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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
December 31, 2008

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was “Be Happy” and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

UFO Year in Review

Best UFO Photo Taken UFO over Halesowen, Midlands, UK December 2008

MUFON CMS and NUFORC recorded 206 sightings in December of 2007, that tripled to 641 in January 2008, 498 in February, 397 in March mostly in Indiana, 568 in April, 434 in May, 567 in June, 730 Worldwide in July,736 in August, 642 in September, and 761 in October. Sightings appeared to slow in November and December. 2008 started off with a bang with hundreds of sightings around Stephenville, Texas not far from President Bush's ranch.

Texas - Mile Long UFO

This is colorized photo of a similar UFO taken over Utah

STEPHENVILLE -- Jason Greywolf Leigh writes, "To give you a 'heads up' on a truly amazing 'UFO sighting' seen by me on January 8, 2008, and hundreds of other people saw a tremendous UFO! Even a judge, respected citizens and a Pastor with his church members of all ages saw it as well!

What they saw and what I saw were two different objects, although in the same part of the clear night sky! The Stephenville UFO was said by an experienced pilot and a navigational expert, to have been at least 1 mile long and 1/2 a mile wide! The recent wave of sightings in Texas during January are plotted on this map and could be interpreted as indicating a similar situation to the Mothership sightings in France and elsewhere.

MOTHERSHIP --What I saw around the same time was higher up in the ENE clear sky and was like a blue star that was stationary and then zipped to the south, quick as that, although both my sighting and theirs were shortly thereafter pursued by F-16s! Steve Allen, a pilot and freight company owner, described the object he saw as a mile long and half a mile wide. "It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts," he said. "I am a pilot and have been flying for 30 years and fly several times a week and have never seen anything like this." A pilot, policeman and local business owners are among those who insist they saw a huge silent object with bright lights flying low and fast over the town of Stephenville and Dublin, 60 miles south west of Fort Worth. The Federal Aviation Administration later released a radar report that confirmed that a craft measuring between 524 and 1048 feet overflew the Texas White House unopposed on January 8, 2008.

Ricky Sorrells, a machinist, looking through his rifle's telescopic sights said, "I saw a flat and seamless metallic object with hundreds of holes or indentations, hovering about 300 feet over a field.

We never heard any noise from the craft that headed west towards Abilene. Ten minutes later the craft came again with two jets chasing it headed east towards Ft. Worth, TX, at about 4000 feet. The jets were unable to catch and went . into the distance at full throttle. Drawing courtesy of Linda Howe.

DUBLIN -- Steve Hudgeons, the Assistant State Director of Texas reports, "We were well received today in Dublin Texas and treated with respect by the media due to the type of questions that were asking. There was an estimated 500 people total.

Each of the six investigators averaged seven interviews in a four hour time" period.

Map courtesy of Steve Reichmuth (

Truck driver Sean Kiel, center claimed to have captured the UFOs on photographs. He attended the MUFON meeting that made national news. The military later admitted that a dozen or so F-16s were airborne at the time, and released radar data indicating unknown craft were in the area.

The sightings continued throughout the year with several policemen reported sightings. On December 17, 2008, Erath County police saw a 600 foot in diameter UFO over Stephenville Court House. MUFON investigated over 270 sightings during the year. Several hundred were around Stephenville.

High ranking Japanese Government officials claim UFOs are flying over Japan.

As a Japanese satellite circles the Moon, Japan may be finding evidence that extraterrestrial visitors exist. Several top Japanese government spokesman claim they personally believe in UFOs.

Japan's Defense Shigeru Ishiba became the second member of the Cabinet to profess a belief in UFOs. Ishiba told reporters, saying it was his personal view that UFOs exist. Ishiba stated, 'He was looking at how Japan's military could respond to aliens under the pacifist Constitution. There are no grounds for us to deny that there are unidentified flying objects [UFOs] and some life-form that controls them."

Washington - Disc Photo

BOTHELL -- The witness was taking photos on April 12, 2008, a clear warm day between 12:30 PM and 2:30 PM, and discovered some unusual objects in a few of the photos. The photo shows an unknown object close to a commercial aircraft. The witness used a Fuji Fine Pix S5700 S700 (7.1 megapixel) Digital Camera. Latitude: 47.76 *North Longitude: 122.21 *West

Comments: We have received photos in the past from this witness. She is reliable and I don't believe that any of her photos are fabrications. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

Vatican Astronomer says, "Extraterrestrials are our Brothers."

On May 13, 2008, the Jesuit Chief of the Vatican Observatory stated that "Extraterrestrials are our Brothers." published in an interview in the Vatican official newspaper L'Osservatore Romano. The Pope's chief astronomer says that life on Mars cannot be ruled out. Writing in the Vatican newspaper, the astronomer, Father Gabriel Funes, said intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space. Father Funes, is a respected scientist who collaborates with universities around the world. The search for forms of extraterrestrial life, he says, does not contradict belief in God.

California -- Almost a Sighting Every Day

DANA POINT — The witness photographed these two objects on May 26, 2008, at 9:42 PM. While enjoying a barbecue a large object with flame shooting out the sides and the bottom flew towards the south towards San Clemente.

On May 14, 2008, the U.K. Ministry of Defence executed a massive document dump of previously secret UFO/ET files. On October 20, 2008, the UK Ministry of Defence released 19 more secret files, and ABC Nightline News broadcast a TV news segment suggesting a state of ongoing hostilities between Extraterrestrials and UK and USA armed forces. Pilots were ordered to shoot down UFOs, but were unsuccessful. I personally was ordered to chase UFOs by London Control. Hundreds of sightings were reported over the UK during the year.

California had over 300 sightings reported to MUFON most were in the Los Angeles area. There was a flap in March in Indiana that moved to Pennsylvania mostly just north of Philadelphia with 177 sighting reports.

Pennsylvania – Had Several Hundred Sightings in 2008

CANONSBURG -- On January 12, 2008, at 6 PM, five of us saw a flying triangle. Three witnesses were in our car and two strangers were in a nearby parking lot

RUSSELLTON – Two triangles were seen moving towards Saxonburg, by ten witnesses on the road on January 12, 2008, at midnight. There were three lights on the bottom of both craft. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Pennsylvania - Time Lapse Photo Shows UFO

HERMITAGE -- The witness was looking at weather photos on the webcam and played a 30 day time lapse and found the apparent anomalous objects on the photo taken at noon on February 1, 2008. The weather camera is located on the third floor of Hermitage Middle School.

Comments: Upon receipt of the report we accessed the website and played the most recent 30 day time at the Hermitage Middle School webcam. We found the strange looking objects only on the photo taken at noon on February 1, 2008. Thanks to Bill Puckett

PHILADELPHIA -- I was standing on my backyard deck facing Center City on March 3, 2007, at 8 PM and observed a large flat, black object gliding east towards the Delaware River. The object was about the size of a school bus but flat, four or five feet in thickness and almost completely black.

Comments: The witness has drawn an object somewhat resembling a boomerang. The object was only visible due to the moonlight. Thanks to Bill Puckett UFOS Northwest

PHILADELPHIA -- I went out back to have a smoke on March 28, 2009, and looked up and saw a dimly lit uneven triangle with about 8 to 10 lights moving exceptionally fast. One side had seven lights and the other side had two or three lights. Thanks to MUFON CMS

LIMERICK — Twenty miles northwest of Philadelphia, as the morning haze was burning off at 10:45 AM, I spotted two large silvery white UFOs hovering over high tension lines on the Limerick Power Plant on June 7, 2008. The objects quickly vanished behind the power plant towers. I told my neighbor and he said that he had seen lights rotating above the tops of the two towers.

Comments: The witness sighted something unusual in the area of a power plant. No power outages were reported. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

LEVITOWN -- I was out in the yard at 4:10 AM, on July 8, 2008, and I looked up and saw four lights. Three that looked like two eyes and a nose with bright head lights with a pink color light at the front of the object. I saw a blue fog that came out of the back of the object. It was shinning lights around and I watched for over 40 minutes as it moved slowly through the sky. I thought I saw silver flakes falling down into the tree tops. This is the fourth time I have seen UFOs in the Levittown area since April. The witness was interviewed by Bob Gardner and State Director John Ventre for the Discovery Channel Special, "UFOs over the Earth."

BEAVERTOWN — Several times I've seen UFOs on Quarry Road, and once, I passed almost directly under the very large triangle.

Pennsylvania - Photos of UFOs on FOX News

BUCKS COUNTY – Fox TV in Philadelphia reports, "So far, nobody has reported taking a ride in any unidentified flying objects." But people who never believed in them before say they've sighted them, literally, in their own backyards. People still see them -- especially people in Bucks County.

Since June 25 between Bucks and Philadelphia, 44 such bogeys have been spied. How do we know? Well, people like Denise have pictures. "Between the malls to my right and Don Pablo's is right here there's been V-shaped objects," said Bob Gardner, a field investigator for MUFON -- the Mutual UFO Network. He says the sightings over Bucks are legion, right over the Oxford Valley Mall.

PHILADELPHIA -- I saw an "H" shaped object in the sky on July 16, 2008, as I was coming home from work and was stopped at a stop sign and noticed the craft in the sky. There were four white lights on the near side and at least two white lights on the far side with a red light in the middle and reminded me of a tie fighter from Star Wars. Thanks to MUFON CMS

LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- My Father and I were sitting on our patio on the Fourth of July when we saw an orange light just hovering at 11 PM. Suddenly it was flying upward into space and was gone in seconds. After five minutes it was back again. Thanks to Peter Davenport

BUCKS COUNTY -- This sighting happened at about 4:05 AM, on Sunday, July 27, 2008, of an object just a shade darker then the sky. When lightning struck the craft lit up like a Christmas tree, but only for a millisecond. The sides were gray with protrusions and indentations along its sides. The windows were definitely windows on the sides. This is my second sighting in less than two months of the same type craft. Thanks to Brian Vike

ALTOONA --The witness states, "I was taking pictures of "weird" cloud formations and lights in the night sky on June 22, 2008. There were vortexes hovering in the sky. I had feelings of elation and obsession with watching the night sky due to several encounters/observations of "weird" clouds & lights plus black helicopters in the area. The objects just moved away. Thanks to MUFON CMS

MUFON Pennsylvania has, investigated 177 sightings so far this year.

Other states such as Florida, Illinois had over a hundred sightings this year. Rankings by state are: California, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, New York, and Arizona. Sightings have increased from 450 to over 600 a month in the US.


California – Photos

CHILCOOT -- The object just showed up on my photo while taking pictures of this old school house on September 7, 2008, at 2:37 PM. Do you have any information on what this is? The object is located in the upper right hand corner. The photo was taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Camera. (This is a high end camera. It is a SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera and has a maximum resolution of 10.1 megapixels.)

Comments: Upon first glance at the photo I thought that the object could have been an "out-of-focus" insect. However, enlargement and enhancement (increasing sharpness) does not reveal that this is a likely explanation. I have written to the witness to obtain more details. Any updates will be posted. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

LOS ANGELES --I was driving down the 710 freeway towards Los Angeles to get to work on December 17, 2008, at about 7:45 AM,. I was looking towards the snow covered mountains because they look so pretty when out of nowhere some bright circular rotating lights came out of the foggy rainy clouds at the top of the mountains. I am 100% sure that it wasn't an aircraft because the light was extremely bright white and was rotating in a circular motion. The object was moving for 15 seconds until it disappeared in the clouds. I believe what I saw was a UFO because this is not the first time I have seen some weird object around the mountains.

Two months ago. I saw the UFOs in the same direction around the same time. I saw a shiny chrome or metal type object. My sister-in-law called my brother and said there was a UFO around Highways 605 and 210 near the same area two weeks ago, but her sighting was witnessed by more people and the highway patrol. It was on a Sunday about 2:45 PM and people on the freeway got out of their cars and were taking pictures and video.

Comments: This is an interesting sighting and one that doesn't have an explanation. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

MISSION VIEJO -- On December 28, 2008, I spotted a flying object that constantly changes position and I filmed it for a solid hour. I have over 100 still photos all with points of reference. I am a sky watcher, and every time I get a chance I hope to see something up there and for years have never seen anything. Right now if I look out my window the object is still there. But I came in to recharge my cameras and report this to MUFON. My video shows constant movement, changing in color and shape and pulsing bright lights. My digital still camera is 12.1 megapixel.. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida - Several See Spinning Lights

MIAMI -- On Friday, December 22, 2008, my stepfather was driving me home from a night of Christmas shopping, heading west on Caribbean Boulevard when I saw a bright shining yellow light, similar to that of a star. It was very close to us. My stepfather looked over and all of a sudden it shifted from one light, to three in the shape of a triangle. My stepfather parked and we stared at the three lights. Then the lights shut off and we could now see a spinning green and red light. Then the flying object started to move towards us and then over us slowly. I jumped out of the car. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. The bottom looked like a boomerang. You could barely see the lights from the bottom. And it made not one sound even though it was very close to us. Once over us, it took off quickly. and flew it into the distance. We got back in the car and kept my eyes on it.

When we arrived at my house, we could see it again as it hovered and was just spinning in the sky. The lights were: red, yellow, green and blue. My husband came out to see and was equally intrigued by this thing. He took out binoculars and we could clearly see the separations in the lights and the slight movements of it. After this moment, it never moved from its spot.

Comments: The fact that the witnesses saw these lights for a long period of time and that the lights moved with the Earth's rotation suggests that the lights could have been an astronomical phenomenon. However, the witnesses mentioned that the lights were spinning and that they moved over the car. This fact casts more doubt that the witnesses were observing an astronomical phenomenon. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

LAKELAND -- Dear Filers - Just reviewed the latest gatherings from the files with all the pictures. My mother had a sighting recently with her friend. It's clear from the recent sightings I've had myself that they are trying to communicate again. Thank you for all that you do in this field. Blessings and may God bring you both a lovely New Year. Rebecca Renfroe, Lakeland, FL.

Illinois – Cylinder Photo

CHICAGO -- I was taking pictures out the window of my plane with a disposable camera on May 3, 2008, but last week when I was going through my photo DVD I found a picture of an object over Chicago. It looks like a cylinder with an orb below it. A second picture taken seconds later does not show the objects. I did not physically see this object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Iowa - Flying Triangle

DES MOINES -- This was on October 7, 2008, at 10 PM, I was driving down Interstate 35 at near Merle Hay Road and saw three triangle UFOs. They were red lighted with yellow dots on the corners. They were flying over my car and drifted along the area. The ghost ships all drifted to the east over the Holiday Inn in the area and flew under a cloud. One changed its yellow lights to red on the corners and disappeared. There was no sound and the other two also disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Louisiana – Flying Light

ATHENS -- I went outside to take out the trash and I looked up at the sky to see if there were any clouds or if it was clear. I saw a very bright light in the southern sky over the trees.... stationary. I thought it was a star. But it was so bright. I ran inside and got my camera. which I took a picture of it showed a round bright orb. Then, I zoomed my camera to the max and when I downloaded my card I had white squiggly lines instead of the orb. I lost sight of it when I went in to download my card, when I came back out it was gone. I'm not sure what this is but I have some photos that you might find interesting. These photos were taken tonight, my date and time was off by one day. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Minnesota - Strange Star-Like UFO

CHATFIELD -- I was sitting on my fiancé's couch watching TV on December 12, 2008, at 9:30 PM, when I noticed movement out my window to the southwest, approximately 1/2 mile away that appeared like a plane with a very bright white light approaching my building. I was intent on trying to identify the object, when it stopped and remained completely still for 20 to 25 seconds and then went dark, as if a "camera shutter" closed around it. It was a totally clear sky that evening and very, very cold. Since 1995, there have been several sightings in and around Southeast Minnesota. We've seen colored orbs, rods, a bright rectangular craft, and a large black square that blocked out the stars. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

Nebraska - Egg Shaped UFO Was Stationary

OMAHA – At 11 PM, On December 25, 2008, we saw an egg shaped blinking UFO moving very fast but it stopped right over 72nd and Dodge Street. There were two lights on each side of the egg. It vanished in 15 seconds. It was at the height of 700 km from earth and was forming an angle of 60 degree from my eye contact to that UFO. It was so fast that before I could reach for my camera it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Hampshire -- Triangle

CONCORD -- I was driving toward Concord on I-93 South at about 7:25 PM, December 29, 2008, when I saw three lights in a triangular pattern. It was traveling at a very high rate of speed and passed directly over my truck. It would have to be about 1500 - 3000 feet altitude. It was a black triangle. It stood out because it was below the clouds and I could see the outline pretty good because of the contrast between the lighter clouds and darker triangular object. The lights were white and circular with one at each corner of the triangle. I saw it for about 15-20 seconds. There was also a plane of some sort following what looked to be around the same altitude. It was traveling considerably slower than the first craft. There were no blinking lights on the black triangle. I attached a drawing of a equilateral triangle. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey - Possible Meteor Sighting

PITTSGROVE -- I don't know if it was a meteor on December 21, 2008, at 10:00 PM, but it was so close it illuminated the trees. The round ball of light seemed to have a flaming trail. Other people in other places saw it as well. It moved hundreds of MPH and was gone. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

North Carolina – UFO Photo

CHARLOTTE -- On December 22, 2008, I was going out to my car to retrieve Christmas gifts when I noticed two very intense bright multicolored lights to the southeast low on the horizon just above the tree tops. I thought that they were airplanes, but realized they were not moving. The objects were in close proximity to each other and were the brightest lights in the sky. The lights were not flashing but were repeatedly changing colors from blue to orange to gold to red to pure white.

The objects were about a mile from my location so I decided to get a photograph of the object. I noticed the smaller object on the right began to move away from the larger object. The object moved a short distance and stopped and began to generate a tremendous amount of bright red light. The larger object began to get brighter and larger in the sky at the same time and was emitting large amounts of bright multicolored light. As I was trying to photograph the object, the smaller object flew off at a high rate of speed to the west. As I photographed the object, it began to intensify in color in this 30 second exposure. As I was attempting to obtain a second photograph, the object began to move. The object moved in the same direction as the smaller object had moved. The object decreased in size and turned a pale blue. I lost sight of the object as it traveled behind trees across the street. I then realized that I was hearing and seeing aircraft in the area. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Oklahoma – Flying Dots

DURANT -- I was looking out of the driveway and looked up to look at the storm clouds on December 26, 2008, as they were forming. And the clouds looked like smoke and then I saw colored dots flying through the sky. The dots were flying from north to south. I took pictures of the dots. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania - Cigar Low Flying Craft

I was in my computer room when the foyer lit up in a bright red color like enormous fireworks had been set off that lit up the sky. It was like when a flare is shot up into the sky. I could see all the houses in the neighborhood exceptionally well. All this lasted only about ten seconds or so and then it stopped and the night was black again. This was at around 4:05 AM, so it was quite dark.

I was almost in a panic and ran up to my room and looked out the window but I couldn't see anything else. A meteor could have been entering the atmosphere, but the strange thing was that it didn't move at all. It just flashed in one spot and disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Outside USA Reports

Australia – UFO Flap But Politian's Quiet

Australian's are seeing strange things in the skies and sometimes on the ground, from Melbourne to Mullumbimby, from Budgewoi to Bundaberg. UFO sightings have never been more frequent, yet politicians are keeping mysteriously quiet on the topic. One of these politicians is Malcolm Turnbull, one of the biggest names in Australian politics. Malcolm Turnbull is a member of the Australian Parliament and the Leader of one of Australia's two main political parties.

Turnbull stands a good chance of being Australia's next Prime Minister. But don't hold your breath for any UFO related disclosure. Michael Cohen, of All News Web, happened to chance upon Mr. Turnbull and ask him a few questions regarding UFO related topics, probably the first time he was asked anything on the topic by any media outlet. Some of the answers he gave were startling.

He claimed he wasn't sure the Government knew anything and if anyone did know something they weren't telling him or anyone he knows. Then he made the surprise revelation that 'Information on that subject would be above top secret, the highest classification of secrecy'. This was a truly remarkable comment. He then mentioned that ‘Australia hasn't had its Roswell yet' to which our reporter replied ‘That's not exactly true.' So there we have it, yet another top ranking politician alluding to a government within a government that might know something about the topic but isn't telling anyone, even elected officials and party heads. When asked if he believed earth is being visited by Aliens and whether he believed in UFO's he simply reversed the question and asked our reporter if he did. Yet the impression gained was that he knew more than he was prepared to give away. After all, we powerless mere mortals are way too dumb to be trusted with information on questions like ‘is there anyone out there?' We would rather leave that to the ‘elected' elite that control our lives. All News Web is currently looking for reporter. Access to the internet is essential.

Canada - Bright White Light

COCHRANE, ALBERTA -- On December 24, 2008, at 11:40 PM, I looked out the window at a very bright white light directly across the street, the size of my fist at arm's length. It lit up out of nowhere for a couple seconds. As I stared at this light, a light beam the size of a power pole instantly appeared from the light. I can't stress how shocking that was to see, incredible. I don't recall seeing the neighborhood lit up, although this light was easily similar to any police helicopter. A helicopter would have lit up the whole place, as well rattled our windows had it been where that light and beam appeared. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

India - Small Tube Like Object

BANGALORE, KARNATAKA> -- My roommate and I were studying for our exams on December 19, 2008, about 3:15 AM, when walking along our corridor we heard a sound as if an aircraft was fast approaching us. To our surprise we saw a small tube like object 1/6 the size of a normal tube-light. It went into the dark within few seconds. The sky was exceptionally clear. And there were no clouds.

Comments: I don't know the identity of the object in the sketch. Given that the witnesses described an "aircraft" sound and the fact that they only saw the object for a few seconds could mean that the object was a conventional aircraft. However, this is speculation on my part. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Ireland - Two Orange Round Lights

FAHAN, CO. DONEGAL -- I noticed two orange colored lights in the sky on December 24, 2008, at 8:00 PM. They were far apart but moved together. I thought it was a helicopter or airplane but they were too far apart and too low. There was no noise at all. They moved across the sky maintaining the same distance from each other! Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

New Zealand - A Round Ball Shaped Object

MOTUEKA -- My two friends and I were standing at the end of my driveway on November 8, 2008, at 1:30 AM, after coming back from a party at the beach. We were just talking when I saw a bright red/orange light floating across the sky. I drew the others attention to it and we stood there astonished at what we were seeing. It was moving faster than an ordinary plane and was not a jet plane because it was moving too slow to be a jet plane and was also too low to be a jet plane. It was also too big to be a jet plane. Definitely wasn't a helicopter because it wasn't moving fast enough and I would have heard it. It seemed to hover, and was a bright light colored red. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

HAMILTON, WAIKATO -- The white object was seen traveling north above buildings on November 27, 2008, at 1:45 PM, then circled and disappeared in the clouds. It came out and started heading west where we lost sight as it traveled over the building. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

UK - England Photos

CANNOCK – A local man got more than he bargained for when he took a snap of Cannock Town Centre - and accidentally captured a ‘UFO' hovering above Pye Green Road. Chase Post reader Robert Teuu said he was stunned after viewing the picture of the LA Rock Cafe and noticing the strange object high in the sky.

And the mystery deepened when Mr. Teuu zoomed into the object on his computer. "I just couldn't believe what I was seeing," Mr. Teuu said, "I took the picture to try out my camera and it was only when I got home and looked at it on my computer that I noticed the object in the sky, but I did not notice at the time."I zoomed into the object and thought it was a bird or some aircraft, but after looking closer at it, now I just don't know what it is."It's not an aircraft. It must be some kind of UFO!". The Cannock area has been a notorious hotspot for UFO sightings over the years.

Earlier this year the Government declassified documents detailing encounters with UFOs over the town. Cigar-shaped objects hovering over Burntwood, and a hovering light over the Stafford Road are just some of the sightings investigated by the British Government in the search for answers, the papers show.

And the newly-released documents - dating from 1986 to 1992 - also reveal many letters and correspondence between the Ministry of Defence (MoD), Staffordshire Police and local MPs, as they tried to explain the phenomena.

BELPER, DERBYSHIRE – On December 24, 2008 , at 11:45 PM, we were in the back garden and saw an orange light coming towards us at speed, relatively low in the sky. It appeared to stop above us for around 30 seconds and then moved off at a very slight angle, whilst going higher, until eventually it disappeared. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

CHESTERFIELD -- We were visiting relatives on Boxing Day. A member of my family was standing at the back door when she observed 5 bright lights travelling across the night sky. We quickly went to look ourselves and also witnessed the lights. The lights were steady and did not flash. They were yellowish and appeared to be moving in a rough formation travelling quite slowly. As the lights reached the sky above the house they seemed to dim then disappear. Further lights then followed taking a similar trajectory although no longer in any formation. The last of the lights also appeared to change color to dark less visible red and then back to yellow again. I was shocked by what I saw as I am quite familiar with civilian and military aircraft as I work on a variety of MoD sites and airports and I am used to seeing aircraft lights at night. These lights were like nothing I have ever seen before and did not have the characteristics of aircraft lights. The lights seemed to be large in comparison with normal aircraft lights. There was no sound audible as they passed.

PORT TALBOT WALES -- At 5:00 PM, on December 24, 2008 , I came out of a local store and a bright light caught my eye. This light was moving from east to west very slowly. I watched the object for several minutes on my walk home. When I arrived at my home, several of my neighbors were also watching. I watched for approximately two minutes and the object did not move. I then went into my home to fetch my binoculars. Once I peered through the binoculars I could see the object was a round orange ball. The ball did not move again, it stayed there hanging in the sky for approximately 2 - 3 minutes. Later the ball gradually moved away getting smaller and smaller. My neighbors said they could no longer see it with their eyes, but through the binoculars it was still visible. Over the next few seconds it gradually became not visible even with binoculars. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research /

CAMBRIDGE -- My name's Donald J Browne. I've taken photos of UFOs near Ely Cathedral for Christmas Eve Carol Service. The photos were part of a street lamp experiment that was inspired by Miceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinneman's book The Orb Project.

I was fascinated by Miceal's theory on Orbs as fluorescing beings and had similar observations myself. I wanted to take the experiment into a different direction - that of shooting straight into fluorescing streetlamps. I have been astounded by some of the results. But the biggest discovery was before I shot the photos. I was aiming the camera at the streetlamp when I saw the UFO materialize. I didn't even have my finger on the button to activate the infra-red or flash. Like looking at the UFO in a live movie, I noticed something interesting. If I tilted the camera left or right, up or down very slightly, perhaps no more than 5 to 10 degrees, the Orbs came into view or vanished, or demonstrated a partial materialization as can be seen in the selection of photos.

The UFOs were perfectly still! If I moved the camera slightly left or right, I got the phenomena I've documented above. When I moved the camera back to its original angle, they were there again in clear view. I know it sounds unbelievable, but the photos I shot are the proof. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Scotland/UK - UFO Sightings

ELDERSLIE -- Eagle-eyed believers have told of spooky sightings of UFOs flying high in the sky above Renfrewshire. Two residents in Elderslie contacted a leading UFO website to tell how they spotted glowing orange-coloured objects moving around as they tailed planes coming in and out of Glasgow Airport. Now UFO experts are urging Buddies to be on the alert amid suggestions that aliens could be keeping an eye on Paisley. Brian Vike, director of the HBCC UFO Research organisation, told the Paisley Daily Express that sightings of unidentified flying objects are becoming more common in Renfrewshire. He said: "This year, there appears to have been an increase in sighting reports coming in and many of these are of orange-coloured objects or lights." Snip.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said they had no reports of suspicious activity above Glasgow Airport. He added: "The MoD examines reports solely to establish whether UK airspace may have been compromised by hostile or unauthorized military activity." Thanks to Alison Rennie, Nov 24 2008, Paisley Daily Express


Loved Ones Lost

Ruben Uriarte writes I regret to inform that, "Mr. Virgil Staff died at 3 AM on December 26 , 2008 due to health complications. Virgil was our Western Regional Mufon Director, former State Director for Northern California and field investigator. He was an accomplished author and photographer and has written several books on railroads and was recognized several times on " Who's Who in America" . Both he and his wife Lavada Staff have been members of Mufon for many years. His favorite sayings were " I am on top of the World" and "On with the Good Life " He will be missed!

Alex Cavalari who passed away on June 28, 2008, worked tirelessly to reveal the truth about aliens and UFOs.

We had our TV show for several years in Atlantic City. Alex on the right had a brilliant mind and developed many electrical devices, often photographed UFOs, and built UFO websites. He will be greatly missed by us all. Our condolences to his wife, Jeannie.

In the last year or so we also lost Jeff Challender a great and kind man who passed away due to a massive sudden heart attack. Jeff will always be remembered for obtaining extraordinary evidence for the proof of UFOs in our atmosphere and near space. He tirelessly reviewed NASA Shuttle videos to find anomalies and founded Project Prove. He had remarkable understanding of NASA operations and unidentified objects in space. Jeff was a cherished friend and God will bless him and his family in this time of sorrow.

We Are Not Alone" with host David Twichell.

Philip Imbrogno will guest on "We Are Not Alone" Saturday, Jan. 3, 2009 at 10:00 AM EST. Tune in at 10:00 AM (EST) for the one hour radio show on WHFR.FM. Go to and click on "Listen Live Now". We Are Not Alone is now archived at as well as

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