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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
June 18, 2008

George Filer:
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Sean Ryan writes, “Mr. Shawn Snook should be given credit for identification of the Buddha-like structure on Mars since it was him who brought it to my attention the picture of the South East Basin of the Hale crater from the original photo by the European Space Agency. This original photo may be down-loaded from the ESA at the following address:

The South East Basin of Hale is interesting because it seems to show a Head Monument, a Swastika shaped structure and a Cross and Circle structure. The “Head Monument” may just be my imagination but the “Hindu Swastika” and the “Cross and Circle” structure certainly look artificial. I have read that the ancient Hindu texts refer to flying machines called Vimanna and that the Hindus use the Swastika as a good luck symbol; is it possible that there is a link between the founders of the Hindu culture and the builders of these Martian structures? I have created a YouTube Video showing each step I took to extract the enlargement from the original above photo, here is the address of the YouTube Video : Thanks to Sean Ryan


John E. Combest writes in examining the Lander's images sent back by the Phoenix Mars Mission on June 8, 2008, from near Mars North Pole, I noticed these possible artifacts. An artifact” is defined by the author as an object which appears to have several of the general characteristics of shape, contour, texture, assembly, or component arrangement (including square notches, round holes, symmetry, right angles, threads, symmetrical projections) of products which are common to any type of manufacturing (manual or machine) known to mankind, and does not rule out things which might have been made by other beings. Basically – an “artifact” is anything which has multiple shapes and other characteristics generally not known to be created by the forces of nature. Objects which have only a few such characteristics are identified as “possible” artifacts, and objects having several such characteristics are identified as “certain” artifacts.

One of the ovens on NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander continued baking its first sample of Martian soil over the weekend, while the Robotic Arm dug deeper into the soil to learn more about white material first revealed on June 3.”The oven is working very well and living up to our expectations,” said PhoenixThanks to NASA and the University of Arizona.


Although seldom seen from ground level the Nazca Lines can be observed from space as shown by this NASA Landsat image. The heavy while lines provide directions to key ancient cities in Peru such as a 350 degree heading to ancient Caral, one of the oldest cities in the Americas. The other key heading seen from space is a 075 degree heading to Cuzco below.

Evan Hadingham wrote the book, “Lines to the Mountain Gods, Nazca and the Mysteries of Peru.”

Although, he does not recognize the possibility of alien spaceships visiting earth. He states the people of the Nazca area, “Coupled with this efficient exploitation of the desert was a complex belief system with roots that can be traced back well before 1000 BC. Among its many aspects, this tradition involved a belief in severed, mummified human heads as sources of spiritual power. Many such heads have actually been dug up from sites on the south coast.

The heads also figure so prominently in the painted wand woven images of Nazca art that they must have been an essential ingredient in the beliefs of the line builders.” Page 7.

These skulls of the ancients are too large in my opinion to be human.The Indians who live in the Tiahuanacu region believe that they are not ordinary men, but belong to a diffent genus. The elongated heads, lanquage, and physiognomy are quite different from their Aymara neighbors. They claim to have lived in the highlands and call themselvers Urus, meaning Men of Light. They claim magical powers and they built the ancient cities and pyramids of Peru. The Urus of Tiahuanaco closely resemble the Dropa tribe on the mountains between China and Tibet who believe their ancestors were marooned there in ships from the skies.These cone heads or elongated skulls found in Peruvian burial grounds are similar to those found in Sumaria, India, and Maltese temple-tombs.

Probably the”oldest city in the Americas,” is “a massive 4,600-year-old urban center called Caral” in Peru. It's key square is built in the shape of a disc UFO.

Nazca lines point to the city, and can be seen from space making likely aliens were be signaled and directed to areas where a UFO could land. Addtionally the dug up skulls are elongated and appear to be a different from humans.

Even today frequent UFO sightings are reported. \Source: Correo de Piura (newspaper)Date: May 3, 2008


One of the two key lines seen from space at Nazca point directly to Caral (Chupacigarro Grande), Caralt was discovered by Paul Kosok in 1948 and is dotted with pyramid temples, sunken plazas, housing complexes and an amphitheater that are similar in construction to those in Egypt. Caral is one of 20 sites attributed to the ancient Caral-Supe culture that run almost linearly from Peru's central coast inland up the Andes. The ruins changed history when researchers proved that a complex urban center in the Americas thrived as a contemporary to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Our evidnce shows advanced archetecture and building techniques occuring in Peru that were virtually the same as those in Egypt half way around the world. Coupled with the fact we have a system of lines that can only be seen from space that point specifically to important ancient cities, I suggest these prove alien visitation.

Ruth Shady, a Peruvian archaeologist from San Marcos University, rediscovered Caral in 1994, and was stunned by its size and complexity. “Caral combined size with construction volume, but also it was a planned city,” she says. The 163-acre city was the administrative center for a complex civilization. Caral was a thriving metropolis at the same time that Egypt's great pyramids were being built.

The main pyramid (Spanish: Pirámide Mayor) covers an area nearly the size of four football fields and is 60 feet (18 m) tall. Caral is the largest recorded site in the Andean region with dates older than 2000 BC and appears to be the model for the urban design adopted by Andean civilizations that rose and fell over the span of four millennia.The Caral pyramids are in the arid Supe Valley, some 20 km from the Pacific coast. No trace of warfare has been found at Caral; no battlements, no weapons, no mutilated bodies. Shady's findings suggest it was a gentle society, built on commerce and pleasure. These bags were used to carry the stones that were used for the construction of the pyramids.German and Peruvian archaeologists have definitively established that the structure is 5,500 years old. Thus we have ancients building an aerial/space map pointing to one of the oldest structures in Peru and the Americas.” The site also includes an observatory.


Last week David Letterman's TV show had Jeff Peckman, a guest, who cliamed he had video of an alien. The gray alien matches the description provided by many abductees. Additionally, the alien head is much larger than a humans similar to those skeltons found in key places around the world. David Letterman treated Jeff with repect, but with a questioning attitude.Real Alien Video looking through Window - Jeff Peckman. A reinactment of what allegedly the real alien looks like was on the David LettermanShow showing a video of an alleged alien.Speaks Truth about Aliens


SATSUMA—I was out taking some pictures on June 6, 2008, at 7:26 PM, when an object ascended to the west of my position. This object moved upward at the speed of a prop plane until it vanished from sight. In the first four pictures the sun is reflecting off the object making it hard to see any detail. However, in the 5th and 6th pictures above the reflection is gone and more detail can be seen. The sighting lasted one minute. The pictures are copyrighted to the owner/witness who took them. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,


BARROW—This image was taken near Barrow, Alaska on May 7, 2008. The ice it is sitting on is not easily accessible and was not occupied when the picture was taken. We are classifying it as an USO (underwater submerged object). The reporter states “Photos taken from landlocked frozen ice about two miles on the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Barrow, Alaska . “Headlights” were not seen with the naked eye, only noticed after reviewing photos.”

Investigators Comments, “In Northern Alaska snowmobiles are called snow machines and spring whaling begins in May, that is when the crews hunting whales use their snow machines and ATVs to tow their boats out over the ice (the frozen Chukchi Sea which is frozen top to bottom near the shore. They tow their boats to open water (2 to 4 miles off shore). They have to cut trails through pressure ridges (iced squeezed against itself until it reaches the bottom of the sea and produces surface ridges in the ice up to 40 or 50 feet high). You can see the current ridge near shore at the Barrow sea ice cam.

The ice is melting slowly this year, but the ridge may be gone in a week or so. The Bowhead (a specie of whale) whaling season opened May 7. But even before the season opened the whale hunters were out cutting trail through ridges and using the ice to fill holes in the trail to their camps at water's edge. The photo you published is a snowmobile coming back from camp at water's edge with the ice ridge behind it.Anyone with additional information is asked to contact . Christopher Montgomery, Executive DirectorUFORC International Global Network,


YUMA—About a month and a half after the Waco Texas Compound incident is when this observation took place. My uncle lived in a trailer park just off the side of a Marine fighter base and we would watch the planes. We especially enjoyed watching them do touch and goes after dark. This was because the F-16's had bright green lights on their tail fins.On the last night we were in Yuma, we stood on a dirt hill at the end of the base's runway. It was around 9 PM, when the last of the fighters took off. This time when they disappeared over the horizon they never returned.

After thirty minutes without aircraft activity we left, and I just happened to look up to see there were stars visible all around a dark spot in the sky. I noticed that the object had a long straight leading edge and the stars were disappearing under these leading edges at an equal rate of speed. Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed a flash similar to an airplane beacon. I followed the leading edge of the wing forward until I noticed a tiny white light at the nose. The light was constantly on, just very hard to detect with the naked eye. I then followed the leading edge of the wing down the opposite side of the craft. At a great distance away, I spotted another tiny green strobe light. The altitude of the craft was about 300 feet and I noticed a tiny light in the nose of the craft. The vehicle was huge. I estimated about a football field's length (300 feet) from wing tip to wing tip. Perhaps half a football fields length from the back of the craft to the tiny nose light.

I couldn't believe how large the craft was! The craft moved at a very low rate of speed. It almost seemed to have a hover capability and I heard a barely audible blowing sound, like a fighter plane idling on the taxi-way. We watched the craft float slowly over the edge of Yuma and then disappear into the darkness. The whole event took about 3 minutes time.I always assumed that this was a military aircraft. I could clearly see the Marine Fighter Base's control tower. I have created a drawing of what I saw that night. That may be either a TR3-B or the TR-B3. The TR3-B is believed to have been reverse engineered nuclear drive system with an electromagnetic field, which displaces the actual weight of the aircraft by 89%. The craft has hover capabilities and travels between 7-9 Mach. It is part of a Black Book project that replaced the Blackbird Spy Plane in the early 90's. Thanks to MUFON CMS


DANA POINT—The witness called and left a voice-mail regarding his May 26, 2008, sighting at 9:42 PM. While enjoying a barbecue a large object with flame shooting out the sides and the bottom flew towards the south towards San Clemente, California. The object appeared to be descending and had a “blunt front.” No sound or explosion was heard. The witness was certain that it was not a meteor. Listen to Audio Clip of Witness Report (MP3)Comments: Additional information needs to be acquired regarding this sighting. A check will be made to see if there were any noted space debris re-entries or aircraft crashes in the area. Another sighting took place at this same location in early May.

DANA POINT—UFO sighting in Dana Point: I was doing a shoot at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point on May 4, 2008. and was composing this shot as I saw some movement in the background shooting upward and decided to snap the picture. After some research I found that this area has had many sightings. I use a Nikon d2x camera which is a professional 13.4 outfit. I will send it un-altered to you in original format. Notice part of the UFO is behind the cloud.Additional Information Supplied by Witness: I always take a moment to compose pictures and saw a streak of colors start from the water's surface to where it is in the picture. It lasted maybe a second. I had been keeping my eye out over the water because there were vintage planes flying by at about eye level. I wanted to switch to a 400 mm lens to shoot them. In this shot I was shooting slightly west of due south.

Comments: The photo was taken with high quality digital camera (Nikon D2X with a maximum resolution of 12.4 Mega-Pixels). The objects were located in a southwesterly direction. The objects seem to be reflecting (or emitting) the primary colors. Apparently the photographer saw the objects ascending. It is not known if he saw the objects coming out of the water although he used the USO acronym in his email heading. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest


NORTH WINDHAM—While waiting in the parking lot on June 10, 2008, looking towards Wal-Mart a weird shaped craft caught my eye. The craft was moving really slow, it was a whitish haze color, and was a long cigar shape, and huge! It was a quarter of a mile away, that's how big this cigar shape UFO was. I kept looking at the UFO losing it in some of the trees that were not big at all. The sighting lasted about 15 seconds. After moving behind three trees the object disappeared! I did see some flashing of quick lights after in the other side of the tree. There is an airport right next to this Wal-Mart, but I don't think it was an airplane because of its cigar shape! This is my sixth time in my life I seen a UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS


ORLANDO – I took a picture of the castle at Disney World and didn't see the UFO until I looked at the photos later. There is something in this photo. No bird or plane and no dirt on the lens. I was about 250 feet away from the castle when the picture was taken. I used a Panasonic DMC-FX9. ISO speed was ISO-80.


BANNOCKBURN – I went out outside the office for cigarette break on June 8, 2008, about 8 PM,and noticed a bright white dot moving east across the blue sky. It seemed to move too fast to be an airliner at a high altitude. It was moving 3-5 times faster than any plane. What seemed odd to me was it's bright white, shining appearance, almost like a very bright star. Yet still, it could have been sunlight reflecting off this object. I have never seen anything like it even though I have lived close to Chicago's O'Hare airport for 15+ years. I've seen thousands of planes during that time, and I doubt this was an airplane. It was flying at 10,000m-20,000m altitude, way too low for a satellite. It moved across the sky, then disappeared from my view behind the tree line. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

PLAINFIELD—I was working construction on Tuesday morning June 10, 2008, around 11 AM on a clear day with lots of air traffic since we are close to Chicago. I had polarized sunglasses on and noticed a craft that WAS NOT moving and flying at very high altitude I used the corner roofline of the house as a stationary object to judge if this thing was moving and it was not. After about 10 seconds trying to see if it would move it zoomed out of the atmosphere. That's the best I can describe it, and I knew it could not have been an airplane. Thanks to MUFON CMS


I was with my dog in back yard watering my flowers and I heard a long protracted engine sound and I looked up but saw nothing flying. I went on to water and just quickly glimpsed up and saw what looked like a passenger aircraft without windows, with a black band about halfway down if it was just one craft. If it was pulling another craft about the same size it would have had the band at end of craft. after the band was a break in the line but seemed to still be attached a cigar shaped craft without wings that didn't have a black band.The craft was very high but I could see clearly that there was a change in the line of the craft after the black band. I could see clearly and there were absolutely no wings at all. It was traveling from northeast toward southwest. I have made a sketch of the aircraft. It had to be huge! It was far away and was so clear.

My first thought was it was a HUGE PASSENGER PLANE without windows flying that high. It was traveling slow enough that I had it view for at least 30 more seconds. I looked down to see where my phone was and looked up and was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS


NEW YORK—I live in a luxury hi-rise apartment in Midtown, next to the Empire State Building. At around 4:45AM, on June 14, 2008, I got up for a cigarette and noticed a dark blimp or oval shaped vehicle. I first thought it was a blimp but then realized there was no cabin, no indication of rudders or fans, no markings or logos and absolutely no lights.It appeared to move without wobbling or without any influence of the wind direction, but rather in a stable path over or near the East River from about the Union Square East area (14th Street) to the 34th Street area, disappearing from my field of view on the east side of the Empire State Building, then reappearing on the north side. This is where it changed course and turned east and quickly ascended until it reached the cloud level and disappeared.It was my intent to record this event with my cameraphone which I had in hand but I was too stunned to even remember to switch it on.

I tried recording the event after it oriented itself easterly, but realized then it was too late for my cameraphone to record it with any quality.I tried sleeping it off , but realize that I had just simply seen an aircraft that didn't conform to the normal standards, such as lights, engine noise, tags or markings identifying the craft, etc.) Thanks to MUFON CMS.


CLEVELAND WEST—On June 11, 2008, three of us saw two lights going south and my husband said, he saw a third light. What we saw were two lights perfectly in dimension flying side by side. This just happened again. A year ago my husband and I saw the same thing going north toward the Lake Eire. First my husband saw the lights then pointed them out to me and my neighbor. They looked as if they were joy riding quietly.

I also had an experience 28 years ago documented with the N.U.R.C. and I have had a few other sightings not documented. Thanks to MUFON CMS

LAKE ERIE — I work second shift from 3:30 till midnight. I came home on June 22, 2008, and watched activity up in the night sky with binoculars. The craft was shaped like an oval giving off a pulsating whitish lime color and traveling at a high rate of speed. I have been in the aerospace business for 18 years and never saw anything like this. I tracked the UFO over our neighborhood and I lost it when it sped off. The UFO likes to blend itself at night with the stars so it can't be detected when it is hovering.

About a half hour later I was looking up in the sky and saw the object in a fixed hovering position and it didn't move. I looked up and it seemed it was observing me. Then it took off at a high rate of speed over Lake Erie. Last week I saw two UFOs traveling together back to the lake. I know one thing in the aerospace business, all commercial craft have to keep all three lights on ,but this craft is just one solid color. Thanks to MUFON CMS


A photo we took of a funnel starting to form during some nasty weather on June 6, 2008, shows a disc flying in the sky. We didn't notice until we looked at the photo (camera phone).. It was the evening on June 5, 2008 and my friend and I were driving back home from Ohio to Arizona. We ran into some nasty weather in Oklahoma probably an hour or two out of OKC. At one point it seemed a funnel/tornado was forming so we used a cell phone to take a picture of it.

Once we looked at the photo later we noticed a disc like object hovering in the sky. My friend and I have been showing everyone this photo as we are curious about what it is. The first photo is the orignal photo, and the second one I cropped around the object so you can see it better. Thanks to MUFON CMS


LIMERICK—Twenty miles northwest of Philadelphia, as the morning haze was burning off at 10:45 AM, I spotted what I thought at first were two large helicopters hovering over high tension lines on the Limerick Power Plant property on June 7, 2008. They appeared larger than usual, and in the split seconds of my thinking, seemed to look like small blimps. I now realized I was seeing something else: a UFO. The object was silvery white in color. It was at this point they both tilted in a 45 (or so) degree angle and quickly vanished behind the power plant towers, at about half way up of the height of the towers. I proceeded driving to the power plant entrance only a quarter of a mile from my sighting, but of course there was nothing more to be seen. I did a sketch of what I had seen. The objects had a rounded top, with a flat, lip extended bottom.

I told my neighbor and he said that he was afraid to tell anyone what he had seen a couple of weeks ago at dusk as he sat out on his patio a mile from the Power Plant. He said he watched for a considerable length of time as lights rotated around the tops of the two towers (other than the lights on the towers themselves). He thought perhaps it was a test of some sort but he knows what he saw.Comments: The witness sighted something unusual in the area of a power plant. No power outages were reported. (Sometimes this occurs when these objects are in the area of power plants or near powerlines.) Given available information I have no explanation for this sighting. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

BLACK TRIANGLES—My mother's side of my family seems to be a beacon for weird things, and UFO/extraterrestrial phenomena fits squarely into that category. My uncle, as a child would often disappear from the home in the middle of the night and a member of the family would find him missing, and go looking for him. Often, he would be found on the other side of town, wandering in a dazed/confused state. He stated, “He just went for a walk.” He was not sleepwalking, per se, but would often be found wearing his bedclothes, and sometimes without shoes.My mother waking up one night saw things walking up the hallway, toward the bedroom that was shared by my two uncles. She heard talking not English, but some kind of chattering-sounding language. She looked out into the hallway to see two small creatures talking lowly and moving in a flowing manner, like they were not touching the floor and either floating or moving as a millipede does. She cowered under her covers for a while.

Ever since I was very young (I am 22, now) I have had an interest in astronomy, and would always look up in the sky, day or night, looking for interesting things. This propensity has led me to personally witness a number of very odd things. The earliest that I can remember is when I was about 14 years old. I was sleeping at a friend's home, and he was kind enough to let me sleep on the bed, while he used a sleeping bag on the floor at the side of the bed. Now, the head of my friend's bed was arranged so that the person sleeping in it could see out of a window when he was lying on his left side, and it just so happens that I sleep on my side.In the middle of the night, I woke and looked out the window at a pulsating light and sat up waking my friend who asked, “What the heck is THAT?” We watched this thing act weird and fly off very quickly.

A similar, though much more close up, experience happened not long after that. My mother, stepfather, stepbrother, and I were going up to a local look-out point at night to look at one of the small towns near our home. The drive was totally normal, uneventful, but the final approach to the parking area was not. When we crested the hill to the flat parking area, there was a classic disc-looking craft, complete with lights, but no sound, sitting in the flattened area. Needless to say, we hightailed it out of there and flew down the mountainside at speeds that can only be described as “unsafe.” We were all fairly well shaken up by the experience and we slept in the same room that night.Finally, when I was 16 years old, I saw a bright, metallic, sphere shaped object begin to move into my field of view and passed over the moon.

When I was 17 years old, a friend and I were making our way to Harrisburg, PA for a weekend-long event when on Front Street I saw in plain view, a large, black triangle hovering over the center of the Susquehanna River right in the middle of Harrisburg. It appeared to be siphoning up some of the water in the river. Water was simply making its way up some kind of vortex into the craft.My friend asked, “Are you looking at, what I'm looking at?” “You mean the giant black triangle hanging over the river and sucking water up into it?” “Yep I sure am.”

A call comes over our two-way radio that we had to communicate with the vehicle ahead of us. “Guys, do you see that thing over the river.””Yeah, we were just talking about it ourselves.” As for the triangle itself, the most striking thing about it was its size. The thing was huge, at least a couple of hundred yards long from one point back to the flat of the opposing line. The second thing about it was that it appeared to be perfectly equilateral, each side exactly the same as the other two. It was jet black, with some recessions on the underside, and it definitely had a textured, industrial look to it. The whole surface of it looked like a cross between an F-117/A and one of those bulbous control tower-looking structures that you see on the bigger navy ships. Also, it was totally silent and within easy sight of the Capitol building itself. Thanks to MUFON CMS

BEAVERTOWN—Several times I've seen UFOs on Quarry Road, and once, I passed almost directly under the triangle. Dropping my head down and looking up through the angled portion of the windshield, so that I was able to see past the roof of the car, I could see the underside of a triangle. Again, it was very large, and visible due to its being darker than the moon-lit sky. Some small lights were visible and, as usual, there was no sound whatsoever. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show.


MY Father showed me his SD card from his Scout Camera that he posts around his property to see what kind of animals he can capture. On June 7, 2008. over a three day period it took over 700 pictures of various racoons, foxes, coy-dogs, and deer. Days shots are of turkeys, crows, squirrels, etc. As I was scanning through the pictures I noticed a series of three pictures that had some strange lights we couldn't explain. Keep in mind this camera is set up at the end of a field where there is no electric and headlights wouldn't reach. The camera is set to take three shots when it picks up motion. You will notice a racoon in each shot which most likely set off the detector. If the light in each shot was in the same position and same location, I would would suggest it was something on the lens, or a reflection of something, even though all that is down there is trees.

But the light moves in each of the three shots as if it is getting closer to the camera and has a unusual pattern of blurry sphere-like lights. Of the 700 shots the camera took in three days, these were the only night shots that had these lights. The lights in the last of the three shots seem transparent as you can see the tree through them. The camera was not moved or touched during three days. I don't want to say it's a UFO, but no one here has explained what the lights are. Thanks to MUFON CMS


MT. ADAMS—Allison writes, -- “I am thrilled that my UFO photo taken at Mt. Adams on May 30, 2008 made the Filer's File # 24, I included the original photo for you. Thank you! Your weekly emails are so important to the UFO community. Would it be possible to add William Puckett's name as credit for this photo? He is the reason my photos have visibility.” He is at


BALWYN MELBOURNE, VICTORIA—On June 2, 2008, from 8:45 PM, to 9:30 PM, I looked out the window of my flat and noticed red and green flashing lights quite far in the distance, just sitting in the one spot. I think the lights were in a ring shape, but can't be certain as it was fairly far away. The green and red lights were clear though. My flatmate and I both thought it was too big to be a helicopter and it wasn't moving enough for it to be a plane. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,


UBC- MARINE DRIVE, VANCOUVER — On June 10, 2008, at 12:20 AM we were with a group of five friends. One of us left and then called us and said he was seeing a green light ball as a UFO in the sky. Then, as we were walking towards the Marine Drive dormitory, I saw it and showed it to three other friends.


KYOTO — I was vacationing in Japan on March 11, 2008 at 9:05 AM when I saw something in the sky on a sunny morning . It never moved, not an even aninch, and had a cloud texture with something colorful in one of the top sides(right side), but very faded. The first impression I had, is that it was the Moon because of the contrast the Moon makes when it's blue sky. There were some people around, but I was the first to see it and told the others.I observed the object for 5-10 minutes maximum, and 20-30 minutes after, I observed it again in another angle (not much different from the first) for 1 minute maximum, but with nothing different from the first sighting.

In all the time the object didn't move, it was absolutely still. There was nothing in the area flying. The sky was all clear. An hour later I think it was gone. I never saw it move or disappear. I used a Cybershot T-10 with 7.2 megapixels. More detailed information in :


BUCHAREST – Yesterday,the Romanian Defense Ministry confirmed that a fighter plane was struck by four unidentified flying objects and released a video of the incident. The ministry said the MIG 21 Lancer fighter plane was struck by the objects during an October 31, 2007, check flight, but was able to land safely. Photo shows damage to wing and cockpit carried on Romanian PRO Television.Lt. Col. Nicolae Grigorie said a video recorded by cameras onboard the plane depicts “two solid bodies, which are not translucid.” The Ministry also issued a video depicting the event, Romanian news station Realitatea TV reported on Friday.The plane was one step away from crashing but eventually landed safely with the pilot suffering an injury.

Cameras planted in the plane recorded images with unidentified flying objects at an extremely high speed, according to Realitatea TV. Radar also picked up the UFO as shown below.Pilot Martin Mitrica was slightly injured and managed to land his plane safely. Grigorie said authorities are working to determine what the objects could have been. “They couldn't be birds because there are no birds in Europe able to fly so high. And they couldn't be ice bodies because it was a clear sky—neither could they be pieces of another plane or a meteor,” he said. He said the government has ruled out rocket launches and ground artillery fires as causes of the incident. Officially, it was reported that the pilot cabin had been destroyed. Romanian officials have excluded all objects that the plane could collide with. They guaranteed it is not a bird, piece of ice, or small meteorite.

Photo shows damage to wing and cockpit window.

“We can certainly say what did not hit our plane, as for what did, we can't be too sure,” says officer Nikol Gregori, heading the investigation.Unofficially, Romanian Ministry of Defense is convinced the object colliding with their Mig is a UFO as it was captured by the Pilot's cabin camera. The incident occured over Transilvania, when out of nowhere, the camera registered a flying object that bumped the Mig. The incident lasted less than 1 second, to be preicse 67 miliseconds when the UFO simply disappeared from the camera's sight. See TV tape from Bucharest, Romania of UFO damage.


Travelling in a jetliner, my wife noticed a silvery white triangular object with no lights or vapour trail flying below us and to the left of our window. We were above the clouds flying higher and progressing somewhat faster. My wife brought my attention to the object that resembled the top of a giant hang glider canopy, but I knew it was impossible for anyone to be at that height on a thing that size.I had my Samsung digital camera so I put it in video mode and shot what I could over her position. I was in the isle seat, she in the window seat. The camera will not process sound when being zoomed so that accounts for the whoosh in out sound when zooming. The object went out of view as we passed over it and the last part of the video shows this.It was a large slivery white tiangular object and it remains a complete mystery to us. I am passing the video on to you with your much greater exerience and scientific assessment facilities. Thanks to MUFON CM


MÜNSINGEN, Near Berne—Two orange lights were observed rising over the horizon on June 1, 2008, at 00:25. The first light was about 40 degrees above the horizon, and the second was lower and further behind. Both rose slowly and got closer coming from Jüngfrau-Joch for about one minute. Then, the first object accelerated east at an incredible speed, dimming and disappearing. The second object did the same about half a minute later in the same direction accelerating and rising to get to orbital speed. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,


NORMANDY, SURREY—On May 31, 2008, at 10:45 PM, I was driving to Guildford to pick up my brother and saw loads of orange orb like lights in the sky in front of me. I pulled over so I could get a better look. There were at least 20 of them and they were moving slowly in a long straight line. As they moved across the sky one by one they started to disappear into nothing at basically the same spot. As soon as I pulled over and phoned my Mum and told her to come outside quickly and have a look, she did and she was absolutely gob smacked as well. We tried to come up with some logical explanations but none of them added up to what we saw. I just want to know if there is an explanation to what we saw or if there is a possibility that this sighting was a UFO. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,


EDINBURGH — We were sitting outside in the beer garden with ten people at our table and another 10 - 15 in the garden on June 7, 2008. About midnight one of our friends said, “What's that?” There was a fast moving orange glow on our horizon, no flashing lights and very high in the sky. I thought it might be a comet or something burning up, but we watched it fly from as far as we could see. It lasted about ten minutes and everybody saw it. I have been looking in the local newspaper for reports, but not found anything. Very strange. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director of HBCC UFO Research,

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