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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
September 10, 2008

George Filer:
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UFO Sightings Increasing

UFO sightings are rising with increased sightings reported from Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. We could foolishly attribute the hundreds of sightings each week to mistaken identification of aircraft, satellites or natural phenomena but most of the sightings claim the UFOs perform feats of speed and maneuver not capable by manmade aircraft. Some claim these are optical illusions, but why do we not have optical illusions when other objects are sighted. There seems to be a psychological reluctance by government and science to admit UFOs are in our skies. I personally had some reluctance to believe my aircraft was intercepting a UFO at the request of London Control and that I had the UFO on my radar. Being skeptical is natural. Scientists should be exploring these unknown phenomena, but most hate to accept a new phenomenon since they would have to rewrite most of their textbooks. It's much easier to claim UFOs do not exist than to acknowledge there are unknown and unidentified craft in our skies. When I was in the Air Force our regulations required that we report all unidentified aircraft including UFOs (JANAP-146).

In conversations with aircrews at McGuire Air Force Base the crews are regularly spotting UFOs over New Jersey and even as far away as Iraq. Numerous intelligence, military, and government employees report the reality of UFOs. Unfortunately UFOs do not land in large numbers for the public to realize the reality of the phenomenon. Our radars regularly track the UFOs, they are being vide taped and photographed in large numbers.

UFOs have been seen on Earth and recorded for 30,000 years. Ancient caves used by Stone Age man have exact replica drawings in caverns in Spain and France. The Nasca Lines can be seen from space and point to ancient Peruvian cities. Many aspect of religion might point to ufological activity.

Dr. Jacques Vallee in his excellent book,"Passport to Magonia" shows that legends can often be reduced to UFO sightings and abductions. In reading older books, Vallee had noticed a curious correspondence between stories that were hundreds of years old and those he was investigating in the late 1960s.

When the underlying archetypes are extracted from these rumors, the saucer myth is seen to coincide to a remarkable degree with the fairy-faith of Celtic countries, the observations of the scholars of past ages, and the widespread belief among all peoples concerning entities whose physical and psychological descriptions place them in the same category as the present-day UFOnauts. In May 1955, Dr. Vallée sighted an UFO over his home in Pontoise, France. While working on the staff of the French Space Committee, Vallée witnessed the destruction of the tracking tapes of unknown objects orbiting the earth. These events contributed to Vallée's long-standing interest in the UFO phenomenon.

However, by 1969, Vallée concluded the extraterrestrial hypothesis was too narrow and ignored too much data. Dr. Vallée began exploring the commonalities between UFOs, religious movements, angels, fairy-folk, and multidimensional visitation. This hypothesis represents an extension of the extraterrestrial hypothesis ETH where the alleged extraterrestrials could be potentially from anywhere. The entities could be multidimensional beyond space-time, and thus could coexist with humans, yet remain undetected. He feels UFOs are real, represent a previously unrecognized phenomenon, and that the facts do not support the common concept of "space visitors."

If anyone takes the time to examine the evidence a person must come to the conclusion UFOs exist. I have noticed better and more detailed video and photos are being taken as more people have digital cameras, phones with cameras and video equipment. We have over a thousand cases with occupants being seen. The UFOs regularly hover over our airfields, nuclear sites, power plant, hospitals, and schools and chase our aircraft, ships and trains. We have numerous cases where UFOs are spotted and our animals verify they are also aware of the visitors. We have some sixty UFO events per hour, that often effect witnesses in numerous ways. They seem to operate with electromagnetic propulsion that could change the propulsion system and our reliance on foreign oil. Virtually every time the Shuttle flies or cosmonauts go into space their cameras pick up UFOs. It would seem that any nation that understands the propulsion system and advanced technology of UFOs would become rulers of the planet. Even today our aircraft are no match for the speeds and maneuverability of UFOs.

There are other aspects of UFOs such as the advanced healing techniques reported of the UFOnauts that should be researched. I had two medical doctors examine the two foot long horizontal scar across the chest of an abductee. They could think of no medical reason for making such a long incision on the chest of this man. However, the scar proved the incision had occurred and healed in a matter of hours by a green light. The UFOnauts used a pencil like flashlight to make the incision and close and quickly heal the wound. There are numerous examples of cuts, biopsy, scars, implants that should be examined by the medical field. My research indicates the UFOnauts use light to heal, rather than drugs. Picking up on these stories I have researched the concept of healing by light in various color frequencies. I have a history of colds and flu like symptoms for virtually every year of my life that have never been prevented by flu shots or really prevented or helped by modern medicine. Discussing this problem with a UFO researcher and patent developer Curtis Cooperman he suggested light treatment. Using a simple lime green light I have gone more than a year without a cold.

Using a lime green light whenever my wife or I suspect we're coming down with a cold or the flu we have reversed the effects and stayed healthy. I mentioned this result to my Doctor who simply stated, "Whatever works, science has now cure for the common cold." Billions are spent on drugs and virtually no research is being conducted in the medicine and treatments apparently used by the UFOnauts.

Mars mission full of surprises

A fork-like conductivity probe has sensed humidity rising and falling beside NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander, but when stuck into the ground, its measurements so far indicate soil that is very dry, although ice is abundant.

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander inserted the four needles of its thermal and conductivity probe into Martian soil during the 98th Martian day, or sol, of the mission and left it in place until Sol the next day (Sept. 4, 2008), when this image was taken. Soil does not appear to be stuck to the needles. Conductivity readings can be indicators about water vapor, water ice and liquid

"If you have water vapor in the air, every surface exposed to that air will have water molecules adhere to it that are somewhat mobile, even at temperatures well below freezing. In below-freezing permafrost terrains on Earth, that thin layer of unfrozen water molecules on soil particles can grow thick enough to support microbial life. One goal for building the conductivity probe and sending it to Mars has been to see whether the permafrost terrain of the Martian arctic has detectable thin films of unfrozen water on soil particles. By gauging how electricity moves through the soil from one prong to another, the probe can detect films of water barely more than one molecule thick.

The University of Arizona led Mars Mission began in May when the Phoenix Mars Lander landed near the North Pole of Mars. Strong evidence of the presence of water on Mars had been confirmed in the past by images from the Mars Odyssey orbiter, but the Lander's discovery was the first time that a physical sample of water on the planet had been collected. The Lander is collecting soil and ice samples in trenches on the surface, which range from around two to seven inches deep, as well as taking pictures that are then sent back to scientists to be analyzed.

Another major discovery in the Mars mission was the identification of several minerals in Mars' alkaline soil, including magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride and perchlorate. "Finding perchlorate is neither good nor bad for life. The Lander has also been gathering images of the cloud patterns. A recent movie composed of still images taken over a 10-minute period show ice clouds moving over the landing site.

Arizona UFO Photos

BULLHEAD CITY -- On September 5, 2008, I went outside because the neighbor's dogs were barking and I wanted to see what was going on. When I looked up into the NNE, I saw several different areas where there were lights flashing. I went back in and got my binoculars to check it out. I could see then that there was some sort of craft. Not an airplane, but it was too high to get a good glimpse. But I did get some odd pictures. I know that whatever those were they stayed in the same area for a long time...I went inside after about ten minutes. There is a lot of activity around here lately. Not only do I sense it and feel it. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California - Sightings

JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT, ORANGE-- On the evening of September 3, 2008, at about 7:15 PM, as I was watching the Republican Convention my daughter came running in and said that there is something "weird" outside of her window. I thought she might have seen a plane since we live in a flight path for John Wayne Airport.

"I was looking out the window when I saw a craft with several lights on it. See the drawing. It was not a plane, copter, or blimp. It flew, but was not shaped properly. It passed through the air, past our house." I then made sure to ask her as to exactly how she saw the object. By what she told me, that object was traveling slowly at tree top level in a northerly direction toward the 22-Freeway. When I got into her room the object was gone.

ALISO VIEJO – On September 4, 2008, at around 9:15 PM, I was disturbed by the sounds of a helicopter outside in a "search" pattern. After about five minutes of helicopter noise, and my wife becoming disturbed, I went outside to investigate. After going outside, I identified at least two helicopters in an irregular "orbit" pattern at about 200-500 feet AGL at the South/East region of Boundary Oak and Wood Canyon, just North/East of Soka University.

Immediately adjacent, I observed a disc shaped UFO at the same location in a wobbling hover mode (pitching and rolling about 15-30 degrees) and moving not more than 20-30 mph to the northwest. The disc shape, flight pattern, lights, and sound, was clearly not consistent with conventional rotary wing aircraft or their flight patterns, and hence, I concluded it was an "unidentified" object. The UFO disc shape was inferred by a clearly observed ring of discrete 8 to 15 lights. Between, may have been circles or squares that appeared to line the perimeter of the bottom of the object. I was not able to see any other shape features. I am uncertain on the color of the lights (may have been white/yellow/orange). The two helicopters were holding in a tight pattern to the southeast and to the northwest, and appeared to be "investigating" the object. The helicopters kept a distance of a few hundred feet from the object.

The disc was 30 to 40 feet in diameter, and was at least the size of the adjacent helicopters. Both my wife and I observed the object in a slow hover for at least a few minutes. Then, it moved slowly to the northwest and below the homes in the suburb. I drove my car to try find the object. and met four neighbors together outside who had observed the same object. From a hilltop near Soka University, I could see 3-5 helicopters in the Laguna Beach area that joined the "search. Thanks to MUFON CMS

BROWNSVILLE -- We were walking along our ridge (el.2800ft) looking southeast over Brownsville Valley at 8:25 AM, on September 6, 2008, and saw a motionless rectangular black spot in the sky. It remained unidentifiable long enough that I became curious and set my Canon S5 digital camera on a rock to use as a telescope. It has 48x magnification that can resolve the moons of Jupiter. I felt no way was that a helicopter! Then, it began drifting westward, decreasing altitude smooth like a balloon, no irregularities.

I finally concluded that it almost had to be some wacky balloon, but there seemed not enough volume to support any weight. And it was bright reflective metallic not matte surface. It looked heavy, compact, and structurally very complicated. The object went between two ridges precisely where a forest fire had been receiving tanker drops four days earlier. We at first thought it might be some recon vehicle doing a follow-up, but it was unnecessarily radical for such work, and we've never seen anything remotely like this. Distance to object was about 2-3 miles and it made no sound as drifting west towards Bangor. Beale AFB is 15 miles to the south. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Massachusetts Photo Likely Sky Writing

REHOBETH -- About 2:30 pm, on Sunday, August 17, 2008, two witnesses and I were at a cemetery captured the photo of row after row of same sized circles of "vapor" spaced equally in a shape that was a perfect rectangle, traveling overhead diagonally. They were all the same size, vapor circles, traveling all together in unison, after they went in a cloud (or above) they came out a little disorganized than their regular formation, but kept traveling and apparently there was another group that joined them.

John E. Combest stated, "I think the Massachusetts Cloud Fleet photo in Filer's Files #36, above is sky writing, I can make out an ‘S.'

BOSTON -- Nancy and John wrote, "We enjoy looking at your website and are glad to see that we are not alone in this universe! We live in Boston and took this picture on the same day as the purported UFO fleet over Rehobeth, Massachusetts on August 17th." Go Sox!

Rehobeth is 35 miles south of Boston where sky writing might explain the photo.

Michigan - Bright Silver Oval Shape

HANOVER -- On August 30, 2008, I was looking out my kitchen window this morning from 5 to 5:30 AM and saw a bright silver oval shape with a bunch of colors right through the center. The colors were not flashing off and on, but sort of dancing rapidly around it. It hovered there for about 3 - 5 minutes. I rubbed my eyes and still saw it. I was looking southeast over the Summerset Lake - Cement City area. Then it zipped off very fast and I couldn't see it behind the trees. Then it was just gone. It never came through the other side of the trees. I was just astonished!!

Comments: I think that I would be astonished if I saw what the witness sighted. Given the explanation this sighting fits into the "unknown" category. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

New Mexico – Round Object Changing Colors

QUEMADO -- On September 3, 2008, my Father observed a round object in the NE sky at 10:37 PM, for about 15 minutes before he went and got my Mother. My Mom said she watched it for at least half an hour before she fell asleep. The object was round and changed colors from red, white, blue and green.

Mom said it moved up and down and a little from side to side. Sometimes it moved slowly, sometimes quickly. They think it could be something military as earlier in the day they had two military cargo planes fly low overhead going in that general direction. My Mom said the planes were low enough that she could easily see the pilots in both planes. There were other aircraft in the area as the land my parents own is in the flight path for final approach into ABQ. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania Wings of a Different Color

LITTLESTOWN -- I was taking pictures of the sunset and decided to take one over the house when I thought I saw something on the LCD screen (after the shot was taken) that wasn't visible to the naked eye. I came in to look at the images and realized I caught something odd and went out to take more pictures. I stood in the exact spot using the roof of the house as a reference point. Nothing was there. I moved the camera to the left and right taking random pictures with and without flash. The object was only visible after the photo had been taken and only showed up when I used a flash. It was jumping all over the sky and maneuvered all around like no plane or satellite. One minute it was there and the next it was not and then it reappeared somewhere else. I was facing east and the moon was half full in the SSW. I captured seven pictures showing the object until it got too dark.

I always watch the sky over the river. There were a lot of planes flying when one passed near this light I noticed it didn't look like a plane. It looked like it had four wings of different color with a smaller light right in front. It went across the sky not real fast from the east towards the west, I watched it for a minute or so before I lost sight of it. My neighbor also saw it and we both agreed that it wasn't like anything we've ever seen. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Tennessee Landing Photos

GREENEVILLE – My husband and I (Jennifer) were driving toward home after getting an early breakfast on September 5, 2008, and we saw a white streak of a light toward sunrise. Ty was driving and said, "Look, the space station...or a UFO." We pulled onto Highway 107 with traffic around us as the object dropped altitude and flew in our direction. It dropped so low I was able to see the outline of the black or gray UFO. It was clearly a triangle shape, and had three large white or yellow lights underneath with two or three smaller lights of the same color between those three lights that made up the triangle. It flew right over our car in broad daylight at 1,000 feet or less. It was flying relatively slow but smoothly with no noise and went in the opposite direction of sunrise, toward the mountains.

Friday night, we saw something else. My husband was alone getting gas nearby our home when he spotted a strange amber/orange colored light in the sky over a mountain toward Greeneville. Even though he was driving back home he could see it off and on for ten minutes. When he got home he asked me to come outside to see this light hovering over the mountain. It was not one of the cell tower blinking lights. Ty got his telescope and we watched the light slowly move behind the mountain.

For three June mornings in a row around 4:30 AM driving to work he saw UFOs. The first morning a triangle was extremely close to the ground right beside the road in a pre-season tomato field. As he drove closer the object rose up slightly and tilted so he saw the lights underneath. He said they were yellowish in color. When he got even closer it disappeared. That afternoon, on his way back home he noticed grass depressions in the tomato field. The next morning he saw another one further away in a different field, and yet again the next morning he saw an object in the sky.

After discovering the grass depressions in the tomato field we took some photos. We found other fields with similar grass depressions, all along about a three mile stretch of Highway 107. This is a hot spot for UFO activity. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas Photo

ERWIN PARK -- I was flying my RC airplane in Erwin Park and first noticed an object at around 7:45 PM, floating overhead at a very high altitude. I could see some detail, it appeared with some black and white areas on the object. I could not tell the shape as it was moving like a balloon with the wind. At one time it looked like it stopped for about 30 seconds then moved backwards only slightly against the wind then continued on with the wind. The duration of the sighting was about eight minutes. I turned my head and lost sight of it. It seemed to be getting higher and smaller. I have one picture of it but the camera I took it with is not very good and it appears as a white spot.

Fifteen minutes later, I had another sighting at 8 PM, just like the one I saw yesterday and this one lasted about two minutes. It was a star like object that appeared above and six degrees to the right of the moon. It was very bright, the same magnitude as Jupiter, but did not move. I lost sight when high thin clouds passed in front of it. I waited until 8:30 PM, but could see the object. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

Utah Photo

SALT LAKE CITY --There were three lights observed at 7:08 PM, on July 2, 2005, on the freeway a few miles from Salt Lake. I am sure, everyone driving on the freeway then also saw the lights. When we arrived at my parent's home, I searched the news sites in Utah to see if there were any reported sightings but there were none.

I took the pictures with the camera sticking out the side window of the car so that the dirty windshield would not interfere with the pictures. The lights remained stationary and did not blink which is why I think they are atmospheric phenomena instead of an aircraft. I will just call them unidentified light sources for now. The pictures were taken with a Canon PowerShot A95.

Comments: I am not sure of the identity of these lights. I believe that they are real objects reflecting sunlight. I don't believe that the objects are regular aircraft, clouds, birds, balloons, etc. It appears that the witness took the photo to the east because the Sun was still up at the time of the photos. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Washington - Three Bright White Orbs

COVINGTON -- There were three bright white orb like objects I sighted going west bound on Highway 18 just before the Covington exit at 9:20 PM, on August 22, 2008. They were hovering with two closer to each other than the third. They did not appear to move in any direction. As I took my exit, I couldn't tell if they were dropping in elevation or just going behind the tree line due to my new position. They were definitely not airplanes or stars. The sky was clear and I could see them very clearly against the dark night sky.

I saw the orbs for about 2 - 3 minutes while I was driving. (I'm lucky I didn't get into a wreck.) The orbs looked about one third the size of the moon. I was the only one in the car, but there were a lot of drivers on the road.

Comments: Given the information in this report it is difficult to say what was sighted. I have written to the witness requesting more information. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Wisconsin - After Burner UFO

SUN PRAIRIE -- My boyfriend and I were heading back home on September 2, 2008, at 12:20 AM, we were heading NE on Highway 151, about half a mile from our Exit 101, when I spotted something and pointed it out to my boyfriend. I began slowing down, and almost completely stopped because there was no traffic behind us, and we were both watching in amazement. At first it was heading east then slightly SE then quickly changed to a NE direction. It was only about 450 -500 feet in front of us and about 500 feet up in the air and descending before it faced NE and completely disappeared. I thought it was a F-16 because the tail looked like an after burner with orange/red, yellow and white colors. There were no shock or roaring noise so it was totally inconsistent with a true after burner that surely would have shook my truck and our ear drums.

I could see no lights and not even an outline of a ship. It seemed to be floating down slowly in front of us with fluid like motions as almost a jet ski would glide on glassy waters. When it did turn NE, we were looking at the rear of the ship and I could almost make out a ring, similar to a single engine military craft, against a black background, before the burner went out and completely disappeared into the night. The capabilities, maneuvers, and behavior of this craft are like none I have ever seen before. I contacted the local police department to find out if there were any reports of strange sightings in the area, but there were none. I also phoned the local Madison Regional Airport, where I know they do have F-16's, and got a hold of Operations where I was told the only landings and take offs were a CRJ (Jet) and a Learjet at 9:30 PM, and 11:52 PM, on Sept.1st and 1:30 AM on Sept.2nd, none of which were F-16's. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Argentina - Airborne Sighting

BUENOS AIRES PROVINCE --We were fifteen minutes from landing at Ezeiza International Airport, nearing dawn, on American Airlines 909, from Miami to Buenos Aires. I had been checking out the Milky Way by dark-rooming myself with the blanket and I saw my normal share of meteors. Then as the pilot was announcing the beginning of descent, I caught a satellite on its steady route, when a faster object started trailing it, catching up with it and playing some sort of game of tag. I also noticed other similar and smaller objects moving around. They stayed in their relative spot to the stars and object. They all headed north and faded out. Almost immediately, another game started, as if the same two objects had re-materialized further south. They vanished again.

Then I caught the same main duo -with the other small phenomena surrounding it as tiny satellites or magnetized sparks with a definite volition- and they followed the same pattern of catching up and speeding unevenly. By then the plane was flying so low that the haze layer made any further identification impossible. These were objects flying at the fringes or above our atmosphere. They looked like a tiny dot -not a point- and their magnitude was around the -1 factor (or right in between a bright satellite and a not-so-bright ISS pass).

In all three instances, one object seemed to behave like a satellite and the second one would seem to do the uneven bursts of speed and angle, looping around, and freezing in place. What is certain is that their relative distance and speed were wildly changing. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

VICTORIA -- The Enrique family, residing in Barrio de la Abadia, was startled this morning when they awoke to find their pig had had half of its head mutilated. The animal was in perfect shape last night, according to the family. However, around 7 AM, when they went to feed the animal, they were startled by its injuries. The six year old pig was locked in a small pen, walking around and had half of its face mutilated. It did not complain, and half of its jaw was mutilated to reveal its teeth; an ear was also missing but it was not bleeding. The animal is alive and this case can be added to the cow mutilation cases discovered this morning in the town of Antelo. Thanks to Planeta UFO and Diario Victoria (Translation (c) 2008. S. Corrales, IHU.

Australia - Stories about Invading UFO Fleets

ALICE SPRINGS -- UFO hunter Keith Douglas is adamant that the Northern Territory has been a flying saucer hotspot for many decades. The 57-year-old former cabinetmaker now runs UFO Research Alice Springs, a branch of the Australian UFO Research Network. He said: ``People are very heads down, bum up, and ignore what is going on. "I've got plenty of time so I go out for night watches all the time from 11 PM and last until 7 AM; I know what I've seen and the stories I've heard. I've come across enough to be convinced there are UFOs."

"I just get amused as to why they spend so much time watching us.'' Mr. Douglas has had two good sightings, but has covered reports of abductions, crop circles and unidentified craft. He pointed out that Central Australia had several ‘hotspots' such as the Pine Gap joint-defence facility or Wycliffe Well, north of Alice Springs. Mr. Douglas said he was contacted once by an indigenous woman from a remote community who reported being followed by a UFO for several hours. "She didn't have a camera or anything, so she painted me a picture of it.'' Thanks to John Schuessler and

Canada - Sightings

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO – On September 1, 2008, at 10:30 PM, I saw two triangular shaped objects with lights running along the sides of the triangles. The lights did not touch at the front point, so at first the four lights looked like lines floating in the sky. They were uniform, and one was much higher up than the other, appearing smaller in size. The triangles seemed immense. They were pale, almost undetectable to the naked eye, it was as though I sensed them before I saw them. Then my eyes focused and my stomach lurched and I realized I was seeing something unearthly. I have had light sightings twice this year from my balcony, tonight was completely different Thanks to Brian Vike

VERNON, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- I would like to report myself being taken on Friday night, August 29, 2008. I was lying on my back, sort of awake. I felt a magnetic pull at and through the top of my head and immediately relaxed. Then like a baby I was gently rolled to one side, and then the other. Something was placed under my back. Again I was lying on my back and what seemed like arms came up from under me and began to wrap themselves around my waist. I grabbed both "arms" in each hand.

The texture of the "arms" was interesting. Kind of like velvet to the touch, rubbery and flexible. I waved the "arms" around like the silly robot from the Family Robinson. "Warning, Will Robinson" I was having fun with it. I then had another magnetic pull, and I let the "arms" go and relaxed more. I suppose I was not asleep enough. The "something" that was placed under my back continued to wrap itself around me, like a comfy, seamless papoose. I felt safe. The last thing I remember was a tug to the papoose and I was in the air heading to who knows what adventure. I am amazed how unafraid I was. I have had some terrifying experiences, but this one was not one of those. Thanks to Brian Vike

WOODSTOCK, ONTARIO -- I was up early letting our dogs out. I was waiting for them to return when something caught my eye on September 2, 2008, at 5:30 AM. At first I thought it was a very bright star or plane flashing very bright lights of green, white, red and mauve. I was very taken back by the vibrant colors and realized it couldn't be. It was staying still over our barn roof very distant, but close. After watching for 15 minutes, I started to second guess myself, and asked my 18 year old daughter to have a look. I didn't tell her why or what I just pointed out to her to look at the star above the barn. She looked in a half awakened state and said, "Ya, what about it." Then she started to wake up and shouted, "Wow, what is that?" I said, "I didn't know but to go get her telescope out and wake up the other kids"

My other three whose ages are 17, 15, and 14 all saw the same thing. We focused the telescope on the object and could see in a very distinct line lights of red, green, white and mauve. We tried to take pictures of it with our digital camera but didn't seem to have any luck because of the darkness of the sky. I called my Mother and husband who was on his way to work but they couldn't see it.

By this time, my Mother had arrived at our house, it was then at 6:15 AM, and saw the lights flashing in a row. We have many pictures of lights in the form of triangles and lines with the colored lights. As dawn approached all the other stars in the sky disappeared but the lights hovering above our barn stayed until 6:30 AM. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

China –Flying Ferris Wheels Seen

CHONGQING Morning Post reported that a group of UFOs were seen on August 31, 2008, at about 7 PM, in Dazu County, Chongqing Municipality of mainland China. The UFOs were seen by several villagers, and a child shouted "aliens" and then ran back into his house to hide. Villagers watched the UFOs until 10 PM, and claimed that they had never seen anything quite like it before. Liao Yukun, a villager of Jijia saw several bright lights in the sky and soon realized that they were moving like flying dishes or Ferris wheels. "Several saucers had white smoke trailing behind them as they flew across the sky," said Liao. "The saucers were semi-transparent and yellow in color when seen from a distance of about 500 meters." "Periodically they would stop in mid-air and then a few minutes later, they would begin to rotate, just like Ferris wheels all rotating in unison."

Liao also called his friend, Deng Daiquan, who lives five kilometers away who also saw the UFOs. "Sometimes I could only see one, sometimes I could see several," said Deng. He called friends in his village, inviting them to come out and watch the UFOs. At 9:30 PM, Deng saw a brighter saucer approaching that flew directly into another UFO creating dazzling explosion, and its light painted half the sky yellow. And then, just as suddenly, the approaching saucer disappeared from the sky. Liao describes a white band as if separating the night sky. The stars on one half of the sky were clearly visible. The other half of the sky appeared to be covered as if to hide from view. Half an hour later, the saucers disappeared and the sky returned to normal.

The next day, people said that the UFOs were aliens, and some believed they might have been weather balloons or lamps. Dazu Bureau of Meteorology confirmed that no weather balloons had been released on that day. In addition, people from Nanping and Yongchuan Districts also claimed that they saw UFOs.

Germany Video of UFOs

BONN – A video of UFOs was taken over Bonn, Germany on September 1, 2008, and Uploaded by Bobotitof.

Some UFO videos taken at night may be Chinese Sky Lanterns shown here launched at weddings and celebrations. They float along with the wind like balloons and can cause fires when they land. If the UFOs conduct maneuvers and fly against the wind they are likely to be real.

Honduras UFO Photo

SAN PEDRO SULA -- I was on a photo assignment and went up on the second story of a small building to take some panorama shots of the mountains. While doing my pre edit of the photos I noticed the object on the Canon 40D screen. When using the scroll wheel on the back of the camera I could really see how the object is moving in flight. At first I thought that it might be dust on the cameras senor, but dust is always darker in color and both shots were taken at the same time because the camera was set to high speed and dust doesn't move.

While scrolling back and forth in the cameras playback screen right to left and so on, I could clearly see it was some type of unidentified object moving very fast. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Zealand - Triangular Shaped UFO

RIVERHEAD AUCKLAND -- Driving back from being out fishing with a mate we were on Riverhead Road when I saw these lights like under a helicopter above these trees on July 31, 2008, at 8:30 PM. I said to my mate that there was a helicopter ahead, so we were looking out for it. When we came around this corner, to our amazement it wasn't a helicopter or a plane because it didn't make any sounds and a triangular shaped UFO was moving sideways. So then we went to pull over to have a better look, when we did, it moved away so fast, like above us one second, next, half a kilometer. When that happened we just looked at each other in shock of what we might have just seen. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Puerto Rico Sighting

AGUADA -- On February 25, 2007, about 4:00 AM, I looked through my bedroom window and observed a disc-shaped craft, similar to the one my daughter and I saw previously, hovering motionless about 40 meters from the house and about 40 meters above the ground. The craft was about 30 feet in diameter and so close that I was able to observe curious extraterrestrials watching me through viewing ports surrounding the craft. They were silhouetting through the bright greenish blue background and appeared very inquisitive looking out the windows and passing a long rod to one another.

My immediate reaction at the moment was that it may have been a telescope or some other device. This craft was hovering silently and the whole event lasted about a minute. I ran to my husband's bedroom and woke him up. He immediately grabbed the camcorder next to his bed but the UFO was no where in sight. Snip Portion of abduction story. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Turkey 1915 Video of UFO

ANZACS -- I was searching for UFOs on the internet and ran into a film on the Canakkale trap-1915, where Australian and New Zealand troops fought bravely during World War I. Suddenly after the 15th second of the video, I saw a UFO in the air, which the person who took the film most probably did not notice. I want to share it with you. Please see the video here and look at the sky after the 15 seconds. Thanks to MUFON CMS,Çanakkale%20Savaþlarý%20esnasýnda%20çekilen%20video

UK/England 150 Sightings in UK

SOUTHAMPTON – Video of a triangle shaped UFO over Southampton in June 2008. On left side of still image is a street lamp.

LONDON – Aug.10 : The British Ministry of Defence has said that 150 apparent 'flying saucers' have been reported to it, by the police and military bases in 2008 so far, compared to 135 in 2007 and 97 in 2006. These figures were released under the Freedom of Information Act, and according to The Sunday Telegraph suggest that 2008 will be a bumper year for alien activity.

The recent sightings stretched from Liverpool to Dover and from Llanelli to Derby. Among mysterious flying objects spotted in recent months was a 'glowing' disc spotted above the M5 motorway. Royal Navy aircraft engineer Michael Madden said he watched the UFO for three minutes before it 'zoomed off' near Weston-super-Mare in Somerset.

ALTON, HAMPSHIRE -- I am 32 years old and am an avid fan of these phenomena and have seen genuine UFO's (not anything of the kind that can be explained as a normal or manmade craft). I am not crazy and therefore know to some degree what I am talking about. I was in my farm house and upon looking out the window and towards our woods I noticed a strange white light hovering above the trees. The light didn't appear to be moving and was at an altitude of 100 to 120 feet and fifteen feet above the trees. It could have been an aircraft but I didn't see any other lights or colored flashing lights on it. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

YORK, YORKSHIRE -- The attached file is a short video that was taken at about 2100 hours on August 12, 2008, this year near York. I was using my computer and noticed that there was a thunderstorm way across to the east of where I live, in an attempt to maybe get some footage of lightning. I turned my webcam round and pointed it out of the window. The storm proved to be too far away and any lightning was below the horizon. I was on the point of turning the camera back round when I spotted the filmed light. I have no idea what it is and thought it may be of interest.

Editor's Note : We are not 100% convinced if this video footage is the real deal or another attempt of a computer generated object. If not a computer generated object, then this would be some amazing footage. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

KEIGHLEY, WEST YORKSHIRE -- We sat in our living room on August 30, 2008, at 10 PM, and looking out the window we saw six round glowing objects passing by. We went outside for a closer look and counted twelve traveling a little slower than an aircraft. There was no noise in the sky and there was no pattern to their formation. Some were grouped but some were far apart. We called the local airport to see if they knew anything that would explain what they were but they could be of no assistance. We obtained photos of the objects and a neighbor took video footage. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

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