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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
November 19, 2008

George Filer:
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Lt. General John A. Samford said, "Credible observers reporting incredible objects."

said USAF General J. A. Sanford Air Force Director of Intelligence in 1952, and later Director of National Security Agency (1956 to 1960)

... and his comment is still true today. Honest and intelligent people are still reporting strange objects that are difficult and sometimes impossible to relate to known physical phenomena.

Enough attention has been brought to this serious problem, that the U.S. Government officially took action on two separate occasions. Source is: "Environmental Space Sciences" Air Force Academy Textbook by Colonel Donald Carpenter. Page 672.

Over 300 Exoplanets Have Been Found

Over 300 exoplanets have now been found and astronomers estimate billions of Earths exist in the Universe. An international team of astronomers working from the European Southern Observatory in La Silla, Chile, have discovered a trio of low-mass planets orbiting a single star 42 light years away. Ranging in size from 4.2 to 9.4 Earth masses, the three are among the lowest mass planets yet discovered, and belong to a class known informally as "Super-Earths" – more massive than Earth but less than Uranus and Neptune. While the planets are scorching hot and unlikely to support life, their unexpected discovery around a star thought to possess no planets is intriguing. "Does every single star harbor planets and, if yes, how many?" wonders veteran planet hunter Michel Mayor of the Geneva Observatory, who led the team that discovered the first exoplanet over a decade ago. "We may not yet know the answer but we are making huge progress towards it."

First Views of Exoplanets

Do you see it? That tiny spark, that wee blip of light? It may not look like much, but it is in fact a normal planet orbiting a normal star, 250 trillion kilometers from Earth.

Discover Magazine reports, "Exoplanets have been found orbiting Fomalhaut, a star easily visible to the unaided eye; it's the brightest star in the constellation of Piscis Austrinus, the 18th brightest in the sky, and only 25 light years away." It's literally millions of times brighter than the planet, so the Hubble camera uses an occulting bar, a small piece of metal that blocks the brightest part of the star's image. The blacked-out area in the center of the picture is where Fomalhaut is. The planet itself is just that small dot, almost lost in the noise from the star and the light from the ring. Images taken almost two years apart show that the planet is moving with the star, and is consistent with it orbiting Fomalhaut at a distance of about 11 billion miles. The planet is unnamed, and is simply called Fomalhaut b. The image below shows two planets near HR 8799.

That image is the first to directly show two planets orbiting another star! It's a near-infrared image using the giant Gemini North 8 meter telescope. Like in the Hubble image, the star's light has been blocked +, allowing the two planets to be seen (labeled b and c). The star is called HR 8799 and 1.5 times as massive as our Sun, and lies about 130 light years from Earth. A third planet, not seen in this image but discovered later using the Keck 10 meter telescope, orbits the star. So there it is. The first ever family portrait of a planetary system. Thanks to Discover.

Editor's Note: When I chased a giant UFO over England while flying for the US Air Force, I realized everything in our world is related to the visitor's constant surveillance and intervention. Britain, France and Brazil have recently released UFO files and the Vatican recently acknowledged their presence. Planets being photographed and orbiting relatively nearby stars are the likely home of our visitors. These messengers directed by God were likely responsible for mankind being here on Earth. Darwin's claims we exist because of his theory of evolution; that we sprang to life in the primal ooze, that we evolved millions of times and eventually developed from apes requires tremendous faith. I suggest it is more likely that we are placed here by intelligent design. Traces of our epic creation can be found in all religious writings and traditions. It is to them that Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed referred. It is now time to welcome them to Colony Earth.

Mars City?

Emily Cragg sent me this photo and asks, "Do any of you ever open your eyes? These are Mars Global Surveyor Images. Could be a Martian City or base,

Mars Lander Stops Communicating

The latest posts from the Phoenix Mars Lander which NASA announced yesterday had stopped communicating because of a lack of sunlight that's needed to power the batteries that run the Lander's instruments. The Lander's last messages stated, "If you are reading this, then my mission is probably over," the Gizmodo post noted. "This final entry is one that I asked be posted after my mission team announces they've lost contact with me. Today is that day and I must say goodbye, but I do it in triumph and not in grief." Thanks to NASA.

Space Based Infrared System Highly Elliptical Orbit--HEO-1

LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE BASE -- The Air Force announced today operational acceptance of the Space Based Infrared System Highly Elliptical Orbit--HEO-1-- payload and associated ground system into operational service. SMC's Space Based Infrared Systems Wing Commander, Col. Roger Teague, noted, "This is a great moment for the SBIRS Program. Achievement of this milestone represents many years of hard work by space operators, acquirers and testers alike. The SBIRS Wing is proud to deliver this important capability to the nation."

The system has successfully completed trial period operations where, for the first time, live HEO data was injected into the warfighters operational networks providing critical warning and intelligence information. USSTRATCOM certification of the HEO-1 payload and ground processing elements is expected later this year. SMC Commander, Lt. Gen. Tom Sheridan, marked the event, "Today's achievement heralds a new era in our space-based infrared capabilities and advances our joint warfighters' battle space awareness. Bringing this exciting capability online would not have been possible without the superior dedication and synergistic efforts of our Government/Industry team."

The HEO sensor provides an unprecedented infrared view of the battlefield that represents the first steps in an evolving battlespace awareness capability while also providing real-time data on missiles, aircraft and other events.

Gen. C. Robert Kehler, commander of Air Force Space Command, approved the operational acceptance of the SBIRS HEO-1 and stated, "This declaration provides us with an improved space-based sensor and ground system supporting missile warning, missile defense, battlespace awareness and technical intelligence. This is another key step in exploiting the enhanced capabilities of SBIRS HEO in support of warfighting operations."

Radars and satellites are picking up UFOs

Joe Stefula reports, "Our Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites track the launch of various missiles using various types of sensors but chiefly with Infrared sensors. Air Force Space Command-operated DSP satellites are a key part of North America's early warning systems. In their 22,300 mile geosynchronous orbits, DSP satellites help protect the United States and its allies by detecting missile launches, space launches and nuclear detonations. In addition to the missiles the sensors also are able to pick up unidentified flying objects that are entering and leaving our atmosphere called Fastwalkers." A couple UFOs coming in from space are picked each month. Several hundred Fastwalkers are picked up world wide each month. The new SBIRS HEO-1 should be able to track many more Fastwalkers. DSP satellites use an infrared sensor to detect heat from missile and booster plumes against the earth's background. Technological advancements were made to ground processing systems, enhancing detection capability of smaller missiles to provide improved warning of attack by short-range missles against U.S. and allied forces overseas.

Slower anomalous objects are referred to has Slowwalkers. The DSP satellite system once composed of 18 units in deep space orbit picks up UFO intruders or "Fastwalkers" several times a week. Insiders report there is a great deal of excitement as the UFOs sometimes trigger the early warning system. Often they are referred to as Uncorrelated Targets indicating they are not in the data base for objects in space. The Individual Target Event Database which is unclassified should be made available to MUFON and the Filer Research Institute so we can correlate ground based and aircraft sightings with satellite data.

Dropa Stones Indicate Ancient Astronauts

HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINS -- Chi Pu Tei, a professor of archaeology at Beijing University, was leading some of his students on an expedition to survey a series of interlinking caves in the Baian- Kara-Ula mountains on the border that divides China and Tibet in 1938. They discovered artificially carved caves, that included a complex system of tunnels and underground storerooms some caves that had been occupied by a primitive people long ago. The walls were squared and glazed, as if cut into the mountain with a source of extreme heat.

Inside the caves were several ancient, but neatly arranged burial sites, and in them the skeletal remains of a strange people. The skeletons, measuring a little more than four feet tall, were frail and spindly with disproportionately large skulls. Discoveries made in the caves all but ruled out the idea that these were apes. On the walls were carved pictograms of the heavens: the sun, the moon, the stars, and the Earth with lines of dots connecting them. Half-buried in the dirt floor of the cave was an odd stone disk, obviously fashioned by the hand of an intelligent creature. The disk was nine inches in diameter and three-quarters of an inch thick. In the exact center was a perfectly round, 3/4" hole, and etched in its face was a fine groove spiraling out from the center to the rim, like a primitive DVD. These Dropa Stones are dated to be about 12,000 years old and 716 such plates were found. In the groove in the stones was a continuous line of strange carved hieroglyphics - writing! The microscopic characters were in a language never encountered before

The tiny, almost. It wasn't that another Chinese scientist was able to decode the message of the stone plates - a message so incredible and earth-shattering that the Prehistory Department of the Beijing Academy prohibited its translation to be published. Eventually, the message was published, and what is says will astound you.

In 1962, Dr. Tsum Um Nui decided to attempt to decipher the hieroglyphics on the disk. He discerned that the messages on the stones were written by a people who called themselves the Dropa, almost 12,000 ago and presented it to the university for publication but he was not allowed to publish his findings.

Two years later, Dr. Tsum Um Nui's findings were released in a paper entitled, "The Grooved Script Concerning Spaceships Which, as Recorded on the Discs, Landed on Earth 12,000 Years Ago." The disks tell the story of a spacecraft from a distant planet that crash-landed in the Himalayas and its occupants called Dropas found refuge in the caves. "The Dropa were unable to repair their disabled spacecraft and could not return to their home planet, and so were stranded on Earth. Despite their peaceful intentions, the Dropas were misunderstood by members of the Ham tribe who were occupying neighboring caves and who hunted down the aliens and even killed some. Today, the isolated area is inhabited by two tribes of people who, in fact, call themselves the Dropa and the Han. Anthropologists have been unable to categorize either tribe into any other known race; they are neither Chinese nor Tibetan. Both tribes are of pygmy stature, adults measuring between 3-foot-6 and 4-foot-7 with an average height of 4-foot-2, and body weights of 38 to 52 pounds. They are yellow-skinned with thin bodies and disproportionately large heads, corresponding to the skeletal remains found in the caves in 1938. They have sparse hair on their bodies and have large eyes that are not Asian in aspect, but have pale blue irises.

In 1968, the Dropa stones came to the attention of W. Saitsew, a Russian scientist who conducted tests on the disks that revealed the granite stones contained high concentrations of cobalt and other metals - a very hard stone indeed that would have made it difficult for the primitive people to carve the lettering, especially with such minute characters. When testing a disk with an oscillograph, a surprising oscillation rhythm was recorded as if, the scientists said, they had once been electrically charged or had functioned as electrical conductors. Thanks to


Arizona - HD Video

LEWISVILLE -- My wife looked out the kitchen window and said, "Oh, look! There is a UFO in the sky!" they might be balloons again. There were three bright white shimmering objects straight south. They were in the shape of a triangle with the top center one the brightest and almost appeared to be two overlapping. I would compare it to the brightest planet such as Venus and three times larger in the sky. The lower left was very bright but not as big. The lower right one was half as bright as the left one and a little closer to the top one.

I told my wife to keep watching while I got my Canon XH-A1 Hi-Definition video camera set at 1080i 60i fps and set it to full auto mode. I steadied myself against the patio support post. The camera has a 20x optical zoom and would need to be as steady as possible on full zoom. I did have to turn on one stop on the ND filter plus.

As I filmed, I noticed that there was a fourth object to the lower right of the other three and they seemed to remain in a fixed position in the sky. I noted that all high altitude jet aircraft that day were leaving very heavy vapor trails, these had none. As my wife returned with the tripod the objects started to fade in and out and the camera started to have problems staying in focus lock. The objects instantly disappeared. I had a total of 46 seconds of actual video of the objects. I downloaded the video into my computer and could see that my camera took a little longer than normal to focus lock on the objects when I zoomed in. Once it did I could see they had more of a white cigar shape with a faint blurry smear to the left of each. I have been a photographer and videographer for over 20 years. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California - Multiple UFOs and Power Outage

SANTA ANA -- My mother-in-law came in and asked to show me something outside and pointed at two objects flying way up in the sky one after the other. I was able to see them and ran back to get my Canon 5D camera and switched lenses to a 70 to 200 mm zoom to attempt to get a shot of them. I used the automatic settings on the camera to insure. Once back outside I did see them for a second time and proceeded to take a few photographs of each object. The first photograph was taken at 5:47 AM. Neighbors saw me run outside with my camera and decided to follow. They also saw the objects. We live on Main Street and were facing due north looking up at about 60 degrees. The two objects flew west across the sky until they disappeared. They each passed behind a cloud and came back into view before disappearing. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Florida - Small Disc on Live Web Cam

ST. PETERSBURG BEACH -- While on my computer, I saw a several seconds long video loop from the live web cam at Tradewinds Resort on October 7, 2008. At 11:11 AM a small disc shaped object popped out of the clouds and rapidly shot down toward the Gulf of Mexico, and emitted steam before striking the water. It hit the water, made a splash, and shot south very fast. I was able to capture several still shots of this object. The webcam was the Sky 9 Network, at the Tradewinds for the video feed. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Hawaii - Army Blackhawk Chases UFO

HONOLULU -- On October 19, 2008, I was driving my wife home on my moped and we stopped at a stop light at 9:15 PM, and heard a Black Hawk helicopter flying over head so I looked up to see it chasing a ball of light. I am a ten year veteran of the U.S. Army and I am air assault qualified so I know what I am looking at. What I saw was a US Army Blackhawk that flew in a pattern that no aircraft could fly in at speeds that no other craft could match. Sometimes it would go fast, then it would slow down so the copter could get closer, then it would shoot out again. Later that night I heard jet engines flying over Honolulu for about two hours. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

KAILUA, ISLAND of OAHU – This photo is of my old girlfriend's house in Kailua taken in early February 2008. Directly below the UFO is Bellows Missile Base. It is disguised as an abandoned air strip, but my dad worked construction on the silos in the 60's. One photo of the UFO was taken before it shot straight up at supersonic speed.

Comments: I am not sure of the identity of the object in the photo. It appears to be a weather balloon (you can see a protrusion on the bottom of the object resembling a tether). However, the witness stated that the object shot straight up at supersonic speed right after the photo was taken. Assuming that his description is accurate this would not be a weather balloon. Bellows Missile Base is supposed to have been deactivated. The exact date of the deactivation is not known. The base is immediately to the south of Kailua. (The witness claims that the Missile Base is still active.) Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Illinois - Silver Football Shaped Object

CARY -- Looking out a large window at my friend's house on October 19, 2008, I saw of jets approach O'Hare Airport at 4 PM. I was watching a jet when I saw a silver football shaped object appear. It was reflecting the sun and I watched it for about 35 seconds. It then disappeared. It was about 1000 feet below the jet. So I feel that the pilot of the jet also had to see it. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Kentucky/Ohio Border – Cylinder UFO

HEBRON -- I usually tag along with my Mom when she brings my Dad to work over in Kentucky and I almost always sit behind the passenger seat with my digital camcorder taking pictures of the sky. Going toward Kentucky we pass open fields that haven't been developed yet and I took these two snapshots on July 13, 2008. I did not realize what was on the photo's until I looked over them.

On October 18, 2008, my Mom had dropped my father off and we were on our way home when I snapped this photo of the open passenger side window. The UFO cylinder was visible at the time. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Huge Circular Lights

TRENTON -- This has been spotted on a regular basis by a number of people on a weekly basis then on November 18, 2008, today I have witnessed this myself with another person. We saw a medium to fast moving object with totally no sound, with pulsating red , blue and yellow lights. It is most often spotted around Atlantic Country around 9 PM till Midnight , Today have witnessed it at 10:49-10:59 , yet again moving NNW at a considerable speed , The normal military flight patterns for the area do not match and tend to be very loud. The object is almost twice as large as a standard military transport, estimated to be 101 to 300 feet. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York - Disc Shaped Object Stationary

CORNWALL -- I was driving along a two lane residential road just after 8:00 AM, on October 18, 2008, when I looked through the tree line and saw an object that looks out of place through the trees. I took a second look and caught a clear look through the woods. I had an instantaneous feeling of fright consume my body. I immediately slowed down to try and get a better look, but another car was coming up behind me and I felt obligated to move along.

I hoped to drive along another 100 feet or so and be able to pull over and see through the trees, but when that opportunity came, I could not find the object. The area in which the object was about 400-500 feet off the ground....well below the two "mountain" tops which it was flying between. This was not a plane or helicopter. I think some other people may have seen this...because I noticed an unusually high number of skid marks. Later that day, I only saw a metallic disc-shaped object, and probably 20 feet long. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

North Dakota – Flying Triangle

MINOT -- On October 19, 2008, after 1 AM, I was standing with a friend outside a meeting house when she noticed something, then I saw a flying triangle with a tail. The object had six lights and was triangular in shape with a tail, and was moving north and then just hovered. I am a member of the military and observed it with binoculars. It was It was pretty far up, but differed from the surrounding stars. The object arrayed its lights as blurred, while the stars surrounding were bright and cleared. While we were watching this object, a USAF Jet flew under it and left a Chem. Trail. I believe I saw a UFO and I tried to call the Minot Airport Tower, but there was no answer. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Ohio - A Shiny Silver Cigar Shaped UFO

WADSWORTH -- On November 8, 2008 my friend and I were driving on Route 57 near Route 94, when we noticed a vertical shiny silver cigar shaped in the sky. It was about 1:30 PM, and I was hoping that someone else had seen it. We saw it, then it was gone, then it was back, then gone, it wasn't a plane or the sun shining, it was a very gray cloudy day. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Pennsylvania TV Channel 6

BUCKS County –Frequent sightings of UFOs was covered favorably by ABC News on November 17, 2008. Thanks to Chuck Harris

South Carolina -- Five Blinking Lights

GOOSE CREEK - On October 30, 2008 in Berkeley County, I was in my back yard and saw five blinking lights over the tree line about 10 PM. The lights were in a pentagon shape blinking from red, then green, and then white. The pentagon shape of the light was five times bigger than normal airplane landing lights, it moved over the tree line. I don't know how anybody could have missed seeing the lights. This was my second sighting, the first UFO was at Edwards Air Force Base in1965. Thanks to Don Blair and MUFON CMS

Tennessee - Triangle

WINCHESTER – On October 15, 2008, my wife and I were home talking on our deck in backyard when I saw a triangular object traveling above our house at 7:18 PM. I pointed this out to my wife and asked, "What in the world is this? It was traveling SE at low altitude and had five large dim lights with each having two smaller lights on the sides. All lights were a dim white color. It was moving at a high rate of speed with no sound for ten seconds before trees blocked our view. Witness report by business owner. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas - Three UFOs Split Up

ALLIANCE AIRPORT, FORT WORTH -- I along with others saw an object hovering just south of the Alliance Airport during practice runs of the Thunderbirds on October 10, 2008, at 2:45 PM. The object was dull black, about 10 feet by 10 feet. This was in preparation of the Alliance Air show which was to start the following day. The jets flew right past it without incident. The following day I asked a crew chief of an F-16, if he saw the object, and he said he did. He didn't know what it was either. It flew slowly across the runway and after ten minutes or so went straight up. I'm wondering if anyone saw the same and have pictures. There were two people with telephone lens cameras. One person zoomed into it and said it was not a balloon.

NORTH RICHLANDS HILLS -- My four friends and I were out on November 7, 2008, at 2:38 AM, and saw fires in the sky. We saw three very bright round objects that looked like they were part of one large object swirled towards the earth and split into three different objects. Two zoomed away instantly and one came very close to the earth and seemed to be hovering close. I may be younger than most who post, and did not believe in extraterrestrial beings before I saw these objects. I have never experienced anything so frightful or move so fast. They had very sudden jerky movements that could move from one place to another in an instant. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

LEWISVILLE -- On November 11, 2008 about 9:30 PM, I went to my car and saw an object streak across the sky, grabbed my camera and clicked as fast I could for it was crossing sky so fast. It was moving west and I got five pictures as it flew extremely fast. I heard the sound of a couple of helicopters approach after three to four minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Washington - Two Large Red Flashing Lights

KENNEWICK -- I was heading southeast on the freeway about 20 miles from the Oregon border on November 15, 2008, about 7:05 PM, when I noticed two rather large reddish gobs of something that seemed to flash mildly. I thought it might be a rocket launch as the glow slightly quivered and got smaller and faded away in a blur while heading east. It was so freaky! I pulled off the freeway at a park facing east. These red orbs quivered much like the rocket I had seen and winked out occasionally. The orb on the upper left dropped some pieces like a falling star would drip debris, but it kept on shining in the same spot. Moments later it winked a few times and then got real small like a pin hole and winked out all together. During this time the orb on the lower right stayed steady bright and glowing red. After the first one disappeared it began to wink in and out and reduced to a pinhole and disappeared. This whole event took about 15 minutes.

Comments: The witness obviously thought he saw something unusual. I tend to agree, but sometimes phenomena which appear to be unusual can be explained if more data and witnesses are available. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Outside USA Reports

Argentina: Unknown Object Over Church

FLORES, BUENOS AIRES -- These photos were taken by "V" an anonymous eyewitness who felt a compulsion to shoot and sent them to Codigo Ovni. The shot was taken from an apartment located behind the church on November 3, 2008, using a digital camera. Many people are claiming a compulsion to shoot as though receiving some form of command to do so. The message ends: "when I looked up to see what was appearing on the digital camera's screen, it was no longer there. [It took] a matter of seconds." The actual photo of disc over the church has been enhanced in the blow up photos.Thanks to Inexplicata

Belgium - Very Fast Yellow Dot

LEUVEN -- I went outside for a walk on October 18, 2008, because I couldn't sleep when some dogs started barking and I saw a very bright yellow dot departing from the horizon at 11.45 PM. I'm not sure if it was departing from the ground. It flew my direction until it was nearly above me and then faded away. This all happened in about four seconds. It was a little bigger than a falling star but lasted too long for being one and didn't leave a trail. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Brazil – Crop Circles

PELOTAS RS - Jose Carlos Da Silva Nussbaum reports, "Strange Marks in the ground were spotted on the morning of 18 February of 2008, by Adão Pedra near his house. Nothing was seen the night before but dogs were barking extremely loud during the night. Three circles were formed in the plantation of rushes near his home. Researchers of the G.P.C.U- Scientific Group of Research Ufológicas, Jose Nussbaum and Rita Kings, investigated. The circles were of different sizes measuring 5, 8, and 10 meters of irregular circumference. The rushes were lying in the southwestern direction and kept their original color. Compass readings in the soil pointing northwest, suggest possible electromagnetic interference.

South of Pelotas there have been numerous OVNI (UFO) sightings that may be related.

IPUAÇU -- There were no footprints, no human signs of any kind or tire tracks, as confirmed by the first people who saw the phenomena on Sunday morning, November 9, 2008. It's presumed the circles were formed Saturday night. UFO Magazine editor-in-chief A. J. Gevaerd arrived at the site, only 2,5 days after the event, but a great deal of rain had fallen over the patterns, which remained almost intact. No indication of a hoax has been found. Source is Brazilian UFO Magazine – A. J. Gevaerd, Editor,

Canada - Several Sightings

SCARBOROUGH -- Paul Shishis writes: Here is another recent picture of the same type of black object witnessed and photographed on September 22, 2008. I was at the traffic light at St. Clair and Danforth Road at 8:15 AM and noticed something moving across the sky and had time to take one picture. Appears to be the same type of craft in shape and dark black color that was witnessed early September 5, 2008. Thanks to Paul Shishis.

CENTRAL FORT ERIE, ONTARIO -- On November 10, 2008, I saw a second triangle in a week cruising low over my friend's house at 10:50 PM. It was gliding over me silently and I called my friend to look. It was moving towards the river and flying fairly low. The craft had three bright white lights with the pulsing red one. This is my second sighting in just over a week and I have been talking and asking people if they have seen strange things? Many other people I talk to have been seeing strange things the past weeks over Fort Erie and always the tell tale bright lights with the pulsing red one. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO -- I went out to put the goat away on November 5, 2008 at 6:30 PM, and noticed a large orange looking star and called for my husband to look. He said it looks like a fireball. It was moving very slowly sideways and going towards Welland. I grabbed the telescope and saw five lights, a very bright one in the front and two duller ones on each side which made it appear round saucer like. I watched it move slowly across the sky for about 20-25 minutes. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

SACKVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA --While watching TV I noticed a bright light in the sky. Upon investigating I saw a disc shaped object with red lights. My husband came to the window and saw this object hovering in the sky. We both went outside to get a better look and when we got to our front steps the object has vanished. Would you please let me know if any others reported this sighting?

Photo Has Been Brightened With Photo Editor.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO -- I took a picture on November 10, 2008, of a UFO that I have seen in my dreams about 3 or 4 months ago. I took the shot directly over my head facing up at around 9 PM. Skies were overcast at 8,000 Feet.

Comments: The photo was taken with the camera flash on. The photo was taken with a Sony DSC-S730 digital camera. The camera has a maximum resolution of 7.2 mega-pixels. These orbs are likely out of focus objects within the focal range of inability of the camera. The orbs could be snow grains in the air or possibly water droplets on the camera lens. The relative humidity was 87% at the time that the photo was taken. (It had been snowing earlier.) Out of focus objects are further magnified if the camera flash is used. I asked the witness if he saw the orbs, but have received no response. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Mexico - Video

Video allegedly taken December 19, 2007. Video states from ledrack, representation of ovni. Therefore, UFO is likely done with computer.


GAIPO LAKE -- Mysterious flying objects of all shapes – round, ellipsoid, rectangular and triangular – can often be spotted near Lake Gaipo in the Cordilleras. Locals see them flying into the water of the lake or hanging above the water surface and then disappearing in the sky.

Unlike ufologists, the Quechua Indians living on the shores of Gaipo Lake do not associate such phenomena with extraterrestrial beings. They are certain that witches and wizards assume the similarity of UFOs as they hunt for humans. Legend has it that a beam of light from a luminous object struck an Indian once. The man could not move a finger until the UFO vanished in the air. Another legend tells the story of a woman who was picking brushwood in the forest when she suddenly saw a disk of fire hanging above the lake. The disk was producing enormous heat that the woman could feel although she was standing quite far from the object.

Gaipo is not the only killer lake in the world. A strange incident took place in October 1994 on John D. Long Lake in South Carolina. A young woman named as Susan Smith was convicted of murdering her two little sons. Susan left the boys, 3-year-old Michael and 14-months-old Alexander in her car and let it roll into the lake drowning the boys. Susan was sentenced to life in prison. The tragedy became a huge shock for the local population, and they erected a monument on the pier in memory of the two children. The nightmare repeated again two years later, when a car with seven people inside – three adults and four children – suddenly took off, drove between the monuments to Alex and Michael and fell into the lake. All passengers of the car died in the accident, including another man who jumped into the water in an attempt to rescue at least someone. The stories made the local population believe that the lake had been cursed.

Several dozens of cars drowned in Lake Whitney in Texas. All of the cars with passengers inside rolled into the lake from piers. Divers found some of the cars of the bottom of the lake, although they never found any human remains. Local police officers say that many of those cars could not roll into the water because they were on a parking brake. Ufologists say that two unidentified flying objects landed on the lake during the first half of the 1970s. Is there any connection between UFOs and mysterious deaths? UFO's are usually attracted to geopathogenic zones. It is not ruled out that the electromagnetic fields of such zones affect man-made objects and humans, which eventually results in tragic accidents. UFOs may also be the source of pathogenic radiation. Thanks to Pravada

Peru - Mothership Video

SATIPO --Proffessor Josué Gonzáles, "The amazing extraterrestrial mothership is back in Central Peru! People of Peru have seen Motherships for thousands of years. Greetings from every member of Proyecto UFO Piura Extraterrestrial Contact Team. The footage shows some images added to utube on September 27, 2008. Video was taken in August.

While we were walking on our way to our usual camping spot in the desert between Piura and Paita- we suddenly noticed two strange light objects in the sunset. An enhanced photo is at the top ofthese his is an enhanced photo from the video.

South Africa - Photograph

CAPE TOWN – My husband was coming home from work in early evening a month ago when he took this photograph of a UFO with his D700 cell phone. He was on his way to Bellville in cold rainy weather and strong wind. I think the weather was around 18 degrees when he took this photo of a disc.

On June 25, 2008, I was looking out of my kitchen window on a sunny day of about 23 degrees and spotted six or eight UFOs coming from behind a mountain near Summerset West. Some of them went down into sea and one or two shot up into the clouds at a very high speed. A friend told me not long ago if you go to the Fish Hoek area in the evening when its quiet you can see UFOs coming out and going into the sea. Bellville and Fish Hoek is part of Cape Town in South Africa. Thanks to Cecilia Drinkwater.

United Arab Emirates - Orange Light

FUJAIRAH -- My husband and I were enjoying our weekend break in the JAL Hotel and Spa on October 16, 2008, about 10:30 PM, we had just finished dinner and decided to sit outside when a bright orange light caught my eye traveling west. I don't know what it was, this was not a areoplane either. This was a single very bright glowing orange light, so we didn't really have any explanation. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

UK/England - Sightings

BIRKENHEAD, MERSEYSIDE -- I was smoking outside on November 7, 2008, at 8.45 PM, when I saw a bright orange ball that appeared to be going up in the sky. I thought it was a flare, but then I realized it was not going up, it was traveling across the sky over my house. I shouted my wife and she saw it too. As it went over my house it was still a bright orange round shaped object, but it also had a blurry outer orange ring around it. The outer ring was fairly faint. The object was silent and traveled at the speed of a helicopter. We both ran through the house to see the object from the front. It carried on in a straight line then seemed to disappear. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

OLDFIELD PARK STATION, NEAR BATH -- As my partner and I were making our way to the Bath bound platform at Old Field Park, I noticed one orange light below the Moon on October 10, 2008, at 11:15 PM. It was bright orange and too large to be a planet. To give an idea of size, if I were to hold a ruler up at arm's length I would say it was 2 – 3 mm in size. Also it was too low in the sky, we had good visibility and could make out the stars in contrast which were all above the Moon. I then noticed a second light and my partner a third and in the space of a minute there were five in total, all exactly the same. They were all moving vertically and seemed to be flying in a formation (zig zag).

WORTHING, WEST SUSSEX – On October 13, 2008, at 9 PM, I saw a similar light to the one I saw three nights before but this time it was slightly to more West and an hour earlier. I doubt it is a star, as I had a good and more clear look at it last night. I think it's an illumined cylinder or long thin cone. I also think it was revolving, slowly, as it looked like a round light (the front end, two lights, (turned slightly) growing to a line. It stayed in the same place again for about 20 minutes. I got up to look out of a different window and by the time I got there, it had vanished. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

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