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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 16, 2008

George Filer:
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Dedicated to my grandsons Georgie Filer V, and Eddie Pedrick who drowned in the Pool of No Return. More than six thousand drown in the US each year.

Fewer Sightings

This week's Files report: Mysterious White Rock Fingers on Mars, Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars? Bosnia House Struck Five Times by Meteorites, NASA Plans to Return to the Moon, March 2008 UFO Map, John McCain is Interested In UFOs, and Fire Fighters UFO Guide Part #7.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Alabama, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.

UFOs were also seen over Canada, Estonia, Poland, Puerto Rico, and the UK/ England and Scotland.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal there is a galactic war between the sons of light and sons of darkness. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe and his messengers flew UFOs.

Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding

"More than 10,000 sightings have been reported, the majority of which cannot be accounted for by any "scientific" explanation... I am convinced that these objects do exist and that they are not manufactured by any nation on Earth. I can therefore see no alternative to accepting the theory that they come from some extraterrestrial source."

Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, printed in Sunday Dispatch, London, July 11, 1954.

Mysterious White Rock Fingers on Mars

Explanation: What caused this unusual white rock formation on Mars? Intrigued by the possibility that they could be salt deposits left over as an ancient lakebed dried-up, detailed studies of these fingers now indicate that this is not correct. The light material appears to have eroded away from the surrounding area, indicating a very low-density composition, possibly consistent with volcanic ash or windblown dust. The stark contrast between the rocks and the surrounding sand is compounded by the sand's unusual darkness.

This picture was taken from the Mars Express spacecraft currently orbiting Mars. Planetary scientist Emily Lakdawalla, has followed her curiosity into a fascinating investigation that is eloquently described in the Planetary Society Weblog. The mysterious white rock spans about 15 kilometers across inside a larger crater that spans about 100 kilometers. Credit: G. Neukum (FU Berlin) et al., Mars Express, DLR Mars Express. Thanks to David E. Twichell.

Is NASA Changing the Color of Mars?

David Obrecht writes, "For a very long time now some people have maintained that NASA is changing the colors in the images it releases. Some even maintain that they are airbrushing some and even not releasing some at all. Let's take a look at a few images to see if we can spot any hanky-panky with the colors. Here is an image of the lander that delivered Spirit to the Martian surface taken by Spirit.

Now let's have a look at the same lander before it was packed for shipment.

I have marked the most glaring difference; remember these images are of the exact same piece of equipment.

The yellow rope like detail on Earth as turned red on Mars. White parachute material is now pink. Lets see if we can make it a closer match to Mars real colors using Microsoft Picture It!

Remember these images are of the exact same piece of equipment. Now lets take the one on the left and see if we can make it a closer match to the one on the right using Microsoft Picture Publishing 2001. There do seem to be a few differences.

A BLUE sky on Mars? The ground doesn't seem that strange now either. Hummm, that's strange, or is it? Let's look at a photo taken at a NASA press conference (image from AP), note the screen behind the NASA people.

Thanks to UFO Digest

Lyrids Meteor Shower

Lyrids meteor shower to hit the Earth on April 22 when 10 to 15 meteors per hour shoot out of the constellation Lyra. Mixed in the sand sized shower could be a larger dark meteorite that might cause damage.

NASA Plans to Return to the Moon

On Sunday night, April 6, 2008, "60 Minutes" TV show ran a story claiming NASA plans on returning to the Moon with astronauts in about 2020. Japan and China may beat us there and possibly even Russia and India may get there first. All are interested in possible energy resources on the moon and use it as a way station for a trip to Mars.

Gene Cernan, who wrote "The Last Man to Walk on the Moon," said that, NASA is returning to the "romance of space." The new Ares rocket won't be ready till 2015. Without both the Ares I (for crew) and the larger Ares V (for cargo), America does not have the rocket power to go back to the moon. Why? Because the mighty Saturn V mothballed.

While on the moon during Apollo 17, he and his crewmate Harrison Schmitt performed three EVAs for a total of about 22 hours of exploration. Their first EVA alone was over three times the length Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spent outside the LM on Apollo 11. During this time they covered over 35 kilometers using the Lunar Rover and spent a great deal of time collecting geologic samples that would shed light on the moon's early history.

As Cernan got ready to climb the ladder he spoke these words, the last currently spoken by a human standing on the moon's surface: "As we leave the Moon at Taurus-Littrow, we leave as we came, and God willing, as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind. As I take these last steps from the surface for some time to come, I'd just like to record that America's challenge of today has forged man's destiny of tomorrow. Godspeed the crew of Apollo Seventeen." Thanks to NASA

Bosnia House Struck 5 Times by Meteorites

GORNJA LAMOVITE -- Radivoje Lajic believes he is under attack from outer space. A Bosnian man whose home has been hit an incredible five times by meteorites believes he is being targeted by aliens. Experts at Belgrade University have confirmed that all the rocks Radivoje Lajic has handed over were meteorites. They are now investigating local magnetic fields to try and work out what makes the property so attractive to the heavenly bodies. But Mr Lajic, who has had a steel girder reinforced roof put on the house he owns in the northern village of Gornja Lamovite, has an alternative explanation.

He said: "I am obviously being targeted by extraterrestrials. I don't know what I have done to annoy them but there is no other explanation that makes sense. "The chance of being hit by a meteorite is so small that getting hit five times has to be deliberate." The first meteorite fell on his house in November last year and since then a further four have smashed into his home. The strikes always happen when it is raining heavily, never when there are clear skies. He said: "I did not know what the strange-looking stones were at first but I have since had them all confirmed as meteorites by experts at Belgrade University. "I am being targeted by aliens. They are playing games with me. "I don't know why they are doing this. When it rains I can't sleep for worrying about another strike."

March 2008 UFO Map

Steve Reichmuth writes, "The month of January always seems very active each year with 664 UFO reports in 2008. These total numbers of reports then seem to wane in the spring, then build again in the beginning of summer, and increases dramatically for the rest of the calendar year. The month of March 2008 seems consistent with this observation. Overall, UFO reports seem down overall proportionally from region to region. Totals world wide by these maps were 397 for March.

Northern California in March 2008 is seeing an increase in UFO reports, but the most dramatic spike in reports is in Indiana. The entire state of Indiana seems blanketed suddenly. The increase in the Midwest seems to have quieted down as well from the previous month. However, what we see on the maps are only what is actually reported.

Note there was a possible alien report based on the witness description (strange sounds from an animal) submitted from Fulton, Texas, March 28, 2008 (03:30 hours).

If many areas display the usual levels of UFO activity, there are other regions that display high levels of UFO activity that shift around in location dramatically month to month as well. These 'mini-flaps' will be brief...about 3 to 6 weeks of intensity. These mini-flap reports will usually be at a level intensity that are very disproportional related to the local population density. Thanks to Steve Reichmuth, Chief Investigator, CMS Coordinator MUFON Northern California

John McCain Interested In UFOs

On February 29, 2000, a reporter brought the issue of military denial and the Arizona lawsuit to the attention of U.S. Senator John McCain of Arizona at a California press conference. "I think it's of great interest," responded the Presidential candidate, acknowledging that the 1997 "lights" seen over Arizona have "never been fully explained."

Nonetheless, the DoD continues to maintain that it can find no information about the triangular objects. It provided details of its search to the court as required by U.S. District Court Stephen M. McNamee of Phoenix for Gersten's lawsuit. On March 30, 2000, the judge concluded that "a reasonable search was conducted' even though no information was obtained, and he dismissed the case.

Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control



Regardless of its past evaluations, the Air Force could be wrong about a number of things. "It can't even guess within a couple of billion dollars what one of its planes is going to cost; maybe, despite the skepticism of the scientists and other investigators, the UFOs sent from other planets do exist and have visited earth."(60) And maybe they have exhibited some destructive effects, whether or not intentionally in every instance, which we need to consider when drafting a plan for coping with an emergency situation where UFOs are involved. Some of these documented effects are as follows.


The two principal hazards noted with relation to UFOs have been attributed to powerful electrical fields which they can project in a general or localized area and the psychological effects they have produced on the general populace or individual contacts.


The disruption of air and ground travel has often been reported in the presence of UFOs. The ignition systems of auto and aircraft engines have apparently been affected by energized force fields to such an extent as to stop their operation; the headlights and radios have also ceased to function. Here are a couple of examples. In Buenos Aires, on March 29, 1978, "A strange force shut off their engine and headlights of their Citroen CG, lifted it 15 feet off the road, then set it down a minute later and 75 miles to the north." The driver had noticed a yellow and violet light shining in his rear view mirror while driving the last leg of a long stock car race, and he realized that it was approaching too fast to be a competitor.

A month later a Colombian bank manager and a navy officer had their car headlights go off when buzzed by a UFO, with the navy man suffering temporary paralysis. Other South American countries in which similar actions were reported around that time included Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. (61)

These effects have also been noted to influence the controls and instruments of aircraft, e.g., the pilot of a Piper PH-24 reported that his controls became inoperable when he was approached by three disk-shaped objects, 10 to 12 feet in diameter, over Mexico City on May 3, 1975. (62)

Similar cases have been reported by military pilots, illustrated by the classic case of the near mid-air collision of an army helicopter with a UFO on October 18, 1973, over Ohio, where not only did both the UHF and VHF radio wave- lengths go dead temporarily, but the downward movement of the helicopter with its four occupants was levitated upward by a green beam from the UFO in time to prevent its crash into the ground. (63)


In addition to the impedance of radio transmissions and reception, such as that described in the preceding incident, telephone interference has occurred, illustrated by the chagrin of President Lyndon Johnson in having his conversation from the Texas White House cut off while talking to assistants in Washington, D.C.(64) The ability to render inoperable all electronic forms of communications, including those that control the launching of defense weapons systems, has been considered within the range of UFO capability. Whether this could extend to the erasing of recorded computer data such as bank records, personnel data, FBI, CIA, and NSA files, along with critical information of every kind, is not beyond the realm of possibility. Thanks to William Kramer Ph.D and Charles W. Bahame, J.D.

Alabama - Glowing cigar-shaped Craft

BORDEN SPRINGS -- My Son and I were turkey hunting at 5:45 AM, on March 21, 2008, and observed an approaching light in the northwest sky. It was bright white with a distinct glowing aura. We noticed it made no sound. Later we could see and hear other aircraft as we were in close proximity to Atlanta airport. It flew straight over us into the southeastern sky. I say flew, but both of us remarked that it seems to "slide" along the sky. We both observed the object with binoculars to see a cigar or "pill" shaped craft with no other observable lights. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

California - Green Diamond and Cylinder

CASTRO VALLEY -- I was sitting in my kitchen, and looked out the window and saw something 30 degrees above the horizon on February 10, 2008. The shape of it looked unusual to me, so I grabbed my digital camera and went outside. The object wasn't moving, didn't make any noise. I pointed my camera at it, zoomed in as much as possible and took a few shots. I watched it for a couple of minutes, but it did not move.

It looked white, almost like a glowing grain of rice in the sky but relatively close-by maybe 6 miles away. After watching it for a while, I was tired so I went back inside and went to bed. The next day I was surprised to see it was actually multi-colored. As you can see in the picture, if you zoom in 100%, stars show up without motion blur. This leads me to believe the multi-colored object also has little or no motion blur. Thanks to Dan Cogswell and MUFON CMS

SHERMAN OAKS - On April 14, 2008, I was just lying back on my bed and to my surprise the moon was out, so I kept looking for a moment longer than I would have when a shiny green diamond like object cruised across my field of view, maybe a 1/4 mile (about full city block) away about 200 feet up. I snapped up fast at first and looked, laughed, and thought it was a runaway balloon. But I kept watching carefully to see actually it was like an 8 sided emerald and very flat edged metallic. It had a white protrusion that was perfectly straight down and far thicker than a string. It was perfectly horizontally across my field of view, flying at maybe 50 miles an hour, while rotating. I watched it until I couldn't see it any longer. Thanks to MUFON CMS

LOS ANGELES -- My friends were driving in rain north to San Franciso after we had been hanging out in the industrial district LA. They had just recently purchased a Canon G9. The object buzzed them, seemingly landed and or stopped extremely close to ground, then buzzed them again at such a low altitude that, in the video the object appeared to look like oncoming headlights, but was actually the object. It passed them and Case was able to follow with the camera through the passenger windows of their Suburu Forrester. Then, the object passed them again mysteriously banking for the FIRST time.

This object never banked during any of the maneuvers or landing according to both Case and Andrew. A car passed between them and the object showing how low and close the object was. Some evidence of hybrid antigrav/conventional flight characteristics, intial story told to me by witnesses suggests pure antigrav. The link below is for the video.

Florida - A Large Triangular Craft

DESTIN -- I was watching the skyline towards Gulf of Mexico on April 12, 2008, at 4:20 AM, while walking patrol. I noticed a triangular object fly southeasterly along coastline. The sighting was about 600 to 1000 feet in altitude. At first I thought it was birds flying south, but I compared it to the buildings below.

The formation was as long as an apartment building. It had white lights along each side. It was very close to me and if it were a conventional aircraft, I would have heard engines. There was absolutely no noise and the craft was moving fast, traveling about a half of a mile within five seconds. It flew back into cloud cover. The lights were prominent; and each had a illuminated portion too big to be a bird. Flight path was a straight line and smooth without movement of wings, etc. It blended in with the sky and cloudy conditions! Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Illinois - Object Flying Low

HOFFMAN ESTATES - I'm 22 years old and pregnant and woke up early Saturday morning, at around 4:20 AM to use the washroom. I came back to my bed and tried to fall asleep, which is so difficult nowadays, and just gazed out my bedroom window, which faces northwest. I heard a quiet sound like that of a passing airplane. Then a HUGE object flying low passed over my house and it was a plane flying this low, the sound should have been much louder.

It appeared to be flying slightly faster than a plane. I don't believe in UFO's, so I was thinking it might've been a military aircraft and finally fell asleep around 6:30 AM. I'm still not sure what it was, but I was asking some people if they have ever seen anything like it? They should me a link to info about the UFO sightings in. The descriptions I read were so similar to the Illinois of January 2000 sighting so I figured I might as well tell somebody. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana - Strange High Speed Object

GREENWOOD - At about 12:58 AM, on March 12, 2008, I was outside smoking a cigarette when I observed an object moving northwest at an extremely high rate of speed. The object looked in the night sky to be cigar shaped with two distinct lights on opposite ends with a bit of a haze or blur surrounding it. The lights seemed to be a light shade of red, almost pink, I observed it for only about 2-3 seconds before it was gone, it was moving on a straight path I know what I saw was not a meteor, nor was it like any aircraft I have ever seen, I don't know what to think, I've never seen anything like that before. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Montana - Orb Chases Smaller Orb

BUTTE - I was on my front porch looking at the stars on March 29, 2008, because it was a very clear night at 8 PM, when I saw a bright white orb moving from west to east. I thought it was a plane at first because of its slow speed, until I noticed it was following a smaller white orb barely visible. I ran inside to get my 8mm camcorder, and filmed it just over my house. I am currently trying to figure out how to get it off 8mm and on to my computer so I can submit it.

Upon review of the tape, towards the end of the film the smaller craft, takes off at a right angle and disappears. I did not see this with my bare eyes. Then, something else shoots from left to right of the screen from the bigger bright orb. I could not identify what it was. I stopped filming when I went to move through my house to my back porch. When I got to the back porch, I lost track of it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Jersey - Rectangle seen 30 Minutes


TOMS RIVER - On March 18, 2008, later to mid-day, I was standing out on my deck which faces southwest, and I saw to the right a gray rectangular-shaped aircraft, about 500 feet up. It was silent, moving eastward, slowly, low enough that I could see it did not have landing gear, or windows, like a flying box, with lights around the perimeter, not underneath, red and green and white.

I then noticed another identical flying gray "box" on the opposite side of me, westbound, and then a third one further in distance, flying toward my house, coming from the west. Size? I'm guessing about the size of a conventional 747 aircraft, but rectangular with no wings. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Mexico - Large Orange Light

LOS LUNAS -- At about 00:05 on March 29, 2008, I went outside to grab something out of my truck and noticed a bright orange light in the northern sky towards Albuquerque. It was lower than most airplanes I see coming into Albuquerque International Airport. It was barely higher than the trees and a radio tower. There was no noise that I could hear, also it didn't move. Also it looked larger than airplanes I've seen at night. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what it was I went inside to grab my binoculars. After I couldn't find them, I just grabbed my camera and went back outside to get pictures, and it was gone. I spent another half hour outside thinking it would come back but nothing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New York - Amber Strange Lights

HILTON/ HAMLIN -- Has anyone along the Lake Ontario USA side near Hamlin seen any amber strange spinning lights at night? On March 24, 2008, my fiancé and I saw another in a series of amber lights show up out of nowhere and no specific pattern of time or duration out at least three miles minimum over the lake at 7:23 PM. They sometimes seem several hundred feet above the noticeable water level in Lake Ontario due North from Hamlin State Park, NY.

They appear through two sets of different binoculars to be of a spinning and glowing-pulsating nature. I feel it is our duty to report these now being at least the 7th time we have seen them at odd times of night since last fall . They also have darted upward out of sight and one time dove into the water. We did witness two or three appear and form a triangle all the same kind of amber objects. These were interrupted by a bright very fast blue orb that shot down from the high stratosphere from the southwest like a shooting star. The three objects then all took off very fast in opposite directions. If it was the US Air Force based out of Niagara Falls, NY they surely would not admit to that. But at the speeds and the way they seem fixed for minutes is not that likely. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Oklahoma - Large Triangle Very Low

OWASSO - I observed three white lights on each corner of the ship, withh a red light on the back on March 25, 2008 at 10:42 PM. The object was seen for 45 seconds. There were also two dogs barking very loud as the craft flew by. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Oregon - Jet Airliner With No Wings

NEHALEM BAY -- I was inland, about a mile from the Pacific Ocean on April 7, 2008, about 3:45 PM, when I looked to the west. I saw what I thought was a jet, below the clouds. I thought I was about to hear a crash, it seemed far too low. As I drove west, towards the river and ocean the object barely moved and seemed to be hovering over the ocean. I continued west, the point of land obscured my view, so I headed south hoping I could still see it. I could, and it slowly headed north, finally going behind Neahkahnie Mountain.

I could hear no sound at all. It was a very curious thing, looking just like a jet airliner, perhaps the same size, going so slowly, quietly, and just so low. I went home. As I turned off the highway and got to a point where I like to look over the bay and the ocean I saw the thing again, this time heading south, still very low and very slow. It became obscured by the clouds. This all took place over about a 15 minute period. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Pennsylvania - Ball of Light

EDINBORO UNIVERSITY -- I saw a ball of light flying near a jet, though I believe it was much lower than the jet's path on March 26, 2008 at 8:30 PM. It meandered slowly through the sky in a weaving motion before it faded to red and then became dim until it was nothing. It was silent and I didn't see where it came from; I just happened to notice it. It wasn't in the air for more than two minute when it was fading away.

I'm not sure if this is relevant, but there were FBI in the area near some apartment buildings down the street from the sighting. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Texas - Diamond and Disc

EL PASO -- My friend took a picture of me using a Kodak digital camera 8.2 mega pixels on March 19, 2008, about 3:30 PM. We noticed this object almost immediately in the photo. I live right by Fort Bliss and El Paso International airport so we hear planes all the time. They even shake our windows sometimes. But we didn't hear anything at the time. I do not believe he used zoom on this picture. I just wanted to know what it was. We can't seem to figure it out. Thank you for your time.

Comments: I can't figure out what this object is either. I first thought that the object could be a helicopter, but the witnesses claim that they didn't hear anything. The photo was in the direction of and near Fort Bliss. The witness called my attention to a photo of a very similar object taken in Bremerton, Washington in the 1970s. The similarities between the two photos are striking! Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

PLANO - I work nights and went out for a smoke around 5 AM, this past Friday morning April 11, 2008. The Dallas area has continuous air traffic and I was watching planes come in from the northeast---one light was different and became a diamond shaped form the closer it got to coming in over Plano. It was off white to amber in color and quite large. At first I thought it may be the Goodyear Blimp since the craft began hovering near the interchange of hwy 75 and George Bush Freeway.

The pattern of lights began to change from the diamond shape, to a flat line, to what resembled an inverted tea cup, to a upside down "V". There were two lights in the center of the craft that were larger than the others and there were running lights of some kind on the two horizontal points of the kite shape. These were not the normal plane lights of red and blue/green, but were twinkling white and blue and were obviously different than the other associated lights. I would estimate that the craft was at 5,000 feet altitude and was capable of hovering and moving and then stopping with great ease.

I am 58, was sober, and served in the armed forces so this was no helicopter nor tilt wing craft. I think I got a chance to see what people were seeing in Stevenville, Texas, a few weeks back? Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington - Disc Photo and Drawing

BOTHELL -- The witness was taking photos on April 12, 2008, a clear warm day between 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM PDT. She later discovered some unusual objects in a few of the photos and one is posted above. The photo shows an unknown object close to a commercial aircraft. The witness used a Fuji Fine Pix S5700 S700 Digital Camera (7.1 megapixel) to take the photo. Latitude: 47.76 Degrees North Longitude: 122.21 Degrees West

Comments: We have received photos in the past from this witness. She is reliable and I don't believe that any of her photos are fabrications. She sent several photos in the same batch showing explainable objects like insects, birds, helicopters, and conventional aircraft. The blowup of the object above appears to be a disk like object flying at about a 45 degree angle. The identity of the object is unknown. The object could be explainable if it was closer to the photographer. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

SEATTLE -- I was on the 18th Floor of the Hyatt in Bellevue on April 11, 2008, eating my dinner when an object flew by flying slightly higher than the buildings in front of me. It came and went quickly but I did have time to get my binoculars locked on to it and it was the strangest thing I have ever looked at. My husband observed it as well, with the naked eye and also was fascinated with it. Its lights were very bright, with lights on four sides and one in the middle, it was kind of oval shaped and I couldn't tell where the front of the craft was.

I only saw it from one angle as it went by it was flying sideways. and was decently large; long and kind of fat. It was mechanical, like some huge craft on Star Wars... It was nothing like any kind of plane, and moved quickly by! Here's my drawing, it's the best I could do: Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada UFO Photos

SCARBOROUGH -- On April 10, 2008, on Birchmount Road at Danforth Road at 12:51 PM, I photographed the crossing of two jet trails. Where the "x" formed in the chemtrails I noticed many jets were flying in many different directions. I observed that later our blue skies were heavily clouded, which always follows with rain the next day. I have been observing this and feel some aerial spraying in our atmosphere and manipulation is happening?

The long black streamlined object in the photo appears quite large. I would speculate that the infra technology in my camera captured this unknown anomaly where x marks the spot. this might explain the high volume of aircraft that afternoon here. Thanks to Paul Shishis

ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND -- I was driving home from the store and noticed an object hovering above some houses on April 7, 2008, at 12:05 AM. The object was a black triangle, three white lights on the bottom in each corner of the triangle, and a flashing red light that appeared to be on the back of the craft. Now, I thought that with the flashing red light, it must be a helicopter. So, I pulled into my driveway and quickly got out of my vehicle and observed the object some more. It started to slowly move across the sky and as it moved it rotated slowly, AND THEN it hit me, there was no sound! none! Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Estonia - UFO Photographed

KEHRA -- On April 4, 2008, after ?800 continuous shots from sky, object appears on two pictures, although nothing unusual seen with naked eye. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Poland - Former Militiaman Policeman Recalls an Alien Encounter

SILESIA REGION (South-Western Poland) In a letter to NPN organization a former policeman from Silesian region recalls his encounter with a large dark object with an occupant inside that took place in February 1978. The 56-year-old former policeman recalls his encounter with a strange craft with an occupant seen inside about 2 AM, on the road between Ornontowice and Chudow.” At that night he was patrolling shop centers with his dog called “Jazgot”. The snow layer was relatively fresh. I was probably in the halfway when I stopped on the roadside” ? he wrote. SSuddenly the witness heard a peculiar noise and he could see a huge dark object with brighter openings that was flying in the distance. “When the object was passing by I noticed someone's silhouette in one of the windows and for a while it seems to me that this person was looking at me. The object was large and at first I thought it was a Soviet four engine AN-22 aircraft”.

He added that he couldn't see any wings and other visible features of conventional aircraft. He perceives the sound of “cutting the air”. “At first I thought that it was a hull of some large aircraft without wings and engines that is going to crash amongst the nearby buildings in Chudow. But I was wrong. I'd like to emphasize that the object was flying more or less from Orzesze to Ruda Slaska.” Because the object turned to be something other than a falling plane, the man continued his way to Chudow thinking about the nature of the unconventional object. According to him “it was impossible for an object of similar size without wings and engines to fly freely because it must crash somewhere in the area”. Although the witness kept thinking that he had encountered some type of conventional craft, after finishing his patrol he decided to gain some further information about the sighting. After return to Militia* station in Gieraltowice I called the guard from Gliwice sport airfield” ? he related. The witness asked about possible lanndings of gliders or some other large aircrafts. The vexed guard's reply was negative. In that time my curiosity could be harmful, and I could be fired.” Thanks to Cielebias.

Puerto Rico - Two Fast Moving Objects

RINCON -- The morning of March 25, 2008, I awoke at 4:30 AM, and left the house to have an early morning breakfast and happened to look up and noticed two bright objects about the size of an aspirin held at arm's length moving very fast following one another. The time was 5:20 AM; I know this because I tried to photograph it with my cell phone. I was looking west toward the ocean which was four blocks away. They were traveling in an SE direction toward the areas known as Lajas and Cabo Rojo.

I watched as they disappeared into some clouds. There was no sound and the sighting lasted about 30-40 seconds. They were flying over water as I viewed them at a 60 degree angle from where I was standing. I was excited because I knew exactly what they were. I live in an area of NY surrounded by two airports so I'm very familiar with aircraft lights. Later that morning after 7 AM, as I was getting ready to leave for the airport I was telling my cousin about the sighting. The TV was tuned to a local station (WAPA), someone had managed to videotape the objects and it was being shown two hours later on TV. The interesting part it was filmed on the east coast at 5:22 AM, that's over 100 miles away. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

U.K. England - A Round Black Object

WINDSOR, BERKSHIRE -- I was looking out of the window on April 6, 2008, at 10:30 PM, and I saw this round, black object flying at a speed similar to that of a plane, but obviously it was not a plane! The object was in my sight for several seconds and flying on a nearly straight line.

Windsor is next to Heathrow airport and the object was completely on a different path and height, I would guess 4-5 km from the ground. It looked maybe four times bigger than any plane would look like at that height. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

UK Scotland - A Bright Yellow Light

EDINBURGH/ EAST CRAIGS -- A bright yellowish/orange light appeared in the sky, then traveled about 100 meters or so, then got darker and darker, then disappeared and sometimes reappeared 100 meters away a few seconds later. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research


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