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planet earth
Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 7, 2008

George Filer:
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Dedicated to my grandson's Georgie Filer V, and Eddie Pedrick who drowned.

Australia Flap

This week's Files report: Mars Tracks and Bridge? 30 Billion Earths? Colony Earth, Send Your Name to the Moon, Space Ship Photographed Orbiting Earth, and Fire Fighters Guide Part #9.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington and Wisconsin.

UFOs were also seen in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal there is a galactic war between the sons of light and sons of darkness. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe and his messengers flew UFOs.

Mars Tracks and Bridge?

What are these tracks photographed on Mars? NASA has a Mars explorer program which has two remote controlled vehicles that are still operable after two years. The Mars rover vehicles have two parallel tracks. Mars Exploration Rover Mission: NASA's latest news from Spirit and Opportunity. The primary goal of the robots is to search for and characterize a wide range of rocks and soils that hold This terrain does not look like that where the Rovers operate.,25197,23040467-022,00,00.html

30 Billion Earths in Our Galaxy?

New calculations by Charley Lineweaver and Daniel Grether, both of the University of New South Wales in Australia, expect a flood of Jupiters will be found, perhaps 50 percent more than currently expected. Each such discovery would be significant in the hunt for planets that could harbor life. Why? Because much of the evolution of our own solar system, including the formation of Earth, was orchestrated or affected by Jupiter, the largest planet with by far the bulk of the solar system's mass, excepting the Sun, of course.

"Our solar system is Jupiter and a bunch of junk," as Lineweaver puts it. Our protector when Jupiter developed, it simply bullied other objects into position or out of existence. Then the mighty gas giant became Earth's protector. Though the fledgling Earth was pummeled by asteroids and comets, making it difficult for life to take hold, it could have been much worse. Jupiter shielded Earth from an even heavier bombardment of debris that made its way from the outskirts of the new system toward its central star. That protective role continues. In 1994, Jupiter used its immense gravity to lure comet Shoemaker-Levy into a death plunge. Had the comet hit Earth, it would have sterilized much or all of the planet.

Lineweaver and Grether worked out some new calculations for the prevalence of planets that are about Jupiter's size, and ever-smaller objects are being detected at ever-greater distances from their host stars. So how many Jupiters are out there orbiting Sun-like stars in the Milky Way Galaxy? "At least a billion, but probably more like 30 billion," Lineweaver told "There are about 300 billion stars in our galaxy. About 10 percent (or 30 billion) are roughly Sun-like," he explained. "At least 5 percent (1.5 billion) but possibly as many as 90 percent or 100 percent (about 30 billion) of these have Jupiter-like planets." What about Earths? The calculations, which are part of a paper that has been submitted to the journal Astrobiology states: "A reasonable guess is the same number of Earths as Jupiters," Lineweaver said. Thanks to

Colony Earth and the Dolichocephaloids

From Museo De National. Lima, Peru

"Francis Crick, the discoverer of DNA, subscribed to the theory of intelligent design, that our universe was not simply the result of a series of chemical accidents. He states, “Life did not evolve first on Earth, a highly advanced civilization became threatened so they devised a way to pass on their existence."

The Bible refers fourteen times to giants who lived prior to the flood that were called Nephilim, or, as Genesis, Chapter 6, describes them as those, “Who Have Come Down, from the Heaven to Earth.” Archaeologists and anthropologists have discovered a distinct "race" of people who died off during the last several thousand years, but were leaders in civilizations in Peru, Samaria, Malta, India, and Egypt in the past. There are questions whether they represent a pre-human evolutionary lineage, alien intervention, or some unknown civilization.

Possible UFO in ancient French Cave

If you make the assumption the UFOs in our skies represent visitors from another world the actual recorded history of mankind starts making more sense. We are provided with a detailed history of cavemen whose advanced technology was art paintings and various flint stone knives and spears. Then suddenly mankind is constructing cities including sophisticated pyramids that engineers claim could not be duplicated today.

The Egyptian historical records state the gods called Ptah or Osiris who came to Earth from space gave knowledge to write and build was passed onto the common people in a master to initiate relationship. These gods are almost always represented as having exceedingly large heads. They taught engineering and religion to the common people. Often serving as priests and kings we discover a race of people with extremely large heads known as Dolichocephaloids.

Ramses II at Abu Simbel's rock bluff showing elongated heads

It happens the Martian gravity is much less than our own and that a high speed train or aircraft could easily launch into space. It also possible aliens traveled from another planet to Earth. If we assume an expedition arrived from Mars or some other planet 5000 years ago, they would land among cavemen with limited technological ability. Almost overnight metals were mined and forged, pottery was made, crops were planted, writing, symbols and religion were taught to caveman. Ancient writings repeatedly claim the Gods came from space providing this education.

There is plausible logic that Akhenaten was genetically related to the visitors. Assuming the aliens were from Mars or another planet, they would likely bring a belief system, and engineering knowledge with them. On Mars we have located structures such as pyramids, symbols such as Y,E,G,^, on a regular basis. I suggest that these symbols found both on Mars and Earth suggest this knowledge was brought to Earth. The aliens with greater technological knowledge would certainly become the key leaders in the ancient world probably mating with the natural native leaders. Dolichocephalic skulls may have gradually reduced in size and prominence as intermarriage between the two continued. Royalty through the ages has declared divine right, the right of Kings to kill their subjects.

The leaders possessing the advanced knowledge are known to us as Wira Kocha, Quetzalcoatl, Yahweh, Kukulcan, Osiris, Sargon of Agade, and Pharaohs such as Akhenaten who believed in one god. These leaders generally claimed the right to lead because they were the children of the gods and had the Divine Right to rule and choose who could live or die. They ordered the, temples, and cities to be constructed. These pyramids may have had a purpose unknown to us today such as a power station as proposed by mechanical engineer Christopher Dunn who reverse-engineered the Great Pyramid at Giza to discover its use. He claims the Giza Pyramid is a technological remnant of a highly advanced pre-historic civilization? His startling conclusions destroy the traditional Egyptologist notion that it was built with copper tools by a society that lacked the wheel.

Dunn shows proof that giant stones were cut with machined tools and saws

Christopher Dunn sees the pyramid as the power source that fueled a great civilization using the technology of harmonic resonance. The author shows how the pyramid's numerous chambers and passageways were positioned with deliberate precision to maximize its acoustical qualities. This may be the same technology discovered by Nikola Tesla and the solution to our own clean energy needs. I ask where did primitive man suddenly gain the social organization, technology and workmanship to build the pyramids. Today engineers will admit with modern machinery they would have a difficult time erecting duplicates.

Send Your Name to the Moon

A web site enables everyone to participate in the lunar adventure and place their names in orbit around the moon for years to come. Participants can submit their information, print a certificate and have their name entered into a database. The database will be placed on a microchip that will be integrated onto the spacecraft. The deadline for submitting names is June 27, 2008.

The orbiter, comprised of six instruments and one technology demonstration, will provide the most comprehensive data set ever returned from the moon. The mission will focus on the selection of safe landing sites and identification of lunar resources. It also will study how the lunar radiation environment could affect humans. LRO is scheduled for launch in late 2008. Credit: NASA/GSFC LRO

Space Ship Photographed Orbiting Earth

John Walson has taken a series of photos through his telescope like device of a space ship orbiting Earth. Message / Signal from Space - Contact ? December 2007, object appears to have a light.

Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control



The force field affects on the physical environment-- communication, transportation, illumination, and computerized data storage--have already been considered. We might have added that some physical effects have been observed at locations where UFOs have landed-- circular patterns of crops destroyed by heat or radiation and baking or sterilization of the soil at the site. On a more practical basis there may be grounds for concern that more than just the environment can be adversely affected by UFO actions. While pursuing UFOs, military aircraft have disappeared in mid-air, exploded, and suffered harassment. Persons on the ground have sustained serious burns, paralysis, and "blows" from a force field, radiated emissions, or rays and beams that have been described like that of a "stun-gun"(69)

In 1980, three witnesses saw a red ball of light hovering above houses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, when suddenly a bolt of blue light shot down and two houses burst into flames.(70) An Indiana man saw a bright light flash pass his window; the power went off in his house so he went outside to investigate and found a brilliantly lit object hovering above him; when he started to walk toward it his body commenced to tingle and he was unable to move until the object disappeared. A similar tingling sensation swept over another man in Lvnn, Massachusetts. one night when he approached a domed object with a red glowing cone rising from a parking lot. He too was immobile until the object moved out of sight.

Some believe that even animals may be at risk by UFOs; in trying to account for the death of 15 ponies, the leader of an investigative team believed they were crushed by the anti-gravity field of a flying saucer as it took off. (71) Thus, UFOs may not only have the power to control some of our military and industrial establishment's highly technical scientific hardware, they may also possess the ability to impose pain and control over people who attempt to attack them, even to the extent of "liquidating" them in one way or another. Thanks to William Kramer Ph.D and Charles W. Bahame, J.D.

Arizona - Photo

TUCSON -- Chandler Yergin writes, "George this my photo of UFOs over Tuscon on January 20, 2008. The camera is a 2.5 Mega Pixel Camera Model Finepix A201 Image Jpeg Size 317 KB. As I said, "I ran... to get it..when I got it, the first two had taken off." Thanks to Chandler Yergin

TUCSON -- On May 2, 2008, at 2:31 AM, precisely I glanced out my window to see a bright light in the sky southeast towards Tucson, similar to how bright a planet gets. It started moving left then slowly came to a stop and immediately changed directions and went right then slowly came to a stop. I marked the moving of it on top of the house next door and it was really moving and fast. At one point it zipped straight up then down making impossible maneuvers. I was very amazed and baffled. This went on until about 4:30 AM when I finally fell asleep. I saw it maneuver for two hours. I awakened my girlfriend and she was in awe by it as well. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

California - Photos and Investigation

KNIGHT'S FERRY -- I was taking a picture of a man standing next to a big tree at Knight's Ferry Park and did not notice anything unusual until looking at my pictures days later. Upon noticing the object in the picture, I enlarged that portion of the picture as much as I could. If you notice, the object does not cast a shadow on the hill below leading me to think it is behind the hill not on top of it. If you look closely, the object appears to be reflecting the sun. The man on the hill did not appear to notice the object as he and his dog continued their walk along the top of the hill. Thanks to MUFON CMS

INVESTIGATION: Steve Reichmuth, Chief Investigator, CMS Coordinator MUFON writes: I saw my case in the CMS on your Filer's Files regarding a couple taking pictures of birds.

The witnesses two weeks later noticed something strange in the background and asked for identification. Here is the solution to the case. Mufon photo expert Jeff Saino ID'd streak as consistent with an insect. Thanks to Steve Reichmuth Northern California,

Colorado - UFO Sightings

CRIPPLE CREEK -- We were on Highway 50 right before Highway 9 and we saw some objects toward the west up above two towers on the mountain. There were larger objects in a semi circle formation flashing in and out of site in about ten second intervals. They were not moving but would appear and then disappear in about 30 to 60 seconds. We watched this happen six times, then they were gone. A few minutes later, two fighter jets flew over the two towers where we just witnessed the UFOs.

About 8:30 PM, we were on Highway 67 heading to 50 West and were watching something weird in the sky that kind of looked like a planet, but was larger and bright green. We pulled over and it flashed a couple times then shrunk down to a pin point and was gone in about 50 seconds! Thursday, my daughter called me stating she saw also a UFO.

On MAY 1, 2008, around 8 PM, my wife and I were walking home from my brother's place when I saw two oval-disc like objects. They were silvery (luminous) in appearance and darting around. One was more active than the other. These were unlike any man-made machine as they did not make any sound. It was dark when we got home and my neighbors had also seen them. Our public power supply was out so the sky was quite clear. The following evening, my brother in-law and his girlfriend visited us and stated they also saw the UFOs. I showed him the illustration in my Longman Dictionary and we agreed the UFO was similar. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Connecticut - Orange Round Glowing Object

BERLIN -- It was an orange, round glow that was traveling about 200 mph at 2,000 feet altitude. It was moving at the speed and height like a plane coming in for a landing. It was strange, not in focus, and made no sound as it passed over head. I have been searching and asking if anyone else saw it. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Florida - Gray Football UFO

NAVAL STATION MAYPORT -- I work as a power plant mechanic (AD3) here at NAS Mayport. During the early morning of April 30, 2008, I was working on a preflight inspection on an SH-60B helicopter, and climbed on the tail to check the tail rotor, I just saw a light moving in the sky at 6:30 AM. Then I told my AM3 friend, who was next to me who said, "It could be a plane or a fallen star." I knew he was wrong and told him , "That is an unidentified flight object because it was traveling at an altitude of more than 40,000 feet, and the speed three or four times faster than a regular jet. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

ORLANDO -- What I saw was definitely not a commercial aircraft, plane, helicopter, blimp, or balloon on April 26, 2008, at 8:35 PM. It was a grayish white football shaped object, which appeared slightly blurry. Attached to the bottom was a perfect black circle, which would suddenly disappear and reappear at random intervals. The blurry football shape always stayed in vision. There were no lights visible, so I'm confused as to why it was so visible in the darkness of night. At first it was a few hundred feet away, eventually distancing itself to about a mile. The object seemed to move away slowly and was a bit larger than a helicopter, but definitely not one. I didn't hear any noise. Two people in the car with me saw it too, and neither knew what it was.

Comments: I don't know what the witnesses sighted. Certainly many others must have seen the object given that the sighting occurred in a populated area. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Georgia - Update

KENNESAW MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK - Tom Sheets, State Director MUFONGA repoorts that on March 24, 2008, at about 10 PM, an adult male resident of Marietta observed an EXTREMELY LARGE possibly rectangular dark object overfly his home and neighborhood at a slow and low level, S to N.

A rectangular light configuration was observed on the bottom, with an accompanying red light. The object made a low frequency 'jet-like' sound and was estimated to move at about 25mph not too far above the tree tops. It was discovered that an adjacent neighbor also witnessed the fly-over. Preliminary statements, sketches, and diagrams have been obtained from both witnesses. The primary witness was found to be a highly intelligent, well educated retired professional. This case is being co-investigated by Steve Bass of Cumming. Inquiries to the local law enforcement authorities and nearby Dobbins Air Reserve Base have been made.

CLEVELAND - On April 17, 2008, a female resident observed distant red annd green star-like lights moving in a circle. Initially, this was suspected to be of the unusual 'chasing light' variety which is often reported. MUFONGA's Mark and Leslie Moore of Blairsville looked into the matter and established that the movement of the lights was horizontal-circular as opposed to having extreme vertical movement as do the 'chasing' and 'acrobatic tag' lights often reported.

This event was a probable observation of distant helicopter operations connected to the U.S. Army Mountain Ranger Camp which is involved in one phase of the long and arduous Ranger training program. Mark and Leslie are still looking into the matter a bit to further document the observation.

WOODSTOCK - April 22, 2008, a resident reported that he was camping on thee local golf course at 10 PM, and stumbled over a 'glowing green rock', then suddenly observed two lights in the sky. Then a 'huge distinctive triangle' appeared. Said he could tell it was watching him, then his friends came up and it vanished. Witness only provided an email address. A request for his age and full contact/personal information has gone unanswered. Probable hoax.

COVINGTON -- The east Georgia radar case 'orange orb' event from October 7, 2007 that ASD Ralph Howard has been looking into is slowly coming along. I feel that the FAA is sandbagging me on my FOIA request, but other avenues are currently being scrutinized. Our Steve Bass of Cumming has been lending valuable assistance in this matter. Thanks to Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA former Chief of Police

Indiana - Dee Jay for WWKI Radio Reports on UFO Event

KOKOMO - I was working on the night of April 16, 2008, for WWKI Radio wwhen an explosion happened at 10:25 PM. I remember looking at the clock thinking someone had crashed into our building, and would need the time it occurred for the police report. I stepped outside and saw that nothing was wrong. By the time I had walked back to the studio, the scanner was going crazy with activity and all 11 phones lines were lit up. The police and sheriff's department were treating it as a possible plane crash and had all units were heading south of town to look for a crash site. Phone calls poured in that they were looking in the wrong area, as sightings were toward the west. I put several calls on the air explaining what they saw. Everything from sonic booms from F-16s doing maneuvers and dog fights, to meteorites, to UFOs, but when I put a guy on that described the following, almost all the callers afterwards said they saw the exact same thing.

Most said that the explosion happened first, and shortly after they saw a big ball of fire in the sky, which broke into smaller balls and headed in all different directions. Then, they saw the glowing lights in a row, 6 to 9 in all side by side, appearing about 60-90 seconds afterward. There were reports of debris on the highway as well as in people's yards south of town, but when the authorities showed up they reported no debris had been found. The dispatcher then told all of them to go to Tach 6. The search was redirected west of town toward one of the county schools, and then quit altogether.

We covered the event until midnight when the scanner died down and the police and sheriff's department had nothing more to report. A similar occurrence happened the night before in Logansport, a small town just northwest of Kokomo. The following night I received a half dozen or so calls that the lights in the sky were back again. Then, on the following morning my wife and I were awakened by the earthquake, a very loud like an explosion. My first thought was that my dogs had knocked something over in the other room. When I walked into our dining room, I could hear our wine glasses rattling together for about one minute. I was on the air when the Challenger exploded, and on 9/11, but in my 25 years in radio, I have never seen the phone activity as high as it was on the night of April 16th. I don't know what happened that night, nor am I sure what I believe. All I know is that it was one of the strangest nights I've ever experienced. Thanks to JJ Davis and Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New Jersey - Large Orange Object Enters

Boonton Reservoir

DENVILLE -- It was 1:00 AM on New Year's Eve in 1976, I was twelve years old and put my dog out and saw a glowing orange/reddish object. It was several miles away but not that high up and 35 miles west of NYC. I watched for about 5 minutes until it started getting closer. I freaked out, went inside and closed the drapes. (like that would protect me) and waited till my parents got home. Of course they didn't believe me. The next day the Daily Record, said a large orange object was seen going into Boonton Reservoir.

Later I saw UFOs hovering over Boonton Reservoir and entering on an angle into the water. My friend's father was the game warden and he and twenty others searched the reservoir, but found nothing. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New Hampshire - Triangle for Five Minutes

SALISBURY -- My husband and I were laying in bed, watching a movie on April 7, 2008 at 10:30 PM, when we saw two flashing lights through our balcony door. We went out on the balcony and clearly saw two lights rise up from behind the trees in the field 1500 feet away. When they reached the treetops, one light flew off to the southeast and the other one, which we could see from a better angle, produced two side lights (to form a triangle) and flew off to the southwest, about 150 feet over our house. We estimate the speed about 300 MPH. We woke up our eldest son to witness it also. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Mexico - Five White UFOs on Video

LORDSBURG -- Bemjie Medina writes, "It's an amazing video of 5 white spaceships flying in formation here in the Southwest boot heel of New Mexico. The good thing about this video is that it is during the daytime and you can get a good look at them. The aliens found us that is for sure. Ramon Ortiz took the video. Thanks for your website and keep up the good work. Thank you, Benjie Medina and Ramon Ortiz.

Pennsylvania - Aircraft Distress Beacon

CLIFFORD -- A distress beacon was heard by three county communication centers (Lackawanna, Wayne and Susquehanna) on April 9, 2008 at 11:23 PM. Mutiple EMS/Fire personnel were dispatched to search for a downed aircraft. The search continued for several hours with no discovery of an aircraft. The search was called off after the beacon's signal "moved" into a neighboring county. Information can be seen on WNEP Channel 16 web site. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Tennessee - UFO and Light

MEMPHIS -- My husband and I were returning home around 10 PM, on May 3, 2008, and just south of Memphis we saw a huge flash of blue light to the north of us. It appeared to come from the ground and filled an entire section of the horizon. We were stunned and actually stopped our car. This light did not appear to be "natural" (i.e., lightening). Later, we caught the 10 PM, local news by WMC-Channel 5 that reported they had received many phone calls from viewers about this light and they also showed a video clip caught by a viewer by her cell phone camera. It showed what looked like a UFO crossing the sky just prior to the huge flash of light. Thanks to MUFON CMS

CLEVELAND -- Here are some pictures taken from one of my 5th grade students on November 3, 2007, at 6:15 PM. My wife and I also saw these craft during our spring break. Little did I know one of my students was photographing it a few miles away with his digital camera. There were three of these craft that were not jets. I grew up in North Dakota one mile from our international airport and 12 miles south of Minot Air Force Base. I know a jet when I see one. There was no noise and they flew slower than a jet flying overhead and reflected light in an odd way. They were cigar shaped with no wings when I viewed them with my binoculars, and silver to white in color.

Comments: The photos combined with eye witness reports make this an intriguing sighting. The photos were snapped with an older Sony digital camera. (Sony Mavica.) Apparently three different objects were photographed. The third photograph above could be an airplane. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Washington - UFO Photo

CLARKSON COUNTY -- On April 11, 2008, being irritated by the chemtrails clouding up one of our few sunny days I decided to take pictures. I immediately took my digital camera into the house to upload the photos and discovered a UFO that appears to be shadowing one of the jets making the chemtrails. My mother suggested I submit my photo to you at MUFON. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

HANFORD NUCLEAR RESERVATION - About 4:30 AM, on April 11, 2008, I was drivinng eastbound along an access road of a decommissioned government facility. I approached an intersection and glanced up and saw a black cylinder shaped aircraft without wings gliding through the sky with no running lights on it. The craft appeared to be under a thousand feet in altitude and the glow from the street lights must have been reflecting off it so I could just make out the shape, color and relatively slow speed. By the time I got out of my vehicle, the object had passed out of my field of view in a southeast direction. There wasn't the sound of an aircraft's engine at any time. I'm a full time employee for the primary contractor on the Hanford Site. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Wisconsin - Cell-phone Photo

OCONTO -- My daughter emailed me these photos she took with her cell phone. They were riding down the county road between Pestigo and Oconto. They looked in the back of a field and saw lights on an object that was about 300 feet long. It was right of above the tree line and it made no sound and did not move. They locked the doors and rolled down the window to take pictures and left. They were afraid and came directly home. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Wyoming - UFO at Conference

LARAMIE -- Harv Howard writes: On June 18, 1998, I was attending the Rocky Mountain UFO conference that was held yearly at the University of Wyoming. The lectures were over and I had gone to my dorm room in Hill Hall about 10:30 PM, and glanced up and noticed several white strobe lights north northwest of my position. Being very familiar with aircraft, I immediately noticed several things “wrong” about the lights. The spacing was such that they were either a conventional aircraft dangerously and extremely low over Laramie or multiple aircraft close together and much higher.

Two of the strobes were many times more bright than the rest. Four to seven smaller ones were brighter and faster than those on conventional aircraft. They all were cycling faster than typical aircraft strobe lights with a completely random pattern. I concluded them to be two or more high-flying aircraft. This was reinforced by the apparent slow movement and lack of sound.

After about 15-20 puzzling seconds there was another type of low intensity flash from an unknown source. It illuminated a massive single body of solid construction that seemed to be triangular in shape with no wings, tail or fuselage. After another few seconds, the body illuminating flash happened again and I was clearly able to discern a dark, triangular body. It didn't appear black but perhaps was of a dark gray or olive drab color.

The object was moving very slowly eastward and I hurried to the conference hall and blurted out, “I need a witness.” About twenty people followed me outside to see the object still maintaining its course for at least 20 minutes before it moved east out of sight. I ran to get my binoculars, and shared the 10x50s with them. Another person retrieved his mini camcorder and acquired several minutes of the strobing, but by that time, the object was getting distant and only the two brightest strobes were visible. I believe and have written an internet article “Black Triangles 2001: An Estimate of the Situation,” that stresses the circumstantial evidence for these craft being our own designs fashioned from discoveries we have made from true alien UFOs. I would be happy to send the article to anyone that requests it. The triangles denote a true shift in the nature of warfare and eventually every aspect we can think about transportation in this world. Navies, air forces, and all modes of transportation are now primitive technologies. Massless technologies are here. Thanks to Harv Howard []

Australia - UFO Flap

NORTHERN TERRITORY -- A "UFO flap'' is taking place and Territorians are needed to help scan the skies during a national spotting session. The Australian UFO Research Network has about 40 people across the country ready for a co-ordinated effort. Network national director Diane Frola said there had been more than 35 UFO sightings in the past seven weeks. "Certain parts of the world go through what is called a UFO flap ... when there's a multitude of sightings coming from all different areas at the same time,'' she said. "Because it's been active the past seven weeks we decided the more pairs of eyes looking up the better.'' "There have been sightings of triangle-shaped craft with lights underneath, cylinder-shaped craft, and a wheel of lights,'' she said.

A navy sailor contacted the Northern Territory News following Thursday's report of a UFO sighting on Groote Eylandt. One woman said she saw a straight-moving ball of light crossing Darwin Harbour last Saturday night, another woman saw "orange, green and white'' flashing shapes moving around the moon. "There have been 30 or 40 dancing lights off SA that took off in different directions.'' To register for UFO spotting call 1800772288. Thanks to NT news

Canada - Two Mirror Like Cylinders

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Two cylinders were observed flying at severall thousand miles an hour that made the other planes just appear to crawl.

I was sitting out on my deck enjoying the day and watching a number of planes on approach to YVR when the racket from one of the police choppers caught my attention on April 25, 2008 at 3:00 PM. He was circling around just north of my building when I noticed a set of contrails appear from behind the clouds just to the west of him and at about 30 to 40 thousand feet. They must have been doing several thousand miles an hour as they made the other planes just appear to crawl as they were mostly on approach, at low altitude. My first thought was 747s. Trouble is, most large jets appear to be virtually standing still when seen at that altitude. This thing was really hauling, like watching a rocket. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New Zealand - Flying Disc

AUCKLAND -- By trade I was an airframe mechanical and systems fitter on military aircraft. At the time of the sighting in December 1974 about 10 PM, I was working as an engineer officer with Cunard Cargo Shipping. We had left Auckland and were sailing 14 miles east at about seventeen knots. The horizon was lit with the light About four miles behind was a light at sea level that looked like a fishing boat. The light then ascended straight up into the clouds in about three seconds. The light grew so large and so bright in intensity that it lit the whole of the sky. I remember thinking that no battery powered light could get that bright and so big. I really would like to know what I saw that night in 1974. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

South Africa - UFO Flashing Colors

MILNERTON, WEST CAPE TOWN, At around 6:45 PM, my mother, brother and I noticed a light flickering above the suburb of Milnerton in my home town of Cape Town, South Africa on April 28, 2008. At first we thought it was a really bright star, but after a few minutes it was glowing incredibly brightly, still completely motionless. I went to grab my binoculars but by the time I had focused them on the object it had dimmed out almost completely and a craft flashing red, blue and white lights began moving away out of our sight. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

England - Circular/Elliptical UFO

BURY LANCASHIRE -- I was shocked quite recently, when my 80 year old aunt introduced UFOs into the conversation. She and her late husband had apparently seen a circular/elliptical object in the sky at the back of their house in early 2002. Initially, the object appeared as a bright light stationary in the sky and my aunt and uncle were curious enough to venture onto their patio to take a closer look of a large, stationary, silent object with colored-orange, pink-lights around it. My aunt suggested it was a plane, but was quickly corrected by my uncle who had been an aircraft builder and described the UFO. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director

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God Bless Our Troops and Georgie Filer and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

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