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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
August 27, 2008

George Filer:
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Saturn's Moon Enceladus Has Geysers

Cassini captured the "tiger stripe" fissures on the Saturn's moon Enceladus, from which geysers were first spotted in 2005. The discovery started a debate over whether "icequakes" grind the frozen crust of the moon enough to warm and release gases there or whether a lake is hidden within Enceladus. The extended mission flew only 29 miles above tine moons South Pole. The discovery started a debate over whether "icequakes" grind the frozen crust of the moon enough to warm and release gases there or whether a lake is hidden within Enceladus, feeding the geysers. Liquid water is considered a crucial ingredient for life.

The geyser discovery alone on Enceladus surprised scientists, who thought that the 310-mile-wide moon was too small to harbor any significant earthquake activity or a core hot enough to power geysers. The flyby images reveal more clues to the mystery of the tiger stripes.*They appear to be about 980 feet deep and have steep walls. A snowy fallout of smooth ice lines their sides. Ice boulders the size of houses surround them. "The report that they see self-sealing and evidence for movement of the vents up and down along the fractures over time is great news.

UFOs Fly Straight Lines or Ley Lines Over Sacred Sites

The presence of prehistoric sites – megalithic tombs, stone circles and standing stones, Ley Lines indicated that these energy currents were known in prehistoric times and that the sites did not merely mark the route but somehow also tapped into this energy source. Frequently, important prehistoric monuments occupy sites where two or more Ley Lines intersect. Also located along these Ley Lines are sites associated with Dragons and Dragon Killers.

The early British Christians built their churches on the old sacred sites, which is a reason why most old churches are also on Ley Lines of energy coursing through the earth. The two early Saints Michael and George took over hill and dale. Both of these Saints were famous Dragon killers.

(Most of St. Michael's churches are located on hilltops such as St Michael's Mount in Cornwall, England), St. Michael kept a lookout over the high ridges, and St. George took over the lowlands. On St. Michael's feast day, which was originally celebrated on the Fall Equinox, but was later changed to the 29th of Sept., everyone spends the night celebrating. Dowsers who have experimented with Ley Lines have found that many double in width at sunrise and sunset, and fluctuate during the phases of the moon and at the change of the seasons. The energy is most intense at noon on the full moon, but quiets down just before the sunset. The energy has been known to reverse direction at times. The E-line is the largest ley line found. This line circles the globe and is 70 to 100 paces in width. It is thought UFOs use the Ley Lines for navigation or possible propulsion.

The old straight paths of the serpent in Australia run across the deserts. The aborigines have the job of caring for the rock painting made by their ancestors at the points where the lines cross. Each tribe takes care of their own area, repainting the rocks at the proper time and season. They are called the Song Lines here, as the aborigines sing songs of the creation to release the power of the serpent to make the land fertile. Australia s largest monolith Ayers Rock or Uluru in aborigine is the aborigine's center of life in Australia. They say that it marks the spot where two serpents come together.

Persia also sports absolutely straight roads, which run for miles across the land. Ethiopia also has it own straight paths connecting its standing stones. These stones were also associated with the Dragon in ancient times.

Even the Bible contains stories of the old paths. For instance the Book of Samuel contains the story of the Philistines capture of the Ark of the Covenant. They put it in a cart pulled by oxen and allowed the oxen to pull it away, destination unknown. The oxen took the straight way of Beth-Shemesh, turned not left or right, and ended up at a standing stone.

From ancient Greece, comes the story of the energy of Dragon Python, who was worshipped in Delphi as the creator of the earth. This energy connected all the ancient holy sites, and was ruled over by Castor and Pollux, the twins equated with the constellation of Gemini, and ruled over by Hermes (Mercury), who was the overseer of energy and paths.

Ancient legends abound that tell the story of the killing of the Dragon or the Serpent. These range from the Babylonian Dragon Tiamet, or the first creator. There is also the story of St. Patrick driving the serpents out of Ireland. All the old knowledge is still alive, but is hidden and embedded in the old legends, symbolism, and traditions.

Ancient Sites Such as Woodhenge Depict a Disk

During my four year Air Force tour in England I visited many prehistoric sites such as Stonehenge that could have been a landing place for disc shaped UFOs. A couple miles away is Woodhenge older than Stonehenge and was made from wood also in the shape of a disc. Archeologists claim the ancients worshipped the Sun or Moon, but these are balls not discs shaped. The timber circles were uncovered at Durrington Walls, the site of a Stone Age village and prehistoric earthworks were discovered in the early summer of 1925 as Squadron Leader Insall sat at the controls of his Sopwith Snipe and noticed the recently ploughed remains of several disc barrows which had been almost obliterated by decades of farming. One particular barrow in Dough Covert caught his eye as it appeared to resemble Stonehenge, visible two miles away. Woodhenge was made by skilled carpenters who lived 4000 years ago. It was 127 feet in diameter and contained 2750 yards of wooden framework that required ten acres of land. It was probably built prior to Stonehenge and may have been as a model for the stone monolith.

The Squadron Leader's subsequent aerial photography showed that there were indeed circles of holes or pits in the chalk. It consisted of an outer ditch and bank some 76 meter (250 feet) in diameter enclosing several concentric circles of holes, originally intended for timber posts long since disappeared. Unlike Stonehenge, there was no central alter stone. Further investigation showed that the monument, dated at 2300BC, was older than parts of the Stonehenge complex. For the want of a better name the investigators christened the new discovery 'Woodhenge', as this title seemed so appropriate it was adopted permanently.

Archaeologists found evidence that two timber circles once stood within Durrington Walls around 2500 B.C. At the south of the Durrington site, five concentric rings measuring 130 feet (40 meters) across and a smaller circle with two timber rings to the north. Mike Parker Pearson of the Stonehenge Riverside Project believes Durrington Walls and nearby Stonehenge were intimately connected represent the domains of the living and the dead, respectively. The shape of Woodhenge and Stonehenge are similar to flying discs. The standard thirty foot disc could have been able to land on the top of the structures.

Ireland Prehistoric Discs God Hypothesis

I have a great interest in prehistoric sites and UFOs. Archaeologists often claim that Stone Age man worshipped the sun, moon or Mother Earth. Having chased UFOs over the UK, I feel our ancestors would also have seen these flying disc shaped objects and that they built their burial mounds to duplicate the UFOs. Many mounds were also fitted with landing pads to welcome the visitors. We can assume the extraterrestrial visitors brought gifts and knowledge and promises of everlasting life. Reverend Barry Downing, Ph.D. author of The Bible and Flying Saucers, has coined a theory termed the God Hypothesis that UFOs are found in the Bible, in the Sumerian writings, the Hindu Vedic literature, cave art and in the megalithic art and the legends and writings of people all over the world. He feels UFOs have been with us for thousands of years, were seen by the ancients and were known to carry certain saints to heaven. Further we must seek a deeper understanding of UFOs relationship with humans.

If the purpose of the mound was to worship the sun would a landing area at the top be included?

The Great Mound at Knowth was built over 5000 years ago, and is similar in size to Newgrange and is surrounded by 17 smaller satellite mounds. Knowth is both the largest and most remarkable ancient monument in Ireland. Though Newgrange is more famous, Knowth has turned out to be a very interesting and important site with a collection of 261 engraved stones and some finely carved artifacts from the neolithic builders.

Knowth is the site of a Neolithic Passage Grave one of the ancient monuments of the Brú na Bóinne complex in the valley of the River Boyne. It is the largest of all Passage Graves or tombs in Ireland.. Passage graves are distributed extensively all over much of Europe and many were constructed at the tops of hills or mountains, where UFOs are seen landing or hovering. Archeologists feel the ancients worshiped the sun or moon, but if the mounds represent planets they would require fewer satellite tombs. This design may represent a Mothership and 17 smaller flying discs.

Notice there are figures in the stones above possibly representing gods? The passages are independent of each other and it contains three recesses and basin stones into which the cremated remains of the dead were placed. The right-hand recess is larger and more elaborately decorated with megalithic art. This chamber is separated from the passage by a sillstone. The chamber seems to have also contained a basin stone. This was later removed and is now located about two thirds down the passageway. The burial chambers are reached along two passages so that the sun shines into the passage.

An engraved Knowth Kerbstone K15, is possibly a sundial or lunar calendar according to archeologists. The lines have been superimposed using Photoshop by Martin Byrne to show the ancient drawing. Two disc shaped objects are shown at the right apparently spinning. A large engineering type drawing of half a disc is shown at the bottom of the stone. Crashed disc UFOs reportedly are segmented like a pie cut into to pieces as shown in the drawing.

The great mound of Knowth and some of the satellites, with the megalithic art of a kerbstone from the great mound inverted in Photoshop and added to the sky.

Knowth has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. George Eogan and his team of archaeologists began excavating the Great Mound at Knowth in 1962; five years later they discovered the first passage and chamber, subsequent excavation revealed a collection of 200 carved stones that comprises a third of Western European Neolithic art. Most of the art shows multiple spirals, and some lozenges ?that again may be depicting UFOs.

Kerbston 5 could also represent a UFO. The shape of the mound structures seems to show the wrap around aspect of the typical UFO disc. The burial sites often contain small discs or models about a foot in size. Great passage mounds, dolmens, stone circles, standing stones, alignments are all an important feature of the landscape and likely indicate religious worship in some form. It would be reasonable to assume the UFOs were seen floating overhead and were associated with the recycling or transmigration of souls as explained in ancient Egyptian and Vedic writings. The ancients who lived relatively shortened lives were often concerned with the soul's journey to paradise. Although, the actual beliefs is not known, belief in a soul and everlasting life, being carried to heaven or paradise is practically universal. Thanks to and

Arizona - UFOs Caught on Videotape in Storm

Tucson -- I'm a videographer and on August 5, 2008, at 7:30 PM, a friend and I were videotaping an approaching storm as the lightning was really going off. I often film these storms and go back through my footage to find cool still images of lightning. I uploaded my video and started going through and flying across the top right corner of my screen was an object moving too fast to be a plane. Then I discovered that prior to seeing this object, something appears from a cloud in the middle of the screen and zigzags what appears to be into the distance then it shoots off with incredible speed and you here this sound like a ricochet. I decided I needed to go through this footage and see if I had captured any other activity.

First, I zoomed in the image and found three disc shaped objects flying together. I captured the still images for the evidence file. Earlier in the film I discovered two more UFOs. The first appeared about 100 yards away and very quickly flies up from behind a large pine tree across the street and flips then descends and appears to go directly behind my buddies' truck. The other UFO is moving very fast through the clouds.

I discovered another object moving very fast along the horizon real low. It enters from the right as it reaches the left side of the screen in moves in a very fast circular pattern upwards the disappears into the clouds. Further along in the footage an object is seen on the right side of the screen. It appears to be moving towards us the changes direction sharply and zigzags two times then flies quickly into the distance. I zoomed up on this to discover it was 3-4 disc shaped objects flying together. My buddy and I saw nothing during the time we were videotaping. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Arkansas - Disk Seen from Airplane

On August 17, 2008, my family and I were on our way back from Costa Rica and had taken a connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon leaving Atlanta airport on Delta Flight #125, at 4:15 PM, I was seated in the last aisle of seats on the left side of the plane.

About an hour and fifteen minutes into our flight at 5:15 PM, I was looking out the window when I saw a disk shaped ufo fly from right to left of my window heading west as we were flying east towards Los Angeles. The sighting lasted about 5-10 seconds in duration.

Our altitude was 32,000 feet and flying at 512 miles per hour. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California - UFO Photo Reflections

Olema -- A group of six people were camping at Olema RV Resort when we saw a triangle shaped object (1) cruise over head at about 11 PM, on August 9, 2008. It had a single white light at each corner and red light in the center. It made no sound and was flying south toward San Francisco. Observation time, 30 seconds. (NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. We would like to correspond with the source of the report, or any of the other witnesses, in order to inquire whether the red light, alluded to above, was blinking, or solid. PD)

Illinois - Orbs

CHICAGO -- I had just gotten home and unloaded the car on August 17, 2008, and went out to the yard and saw a white glowing orb hovering very low in the western sky. Planes that normally come in over the tree line were coming in way below the tree line. This orb hoveredand probably moved a couple feet in five minutes. Also, it had looked like either a red then blue flash to it quickly. This glowing orb had no FAA lights or moved like the rest of the Midway Airport traffic in the area. It also just disappeared without a trace. A day later it was glowing white in about the same place around 8:20 pm in the western sky. And it, too, was the same in appearance and had the same characteristics. Except on Sunday, the planes flew over it. The timing was about the same. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana - Scariest Night of Our Life

Evansville -- I can't believe I am reporting this because my boyfriend and I talked about not telling anyone since this would make us seem crazy or people would just not believe us anyway. On August 17, 2008, was the scariest night of our lives. We were driving down Morgan Avenue at 9:30 PM, with corn fields on each side of the road, right across Ohio River from Kentucky. I had seen a car parked on the side of the road and then another not too far up the road. I had a feeling they were watching something and looked over at the fields and noticed two bright lights that were not close to each other, but at the same height. They looked like they were above the trees and in front of them. The color was not right or normal and was kind of a bright yellow.

The light to the left descended and disappeared, but the other light that was closer to us was still there. We turned on one of the country roads off Morgan Avenue and were trying to drive towards the lights. We could tell were getting closer and I thought we would just find out it was a radio tower. The road was dark, and my boyfriend said, "It's moving towards us." I was scared and told him to stop the van, and we stopped and it started moving the opposite direction. It did NOT turn around like an airplane; it just started going in the opposite direction away from us rather fast. We kept following but there were heavy trees everywhere blocking our view. In between breaks in the trees, we could see the light and it was getting smaller and disappeared.

We decided to turn around and as we turned in on his side of the road was this big long fat cigar shaped thing. It was huge. Lights were going down the sides of it, and they were going in a row down the side of it and then instantly they would go down the side of it again. I was so scared; we couldn't believe what we were seeing and it changed my life.

It was huge and he turned and backed up and then it was on my side. The trees were heavy and thick and there was this "thing" the size of an airplane, kind of shaped like an airplane without any wings. It was kind of like a big fat whitish cigar. It was so close to us. It was going down behind the trees looking like it was landing, but it made absolutely no noise. We were so scared. I kept telling my boyfriend, "To go, go, go!" He drove fast and finally we made it back to the main highway. Duration of sighting was 8 to 10 minutes and I kept looking back and didn't see it anymore. We could not believe what we had seen. The lights were so weird as they flickered down a row down the side of the "craft."

Comments: Quite clearly the witnesses were very frightened by what they saw. Given the detailed report and the fact that other witnesses may have also seen something unusual this sighting cannot be explained. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Massachusetts - UFO Sightings

Southborough -- On August 3, 2008, at 7:45 PM, I was at a stop sign ready to take a right turn onto Route 85, when I saw what I thought was auto headlights coming and also heard a truck. I waited for the vehicle to pass, but it took longer than expected and realized it wasn't what I'd expected. Traveling along the main road about five feet off the pavement was a triangular shaped flying object 2.5 inches in thickness and about the size of two large pickup trucks in length, with three bright lights emitting to the front of the vehicle and it was darker than stainless steel. There was one light on each side and one in the middle of the front.) and was moving slower than the 35 mph speed limit. Very shortly after passing in front of me it completely disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Canton -- On August 4, 2008, at 7 PM, as I was in my backyard and observed a cigar shaped object with no blinking lights, or sounds, or wings. The object then continued through the open sky then into clouds and came out a few seconds later then disappeared into the tree line. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Sudbury -- On August 4, 2008, a 7:45 PM, my husband and I were returning from a movie and noticed a strangely bright light over to my right. I was driving and could not stay focused on it, so my husband watched as I kept trying to grab glimpse as well. We discussed that it was too big and close to be a star and was not moving, so not a plane? I pulled into the drive way and it was now front and center above the tree line before us. We stood watching its reflectively bright metal, very roundish with a slight bluish tint, but it made no sound. We remained calm and my husband suggested we go inside and get a camera and binoculars. We saw a bluish light coming from our computer room, even though the computer was off.

We went outside but the camera could not pick up any details, but the binoculars showed a craft of metal in the shape of a cylinder on end or a roundish object. I could not see any "spinning" or movement of the craft itself. Later we went inside and the computer was on, even though we knew we had shut it off, and my husband asked if I smelled body odor, but I felt it was more an electrical smell with biological undertones to it. We then took a flash light and walked the entire house but found nothing else disturbed. We are pretty average people employed by corporations and work hard. (NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Michigan - Helicopter UFOs

Niles -- On August 9, 2008, I woke from sleeping in a tent and stepped out to use the restroom at 4:24 AM. When I looked up I saw three dancing lights, all in sync with each other toward the east, like a triangle. Then I looked north and saw one and another to the west. I watched them for about five and went back to sleep in the tent. They were a bit brighter than stars. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

MILINGTON - I was sitting in my family room doing some computer work when I heard a low flying helicopter. I grabbed my digital camera to take some pictures of it and noticed it was flying a bit erratic, and only about 400 feet elevation. I figured it may be looking for someone. I did not notice any other objects in the sky when I was taking the pictures. Later when I was showing my wife the pictures she noticed when we zoomed in on the helicopter, in every picture there was an object either around the helicopter or the helicopter facing the direction of the object(s).

On one photo I was able to zoom in and see "Police" on the side of the helicopter. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

Nevada - Sphere

Reno -- On August 9, 2008, normally you can't see bright stars in downtown Reno but when I was looking up at the sky at 1 AM, I saw a bright sphere dance around for a second or two and then watched it fly away. It flew away at such a high speed that it couldn't have been a plane or helicopter. It was too big to be a meteorite and it flew away from the earth. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Jersey - Disk UFO Sighting

Somerset -- My uncle called and my Mother and I ran outside to see these red and blue lights blinking. We thought it was some type of aircraft moving at a very fast pace but my uncle insisted it wasn't an airplane. I stayed outside with him while my mother and step-father went inside. My uncle searched the sky and told me to look and I saw the white, blue, and red lights with many little aircraft with two bright lights each blinking in the dark sky, with a saucer leading the way about 10:55 PM. It was very close to us and every time the lights blinked, the outline of a saucer was visible. I was in shock since I had always wanted to see a UFO. It passed us and then we really started searching the sky. After 15 minutes, we saw two more. These looked triangular shaped by the way the lights were fixed. The aircraft were very close to one another. We watched for twenty minutes later and I had to go inside and my uncle went home but called for me to look out the window to see a triangular shaped aircraft that was following. When he got home five minutes later, there was one above his house. He got our grandma who saw it and agreed it had too many blinking lights to be an aircraft. About 11:40 PM, my uncle saw one more above the church. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Scotch Plains -- On August 4, 2008, at 10 PM, my family and I were sitting outside on our deck around 10 PM. Out of nowhere a thin rectangular object lit-up white above the houses. It was moving very, very fast (faster than any airplane or meteor) with an emerald green light trail, and no sounds at all were emitted. The sky lit up around like daylight and it was gone in an instant. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

New Mexico Earth Circles

Albuquerque -- My husband found these circle Monday, July14, 2008, and called to see if I knew anything about them. He was going into the horse arena when he noticed them. I was home all weekend and did not hear anything out in the arena.

The only thing that I can think back about that was unusual was that sometime late in the night on Saturday, I woke up to find my lab pup up on the love seat in our bedroom looking out at the arena. Once I spoke to him, he just gave me a strange look and laid back down. When there is someone or something on or near the property, he and my other dogs bark quite loudly. He did not even growl!!!

The circles are approximately 20 feet. in diameter and approximately in the ground about 1-2 inches. There are absolutely no tracks leading up to the arena.

State Director Donald R. Burleson - State Director investigated and states, "Having discussed this with the submitting witness I am convinced that she is sincere, that her secondary witnesses are sincere, and that this represents an anomalous phenomenon, i.e. not readily accountable-for by any facile means; as no crop fields are involved, one would call these "earth circles" presumably. There is no evident explanation for their being there. They created something of a media stir, locally, as Albuquerque's Channel 7 had flyovers to photograph them." Thanks to MUFON CMS

LORDSBURG -- Ramon Ortiz writes, "We have a great deal of UFO activity going day and night I'm capturing on video. This still is taken from a video taken on August 8, 2008, shows a bright object hovering in the sky, and periodically changing shape. Many manoeuvring objects were recently captured near Pyramid Mountain. There seems to be some kind of a portal nearby." Thanks to Benjie Medina and Ramon Ortiz

Ohio - Sphere with Orange Flame Moving Across Sky.

Wapakoneta --My wife and I were heading north on Glynwood-New KnoxvilleRoad on August 2, 2008, at 11:10 PM. We were 500 feet from the 33A intersection when I noticed an orange object in the northern sky. I stopped the car and we got out; and tried to capture a picture of the object with our cell phones. Unfortunately the pictures did not come out.

The object was moving southwest with no sound. It looked like a sphere with an orange flame moving across the sky. It could not have been a hot air balloon because there was no canopy visible and it moved too fast across the sky.

Oregon - Reflective Spinning object

SUN RIVER -- I was watching our local glider rides guy on August 3, 2008, a 10:30 PM, and I spotted this sparkling object in the sky to the west of Sunriver. I grabbed the video camera and shot over 15 minutes of video and watched for over 45 minutes. It started to the west of Sunriver out over the Cascades, moved to the south east over LaPine, then headed north. It was way up there. I saw a jet flying which I guessed was at 30-36 thousand feet and this object was over twice as high. You can see in the video I shot that the object is spinning and has somewhat of an irregular shape. You can watch the video at

Pennsylvania - Photos of UFOs on FOX News

Bucks County – Fox TV in Philadelphia reports, "So far, nobody has reported taking a ride in any unidentified flying objects." But people who never believed in them before say they've sighted them, literally, in their own backyards. Kolpan reported that, back when he was a kid, it seemed people spotted UFOs every few minutes and there was something of a panic over them. Most of that panic has subsided, but people still see them -- especially people in Bucks County.

"The first time I've ever saw it was above this yellow townhouse," said Denise, who believes she was a UFO witness. Denise -- who said she has never believed in little green men -- has seen UFOs over her backyard five times since April. "It was kind of like oval shaped and it was about the size of a car, a small car, and it had three giant headlights on the bottom of it," she said.

Since June 25 between Bucks and Philadelphia, 44 such bogeys have been spied. How do we know? Well, people like Denise have pictures. "Between the malls to my right and Don Pablo's is right here there's been V-shaped objects," said Bob Gardner, a field investigator for MUFON -- the Mutual UFO Network. He says the sightings over Bucks are legion, in regular old neighborhoods, right over the Oxford Valley Mall and above the now-shuttered Don Pablo's restaurant.

"With the universe that vast, it's like Columbus discovered America, these aliens or extraterrestrials are trying to discover new worlds," Gardner said. Of course, none of this explains the mystery of why the Don Pablo's closed down. But maybe the aliens are like everyone else and love Mexican food and they abducted the kitchen staff. "I understand they do that with people they like," said Kolpan, right before beaming out. Bucks county residents have snapped pictures of what they believe are UFOs.

There have been dozens of sightings recently in the suburban Philadelphia County, and Fox 29's Gerald Kolpan found neighbors aren't afraid to talk about it.

Texas - Disk

Denton -- On August 9, 2008, I went outside to have my afternoon break, which today was at 5:25 PM, and happened to look up and see the same disc as I had seen the day before. It was shiny white/silver disc shape with a domed top. It was traveling from the northeast to the southwest, traveling at a leisurely pace. This time it traveled from the tree line to the north across the sky in front of me until it almost reached the tree line to the south, at which time it turned around and traveled back to the northeast. So again I saw this object from many angles. I was able to watch it for at least five minutes or more.

Today there was also a small plane in another part of the sky a little lower than the object, but I was able to compare the two and see that this object was not a plane. It also appeared to be about the same size as the plane but with no wings, or tail, or rudder. The sky was clear except for a few cirrus clouds to the northeast. When the object turned going back in the direction that it had come from it passed behind the cirrus clouds, yet I was still able to see it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Washington - Video

On Sunday August 16, 2008, we had a lightning storm and I decided to go out and try to catch a picture. It was strange because there was no wind, rain or thunder; just lightning. My girl friend suggested we go out and try to take some pictures, and so I started to do a little movie on my camera and I saw a white light flying around in the cameras view screen. Then I thought to take some more pictures facing the lightning and this is what I got. I did some cut and paste to get a lot of the different shapes colors and sizes on one picture and the only other thing I did was to lighten the pictures and enhance the color that was already there. I have all the original pictures and these are all on one and enhanced for easer viewing. Could these be UFOs, if so I got a real show for my money! hanks to MUFON CMS

Australia - Light Darts Back and Fourth

Perth City -- I was at work having a smoke break on the 2nd story balcony and towards Armadale I spotted a light brighter than a star. I continued to watch the light as it darted to the left to quick for a plane or helicopter to move, and then it darted back to the right and continued to move until it disappeared. It then reappeared over Perth City side in a matter of seconds and disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Canada - 289 Sightings this Year

Windsor, Ontario -- I happened to look up into the sky on August 2, 2008, at 11 PM, to see a bright oval shape object moving slowly in the sky at a fairly low altitude. It suddenly vanished as it picked up a tremendous amount of speed. A flash of light occurred before it vanished. The sighting lasted about 4 to 5 seconds.

Aylmer – We were crossing the Champlain Bridge over Ottawa River at 9:43 AM, on August 9, 2008, when we spotted a bright orange rectangle above the river. We drove down street parallel to the river, and it had already disappeared. I saw a huge disk with two big lights and several smaller lights around it.

I was star gazing and I saw a huge light thinking it was a plane. Then I saw it was like a disk shape with two huge lights and several smaller lights. It was dark but I could see its form and knew100% it was no plane. I yelled, "Everybody come quick. Hurry, hurry...." My cousin and brother saw it too and screamed in horror. But by the time my father came, it vanished.

Reunion Island - Possible Crash

Etang Salé -- According to some witnesses who called up radio stations on August 14, 2008, about 6 PM, a flying vessel with blinking lights fell or dived into the sea two kilometers offshore from the Reunion southwestern coastline near Etang Salé. I heard air traffic control request to an Air Madagascar plane about to land at FMEP airport to check for a crash. The pilot told the control tower there were no debris nor had they heard any distress call while descending from 10,000 feet.

Information about the sighting is in the newspaper this morning. The four main witnesses say it was like a red ultra light air craft, but nobody at the two airports (FMEE and FMEP) got a flight plan neither a departure of any ultra light nor private aircraft or helicopter at this time the mystery remain unsolved. According to another witness he saw three balloons (two red and one black). These balloons could have been mistakened for an object falling into the sea.

Comments: Apparently several saw an unusual craft hit the water. According to the "second-hand" witness no regular aircraft with flight plans were missing. A link to a local newspaper article was sent, but the newspaper is written in French so no additional information could be gathered. One witness believes that the object was a balloon. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest


BLANFORD -- On July 29 and 30, 2008, the four of us saw an object in the sky, brighter and bigger than Mars. At 10:10 PM, it was moving across the sky quite fast and as it was dimmer until it disappeared. The same thing then happened on Wednesday night, but we saw it from a different location. Other people I know have also seen similar things but when they saw it, the flying object it zoomed off in another direction and then disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Birmingham -- A bright light was travelling fast, turning quickly and returning the way it had come from on August 10, 2008, at 11:55PM. It was visible through a thin cloud cover green/blue chevron in shape, travelling very fast. Initially thought it was a shooting star but it turned around and travelled back the way it had come.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. Morning or evening sighting?? PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Tile Hill, Coventry – A group of six people sitting in a garden on August 2, 2008, at 10:15 PM, saw nine orange lights in this formation: 1,3,2 slight gap then 2 more then a final one. The lights moved across the sky in silence, then rose into the sky and vanished. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales – On August 2, 2008, at 9:35 PM, we saw what we first thought was a hot air balloon on fire in the skies just east of RAF St Athan and Cardiff Wales International Airport.It looked like something on fire and was fairly motionless. Our initial thought was that it was a hot air balloon flaring up or on fire. The object then started moving at a fairly fast pace (like an aeroplanes speed) east over Cardiff. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

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