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Filer's Files
By George Filer

MUFON Eastern Region Director
April 29, 2009

George Filer:
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Special Reports

Are Star Wars Real?

The Soviet Union mysteriously gave up its position as one of the world's greatest powers and splintered into multiple nations. Its leader at the time was Mikhail Gorbachev who has made several public statements about the reality of a covert extraterrestrial presence visiting Earth.

He stated, 'The phenomenon of UFO's does exist, and it must be treated seriously.' Perhaps Mikhail Gorbachev's Kremlin speech in 1987 is the key to understanding why billions are being spent, when he said, “At our Geneva meeting, the US President (Reagan) said that if the earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion. I shall not dispute the hypothesis...”

Russia and the US continue modernizing their anti-ballistic missile (ABM) system that is designed to counter ballistic missiles and is sometimes called the Star Wars System. Two ABM systems have been operational against ICBMs, the U.S. Safeguard system, which utilized the LIM-49 Spartan and Sprint missiles, and the Russian A-35 anti –ballistic missile system which used the Galosh interceptor. The Russian system has been improved and is still active, and is now called A-135 and uses the Gorgon and Gazelle missiles. The U.S. Ground-Based Midcourse Defense system has recently reached operational capability and is shown in the photo below. It does not use an explosive charge, but launches a kinetic projectile that may be effective against UFOs.

These immensely costly systems are the most expensive weapons systems for both countries. They seem extraneous when compared with Russia's most pressing security problems, and the US war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both nations are spending billions to improve their so called ‘Star Wars Systems' and are jointly working together in space. The real question is why both countries are determined to put so much of their resources into an anti-missile system, when the greatest threat of nuclear attack is from weapons that would likely be smuggled into a target city aboard trucks, aircraft or ships. Russia's conventional armed forces are woefully inadequate and US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are under stress while billions are being spent on so called anti missile systems that may be effective against UFOs.

Both the Russian and the US ‘Star Wars' systems are believed to have some effectiveness against UFOs, thus their nickname. Film released by the Soviet's KGB shows a downed UFO that was released in the “The Secret KGB UFO Files” TV show narrated by Roger Moore.

Disclosure Project personnel also claim damaged UFOs have crashed. See Filer's Files #13; and the testimony of Marine Corps Lance Corporal John Weygandt, who was part of the Disclosure Project, was sent to Peru in March 1997. He states, “So these craft were tracked from this particular radar and were logged. I'm confident that when I saw the aircraft, it had been hit by something. Something had taken it out.” UFOs often enter our atmosphere above the Arctic Circle and the U.S. Ground-Based Midcourse Interceptor site at Fort Greely, Alaska is ideally located to destroy incoming UFOs.

Mars – X Marks the Spot for Strange Markings, Water, and Life

Ken writes.....after reviewing the hi-def pictures from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter [MRO] dated January 21, 2008, I have found more strange markings on the planet's surface....this photo was taken by the Mars Orbiter.....the new features are found on Google Mars It helped me find this recon photo..... Thanks to Ken Pfeifer MUFON NJ.

This NASA image caption states, “The Amazing Barchan Sand Dunes of Mars Appear to Flow Like Water from the Martian Persistent Winds and Thin Atmosphere!

Thanks to John Schuessler

Editor's Note: Maybe flowing water actually caused the landscape to look like water flowed here. Temperatures at the surface are warmer than generally believed.

This color–enhanced Viking 1 Lander image on the Chryse Plains of Mars, shows the 'Big Joe' boulder standing a silent vigil. This large, often-photographed dark rock has a topping of reddish fine-grained silt that spills down its sides. It is about 2 meters (6.6 feet) long and lies about 8 meters (26 feet) from the Viking spacecraft. The lower portion of Big Joe shows dark and light patches of seasonal variation that are believed to have a green color that is attributed to vegetation or algae. Dr. Gilbert Levin who designed the Labeled Release Experiment for NASA insists his multiple experiments found life on Mars. Big Joe's coloring shows patches of color that vary in intensity and pattern matching the green and blues of algae on Earth.

Lockheed Hybrid Airship Imitates UFO Triangles

PALMDALE -- Lockheed Martin Advanced Development Projects is making perhaps the first realistic tests of a hybrid airship--a concept that dates back many decades but that is just now being tried at a significant scale. The Skunk Works had secretly built the craft and hoped for a quiet first flight at its Palmdale, Calif., facility, but a few passers-by noticed the strange object in the sky.

The Defense Department is showing interest in two categories of airships--those that can carry large cargo at low altitude, exemplified by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) Walrus program, and those that can operate in high-altitude low-wind conditions and remain on station for long periods of time. But airships aren't there yet. Major unresolved issues could derail the airship dream, such as their traditional delicate ground handling vulnerability. A hybrid airship derives most of its lift by being filled with a lighter-than-air gas such as helium. The Skunk Works made the first flight of its "P-791" testbed on January 31, 2009 at Palmdale Air Force Plant 42 airport. The manned flight was about a 5-minute circuit around the airport and appeared to be successful. The company did not announce or want to discuss the flight.

The P-791 is three pressurized lobes joined together that are not part of a government contract, but rather an independent research and development project by the Skunk Works. It may be a quarter-scale prototype of a heavy-lifter, about the size of three Fuji blimps blended together. The Fuji blimp, a Skyship 600 model, is 206 feet long and would have a gross lift of roughly 3-5 tons.

The speed of the test bed was estimated at about 20 kt. A full-scale version would be able to go over 100 kt. Lockheed Martin has long proposed a large transport airship, at one time called the Aerocraft, which was halted around 2000 (AW&ST Feb. 22, 1999, p. 26). That design was about 800 feet long and was to carry 1-1.2 million lb. at 125 kt. The Skunk Works was one of two contractors to receive one-year, $3-million Darpa contracts in August 2005 to study Walrus. Hybrid airships have a long history.

The Aereon Corp. in New Jersey started experiments in the late 1950s, but they were small scale (see The company tested the "deltoid aerobody" shape, also called a deltoid pumpkinseed, with a 1,200-lb. manned demonstrator in 1970-71 which flew successfully. In the U.K., the Advanced Technologies Group built a 40-feet-long unmanned SkyKitten hybrid airship and flew it in 2000 (AW&ST Sept. 23, 2002, p. 30). Nothing in the field has progressed to the size or apparent sophistication of the Skunk Works testbed. The P-791's current limits are to remain in the hangar if winds are above 5 kt., and there is a 10-kt. limit for taxiing and flight. Ground handling is a major issue because they require large ground crews and are especially sensitive to ground winds. Hybrids must show large improvements in ground handling over a standard blimp to be successful.,

Editor's Note: Triangle shaped aircraft are frequently reported hovering over power lines and power plants suggesting the craft use electrical power to recharge their batteries or use it in their propulsion system. Witnesses' report large unusual appendages sticking out of some of these craft. See the New Jersey sightings below.

Major Earthquake Patterns Show an Unsettled Planet

Brandon McCain writes, “ today.....major earthquakes stretching from Alaska all the way down to New Zealand. Is a major plate shift upon us? 193 earthquakes and plenty of volcanic action.

Measure Twice, Cut F-22 Once

There clearly wasn't enough analysis done to justify Defense Secretary Robert Gates' decision to stop the F-22 fighter program at 187 airframes. That was the consistent comment from speakers at a Center for Strategic and International Studies program on tactical aviation issues Thursday in Washington. "There was no analysis," underlying Gates' choices, said retired General Gregory Martin adding, "It was driven by a budget drill." Retired Admiral John Nathman, retired Vice Chief of Naval Operations, said the F-22 cut—as well as other choices Gates made about new ships, fighting vehicles, and aircraft—showed no analysis of the effect such decisions would have on the industrial base. He said that without some new program in strike fighters, "we are about to lose ... capacity in [aircraft] design." Nathman asserted that the lack of "a strategic model" was "one of the key gaps" in justifying the decisions. Nathman and Martin said a national debate is needed on assessing the need for the F-22—and Nathman emphasized that Gates' decisions are a starting point for that debate, not the end. Thanks to AFA

Kazakhstan – Reported Building UFO Alien Embassy Not Confirmed

ALMATY -- The Republic of Kazakhstan in Central Asia, the ninth largest country reportedly is in the process of building the world's first alien embassy according to local media reports. We have been unable to confirm these reports. A new airport building at Asyana may have started the rumors. A Yahoo search did not confirm the story.

UFOs have been reported entering and exiting the Caspian Sea which Kazakhstan borders. Fuad Gasimov, the head of neighboring Azerbaijan's national Aerospace Agency has confirmed this to be the case and has gone on record stating the old USSR constantly monitored alien spaceships regularly entering the water but kept this a military secret. Gasimov himself was involved in this secret monitoring of UFOs when a department head at the USSR's science academy. Source: Express K , UFO evidence

Sightings in the United States

Arizona – Bright Amber Lights

PHOENIX – I went out on my porch on April 28, 2009, about a hour ago and saw a bright, stationary, amber colored light in the southwest sky. Earlier in the evening I was driving on my way home and saw a pair of lights that looked similar but further away as if on a distant mountain. But these lights I viewed from my porch were bright and would then dim, sometimes releasing new lights that would go dark. I then got into my truck and began to drive south towards the Ak-chin Indian community that was a few miles down the road which would provide me a better view.

Driving south I saw about a mile behind the Ak-chin Casino the lights were then on the ground (landed) with flashing orange strobe lights as if from emergency vehicles spaced about a hundred yards apart in a line parallel to the road I was on. I proceeded to make a u-turn and see the lights on the ground once I had passed the casino and lost my line of sight. On the northbound portion of my car ride I again saw the yellow emergency lights within close proximity to the bright amber lights on the ground. I decided to head home after not finding any viable way to drive any closer. Thanks to MUFON CMS

California – Strange Photograph

NEWPORT BEACH -- I took this picture down at Newport Beach Pier on April 18, 2009 around 3 PM in the afternoon. I know you are still trying to convince others that UFOs exist, and you may not be able to use this picture. But I think the military might be interested in this one sine it is near the Los Alamitos Naval Station. I think this might be a fuel cell that fuels the other two images because the other images always have different shapes. Also there are black and white circles and a larger image of something long and dark that has a definite design to it. Check it out. Thanks to J.A. Watson Fullbright

ELK GROVE -- On April 23, 2009, at 8 :16 PM, I observed through the blinds an extremely bright white or yellow sphere. I immediately opened the blinds and observed the sphere from my apartment balcony. The sphere was brighter than anything I have ever seen in the sky and was traveling directly northeast towards me before stopping. The sphere appeared to sit motionless and soundless in the sky for two minutes.

I quickly grabbed my Sprint Treo cell phone and took a photograph. I then ran to my vehicle at 8:18 PM, and retrieved my Sony Mini-DV DCR-TRV950 video camera. I ran back up to my balcony and began videotaping the sphere for eleven minutes before it flew out of view. I did not observe it flash or blink. The sphere sat motionless for thirty seconds before disappearing. It reappeared ten seconds later, before disappearing completely after thirty seconds. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado – Unidentified Photo

DENVER -- While taking random photos of cloud formations I did not see these objects, but upon viewing the photos on the computer this formation of three objects appeared in the picture. I have a friend who has Adobe Photoshop and she edited the file to enlarge and bring clarity.

My wife was never a believer in UFO's but she is now. My first impression upon seeing the photograph is 'finally'. I have not seen one since 1968 when I was in Vietnam. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Connecticut -- Moving Red Light

GRANBY -- The witness stated that he and his brother saw a red light moving back and forth over the highway on April 24, 2009, at 9 PM, while they were driving. They then turned east to get a better look at the light. The light then appeared to be several lights "spinning in a circle." The lights then turned around (heading west). At that point they saw two yellow lights moving erratically. These lights apparently were not related to the red lights. The yellow lights gradually disappeared in the night sky. The witness stated he talked to some of his friends who also saw the same red lights. Animals in the neighborhood reacted strongly to the presence of the lights. Listen to Clip of Witness Interview (MP3)

Note: It is difficult to say what the witnesses observed. Given available information no explanation can be rendered. The reaction of the animals does suggest that something unusual occurred. However, it is not known for sure if the animal behavior is related to the sighting. No other reports have been received from the area. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest'

Florida -- White Star Like Object

Tampa Bay -- I took my dogs out at 6 AM, on April 13, 2009, and saw a white star like object move across the sky for about ten seconds. I saw a similar object three months earlier that was a brighter orange, and appeared to be moving faster. Both were flying really high in the sky. They resemble a star except their moving! I knew it was a UFO and got a creepy feeling like I was being watched.

Note: I don't believe that the witness saw a satellite because the light moved across the sky too fast. I suppose that he could have seen an airplane flying very high on a clear morning with good visibility. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Georgia – New WebSite

Tom Sheets, SD MUFONGA writes, “The below link will carry you to the site of 'The Journal of Frontier Science', the brainchild and effort of Georgia SSD/FI Steve Bass. This journal will be scientifically oriented, focused on the further education of investigators in several fields, and promote MUFON membership. I will be submitting an article for it soon regarding field investigation and imagine some of our other associates will do likewise. Hopefully the hundreds of scientists in MUFON who quietly read these files will input articles for:

Indiana – Air Show UFO

INDIANAPOLIS – I Attended an Air Show and captured A-10 Wort Hog aircraft during a fly by on August 9, 2008. The image attached shows the UFO apparently being chased by the A-10 aircraft. Photo was taken at Mt. Comfort in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Nothing at that time was in sight. Captured on film unknown until digital image reviewed on computer. Thanks to MUFON Thanks to MUFON CMS

KOKOMO -- On April 17, 2009 at 5:30 AM, I woke up and looked out the bathroom window and noticed a blinking bright light that kept moving around really fast. I happened to have my cell phone and video recorded the UFO in the sky. I opened the window and could hear a humming swirling buzz sound that would get louder then quiet.

The dogs were barking and an airplane was flying right over the UFO. The moon was triple the size of the UFO. I caught several thirty second videos with my phone that show movement. I saw this same object about two weeks ago. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Kentucky – Strange Lights

PLEASUREVILLE -- Ken Pfeifer writes, “During a six month period, the witness took many pictures of lights in the sky that may be natural phenomenon, but some were categorized as unknown.” Many pictures were taken between August 2008 and March 2009. At one point of the investigation, our Kentucky State Director for Mufon was present when the lights in the sky were seen. On September 11, 2008, the witness claims to have taken over 100 pictures of the strange lights. Thanks to Mufon CMS and Ken Pfeifer of Mufon N.J

Louisiana International Airport Dots

NEW ORLEANS -- I was at the airport at 5:23 AM, at the break of dawn on April 19, 2009. I wanted to capture aircraft taking off so I pointed my camera towards the airfield to capture the morning sky. I took a series of five or six photos and when I examined them as I took them, I noticed three dots on the film plane that looked like specs in a sort of a triangle formation. I took a few more shots and got a closer look at what appears to be four shapes moving at a high rate of speed over the far end of the airport. While I was viewing the camera screen with my eyes none of these objects were visible.

Note: Apparently the witness did not see the objects and only noticed them when viewing the photos. I have no explanation for the 3 dots in the above photo. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

New Jersey – Round Spheres and Dark Grey UFO

COLESVILLE -- I saw two extremely brilliant round sphere-like lights above the tree-line while travelling home from Atlantic City to Port Jervis on the clear night of April 19, 2009 northbound on Route 23. I was at the intersection of Route 23 and the entrance to High Point State Park at about 3:30 AM, when I saw two extremely brilliant white round strobe like lights. They appeared to be about 1-2 feet in diameter and about the same height as the trees. I was frightened and stomped down on the gas pedal to get the hell away from whatever I was looking at. When I looked up again a few seconds later I saw only one light, but it was closer and larger. I was really moving and maneuvering down the hill to get away and when I looked up and back a third time a few seconds later it was gone. I don't know what it was, but I am hoping that someone else saw it too. Thanks to MUFON CMS

WOODSTOWN -- While going turkey hunting on April 17, 2009, at 5:25 am, while traveling west on Route 40, I saw a bright light toward the Woodstown-Yorktown area. It was so low that I thought that I was looking at a plane in trouble so, I made a left turn to get a better look at it. At that time I noticed that the big bright shining light wasn't moving. I was about 1-1/2 miles away and getting closer and closer. I came to a stop sign and the light was shining into a field on my left and was connected to a large triangular object. But, as I drove under this object it made no noise and was hovering over power lines.

Something told me to stop and scrutinize this thing but, something else told me to keep going and don't mess with it. I just kept going while looking at it through my truck mirrors and noticed bright flashes. I thought that it might be strobes or electrical flashes. As I continued to look through my mirrors, it just disappeared.

My feelings as I passed under this triangle were mixed. I wouldn't call it fear but definitely apprehension. I have heard many stories of things happening to others who got too close like abductions, and machinery shutting down. I kept looking through my rear view mirror to see if the object was behind me. I was getting ready to load my shotgun and use it (for whatever that was worth) if that thing followed me. If that thing had any devious intentions involving me, they would have to work for it. Thanks to Bill Devine and Thanks to MUFON CMS investigator Charles Stone

WALDWICK to HOBOKEN -- I was on my way home on the train on March 30, 2009, I saw what seemed to be a UFO, it was too high in the sky to be a bird and was travelling fast about 10:15 am. It was a kind of dark gray and there was some white on it. I saw an airplane flying in the opposite direction. The UFO was smaller and was traveling faster. Thanks to UFOINFO

SUSSEX AIRPORT MUFON MEETING -- I wanted to thank Jackie Perkins and Arie Fussman for having a great Northern New Jersey MUFON meeting at Sussex Airport and Kristen Winslet for her briefing on the Morristown sighting of flares tied to balloons. I especially enjoyed the flight on the Eagle's Arie Aztec Aircraft and meeting all the great people.

New York -- Triangular Shaped Object

Brandon, Malone – I was walking a back trail on March 24, 2009, at 8:15 PM, and spotted a strange light in the sky that was completely silent and a strange red color with an aura of glow around it. The shade of red seemed to shift color but was still in a red hue. The aura ring diapered and two smaller yellow lights instantly became visible now giving it the shape of a wide triangle with the yellow lights being the outermost rear points. The lights made a few very short but very fast left and right movements just before there was a strange light pale glow and it simply vanished. Thanks to UFOINFO

North Carolina – UFO Photos

KINSTON -- On March 5, 2009, my son's and I at 6:45 am, saw a bright object moving erratically in the sky that captured our attention. The object was slightly larger than the planet Venus in the southern sky about eight miles away. We used a hand held digital camera to capture the erratically moving object that stopped and hovered.

The photo shows the object hovering at 35.1589 N 77.6975 W. It was circular like a doughnut with lights of every color around the outside of the craft with a solid center. After hovering for five minutes the object took off moving north relatively fast making no sound. My son is a 12 years old and I am a building sub-contractor. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Ohio -- Brilliant White Round Object

BETHEL -- I saw a UFO on February 19, 2009, that was a brilliant white round object just above my garage in the daytime. It lit up and appeared to burn out three times. I took pictures of it but the lab said they were completely wiped out. Later on March 10, 2009. I took a picture of my garage in the early afternoon where I had previously seen the UFO. This film was under-developed but this time I got a UFO above my garage. I scanned it to see if it would come out and here it is! There is another UFO in the photo above the left side of the garage, but you need a magnifying glass to see it. Bethal is 20 miles SW of Columbus. I usually see UFOs at night.

Note: The above photo is of poor quality. As stated by the witness the photo was underdeveloped. The witness scanned the photo and sent it to me. I had to do some enhancements with Photoshop to even see the photo. The photo was taken in the afternoon, but looks like it was taken at night. (This discrepancy is probably due to the underdeveloped film.) The witness did not see anything unusual, but took a photo where she saw something unusual about one month earlier. There is another dark spot to the left of the bright spot that is probably the second object referenced by the witness. Given the details of this sighting it is difficult to conclude that the above photo contains anything unusual. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

Tennessee –- UFO House

ALAMO -- On April 26, 2009, I see a red brick house at edge of the field with my eyes but when I take a picture the house looks like a silver/gun metal grey disk on the ground. The area in the foreground is hazy and distorted yet all in my immediate foreground is focused and clear? Any theories? Thanks to MUFON CMS

Texas — Triangle of Lights

PECOS – My wife, son and I were travelling home from Carlsbad Caverns on March 20, 2009, and around sunset we saw four lights hovering around 50 feet high within a mile. The pulsating lights moved vertically at the same time. I immediately pulled to the shoulder of Highway 285 and witnessed three lights in a "V" formation that rose very slowly to a height of 1000 feet. After a brief pause began moving north very slowly.

The third light moved slightly slower than the other two. When the lights were in front of a lighted area, I could see a physical form behind the lights. Shortly the fourth light appeared in the middle of the other three. The lights continued moving north then all flashed out simultaneously about ten miles away. I know aircraft we witnessed nothing I have ever seen before. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Cari Barlow writes, Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us all. I just viewed your last file and read "Texas Light - Dallas March 1, 2008" It shows a prisma-colored light near the sun. I wanted to let you and hopefully the sender know too that since the new type of chemtrails, called chem-bombs (like areosol bombs) have been going on, I have seen this exact same light effect very often. When it is cloudy near the sun, sometimes it naturally produces a corona, when the clouds contain chemicals you will see this bright light and prisma colors effect at the edge of the corona. Sometimes there is a similar light on the opposite side of the sun's corona. Thanks to Cari Barlow.

Several people have written and stated the light is a sun dog natural phenomena.

Wisconsin – Photo of Spinning Object

EAU GALLE -- On April 15, 2009, shot films of a spinning diamond green, red, blue, purple, and white object that would change shapes. Thanks to MUFON CMS\

Sightings Outside the United States

Australia -- Five Cigar Shaped UFOs

MENTONE MELBOURNE -- On April 2, 2009, at 9:28 PM, five cigar shaped UFOs flying parallel were spotted flying very low and fast. They were gold semi transparent tubes that may have been part of one craft. The five moved unlike a light reflection and came from the south at 30 meters altitude at about 80 kph heading north. They were flying side by side “I I I I I” and looked weird as they disappeared behind a tree. Thanks to UFOINFO

Canada – Cylinders

ORLEANS, ONTARIO -- I just wanted to take the time to tell you about one spring afternoon in April of 2007, when I saw something hanging in the sky just above the horizon. I watched and the object split into two identical objects each as big as the first, and one drifted down and in front of the other behind the trees a mile away. I've provided this picture that is a recreation of my memory. They must have been huge.

There were no windows lights, control surfaces or gondola visible. They were in direct line of the flight path of planes coming in for a landing at the Ottawa International Airport. They fly almost directly over the house head south and then bank to the west roughly in the same place as the objects.

Note: Certainly the witness sighted something quite unusual. Given the illustration and the description I have no explanation. Thanks to William Puckett UFOS Northwest

SCARBOROUGH -- I have noticed since April 2nd, many close stationary helicopters at work and during my travels in Scarborough.

I was again followed from work to lunch by a red and white helicopter on April 15, 2009. I have no reason why I'm followed, except for my UFO related interest? On April 17, 2009, there was so much jet activity they generated a man made cloud cover and rain is created in 24-48 hours after the thick trails are formed.

While going home on Highway 401, I took this picture at 6:28 pm of this long vertical UFO along with the streams of white contrails. I have no idea of what it could be other than a UFO, it's not a bird or/balloon. Thanks to Paul Michael Shishis.

Italy –UFO Sighting During a Famous Italian Action Movie

Mario Maisto writes, “I want to report a UFO sighting in the Italian movie "Milano - Palermo il ritorno". The first scene that I discovered shows two objects in image "e." One is at the left of the actor "Raoul Bova" that was a circular object that is more crisp than a previous frame. The object moves in a three-dimensional space and appears to be approaching.

This object is a three-dimensional object in that it shows areas of light (or of reflection) and gray areas. A second object is to the right of Raoul and appears darker as shown in blow up. Thanks to Mario Maisto

Jamaica – Yellow UFO

SILOAH -- I took this picture while on a factory tour of the Appleton Estate, on April 8,2009. I didn't noticed anything back then and saw this disc as I was reviewing the pictures. I have another picture taken within a minute of this one and there's nothing in the sky. I know this could be anything... but I'd like to contact other people from that tour that might have taken some pictures like mine. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Mexico – UFO Over the Pyramids

MEXICO CITY -- The object was clearly flying over the Pyramids in Mexico City on April 10, 2009, at 4:23 PM. We were visiting the pyramids and taking pictures. While we were on top of the "SUN" pyramid, we took some pictures towards the "MOON" pyramid, and realized that there was an object that appeared in the picture. We looked around for a while until we saw the object at a distance closer to the "MOON" pyramid. We only saw one object with the shape of a sphere. It appeared white in the distance. We were at the peak of the "SUN" pyramid and looking towards the "MOON" pyramid. It was a clear day with plenty of sun. The object was visible to us for about 20sec. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director

UK/England – Triangles

CLACTON ON SEA, ESSEX – On April 10, 2009, seven witnesses spotted four lights, three were in a triangle and one following a short distance behind. I was driving home along the bypass at 8:31 PM, and had to turn off and didn't give them a second thought until I got close to home. I got to the junction of Rosemary Road and St Johns road and saw the same lights to the left so yes I turned left. I drove maybe quarter mile and pulled over to video with my phone. Suddenly several more lights came from the direction of the sea, all following each other. Prior to stopping I called home to let them know what was happening. They too saw the lights. They were pretty bizarre but amazing to watch and very slow to move. Thanks to UFOINFO

Editors Note: Over the years hundreds of flying triangles have been reported over England usually flying along the coast over a series of nuclear power stations. Most were similar to the Vulcan bomber of old shown here without the tail.

The triangle was somewhat larger than the jet fighters seen so often in the area and was notable for a pattern of red lights around its' entire perimeter. This was almost an equilateral triangle -- the triangle had a relatively broad back and probably not a 75 degree sweep. There was no evidence of high performance as such beyond the silent performance -- something that is always difficult to gauge.

Special Notes

The Great UFO Congress of 2009

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