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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
January 21, 2009

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was "Be Happy" and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

Possible Life on Mars

Special Reports These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over two hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this research. I believe God has spread life throughout the universe and they are visiting us in ever increasing numbers.

Does Mars Methane Prove Life?

On Earth, methane is something of a villain—a powerful greenhouse gas that is far more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat. But it is also a marker of life that emerges from biological processes, such as the digestive systems of cows and termites. So when methane was identified on Mars in 2003 and 2004, efforts were rekindled to seek out life there. A team of researchers today announced another milestone in determining the source of methane on Mars, along with the best next steps to ascertain whether the gas is connected to life or to geologic activity on the Red Planet.

Michael Mumma, a senior planetary scientist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and his colleagues report in the online edition of Science that they used ground-based telescopes to spot a significant belch of methane that appears to have emerged from localized regions on Mars in summer 2003. Sushil Atreya, a professor of atmospheric and space science at the University of Michigan who did not contribute to the study, noted two significant observations made by Mumma's team: that Mars hosts active hot spots of methane and that the gas appears to be destroyed rapidly by chemical processes, indicating the presence of powerful oxidizing agents.

Specifically, observations made by Mumma and his colleagues showed a relative dearth of methane on Mars in spring 2006, implying seasonal fluctuations of the gas's release. The levels were so low that they did not account for the methane released in the summer 2003 event, even if it were a freak one-time occurrence. Photochemistry, which breaks down methane over time, acts too slowly to explain the rapid disappearance of the gas. Assuming that the methane is produced by internal processes on Mars, Atreya said that the source could be "geology, in which case it's the reaction between water and rock, or it's biology, in which case the microbes are producing the methane." In either case, the discovery of individual methane plumes points to the existence of localized aquifers (water-bearing rock layers) under the surface, he said. Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea in Hawaii. "With that, we can search for a dozen different molecular trace species in the atmosphere simultaneously," Mumma says. "So that's the next step: to actually test the abundance of those species, because their abundances should depend on the origin of the material." And the Mars Science Laboratory, now scheduled for a 2011 launch, will conduct an isotopic analysis that will provide an independent assessment of the gas's origin.

Editor's Note :Dr Gilbert V. Levin's 1976 Viking Lander's biological experiments proved there was microbial life on Mars. His tests were successfully tested in Antarctic soil and the Mohave Desert and could detect as few as 10-50 bacterial cells per gram. On Mars, Patch Rock changed color during the spring-summer growing seasons showing further proof of life. Three meteorites from Mars found on Earth have Martian bacteria.

Mars Symbols

Astronomer, Tom Van Flandern reports concerning strange dark markings have the appearance of symbols on many images from Mars, "This can be seen directly in the original strip image on the NASA/JPL site with the aid of a magnifying glass." Much evidence indicates that Mars is an escaped former moon of a now-exploded parent planet. That fits with what we see in these images, which have the character of what humans will one day construct on our own Moon, rather than the character expected of the builders' home world. It also hints at what happened to the builders since many of the images have a familiar humanoid or terrestrial appearance. The best available dating for the most recent major explosion event in the solar system is 3.2 million years ago, which may then mark the end of the builder's home world. That is also the best dating we have for the first appearance of humanoids on Earth. The images on Mars therefore raise the possibility that humans are a transfer species. This transfer-species speculation fits with the most ancient surviving legends in all cultures about a 'golden age' (the 'Garden of Eden' myth) and a 'global flood' (the 'Noah's Ark' myth); and with our natural biorhythm cycle having a length (24.9 hours) close to that of the Martian day." Thanks to Lead Astronomer, Tom Van Flandern at

'Nefertiti face': One needs to study this image with an excellent monitor and good imaging software to see the amazing degree of detail present. For example, even features as small as the eyelashes over the eye, visible in the artist's inset, come from the actual Mars image, and involve no artistic license. Source: Thanks to and Tom Van Flandern

Mars Structures Show Intelligence

Norman Bryden writes: NASA spends Twenty Billion Dollars per year for exploration yet they still claim there is no life on Mars and appear to hide numerous images taken of the planet. A common mistake by some people is to look at these tubes as cracks and fissures which may be why so many others missed the large congregations of these structures. The key giveaway is at various locations clear bridges and tube support construction with added structures similar to buildings are visible. The tubes go around different styles of buildings, and are as wide as the buildings themselves, being even larger at times. It takes a little patience to follow along closely, but the buildings are there with the tubes around them, which pretty much confirms that all the markings are likely travel ways of some sort. Many geometrical formations within such close proximity to each other seem far too complex to be random occurrences. They definitely look intelligently constructed, and are clearly three-dimensional and not flat. Enclosed tubes are what they appear to be in most cases. Actual two lanes side-by-side with a divider can be seen in some of these images.

The white tubes that are quite large and could easily accommodate two lanes of traffic. They are around the size of Earth's highway systems, and even a bit larger according to the scales provided with the NASA image. The width of the white lines or tubes would be around 10 meters wide (about 33 feet.). "This image shows that at many locations vertical supports are visible beneath the long road-like structures. A sophisticated transportation system requires supports for the various levels of tubes or roads. Beside the long-white structures and at various intersections are also structures that look like buildings. The combined structures and geometric shapes indicate that this is most likely a city built by an intelligent species on Mars.

If this was only a natural site it seems logical that at least some of the areas within the probable city confines would show rocks, sand and snow drifted over the white tubes. In a modern city debris would be removed from the main areas and the complex order would be maintained as the image seems to show. The lines do not seem broken or in need of repair. They could be a strong material which does not break over long periods of time, but much of it seems intact. If the structures are intact, so could possible occupants. The tubes and surrounding appear as intelligent constructions and look intact. My guess is that there are either people, alien species or both still there in some form and numbers. With UFO technology, Mars would not be that far away.

In natural sites on Mars, cracks are shadowed within the lines, being more below the surface and obstructed from some angles from the sun, while the tubes are above the shadows where light is not obscured. There are shadows underneath the white tubes. There are surrounding structures also above and in front of the tubes, that verify the 3-D aspect. There are orderly buildings, tunnels, portals, bridges, and towers etc. which are part of a city. Other images on Mars show of dried mud, sand, or snow and are not as complex like this image which is orderly and defined with geometric patterns around geometric structures. Over long periods of time standing objects wear down and eventually topple. Most of the objects in this image are standing and clear of debris, rather than broken and covered in places.

The pattern of photographs taken by the MGS is strange because great swaths of land are skipped as the surveyor traveled around Mars taking pictures. The images are not in regular succession, and are all over the place with no pattern. It seems logical that many images that have deliberately been left out of the database released to the public that would go in-between the great gaps in the coverage. I suspect there is far more on Mars that is not being shown from looking at the patterns of where the images were taken. We are lucky for the few images that have slipped through the screening process. JPL controls the release of the Photos.

(Image is M08-05725 1999-10-23T15:33:06.61 SCET Image width: 1024 pixels Latitude of image center is 67.67°S Longitude 12.34°W Scaled pixel width is 2.77 meters) Thanks to Norman Bryden

Dr. Rich Boylan reports that Clark McClelland reveals More Astronaut Secrets.

Here are excerpts from a message which Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Control Officer Clark McClelland sent me. I am ONLY Clark C. McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, KSC, Florida! "A new Prophet, maybe; well we can wait and see. I am certain I will NOT be here to know it. "Mars has a secret Astronaut Corp there NOW! It has been on Mars for many decades. "What do you think CLEANED the Mars Rover view ports after that terrible dust storm a year or so ago? " NASA acted "surprised", but, some within the agency has that knowledge. As I DO! "We are at least FIFTY YEARS + ahead of the general knowledge that the human race has been informed of to date. "The former CEO of the Lockheed Skunk Works, Ben Rich, told me that at KSC in person. "He has died now, so I feel it is OK to release what he said to me." Thanks to Clark and Michael.

Editor's Note: I have no data to confirm we have astronauts on Mars, but we did go to the moon and there are very strange symbols, evidence of biological processes and structures that infer life on Mars.

Apollo 17 Landing Site

Yes, Virginia the US did land on the Moon. The Japanese Kaguya satellite now circling Mars has taken images of the Apollo 17 landing site captured by its terrain camera. The lighter spot circled in red is where the Challenger landed and blew the dust away. The major objectives of the JAXA, mission are to understand the Moon's origin and evolution, and to observe the moon in various ways in order to utilize it in the future. The Main Orbiter is orbiting the Moon taking video of at an altitude of 100 km. The spatial resolution of the Terrain Camera is ten meters from 100 km orbit above the Moon. Thanks to JAXA/SELENE

Why Are UFO Photos So Poor?

UFOs are often flying and maneuvering hundreds of times faster than a speeding bullet or aircraft. It is difficult to capture this speed without distortion. In addition, the UFO creates atmospheric disturbances around the craft. The photo is distorted due to the ionization of the atmosphere, Tremendous heat and cold have been recorded near the craft, the effects of and electromagnetic effect is present.

It is something like trying to photograph the aurora borealis, those light displays in the sky. Aurorae are produced by the collision of charged particles from Earth's magnetosphere, mostly electrons but also protons and heavier particles, with atoms and molecules of Earth's atmosphere. The particles have energies of 1 to 100 keV. UFOs are creating their own magnetic field and solar wind canceling out the effects of gravity. These various distortions effect the image captured by the camera.

Probably only one in fifty UFOs are actually captured on film. Although now many people carry a camera phone these images are generally of poor quality due to the limitations of the camera. Often the UFO sighting occurs so quickly it is difficult to find the UFO in the camera's viewer. Many of the world's Air Forces have high quality gun camera film of UFOs, but these are not available to us.


Arkansas - Silent Object Near House with Lights.

CALAMINE -- Sitting at my desk I noticed outside my window to the north what I thought was a helicopter about 500 feet off the ground moving east on January 7, 2009. Then it occurred that this object was moving too fast to be a helicopter so I jumped up and opened the window thinking I would hear engine noise, but it was not making any sound. The object had one white light, one blue light and two red lights, one of which was flashing. It was moving about 550 knots. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director ((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with this individual, and we suspect that the report is quite accurate. PD))

California - Photograph

SAUSALITO -- I stopped in at the Sausalito Cam and I got to watch some UFO's -- 3 different models -- darting back and forth over the city, and then three jets from Alameda Naval Air Station scrambled to go after them, and I got that too. The five photos are in sequence and in this one you see three different craft, and I recolored that one. Then, in the second picture, you see three jets take off from Alameda after the big round one. But they didn't see the one that looks like a stick with lights, so it stuck around for about ten more minutes, in the second three. Thanks to Emily Cragg, webmaster,

Florida - Maneuvering Blue Light

MADERIA BEACH -- On January 17, 2009, my girl friend and I went out to the beach to take some pictures of stars with a fancy camera a friend let us borrow. When we got home to look at the pictures this is what we saw. I have more pictures. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

SOUTHERN FLORIDA -- On December 31 2008, around noon I was in my office and I heard a very loud jet and grabbed my camera and ran outside to film as it made a big fast U turn. I went in uploaded it to the PC. You can see a white object flying with the jet at the same speed and flying alongside it. They are flying together. There was ONLY one jet in the sky and you could hear it. It was very, very loud. I am guessing it was a military jet. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

Georgia - UFO Photo

BARNESVILLE -- While driving south at about 11 PM on November 16, 2008, I saw a large white light low in the sky ahead. I could sense rather than see the enormity of the object, it was huge! About 1/2 mile later, I stopped my car and took a picture with my camera phone as the full moon reflected off the object. At times I could almost see the shape of the object. I travelled south for 30 minutes where I reached the interstate and continued south. At this time the light was more visible and a smaller light was also seen near the large light. The lights began to move up and down opposite each other as if they were dancing. This activity lasted more than one minute. When I arrived at my destination a friend came outside and was also able to see the bright light. The sky in the distance had a pink glow and looked cloudy. It became difficult to see the object. I snapped pictures with camera phone at that time as well. The object made no sound that I could hear. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois - Light

TINLEY PARK -- On January 7, 2009, I was on my way home and saw three balls of different colored lights, slowly rotating in a triangular formation. They were flashing and slowly rotating. The balls of light stayed in a triangular formation and moved slowly to the east. I tried to get closer -- but I could never get close to it. There were an extra large amount of aircraft in the sky. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

RIVER FOREST -- I was watching TV and my cat looking out the window started meowing, looking at a triangle of orange lights, with sporadically placed orange lights throughout. I live near O'Hare Airport, so I see planes all the time. They are about a third the size of what I saw, and planes have red and blue lights that blink in a repeated pattern and in the same spot on the plane. This object was about 3 times bigger, and had no red or blue lights, and was off the normal flight path for planes. The object didn't make a noise, and flew at a slightly faster pace. It first flew in a north direction, and then curved more east, without turning or altering its shape in any way. I felt my heart jump and afterwards I found myself hyperventilating, and simply shocked. I couldn't, and still don't believe my eyes fully. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey - Unidentified Flying Objects

EDISON -- Jonathan Mullins a Security Guard with Tri-County Security while at the Menlo Park Veteran's Home said he noticed, on the security monitor, a disc shaped object changing shape with a blue glowing ring located around it at 8:57AM, on December 31, 2008. I also took notice of the ground under it (glowing blue as well) I shot one minute of very clear footage (which I still have) on my Cam phone as well as a picture taken not too long after the craft vanished of what appears to be a face in the rocks by our American Flag. All of the footage is clear as day. The 15 minute event was witnessed by another security guard and residents within the VA home. It made no noise, it was metallic and the top reflects gleaming light. I noticed the object on Security Cams located at my Security Desk and the object was hovering by a vehicle in the parking lot. The object had a blue ring around it and got bigger, then reduced its size. At one point I personally witnessed the object flatten itself out completely. I lost site of the object when it glowed very brightly and vanished. As of now I'm a believer. Thanks to MUFON CMS

MADISON -- On January 5, 2009, my parents called and told me, "Their dog had alerted them to a formation of five red lights in the sky. The five lights were also in formation when I saw them, but they dropped from 5 to 3 to 1 very quickly each shooting off in a separate direction. I have video of two of them together. They were floating like nothing I've ever seen. It looked like the lights of each craft were vertical with one light on top and one light below almost like a vertical bar with lights just at the tips. It shifted direction very quickly and jumped around a bit before going dark and heading west. I called the Madison, NJ PD and they said they had some reports. The Morris Township Police said they had received many calls and said it was just someone playing a "prank with flares". Maybe it was somehow man made but it was still an incredibly exciting thing to watch. Note: Field Investigator Kristen Winslet has investigated the sighting and agrees with the Morris Police that it was a prank with flares tied to balloons.

SHAMONG -- On January 4, 2008, by a luminous object in the air an object hovered while fighter jets where inbound, the object held its position only after I heard the reports from the jets. The object rose slightly and then vanished. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

HACKENSACK -- On January 2, 2009, at 8:00 PM, my fiancée and I were driving home from dinner when we were stopped at a light. She asked me what time it was and I noted that it was exactly 8:00pm. Then I looked up to the sky (as I do much of the time when I'm a passenger) and spotted it. We both saw what appeared to be a "shooting star" except that it was traveling much slower, but its speed still far exceeded that of any airplane. The strange thing was that this star-like object had light being emitted from around its sides and there was a darker shape in the center so it looked quite man-made. The object's path was parabolic heading downwards and towards the east. For a minute, I honestly thought it was a missile heading towards New York City; however, a missile does not fly in a parabolic manner. Judging by the other sightings I've read about, UFOs seem to travel in erratic straight lines that drastically change directions. This object did not travel in such a way. The object traveled in a single direction that seemed to head down and east simultaneously. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

FORT LEE – Witness has a view of the western horizon and saw a bright star like object that hung over Newark Airport for over an hour from 6:45 PM to 9:15 PM on Monday January 12, 2009. He was blowing out his candles on his 40th Birthday and spotted the strange object in the sky. He later started to film the strange huge object shaped roughly like a diamond with a possible face inside.

FORT LEE -- Pictures from January 14, 2009, two nights later. Thanks to Josh and Bruce Maccabee has examined the film and feels it is probably Venus.

New Mexico – Photograph

ALBUQUERQUE -- This is the third image taken by the Albuquerque woman - no cropping - sized down for this web page. The larger object that was near the ground in image two, is apparently now moving out of the area and can be found in the sky on the left side of the photo near the top. We hope they bought postcards. Thanks to Roger Marsh Chicago UFO Examiner is a UFO writer, author, playwright and independent filmmaker. He is director of communications for both the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and ufologist Stan Gordon. As Tremont Avenue Productions, he produces InCahoots.TV, stories of passion, resource and mystery.

North Carolina - Disk

LAKE WACCAMAW -- Five unexplainable objects were seen circling in the sky, and moving rapidly on January 8, 2009. One light flew by at a rapid speed, with no noise. As it reached the other side of the sky, four other ones surrounded it, as if they were in a circle, playing a game. The first one had changed colors from a steady red, to green and yellow (flashing), then the other four also changed. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

KURE BEACH -- At 3 PM, on January 8, 2009, my friends and I were surfing and saw the "red thing" about 50 - 75 yards away from the object. I swear I saw the same object last February. We didn't have our camera, but it did a roll then it disappeared from sight.

Note: The witness is referring to a sighting that occurred in Wilmington, North Carolina on February 15, 2008. A photo was taken during the February sighting. He says that he saw a similar object (along with the "red thing" that was close to the object). The witness's report is somewhat confusing and parts have been clarified for readability. I have written to the witness to attempt to clarify his report. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Ohio - Flying Triangle

HEATH -- On January 15, 2009, about 10:55 PM, I stepped onto my back porch and saw five small orange lights traveling at high rate of speed in delta type formation but lower in altitude than normal air traffic. The object came from a NNW traveling SSW, whereas normal air traffic usually goes east or west. The object appeared to be solid, yet it seemed to be transparent at the same time. The orange colored lights were continuous and did not strobe. One of the lights seemed to be out of place on the object, unless the object would have been banking or was at an odd angle. I continued watching the object as the tree in my front yard blocked the view over the roof, but when the object emerged in the clear of the tree again, I noticed it began to fade in brightness and then disappeared completely. The object made no sound. The temperature outside was -6 degrees, and the skies were clear. I know from my time in the military, that sound travels easier in cold air and the craft left no contrails despite the temperature. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Pennsylvania - UFO Disc Photo

ALLENTOWN -- On November 19, 2009, I noticed a large plane flying really low and slow and thought it was going to crash into the large apartment building down the street. I live on the hill and called my son who lives down the block, but it was too low for him to see. He yelled for me to get my camera so I started taking pictures, but the exposure was too long. It was moving very slowly and didn't make a sound flying over downtown Allentown. It had three white lights in the front. So you can gauge how low it was and how large it was...although the object is shaky (from the long exposure). It took a few minutes to approach my house and was moving too slow to be a plane and a helicopter would make some noise...this made none. We went looking for it but it had just disappeared. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas - Streaking Object Photographed

FREDERICKSBURG – I did not see this object on December 25, 2008, when I took this photo using 1/250 of second camera setting. I believe no one would see an object traveling at this speed during daytime. It may be a meteor or space junk, but anything large enough to make a hole in the clouds and moving this fast would have caused some damage when it hit the ground. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide Reports Outside USA

Australia - A Bright Golden Light

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND – On December 22, 2008 , at 9:00 PM, my Mother and my sister were outside when my Mum saw a golden light zooming upward from the ground. It only lasted a second and went about two times faster than a jet. About three minutes later my Mum and I saw it again from the other direction. My sister saw it this time and she says that it started it mid air and we watched it disappear in mid air but there was no sound. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

SPOOKY: Photos taken by Mark Schmutter from a Darwin balcony: "I just held the camera up and I saw this thing flash through the sky and I thought, 'Oh my goodness what was that?'..."

DARWIN -- Alyssa Betts reports on January 17, 2009, amateur photographer Mark Schmutter, 79, "It does look like a car but what would a car be doing up in the sky?"Mr. Schmutter said he snapped these shots as he was standing on the ninth-floor balcony of a friend's CBD apartment just before 6 PM earlier this week. "I decided to go out on the balcony and take some shots of Darwin," he said. "I just held the camera up and I saw this thing flash through the sky and I thought 'Oh my goodness what was that?', and then it came back again so I hit it with the camera." He said he saw the object move across the sky about the speed of a plane - then it flew straight upwards before it disappeared into the sky.

"But it wasn't an airplane, no noise ... it was a fair way away, you know, but I didn't hear any noise." Mr. Schmutter, of Lyons, said he had no idea what it was - be it a strange, newfangled aircraft or a UFO shaped like a muscle car."I've got no idea about aliens, but anything's a possibility, isn't it?" Defence spokesman Stephen Mullins confirmed no Defence aircraft were flying in the area at that time Tuesday night.

The Top End Flying Club last year suggested many of the local sightings of UFOs could actually be Sigma-4 ultra light aircraft - informally dubbed the flying sperm - which fly slowly and with little noise. The club's Mark Christie said the blue object didn't resemble any of their aircraft though. He said at least one of the photos looked to be altered with the object cut and pasted on to the background. He said he was hoping someone could tell him what it was he caught on camera. Thanks to John Schuessler and

Austria - Red Circle with Bright Outer Border

MAYRHOFEN – On January 17, 2009, on a skiing holiday I went outside at 9:43 PM, and saw a reflection of the light on the snowy mountains. I saw a red light appear from behind a nearby mountain and continued to rise into the sky, slowly. It moved slightly to the left and right and then gained speed quickly. I called my brother and took a short video and this photo. The object then disappeared as it gained extreme speed as opposed to disappearing. My brother and I were convinced that this object was nothing that we had seen previously. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Canada - 552 UFO Sightings Reported for 2008

SCARBOROUGH -- This white object is one of the strange ones that flickered and rolled about, like it was morphing in its shape on July 31, 2007. The sighting occurred at work and I pointed it out to three frightened witnesses. This white object also had a partner, directly above at a higher elevation. The second UFO description and behavior was exactly the same, as the first one observed and photographed. The sighting lasted 20 minutes. A black helicopter was flying in the area. Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis

STEWIACKE, NOVA SCOTIA -- On January 9, 2009, at 9:15 AM, an object caught my attention as I was driving along Highway 102 just after crossing the Shubie River Bridge. The object had a mirror like finish and there was a very bright reflection from it. It was about the size of an F18 and began to turn in an arc in front of me and then I noticed that it had no wings. It was about 1000 feet up and after it finished the arc to the south, it sped away from me in a straight line with no vapor trail, and soon became just a shiny speck, then disappeared. The whole sighting lasted about 5 seconds as it was moving faster that any aircraft I have ever seen. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

AJAX, ONTARIO -- My daughter and I walked out of our house on January 13, 2009, at 6:15 PM, and suddenly she had a look of fear and shock on her face and said,"Did you see that?" She saw a greenish sphere then a red sphere down and to the right of the green one just hovering in one spot in the sky. She watched it for a few seconds and then it suddenly took off at a high rate of speed and had light 'shooting' out the back of it. It shot across the sky and then vanished. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research /

Brazil - OVNI Photograph

BAHIA – On January 6, 2009, I took two photographs and there were no flying objects in the first but in the second appeared the UFO. I used a Canon 20D camera with sigma 17-55mm lens.

The speed of the shot was 1/320, F-11, ISO 100, focal length 50mm. In fact I did not see the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

France - Triangular UFO

VILLENEUVE LOUBET -- On January 14, 2009, at around 3 AM, I feel something tingling and turn around and above neighbor's garden is a hovering triangular UFO with four red steady lights under it forming a square. Suddenly I feel panicked and went to the front door 15 yards away. As I arrive at the corner of the house, I hold on to a gutter and feel paralyzed and my eye sight became blurry. I recall one thing before waking up in my bed the following morning: I thought "Missing Time" in English although I have been speaking French seemingly forever. As I woke up the following morning, I told my wife I had a dream that seemed just so realistic. It was similar to that of an operation I had at the hospital last September when I was operated on my left arm and I was in an altered relaxed state of consciousness during lapses of sleep. I recall being in a hospital room and waking up with a bunch of people in beds, speaking to a male nurse, and falling back to sleep. The following morning I wondered how I'd landed back in my bed. In 1989, I'd seen a USO from a yacht in the Bahamas, and was very excited and flabbergasted, but this is absolutely shocking as I feel violated in my own home. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Latvia - Mysterious Columns of Light Streaming into the Sky

SIGULDA -- Beam me up: Mysterious columns of light stream into the air above the town of Sigulda. The photo was taken by designer Aigar Truhins with a standard digital camera, and has prompted excited online discussions among amateur astronomers all over the internet. My son exclaimed, " The aliens are coming!'' Truhins was quoted as saying. Thanks to the Daily Mail -

Northern Ireland - Two Lights Moving at Incredible Speed

POYNTZPASS -- At 6 AM on December 31st 2008, I was looking out of my bathroom window at the stars when I noticed two bright orangey/yellow lights parallel to each other. The lights hovered up and down, and side to side. Then the light on the left went very fast straight over to the light on the right. I actually thought they were going to collide. It appeared to sit directly underneath the other one for a few minutes. Suddenly, the other light which was now above it moved away from our house really fast. It moved faster than I've have ever seen any type of aircraft ever move. I opened the window but could hear no noise. I watched as they both flew off. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

UK/England - Sightings Continue of Various Lights

SHOEBURYNESS, ESSEX -- We saw an orange/yellow object moving straight across the sky on January 11, 2009, at 2.30 AM. It was a dark sky, so we couldn't estimate the height, but it appeared to be going at a fast speed. There was no sound. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

MIDDLETON, SOUTH LEEDS -- On January 9, 2009, an old friend of mine was leaving so I went outside to say goodbye at 6:40 PM, when he pointed to a "bright orangey light in the sky." It was stationary and rung my daughter who lives a couple of streets away to see if she could see it. She was so intrigued that she came round to my house to get a better look. We watched it until 7:30 PM and it was in the same spot constantly. Thanks to Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research

BRIDGEND, SOUTH WALES -- On January 6 or 7, 2009, I was out the back of my work place smoking a cigarette with a colleague and we saw an aircraft about 450 yards away. We often get police helicopters and passenger planes flying over our shopping mall because we have a police headquarters and large airport nearby, but we also get Chinook helicopters flying over as well, because we are close to RAF Odiham. Now, when one of these double bladed beasts fly over the noise is incredible, but this craft was quiet. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director


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Kathleen Marden Guest Speaker for Georgia MUFON

Researcher, author and lecturer Kathleen Marden will be the guest speaker for the January 25, 2009, MUFON of Georgia meeting to be held at the Chamblee library in Atlanta at 2 PM. Kathy was MUFON Director of Field Investigator Training for ten years. Kathleen has lectured at numerous locations including the Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Kathy was thirteen on September 20, 1961, when her aunt Betty Hill phoned to report that, the previous evening, she and Barney had encountered a flying saucer in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Kathy has intimate knowledge of the Hill's biographical histories, and the never before published historical data pertaining to their sensational story. Kathy believes that there is conclusive evidence that the Hills were abducted. This new information, along with the Hills' historical records and scientific reports, became the foundation for her book Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience coauthored with scientific ufologist/ nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman. Autographed copies of Kathy's book can be purchased through Kathy Marden's website. Thanks to Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA, Administrator for Professional Standards. 800-696-2944

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