my own safety.

It was at least two stories high with two large windows, port and starboard, it had a rounded nose, there were three opaque light type structures, two large turbo type structures, larger in diameter and shorter in length than those on commercial aircraft. Eight flap or stabilizer type structures aft, a very large square black container type structure protruding off center from its belly. An open hatch, and other bulky geometric shapes that I saw but I can only remember they were thick, huge, bulky with an incredible amount of drag that it could not be an aerodynamic possibility. Almost immediately I felt a surge of static electricity that tingled my face and hair on my arms and head. As its tail section was about to pass over me I quickly swung the dome and heard a low pitched roar with the sound of bacon sizzling in a frying pan. Suddenly it was gone, no sound, and I did a 360 degree search but it suddenly there was nothing there. Thanks to Charles A. Stone

New Mexico Photographs

ROSWELL -- Here are a few resized and accredited photos which I have taken over the past 4 years, one from just last week during my visit to Roswell New Mexico. The time and location is listed on each picture. Please give credit to photographer - Stacey Allen McGee, Founder of The ARC - Alternate Realities Center located online at and Tour Director of Appalachian GhostWalks and Ghost Tours with a contact email address of

Thanks to Stacey Allen McGeeTour Director

New York Spinning Object

MOUNT VERNON - PELHAM - At 4:58 PM, on October 4, 2007, I was driving south in heavy traffic and moving slow on the Hutchinson River Parkway when I looked up and saw this spinning object in the sky. As I passed under and overpass I again looked up to see an airplane pass under the object heading south. The object was spinning fast, and was shiny, the sun was reflecting off it. Then it shot straight up and out of sight. The sighting was not long but it was up there. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director /

North Carolina Photo of Lights

I was photographing a nice sunset on October 15, 2007, and did not see anything unusual until I reviewed the photos on the camera screen. Then I saw a cluster of lights making a rough diamond shape. I was very surprised. The camera I was using is a digital SLR with a sharp lens. I should have noticed lights this bright.

The lights were fuzzy and white except for one which was bluish green. They changed position in the photographs. Six minutes after the first frame, three of them can be seen farther to the west. Two are nearer each other and a third is much lower. Birds, stars, planets and airplanes don't make these kinds of images. I've photographed all these subjects before under various conditions. Also when enlarged and enhanced on the computer screen there appears to be a bright elliptical core surrounded by a pale but distinct halo reminiscent of a comet without a tail.

At first I thought it might be a reflection from street lamps, but the lights are not present in the sunset shots before file 6647. Four minutes later they show up in the next two files then don't appear again until file 6662 two minutes after that. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio Bright Lights and Flying Triangle

LIMA -- My girlfriend and I were driving down our country road heading home at 10 PM, where we saw solid white lights like car head lights in the sky on October 3, 2007. It was moving from east to west of us. My girlfriend said, "It's a UFO!" Our windows were down and the radio was off when I lay on my horns and screamed, "Hey, take us to your mother land." The object suddenly slowed down, almost to a full stop and moved as if it was heading towards us.

It flew right over us and we were able to see the full object with three bluish white lights on each side making a total of six. It had two bright white headlights on the front and three red lights in a triangle shape. The third light looked like it wasn't connected to the craft. The lights were so bright that you could see the bottom of the object was black metal. As it flew over it was so close to us that there was no noise no engine nothing coming out of this object. My girlfriend screamed, "Turn around!" but there was a car behind me and I just missed my town so I had to pull into a driveway and turn around. We kept an eye on it but when I turned around it was gone?

Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Pennsylvania Flying Rectangle

Manheim - On October 16 or 17, 2007, my wife and I were in our Hott Tub about 4:50 AM or so and I saw a large dark rectangular object fly over our house. I was an aircraft mechanic in the Marine Corp and didn't recognize this as anything I had ever seen before. It was not lit up but was noticeable, because it but blocked an otherwise very clear might sky. It was headed in an eastwardly direction. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Virginia Atlantic Coast (aboard USN ship)

UFO OUT AT SEA -- During a routine weather observation on October 2, 2007, at 10 PM. aboard a Naval vessel during flight operations, I witnessed an object to my east moving at an extreme speed and changing directions rapidly before disappearing. We were about 100 miles off the coast of southern Virginia. It was a white light about four times the size of a star. Imagine an airplane at night with it's lights not blinking, but flying about 5,000 mph. Moving at a 45 degree angle from east to west it abruptly changed course and made a right angle turn and disappeared. I am a Meteorologist for the Navy and observe the sky on a nightly basis. I have never seen anything like this. It was not caught on our radar. It appeared to be about 5-7 miles away, but I suspect it was much farther away than that. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director /

Washington St. Helens Web cam

St Helen's Web cam 2 shows UFO at 1501.58 hours PST on November 6, 2006. Another one of those fuzzy looking UFO'S! Thanks to Dennie Hemstock

Washington DC Web cam Image

New Unknown image shows up on DC web cam similar to this image at Rense

In this image however there seems to be enough day light to show a plane if in fact that's what it is, what do you think? email

Wyoming Light Moving North

CASPER -- On November 2, 2007, at 6:20 PM, I just took the trash out and let the dog run a bit and was looking at the sky and saw two planes flying west. After they were gone, I noticed a high flying light that at first I thought was a satellite. The light made made a sharp left and then flew straight north.

I've never seen a satellite traveling from south to north before.

I watched the light until it just vanished. Thanks to Brian Vike- Director of HBCC UFO Research

Australia Bright Lights

ADELAIDE - On October 1, 2007 at 2 PM the witness spotted a dancing and flashing UFO above Glenelg, South Australia. It appeared on the horizon as a flashing light that danced left and right. It had a very smooth upward movement, but with random left and right movement. It flashed intermittently bright lights that were NOT like a normal plane. Upon reaching just slightly less than directly above me, it continued to move horizontally slowly, continuing with random left to right movement and intermittent bright flashes. WOW! My first UFO sighting. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

MELBOURNE - My fiancé and two sons (aged 7 and 10) were walking along our driveway on October 2, 2007, at 10 PM, when a blue glow lit up the area around us, including the sky above us. This caused me to look up towards the source, a stationary oval object. As soon as I looked towards it, it took off in a southeastern direction at such a speed which no human machine is capable of doing. It left a bright blue trail similar in appearance to a vapor trail for approximately a 15 degree arc across the horizon. The trail faded gradually over several seconds. The whole event took no more than 5 seconds. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Canada on Track for Record-Breaking Year

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO -- Paul Shishis writes, "I have a friend named James Borg, who will be contacting you shortly who took this photo on October 24, 2007. Look at the three orange lights nuclear symbol on the apartment wall at the lower right. He is also a ghost hunter. Thanks to Paul Shishis

HAMILTON, ONTARIO -- On October 30, 2007, at about 10:30 AM, I was walking near Upper Paradise Road with a friend, when he said, "What's that?" I looked and saw a small round grayish white object appearing high in the sky that was very large. My friend thought it had a silverish tinge to it and conjectured that it was a blimp or weather balloon. It was moving too fast for either though. We watched for about a minute while it was visible in the clear blue sky. It seemed to just suddenly blink off, out of sight. My friend is 50 years old and I'm 63. Thanks to Brian Vike- Director of HBCC UFO Research

The Vike Radio Report: Ruben will join us all and he relates a truly amazing UFO event from back in 1953, where he and other children watched a UFO hovering above them all. It eventually landed and Ruben approached the landed UFO and entered it. He has had abduction experiences over the years. Later while serving as a US Marine, he and others were taken on a windows blackened bus out to a remote hanger and shown alien beings and a UFO. LISTEN LIVE: The show airs November 9, 2007 from 9 to 11:PM. Central Time or 7 to 9 PM Pacific Standard Time.

SCARBOROUGH - Paul Shishis writes, I have a friend who has helped enhance the two photos taken back on Oct.24, 2007, after 11:45 PM of the black sphere. I feel photographic proof that is highlighted, helps add to the picture of the sighting observed. Enjoy the pictures. Thanks to Paul Shishis

Chile: UFO Image Causes Widespread Surprise

SALAMANCA -- Vladimir Puebla, who works for a bus company that covers the Valparaiso-Salamanca route and who also works as a cameraman for Channel 4 in the Fourth Region. "The night before the event in Salamanca, I was traveling from Valparaiso toward that location. In the vicinity of Quillota, I noticed a light that began to exhibit strange movements on September 15 2007," he explained. But what hundreds of people saw the next day between 13:30 and 13:40 hours, was even more impressive, said Puebla. "For 10 minutes, the object was suspended in the sky. Later, some loud reports were heard, lights resembling flares could be seen, and the object disappeared." Thanks to The Journal of Hispanic Ufology SOURCE: La Estrella de Valparaiso

(Translation (c) 2007 S. Corrales, IHU.

India Photo

KOLKATA -- I received a call from a lady who requested my analysis and comments on the video taken on cell phone on October 25, 2007, at 10 PM. One of her relatives took the video and sent it to her. The make and model of the cell phone is not known. No bright planets were visible. Kolkata is in Northeastern India

Investigator's Notes: The astronomical data confirms the location and time of the video. (The position and illumination of the moon.) The light in the video is moving relative to the moon. This means that the light is moving and is not the result of "camera movement." Of course the light could still have a number of conventional explanations. The quality of the video is not good and is of low resolution. This is due to the fact that video was taken with a cell phone.

Iraq Object Breaks Apart

I was a Marine in Iraq on a post tower at about 1 AM, in August 2006. Two other marines were in the tower with me and we were watching the stars and talking. In the middle of the night you can see everything, almost every star. There aren't many planes that fly at night and when they get lower their lights go out. One of my marine buddies said, "What's that and pointed to the sky in shock?" I missed it, but he said he saw an object break apart in the sky. The two objects were flying as if they were following each other. They would move vertical together in the sky at the same time, stop in one spot, and then turn to a horizontal path. Then they would sort of disappear and we would look from them in the sky and one would appear.

Two seconds later the other would appear and be away from it and catch up and be right behind it again. They would sometimes fly apart fast and then meet up when they turned back and when they got close enough stop and then move again together. One of the objects shot up and made a half circle and shot down at amazing speeds. A plane flew by much slower than the objects and showed how fast they could move. These objects were light blue, as bright as the brightest star in the sky. Once one of the objects shot inside the other and made a light three times bigger than the biggest star in the sky. They made a flash in the sky. After twenty seconds the object broke apart to be two again. This all went on for about 45 minutes and my SSgt, my Sgt and two or three other marines showed up and thought we were joking until they saw what we saw. The speeds and the moves we saw that night are impossible. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Mexico UFO Sighting by an Aviation Mechanic

The witness was flying on a Boeing 737-322, registration XA-MAI, belonging to the Magnicharters carrier. The photograph was taken on September 21, 2007 by aviation mechanic Jose Camacho Cuevas during a test flight along the Mexico City - Ixtapa route.

Mr. Camacho advised researcher Alfonso Salazar that he had taken several photos on that occasion and that the luminous object was visible in only one of them. He was not aware of this until he examined the materials on a computer. The photo was taken with a Nokia 3250 cell phone at 14:40 hours.

(Translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, Inexplicata. Special thanks to Prof. Ana Luisa Cid and Alfonso Salazar)

Norway Object Makes Strange Maneuvers

ØSTFOLD -- On October 30, 2007, I was watching the night sky because it was so clear and you could see the moon and the stars were so crisp and clear, it was so beautiful. I was watching the stars in night sky when one of them moved downwards and glowed like it was coming closer. Then it shifted and had goofy maneuvers back and forth and just passed along like it was floating in the atmosphere. Then, there was another star that moved towards the other and they just melted - merged together and that was that. Thanks to Brian Vike- Director of HBCC UFO Research

Philippines Strange Rectangular Object

PARANAQUE -- On October 31, 2007, four of us were praying the Rosary in Manila Memorial Park when I looked up and saw a strange rectangular object appear from near the Orion's constellation at 1 AM. I called my Dad and we both saw it zoom by quite fast until it just faded away. It seemed to have lights from each short side (its front and rear). After some minutes, another object from also the same area appeared out of nowhere. It was irregularly shaped, almost like a stealth bomber but not black or gray. Also, it seemed to travel at the same speed until it faded away. Thanks to Brian Vike- Director of HBCC UFO Research

UK/England Bright Light

ST. HELIER -- A bright white light was seen in daylight over Jersey Channel Islands moving on east to west on October 5, 2007. The white light was also on a climbing trajectory. There were clear blue skies, with a half moon clearly visible.

Radial velocity from point of observation equaled 120 degrees in 20 seconds. The object maintained a steady west course for 15 seconds before changing direction to a south and climbing sharply. The object remained visible as a diminishing speck of light and appeared to be climbing at a very rapid rate. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Uruguay Air Force has 40 Sightings

The Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports the Uruguayan Air Force, received 40 reports of UFO sightings over the past year. No details were provided. These are PC-7U aircraft.

Dr. UFOs Conference

Dr. UFOs Conference on November 10 and 11 At Days Inn phone 1-609-298-6100, 1073 US Highway 206, Bordentown, NJ 08505 New Jersey Turnpike Exit 7

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