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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
July 30, 2008

George Filer:
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We Are Not Alone in the Universe

Edgar Mitchell UFO Interview On Kerrang Radio on July 23, 2008

On July 23, 2008, Astronaut Edgar Mitchell says, "We have been visited, and that UFOs have been covered up by the government for a long time

Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, states, "Oh, I know for sure we're not alone in the Universe and the Roswell crash was real, and a number of contacts are real and ongoing. The U.S. chose to cover up UFOs after World War II, explained Mitchell, but it's starting to open up now in the international press. Mitchell also discussed the Catholic Church's recent press releases that we are not alone in the Universe. He explained that the amount of covert attempts to cover-up and the amount of disinformation is decreasing. Mitchell stated, "there's more nonsense out there about this than is real, but it IS a real phenomenon. ... Some of us are privileged enough to have been briefed on some of it.". During the interview Dr. Mitchell further elaborated on previous statements about extraterrestrial life in the universe and possible full disclosure in the near future.

Notes From The Interview : By "UFO REALITY" from ATS

Edgar Mitchell says there IS life in the Universe. He says we have been visited, and that UFOs have been covered up by the government for a long time. Edgar says it is a real phenomena. He says he's been inside military circles and they know we've been visited and talk about it behind closed doors. He says he's been involved in certain research committees and knows people who know the real story. There is quite a bit of contact going on. Doesn't know if Disclosure will be this year or not... Public acceptance is increasing. Not all UFOs are of ET origin. Some are home-grown. But some are ET crafts.

He's not concerned about his safety talking about it openly anymore. Alien intent is not hostile. Some others involved in the Moon landing also know the truth. The host made the point that this is the first time Edgar has stated so clearly that ET life exists and UFOs are real. He's hinted at it, but this is the first time ever... but I do believe that Kerrang are going to replay the interview this week HERE. For more information here are some previous Interviews with Edgar Mitchell. Thanks to ATS

Earth is an Oasis in Space

Because I witnessed UFO above Stonehenge, England and numerous ancient structures are disc shaped I believe UFOs have flown over the area for thousands of years. New archaeological evidence indicates Stonehenge served as a burial ground from its earliest beginnings and its design and near by burial mounds were made in the shape of discs.] The dating of cremated remains found that burials took place as early as 3000 B.C.

Stonehenge remains a mystery but contains some startling dimensions. The Sarsens stones have a perimeter of 316.8 feet, our Earth that has perimeter of 31,680 miles. Stonehenge's diameter is 79.2 feet while the Earth's diameter is 7,920 miles. The builders of Stonehenge apparently knew the size of the Earth and built it to match these measurements. Equally amazing is its correlation with the Bible. The Apostle John saw a vision of a city called New Jerusalem descending from heaven and engulfing the Earth. Its inner and outer dimensions are the same as Stonehenge, but on a larger scale. New Jerusalem is 7,920,000 feet in diameter with a perimeter of 31,680,000 feet. It is my opinion that Stonehenge was built with the help of extraterrestrials or angels to sacred measurements.

Stonehenge and Avebury shown here like most of the ancient stone monuments are built along straight lines often called Ley Lines. The Bronze Age people went to great lengths to build key monuments along straight lines or the routes of the space ships some extending for thousands of miles. Ufologists have noticed that UFOs often follow direct routes or airways similar to aircraft. Assuming ancient man worshipped the UFOs, they chose to build ceremonial sites of worship along the routes taken by the gods flying the craft.

Giant stones were dragged hundreds of miles to position under the routes of the spaceships. For example, UFOs often enter our atmosphere over the North Pole and move south over ancient Manchester, England.

Then to directly south Avebury, Silbury Hill, and Stonehenge. Continuing almost due south the craft would pass over the famous stone monuments at Carnac, France and on to the caves at Santander, Spain.

Paleolithic art like that at Santander dates from 35,000 to 40,000 years ago includes paintings of UFOs along with the animals hunted by the cavemen. Modern humans moved into Europe about 40 000 years ago," and we had to share it with the Neanderthals who had been doing quite nicely there for at least 200 000 years.

Yet within 10 000 years of our arrival, we had rendered them extinct, we can speculate that we may have had help. We Homo Sapiens recorded our life styles and conquests by painting amazingly accurate pictures of animals such as bison, antelopes, and mammoths, but in addition there were figures of flying birds, and tectiforms. The tectiforms (UFOs) are painted in such a way as to indicate they are flying usually above the other figures.

In Philip Van Doren Stern's book "the Beginnings of Art" states, "Careful examination of the art itself has challenged many long held opinions about the intellectual capabilities of prehistoric men who made extensive use of symbolism. It reflected definite cultural and religious traditions; it revealed the artist's personal feelings. It attempted to communicate a way of life that included disc and cylinder shaped UFOs. Santander, Spain has dozens of caves with flying discs. One that is, is a strange looking flying shape that appears in both Cougnac and Pech-Merle in France and numerous "flying shapes or Tectiforms that look like flying saucers or flying house shaped figures.

Dr. Michael Rappenglueck of the University of Munich told BBC News Online that he has found star maps within the cave paintings of France and Spain. The maps discovered at Lascaux in central France, " painted over the shoulder of a bull show three bright stars known as the Summer Triangle representing the three present stars Vega, Deneb, Altair and the constellation of Taurus the bull. Another cluster of stars known as the Pleiades, or seven sisters has been identified in a cave in Spain." 'It is a map of the prehistoric cosmos indicating our ancestors knew the Zodiac 17,000 years ago, and were more sophisticated than many believe Stonehenge and many similar circular monuments according to Professor Gerald Hawkins were designed as astronomical observatories.

." The barrow burial mounds around Stonehenge, England represent various constellations indicating the ancients were aware the UFOs passing overhead represented spaceships. Many of the barrows burial mounds are designed to the standard disc shape. More evidence that the Homo Sapiens Bronze Age men were aware of UFOs is their building of monuments and burial mounds along the aerial routes of UFOs. Stonehenge appears to have been a key center along the aerial traffic and routes of UFOs that extend in multiple directions. The placement of the key monuments, religious places of worship and barrows for burial of the dead would require sophisticated surveying tools that were unlikely available to our ancestors but watching the routes of spaceships could have been marked. Even today we are picking up some of the key routes of the UFOs often moving along the coastlines on America

Disc and cylinder shaped UFOs are often found in Bronze Age artifacts. The earliest burial mound in the group is the long barrow. It would have been built between 4000 and 3200 BC, making it earlier than the ditch and bank at Stonehenge. There is also some evidence the spaceships were interested in the various mineral deposits, foodstuffs available in Earth. Bronze Age people traveled along extensive trade routes. From the Baltic to the Mediterranean, these routes converged on what is now central Germany, source of several rare and sought-after minerals, including salt and copper, which was combined with tin to make bronze. Tin was mined in Cornwall, England.

Arkansas a Blue/Green Colored Orb

SOUTHERN ARKANSAS -- I had just gotten home from work late one night and I was walking across the yard towards my house. I noticed that the ground was bathed in a blue-green light and I realized that whatever was causing the light was behind the foliage of the oak trees, casting moving shadows on the ground. Moving above the treetops at 100-150 feet off of the ground was a blue-green orb very slowly in a south-southeasterly direction. Estimated speed would equate to about 20 miles per hour, ground speed. When it passed over my head an orange tongue of flame, similar in appearance to a solar flare, branched off of the object at its 5 o'clock position, not quite opposite its direction of travel. During this event the object itself never deviated from its blue-green color. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

California a Cigar Shaped UFO

PARAMOUNT -- The object was bright red/ orange and looked like a classic UFO on July 4, 2008, at 9 PM. My brother was the first to notice it and the rest of my family looked to the northwest. It was a sighting which went on for a minute. It went sideways, was glowing, but eventually got brighter at times. It was also dropping little light beams which looked like little golf balls. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Michigan Sightings

My 12 year old son was sitting in my truck facing east on July 25, 2008, when he witnessed a blue hazy ball of light floating about three feet off the ground come out of nowhere, and race down the street, and around the corner.

KINCHLOE AIR FORCE BASE -- I was a Weapons Tech and trained in Nuclear and Strategic Munitions in the active Air Force and was called to Alert Status, on November 15, 1975. I left my domicile in Brilmey and proceeded to Kinchloe AFB on the back roads to achieve better time. This short cut took me through farmland, and as I proceeded down the road I came across a saucer shaped object in the farmer's field. It hovered below tree top level 30 feet or so off the ground.

I stopped my vehicle about 3:30 AM, and got partially out the car with one foot in and one foot out and watched the craft. It was silver metallic and made no noise. It was no aircraft that I was trained to recognize. It was dark a dark night and I flashed my vehicle lights off then on. The craft turned on a cowling light that shone to the ground, on then off. I repeated the same process; the hovering craft did the same. I waited several minutes and noticed two more craft just past a tree line to my right lifting off the ground beyond the tree line. There where three craft total. As the other two craft climbed to tree top level, I realized that I could stay no longer as I would be AWOL if not there with in the time limit of Alert status. Very few people know of this. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Minnesota Brightly Lit Green Ball

MINNEAPOLIS -- We were driving north on I-35 between North Branch and Harris on July 20, 2008, when we saw an object flying from the southeast at 500+ mph with a white ring around it at 9:45 PM. The object was at an altitude of approximately 8,000 feet and descending. It flew over our car at 5,000 feet AGL and crossed the freeway heading northwest. It veered right and flew straight north. It flew a few seconds then climbed up into a cloud bank of altostratus clouds. This is where I lost sight of it. There was no noise.

Comments: The witness has been very explicit describing what he saw. Certainly this object was no meteor or satellite. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

CHASKA -- At about 2 AM, on July 16, 2008, my husband and I went up to bed in our home near Highway 41 and the Minnesota River. We have windows behind our heads and I turned on my side facing the southwest sky and saw a bright light outside my window when turned a bright yellow/orange and quickly faded to a blurry orange. It moved north slowly for about two seconds and faded into nothing in front of my eyes. The whole event was about four seconds. As soon as it disappeared I blurted, "OH MY GOD". I tried to explain to my husband and he asked if it was a hallucinating but it wasn't. I wasn't afraid just amazed. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

New Jersey UFO Sightings

My sister, son and myself were standing outside when my son noticed this bright light in the sky that was too large to be a star on July 21, 2008. We started watching about 9:30 PM, and watched until midnight. There was no sound or much movement like a plane. While we were looking at this object, it looked to us if it were almost like fireworks. Long strands of light came out from around its circular shape. It was moving slowly, almost looked like it was hovering in one spot. Wow, what a bright light. When I thought to take photo, I ran to the house to get my camera, but it was gone. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

MAHWAH -- On July 21, 2008 at around 9:30 PM my sister, my son and, I noticed a very bright light in the sky 40 miles NNW of downtown New York City. It almost looked like it was coming at us. It was very round and kind of looked like fireworks when they explode. It looked like it had octopus legs, but in the form of lights. After two minutes of staring at this, I ran to get my camera. By the time I got back it was gone.

After fifteen minutes, we noticed the strange object again. This time, we got binoculars, and when looking through them, we saw blue, green and orange lights just circling us. This was not an airplane. This object had no sound, so we called a few friends who came over and we discovered two more of these objects, one of which was almost directly underneath the other. We also we noticed behind our house where there was one. When looking through the binoculars, I saw a bright green light just beaming down, like it was hovering. This activity continued off and on for almost two hours.

Comments: It is difficult to say what the witnesses sighted. It is not clear on how the lights moved or if they really moved at all. The report seems to suggest that the lights blinked on and off in varied patterns. The two photos taken show well defined large lights. The photos were taken with a Kodak C360 Zoom Digital camera (maximum resolution of 5 mega-pixels.) Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Ohio Disc

MEDINA -- The night of the occurrence myself, husband and two children were in our pool when we saw a very bright singular light miles away in the sky. It was similar to that of a spot from a helicopter. I pointed it out to my family and when it got closer we noticed it didn't have any of the other lighting required for that type of craft. As it came closer its' light went black and stopped - just hovered over us at an angle. At this point we all had realized this was not a helicopter and we were trying to come up with an explanation.

We could still see the shadow of the object in the night sky and at that point there was one rotary reddish-orange light rotating slowly around the saucer/spherical shadow. It was within a range at this point that any engine would be heard. There wasn't a sound. As it maintained its descent we had decided to hop in the car as we lost it in the silhouette of the neighbor's roof top. We could not locate it again. I can honestly say that I have never had a more unexplainable occurrence within my lifetime. The size of the object is truly unknown as we were unsure of the actual flight height of the object when it came closer. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Silver Thin Shape

AUSTIN -- I was driving home on Mo-Pac flight heading south towards town and saw a thin small silver shape that looked to be about an inch long so it's hard to tell really how big it was. It matched the appearance of a plane landing or taking off from Bergstrom International Airport. It then rotated and showed its shape to be a solid circular disk. It shifted slightly and vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington Two See Erratic Moving Light

BALLARD -- I was standing on my deck and looking from the Seattle area near the Ballard Bridge looking over the Queen Ann Hills. It was just at dawn this morning at 5:01 AM, on July 21, 2008. I saw a dot of light that moved with extreme speed from my vantage point coming from the southwest. The light stopped on a dime from a high speed to a complete stop. It was very faint and appeared to be over the SeaTac airport area as I could see the lights of aircraft in a normal fashion landing or taking off almost as faint. This was not an aircraft due to the extreme speed and movement patterns. The dot of light continued to move at a very high rate of speed right to left at two or three points moving up and back to what appeared to be exactly where it originally arrived from the original approach. I noticed that continued to dart rapidly in what appeared to be a fixed trajectory moving extremely fast west to east between two reference points. The object was at least ten miles south of those reference points.

I called my friend to observe it who had never seen a UFO before. The friend concurred that in his mind, it was not a plane, jet, or helicopter because of the fast darting between the points. The object would also vanish as if the lights went off and would reappear at the same place or another place and it darted back to a similar position two or three times. It would move into it's position and would travel east to west and up and down to the original line. About five minutes after it appeared it then moved quickly away climbing towards the west from where it originally appeared. It then shot off into the upper levels of space at a very high rate of speed. I would suggest that each movement was not longer than 1/2 to 1/4 of a second for each movement to a complete stop.

Comments: The witness has provided a quite lengthy report of his experience. His observations suggest that he saw an object execute unusual aerial maneuvers. It is not known how many witnesses saw the object because the witness refers to his friend in the "plural." Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Wyoming Disc Photos

SACAJAWEA'S MONUMENT -- I have reported this before, but I did not realize that it was in all of the pictures that I took at that location. It was a very small sphere in all but one of the photos. It did appear to be moving in a flight path over the cemetery. The first photo I took was of the Sacajawea Cemetery sign as we were entering the parking lot and the object is in the distance to the left of the sign above the power poles. The next picture was of the three head stones and the object is to the right of the center headstone and looks like a disc. The next photo was of Sacajawea's headstone by it self, the object is to the left of the headstone just above the hill and further away.

The last photo is of Sacajawea's monument, and the sphere is to the left. I discovered them by zooming in on them. I do believe that this is a UFO. Thanks to Duane Largent and MUFON CMS

Canada Missing Time

STAVE LAKE MISSION, B.C. -- I was camping at Stave Lake with some friends on July 16, 2008, with some friends. Stave Lake Flats is in a valley with mountains to the East and West, but you can see south to North for an extremely far distance. About 2:30 AM, I looked through the top of my tent at the stars, and saw to the south a bright light. This light caught my attention because it wasn't moving that fast. It was getting brighter and eventually I started to see some definition in the light. To my surprise it was an almost stereo-typical flying saucer. It had a large light in the center with either 6 or 8 little lights in a circle around the main center light. At first I thought that the bug net on the top of my tent so I zipped open the door and looked up and it was even clearer than before.

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA -- I was driving home down Highway 6, on July 20, 2008, at 11:15 PM, and I saw two lights, one of which was only 20 feet above the grain elevator. The one closest to the elevator became brighter as it came down at a slow steady pace. The other was not as bright and not in motion. As I was pulling over I noticed that the bright light that was now even brighter and lower than the grain elevator. Compared to the elevator it was as big as or bigger than a van. My car was now directly facing the perimeter highway at the lights.

I looked behind me and saw that I was not the only one pulled over. There was a car, van and a semi truck with there four ways flashing. All of which pulled in behind me just after I had. I looked back at the lights and they had gone. The driver in the car just behind me had gotten out and talked to the person in the van. I sat in my car in shock, called my Mom and told her what I had seen. Five minutes passed and the other vehicles had gone as did I.

VERNON TO KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- I am writing to let you know of a very strange event that happened to me about six weeks ago on my way to Kelowna. (I live in Vernon and commute to Kelowna for work during the week.) For the last year I have been following the same routine and schedule every morning to the point where I have my timing down such that I know I need to be at the lights in Oyama at eight o'clock to be in my office by 8:25 am. On June 2, 2008, I followed my routine as usual and was pleased to see that I was actually ten minutes early arriving in Oyama at 7:50 a.m.

I have no recollection of driving between Oyama and Winfield that morning, however, as I approached the lights in Winfield I noticed that the sun was higher in the sky than it should be. When I glanced at my clock in the car I was shocked to see that the time was 9:10 am. Somehow between Oyama and Winfield I lost approximately one hour and twenty minutes. Since then I have not been sleeping all that well. I have no idea what transpired during that time. I am in sound mind and body and I am sure I did not have a blackout or anything similar.

CORNER BROOK, NEWFOUNDLAND -- On Sunday night my two sons (ages 9 & 12) were up late watching TV with me. They went upstairs to get ready for bed at about 11:30 PM, and were looking out the window to watch the planes going overhead. At about 11:45 I heard my oldest son let out a scream... "Daddy, run out to the deck, there's a UFO going over the house!!"

VERNON B.C. -- Sorry for the bad quality of this video taken on July 25, 2008. Anyhow, another sighting here and similar to what I gave you from before, but this time I caught it on video. The voices are me - English, and three other guests from my motel - from Germany. We all witnessed the cylindrical looking light - but could not really see a solid object. very high altitude - cloud level - Eastern Sky – at 10 PM…The building is the rear of a Safeway store. *To View The Vernon, B.C. Video Footage* Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Germany Slow Moving Fireballs

BERLIN -- I was sitting on a bench in Friedrichstrasse on July 25, 2008, on a very hot sultry evening and I saw two slow moving fireballs in the eastern sky. They processed slowly across the sky at 2,000 feet before being obscured by a building. They were completely silent and no one l else seemed to notice although the angle that I was sitting at meant that people were not naturally looking in that direction. The entire sighting lasted about a minute. I'm not interested in UFOs and can offer no obvious explanation. Both their path and speed were constant. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico Sighting

CABO -- It appeared about one mile away on the horizon above the Pacific Ocean south of Cabo then it moved about a mile east just above the coastline. Then within a second it appeared about a mile straight above me. Then it moved about a mile out to its original position straight south of Cabo about 400 yards above the ocean. Each time it moved it flashed about 10 times then moved super fast to next location flashed about 10 times then moved again. I was on my ocean front balcony star gazing I am an amateur astronomer I thought it was an aircraft but the speeds were imposable once it moved. It was a clear night it flashed very brilliantly then it vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Puerto Rico Strange Lights

VEGA BAJA -- On July 25, 2008, strange lightning broke down the transformer to our house so the house was dark when around 11:57 PM; I felt the presence of someone watching me from outside my window. I went outside and looked up to the sky to see a bright light changing colors from yellow to red and blue. The lights started to flow in circles and to form different patterns. I knew it wasn't a common star. The light started to move vertical then disappears, then four seconds later a shooting star passes super fast but I think it was the UFO that disappeared seconds ago. After sighting the strange lights, I ran to my parents and told them something was moving very fast in the sky but they didn't believe me. I know that it wasn't a jet because it was moving too fast and disappeared in two seconds. The UFOs can totally camouflage through the stars so be careful sometimes they are not stars! I've been experiencing these things since I was six years old. I'm 13 years old, but I know we are not alone in the universe! Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/England Sightings

DONCASTER SOUTH YORKSHIRE – On July 23, 2008, I came in from having a cigarette in the back garden on 10:40 PM, and noticed a light coming in my direction from west to east. I thought it was the headlights of a plane coming in to land at Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster as we get a lot of flight traffic overhead. The object was a golden, single light. It didn't lose altitude and was moving slower than an incoming civilian aircraft. I watched it pass pretty much directly overhead and was surprised that it was completely silent and its lights stayed the same shape and there were no wing or tail lights. Normally when planes go over, the headlights appear to go out as it passes by. There were two normal planes in the sky (with wing and tail lights) at the same time - albeit moving in different, unrelated directions. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

ELLESMERE, SHROPSHIRE -- We were leaving the outskirts of town driving 30 mph on A528 towards Overton on July 11, 2008, when we saw eleven 'planes' with fins, but no wings. We were amazed at their sudden appearance at 2:35 PM, their unfamiliar shapes, how low and slowly they were flying. I used to work at British Aerospace, and I am familiar with jet planes and jet aircraft engines at very close quarters. Someone said, "They were Lightning jets, but these planes bore absolutely no resemblance to Lightning's. The planes were grouped in two arrowheads, followed by two singles - 5 + 4 + 1 + 1. The last one was maneuvering to join the formation. The craft were square, long box-shaped fuselage, open at the rear; narrow, swept back wings -more like narrow fins than wings, with little surface area to provide lift. They had heavy, rugged all-metal construction half the size of a Harrier Jet., resembling worn sheet aluminum.

This was old-looking technology, neither aerodynamic nor streamlined without a tail or external engines; nor ailerons; no cockpit; no markings; no armaments; no aerials or external appendages; no wheels or sign of wheel bays. My partner thinks the nose was slightly rounded Thunderbirds style." RAF Shawbury is about 14 miles southeast of Ellesmere.

We heard the objects loud roar above our car's diesel engine with the passenger window open, but not sufficiently ear-splitting for eleven jet engines a few hundred feet away. There was no smell or fumes, no flames, vapor or sign of air turbulence from open rear of the box fuselage. They were flying 150 to 300 feet above ground level approaching the built-up area of Ellesmere probably slower than a 100 mph- with only twenty feet between the craft. The Royal International Air show at Fairford - 100 miles southeast of Ellesmere - on 12th and 13th July was cancelled because of very heavy rain. The Farnborough International Air show was held three days later from July 14 to 20, 2008, 170 miles southeast of Ellesmere. See

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