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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
May 21, 2008

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy.”

Nazca Lines Solved

This week's Files report: The Meaning of the Nazca Lines of Peru is a Terminal VFR Aerial Chart, Mars Lander's Phoenix Touchdown on May 25, 2008, and Fire Fighters Guide Part #11,

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

UFOs were also seen in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, Thailand and the UK.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over one hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. It is my belief that God has spread intelligent civilizations throughout the universe and his messengers flew UFOs.

In the Living Bible, A Captain of Yhovah's Army

Joshua 5:13 As Joshua was sizing up Jericho, a man appeared nearby with his sword drawn. Joshua strode over to him and demanded, Are you friend or foe? I am Commander in Chief of the Lord's Army. And Joshua fell to the earth, and did worship him.

Mars Lander's Phoenix Touchdown on May 25, 2008

Many of our researchers have indicated there is water and life on Mars. Now NASA's mantra to "Follow the water" will again be tested when the new Phoenix Mars Lander touches down on May 25, 2008.

Powered by solar panels, Phoenix is set to take a three-month tour of the plains near the north pole of Mars, enduring surface temperatures from –100 to – 28 degrees Fahrenheit (–73 to –33 degrees Celsius). The craft is designed to dig into the cementlike layer of ice that researchers believe lies buried a few inches below the surface in the planet's polar regions, scanning for signs of past liquid water and organic compounds, the carbon-rich molecules that make life on Earth possible.

Assuming, that is, it survives entry. Only five of 13 attempts to land on Mars have succeeded. The $420-million Phoenix is the sibling mission of the doomed Mars Polar Lander (MPL), which crashed during landing in 1999. Since then, however, NASA has successfully carried out four missions to Mars, including landing the twin rovers Spirit and Opportunity. And NASA says that it has taken steps to prevent Phoenix from suffering its predecessor's fate.

Phoenix will be the first craft to touch down using rocket thrusters since the Viking 2 lander, some 32 years ago.

For Phoenix's landing site, mission planners settled on an extremely flat elliptical swath roughly 60 miles by 10 miles in area. Thanks to NASA

Nazca Lines and Culture

South America conformed to a global pattern that most of the world's earliest and greatest civilizations evolved in semi-desert regions which were enriched by irrigation projects. The Sumerian civilization began on the bank of the Euphrates, the Egyptians on the banks of the Nile, the Harappan on the banks of Indus, and the Maya in arid valleys of Mexico. We have speculated that the ancient astronauts gave primitive humans a hand in constructing their buildings and an establishing civilization.

"The Ancient Civilizations of Peru" by Alden Mason explains that the first of these ancient civilizations began to emerge about 4,000 years ago on the coast of Peru in the fertile land along the mouths of a dozen or so rivers. These were a simple and peaceful people, living in small cultivable oases by the sea, fishing, raising a few food crops, living in non-masonry houses, and making the objects necessary for their economic and household life, with scant attention to art.

In addition, high up in the Andes at altitudes over 10,000 feet lived a very different races of Aymaraes, and Huancas with remarkably elongated heads who had hearts 20% larger than normal humans. They had 15 per cent more blood than normal that contained an above-average quota of red corpuscles and hemoglobin. Their lung sacs, which transfer oxygen from air to blood, were not only larger than normal, but were kept permanently dilated to provide the maximum surface for transferring oxygen. Hundreds of bodies have been found with elongated cone heads and ancient skull surgery: i.e.,

The cone heads were apparently prehistoric engineers who built excellent canals, operated and maintained them with remarkably sound empirical knowledge of the principle of open flow hydraulics and water distribution. Note the skull of a probable builder of the Nazca Lines had an elongated skull. This shows skull in an ancient grave at Cahuachi, Nazca.

The Nazca Lines are located in the Nazca Desert, a high arid plateau that stretches between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the pampa (a large flat area of southern Peru). Many link this area with alien visitors who still interact with local people to this day. The Nazca Lines are an enigma. No one has proof who built them or why. At ground level there is little to see and they were not discovered until commercial airliners flew over the area in the 1920's. Passengers reported seeing 'primitive landing strips' on the ground below. The sign the area from the ground.

Since their discovery, the Nazca Lines have inspired fantastic explanations from ancient gods, a landing strip for returning aliens, a celestial calendar created by the ancient Nazca civilization who also had the strange elongated heads as seen in this skull of a typical Nazca grave.

The designs cover nearly 400 square miles of desert. Etched in the surface of the desert pampa sand about 300 hundred figures made of straight lines, geometric shapes most clearly visible from the air.

There are various designs consisting of figures of animals, flowers and plants, objects, and anthropomorphic figures of colossal proportions made with well-defined lines. The most well-known being is The Astronaut at 32m length discovered by Eduardo Herran in 1982.

Maria Reiche was a German mathematician and archaeologist who was famous for researching the Nazca Lines. She believed the lines were an Astronomical Calendar indicating the direction of the rising of important stars and planetary events like sun solstices. Formations like the spider and the monkey could show star constellations like Orion and Ursa Mayor.

Reiche led a determined effort to discredit theories of extraterrestrial visitors. She argued that the Nazca Indians constructed the Lines some time between 300 BC and AD 800 based on radiocarbon dates, of ceramic and wood remains which were left by the Nazcan people. The dating only proves the Nazcans lived in the area of the Nazca Lines since the Lines themselves cannot be radiocarbon dated, the possibility remains that they already existed when the Nazcan culture emerged.

The second piece of evidence is the alleged resemblance of the Nazca geoglyphs to certain features found on Nazcan pottery. This is an important issue because it potentially offers proof that the Nazcans had either designed the images or at least viewed them from the air.

Let's assume we were in a spacecraft entering the Earth's atmosphere over the North Pole. We fly south along the coast of the Americas and reach Peru. A giant Trident or Candelabra is carved into the side of a mountain near Pisco pointing southeast toward the Nazca lines. The sign shows a pyramid near the bottom and our space ship at the top and tells us to change heading to southeast.

Upon reaching the Nazca area he would see various animals pointing to the key cities of ancient Peru. This is very similar to VFR aerial charts issued today only the chart is drawn on the ground with huge formations hundreds of feet long pointing to your destination. The map below depicts the key formations in the Nazca area. The mountain in the upper left is pointing toward Machu Picchu that translated means "The Old Mountain". The astronaut head and the lizard are pointing to the Urubamba Valley (Sacred Valley) of the Andes mountain range. Another bird and the tail of the whale are pointing to Lake Titicata towards the southeast.

The hummingbird below with the long peak is pointing to Cuzco, a city meaning naval.

The Nazca lines cannot be recognized as coherent figures except from the air. Since it is presumed the Nazca people could never have seen their work from this vantage point, there has been much speculation on the builders' abilities and motivations. The obvious conclusion is that they were signaling to flying objects passing over.

The Aymaraes and the Huancas races who had the large cone heads worshipped a flying storm God. Within the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco a golden statue of Illap, "The Flashing on," shared the same altar as images of the sun and the creator. The flash of his sling was lightning, that would cause the rain to fall.

Interestingly, almost all the famous textiles of the lowland Paracas are richly decorated with flying creatures combining human, feline and bird characteristics. In practically every case the textiles show flying who are devouring heads or tiny human bodies. Their belief system shows a great fear of the flying objects and the beings with cone heads. All the designs share a sense of action and the winged beings are shown in full flight. This textile was made about 400 BC, and is considered more valuable than gold and as the finest textiles in the world that still hold their color.

Around 3400 BC, when the Great Pyramid of Egypt was only a century old the ancient Peruvians already displayed many of the attributers we associate with civilization. There were large permanent settlements and they acquired artistic and religious values and were capable of organizing massive construction projects. The fact that all this had happened before they became dependent on agriculture—indeed, before they became dependent on agriculture – indeed, before they had even begun to make pottery-took an entire generation scholars by surprise.

Evan Hadingham "Lines to the Mountain Gods", states, "The building of Machu Picchu would have been a gargantuan undertaking , involving tens of thousands of artisans over several decades, and it seems probable that Cusichaca was developed as an immensely cultivated area in order to supply this labour with food.

"The Incredible Incas" by Loren McIntyre indicates some of the nobility are unusually intelligent and different from other humans. Page 81 states, "But I recalled Father Cobo had written 300 years ago of the Andean Indians' warm bloodedness, in freezing weather, if you touch their hands, you find them remarkably warm...they sleep by the road where ever night overtakes them, uncovered to the sky, through palm width of snow may fall, they sleep as if in soft beds." I ascribe this extreme warmth to their having stomachs more rugged than the ostrich..."When food is free they eat like wolves. Dr. Ismael Escobar a nuclear physicist asked, "Could cosmic rays bring about mutation that could cause genetic change?"

Dolichocephalic or cone heads compared to the Human skull

I ask if it is possible that the Aymaraes and the Huancas race descended from spaceman? Their heads are almost twice as large as normal humans. The later Incas eventually conquered and area larger than the Roman Empire. They built some of largest structures in history, and cultivated vast areas using construction techniques of great precision virtually the same as those in Egypt. But they built many of their cities at extreme altitude where visitors have trouble breathing and if you smoke you are likely to pass out.

I am aware these large heads cause an embarrassment to the modern theories of evolution, how could heads so large develop different from humans, Neanderthals or even Cro-Magnon man?

I wonder why the ceramics, the ladies hats and textiles depict spaceman and spaceships? Despite conquistadors, religious pressures and the westernized society in many Peruvian towns, the memories of the past are kept alive in Andean culture with disc shaped hats and textiles showing flying creatures.

In the "Chariots of the Gods" Erich Von Danikens asks, "But what can have induced the pre-Inca peoples to build the fantastic lines, the landing strips, at Nazca?" What madness could have driven them to create the 830 foot stone signs on the red cliffs south of Lima? These tasks would have taken decades without modern machines and appliances. Their whole activity would have been senseless if the end product of their efforts had been had not been as signs to beings approaching them from great heights. The stimulating question still has to be answered: Why did they do all this if they had no idea that flying beings actually existed? Page 18.

Peru 4200 Year Old Oldest Observatory in America

BUENA VISTA -- Archeologists working high in the Peruvian Andes have discovered the oldest known celestial observatory in the Americas — a 4,200-year-old structure marking the summer and winter solstices that is as old as the stone pillars of Stonehenge. The observatory was built on the top of a 33-foot-tall pyramid with precise alignments and sightlines that provide an astronomical calendar for agriculture, archeologist Robert Benfer of the University of Missouri said. The people who built the observatory — three millenniums before the emergence of the Incas — are a mystery, but they achieved a level of art and science that archeologists say they did not know existed in the region until at least 800 years later.

The find adds strong evidence to support the recent idea that a sophisticated civilization developed in South America in the pre-ceramic era, before the development of fired pottery sometime after 1500 BC. The 20-acre site, called Buena Vista, is about 25 miles inland in the Rio Chillon Valley, just north of Lima. "It is on a totally barren, rock-covered hill looking down on a beautiful fertile valley," said Benfer, who presented the find last month in Puerto Rico at a meeting of the Society for American Archeology. The site contains ruins dating from 10,000 years ago to well into the ceramic era in the first millennium BC. Thanks to National Geographic.

Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control


Part 10

UFOs--EMERGENCY ACTION -- WARNING "Near approaches of UFOs can be harmful to human beings. There is a possibility of radiation danger and there are known cases where persons have been burned by rays emanating from UFOs. Don't take chances with UFOs!"

In view of the federal law empowering NASA's administrator to impound, without a hearing, anyone who touches a UFO or its occupants; it would be inadvisable to make personal contact unless you are willing to submit to NASA's quarantine requirements, should the law be invoked. Besides the possible physical effects of approaching a UFO, e.g.. burns, radiation, etc., there may be psychological effects produced by force fields that could induce a hypnotic state in the viewer, loss of consciousness, memory relapse, and submission to the occupants. Jacques Vallee, author of "The Invisible College" cautions that we should consider psychic effects, such as space-time distortions experienced by percipients of craft-like devices which appear to fade away--dematerialize--and then reappear; of alien, strange voices or thoughts that may effect involuntary changes in the manner in which witnesses may react in such circumstances.(72)

Perhaps the above warnings of Edwards and Vallee are a little too cautious and apprehensive to adopt as a general pattern of conduct in every situation. In the absence of overt acts indicating hostility, there may be no danger in approaching a landing (or landed) UFO with a positive, solicitous attitude of wanting to be of service. This nonaggressive mental state may be telepathically sensed by those aboard or emerging from the craft; a form of nonvocal communication is a possibility. It goes without saying that any display of firearms or other weapons on your part could be construed as unfriendly and likely to thwart your intention of conveying a helpful attitude. In a best case scenario, you may be able to obtain guidance as to the appropriate actions to take, whether of a life-saving nature, e.g., in quelling a fire, abating a spill, and of preservation of property, or even in the reduction of apprehension on the part of your response team and the spectators. In a less optimistic scenario, you may have engine trouble upon approaching the scene, and radio contact could be lost with your dispatcher.

Your headlights could go out, the city could be blacked out, and your portable generators may malfunction when you attempt to use them for fans and portable lights. It would certainly be an inopportune time for our comrades to announce that they had decided to take their pensions, effective immediately. In any event, the incident could provide invaluable experience for further training in coping with rare and difficult emergencies. Whatever "inside" information you are able to pass along to your fellow officers and citizens of the world might help to alleviate unreasonable fear, so that there would be less likelihood that we would ever again experience the panic and hysteria that was created by War of the Worlds a half century ago. Truth is the best cure for the unknown. A list of some of the available books on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) is found in Appendix H.

CONCLUSION Some fire chiefs have little confidence in disaster plans, especially those dealing with UFOs or enemy attack. If you develop a plan that sets forth your responsibilities, resources, organizations, supplies information, telephone numbers, and special data that will be useful in obtaining help and fulfilling your role in disaster control, commit it to an electronic medium, a computer with a capability for continuous updating through modern word processing. Bring it forth when the need requires. With a good plan, good leadership, and adequate resources, you may save many lives in any disaster, including attack from possible enemies.

Thanks to William Kramer Ph.D and Charles W. Bahame, J.D.

“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

The film is opening at the Cannes Film Festival and its released trailer shows a crate marked "Roswell, New Mexico 1947, where a UFO is believed to have crashed. Not generally realized is that the Indiana Jones was in its earliest carnation going to be about saucer men from Mars but extraterrestrial origins were dropped. The Crystal Skull apparently has to do with an extinct civilization apparently with an extraterrestrial twist. Instead of clarity, we are treated to airy philosophizing, such as when one character, with a Yoda-like flourish, refers to the ancients' relationship to ''the space between the spaces.''

We do know that it's the Cold War 1950s. Indy played by Harrison Ford has been kidnapped at the behest of the power-mad, slinky Soviet femme fatale Irina Spalko played by Cate Blanchett, vamping in a formfitting gray uniform. Irina wants him to help find the skull because it's the key to mind-controlling knowledge. Mutt, meanwhile, wants Indy to help him find his missing mother. Anyhow, if Indy is a salty coot, the movie sticks to the old ways, too. At its best, it's a satisfying shuffle of the deck of famous Spielbergian moments that have gone before in E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

SIEM REAP -- My wife and I were on a visit to the Angkor Wat Temples on May 16, 2008, about 4:30 PM, and were taking pictures walking on the bridge over the lake surrounding the temple complex when my wife decided to take some pictures of the entrance from behind us. We were totally unaware of any unusual objects in the sky and really didn't see anything out of the ordinary until we zoomed in on the pictures. To my surprise in two of the pictures taken of the entrance I could see some bright objects in what seems to be some kind of formation. These were the only pictures we took in that direction.

Arizona Unknown Lights

TUCSON -- A friend and I saw four objects hovering in the sky near Davis Monthan Air Force on May 16, 2008, at 9:15 PM. The objects were oval shaped, bright, white lights. They didn't seem to be forming any specific type of pattern. It was totally amazing! I have never seen anything like that. At one point two of the lights just turned off and they appeared to be gone. Within seconds the lights turned on again and they were back. Shortly after, the same two lights turned off again and never turned back on. Then the third light turned off and finally the fourth light turned off and they were gone.

About 45 minutes later, we saw a flashing red light flying the perimeter of that same area. This flashing red light was just going around circling the area where my friend and I saw the 4 objects. My friend seems to think that was the military checking out the area because they probably spotted the 4 objects on radar.

I wish I knew more about this stuff. I was a total non-believer until yesterday. Now, I want to see more! Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

California Investigation

DANA POINT -- The photographer who submitted the Dana Point photo stated that - of all the photos he had taken on May 6, 2008 - this was the only photo with "this object in it" as if he was not aware that two distinct objects are evident. The white sphere is 60% larger than bent tubular cylindrical object (C.O.) just below it, and shadow under the sphere seems to be darker than shadow of the cylinder. The sphere appears to be somewhat closer to the camera.

The cylinder seems to have some connection to the adjacent cloud and with the sphere. The cylindrical object (C.O.) has 90-degree bend downward where it seems to penetrate the cloud. Diameter of C.O. is less than the diameter of sphere, and C.O. appears to be light blue-white in color. The C.O. seems to be too narrow to account for the wide shadowed area under and between the horizontal end of the object and its 90-degree bend. There is a white cap like disturbance on the surface of the water immediately below the down-turned end of the C.O. Thanks to engineer John E. Combest

FONTANA/RANCHO, CUCAMONGA -- I just got home with my wife after driving around for a while, practicing her driving skills on May 15, 2008, at 10 PM. As soon as we got out of the car, I decided to look up into the night sky to see if I would spot any UFO's. I've been pretty much keeping an eye out for these things since I've been doing my research on the phenomenon. I looked up and noticed a very faint light formation that appeared to be a very distant airplane moving northbound in the direction of the mountains. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Florida UFO Photo

JAY -- We have a picture which we took of a drill rig on May 13, 2008 at 9:09 AM. What is hanging in the picture above the snubbing north of Pensacola in the Florida Panhandle.

Comments: I am not sure of the identity of the object in the photo. It doesn't appear to be an insect or bird. However, the object is out of focus and could have been close to the camera. If this is true the object could have an "out of focus" bird or insect. The witnesses did not see anything and only noticed the object after viewing the photo. Lack of witnesses seeing anything unusual reduces the chance that the object is anything unexplainable. The photo was taken with a Canon Powershot A400 Digital Camera. (The camera has a maximum resolution of 3.2 megapixels.) Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Georgia Descending White Orb

AUGUSTA -- I was driving home from work, on Riverwatch Parkway heading toward downtown on May 15, 2008, at 1:54 AM. Above the old Grantiville Plant I saw a bright orb white in color. It came out of nowhere and started descending really fast. I thought it was a small aircraft at first. I drove in the direction I thought it fell but saw nothing no smoke, etc. The light (object) was reported as descending.

Comments: This scenario probably means that it has a conventional explanation, but given limited data I can't identify what was seen. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Indiana Line of Lights

LAFAYETTE -- I am a recent graduate of Purdue University and what I saw took place at about 10:30 PM, on April 16, 2008. I was standing on my balcony and noticed a light in the eastern sky that I assumed was an airplane landing at the Purdue Airport. I decided to watch it fly over but, an orange or yellow light did not move. It disappeared for a brief moment and then reappeared as five or seven similar lights forming a circle then flew to take the shape of a horizontal line.

Then from that line, another line of lights seemed to project from the horizontal line toward a vertical position. During this time, the entire array of lights seemed to move slightly north. The way the second line projected from the first was similar to the way a movie click board opens. The lines moved independent of each other and began moving around each other. Finally, after witnessing this, which I would say took place for about 15 seconds, I ran inside to get my roommate to see it, but when we returned it was gone. I also saw a few planes or jets flying all around the sky right. They told me that many people in Kokomo saw this. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

New Jersey Shiny Orb/Object

WAYNE -- As I was driving down Route 23 southbound approaching Newark-Pompton Crossroad on May 17, 2008, and I spotted a shiny object in the pale blue sky at 8:55 AM. It was at an unknown distance/altitude and looked like tiny sphere moving parallel with the ground. I kept my eyes on it for no more than five seconds when it seemed to literally shrink out of site in less than a second. It was moving about the speed of an airliner which is what I thought it was at first until I watched it vanish. I did not blink. It all happened so fast that it made me very curious.

Several hours later when it occurred to me that I may have just witnessed a UFO. I suppose it is possible it was a jet that caught the sunlight at just the right angle and then turned in a way that caused it to lose its reflectiveness. Thanks to MUFON CMS

North Carolina Cylinder

RALEIGH DURHAM -- I was observing a few low clouds in a sunny blue sky when the sun gleamed off an airliner on its approach to land on September 12, 2002. I watched the airliner fly over a cloud as it descended and at the edge of a cloud, a huge cylinder emerged from the cloud just below the airliner. The cigar shaped craft continued matching the airliner's speed, but directly beneath it, until the cigar craft entered the edge of another cloud. I watched the airliner continue descent flying above the second cloud and observed the cigar shape enter and disappear into the cloud.

The airliner continued descent until it turned left for the final into RDU airport, but the cigar never emerged from the second cloud. The cigar craft was as long as the second cloud and barely fit within it. I was very surprised it did not emerge and continued watching to see it come out. It never did emerge and I watched until the cloud disappeared.

I had no camera available. I painted the scene as I saw it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania Five White Spheres

YORK -- Up to nine reports where called into Shadow Research, Inc toll free hotline on April 25, 2008. Witnesses called to report five white spheres traveling through the sky, stopping and moving in rapid circles in the sky and sometimes dropping very low over houses. The objects where spotted over York, Tropper, Collegeville, Devon and Broomall Pennsylvania over a three hour period. One witness called to report that there were white lights very low over her backyard swimming pool, and her dog was barking at the objects. At 10:40 PM, I received a call from a witness in Collegeville, who was viewing five white spheres of light maneuvering and circling very fast near the Limerick Nuclear Power plant. He also submitted a cell phone camera picture, which is shown here. I think there are more people who saw the objects this night and would like to contact anyone else who may have seen something. Thanks to Randy Baker, Director of Shadow Research, Inc

Texas Disc and Strange Lighting

Object photographed on May 10, 2008.

The disc has been enlarged and gamma increased. Steve A. Hudgeons - Chief Investigator for MUFON in Texas completed his investigation and feels the case is a hoax – primarily because there is no data to contact photographer. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia A Tear Drop Shaped UFO

RESTON -- As we were driving nearby the elementary school we felt a mental spike through our minds. We automatically looked up through sunroof, and saw a UFO with spikes. Its shape was tear dropped and had a red ball trailing behind it on May 16, 2008 at 3:15 PM. It was red then it was gone in an instant on Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Washington Look Up to Photo Disc

ASHFORD – Yesterday, May 16, 2008 in late afternoon my brother and I were taking pictures of sky trails about four miles north of Mt. Rainier Park. There was a whole bunch of trails in the clear sky and I was taking pictures of the jets leaving these trails. When I down loaded the pictures from my camera into the computer this little item showed up in one of the pictures. I enlarged the picture and its below to the right of the jet. Man this is scary and exciting at the same time.

Comments: The witness is obviously excited by what he photographed. However, the object is likely a bird that is out of focus. The camera used had a low resolution so a definitive shape cannot be determined through blowup.

Argentina Two spherical "objects"

ALVEAR -- Two spherical "objects" appear in the background. One is larger than the other and with its upper section somewhat clearer. These were not detected at the time that the photograph was taken using a Soni 7.2 mpix camera. The photo, from Alvear, shows a lawn hockey practice session and was taken on February 8, 2008. The object was only detected when the image was downloaded to the computer. Photo courtesy of Raul Chaves and CIUFOS-LAPAMPA,

Bolivia UFO Over Capital

LA PAZ – This photo was taken by Maria Griselda, a member of the Ciufos-LaPampa group. The object was taken over the colonial-era palace but was not visible at the time that the photo was taken. Another example of a "chance UFO"?

Image courtesy of Raul Oscar Chavez, Ciufos-LaPampa.and Inexplicata

Cambodia UFO Photos

I have attached the two pictures taken within a minute of each other. in the first picture there are 3 objects and in the second one these objects suddenly appear much farther apart. If you enlarge the second one more you will see more bright objects. I have zoomed some portions of the first picture for the sake of posting here. On zooming, there appears to be a faint outer shell and a glow in the centre. We used a Canon Powershot A570, 4x optical zoom, 7.1 mega pixel. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada Debris Falls from Sky

WALNUT GROVE, BRITISH COLUMBIA – A mystery lump of metal fell through roof at Costco warehouse in Monday afternoon, May 5, 2008, police say. The metal smashed through the roof between 3:00 and 3:30 PM. The unidentified item crashed down and onto the warehouse floor, where a number of employees routinely work, but there were no injuries said RCMP Cpl. Peter Thiessen according to The Langley Advance news.

ARBUTUS COVE, SAANICH B.C. -- We were watching the Pacific Ocean and the sky above Arbutus Road and saw a melon shaped UFO moving very fast on May 12, 2008, at 11:30 PM. Its high speed caught our attention. With a speed faster than any plane. It stopped at the Oak Bay area for a little, then moved north until it disappeared. With very bright flashing lights. The light was lighting the ocean under it. When it was moving, it was like it pushed itself frequently for moving. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Dominican Republic Light

I named this picture a few years ago as me with UFO in background a few years ago as a cute caption, but just realized that the object in the background is not the moon or any other known celestial camera tricks. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Zealand A Very Bright Solid Light

CHRISTCHURCH -- A very bright solid light traveling through the sky at about 2/3rds of the height of a tree in our yard which was about 25 feet from where I was standing on May 14, 2008 at: 5:57 PM, it looked roughly to be 2 to 2.5 km's away over the estuary, it traveled to the southwest for approximately 15 seconds and went behind the tree, after repositioning to be able to see the light it could no longer be observed and yet the skies were clear in all directions there was no detectable noise and the light did not flash at all it just moved from one point in the sky to another point in the sky and wasn't there any more.

An hour and half later, a light not as bright as the first appeared to be higher up rotating in a tight circular motion, it gave me enough at to point it out for my wife and we both observed it for approximately one minute on May 14, 2008 at: 7:34 PM. It circled tightly in the same spot always coming back to the same position at 0 degrees to the horizon. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

Thailand Formation of Moving Lights

SATTAHIP -- Friends and I were attending three short plays at the hospital on May 17, 2008. During intermission we adjourned to the roof and noticed multiple lights blinking just above the southern horizon. First we saw three in a row, then several more, then two, then one, then three, etc., etc. These were star-like lights and were at least at 30,000 feet. They traveled roughly in formation from their point of origin on the southern horizon to overhead.

They were silent. We were having Cobra Gold, a joint military exercise between the US and Thailand militaries (especially US Navy). The local Thai Navy Base is at Sattahip, south of Pattaya, where we stood. The "craft" reminded me of Phoenix Lights and those multiple light objects filmed above Mexico City when government officials were present and cameras were tilted up to view scores of lights filling the skies. One or several self-luminous lights would blink on just above the south horizon, then continue flying to great height overhead, in a basic line. First three lights would appear. Then several more lights would blink on and continue their formation overhead. The lights were witnessed by at least three others besides me for about 12 minutes.

I am a long time MUFON member. I would guess there were at least 20-25 objects observed for 10 to 15 minutes. Everyone present was quite puzzled. The objects disappeared as they passed the hospital roof line overhead. The lights moved steadily and quietly. They were absolutely silent. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK Secret Files Released by Ministry of Defence

This is how one person described the UFO they had seen

Secret files on UFO sightings have been made available for the first time by the Ministry of Defence. The documents, which can be downloaded from the National Archives website, cover the period from 1978 to 1987.

They include accounts of strange lights in the sky and unexplained objects being spotted by the public, armed forces and police officers.

There are some reports from more official sources. The United States Air Force filed a report about two USAF policemen who saw "unusual lights outside the back gate at RAF Woodbridge" in Suffolk in December 1980. This relates to the well-known incident of an alleged alien encounter at Rendlesham Forest, dubbed "Britain's Roswell" after the supposed contact made with aliens at Roswell in the One of the Pcs, who saw the object through binoculars, described it as "circular in the middle with what appeared to be a dome on top and underneath" with different coloured United States.

Several drawings are visible in the files from those keen to demonstrate what they had seen.

One such sketch was made by Metropolitan Police officers, who were called out to a house in Stanmore in the London Borough of Harrow on 26 April, 1984.

Three officers spent an hour observing the object in the sky, which "moved erratically from side to side, up and down and to and fro, not venturing far from the original position".

Visitors to the National Archives site will also find a videocast from Nick Pope, a British UFO specialist.

Mr Pope picked out one incident where a UFO was spotted over central London.

A sketch of a UFO, made by a Metropolitan Police officer

"This is a very interesting illustration that, actually, UFOs are seen in built-up areas. People have this idea they're seen in desolate, rural places.

"There's a sighting actually on Waterloo bridge, when a number of witnesses actually stopped to look at this UFO that was seen over the Thames."

Mr Pope said the most common explanation for UFOs were aircraft lights, bright stars and planets, satellites, meteors, or airships. The ministry has files on 11,000 sightings dating back to the 1950s.

Royal Air Force personnel, civil aviation pilots and air traffic controllers have also reported sightings and radar tracks that remain unexplained despite high-level investigation. Among the most famous was the sighting on two occasions of unexplained bright lights landing near a U.S. airbase in Rendlesham Forest in southern England. Even the deputy commander of the base put his name to that 1980 report. Thanks to (Editing by Robert Woodward and sent by Lamar James [])

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