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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
February 25, 2009

George Filer:
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Dedicated to 5 year old Georgie Filer V whose motto was "Be Happy" and Eddie Pedrick my grandsons who drowned.

In Special Reports, this week's files cover: Canadian Defence Minister maintains UFOs are 'Irrefutable,'Canada Releases Thousands of UFO Files, House Minority Leader Ford Wanted Congress to Investigate UFOs, Our Galaxy has Billions of Earths, Liquid Water Recently Seen on Mars, with evidence of a Possible City on Mars? Moon Photo – With Four Unknowns in Formation, A Picture We May Not Wish to Gaze Upon by David Jacobs, PhD., Comet Lulin is Close to Saturn, and Has Atlantis Been Found?

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena were spotted over: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, Virginia and Wyoming. UFOs were also seen in Canada, Mexico, China, Russia, South Africa, and the UK/ England.

These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life not only exists, but my hypothesis is that the over two hundred UFOs reported each week represent technologically advanced spacecraft conducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested in UFOs when I chased one over England when flying for the US Air Force. I've been investigating them ever since. The US Air Force under Project Blue Book investigated UFOs for more than twenty years, we continue this research. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughout the cosmos and UFOs are visiting us in ever increasing numbers.

Special Reports

Canadian Defence Minister maintains UFOs 'Irrefutable'

TORONTO ' -- As far as I'm concerned, it's irrefutable."

Paul Hellyer is in his downtown Toronto office on a Saturday morning, just as he is the first five mornings of every week, still driven at 85 years of age.

Paul has been looking back on a remarkable career that once made him Canada's youngest member of Parliament, that took him to key cabinet posts in the governments of Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau and that had him run for the leadership of the two main national parties and even form his own political party. Paul Hellyer was Canada's Minister of National Defence, 1963-1967. He claims, "Humans will have to accept they are far from alone in this universe."

Hellyer's "irrefutable" evidence received a bit of pumping this past week. A Winnipeg group that tracks UFO sightings across Canada say 2008 produced a record number of sightings - 1,004 - a 25 per cent increase from the year before. Ontario and British Columbia were the hot spots, reporting 334 and 272.

Canada Releases Thousands of UFO Files

The Library and Archives Canada collection of government records on UFOs was acquired from the following four federal departments and agencies: Department of National Defence, Department of Transport, National Research Council, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

House Minority Leader Ford Wanted Congress to Investigate UFOs

House Minority Leader Gerald Ford on March 25, 1966, proposed to Congress that they investigate the rash of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects in Michigan and other parts of the country. Ford said,

"I believe a congressional inquiry would be worthwhile because the American people are becoming alarmed by the UFO stories."

It didn't hurt his political chances and helped make his name a household word and later he became the 38th President, although he told me in his letter that he had served 25-1/2 years in the House.

"During my public career in Congress, as Vice President and President, I made various requests for any information on UFOs. The official authorities always denied the UFO allegations. As a result, I have no information that may be helpful to you."

Best regards, Gerald R. Ford.

Our Galaxy has Billions of Earths

BBC News reports, "Recent work at Edinburgh University indicates there could be one hundred billion Earth-like planets in our galaxy." A US conference has heard Dr Alan Boss of the Carnegie Institution of Science said many of these worlds could be inhabited by simple life forms. He was speaking at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. So far, telescopes have been able to detect just over 300 planets outside our Solar System but few of these would be capable of supporting life.

Most are gas giants like our Jupiter, and many orbit so close to their parent stars that any microbes would have to survive roasting temperatures. But, based on the limited numbers of planets found so far, Dr Boss has estimated that each Sun-like star has on average one "Earth-like" planet. This simple calculation means there would be huge numbers capable of supporting life. "Not only are they probably habitable but they probably are also going to be inhabited," Dr Boss told BBC News. "But I think that most likely the nearby 'Earths' are going to be inhabited with things which are perhaps more common to what Earth was like three or four billion years ago." That means bacterial life forms. Dr Boss estimates that NASA's Kepler mission, due for launch in March, should begin finding some of these Earth-like planets within the next few years. Edinburgh University tried to quantify how many intelligent civilizations might be out there. The research suggested there could be thousands of them. Thanks to BBC News

Liquid Water Recently Seen on Mars

Victoria Jaggard National Geographic News writes, "Strange globs seen on the landing strut of the Phoenix Mars Lander could be the first proof that modern Mars hosts liquid water." Images from the robotic craft show what appear to be liquid droplets growing, merging, and dripping on the lander's leg over the course of a Martian month.

Snow was recently recorded falling on Mars indicating the planet may be warmer than believed. Phoenix landed near Mars's North Pole last May, and several "self portraits" taken to assess the craft's health show material spattered on the legs. This substance is probably saline mud that splashed up as the craft landed; study leader and Phoenix co-investigator Nilton Renno of the University of Michigan told National Geographic News. Salt in the mud then absorbed water vapor from the atmosphere, forming the watery drops, Renno said. The water can stay liquid even in the frigid Martian arctic because it contains a high amount of perchlorates, a salt "with properties like the antifreeze used to melt snow here in Michigan," said Renno. Finding liquid water under these conditions carries possible implications for Mars's habitability, the scientists say. "As it cooled down toward the end of the mission and we're seeing the formation of frost everywhere, the drops almost disappear," he said. Thanks to National Geographic News

Mars - Possible Cities?

Norman Bryden writes, "NASA remains silent about extraterrestrial life on Mars. Rocket and robotic missions are planned for many years into the future, but none yet with intent to study what are clearly cities on Mars." Is it that no one wants to speak of this? Are people afraid, or being told not to report about something so Earth-shaking? How can those of you continue to ignore what is one of the most important discoveries of all time?

It is now many years later that the computing power has been adequate enough to extract the data from the raw un-processed imagery. After much hard work, details not easily seen have been revealed. Many cities are visible. I am continuing to expand and document this data on the website.

NASA Image ID (picno): R09-00681, Longitude of image center:4.35°W, Latitude of image center: 72.46°S, Image start time: 2003-09-08T12:34:33.82 SCET, Scaled image width: 2.99km

Thanks to NASA/JPL and Norman Bryden.

Editor's Note: I spoke with Dr. Gilbert Levin who developed the Labeled Release (LR) experiments for NASA's 1976 Viking Landers on Mars who states, "The scientific process forces me to my conclusion, the Viking LR experiment detected living microorganisms in the soil on Mars".

Moon - With Four Unknowns in Formation

Russ Hamerly reports "While photographing the moon, Clinton Love believes he captured four UFOs flying in formation." Through the eyepiece of a telescope a camera captured four objects passed between the Earth and the Moon. The camera was on burst mode. Use the craters on the moon to notice how the objects are traveling. I was using color filters on my eyepiece, that is why the Moon looks orange and the objects appear as darker red dots on January 9, 2009. I am convinced that these dots in the photos are objects in the sky.

Thanks to Clinton Love, Culver City, California and Russ Hamerly

Alien life 'may exist among us'

Science reporter James Morgan for BBC News reports: Never mind Mars, alien life may be thriving right here on Earth, a major science conference has heard. Our planet may harbor forms of "weird life" unrelated to life as we know it, according to Professor Paul Davies, a physicist at Arizona State University.

This "shadow life" may be hidden in toxic arsenic lakes or in boiling deep sea hydrothermal vents, he says. He has called on scientists to launch a "mission to Earth" by trawling hostile environments for signs of bio-activity. Weird life could even be living among us, in forms which we don't yet recognize. "We don't have to go to other planets to find weird life." It could be right in front of our noses - or even in our noses," said the physicist. "It is entirely reasonable to expect we will find a shadow biosphere here on Earth, but nobody has actually taken the trouble to look. The cost is not expensive - it would be a fraction of the money we spend searching for extraterrestrial life."

Professor Davies speculates life has evolved on Earth more than once. The descendants of this "second genesis" may have survived until today in a "shadow biosphere" which is beyond our radar because its inhabitants have biochemistry so different from our own. "All our microscopes are customized for life as we know it - so it's no surprise that we haven't found microbes with different biochemistry," said Professor Davies. "We don't quite know how weird life would look." If it exists, weird life could be based on DNA and RNA - but with a slightly different genetic code. We could find creatures which have more drastic differences." said Professor Davies. Thanks to James Morgan Science reporter, BBC News,

A Picture We May Not Wish to Gaze Upon

Continued article by David Jacobs, Ph.D. at Temple University states,

For the past ten years abductees have been describing more hybrid activity onboard a UFO than they did before. The growth of hybrid activity is exceptionally significant when trying to discern the motivations for the abduction program. For a number of years I have heard reports of abductees taken into a room and their attention is directed to a screen-like device on a wall on which they might see images. They might see a scene of normal human activity, for example, a picnic. People are at a barbeque, kids are throwing a ball, there is a table and chairs, people are standing around talking. Everything is typical and they will hear a voice in their mind that says, "Can you tell the difference between you and us?" The abductee will look at the screen and say, "No, I can't tell the difference. Everyone looks the same to me." Then they will hear, "See? Isn't that wonderful? Soon we'll all be together. Soon we will all be here and everyone will know his place." I have heard accounts of abductees seeing a family reunion-style photograph with everyone standing in a big conglomerate. The abductee gazing upon this picture will hear, "Point out which ones we are." The person will look at the people in the photo and have a great deal of difficulty doing it. Sometimes they will be able to do it, but most of the time they will not be able to separate out the hybrids from the humans. They also would hear, something like, "See, we can blend in really well. Isn't this wonderful? There was another aspect to these odd events. Some abductees were describing rescue scenes in which they had to save an alien or a baby, either from a natural event, a flood or fire, or from a human-caused event like warfare. These rescue scenes might be played out in a person's mind through a neural engagement procedure that generated the scenario (what I call Envisioning), or, they might be displayed on a screen attached to a console with operating equipment on it.

For example, one woman was shown an interactive screen attached to one such console. She had a control panel in front of her which she was supposed to operate to save an alien running from a mob of enraged humans. She understood she had to maneuver a UFO to a point where the alien could be rescued. She was able to do this and the aliens were very pleased with how well she had performed. At first I was extremely skeptical of these accounts. Skepticism is the competent abduction researcher's most important tool. But then, people with whom I had been working for years, and whose accuracy had been tested positively over and again, told me of these procedures. Repeatedly I heard this, and those who were telling it to me did not know other abductees were saying it as well. I also began to hear disturbing accounts of other procedures that abductees had to perform but that seemed far more realistic than the rescue scenarios. An abductee will be told he or she has a specific job to do in the future. One of the most common jobs is crowd control. The abductee is to stand on a street and move people along panicked humans, running and screaming. His job is to calm them, tell them it is okay, everything is going to be all right, just move this way, keep moving, keep moving this way. I wrote about this in my book, The Threat, and I have had all sorts of accounts like this since. I think to myself, what does this mean? I remember Budd telling me accounts of bizarre "job interviews" early on in which a person goes to a job interview under mysterious circumstances, has an interview with nothing said about the job description or salary, and then returns with some memory loss. I had no idea what this kind of event could possibly mean. However, some years later I also began to hear of situations very similar to these interview accounts. People were taken into abandoned buildings but for reasons other than job interviews. Hybrids might be there for sexual encounters and other procedures with abductees. And there were other even more ominous cases that had a strange "normal world" aspect to them. Thanks to the Journal of Abduction Research to be continued.

Comet Lulin is Close to Saturn

Comet Lulin is now very close to Saturn, you need to enter your location and altitude for Saturn's rising and setting and thus you will be able to spot the comet as a misty spot, and with binoculars, a green body with a tail. Attached are the Comet Finder Chart and some photos. The website, below contains the rising and setting times and angles on 24 hour military time for most heavenly bodies including all planets. Thanks to Gordon Gianninoto, see

Has Atlantis Been Found?

The UK Sun reports, "THIS is the amazing image which could show the fabled sunken city of Atlantis." It shows a perfect rectangle the size of Wales lying on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean nearly 3½ miles down. A host of criss-crossing lines, looking like a map of a vast metropolis, are enclosed by the boundary.

They seem too vast and organized to be caused naturally. The possibility of an extraordinary discovery had oceanographers and geophysicists captivated. The site lies 620 miles off the west coast of Africa near the Canary Islands - a location for Atlantis seemingly suggested by the ancient philossopher Plato. He believed it was an island civilization sunk by an earthquake and floods around 9,700 BC. The "grid" showed up on Google Ocean, a Google Earth extension that uses a combination of satellite images and marine surveys.

Last night Dr Charles Orser, at New York State University - one of the world's leading authorities on Atlantis - called it "fascinating". He said: "The site is one of the most prominent places for the proposed location of Atlantis, as described by Plato. Even if it turns out to be geographical, this definitely deserves a closer look."


Arizona - Webcam UFO

PHOENIX - On February 23, 2009, a dark sphere was spotted next to Phoenix tower then a disc in the next photo. Thanks to

California Video

ANTIOCH - On February 17, 2009, I was standing in a parking lot in the Bay Area about 25 miles northeast of San Francisco when I noticed a bright yellowish light with a glow around it at 6:45 PM, moving northwest across the sky towards the river. It caught my attention flying below the clouds, but high up. It was moving slowly through the sky and all the movements were really smooth and it made no noise at all. The wind was blowing in the opposite direction so I don't think it was a balloon.

I then noticed two more identical lights with four more lights following in a square formation. The bottom left object appeared to move and take the position of the top right as the top right dropped back (like they were switching places). As those moved on, three more came into view and all followed the same path northwest. In total there were 10 to 12 yellow lighted objects. After 3 to 5 minutes they moved off into the distance and were out of sight.

I've attached image from my video filmed with my cell phone is sideways. The ground is on the left side of the screen. The extremely bright white lights on both videos are from the parking lot lights. The objects I saw are small dots that do seem to flash red and yellow on the video.

Note: I was not able to see the multiple lights in the video as described by the witness. This is not surprising because most video cameras are not designed to collect footage in the night sky. A flashing red light is obvious in the video but the identity of the red light is not known. The witness stated that light was moving towards the northwest which was against the wind. Winds aloft were from the southwest to the west below 20,000 feet. Therefore the object would have been moving into the wind. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

WEST LOS ANGLES -- On February 18, 2009, I was leaving the Palms-Rancho Park Library at about 5:15 PM, when I noticed, what I thought was a slow moving "jet". It was headed east which is the normal flight path for LAX air traffic. I then noticed a commercial airliner traveling east that was higher than the object, and a private airplane traveling east lower than the craft. That's when I really noticed the shape of a triangle and a burnt-orange color and had some type of markings at the tip of each corner. It was moving so slowly that it couldn't have been a normal aircraft. The sun had not set yet, so I could not tell if the markings were lights. I'm familiar with the local air traffic and asked others to look at the object too, but none of us knew what it was. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Florida - Black Rods and Triangle

TAMPA -- On February 18, 2009, I was taking a picture of an airplane with my digital camera when down loaded to computer found a strange object in picture. It appears to be a black rod shaped object fling up high, but mot as high as a commercial airplane. Later, I was taking this picture with my digital camera of high flying airliner leaving vapor trail and when down loaded to my computer this white triangle shaped craft was flying in the opposite direction of the airliner. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois - Light Moves at Amazing Speed

URBANA -- I was taking a few landscape pictures on January 27, 2009, for some research on Native American sites that I want to investigate in the spring. So I pulled off the road and snapped a few pictures of a farmer's field that I believe may have some potential as a future reference site on a book I want to write. I saw a round oval white light in the field where I had just taken a picture at 11:38 PM. I snapped another picture almost in the exact spot of the previous picture and the object flew straight up at an amazing speed and vanished.

Later, my son and I downloaded the images and were amazed. In the first picture, you could see a rectangular shaped object and other objects in the sky off in the distance. The second picture showed several objects in the sky, only this time closer than the first. One seemed to even have some kind of trail behind it. On the third picture, something was physically emitting a very bright white light near the ground. I have never seen objects like these in my 51 years.

OSWEGO - On February 20, 2009, we were driving south from Aurora to Oswego and my 9 year old watched a bright object for the entire 15 minute ride. When we stopped in Oswego my 9 and 5 year old got out of the car and looked at the bright object at 7 P.M. It was a glowing bright yellowish color and looked as though it might have rings around it. I went inside and checked on to see if a planet was visible tonight. Well, Saturn will be in March, but it will be dim. Venus is visible, but it is dim. There were no reports of other planets being visible. At 9 PM, we went out to see bright light again, but it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Indiana - Light Photographed

TERRE HAUTE -- On February 20, 2009, I was sitting in backyard watching the sky when I saw non flashing light appear in the northwest moving in an eastward direction. I snapped numerous frames but only two captured the object. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kansas - Photo Investigation

Tim Potter of the Wichita Eagle reports, "The craft flew fast like a jet, made a whirling sound and left an odd glow.

In last week's files, the object photographed over Wichita is a bird, in my opinion. It is either a seagull or a mourning dove. Very little doubt here, I believe. The beak is on the right. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director and George Ritter who both made the same observation.

Louisiana -- UFO Sighting

HAMMOND -- I went out on my back deck on January 18, 2009, about 8 PM, and above the tree line I could see a very bright round object in the sky. It was round, but changed shape to linear then V shape with individual orbs. There was a smaller white orb below and to the right of the larger one. The smaller orb suddenly went up and touched the larger orb, and then shot off and disappeared. I grabbed my binoculars, as it started to change shape to a backwards L. I could see very bright prismatic lights shooting off of the object that were green and a reddish orange. The object then changed again and I could see individual bright white orbs morphing into a V shape. The object then morphed again back into a circular shape.

I called my neighbors, and my son and they could see it too. I grabbed the video camera and was able to record the object for 25 minutes. It then began to drift lower in the sky and to the west at 8:33 PM. My husband and I got into the car and drove into Livingston Parish and saw it again still bright white and moving westward. I was able to zoom in with the video camera to see it was a pulsating, round orange and white orb with circular lines in it. The object changed shape several times moving towards Baton Rouge. Thanks to

New Jersey - Lights

PARSIPPANNY -- I'm posting this for my friend who was driving onto Route 10 westbound on February 17, 2009, when he noticed 7 or 8 red lights in the sky in the Parsippany-Morristown area near Route 287 and not too far from Route 80.

He said they appeared clumped in the sky like a constellation. The attached video doesn't do them justice but you can see the formation of the lights. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio - UFO Image

FOSTORIA - George Ritter videotaped this large cylinder shaped object just above the ground recently and sent this email. Note there is a second object behind trees. UFOs are often seen moving just above the tree tops at extremely high speeds around this farm. They rapidly climb to higher altitudes apparently in an attempt to avoid accidents with aircraft. The objects seem to move in and out of the ground. The RCA VHS video camera was shooting towards the east in the afternoon sky. Thanks to George Ritter.

Oklahoma – Huge Rectangular Craft

BLANCHARD - On February 20, 2009, my husband was leaving our house when he saw a huge black object traveling over Highway 9 near the I-44 Intersect. The area has turnpike lights so it is fairly well lit up. He tried calling me, but his cell phone wouldn't work. He sat at the stop sign and watched the object until it went over the trees near the highway. At first he thought it was a low flying airplane, but he could not see any wings on it. It had 5 or 6 lights across the back, red and amber colored, in a straight line.

The lights were flashing in a sequence of four then would pause and resume. It did not make any noise at all. He said it was about 1000-2000 feet in altitude, flying at a slow speed and it was huge. It was traveling north over the Bridgecreek area, the sighting only lasted about 2-3 minutes. It was definitely something he could not identify. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas -- UFOs

LAKE HOUSTON - On February 15, 2009, I observed three objects going south at 2 PM above 35,000 feet. Their speed was high, sub-sonic. As I observed these objects a British Airways 747 was on its final heading west towards IAH. These objects were not airplanes. This was the same week that an object was seen burning over Austin, Texas. I heard no sound, if they were military. You could have heard something, the 147th fighter group flies out of Ellington, but it is rare they fly in my area. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

Layton -- I was shooting the Wastash Mountains at sun down with my hand held SCH 9 Sony Camera with Carl Ziess lens and the light on the mountains fell fast. So the shots got a little out of focus but not much. I first noticed the sharp square light bright and motion less. I was very stunned to see it was far to the left of mountains. This object was very far away from camera lens since I was at 200 mm lens on my Sony camera. The object was still very sharp and bright. It was 38 degrees above the horizon when I made the photos on Fairfeld Avenue about 5:30 PM. I see planes and jets all day long. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia -- Woman Sees Large Triangular Object

RESTON -- The witness called on February 17, 2009, and reported her sighting that occurred between 6:30 to 6:35 PM, near Washington D.C. She was driving she saw a light followed by another, and then another. The lights formed a triangular object and the witness could see the gray outline of the object. She stated that the object disappeared very quickly. She said, the object was flying very low and emitted no sound and was not totally opaque... Listen to interview with witness, (MP3)

Note: This is a typical triangular object sighting except that the object had lights that blinked in sequence when it became visible. The bottom right light came on first, followed by the bottom left light, and then the one forward light. The witness recalled that each light was of a different color. She thought that the rear lights were red and green while the front light was yellow. Conventional aircraft have a red light on the left wing and a green light on the right wing. The fuselage and bottom of the aircraft have white lights. She was convinced the object was a UFO. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Wyoming – UFO Photo

TETON MOUNTAINS -- I was on a sight-seeing trip when I stopped at a rest area on August 18, 2008, to take this photo. At the time, neither I nor my traveling partner noticed the UFO. If it had been, we would have surely noticed it since we were both facing the mountain. We did not hear any sounds either. The photo was taken with a digital camera in mid-afternoon. The sky was a little hazy and nearly cloudless. I noticed the object after I returned home and was viewing the photos on my computer. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Worldwide Reports Outside USA

Argentina - Misidentification of Beam-Firing UFO

ROSARIO - The Vision Ovni investigation team received this letter from a group who fly kites: "What you call a UFO was indeed us. It was a light-emitting kite. It wasn't a prank. It was an activity we engage in regularly and is called nocturnal kite flying. We aren't the only ones doing it; it's done in many parts of the world. YouTube has a kite flying video. We are NOT an institution or organization. We are simply a group of friends who get together to fly kites, like any other group of friends. The kites are small, about one meter wide by one meter tall. Apparently people took the lights for a UFO. Thanks to Scott Corrales

Canada - Sightings Most Ever Recorded in 2008

The volunteer group of a half-dozen researchers said Canadians made a total of 1,004 UFO sightings in 2008 - up more than 25 per cent from the previous year and the highest number in the 20 years that Ufology has been keeping track. "It's astonishing to me that we had such a dramatic increase," spokesman Chris Rutkowski said.

Halcyon Hot Springs, British Columbia - The image was taken February 10, 2009, around noon. I didn't see the objects in the picture until I downloaded the pictures to my computer. I was surprised at what I saw on the picture.

Note: I am also surprised at what is in the photo. However, here is another case where the witnesses don't see anything unusual and then find strange anomalies in their photos. The red objects may be a reflection off of the water, but the blowups of the lights suggest they may be radiating their own light. Also the gray object is likely not a reflection. Could it be an "out of focus" bird? The witness took some other photos about an hour later that did not show the anomalies. The witness confirmed that she took the photo outdoors and the anomalies are not due to any reflections from glass. The possibility exists that the "red orbs" could be emissions in the "near infrared" spectrum and not discernible to the naked eye. Many digital cameras are sensitive to wave lengths in the "near infrared." Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Kincardine, Ontario – A round oblong bright white light UFO moving very fast like a firefly was seen on February 14, 2009, at 6 PM. There was no smoke trail and no jet sounds. It flew just under fog and I couldn't see it go anywhere and lasted a split second. I decided to report it because earlier in the summer I saw a light hover in my trees darting back and forth and thought it might be a firefly as it was small. There aren't any fireflies out this winter so I wanted to confirm I saw this light. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

Scarborough – Paul Shishis writes, "Here is an enhanced photo of cylinder type craft taken on February 19, 2009. I noticed the Chemtrails from jet aircraft and trails of chemical colors. I see in the picture taken at 10:22 AM, south towards Lake Ontario, there is a strange long dark vertical image of a cylinder type object." This photo confirms that other pictures taken in Spring/Summer by other people. May not just be all insects that some skeptics like to explain. Enjoy and again excellent information of TRUTH, from Filer's Report. Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis

Mexico – Orb or Photographic Anomaly

Playa del Carmen -- This picture was taken in Mexico on our vacation. We were on the ferry over to Cozumel when I took this picture. I do not know what it is or if it's anything but would like for you guys to look at the picture. The object in question is in the right corner of the picture and is pretty hard to miss. I didn't even see it when the picture was snapped. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Poland – Three UFOs Spotted

Olsztyn -- On January 30, 2009, around 5 PM, Mr. Marcin K. walked along the crowded pavement of Pieniezny Street located in the center of Olsztyn (Northern Poland). Suddenly he noticed three spheres of light in the sky above the building on the opposite side of the street. At first he thought that objects making the triangle formation were motionless but later he noticed that they were moving slowly in the same direction maintaining the same distance from each other. After few seconds one of the objects started to fade as the "triangle" began to "rotate" to the right. The spheres were rotating around their own axis about 60 meters above him. He grabbed his cell-phone and filmed this unusual phenomenon.

The observation lasted about five minutes when the last object started to make strange figures, changing it's directions before it disappeared. The objects were 1/4 the size of the Moon with a bright white color and a reddish glow. The spheres possessed their own source of light. Many specialists interviewed by local journalists from Olsztyn were unable to identify them. Check Thanks to Piotr

Russia: Giant UFO Seen by entire Siberian city

Chita -- Michael Cohen writes, On February 15, 2009, about 6 PM, the residents of the south eastern Siberian city of Chita (population around 300,000) in Russia witnessed a giant UFO cross their city and then disappear over the horizon. Some managed to photograph the craft with their mobile phones. Shocked pedestrians stopped and pointed to sky declaring the object to be a UFO.

One witness, a Ms. Anna Kotchetkova, who saw the object after her sons excitedly alerted her to it, said, "it's nothing on earth." The grey-black UFO was completely silent and emitted no lights, and looked like a triangle with smoothed edges. Its shape was irregular with some blurriness about the craft. The UFO was estimated to be flying at around 500 to 1000 meters altitude and was about the size of a Boeing 747. The incident is being widely reported in the Russian media and immediately after the sighting many members of the press made their way to the Siberian city. Many suspect a secret UFO base lies somewhere in the vast spaces of Siberia. This sighting adds weight to this view. Source: 'Extra Media'

South Africa – Disc Photo

Brits, Northwest Province -- I need some expert opinion on a set of photos that we took on our vacation to the Game Lodge Dikhololo on December 19, 2008. My wife and my two sons and I went on our last walk around the game lodge before checkout. It was a hot, clear morning with few clouds. About 9:15 AM, we reached a lookout point and climbed even higher on the rock overlooking the lodge and the Bushveld complex. You can see for many miles as the land is rather flat. I proceeded to take a series of 7 panoramic photos with a Samsung digimax A40 4 megapixel camera. All was quiet and there was a gentle breeze blowing from the northeast.

Two weeks later I had my computers up and running. I went through all the pictures and got to the panorama photos. Enlarging them a very strange object came into view. I was stunned. It was no bird and I showed my wife who said, "That looks like a space ship!"

Note: I don't think that the object in the enhanced photos above is a bird. I also don't believe that the object is debris on the lens or other anomalies because the witness sent other photos in the same session and no debris or anomalies are present. The witness wanted to preserve copyrights to the photos so his initials have been added to the photos. Apparently the South African military are interested in the photos. The witness was interviewed by the local media. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

UK/England – UFO Reports Continue

Hertfordshire -- My 13 year old son and his pal were chased by a green buzzing light for about 200 yards about 7 PM on February 13, 2009. I actually saw this same light emerge from the river about 6 PM. on New Year's Day. It spun off at a great speed and turned into a brilliant amber egg shaped light. My friend arrived at my home on Friday 13 about 7:45 PM, and had seen the same green light all down the A1M coming north from Herts. The light shone above my home at 10:25 PM. I saw the very same thing on October 16, 1979, which concerns me that we are having a repeat visits, that turned out to be a horrific night. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:

St. Helens Merseyside -- I was looking out of my patio window on February 14, 2009, at 11:15 PM, and spotted a large orange object in the sky which was moving slowly. I shouted to my husband who witnessed it. I reported it to the police as I thought it might have been a plane on fire. I have taken a picture on the mobile phone, it has turned out very well, but you can only see a small light on it. The object hovered about and then decreased in size before disappearing. Thanks to Brian Vike - HBCC UFO Research:


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