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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
March 26, 2008

George Filer:
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Dedicated to my grandsons Georgie Filer V, and Eddie Pedrick who drowned in the Pool of No Return. More than six thousand drown in the US each year. In five years of fighting in Iraq we have lost 4,000 good men. In five years in the US we have lost 30,000 mostly children who drowned. Often the greatest cause of death for 1 to 4 year olds is drowning in pools; yet I seldom have seen even one report in the news.

They're Back

This week's Files report: Motherships are back, Mars has huge salt deposits; Saturn's Titan may have an Ocean, B-1B Bomber flies with synthetic fuel mix, and Fire Fighters Guide Part #4.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and West Virginia.

UFOs were also seen in Canada, South Africa, and the UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal there is a galactic war between the sons of light and sons of darkness. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe and his messengers flew UFOs.

In the Living Bible, Jesus Christ predicts his return in the clouds. (UFOs)

"And the nations of the world will see me return in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory. And I shall send forth my angels with sound of a mighty trumpet blast, and they shall gather the chosen ones from the farthest ends of the earth and heaven." Matthew 24-30

Motherships are Back

There is a deliberate upswing in UFO sighting reports. During January of 2008, not far from President Bush's' ranch a huge Mothership was sighted by witnesses in Texas. Hundreds of reports have been made by all types of people from pilots to police to various businessmen. Steve Allen, a pilot and freight company owner, said: "People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible belt, and everyone is afraid it's the end of times." He described the object he saw as a mile long and half a mile wide. "It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts," he said. Steve and other witnesses claim the Mothership was a mile long.

The German Zeppelin Hindenburg is the largest manmade craft ever built and it was the 804 feet (245.06 meters) with a speed of 84 mph.(2nd Object). My Uncle William J. Garrett flew in the Hindenburg to Germany and returned from Europe in an ocean going ship about the same size. The comparatively small aircraft above the ship is the largest aircraft flown that is built in large numbers the Boeing 747 that measures 232 feet (71 m) long. Over fourteen hundred 747's have been built and one can be seen at almost every major airport in the world. There have been multiple sightings by eyewitnesses claiming to see space ships ten times larger than the 747s.

Numerous independent and credible eye witnesses including pilots claim to have seen craft a thousand feet to a mile long in our skies. Japan Air Lines flight 628, a cargo jet with a pilot, co-pilot and one crew member claim they were intercepted by a UFO just north of Achorage, Alaska, about 8 PM, on November 7, 1986. It was when a huge UFO many times larger than their 747 that could jump miles in a few seconds. It was picked up by numerous radars and investigated by the FAA. (See Filer's Files #7) Any alien civilization advanced enough to send starships throughout the universe has certainly mastered nanotechnology. This would mean that their starships do not have to be very large; and they could be sent by the millions to explore inhabited planets. Desolate moons would perhaps be the best bases for such nanoships.

These huge craft that I choose to call Motherships are bigger than any flying machine ever built by man. Frequently they are seen launching smaller generally disc shaped craft estimated to be thirty feet in diameter. One or two eyewitnesses can cause a person in court to be convicted and sentenced to death. We can produce hundreds of eye witnesses who are frequently experienced pilots and police who will testify to gigantic airships bigger than anything ever built by man.

It is logical to assume they are visiting Earth from other planets for important reasons. It is apparent that we have a wonderful world, with plenty of water, crops, vegetation, minerals, energy, excellent temperatures, and various kinds of animals and fish. Our world is a wonderful place to visit, an oasis in space for alien life forms. It is certainly the best planet in our Solar System for building strong life forms. Interestingly, descriptions of alien life forms often describe emaciated, sick, weak and aliens unable to reproduce. Earth may carry the label, as the place to get medical treatment, a warm sun, good water and food the important spark of life, perhaps the most important ability in the universe. Thousands of abductees claim the aliens are mostly interested in our ability to reproduce offspring. The Bible and many ancient scriptures inform us that God made a wonderful Earth that, God saw that it was good. "The sons of God saw that the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." Genesis 6.

I agree that some UFO sightings are mistakes in identification such as aircraft or satellites. But if you flying a 747 and the craft next to you is ten times larger, you are pretty sure it is not a mistake. If any reasonable person looks at the evidence, it should be obvious that the reality of sightings reported by normal people are real objects. The only reason to deny the existence of these Motherships is psychological reluctance to admit there are fantastic technological craft visiting us.

A survey of prehistoric caverns in southern France and northern Spain has revealed that Stone Age caveman drew detailed pictures of animals on his cave walls, mingled with drawings of UFOs such as the Lascaux, French cave. Some of these drawings are 30,000 years old so it is unlikely the caveman heard about UFOs, but they were important to his life. Assuming these are UFOs they infer the occupants have been with us or visiting for thousands of years.

Interestingly, Aime Michel points out in her book "Flying Saucers and the Straight?Line Mystery," that only the caverns located on or close BAAVIC line (Bayonne to Vichy), a trajectory that he discovered by tracking straight line sightings in France. Photo courtesy of Nancy Talbot.

Michel discovered that the reports centered around a vast illuminated cigar Mothership near Dijon and Poncey in Northeastern France on October 2, 1954. The former Mayor and his wife saw a vertical cigar flying in a straight line. Twenty eight sightings of UFOs were reported in numerous newspapers along straight lines usually by multiple witnesses. As the capital of the Burgundy region, Dijon reigns over some of the best wine country in the world as well as the famous home of Dijon mustard and a French Air Force Base.

In the village of Les Rousses on the Swiss frontier not far from Lake Geneva, twenty three school children and their teacher reported seeing a huge cloud cigar moving horizontal to the Earth's surface. It was so large it reminded them of a long railroad train. It moved to a vertical position while hovering and a gleaming yellow disc slipped out of the cigar. Then the cloud train moved to its horizontal position and resumed moving and disappeared at a lively speed.

Michel found that sightings occurring as far apart as 700 miles were located along great-circle routes which are the shortest route between two points and transferred onto flat maps were straight lines. On October 15, 1954, Michel noted there were sightings in Southend - on Sea, in England, Calais and Aire-sur-la-Lys in France on the German border, and Po di Gnocca (Rovigo) in Italy. Michel discovered the five UFO sightings were on a great-circle route 700 miles long indicating a UFO had flown this straight line route across the heart of Europe, when transferred to a map. (Longest red line) Most of the UFO sightings in France that were frequently reported in the various newspapers and by French Gendarmes (National Police) could be plotted along the straight lines indicating a grid work or a logical surveillance pattern. Michel a mathematician realized the straight lines between multiple UFO sightings were not a coincidence, but represented an intelligence conducting a logical surveillance and perhaps mapping of France.

Frequently at the intersection of the straight lines were the huge cloud cigar Motherships launching and recovering smaller glowing or metallic disks. It was logical to assume these were a type of aircraft carriers conducting military like operations over one of the world's nuclear capable countries. Some craft would hover over key nuclear military facilities for hours until French Fighter aircraft were launched to chase them away.

"Two experienced airline pilots on separate flights saw something up to a mile wide off the coast of Alderney above the English Channel on April 23, 2007. Jersey radar equipment did pick up the object, and an air traffic controller said he had received simultaneous reports from the Aurigny and Blue Islands pilots.

Aurigny's Airlines Captain Ray Bowyer, 50, said he saw the massive strange object during a flight from Southampton. He spotted a bright-yellow light ten miles west of Alderney while his plane was about 30 miles from the island and at 4,000 feet.

Nagoya City, Japan -- On September 3, 1975, at 2:30 PM, a young high student Hirohito Tanaka snapped photos of this cigar-shaped Mothership launching and recovering 16 disc shaped craft with raised domes. Hirohito said, "The discs had some sort of visible protrusions on the bottom. All craft slowly drifted away with the cigar leading the way. The student took a series nine photos. Thanks to Wendelle Stevens "UFO Photographs "Around the World Vo.l 2." FF 18-2007

General L.M. Chassin General Air Defense Coordination Allied Air Forces Europe, NATO. Later he became Commanding General of the French Air Force states in the preface to Aime' Michel's book,

"Flying Saucers do exist. The products of an incredibly advanced technology, they have maneuvered in the skies and on the ground of Western Europe in pursuit of some plan whose purpose, origin, and motivation are at present entirely beyond our conjecture. Yet this amazing visitation over our heads, and sometimes on our soil, right among us, took place so quietly that it has left hardly a trace."

Steve Reichmuth ( and Peter Davenport (National UFO Reporting Center NUFORC) developed the following information.

In November MUFON recorded - 228 sightings, NUFORC recorded 297 sightings for a total of 525.

In December MUFON recorded - 119 sightings, NUFORC recorded 65 sightings, NW 22 Total 206

In January MUFON recorded - 250 sightings, NUFORC recorded 414 Total known 664

November total was 525 sightings, that dropped to less than half during December to only 206, then tripled from December to a total of 664 in January. Many reports are still coming in for January. I have noticed sightings are often down around Christmas. Cruise ships visiting us apparently return home for Christmas. A large Mothership was apparently observed in Texas bringing in a group of smaller craft similar to the 1956 sightings in France and a similar report in Japan.

The recent wave of sightings in Texas during January are plotted on this map and could be interpreted as indicating a similar situation to the Mothership sightings in France and else where. The center of the sightings occurred over Stevenville and spread out in various directions along roughly straight lines.

Mars Salt Deposits

Mars salt deposits found indicating water salt crystals from ancient dried-up lakes, new evidence indicate the possible presence of water at some point in Mars' history and the likelihood of life. Bright blue marks a deposit of chloride (salt) minerals in the southern highlands of Mars in this false-color image, which highlights mineral composition differences. The Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) camera on NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter made this observation. Researchers using THEMIS reported in March 2008 that they have found about 200 such deposits of chloride salts. Observations by THEMIS and other instruments orbiting Mars indicate that these deposits typically lie within topographic depressions. The salt deposits suggest that Mars was much wetter long ago. They point to places where water was once abundant, then evaporated, leaving the minerals behind.

This site lies at about 221 degrees east longitude and 38.8 degrees south latitude, within the rugged Terra Sirenum region of Mars. The view is a portion of an image taken by THEMIS on Dec. 11, 2003. The full image is at . NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, manages the Mars Odyssey mission for the NASA Science Mission Directorate, Washington. The Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS) was developed by Arizona State University, Tempe, in collaboration with Raytheon Santa Barbara Remote Sensing. Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver, is the prime contractor for the Odyssey project, and developed and built the orbiter. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Arizona State University/University of Hawaii

Saturn's Titan may Have an Ocean

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A vast ocean of water and ammonia may lurk deep beneath the surface of Titan, the intriguing, orange moon of Saturn already known for its blanket of clouds and dense atmosphere, scientists said on Thursday.

Astronomers have not directly observed this ocean. But they said observations made by the Cassini spacecraft of Titan's rotation and shifts in the location of surface features suggest an ocean exists perhaps 60 miles (100 km) under the surface. Titan is Saturn's largest moon and the second biggest in the solar system, only slightly smaller than Jupiter's moon Ganymede. Titan's diameter of about 3,200 miles (5,150 km) is larger than the planet Mercury and the dwarf planet Pluto. Cassini, exploring Saturn and its moons in an ongoing U.S.-European mission, collected measurements using radar that penetrated Titan's thick clouds during 19 passes over the moon from October 2005 to May 2007.

Data from the early observations allowed researchers to establish the locations of 50 landmarks including lakes, canyons and mountains on Titan's surface. They looked at later radar data and discovered that prominent surface features had shifted location by up to 19 miles (30 km). The spin of Titan's crust is linked to winds blowing through its atmosphere, the scientists said. But the type of broad displacement of surface features seen on Titan would be hard to explain unless its crust were separated from its core by an internal ocean, allowing the crust essentially to float. "It's because Titan's crust seems to be so mobile that we infer this internal ocean," Ralph Lorenz of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, who directed the research published in the journal Science, said in a telephone interview. Lorenz said this ocean was probably mostly water with "a few percent" ammonia.

F-22s Fly Cover for Shuttle Launch

The 1st Air Force/Air Forces Northern-led Operation Noble Eagle must continue its vital function of monitoring the nation's airspace for the foreseeable future, according to NORAD/US Northern Command head Air Force General Victor Renuart.

Here, an F-22 Raptor from the 94th Fighter Squadron at Langley AFB, Va., flies cover for the STS-117 shuttle launch in June 2007.

Air Force photo courtesy of 1st Air Force

Fire Fighters Guide Chapter 13: Enemy Attack and UFO Potential

Part # 4 Why the Secrecy?

The Air Force after 20 years of being deluged with UFO sightings and spending millions of dollars on their investigation, decided to drop the inquiry business and turned the project over to a Kensington, Maryland, group called NICAP (National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena). This left NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) with part of the task of trying to run UFO sighting reports, including many by its own Apollo and Skylab astronauts. By 1974 over a score of astronauts saw and photographed UFOs during their flights beyond the earth's atmosphere. Early in the Apollo 11 mission, which culminated in the moon walk, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, and Michael Collins reported sightings of what seemed to be a UFO during the first half of their flight to the lunar surface. There were many more sightings by U.S. and Soviet Astronauts. On November 11, 1966, Gemini XII astronauts Jim Lovell and Edwin Aldrin said that they saw four UFOs linked together, and on October 12, 1964, three Russian astronauts aboard Voskod reported that they were surrounded by a "formation of fast-moving disc-shaped objects." UFO Organizations In addition to NICAP, some of the other organizations that study UFO phenomena are MUFON (Mutual UFO Network's), CAUS (Citizens against UFO Secrecy), GSW (Ground Saucer Watch), CUFOS (the Center for UFO Studies), and APRO (Aerial Phenomena Research Organization), an Arizona nonprofit scientific and educational organization, founded in 1952. Why the Secrecy? In their book UFOs over America, authors Jim and Carol Lorenzo charge that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) has been closely involved in the collection and suppression of UFO information. "Witnesses to the phenomena have been bribed, coerced, and threatened by the CIA, who wanted valuable evidence given to them alone."

Why the Secrecy? One reason given is that military intelligence may view the UFOs as a tool of either a known or unknown potential enemy. "If these vehicles prove evasive and surreptitious, all the more reason to suspect them.... the probability looms large that the minds behind these vehicles may well be gathering intelligence of their own." Another reason for secrecy may lie in the hope of obtaining knowledge relating to advanced propulsion methods and anti-gravity systems before other potential enemies on earth may acquire it. Hence, though many nations are secretly investigating UFOs, they are reluctant to share their findings. Robert Lofton, in his book Identified Flying Saucers, claims that the Air Force became the "goat" in the effort of the CIA to debunk many sightings by pilots, radar technicians, and reliable civilian observers. He thinks that the suppression of information about how dangerous UFOs can be is wrong. After citing a case where a child was burned over 50 to 60 percent of her body by a low flying UFO and then taken to an Air Force hospital, no one would explain why her clothes were not burned at the same time. He also describes another burn case in New Mexico and another man who recently received a sledge-hammer like blow that knocked him unconscious by the force field of a 100-foot diameter UFO. "The public ought to be told the danger! Thanks to William Kramer Ph.D and Charles W. Bahame, J.D.

B-1B Flies with Synthetic Fuel Mix

An Air Force B-1B bomber from the 9th Bomb Squadron at Dyess AFB, Texas on March 19 became the first aircraft to fly at supersonic speeds burning the synthetic fuel blend that USAF wants its entire inventory cleared to use. The B-1B conducted the four-and-a-half hour flight over White Sands Missile Range, N.M., with all four its General Electric turbofan engines burning the fuel mix of 50 percent JP-8 aviation fuel and 50 percent synthetic kerosene derived under a method called the Fischer-Tropsch process that is derived from natural gas, coal or shale. Rick Fournier, the pilot said, There was no noticeable difference flying with this fuel." The Air Force has already cleared the B-52H to operate with the 50-50 fuel blend and is close to certifying the C-17. Thanks to SSgt. Matthew Bates and the Air Force Association.

Arizona - Eyewitness Films Unknown Lights

SURPRISE -- The photos were taken Monday, March 10, 2008, from Surprise looking south southwest. I used a Canon Rebel 35 mm 100-300 mm zoom lens, exposure was five seconds. Some will claim that these center lights are flares, but I have seen these many times in the past. Some months ago I shined a green laser at four of these and they went out and came back on in the form of a huge 'W'. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California - Flying Triangle

MILLBRAE -- I spotted a UFO at around 7:35 PM, on March 2, 2008, about fifteen miles south of San Francisco. I was smoking outside, when I noticed movement near the Big Dipper constellation. I saw what looked like 12-15 purer white lights in the form of a triangle. They were moving in formation so I assume it was one object. It was about 75% of the full moon size. The UFO flew for 30 seconds at about a 45-degree angle from my view before disappearing to the north ascending at a very smooth and rapid speed without making a sound.

I live near the San Francisco International Airport and have seen numerous airplanes in various stages of flight. What I saw tonight was nothing like the planes I've seen departing or arriving from SFO Airport. It was faster and silent. ((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this individual, and we found him to be quite sober-minded. We suspect that he is a very good witness. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Florida - A Long Bright Orange Red UFO

CLEARWATER -- We saw the object in the east sky on March 15, 2008, at 2:35 AM, moving to the south that was a long, bright, and orange-red . The moon was at my back as the light stopped, or burnt out. I observed this object for over twenty seconds. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Hawaii - Twelve Lights

BIG ISLAND of HAWAII -- On Highway 19 between Waikoloa and Mauna Lani Resorts we saw ten to twelve objects. They were bright torch like lights outlining the Mauna Kea Mountain. They lit up brightly and then faded out. It was a little windy, but clear with a little fog. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Indiana - Five Whitish Discs and Triangles

FORT WAYNE -- My girlfriend and I stepped out of her apartment to go to the store at exactly 9:56 PM, on March 22, 2008, we looked up to see five whitish discs. They were flying in a perfect diagonal straight formation spread apart by 15-20 feet each. They were flying lower than any plane. I could see the under belly of these craft from some reflected light. I flipped out and ran around the other side of my girlfriend's car and grabbed her head and pointed her eyes toward the spot where I saw them, but by then they were gone. I was shaking badly. I always have wanted to see something like that but now I'm scared.

NEW MIDDLETOWN/CORYDON - About every other night there are re-occurring events taking place near us. On March 16, at 11:42 PM, my husband and I decided to go out front and look. It was too cloudy to see, so my husband started to go inside, when I noticed this thick white line light over the top of our house that looked like the power line lit up, but we don't have a power line. We agreed that that was very odd, and we noticed something flashing in the sky. We went inside and later I got binoculars to look at it. The object was definitely hovering and was the size of a penny through binoculars with many lights flashing in different sequence. My teen could make out red, blue, lights with a big white center light.

On March 20, 2008, at 3 AM, exactly our dogs started barking and whimpering, and wouldn't go after whatever it was they saw. To the north above the house, there was one of them again with the same red, blue rows of lights, with a white light in middle as before. The white light goes off, then another white light comes zigzagging across with great leaps. Two more lights were seen with one zigzagging around. Finally five of these objects are flying around my house. At 4:07 AM, all but the closest one disappeared and I decided to go to bed. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Georgia - Flying Triangle

BLOOMINGDALE -- Driving down Highway 80 on March 3, 2008, I saw a triangle shaped object with lights on the points of the triangle. At 9:45 PM, it was hovering about 100 feet above the trees looking silver in color. I rolled down the window and could hear a low humming noise. I turned the car around and as I did it tilted in a downward motion and then shot off. I had a similar sighting about 2-3 weeks ago on I-16 on the way home, but had thought I was seeing things. This time I am 100% sure of what I saw. ((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Massachusetts - Light Object

MILTON -- On March 4, 2008, at 1:15 AM, a clearly visible light/object flew just above the tree line at an amazing speed into the horizon. Visible light/object flew east just above the tree line at an amazing speed. It flew across the entire horizon in less than one second. I was taking pictures of cloud formations for my desktop photo on the day before Easter, on March 22, 2008. The UFO was not visible to the naked eye but the camera got it. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Missouri - Verizon Commercial Shows Possible UFO

SPRINGFIELD -- A viewer of the 10 PM, March 6, 2008, newscast aired on KY3 TV in Springfield, Missouri called and said that he saw a strange object on the newscast. We called the TV station to report what he saw and ordered the telecast . We found a short segment of footage from a Verizon commercial that showed a silver object near a helicopter. The object was hovering with some up and down oscillation.

Comments: It is difficult to say what the silver object in the video could be. The object is only visible for a few frames next to the helicopter making analysis difficult. The object could be an apparatus used in recording of the commercial, but this is speculation. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest Tha Click Here to Play Video

JEFFERSON CITY - On March 1, 2009, I ggot home at 9 PM, and was walking up the driveway when I saw a flying triangle about 1-2 acres in size. It was very hard to see it as it had no lights and made no sound. I thought this was very strange. I have heard of numerous reports of people seeing a UFO, but never heard of one without lights. It looked to be gray and blend in with the dark sky. The edges were a little lighter than the rest, but it was a solid triangle. It sort of scared me but at the same time amazed me. It went directly above my house and kept going east down to the Missouri River. It never slowed or stopped. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Jersey - Cigar

TURNERSVILLE -- Saw two cigar shaped aircraft with two bright lights on one side and one red light on the other side. I have been seeing these craft in the woods next to my home for several weeks. It started on January 28, 2008. They fly over my home above the tree line. Then they seem to turn sideways and hover then go down in the trees. My daughter and I have also experiences strange occurrences around our home. A dead bird on our porch that looked like it and a branch fell off a tree, but in was under our awning. Also a bright flash of light in our kitchen, it came in thru a crack in the curtains. Dimming of the lights in our home at night. I also caught on tape lights on the side of our neighbor's house. One red light in the trees, a purple/blue light on the ground next to their house and other phenomena. It has increased in intensity over the weeks. Started with me seeing blinking lights in the sky on February 19, 2008, at 7:30 PM. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Carolina - UFOs Photographed

LUMBERTON -- I was getting out of my car on March 6, 2008, about 8:30 PM, and I glanced up at the sky and saw what looked like a large round donut with lights all around it. The size of the object was bigger than anything I had ever seen. It was the size of four to five airplanes. The object was very slow almost like it was scooping everything out. The craft itself was dark gray with all the lights around it. There were four witnesses. Whatever it was it wasn't normal and I will never look at the sky the same way again.

Comments: The witness has described a strange looking very large object. Objects of this shape and configuration are rarely reported. Conclusion: Based on available data I can't identify this object. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

ASHEVILLE -- I was taking pictures of cloud formation's for my desktop photo on March 22, 2008, the day before Easter. The UFO was not visible to the naked eye but the camera got it. Needless to say my jaw dropped when I zoomed in on the spot on the picture. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Wilmington - On March 21, 2008, I was taking sky photos from my front yard at 9:35 AM and was able to catch an airplane and Possible UFO in the same photo.

Oregon - Zigzagging White Stars

GRANTS PASS PEAK -- My husband's alarm clock went off at 5:15 AM, on March 6, 2008, and he got up to get ready for work. I was awake lying in bed and stared out the window at two dim white stars in the sky to the left of the Grants Pass Peak, I then noticed that the star to the right of the other one was moving very slowly eastward. As it moved slowly the dim light got brighter and larger. I jumped out of bed as it continued to move to the east and to my surprise it started zigzagging upward and downward

At this point I knew it wasn't any airplane or helicopter. It went back to its previous position and headed east once again. Suddenly it drove and circled around heading west. The bright light and large size got smaller as it moved west and then it disappeared. Our house guest saw something similar to what I saw eight hours earlier. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

KEIZER -- I took this photo with my cell phone camera on March 15, 2008, at 8 AM. Do you think that this is a UFO? I was driving west on Brooklake Road and took a photo. I later saw the "cross" when viewing the photo. Cloud bases were at 2,700 Feet and visibility was 7 miles.

Comments: I was at first mystified by the object in the photo. I had the witness check her windshield for cleanliness to be sure that the object wasn't due to a spot on the windshield. I also had her send me more photos from the cell phone camera to be sure that the cross wasn't due to a camera anomaly. The windshield was clean and no camera anomalies were noted. I believe that the object was real. The object looks to possibly be an insect. However, this cannot be proven. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Texas - Photos

SAN ANTONIO -- Close to the time of the Stephenville, UFOs yet another UFO was seen, this time near a radio tower in San Antonio, Texas on January 13, 2008. Thanks to You Tube

PLANO -- We had a good snow and early on March 7, 2008, at 12:58 AM, I started taking pictures from my balcony of an orb under a tree. The light was on until I went to bed around 1:35 AM. My camera is a Nikon D40X, 10K megapixel and the shots are shaky since I didn't have a tripod and the exposures were very long. The shots on the other evenings were taken with a tripod but are still not especially clear because the exposure was very long and it's hard to focus a digital camera in the dark. The orb is to the left of the tree almost to the top. Just to the left you can see an orange On the three occasions that I saw the light, it appeared in the exact same place. I estimate the distance to be 150-200 yards from me. Speaking for all three occasions, I did not experience anything out of the ordinary other than seeing the light. BOTTOM LINE - I have tried to get to the source of the light but have had no luck, Thanks to MUFON CMS

CEDAR CREEK -- I looked out my bathroom window about 5:30 AM, on March 21, 2008, and saw a bright light moving toward the west. As I watched it I noticed there was no sound and this bright light coming from a cylinder shaped object had no red or green lights on it as a plane would. I continued to watch it for about 5 minutes as it moved up and toward the west until it reached a spot in the SSW sky and stopped for at least an hour. I got my video camera off my dresser and went outside and set up a tripod and took video for about 50 minutes. The light can be seen on the video changing size and shape until it got bright enough outside that the light could no longer be seen in the video.

I could still see it with my naked eye but was no longer able to see it on video. I then went inside and viewed the video on my television. The light sometimes gets 10 times bigger but moves very little. It appears to have taken up a position in the sky and remains there until the sun eventually gets bright. I am 55 years old. The video shows some very unusual size and shape changes while the Sony CCD TR 940 recorded this object for over 50 minutes. Thanks to JAS and MUFON CMS

Texas - Continuing Bigfoot Sightings -- He was here when we moved in the house located between two forests and a gravel pit. A lot of weird things were happening, noises, bumps, tin beating on barn, etc. Then on September 17, 2007, about 1:30 AM, my son and I heard a strange noise and along with the dog we ran out back with a big flash light. My son shined the light above the tall grass and our German Shepherd walked around to the front. I stayed in the back alone, and saw something light in color rising up out of the tall grass about 10 feet from me.

This thing rose up, the creature must have been over 8 feet tall and maybe 3 feet wide. It really surprised me. I know it was a Bigfoot, but the whitish color threw me off. He stood there about 7 or 8 seconds looking at me. I couldn't say a word, I was so scared. Then he turned and ran away causing the horses to act up and the dogs barking. I tried to feed him, and I bought a security camera but I've never gotten any pictures. I covered some of the windows in the living room and one night I heard him growl after I covered the window. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research


OSHAWA/WHITBY, ONTARIO – On March 13, 2008, around 7:15 PM, I was standing on my porch enjoying the warmer weather facing south towards Lake Ontario. Two jumbo jets were flying east from Pearson Airport and were very low, the sun was reflecting off the planes. When the second jumbo jet following close behind passed, I looked up at the smoke trail and for a split second, at very high altitude, much higher than the planes, I saw a bright white light appear to head completely straight on a southwest course and then disappear. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

South Africa - A Massive Disk Shaped UFO

PHILLIPI, CAPE TOWN - I was around six yearrs old, alone in the house with my nanny in her own quarters and my parents were out. There was a large storm overhead and I was sitting at a glass door looking up at the sky. I was scared because of the storm and suddenly through the clouds appeared the front edge of a massive disk that covered most of sky. It was silver gray in color and all around the disk edge were lights spaced evenly apart. My child's mind made it look like a long string of light bulbs hanging in the cloud, and only later on in life did I realize what it was that I saw. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

UK - Scotland Sighting

BONNYBRIDGE -- Another strange flying object was spotted on March 20, 2008. Local residents contacted the Falkirk Herald to provide eye-witness accounts of a mysterious flying object last Thursday night. It is the latest unexplained sighting in the village, which has become known as Scotland's 'UFO capital.' Colin Doyle, (28), from Hallglen, said, "My colleague and I were just coming back from a job in Bonnybridge about half past 9 and we saw this object with flashing lights in the sky. "By the shape of it there was no way it was a plane. It looked oval shaped with flashing lights all around it, so we got out the van to have a look. "After hovering for a while, it then just shot up into the sky and the speed it was going was phenomenal." He added: "Before I just didn't believe these stories, but now I can safely say I do believe there must be something."

Gary Harkins (28), from Bonnybridge, said: "I was out walking my dog along the canal at Bonnybridge around about half 9 and saw this object in the sky and there was no way it was an aircraft. "It was kind of saucer-shaped and was hovering above the ground around the height of high-rise flats and had flashing lights."The object continued to hover about for a few minutes and then just shot away at unbelievable speed."Seeing something like that just takes your breath away," he added.

Bonnybridge councilor Billy Buchanan, said: "These sightings highlight that the phenomenon is still ongoing, as people are still seeing something which has no rational explanation." snip

Project Camelot

I spoke with researcher Don Ware who indicated Project Camelot, the Majestic 12 First Annual Report and the site are worth reviewing. According to Don, although there may be disinformation in this data, some of the basic information may be true.

Project Camelot states, "I am a Norwegian politician. I would like to say that difficult things will happen from the year 2008 till the year 2012.

The Norwegian government is building more and more underground bases and bunkers. When asked, they simply say that it is for the protection of the people of Norway. When I enquire when they are due to be finished, they reply “before 2011”. Israel is also doing the same and many other countries too. My proof that what I am saying is true is in the photographs I have sent of myself and all the Prime Ministers and ministers I tend to meet and am acquainted with. They know all of this, but they don't want to alarm the people or create mass panic.

Planet X is coming, and Norway has begun with storage of food and seeds in the Svalbard area and in the arctic north with the help of the US and EU and all around in Norway. They will only save those that are in the elite of power and those that can build up again: doctors, scientists, and so on. As for me, I already know that I am going to leave before 2012 to go the area of Mosjøen where we have a deep underground military facility. There we are divided into sectors, red, blue and green. The signs of the Norwegian military are already given to them and the camps have already been built a long time ago.

The people that are going to be left on the surface and die along with the others will get no help whatsoever. The plan is that 2,000,000 Norwegians are going to be safe, and the rest will die. That means 2,600,000 will perish into the night not knowing what to do. All the sectors and arks are connected with tunnels and have railcars that can take you from one ark to the other. This is so that they can be in contact with each other. Only the large doors separate them so that the sectors are not compromised in any matter.

I am very sad. Often I cry with others that know that so many will learn too late, and then it will all be over for them. The government has been lying to the people from 1983 till now. All the major politicians know this in Norway, but few will say it to the people and the public - because they are afraid in case they too will miss the NOAH 12 railcars that will take them to the ark sites where they will be safe. Snip

Editor's Note: Project Camelot predicts a possible dire tribulations with a planet allegedly heading our way. Last week a similar warning came to me from Indonesia. It seems to me the planet is at too great a distance to get an accurate prediction on its path in four years. During times of expected trouble commodities such as gold, silver, oil, diamonds, gasoline, corn, etc. are important have.

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