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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
December 26, 2007

George Filer:
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Dedicated to my grandsons Georgie Filer V, and Eddie Pedrick who drowned in the Pool of No Return. More than six thousand drown in the US each year.

ET Wishes you a Happy New Year

This week's files cover: Australia Two Star Like Machine Objects, Mystery Space Machines, The Star of Bethlehem, Japan's Science Minister joins in on UFO debate: ‘It would be fun if they existed,' Alien Face on 800 year old Jug from Bottom of the Sea, and Air Force Testing Synthetic Fuel

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, and Texas.

UFOs were also seen in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Mexico, Republic of Ireland, and the UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this research.

The Bible states, "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you." John 14-2. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe.

Two Star Like Machine Objects over Australia

Kathy D. writes, "I noticed these objects in orbit that do not seem to belong to this Earth. The pictures were taken in October 2006 about 9 PM at my beach house. As usual I was taking shots of the night sky over the ocean. Nothing unusual showed up. A short time later I went outside again and to my amazement I noticed two pale gold, quite large 'stars'.

The objects were observed with the naked eye and were about one meter apart at arm's length and were stationary. They seemed to be about 30 degree of arc and were not present when I was out previously.

They stayed motionless in the same position for well over an hour. The next day I enlarged the pictures on the computer, sure enough the objects were not any stars but craft like objects. The pictures are the original shots taken with a Nikon Coolpix 5900 with an enlarged picture of the area concerned. Thanks to Kathy D........ Australia.

Mystery Space Machines Above Black Ops, Star Wars or ET?

Jeff Rense has kindly allowed me to show you his world exclusive images and videotape footage ©2007-2008 by John Lenard Walson. What you are about to see is quite remarkable. It seems that some of the stars above us are not stars at you shall see. A young man by the name of John Lenard Walson has discovered a new way to extend the capabilities of small telescopes and has been able to achieve optical resolutions - at almost the diffraction limit - not commonly achievable. With this new-found ability, he has proceeded to videotape, night and day, many strange and heretofore unseen objects in earth orbit. The resulting astrophotographic video footage has revealed a raft of machines, hardware, satellites, spacecraft and possibly space ships which otherwise appear as 'stars'...if they appear at all.

There are, indeed, hundreds of satellites in Earth orbit as you will read in the summary which follows. However, the images you will see are clearly of large and sizeable machines which have not been seen before.

Let's start with one such object in orbit as videotaped by John Lenard Walson. It is the International Space Station...the ISS...take a look...

Keeping that image and it's relative size appearance in mind, now ask yourself, what is THIS?...

And if you find that one intriguing, below are more examples of the scores of space objects above us John Walson has captured on tape...

The following craft is available on UTube with the quote

Large Object Near Jupiter, what are they?

All images and video footage are ©2007-2008
by John Lenard Walson - All Rights Strictly Reserved

This is story is "Reproduced With Permission"of Jeff Rense and John Lenard Walson. All images and videotape footage ©2007-2008 by John Lenard Walson. All Rights Reserved. Copying or Reproduction in any media are prohibited without written permission of and John Lenard Walson. All text is ©2007-2008.

Editor's Note: These objects in space may be alien space craft or belong to other nations such as the US, Russia, China, India or Japan. The International Space Station (ISS) is the only known unclassified large facility currently being assembled in space. The on-orbit assembly of ISS began in 1998, and has continued for ten years as a joint project among the space agency's of the United States (NASA), Russia (RKA), Japan (JAXA), Canada (CSA) and several European countries. The space station is in a low Earth orbit and can be seen from Earth with the naked eye: It has an average altitude of 340km (210 statute miles) above the surface of the Earth, and travels at an average speed of 27,700 km (17,210 statute miles) per hour, completing 15.77 orbits per day. These space machines represent a tremendous effort, and funding to build in space.

When completed space station will rival a U.S. football field in length, span the width of two football fields side by side, and house six astronauts and several international laboratories to push the frontiers of human and space science. The NASA's space shuttle fleet retires in September 2010. The various space machines, if real appear as large as the ISS and represent advanced technology. Several amateur astronomers such as Alan Caviness have reported seeing similar space machines through their telescopes.

China recently shot down an old orbiting weather satellite, perhaps this was a warning to the orbiting space machines?

Listen to Jeff Rense with George Filer on the first Tuesday of every month at 10 PM eastern time.

The Star of Bethlehem

The Bible states, "Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem, in Judea, during the reign of King Herod." At about that time some magi (wise men) from the east arrived in Jerusalem, asking, 'Where is the new born King of the Jews?' for we have seen his star in the east, and have come to worship him."

"After they had heard the king, they went on their way, and the star they had seen in the east went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was. When they saw the star they were overjoyed. On coming to the house, they saw the young child with his mother Mary, and bowed down and worshipped him. Then they opened their gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh." (Mathew-2.)

Editor's Note - Stars appear to cross the sky at 15 degrees per hour as the Earth rotates and do not stop. It would be difficult for the wise men to follow a star both day and night, and a miracle would be require for it to stop. One possible explanation is that they followed the light of a UFO.

Painting of the Madonna and St Giovannino, in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, attributed to the 15 Century school of Filippo Lippi. Note UFO like craft.

Winston Churchill Quote "Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but usually manages to pick himself up, walk over or around it, and carry on."

Japan Science Minister joins in on UFO debate:

‘It would be fun if they existed'

Japan's Education and Science Minister Kisaburo Tokai said during a press conference held Friday he hoped aliens existed, so children would become more interested in space, Japanese media reports.

“They exist, don't they? It would be fun if they did,” Tokai said and became the third member of the Cabinet to make his views on UFOs official in a debate sparked by a question to the Cabinet by Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) lawmaker Ryuji Yamane. The cabinet started its regular meeting Friday with a lively discussion about UFOs, despite other pressing issues and a new poll showing a sharp fall in public support.

“As long as it doesn't scare people, I think it is fine to talk about UFOs,” Tokai was quoted as saying by the Yomiuri Shimbun. “There have been films like ‘ET.' It might make children grow up with an interest in space.“

Tokai's comments came three days after Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura surprised journalists by exclaiming he, “Definitely believes in the existence of UFOs,” and a day after Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba expressed concern over legal issues if Japan's Self-Defense Forces would have to respond to an alien invasion.

Editor's Note: Japan's Salene probe satellite is now orbiting the moon, hinting they may have found evidence of UFOs.

Alien Face on 800 year old Jug from Bottom of the Sea

BEIJING - Xinhua News Agency reports that after 800 years at the bottom of the sea, a merchant ship loaded with porcelain and other rare antiques was raised to the surface Friday. The Nanhai No. 1, which means "South China Sea No. 1," sank off the south China coast with some 60,000 to 80,000 items on board. Archaeologists built a steel basket around the 100-foot vessel, and it took about two hours for a crane to lift the ship and surrounding silt to the surface. Rare antiques have been discovered including this strange alien face on a priceless jug. The ship dates from the early Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). It was discovered in 1987 off the coast near the city of Yangjiang, in Guangdong province, in more than 65 feet of water. Thanks to the Xinhua News Agency.

Air Force Testing Synthetic Fuel

The Air Force marked the 104th anniversary of powered flight Dec. 17 by completing the first transcontinental flight of an aircraft using a blend of JP-8 military jet fuel and synthetic fuel. A C-17 Globemaster III using the synthetic fuel blend lifted off shortly before dawn at McChord Air Force Base, Washington, and arrived in the early afternoon at McGuire AFB, New Jersey. where it was greeted by Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne, and New Jersey Rep. Jim Saxton. "The Air Force is taking a leadership role in testing the use of synthetic fuel," Secretary Wynne said. "We're working very closely with our Army and Navy to ensure that this fuel is capable of operating in all of our aircraft, tactical ground vehicles and generators."

Synthetic fuel has the potential to reduce the US' dependency on foreign energy sources. "The fuel blend mixes JP-8 with fuel produced using the Fischer-Tropsch process -- a method that can convert virtually any carbon-based material into synthetic fuel. German chemists Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch developed the method in the 1920s.

Alaska Webcam Photographs UFOs

WRANGELL AIRPORT -- I frequently browse the FAA weather cams for Southeast Alaska. I also like to check out the loops and will look at every picture in the loops just to see what I can see. The two small objects caught my attention immediately for some reason. After saving the image to my pictures and zooming up on the images, (especially the lower, closer one), I was flabbergasted to realize what I was seeing did not appear to be birds, choppers, planes or anything I usually observe. I thought even though it looked like a disc I would take some pictures of birds to compare. I was lucky to have an eagle circling right in front of the house about 1/8 to 1/4 mile away so I took several shots of it and compared them to the disc objects. There was no similarity at all. The objects flying over the Wrangell Airport are not birds. The lower closer one even appears to be metallic in that on the lower right hand side it appears to be reflecting light. I can enhance an image way better than me. Even when I zoom way up on the images where they blur out, they retain their disc shape. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California Photos

PALOS VERDES -- The pictures that I attached are spectacular. These pictures were taken over a ten minute period. I was observing a contrail coming from the north over Los Angeles when this bright pulsating object crossed paths underneath it, on November 5, 2006, at 11:21 AM. The object pulsed brightly as it traveled at a high rate of speed and disappeared over the ocean. Our cliff side vantage point in Palos Verdes afforded us a wide view for many miles. My wife took the photos in about 30 seconds. It was calm, the sun was behind us and a stranger also witnessed it.

Second Report by Witness: The witnesses reported more details of the sighting on a Sunday morning stroll and noticed a very shiny object over land heading towards the coast. The wife immediately grabbed her camera (Canon Powershot S3 digital camera with a maximum resolution of 8 megapixel) and took 10 photos in succession.

The object was moving rapidly and was moving straight westward over the ocean. The object became smaller in the distance and the witnesses lost sight of it after about 90 seconds. The witnesses could not determine a shape. They thought that it was silver and "glistened" in the sunlight. No sound was heard. The speed was estimated at 1,200 mph.

Investigator's Notes: The photos are interesting and show a bright white circular object. The whiteness could be due to the reflection of sunlight meaning that the object could be of metallic color. The speed is an estimation and may not be accurate. The identity of this object is unknown. It could not be a celestial object because the object was moving rapidly. It likely was not a meteor because no tail or descending motion were observed. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Florida Strange Circular Stationary Object

On December 15, 2007, I was on my way home when I spotted an object was in the sky moving slow above US Highway 19 north. Then it began hovering. It had a blue light at the bottom that moved up and down with three lights at each corner. I always knew there were UFOs and I think they are from the future. Thanks to MUFON CMS

KISSIMMEE -- My 11 year old son and I witnessed a very strange circular stationary object in the western sky on December 14, 2007, from 11:30 to 11:50 PM in front of our home in Kissimmee. The object was stationary for 3 to 4 minutes before moving at medium speed towards the back of the house in an easterly direction. When the object was almost directly overhead, it began to flip on its side and then went back to flat. It was completely circular and larger than most commercial aircraft. The object had several lights all around the outer edge, and they were intensely bright.

It would flip back and forth and at this point we could see that the object was silver and the lights were a silverish white light. This craft was completely circular. We heard no sound. We ran to the back of the house as the craft continued east before turning to the north. We watched a lower flying airplane move from the west towards the unidentified craft. The craft turned towards us but as the airplane got closer the craft disappeared. There is no doubt this was not a typical aircraft.

Investigator's Notes: The witness has given a very accurate description of what she saw. She has described a classic "flying saucer" type object. The only drawback to the sighting is the fact that it occurred at night making accurate identification more difficult. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Hawaii Bouncing Light in Maui

KAANAPALI -- Small light bouncing in the sky and entering the ocean at night in Maui. This event took place on my vacation to Maui, when my girlfriend and I were walking down a path away from the ocean at 10 PM. I looked back to see a little light circle or sphere move from right to left bounced in a specific pattern, the light moved horizontally very quickly in a straight or slightly curved path and then “bounced” a much further distance and appeared to enter the ocean although there was no splash or sound. I was shocked as was my girlfriend and suddenly the light moved in spiral motion about 720 degree circle and then at an angle it shot up into the sky from left to right. There was another small pause and then from left to right the light did the exact same thing that it did at the very first time but the other way and entered the ocean the same. We are shocked and have no idea how to explain it. We saw it for about two minutes total and was quite far out over the ocean. Davenport Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Editor's Note: That is the kind of thing my grandson Eddie might do who recently passed away on Maui and lived near Kaanapali.

Indiana Silver Colored Saucer Shaped Craft

BLOOMINGTON -- On December 19, 2007, about 5:20 PM, a bright silver circular object was flying in from the southeast to northwest. This was the first UFO any of the three of us had ever seen. This UFO was large and had no vapor. There were three other planes in the sky at the same time that had vapor trails and were easily identifiable as planes. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

New Jersey Drawing of Disc

GLASSBORO -- I was a junior in high school in January 15, 1999, and my Mother was driving me down Lehigh Road to a doctor's appointment at 8:03 PM, I looked toward the woods and saw a bright object over the tree tops. It was bright yellow- almost white and although I couldn't see anything but the glow, it looked very solid. It was like a little disc- shaped sun. It moved back and forth over the treetops horizontally. The movement was fast but very smooth. It moved as though it could stop on a dime and instantly be moving in the opposing direction. We were traveling down the road at about 30 mph but my Mother did not appear to see it. And as we moved past it I dazedly said, "Hey, stop." My mother kept driving to the next stop sign about 20 yards down the road. Then she stopped and asked me what the matter was. I told her to go back because I saw something and she asked me what I saw. I told her to never mind, "Let's just go." Thanks to MUFON CMS

DELRAN -- A large circular object was seen moving very slowly over an open field off of Chester Avenue on November 16, 2007, at 5:30 PM. It had bright white lights around the circular body. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New York Missile

NIAGRA FALLS -- We were snapping off photos of the falls on August 31, 2007, just before lunch and did not see the UFO until we downloaded the photos on the computer. I noticed that there was this dark missile looking thing in the distance and when I zoomed in on it, it did not look like any plane. Thanks to MUFON CMS

BROOKLYN -- The witness stated that he was watching TV and felt compelled to look outside at 9 PM, on December 16, 2007. He went to the window, opened it, and looked outside and saw a bright orange object flying between fast moving storm clouds. The shape was a "square and circle." It was moving slowly towards the northeast, then accelerated and disappeared. He said that it was very windy at the time. (The official weather observation at Kennedy Airport confirms the weather conditions observed by the witness.)

Investigator's Notes: When I first heard the report I thought that the witness may have seen the moon between the storm clouds. However, the moon was visible in a different direction (southwest) and was only partially illuminated. Given this scenario I am not sure what the witness observed. Listen to Clip of Interview With Witness (MP3) Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Ohio Disc

COLUMBUS - I was leaving work near Easton and as I walked to the parking lot I noticed a flat object in the distance. As I looked closer, it appeared to oscillate as it moved from the southeast to northwest and passed overhead. I noted that I could see up through the center. It was virtually identical, in shape, to an 8 mm washer (the kind used between a nut/bolt).

The cloud ceiling was low, but there was no haze. It was not yet dusk, so visibility was high. The object contrasted sharply against the lit sky. There was no light source disrupting my vision. I cannot estimate its altitude, but the object was below the cloud ceiling as it was clearly visible. I heard no sound. At arm's length, when directly overhead, the object extended just over the width of my thumb. I observed the object until it became too distant to observe. As soon as I could no longer see the object, I got into my car and drew diagrams. I was slightly excited to be witnessing, yet trying to determine what the object might be - a lightweight balloon, a plastic disc, etc. Only when I exhausted the alternatives, I decided to make notes and submit the report. I was calm and clear-headed through the event.

FINDLAY -- I stay up late, painting pictures mostly and went outside for a smoke in early December 2007, about 4 AM. In the southeastern sky was a bright star, which I usually stop to appreciate, but this star would flare up and pulse almost. I had remembered that I had seen something similar a few weeks before and had taken a picture. So I decided to take another one of this object. I don't know whether it was a star or not, but I have pictures of you are interested.

PS: I see that a lot of sightings come out of Fostoria (which is very close to Findlay) of black objects. I also have a picture of one of those near a chemtrail taken a few years ago if you are interested. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Oregon Close Encounter

ASHLAND -- My name is Adrian Rehn. I was born in my Eskimo Village in Mendecino, California. At my birth, one of the elders predicted that I would have contact with a being unknown to the world. On the afternoon of December 14, 2007, I made the short walk from Ashland High School to my house. Just a few minutes after getting home there was knock on the door. I opened it and it was one of my friends Alex Nagel, who asked me to come with him. All of a sudden, my body began to vibrate and then all of a sudden I blacked out. The next thing I knew, I was seated in a white room. Two of my friends, Wes Overland and Alex were there and said, "We're not on Earth."

The dome of the room opened and revealed that we were drifting in space. I could clearly see planet Earth from my position and they said that we had been chosen to be the bearer of tidings to our race, that there is another people similar to ours that have come to help us. They said that they have been on our planet for ten years and they are some of the few survivors of a planet that's history started around three million years before ours. They created ships that could sustain them for many years, but also created a super weapon that detonated before most of the planets inhabitants could escape.

They are very similar to us, though they have been unable to reproduce on our planet, due to bad environmental conditions. They also have a life span around five times longer than ours, though many of them have died as their immune system was unready for some of our diseases. They ask that we help them find a way to reproduce in return for helping aide our politicians from making the same mistakes that cost them their planet. I once again blacked out and then found myself in my room when I regained consciousness. I pray that we can help these peaceful people so that may help us. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Texas Spherical Object Glowing A Dark Red

FORT WORTH -- A cylinder shaped UFO was captured in May 2007.

It was not noticed until recently when photo was downloaded. Thanks to MUFON CMS

DELEON - On December 20, 20077, at 6:30 AM, I was returning from work on the graveyard shift at the Sheriff's Department in Eastland, Texas just as the sun barely rose to see a beautiful orange horizon, so I decided to admire what the gods have given us. At that moment I saw a spherical object glowing dark red with faint orange color from what I assume were running lights around it. From what I observed, it was a distance away and it traveled low along the horizon from east to west for almost a minute not moving very fast, then suddenly it just kind of disappeared. I do not believe it was a known aircraft as I have had much training in observation and attention to detail due to my military experience. I've had the opportunity to witness all types of aircraft in many different states of flight thanks to my tour in Iraq. A few months ago I sent you a report of a silver sphere in the same area. I am beginning to wonder if these events are related? Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.

Belgium Formation of Spheres

BRUSSELS -- At exactly 12:05 noon on November 18, 2007, I was standing outside looking eastwards, when I observed a loose formation of 5 or 6 shining identical spheres heading northwest in a clear blue sky. Some aircraft and their contrails were clearly visible. The spheres were reflecting the sunlight as if they were from polished aluminum.

The formation was visible for 25 seconds as they travelled through an arc of 110 degrees. The formation itself stayed together, but their movements were very erratic, overtaking each other with brisk accelerations, and then slowing down again, and with brisk changing of directions over about 10 to 15 degrees deviation from the groups heading, before regaining the general track. During the observation the group travelled at an elevation of 50 degrees above the horizon. They left no contrails behind them.

There was no audible sound until the silence was disturbed by an airliner that had just departed from Brussels International Airport (about 8 km away. The airliner turned towards the general direction of the spheres but never passed in front of them. The spheres were flying at around 15000 feet. They were too fast and against the wind for balloons. What I found the most stunning was the brisk acceleration and deceleration when they were changing their relative positions. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Canadian sightings for 2007 is almost 400 cases.

CALGARY, ALBERTA -- Ethan said, "Look Daddy" and pointed up to the sky, so I photographed what he was pointing at this past summer, on June 20, 2007, at 5:12 PM. I showed it to a photographer whom I met on an aircraft while traveling to Christchurch, New Zealand. He was going down to the Antarctica to shoot for National Geographic and he told me he's seen the same phenomena on a couple of occasions. The next photograph is 10 seconds later with a clear sky.

SARNIA, ONTARIO -- I was just driving home from a job out of town December 6, 2007, I finished at 3:30 PM and I was heading west on Michigan line. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon with some large clouds here and there. I noticed quite a few jets flying east and west and their funny looking con-trails that looked like corkscrews. I had to go to my bank and looked at my watch and it was now 4:00 PM and I was driving west on Exmouth Street and got stopped by the Lambton Mall Road red-light, which is at least a 5 minute wait. So I started to look up into the sky facing west to see if I could spot some of the jets I'd seen a few minutes before, but what I saw shining brightly, reflecting the sun, was a silver disk shape UFO. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Chile Photograph of Flying Triangle

ARAUCANÍA -- On November 19, 2007, at 3 PM I spotted this triangle that was hovering for some minutes and manage to capture this photo. After two minutes it vanished at incredible speed. Perhaps it was one military airplane? Thanks to MUFON CMS

This Mirage fighter owned by the Chilean Air Force has a triangle shape but appears very different with elongated nose and fuel tanks.

Costa Rica Flying Triangle

SAN JOSE -- On November 24, 2007, at 9 PM, for thirty minutes we observed a flying triangle with colors changed from orange to white to yellow. It at first appeared star like, but moved generally east to west, but also moved sideways over half way across sky from east to west. The trees were used as reference points. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Germany Triangle Photo

The witnesses took photos of flares but the UFO was not visible. I noticed the triangle a few seconds after I took the photo.

A friend that was with me noticed it some seconds before: We heard no noises and its speed wasn't very high. Sorry for my English. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Editor's Note- The camera caught three shaped lights in a triangular shape in the upper left hand part of the image, that also shows two bright flares. Auto balance brought out the details of the possible craft.

Mexico Alien Contact

MOCORITO - (Maria Elizalde) - The time was nearly 05:00 when an unexpected visitor appeared before her. She felt neither fear nor uncertainty. She only recalls having felt an odd sense of peace upon seeing that "body" of gelatinous material "the color of honey". No questions were asked at first. But she later inquired: "What do you seek here with your presence?" This is the contact experience of Violeta Ortiz Castro last Sunday (December 2,) when an extraterrestrial entity appeared in her bedroom. Not only that - she was also able to capture it on video and photos on her cellphone.

That morning, Violeta arrived home after 04:00 hours, returning from a family celebration. Upon returning, she was about to put on her pajamas, as usual, turning on some music while she fell asleep and also lit a cigarette. She sat on the floor to smoke, on the left hand side of the bed, listening to Vicki Carr's "Me Recordarás", when the strange image appeared less than a meter away from her. Is it real? She wondered. Stunned by the visit, she later asked it: "What do you seek here with your presence?" The world of the extraterrestrial had interested her from before, so she did not hesitate to think that she was facing a being from another planet. The creature, standing approximately 80 cm tall, looked at her fixedly while she asked questions that received no answer. "I'm not afraid of you, because God is with me," she told it. As it refused to answer, she told it she would take pictures of it.

The time was 04:57 when her cellphone captured the first video. The screen shows a honey-colored image and large eyes. According to the young woman's description -- she is a preschool teacher -- the creature's feet resembled those of a chicken, and instead of hands, it had something resembling the spines of a fish skeleton. While she never touched it, she said that the creature's skin looked gelatinous, and that the only reaction she observed from her "visitor" were head movements from one side to the other.

Violeta managed to take three videos and five photographs, the last at 5:07 hours, which shows the image fading, as though the entity was being transported away. She was deeply impressed by this experience, but states feeling no fear at any time.

"It inspired much peace and tranquility. After it was gone, I felt paralyzed. I didn't get up, didn't scream, or make any noise whatsoever."

40 minutes later, she managed to get up and went to her older sisters room to tell her what had happened. Her sister was frightened and did not allow her to return to her bedroom. They tried to get some sleep. There are other eyewitnesses to the sighting, and all of them agree that there were aliens in Mocorito that night: At 22:00 hours, Saturday 12.01: A neighbor saw a UFO near Donato Guerra street and other neighbors saw a strange light they ascribed to the UFO.

05:00 hours, Sunday 12.02: An alien appears inside a home in the town's historic central district. (Source: "Debate" Newspaper, Afternoon Edition, Guamuchil, Sonora, Mexico)

Ana Luisa Cid managed to interview reporter Maria Elizalde, who covered the story of the schoolteacher's alien encounter. "Given the lack of images of the alleged alien, I thought it prudent to interview the reporter and learn more specifics about this case," she says. "Ms. Maria Elizalde kindly accepted my call and these are her statements."

Ana: Are you aware of Professor Violeta Ortiz's videos and photos?

Maria: Yes, I'm aware of the photos and the videos. The teachers room can be seen in the half light and there is the silhouette of a short creature with a large head and dark eyes. Neither hands nor feet can be seen. Violeta can be heard singing on the video. She used a Motorola V5 cellphone. Thanks to Ana Luisa Cid

Republic of Ireland Disc

CORK - My 13 year old son spotted the large circular object at 9 PM as we drove in the car on November 15, 2007. I stopped the car to have a closer look and tried to take a picture but was unable to get it. The large circular object was spinning while moving forward with four lights around its edge with two underneath. The lights were flashing red and the green light was underneath. It seemed to be spinning rather than flying in the one direction. It was moving forward while spinning making absolutely no noise at all. It was a very still night with little cloud cover so we could see it clearly. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Newgrange - Three thousand years ago men may have seen the same discs in the sky and decided to copy their design in their structures. Newgrange is believed to be one of the oldest structures on Earth and was built around 3200 BC, according to the most reliable Carbon 14 dates available from archaeology. This makes it more than 600 years older than the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, and 1,000 years more ancient than Stonehenge. It is built in the shape with of a disc shaped UFO. Each year the on the Winter Solstice, when the sun rises marking the first day of winter it shines deep inside the mound. Carvings and other megalithic tombs in the area have the same disc shape and celebrate the disc and spiral forms seeming to show a spinning UFO. The mound covers an area of over one acre and is surrounded by 97 kerbstones, some of which are richly decorated with megalithic art. The 19 metre long inner passage leads to a cruciform chamber with a corbelled roof. It is estimated that the construction of the Passage Tomb at Newgrange would have taken a work force of 300 at least 20 years.

UK/England Britain to Release UFO Files

LONDON -- The Sunday Telegraph said Sunday that this coming spring, the Defense Ministry will release to the general public 160 files about alleged UFO sightings. Since the British government department began keeping records about the unusual reports in 1950, more than 10,000 sightings have been recorded. With officials failing to explain 5 percent of those sightings, a growing number of Freedom of Information requests prompted the release of the classified information. A former head of the Defense Ministry UFO project told the newspaper that no matter what an individual believes regarding UFOs, the released files should prove to be interesting reading.

HINDLEY, WIGAN -- On Monday, December 17, 2007, a 29 year old man and his girlfriend witnessed an unusual sight. Kevin writes "the object was more or less stationery with only slight movements [both] decreasing and increasing [in] altitude." He said that he was using the stars to judge its motion. "I could see very clearly, as there were no clouds, it definitely wasn't a star and it wasn't a plane," he said, "because it moved very little."

He writes that "I don't think it was a helicopter neither, as there wasn't any sound and it seemed to be too large." They observed many lights on it. "The fact is that it just seemed to hover for at least 45 minutes without a lot of movement," he said. The couple observed the UFO through a pair of garden binoculars. They said it looked round in shape but through the naked eye it looked more triangular. The eyewitnesses also reported that they'd observed the object for at least 45 minutes before turning in for the night at around 12:05 am. Happy holidays and merry Christmas from the volunteers at

Rockefeller Initiative for UFO Disclosure

WASHINGTON, DC Press Release - The Paradigm Research Group placed on the Interneet documents from the executive Office of Science and Technology Policy obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Canadian researcher, Grant Cameron. These documents confirm the effort by billionaire Laurance Rockefeller to persuade President Bill Clinton to begin releasing to the public government held information pertaining to the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial life and to provide amnesty to government employees wishing to come forward and testify regarding relevant events and evidence. These documents are located at:

Rockefeller's move to effect "disclosure" lasted from March 1993 through 1996. Researchers aware of this effort commonly refer to it as the "Rockefeller Initiative." While the Initiative itself was not successful, it did lead to engagement of the UFO/ET issue by Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, Congressman Steven Schiff, John Podesta, Governor Bill Richardson and others right up until the present time.

The nearly four-year initiative included 1) strategy meetings of researchers held at Rockefeller's JY Ranch in Colorado; 2) meetings between Rockefeller and President Clinton and Hillary Clinton at the JY Ranch; 3) the commissioning of numerous reports and white papers, including an extensive study titled "Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence" by Don Berliner and Antonio Huneeus; 4) document requests and searches within the Clinton administration; 5) an important symposium, "When Cosmic Cultures Meet"; 6) considerable correspondence between public and private entities, and much more.

Many more Initiative documents are in the hands of other agencies, private citizens and the Clinton Presidential Library. Researcher Grant Cameron early on filed extensive FOIA requests to obtain relevant documents from the Clinton Library, targeting Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and others. It is these requests which have recently been referred to on CNN and in several newspaper articles.

While the recent questions posed to presidential candidates during debates and campaign stops is encouraging, it is and must be just the beginning of extensive queries to all candidates regarding their knowledge of and intensions toward what is easily the most important issue of this or any other time in history. Furthermore, PRG can state with high confidence the answers so far being given to these questions are evasive and mendacious.

It is imperative that all journalists covering the 2008 election campaign review the Rockefeller Initiative documents. Then PRG suggests reviewing the Media, Quotes and Video archives portaled at: The most important news story in history awaits. Contact: Stephen Bassett, Executive Director, 202-215-8344,

Atlantic Coast UFO Conferences, to sponsor NJ MUFON's event

New Jersey MUFON's first annual Northeastern conference will take place on February 15, 16, and 17 at Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City. The website is Bud Hopkins and George Filer NJ MUFON State Director will also be coming.

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